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WKDNKSDAV (X Tom:i? 12. I!!.
ia(jh Tin:'
Mr s!-r: r-.'o fif.t. e Peac Tor Hip
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fit Slit j
mi rniUiipr i
ct nm i morn
! pnnnrnTP
I I U I I L I i V. I I
W rilfllM
I x'Jlfi. i!.r I :H" M".- Si l Vf
; I'ai n !iM re; s i'i 011 film ii '
I i !.).!
: t!'i Hp v. illi a 11 MO b'li it
'i'v iii";"M ef backache bother Mill ;i'l
i .'ay.
Swu him La
l)ci)i(cr;iic ( for
(Jovonior will address tin
voters of Logan County at
Guthrie Okla
On Saturday Oct-
tober 15 at 8p. m.
Every' citizen in favor of
Sane Sensible and Honest
State Government are cor-
)dially invited to attend this
meeting which will be one
f the most importnat dur-
ing the campaign.
What An Ardmore Preacher Says
About Oklahoma Prohibition
Tliat jiiohiliiUon in t ho stale of Ok-
!;ilioni;i bus been a failui-" is denied
by few f ill" In'vibitunis of the hlal
v.hlie to t newcomer the awful foil-
(lit kins pfevailins under l'ie allesod
prohlbiilon tuc doubly riUitip'. One
tit the (strongest tirrninniunlK ever
made of the manner'. In which Okla
bcnin's prohibition laws are eillirced
or rather not enforcc(ve have
J en rj is contained in the words ol
P.ev. r. I' Koifher flie new rector of
te lCniscnpal church 1n this city. Rev.
Mr. Koji lief has been in the Mali! lu;
1he months having menl practically
1 Is whole life In .Milwaukee Discuss
Iiir Iho Kubiieet of proliiliitioii lie
sfut.cil to the ivritcr:
"One (it niy greatest Kiirprisfs
rero iho conrliiions prevailing If
vhtit I h!"l hoped would prove a mod
k- prohibition slate. I'ack in ni
town of Milwaukee a clfv of :';fl;ion
tnhahilaiits lliere .Miil nah)'iis and
thirteen breweries hut I inu-t coii-
fess tl a in my ti v- mouths' residence
1n your new slate I have seen more
!; iniki nness anil lawlessness than I
4-ver naw In Milwaukee in five years
(ftjiue."--- Kroin an editorial in I'-e last
veck'H issuij of the Anl more Statin-
mail. Malaria Causes toss of Appetite.
Tho Old Standard CIIOVE'S TASTE
LESS CHILL TONIC drives out ma-
laria apil Luiidj p the system. For
Erowa pcoolo find children 50c.
. Simple Oven For Gas Stoves
n oven Mint sets ovr the Vinu .'
f n or gasoline stove and will
ba'.te biscuits. pic rakes apples po
taioes cook veueiable'.i . and roast
meats Is described vit'i Illustrations
jn lie October number of Popular Me-
chanics. It consist of a heating
j late of the kind used for bf.ntiim
irons a stanil to support whatever is
beins cokl. and a di-um-shaped hood
that sets over the whole.
AVhat will he the size of future
Inui-.-allauiie liners can only l.e ap-
Vroelated b comparison with lariietd
now in commission. The October
r.nmlnr of Popular Mechanics cnu-
t:;lns n striking diagram sowin-j; how
Ihe "Olympic" and "Titanic" n-iw
biiildinc;. will Tiirpass tlie "Mauret-
ania" and "Lusitar.ia."
How bovs are trained for service ay
"TolIiceiH on the big transatlantic Hn. rs
is oxplaintd in an illustrated article in
thp Oclo'uci Fopiiiui Mvli"!tS.
Rheumatism is due to a diseased
condition of Hie blood cells and cor-
puscles brought about hj nn excess
f uric acid in the circulation. lt:i
not only a very painful disease but an
extremely dangx-tous trouble. The
l.riny. acrid .slate of the blood radu-
Jilly forms a mating over the muscles
sand by depositing a onncnt-like sub-
:taticeiti the joint" frequently lenui-
iates fatally or leaves victim a
hopeless cripple. It is to
diirtcrt-"i the snot that hurts and it is
flui'iCri"-ht'tousel:tiiuu tits.-liotappH-
catioji5. etc. to get temporary r.liel
from a painful jomt or swollen tendon;
Init Rheuiilatisnt i.not a skin disease
and such things when depended on
nlotic make one careless and the dis-
ease jrots firmer hold ou the blood.
