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Tiie Guthrie Daily Leader.
FuMehed every uru'i-noou 1 roiij The Leader building Ul7-I"'l W.
avenue uiij i-ntorfd at the Guthrie post office as t.eioiul rla.s
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hi Harrison
in. hut.
Perweeit by carrier
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For year by carrior In advance
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t!ie sti'ti.:
Official Paper of Constitutional Convention:
Official Paper of the State Corporation Commission.
Official State Paper.
(By Enactment of Constitutional Convention.)
Official Journal ot the Constitution page 30: 2 "Resolved That The
Guthrie Daily 1ondor bo declared the official paper ot tho State of
Okiuhoma." Adopted.
Manager of Foreign. Advertising Benjamin & Kentnor Co.
225 Fifth Avenue New York City; Hoyce Building Chicago.
Washington News Bureau 1334 B. Street S. F..
.anting Hooin Mil) V. Harrison Phone
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Editorial Rooms 107 W.
In the event of delivery beins imperfect or paper beinj? rol'ed. twisted
or mutilated subscribers are urged to make immediate complaint to the
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el I in '
'i-n '. air' adv cull i I'd. !
Nil woihb'i' the .lH'pi'r h.iH jiitk.-ii-
il. No wouili-r 'lai't fili Jii:n.M-!l !
8 IppiMS. 'J ill' (Mllltt'.V V'K'I'ilil.V ll-'lrt j
ra!iri' t!if trend !'ui' mmih' llitic i.i-.i i
and ii M'i'ins that the iinidcnt is one!
l Die la-t to frail i In- Iwuichvrit in;.;
on the wall tlii' nn-h.-a):r th.i;
been Ws'i'.tiii in warlilini; li'ttcru oi
palrl'itic a : n iliat p!iMiii(J '
ot ict':) i ii"''M a t!n ;inui?'M'i'
In ntitil'rfil piiliiics. by iKc Hmitli
ami th(. )m:ohi'"-s!' Democi-aey of
Ueoi'K'ia it tlie xictoi'ioii Democrats
of Maine tiiil now ai'iiareiiily by
ill" iibk'lH'iidi nt of Tennessee
The future policy of I'lvsidetit Taft
In dealing with iliese issiieh Ihe mt
vital which now the country will
have n tvemeiuloiis effect upon the
events ot the .ve.vt to or three yea ih
and will di'iinitely fix foicver tint pub-
lie ei-tini'iti' of the man and his char-
tieter. if he iH i!ir(w enotish and
able etiou-h not only to with the
lido but to direct and lead the wave
of reform the people will he appre-
ciative and will begin to feel that
they have misjudged him up to this
time or at least that lie lias been
hiiix'-Mly niistalun In his former ut-
tiludi'. But if he is lacking now in
cither courage or ability to live up to
the promises lie ha made the hour
has Htriick. and the place he will oc-
cupy in American history is definitely
fixed ii-i a man who failed to measure
up when the great crisis came.
o o
( ll .Madge Dolcy.)
Covemoi I-ee C'ruce of Ardmore.
Lieutenant-Governor J. J. McAles
ter of McAlester.
For Secretary of State B.nj. F
Harrison of Calvin.
Treasurer Robert Duulou of
Auditor Leo Meyer of Sayre.
Superintendent of Public Iiikuuc-
t.ion H 11. Wilson of Chickasha.
Attorney General Charles West of
CiimmisKloner of Charities and Correction-
Kate Barnard of Oklahoma
First District X. K. McNeil
Second District K. L. Fallon of
Oklahoma City.
Third District .lames llavenport
ef Vinita.
Xew-j fourth District -Charles Carter of
; Ardmore.
Fifth l.iistrict Scott Ferris of Inv-
Ion. District
District .lodge 11th District--Freeman
E. .Miller of Stillwater. '
Superior .ludgu .loel M. Saiellin of
M. C. .IcITetsotl
City. !.
la1;or Commissioner Charles F.
laugheriy of Oklahoma City.
Corporation Commission.'!- 'ieorge
A. llenshaw of Madili. j Count v
President Hoard of Agriculture ; Crescent.
Thomas Bryan of Perry. j irk Superior Court ClilTord
State printer Giles Farrls of Man-! McCubhin of Lawrie township.
gum. " County Judge John I). Chapp.
