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The Guthrie Daily Leader. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 33, No. 22, Ed. 1 Saturday, June 19, 1909 Page: 5 of 8

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A meeting of the Pioneer Tel-
. . f . .-. -
OTA mil
u 1 1 LJufl
Only the best makes are found
in Our Popular Shoe Department A perfect
fit is guaranteed you. Ask to see the
smart snappy styles in LOW SHOES
black and tan leathers we are selling at
:2.50 $3.50 $4.00 and $5.00
..Comfort Garters..
Price 25c
and 50c
F.ank Merrick of the leader's cir-
;CUlaton department his returned
from a trip over the sate.
4 C. K. Higgins the well known tenor
of Oklahoma City is here on business
Last night he attended the concert
the Fnld - and Guthrie Choral so-
cle lea at the opera hou:i'- MY. Hig-
rftis wan also a visitor H the Ma-
ftonic temple of which order he U a
a.iimber. j
i J. H. I'arnes of Fnld is here to at-
tend a meeting of the slate fxt hook
ixiinmissioii of which he is a niemuc.'.
M. F. Moo e jn' of Ihe Du-
ra nt Normal school is here today to
attend the meeting if the state text
book commission of which he Is a
h Frtrmer Dele te A L. Hausnnian
W ('owe a is hero today to attend a
meeting of the board of trustees of
rjie Wn'V'ker State Orphans' home ot
fryor Ci"ek of which he Is a member.
Mr. Ilatisaman is also one of the
fjounty commissioners of W'agone.-
c"ouniy. 4 Einke- J. B. Green of Oklahoma
fjity is-a Guthrie v 1st or. He wa
f-.rnieri" iu the real estate buslni
i 1
fjRev. T. F. Brewer of Norman Is
Here; to attend a meeting of the text
fook commission of 'which he Is
Judge A. G. C Bieier re urned this
jjrrorning from a trip to Oklahoma City.
Attorney W. H. Chappell hus return-
wl from a business trip to Texas.
i'John Idsck came up from Oklaho-
ma City ihJs morning.
Captain Forsylhe chief of the Unt-
If'd States secret service bureau at
1 Wbrt'n TitVaS is here conferring
Hh the V.' S. marshal's' force rela-
tpye to Ihe counterfeit: $5 gold coins
3at" lm i been passefl in ibis state.
Me will dig into the case and try to
cfv'cover the place whe'e lh coins
jra made. The marshal's force has
ceiGy arrested three men charge:!
Vt& passing the coins.
'.'CtiRrtn8 ' T)err re urned
ftln Oi'ilthotM City.
this ' morn-
- f-itfrt U. t.yue
heM salesm tU
t45wt iOharWf F.t'itBrft!Bvl)dt store
'fcB been called to Ohio by a lelegrum
Impossible to be Well
It Js Impossible to" be welt simply wnpossibte if the bowels are
constinated. Waste products poisonous substances must be
(J removed irom tme oHiy at least
trouble. Ask your doctor about
vestt bbie. I le knows why thev act
Men's Half Hose
Light Weight Lisle Thread
;nd Cotton Hose in Plain
a m Fancv Patterns ....
Our Shoes are built
vice. They are built
Thev are built for
That is the reason
'announcing that his father is not nx-'.
pected to live.
D. B. Cullum of Stillwell Is here to-
ay 'ttej.iiug a meeting of the state
text book commission of wbii-h be la
a member. .
P. Brewer returned to Helena "o-
'allant of Dallas is in 1 Sipcs of the Oklahoma
Scluol Furniture company Is a Guth-
rie visitor today.
Aforne S'homas II. Owens of Mus-
kogee is tti "it he cVy.
Messrs A. J. Kline and J. A. Stan
ley of tie Capital City Investment
eompan.v have returned from a busi-
ness trin to Ft. Smith.
Ja'kr' T.einey has returned from
Kansas City. .
It. C. Jarley of Chicago represent-
ing Haiubildge Clipping Bureau Is in
the city:'
D. M. TibbettB has
tilp; to Muskogee.
returned from
Rexroad of Pawnee is in the
Smith of Enid is in the city
Judge T J. lvowe s ate manager
if t'ie Mutual Lite Insurance coni-
s returned from a state trip.!
Aislstant State Ba nK'CiiiinnsiToii-
er A. B. f-yle leaves this evening for
'finid where he wlil spend Sunday with
uis family who are the gues s of Mr.
and Mrs. L. 'V. Talluu who formerly
reshled here
fenaior J. F. Keys ot Pryor Creek
is here today conferring with BUfe
A. C. Scott professor of English in
the Epworth university and who was
formerly presiiieiu of the A. & ML col-
lege at Stillwater Is here today on
matters before the state text book
Ben F. Lafayette of Cheetah is here
attending the meeting of the board
ff trustee 4 of the Whitaker Orphans'
honie pf which he Is a member. Mr.
I.afaye'te has Just returned from Buf-
falo New York where he attended
tho National conference of 'charities
and corrections as a delegate from
Oklah.TttVt. '
k JSiftfj'ffeidn.' Ji 'A.rrter of
the W.h-ituker OrJiana' toim of Pry-
or Creek is here todiy attenaisng th
oik tuu.ii twy ui mtic wm m; i
Ayer s rills gently laxative Jill I
directfv on the liver i r" I
J. A
J. E.
Price 1.0c 15c j 25c
arid 50c. 1
for style
we sell them.