8. S. S. cures the disease because it is
the greatest of ail blood purifiers. It
"ocsjoidiue cir
culation mid re-
moves every
particle of the
irritating uric
acid builds v.p
the blood
make; it rich
and oily and iu
this May pre-
pares it for the
iausclcst nerves and bones. II you
have Rheumatism get the uric acid
out of the blood by taking vS. S. S.. a
purely vegetable medicine and enjoy
'freedom from its misery. .Bonk on
Rheumatism and any medical advice
' nmfn
... .
88000 liMPLOY hK3 OF
3-iX.Ta... i
Complete Tie-Up ol Northern
snd Western Sections
(By Associated Prom)
Paris Oct. 12. The French govern-
int'iit la again facing a serious sdriko
situation. Tho empolyoa of the North
cin railroad went out on (strike Tues-
day and last night tho Htrlko spread
to liic Western railroad which is own-
ed by tlio tato. Indications aro that
Un.'ay wl 1 w a complete tre-up nt
Ncitlieiu and VYis'ern France.
Tho st.-ike at the pre-ent. time In-
volves ah.ut sn.ii'H: un-.i. Tlie strike
on the Western road was voted by S-
0M) un a employed 'it t'.ir.s -ad
liiulis. Tliey count upon tlie national
unions to :le up ihe pi-ovinnes It Is
said that the m.iveineiit may j;ossibly
s.'o extend to Ihe Eastern and the
Pari- I.jous und MedilerratRiin rail-
roads. A-i is usually such circiiinslatHM the
city of I'aiis Is threu'ened Willi a sev
ere scarciiy ol lood siipnlies. I'rdL'ht
mail and passenger transportation are
partly prostrated and the vast army
of w orking people on the north west
quarter are unable to reacli their
p ace of business.
Military etir. ers are l.ikiiiR the
places of tin; strikers and the troops
are gupr'nu various stanous ai'fl Im-
portanl sections of iliu roads.
Iari;i Military forces were hastily
il'srribii'e.l on tlie first evidence thai a
sliike had been declared and addi
tional troops were ordered out last
The governuieiji lias decided upon
an Important step in an attempt I"
break 'he strike on the Northern rail-
road. The oHicial journal publishes
a decree calling lor tlie colors of about
.'lil.ii. o employes of the Northern rail-
road This immediately subjects tlie
men to military discipline.
Tlie oll'icials of the Northern rail-
road hae issued a statement that tlie
wageof the employes we He Increased
::...cniMiu innia durini; the year 1 '...'.-1
PM'i. and that the increased cost ol
opentioii ami the increa-ed burdens
in:io-e. by parliament made it Im-
possible to meet tiie demands of the
Ilcney and Tar ha.- been a
household favorite for coughs cohl
and ailments of the throat chest and
lunrr. Contains no opiates. J. N.
The Heart Story of Novelist and Paul-
line Viardot-Garcie Has Never
Been Told.
I From tlui-rcnt Literature.) j
A f .".v !"! ago tnere died in I
Paris at tlie i(ge of SH years a woman I
who wiP ne rciiiembered in ihe an-
nals both of literature and of music.
Her uame was Pauline Yiardot-tlarcla
She was treat In her own right an I
great by reason of her unsocial ions.
Her brother. Manuel (inreia who died
In V-'t'tl was a singing leather of
worldwide reputation. In her prim..'
she sana; in all the leading opera
houses -cf Kurope. 'She 1'ileni-
alely Mime of I be most famous men
and women of her lime. Wagner.
Scliuiiiai n Chopin t.Iounod and Ud
were lier friends (b-orge Ary gchef-
Ter. painted her portrait Heine lieii-
an. Delacroix Ade'aide Piisiorl and
others as famous (inched to her sal-
ons. "She com-'S to u-" says an eu-thut-ia-'tic
.itiniirei' m niu-ical Ameri-
ca "Iroiu the '(bdib'n Age' cariy'ng
th sacred fire. During eighty-nine
years her hand never wcar'od: her
flame never flickered" Hut her
.strongest- claim on Immortality lies
cot so much in w hat has been mention
'd as in one other fact rflie was tlie
friend and. Inspirer of the man whom
many regard as the greatest novclUt
that ever lived Ivan Turgenleff.