Inspector' and Examiner C. A. : (f Guthrie.
County Altorm
of Crescent.
Sheriff Bart Murphy of Marshall.
Clerk U. Fj. Slobaugh of
my eou
ei' nirl in iiiiui
tl.orouglily approved. . !
She's pri ity and she's bright enough.
a girl you'd not. I'o.gei ;
Ami slid Lobelia failed to fill u hljs h
place 111 our cel.
She would not spend the walking
hours In talking about dress-
It's ha I'd ly strange Lobelia was not
a great succe.-s.
1 Introduced her a!! mound and
launched her laithfully
With tons of cak" and bonlions and
calioiiH of hot. tea.
But poor Lobelia couldn't show ah- I
soiblng intereKt !
In nerves mid rlietiuiatiMi!. and j
co!ik Upon the chest j
Lobelia lmng"d the subject and so.
I mast confers j
'It's hardly strange Lobelia was not j
a great success. j
She had a .rpieer religion her views
were orthodox
She haled picture puzzles made of
wrlggy little blocks.
She didn't care for bridge enough to
sit. up to all hours
She doubted that Mahal mas "bad
iueed supernatural powers;
Lobelia did net wish to vote and
could not win at chess--
It's hardly strange that Lobelia
not a great success.
Fall Opening Sale
j ' v'
w ;
os. com-!
Talor of Pond Creek.
Mine Insp(etor Kd Hnjle of Chant '
Assistant Mine Inspectors John '
'Brien First district lx-higli; Martini
Viork ' Second district "McAiestfr; j
Frank Haley. Third district. Henry-'tta.-.
Insurance Commissioner P. A. Bal-j
lard of Coyle. !
Clerk Supreme Court W. H. L. ;
Campbell of Ada.
Supreme Court
For Associate Justice M. J. Kane.t
cf K'lgtlsher. I
Po. Associate Justice .1. J. Dunn
of A;va.
Criminal Court Of Appeals
Thos. H. Doyle Northern District
Perry. !
Henry f. Furinan Southern Dis-;
t net Ada.
J. A. Armstrong Eastern District;
Hugo. I
Treasurer Win. nit.haupi f Guth-
rie. Register of Deeds V.' M. Iliggiu-
bothaiit of Springer.
Clerk District Court -
County Sutierintenib'tit Edna Will-
son of Mei idlan.
County Surveyor
County Weigher
Senator IL'th District --Frank l
sinitli of Cut'iiie.
Reiresentail'e First. District II.
V. Smith of Crc scent.
Representative Second District II.
K. Derwln of Guiliric
Representor" .Third Mistrjet
George E. Cla.jn. of Walerlno.
Commissioner First Dlstriet .1. ('..
Lew Is of Lawrie.
Commissioner. Second District .1.
13. Murphy of Guthrie township.
'The oil industry of this state is sec-
ond oiry to agriculture In importance.
The Standard Oil company alone pays
taxes on an investment of more than
tH imii.ooti . and the assessments of
the other pipe lines and of private
individuals raise the total to $Hm.-
!' unit The. development of the oil
and gas industry has tct. only added
this enormous wealth to the state but
!n Northern and Eastern and Central
Oklahoma the cost of fuel to the
homes and the factories lias been re-
duced to u minimum and this Is huge-
ly responsible for the plienonutiial
growth of those sections during th"
last three yeais. The cities of Mus-
keio'o Tulsa. Martlesv illo. Nowata and
I S:i'iiiIm:i ail mi inueli. if tint mnt of
ihe increase in population and taxable
wealth to the development or the na-
tural resources. The oil industry has
bee; i hampered and harassed bv ov-
i ''i iiiuetital restrictions and reuulations
due to the idisliuacy of Republican
bureau officials and their antipathy
io the progress of this slate under
Democratic rule. Producers and pipe
lines have suffered unusual and untie-(s-ary
delays In the proper operation
of ttieir properties from the foolish
regulations of some underling at - . - . '
Washington. The Democratic partv
has removei must or these difficult io'-t O OOO OOOO OOOOO OOOO
Statehood gave all the ehal-co that has iO ! . . O;
be ii wauling for years and sinee lO WHAT EDITORS ARE SAYING 0
When older folks wen
would sit by
And never interrupt tl
didn't even try.
To prove thev wen; old foi
pletelv out of date I
Though luitj-drawu reminiscences
they'd venture to relate
Lobelia was not. up in slang; she used
puns even less.
It's hardly si range Lobelia w as not
a great success.
i.hoiuh a
I found her rather ouiet
very charming girl;
She did l:ot keel) your faculties
one unending whirl:
lief tone was low and modest he
talk had something in it
And Strang' to say. r.he didn't glr
gje every single minute
She married well and early though
can not guess.
So a!ier all ii may said she ha
some tdight sue. ess.
It is several weeks since we began making Thursday the Bargain Day of the
week in our Big I House furnishings Basement. Last week on account of 'our
opening and reception announcements we were unable to quote our vsual
number of bqrgains in the daily papers but they were here just the same and
those who came profited to a wonderful extent.
This week we announce for our housefurnishings
department a most extraordinary sale of Laundry
and Kitchen Supplies.
The ten items quoted illustrate in a measure the values to be had and the
conspicuous lowness of the price should appeal to every economical house
wife. There are hundreds of other items equally as good in the department
awaiting yaur selection.
The Easiest Money Made is What You Save in Buying
stnteliood more money has come i.ito
the state for investment In this brtuieb
of industry than during any previous
t.i.uc. The Democratic party through
the forpornt ion commission has tried
I io as-iM. uie producer in nm a tool
market through the medium of rP'i-
souable rate but the railroads
throui;!i the instrumentality of tho
federal court have blocked this effort
and the oil people are still at the mer-
cy of the railroads. Joe McNVal is on
t ie lOtlll f tlll llivewt -i til
Commissioner Third District -John j them fi.-i.t the r.-.m...wi.... ' i
' "--!..!.... . fil U (1 111!
O'Ncil of Marshall.
1 1 'Il producer.
Joe McNeal's carbureter is leaking
Jim Harris also has lost his gall-
stones but his nerve remains unaffected.
j "What
note in
The apathy in the present campaign
is probably due to a lack of coin on
boCi sides.
The Vauuerbilt cup race set
October 5 has bene called off.
nil of the oi l fashioned forms of
eide still are available.
( By Cynthia Grey t
qualities do men most ad-
girls?" Manv manv times
It. lis (piestioti conies to me.
J My answer would be that it d"-
ponds on the individuals.
i But it is a U"slion which should
be answered from the masculine
point of View so ij ve
Mio'n mi nay men aim i.ere tpev ar-i
" When a boy king becomes infatti-
ted with a dancing lady it is a mat-
ter which may be lightly overlooked.
Lut a lull grown man has no excuse.
girl w ho can ke. j
That El Keuo meeting was not ue-ce-sary
and had no appreciable ef-
fect. Tiie DeiiKtcrats merely humored
Joe McNeal who wanted a look a
the Democratic "hole"' card.
The people of Oklahoma will re-
member the statement made two
years ago by Senator Gore that the
oiilj; two parties in history that ever
stood pat were the Republican parly
:uid t lie linguistic stiM-d of Baalaiu.
Wu Ting-fang nas memorialized the
Chinese throne to permit the abolish-
ment of the queue. For the sake of
generations yet to come of small boys
and girls in the p::'j!I;"ftiiiKi ii ie to
be hoped abolishment of the spelling
wili go with it.
Tht Guthrie State Capita! which
ban .!.Tnin.oj t!. ix asocial:.' auuiiu-
jstraiioii from the beginning of state-
hood and is declaring In every Jssu"
ibat Democratic government is cor-
rupt and dishonest and is ruining .he
f.iae is npw engag.-d In printing C o
ballots to be used In the Novemoer
lection. We wonder if there is a
ilepublican state 'in the fnion that
bag given the contract for ih nrim
iug or tho state ballots to a Demo-
cratic newspaper. It was one of
these "freak laws" denounced by that
gave him the opportunity of printing
the state bailotK in preference to ali
he Democratic newspapers in Oklahoma.
The rapacity of the Portuguese to
govern themselves that is to estab-
lish and maintain a republican form
of government Is doubted. The peo-
ple for the most part are illiterate.