Tho love story of .Mine. Viai'dot-
(larci. and Turgeniefl has never beea
told In lis en'liety. Turgenleff had
ali the secret ivciie.-i ()f the Slav and
Mute. Viardot-Can 'a. when she gave
her c-fi: s. nt. iu It'1'" to tin- puldicaMon
of some of. the letters that pass' d be-
tween them excised the most vital
passages. There Ve indications how-
ever thai the lull Tact will soon be
lj"uubgt ti ;;gni.- It Is vsa that
among the papers of .Mme. Viard d-
t! arc in has been f'Hind a iiiatiu-eiiit
novT of Turgeniefl' lvruste tj her
half a century ago o;i tl.e understand-
irg that it wuss -pot to be. published
. .. r. ... . ... .Mr
' 4 ...... . '
the biat"ji!eitt Is triii'." Jacob Totiso-i
romarks In the London New v;c
. "o:n( th'ng ai'i.'ru.ii'hiijg a first cho
s. UMi' is la xUnv V--t The Hie: dry
Wu.lii." There Is atiuther repoit that
Mine Vlanlol'li.ircia an! Turgeni'MI
jm'1 j.-c'-rtly lu.'M-ried and that the
Pint nln ;?i hiva1 u rivl al
1 'murj (ifV.! mTs add to your inta-
(let at the
I'm;!!!' Kid
Use .core t lit' kidlli"
;. fill-: v;;i work the
They're I'cr the kidneys only
lliiv.'1 made rreat iiirea In tltithrb'.
Mrs. M. T. Peery It'll W. Cleve-
land Ave (.luthrie Okht. Kay-i:
"Donn's Kidney pills gave me nioiv
relief from khtney und bladder
bio than liny other remedy 1 ever
used. 1 was cnuneil much annoyance
l.y attacks of this complaint and ar.
times my back ached ho badly and
wart no painful that f could hardly
sleep. M.v Hiubs swelled and tlipre
v. ere other symptoms of kidney Coin-
1 hiint in evidence. The contents of
four boxes of lloau's Kidney Pills r -stored
me to better healLh than I had
enjoyed for years. I gladly rIvo this
lemedy the praise It deserves"
For sale hy nil dealers. Price i)0
ct'nts. Foste'r-Milhurn Co.. lluffaV).
New York solo agents for tho Unltel
lteniember the name Doan's aril
take no other.
Distinction Between Classes Rigidly
Defined by the Colonists
t Harris Dickson In Everybody's.)
In no part of the world were woclal
(lIstlnetioiiH more rigidly defined than
In Colonial Virginia. The founders of
that colony stepped from tho brilliant
court of Elizabeth lnio tho forests of
Virginia. Tho lord proprietor truiis-p-.
ied to I'M estate a llttlu army ot
p nt l.'iiu ii and indented servants ami
alierward came the negro slave. Each
I'oniied a c'a"S apart trom tiio others
an I altno;:i at'oaee there was created
a (uasl-.;y -tcin or aristocracy.
The proprietor obligated himself t'
protect his teiiai.ts liom the Indians;
they hi turn agreed to follow li'ni to
ha i rh- precisely the svsteni inaugu-
rated hy Wjiiiiim the CowniVror for
the miii'ary defent' of his realm. His
enviroiiient naturally bred certain liab-
its of command fwStered a eapactt.'
for ui.eclhig the effoits of others mid
imposed a sense of respon-iiilllty upon
Hie planter far tlie lives i hat were In
his keeping.
.Mime all else (lie planter Jealously
guarded his rh;hts as an I'lnnlish free-
man. When liberty languished In ICilK
land the sturdily resisted
every vigivs-iou of royal Ixiaiit1. One
ini.viaii'l one wife one Iioiik one king
Din ( ;l this Vas Ihe planter's cree.l
Hut be reserved the right io renounce
a monarch who violate.! ibe ancient
compact between kin;; an dpeople. No
oilier people numerically as iitiiiiipor-
lant as that group of Virginia setilers
has given to huiuanilx so many states-
men soldiers tra'ors. patriots and
(let the genuine Foley's Honey and
Tar in the yellow packages. It m sale
and effective. Contains no opiates. sulMitutcs. J. N. Wallace.