They have been preyed upon by the
ruling class which is also illiterate-
illiterate in the sense of being un-
versed in the letters of morals or
As to whether the Portuguese are
Hole io maintain a ropresenianveas
government may be debatable. Bu!gji
the (tuihtioii of that ability is an in-j
dictment of the kind of government uliguit r
that aft'T centuries of power h:'s r" j "T'.e
Uuced the people to the decadence vj hi
and unfitness of the present day. Ifj "The
the Portuguese nation Is alnut onjin-"
the same plane as llavti and it is so "The
observed the succession of
ti.e'it dynasties is responsible
Assassination of course i
j'kunble medod in to
the ship of popular freedom
ever we cannot look upon Portugal
from the occidental viewpoint or
measure the violence of an impover-
ished people by our standards. Any-
how cast or west revolution ordi-
narily has its baptism in blood. And
;t latteriv tiie House of I .gnn.a lias j reparation."
wept .and whittenel behind streamers j "Tt c ciirl who keej
f crepe under tiie rule of thai sann'ider a II circumstances
iiioin r tiling to ito
audj -The girl who is
lav i setne rather than
position is
spunk ciioii
Desperation of the Machine.
(Tulsa Democrat.)
The attempt to inject the oil busi-
ness into partii-an politics shows the
ilesperatUmof the Republican machine
Tiie oil people are not going to nibble
a; ai.y such' bait as that and the pro-
fessions of friend--' hip for the oil men
made by the Republican organs just
;it thii time do not f-d anybody bin
the pajiein themseive.... The oil men
; are perfectly capable of taking care of
j their own interests without the ad-
' vice of the Republican press it is
; rather signficant in this connection
i that when the oil men were asking
. for rebel' at WahingUm
( whore none of the Republic
in Mils iate 'Were eoii.snieniiu
ivocytes for tiie measures whieli wereij
j ile.sirej by the producers and the in- IS
; dependent refineries it is a tact and !fl
! the oil p. op e know it. that for months i
asked opinions j and im uwis tiie orgaiiizatnm ol tm
.ere thev ar- prouueer was rmicuieu ami revii
Tea Coffee Cannisters
proi ii.
hie ami
A very liaudv article fur the kiU'iu-u. ut
calinct is tituisliitv ami ihht
uf Japaimcil tin ' in fancy I
They arc :n the Uvu initii!
1 5 tu Kjc. ' Karain
I'hut'silay Siccial
re I.
Clothes Baskets
N'ntcihe savitiii'. A yood sizotl basket
made d" whole white willow closely
woven with extra strong hortuiu and .stout
i i .i ....-I..:
:'e:iy namiics uiai win never nu out.
. . ;' r rci;!i! if Sue m'IKt.
rarj"iin i imrsday . Special
Ironing Tables
'I'hcsc ari' ihe foldiiu; kind made of w ide
clear hasswood io which will tioi crack
r warn. Ilaniwood leys well hraixd ad-
iwo hrilit.-. ( Hir regular
jirice is
ay ;i'Ctal
Sauce Kettles
The lare four itiart .size double coated
yray nioliled enameled kettles that ' will
wear indefinitely. These are strictly firsts
none damaged in ihe lot. Complete with
hail and cover. Keettlar firice 3-;c. 00
-p. cial ......... LLt
Dargam i iitmsiiay
Spice Jars
joo Spiee jars to be sacrificed all of im-
ported China and Duich decorations.
! dark lettered names .-itch as lYppcr Xttt-
iney. ( 'innainoii etc. wurlh i; and Joe as
Ioii-' as tb( !.v.-t ' Qn
I'.aryaiu Thur.-day Sjiccial db
Mail Boxes
Cncle Sarii wants lo see a mail box on
every ln-aise. We purchased one lot afl of
i . . ii ii . .1 i i
poiiiieii coin roiic't steel. oiacK lajiannetl
Willi drop dour and staple for
Vood 35c values. " A Q
oarani 1 luirsday Special
Go Carts
u.-H ;i sii'ivslii'.Vi'iii (..'in.siinas as part
uf our .-tuck is in. Tomorrow we offer a
Doll's folding t;o carl yood steel frame
slee! -pokes ami hub-. Regular! priced at
.S1.50. Ilat-am ' QOn
I luirsday Special ilUb
Sleeve Board
A necessary indispensable article for
every household. Thev are strongly made
of clear hasswood and heavily padded and
l ill a much needed want. Regular sclliuf;
price j;c. 1'iaryain 1 C
Thufsdav Sjiecia! IUU
ca! p'trtyjj Brass Wash Boards
mhled be sure lo i-.-t.l them and us every action criticised hy-f
Ih! 'Isome of the very papers which are. I
The girl who i.- sweet yd has j now posing as the friends of the pro- i 1
enough 110; to be mushy." 'luciT and of the oil industry 111 gen- j
MM' wiio has plenty if -''al. Dul a Utile mailer iike con-;
'; sisteucy does not bother them. Per-!