How To Be A Successful Wife
The I.elMllie of "A :-?u'.-.-iK-.riil Wife"!
a recently published novel which has
a: traded ntKiiiioii t'.roiigh its frank
rvre.val ol a voimtn's cinailoiial iew-
point giu-s a very simple answer lo
ti e (tie -ion of w''al a si! .'c'ssl'iil
-.vile ((-ally Is. "To be a successful
wife" she say "a woman must lill
Ihe man's every need." Concerning
J'cr own husband she confesses "tin
thought thai he was complete wk..-
out me and didn't need me broke my
heart!'' Here would s"ein io be an
evpression of a woman's eliara : !( l is-
tic devotion and possessive jealousy
in a nuls'iell. Ti e fact lieu the wife
in the novel makes a success of her
marriage in every worldly way gives
h.r wordo a Id. d significance. How-
ever she thl'il.S men ire kIdw Io un
derstand that a woman Isn't snlislied kI:o i;novs that she Is all in nil
io her husband. It Is these views ap-
parently simple but in reality quite
unrecognized in herself by the
average woman which 'give "A Suc-
(fssful Wife" the quality of eonies-
sion - something as a woman would
actually tell the utory of her struggle
aul triumph.
The Soil as a Battle Ground.
The lates discoveries anrj thenrles
in regard to the fertility of noil and
its regeneration are interestingly set
forth in ihe October Harper's bv A. I).
Hall. F. It- S.. dirccto- of the Itothain-
sl ad experimental- station Kngland.
'I'lie .-iii hor shows how all veg"tahlo
ife hi aided bv attendant bacteria In
e.Mraeli'ig nitrogen from the toll and
!iov another microscopic animal form
hi-s be u discovered whu-h preys on
lite plants' bacteria and lit thus the
chief enemy to be fought against in
Improving the growth of the crops and
their yield.
CUFTON 2 ii. Wi BEDFORD l't la- ti(t
Sit snugly to ihe nceli' the tops meet
In front and there Is ample space
for the crvat.
dUdlLUId i
Sees Too Much Capital In-
vested Among Too Few
Tulsa Okla. Oct. 11 In an address
before an audience compOKed largely
of men Interested In the oil Industry
of Oklahoma Itichar.l A. Ilallhiger
secretary of the interior expressed his
belief that there Is a secret under-
standing among oil producer to keep
tho price of oil down "thereby cheat-
ing the Indian wards of tlie depari-
nient of the Interior out of money
rightfully duo them."
."It makes no difference" he said
"who Is ultimately found responsible
for it this department will endeavor
to ascertain who they uro."
Secretary Ltallinger dovoted the
larger share of his tlireo hours in Tul-
sa to a diligent Impiiry Into tho nielli
oils of Ihe oil companies in obtaining
leases en Indian laibds. Ho was par-
ticularly solieiloiH as to wheiher the
fixed rental price of one dollar an
acre should begin with the first or
second year of ihe lease lerni.
Few Own Too Much.
lie fou::d cause foi surpri--e in the
fact that so large area or mineral
lands arc in tlie hands of but a few
"I am greatly interested In I
have seen ou my trip into Oklahoma"
lie taid "and It is to iin- the
Immense amount of capital and t !n
I rcineiiiinus amount of wealth behind
the oil Industry here. I only i -egret
thai it Is not distributed among great-
er number of peole."
The l.allinger party returned to .Mus
kngce this al'te.-iieoa and went to Mc-
Voster for the night.. Thev leavo the
state for Washington today."
"They couldn't kill me with a chili"
said .Secretary ltallinger in reply to
an interrogation regarding the Inves-
tigation of hi.s action- by a congres-
sional committee.
(lood remits nlwayn fellow Iho use
Foley Kidney Pills. They contain
just tiie iiigro:iiciis necessary to tone
strengthen and regulate the kldue
and bladder and to cure backache .1.
N. U nl lace.
Nothing Worse In Russia Or Armenia
"As late as April of last year the
.Mexican papers reported tlie whole-
s:.le ation by tl.e authoi itli s id
li e Chihuahua of Hie Hinds of s"veral
r. ore farmers living vt:- v I iw n o'
s:h Aiidiei on tin- usual excuse of
imri-psmueiit of taxes. The farmers
resisted eviction and true to tie)
usual procedure two car-loads ol
troops were hurried to the ncene and
promptly cleaned out the district
shooting some uf die landowners nil''
casing die others lulo the moun
tains. Though t':e government care-
fully concealed the (ruth as lo the
number Killed. It is snpixised in have
been in the nc!;oihood of twenty.
The fugitives idayed iu the mountains
until tin lr scanty store of provisions
van exhausted and tleu ' all-titiiived
returned to the farms that had once
been theirs .begging for mercy. Kv-
cry man iu that community and some
of the women were thrown into jail
v.lii'ie n portion of them silll remain."
K. Alexander Powell in the October
American Magazine.
A Boy Among the Pre-Raphaelite.
Ford .Madox Unifier has a notable
paper In the October Harper's deal-
ing with hhi cxi rlciice us a hoy
among hi grandfather's associates
I). (J. UoK&fti llurm-joties lloliuan
Hunt. Oarlyle and various other .11--tingushed
poets and arlls'ts of that
day. Mr. Ilueffet- writes most inti-
mately of the IMe-Uaphaiolite' be-
b.ivior loward each other mhilo
among tbetuseiMn net without many
liuinorous incidents which as n boy
lie participated in
The Aeroplane Camera.
Several tp"s of cameras are now
being made epcc!ally for the purpose
of talung .i.ipKhots from und of aer-
ial craft. A machine illustrated In
the Oe'obor pou ar Meehnnie for
lift III the air is mounted on the
frame of an areoplane in huch a posi-
tieu th;;t ih'j second item in the ma-
chine mav focus it on liie country un-
derneath. When it V.I on (lie ground
It let-is upon n tripod and U liltiied
at .lie object j:i thi: air in very inucil
(he sime way as a rapid-fire gun.
Cafe Revolves white Patrons Dine
ClK'iige of sc'Mie while dining is an
rtiraction often i islt.-irs nt a Call.'i.r-
tila re .rt. iolviiig i!tf' wl.'itii
i U.k-s lnr i.-vijliitioti oti 'hour' t
I i! ding. on of the levi.jt .n.; I kus
f'oo's will be used as a roof garden.
c ... . . - .-. t
t.iiiia a of this iiilciellng
H-tw S.-al tit? is waping sueceigsin!
warfare... a4ahi ruU iu told in tim
October nuui'ier of Popii'ar Mehatilcs
T-'.o' h of specially 'le"iie.'l (Vii'
' ' ' - ' " ' -J ' ; .
Brooks' Theater
Saturday Oct. 15
L. 11. WIJ.LAKi)
The Time
The Place
and the Girl
10 Musical Numbers
3 Scenic Surprises
60 People GO
1MUW rl:i rjri-tw.
t- l rwt.F.-l-
II el'i""
A t tw oinirrl t" H.
It 1. i-ftin-.t .ncpir ti
ilu I...I mt-ni Mam f irf
lllnalriivt tMuik II gtlM
f.lll.BUlUrnldr. n-l ilifo. U'iin Ii).
i'cr St. at poitofBce Drug gtort.
MU Ordiri golicltM.
How to Catch a Gra'ter.
There in a Kiem fli-tecthe lry that
Isn't fietUnt but every word true in
the Octohcr American MaKiizine. It
i the stnt) of what tt liaitilful of pnh-Ii.-
tiiiritcj I'ifj'liitrg citizen did for
their city when they found that bank-
ers and bit:dtf'-M men -were nereotltiK
ri;i( giving bribe. It U the iiittns
y Interest ins tale t.f ihe tuwt Ihk'Ii-
iou.4 detective work. Albert Jay Nock
writcH about it and the man wlo did
f'f tui st ftf. ttive fcieiiihing; in Robert
W'Kson. nit Itinerant iireai ber of Sern
ttut fthoin the I'ilthburs mill ol tu
route tu clean itj) Iheir city. How he
did it uiiikt-x the bef smt of readUi
Vi'lien ashi .l tthat tji'-thod-i In- u eil In
n in tieKictitK V.O.K. All- jiui.ii eiv
thav WIIhoU reidled :
"SiiM' -e now. I am en a aru'l
caw. I tnke tny liible und onco'U-
iince k "I' ln'u th garrtt. nay my
rtrnvft und I"k h( -v-ry refeiwiea
In th Hibla on th inliecf. Of Ernft
I read then over find over till uf mint
For the man is not wise who will pay the
samc price without securing the same quajity
guarantee. Nor is he wise to buy a suit
that will sag at the knees or shrink out of
shape when for the same price he may Lc
DLOCH SMART SUIT that will keep its
shape as long as a single thread of it is left.