imps they rely on the defense that
"Cvhsistoncy is the virtue of foota.'
a't bt 'Ut i
strong Brass
r ard ' w'oocl j'
1 'i'.igr sttrfai'e.
board. Ii:;:""
nade-oi lteav' bras
siipporiei's on back
ume. e-ivin; extra larj
nr regular 5 r
iu Tliuiaday Special.
s. bail-
Heavy ;e rub-
Enameled Sauce Pans
( )ne (jitart size lipped sauce pans. Made
of .stamped steel with a heavy double coat
of yray mottled enamel. A bargain
for a dime l'.aryain Pn
Thursdav Stieciai . . UL
1 one
for the
girl who is pnMy witfv and
oilso iloiuesiie in her tastes.'
1 "I'iie giil who never flirts."
Tli'- girl who never says sharp
a de-janklnd things In an effort to be
auiieh j thiMig it smart' or sarcastic' "
lib 1 wwriiTf 'iinrn -r-r"
who makes generous a I
tli."1 mistakes of others."
who smiles with us but
I Whit Osacie Will Do
(Osage Journal.)
O.-ago eoi.rity should roll up a g"od
tiiree liiimlred strong ag.'iinst McGuire-
1 ism and Cannonisin tttis fall. Their
; jiarty will be the minority party in
j the coming congi fss .and McGuire will
i lie siiorn of his boa-ted power. Vote
"ll.o girl
lowance for
"The girl
who is a iso ready to .sympathize witu lor McNeil and have a representative
our sorrows." j in congress who is not owned and en
! "The giri who always a knowledges . trolled by corporate power.
1 her fault and is willing to make I - 1 11
7 M "
When Some One in Illinois
Innocently Mentioned
House a people has walked along
black voiceless road of abjection
physical mental and spiritual
The royal blood that has been j
soiileil iy hard I v a drop in thr
of portngiKse assassination.
If the Portuguese are not capahb
(f selfjiOVfTlllHeiit it Is Olilv allot he.
nail in the coffin of monarchical rot
t urn ami linMness
hot "Th
-i her head nil
and knows tie
ill emergencies."
clean and wink
iretty whoso dis
sw eet and .-t w ho ha-
;h to take her ow n part'
lie gives
Ik r
Our best theologians have always
fiillered as to the saving grace of the
death-bed repentance. But they un-anlmoii-ly
concede that it depends a
great deal upon the .sincerity of the
.'sinner. President Tuft's political fji-
ture is in much the same precarious
condition today as that hjpoi helical
tinner's voijl. Tin; presideni has prom
ised to be good. Only later events
will be conscientiously kept or wheth
er it will go the way of the ''substan-
tial rr vision dow nward."
Let us admit in fairness however.
.that the president is honestlv going
Ihe people of the east side houM j 0 ry 0 do better. According to
take notice that the Republican mem ine nm reports lie seems much lm-
l rs of the state legislature opposed ' pressed wit the ravitv of the sit-
the establishment of three normal ation. and either is forced into or
fcOiools for tbe Indian Territory and ; x-0luntarilv assume the attitude of a
Uie provisions rf the same educa : chastened man. It is well. He has
Oonal facilities tor thos people as taken a long time to realize the situ-
w ere enjoy ml by the people of old a-ion. but he a-em.s now to be begin-
Okltthonia. When the population of nSng to wane up to the fact that the
M OkUboma Territory was less than ! people of this couutrv are tired ot
. Republican legislature had the domination of the representatives
provided three normal schools in lhe;of special Interests and arc tired 'of
vest side. Lut when the nonniation 1 eoinc iln.m fafnn.1 k- iim
t miatioma was hi times as great
md the area of Oklahoma twice as
taettL the Kenul.llcmi ley-uint
Mred that el X "normal schools were
tjo many &mj voted against the es-
jfobiibhineiit' of the three new schwls
house. He seems to understand now
that Ihe rlay has dawned for the ovcr-
V....-.. rt V.M. ....
. .... ... a ..W ... I- .uwu u
.leavoriiig to rule tliis country for the
few and that the next few years will
mark a very important epoch in Ihe
girl who wlien s
fw ord keeps to it and
same of others.
"The gnl who has common
lliillgb hot In evpeel mai l ted
be a bed of roses and yet
ideals are high."
' I he girl w bo is broad
like evervboily because s'i
something to admire in c.teh
si " meets."
"The girl who minds her own bus-
iness "nd knows when not to talk.
"The girl who is never dismal (ear
tal or oft."
"The girl who can go camping
without get fi tig fussed up about it."
"The girl who makes l er world ;t
iilearttit phi' to live in because she's
so pleasant herself."
"The pirl who appreciate the fact
iliat she cannot always have tier tirrt
choice of things and nevtr kicks
about it." " '
. 1 v
I Navy .Tarrjet Rafts.
; Tiie new type of platforms or ralis
; for the be.'i.'iug of targets. at which
the I'nite! States battleships Pre in
practice are of very solid and formid-
able construction. They are K.o feet
ir length and 111 i'eet wide having an
upper part or deck built- of heavy
square timbers strongly bolted to-
gether. The bottom part or keel eoti-
sists 01 ail immense steel tank.. '
sense) seiiibliug to some extent the fin of a
Inc to rac'ng y;e'ht. This tank is filled with
whose ii i ii Iron to cvoieoiiie tiie great resist
j ancc the ta:'get screens offer to the
nough tnj wind. The screens four in number
ie linds a;e suspended from musts rising to
persoiiia height of 2.'i feet. Pictures in the
. (October Pomtlar' Mechanics show 1 he 1 1 'o'uiiig ami nl'hough
rafts under construct ion and the meth- uere .scheduled the'iiii
O.I of launching. (I've slops made. Car
ISiiy tier iteadrieli and
Pacldlina Lt'e Preserver. jorer three thousand.
A new life saving apparatus culled i r ilenionsti.'iliiig such an
the "sleight buoy.' "which weighs onlyi't the li'aln that stops icic
I-1 pounds and can be e:isi'v car: led ' mi y siiitioti i'i ( 'utiianclie
m the ran into deep water then pad-bad Jaeks"ii counties today
died to the person in danger is ties- he es where the train V;u
( ribed wiih ilinstratioii.-i. In the Octo-
ber tutiiil-'Ci' ef Popular Me-hank's. It
is particularly intended for bathing
places .an. I it is claimed that by its
use persons in danger of drowning
olitsti e Ottl.1. Oct. 1' - 1
IV iiltei'ested crouiis Of
ami (heir families gicctod
Siock dairy demnusirai imi
;.t c
ind . 1
A. K M. colleg
1 w ecu Law tmt
j ' (By Associated Press)
I Siuingtield Ills. Oct. ii Governor
i I ix'i'ii if Illinois met Roosevelt
iuheii he arrived at Spritigiieitl today
: :: the way to Peoria. With Denecti
j standing beside Roosevelt rear the
j platform of the train and with one
nlo'isuiid people crowding around
I n'.o one in 1 lie crowd j elled; "Give
the jackpotters it sN'tkeup" Roosc-
I . Il grilled bis teeth and with both
Ifisi.i raised iilott condemned corrup-
il'nli. bill mentioned' no names unit
uge audniaje 110 dii-eet reference to alleged
.farmers! legislative corruption ill 11111101". Ilej
the live I declared be would do everything -ill
train 'ofll.'is powr in Illinois and elates
y town be-ill' oi.jiosii ion to coiruiitinii. "Wneii
Dorado thisieorrnplion is involved" lie dechired.
King Alcohol
An Oklahoma Cantata.
llapli-t Church
Tomorrow Xiht.