The Wise Man buys SOCIETY BRAND
because he has the assurance of authoritative
style perfection in workmanship fit and
finish and the best value procurable.
Suits $20 $22.50 $25 $27.50 and 30
Our Popular priced Clothcraft Suits
7.50 to $20.
' H ImiW Cllliililllij DtinlcllU f'T tin:
jtlilid .iiliHitiitlve )iHr In fitilluif. 't'llf
celiiMil In i n liud ii ti udy muw lb BlMt
opciiliiB lure Sept. !M)S UiIh Kiiiwtll
.-ui lin aitilbu't-il to in.'ilt only. f'ir tlMic'
; IciS been io 4'Uviisivo ail ' el li.ihig hul
Iliu olllcci't and faculty lime Ihtii iiii-
tiiiiiK In their crfuiiH tu lin- xtand'l
; .Mil of llil-. cIhhiI t Hi" til i; It'- mulUTi' I
.ial efiorln H iiiJm.iiii- ll.ti Hnil'ie
Icillvlduull v. llicr. by niiil.lii p p.iImJ
ii C-'ll 1 1 lie in Midi sin ;i IIh.i.jiilU 1.iuJ-
i nlu ol liit- m li iii e of v'liii"iiii' lie lit
lin ' me making good tu u ih.hi l.Ui I i
I lc i. Hi mill f liii.iicl.illy ;
j fiilriiei.e-lli- U Hi"' "Si'lclli'l- of tie
i Akc:" tliti t'lilroprui'tnr "'J'liw Man ef ttu i
lluiir." i
1 If you iMint u irofpnl(iti that tuo. It'.
frri'.Vi-iM 'i.i nl and futuie pO'-'lhllilit t .
1 uf anvtlilnK licfr.u- tin- piilillc lud.iy ft - I
lull ii niei' und li .mo uf III.' ini.tiv fti
tie iicimj Mild liiun) In di iii i I
! t'lieli .In)-.
In llic in ir fultirp thu trU ucc of C'lii-
ropri'di"! will Vfplui-i' very :irifly I .
je'li'T mi t liml of M n li.i 1 1 e ilml'ie'n uf
' the Iiiimihii body. Why I '.. nt. lit ltt
' ctll'-ti tii..- iici-uiacy mill nm-cr fji!lni r.
main by Chiroprtctle Adjust-
ment in xlnii't riniiis nm (i.usuri. (.irnii .
niMv.j. which Ik iIhj vniom of 9i pr tenl
f Ml (lifi'llKS. -
Dr. T. F. Ratlede President
' ' 17 ill M 11' I - .
W'f iiH-.:ili tin- must i iiitii'ii li- f.t-n
'iiimtliii! t'hitif In liif Kt.lti' ami Willi
our twMity yiutfi' i'tntiiu pini"iic-
ui 0iinniiccv Wju ;ii K.tft-lyv
Ui-i'urui y and fifniilitiH
I nil on tu fur i'i n (JIumi.h.
Oflir l Ai. ni.n Eipim Olfi' .
COOK OPTICAL CO. Guthrie. Okla.
liw in O tr n.inAntr.1 I
tit a'a ill.rh.rfc.4. tn'lnHiti. I I
f VNvJ irtltliw. or uk.ln cmo '
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olliiii Iiiivp and liho Ihfm regrft It
enroll now! I To tntrlir. coll.tft rd-
nut.' iiiiU till -roti with iltwi-s:
Icive n iiipiIuI iiroiiuflilon for a few
inoinin. Kur furtlur Information writ
ur cull
to ncsteet th
teeth. Not tloiie
your good looks
but your good
health also d -pntl
upon keep-
ing your tectii tu
good condition.
as we practice It.
makes It aa eaay
matter to havt
good teetli.
Or. W. E. mW
l .;
Offlct over .1
tore Cor. IFrat
and .Oklahoma
Ave. j.imtmili
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Vrar--t. k Ml II I t'll t .T'
tIA.t NMSM I'll.lA lit
yttn mem. M Itoit. MiMrt. ' m S !! i
1 I i I

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Niblack, Leslie G. The Guthrie Daily Leader. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 35, No. 112, Ed. 1 Wednesday, October 12, 1910, newspaper, October 12, 1910; Guthrie, Oklahoma. ( accessed April 17, 2021), The Gateway to Oklahoma History,; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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