Admission . j$ and 50c.
two stops I "there are no parties but intend to
eadaiii'i- at tlie'icineb eoi-r-api ionisis of inv own party
I.e. Jiuiiahoni'i j tiitie tighter than con upliotiists of
L! Dorado was 'other parties.
The farmers
Will M.U must F.ell.tln. ?eat-
acres nf "my. fnrtt. 'arm - HltiC ehntalti'?
th .hulltttiip.JV' t acres ti bearing
fruit trees or will fell J11 -Jfie or ten
acre lots. For suburban homes can't
be beat in the state price very low.
Frank Householder.
e made at
' and iil-
llot srhed-
uie) to stop drew crowds of' one iniu-
ihej and over. The banner crowd of
the dav and of the trip thus far was
ait .Snyder where there was a crowd
01 nlxteen hundred people consisting
hundred1 fanners a'.i-l "their I ' " '
who cairn' from all parts of j Tf)T) A V TrJ TTTE
: " A ' nice! jng of the Logan Cointy Lee
'.(.''iic.i' club is called for Thurs'.'ay
'evening. October It! at tho superior
! court room. Arrangeriicius will be
j made for Cnice meeting Saturday
t and other matters attended to.
Read ThU
Hutchinson Kas. After trying
doctors and different medicines for
kidney bladder and iheumatic trou-
mv iiukiio 'i iiAaa Vvonuer cured me. II
is the best medicine on earth. Walter
E. Perry 20 S. Main St. Sold by all
can .hi; i.e.-caed .hofore a boat cmtldto; six
be eu'u'Iauiic.hed and. w thout risk to i v. ivi
the resc.tiei .' a. swim er. trying U ! Snnusoti evMiiVtyi 'foe hnndi't d school
Suve ii drew person is oftttn a 1 cliiiclreti ml fD hulnlred citU'eiis ami :
licl1!'! t.) 1 lie' struggles of the one he I ouscwit es. all eager lo learn prae-i
noulil save. In a ease of "man over- j Ileal lessou-s by Inspect bin of the! Tlmnigh the intervention iff the de
fiQCtrd" fron! u veist-1. th . "sictgh bvo stocK. 'ear Do lecturers and to ' pattiiient of rliatitios and corrections
y" tnanuci by ope who could pro- if; poet various other exhibits o;t theitim sentences against three boys at
pw it iniglit. doub'e the ciiances ol res train. . J I Muskogee aged 12. 14 and 15 years
cue as against mi ordinary pie pre-j The lecturers on the train now; have been suspended and the boys
seier thrown overboard. I number eleven. Two additional oii' s;pre to go to the state school at Paula
- from the Cameron schol of agrietil j Valley for an indeterminate period.
Miss Stuart uf Oklahoma. (tltv wiilltiiri ioinwd at liwton. Thw rel . -
no all Hums of work in the "Bentif v" 1 row forty-five people on the train' 'State SitperintMident" C'ameioYf and
line for ladles at the lone hotel Wed-
nesday and Tbuitsiiay of this week la
and 111 of October
which is pronounced
ami bone'k'ial train
c.erv station
very helpful
farmers at
J. J. Juaries have returned from Fair-
fax where thev attended the dedlea-
Vein of ii $;o.-'imi school Imilding.'
Ct)'Si:R'ATOUV 01- "
J'ruf. j. A. l''inky. Director.
Head of Vocal 1 hpt.
1 1 tibia Wellenieyer-MerU ii
Direclor- Piano Dept.
Martha .Miller J.cmcnson
Direclor I'.locution Dipt.
" J. I'letcheiWelxiiH-ver. '''
Director !iauj;ua";e Dept.
Apply for ciitaiotgite.
$ V.. Harrison Ave. Tel.' iKiD
Citiihrie Okla. -
(By Leased Wire)
New Yoik Oct. 12 Elefen thous-
and dollars in duty mostly (u par
isian gowns were paid by '.Mrs. Wil-
liam K. Yanderbilt when she rettirn-
i d from Europe on the Krowu Prinzes
sin Cecilie today. This is the record
lor the season if not for all time on
outies paid on individual baggage.
Fill!'-' Hiliniis :M MUM
Si bund red
the ftidiitn coiil
t ml ittns ure
res. 'at Mas)

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