Leading Clothier
n.eot'isrf of tlie bo.ird c:T trustee of
the school.
ASS1S R"t secretary i.eo Meyer
"r bii
a business trip.
Major N.'D. McGinley returned thi
morning from a trip to Pauls VsrH4
fR)berl Calvert left yesterday for
I OhlcagotQjtn'er the university there
Attorney Adelbert Hughes left this
morniii'? en an extended trip through
the Northwest. He will attend the
Seattle exposition and visit In Mon-
tana Washington and other Weal em
stales belore returning.
Notice for B'.dt.
Bids will be received by the State
Board of Affairs up to noon June
2ith 19M for a contract to supp'iy
to the State of Oklahoma seven
tnousaiiii (y.'-iu) ions more or lessj
of coal during the twelve 02)1
months beginning July 1st 1SW9.
Specifications are on file with tlhe
Secretary of the Board at. Its of-
fices In Guthrie and can be had
upon pp1lcat!irtn The snccessfnl
bidder will be expected to furnish
bond" In the amount or $lunoo.(K.
The Board reserves the right to
reject any or all bids.
conra BOARD
..The Corporation commission this af-
ternoon Is hearing EdititiAnal evidence
on the complaint lodged by citizens ot
Morris asking for 'he removal of W
R. Maddotk Frisco agent (it Uml
place alleging misconduct of his of-
fice and discourtesy to patrons o!
the roai. The Commission coinmenc
ed hearng the case last Wednesday
anil con'inued the hearing to subpoena
additional witnesses from Morris on
several serious charges made tgainst
the agent in making overcharges on
f.'e'ght etc.
The cases of S. Douglas P"ss'll an?
othera against the. varioui ra!lro;J
companies asking for better accomm
datlons for the negroes on pamnger
trains ivere dismissed by the Commit
sion today the matter having beet!
settled out of couit.
Today'" hearings eoniple'e the a
signments for the June term on th
asFT mm mm
Koy V Hoffman and Bert R. Chan
W ttiembcrs of he board of public a
Jairs Hnm P. Bee Architect Weath-
ers and I'l-ilJIng Insector Eugene
c:ll l-ft this morning In an automo-
bile ior Langston 'iiere they wtil ir
sperf ihe main hall of the University
building recen ly completed by the
Moryto accept inp the building rut
the state and turning It over to tlu?
Ixari of regen s. :
r k zzzv
Music loving folk heard the great-
est entertainment by vocalists last
everinK at the Lirouks theatre ever
given in the new state an hundred
of the state's trained singers render-
ing a program to be criticised only
because it was not longer that thy
audience might have had still greatei
The Knld CV.oral society and tht
Enid male quartette joined tlu Guth
rle Clioral society making an hun
dred voices in harmony that pro
duced thunderous applause from ai
audience expectant of a splendid en-
tertainment but even theu most
pleasant surprised at the superior
ity of what had been expected.
Pre. William R. Lane recently of
Boston but for some months director
of the two cOiora societies with
Professor Iannot directing the chor-
us acquitted themselves as profes
sional artists of a high type and
their hundred vocalists were llvinp
evidence the one who bad trained
them 'Was In the broadest sense dap
able and very efficient.
'Miss Alice Barbee Kansas City's?
most gifted soprano added to the
strenetb of the chorus anil her sob
part became at the insistent domain'
r.t the appreciative audience a se
vcr. the hst one being considered
better than the preceding.
Guthrie vocalists certainly "ros
if the occasion." but Ihelr friend?
from Knld-wav were in no particula
second Ihe Plains Citv society hft
moniously blending with the locals.
It was the largest number of voicei
ever on the local stae tfte arrange
tnent being in rows the raised seat'
enabling the audience to see all o
the singers and addinc to the aeour
tic nropertles of the theatre.
The proa ram without encores:
Chorus "Greeting to Spring" ....
Malt Ounrlette "Hark! the Trwn-
net Calleth" Rue'
Chorus. (a) "Feasant Wedding
March 1 ...... Sodemanr
(b) "Annie Laurie"
........... Air. by Wn. A. Potte
. JUnaceompanlod.I -i
Snnpinn. "Scene and Aria from
'Aida'" ...... :. Verd
Mens' (Torus "Winter Song" ....
... ... . . Bullnn'
Bai-ltine and Chorus "Recognition
of Land" .......... ... Orel';
Sotrnt" ; "SegnedlJlc" -from "Cnr
nen" ... .'.Ulze-
"Charlie" ....Jame 0. MacDerml''
"Mv Liddie" . . .William A. Thayc'
"The Lark" ' . . If. Parke
Chorus (a) "He "Watch'ne Over
Israel" . t . . . .V.'ndelssohi
(H THnkB be to.' OnA" from
-. .Elijah '. ..........'. .M"ndelsso-Tir
Soprano and ..Chorus "Gallia" ..X
............. Gounod'
Mrs.. "Mirk. L Goodwin ia visltiir
U relatiyfr-Jn Mineral Wells Texas.
leftw S
Rlh.s Ruby Canton returm
morning from a visit In h'duiond wti
friends. y
" Mrs. A fl. Pyle and little ec.j an
tiie Kiiests of Mr.: and Mrs. Lulhe!
button in Kuld. ..i .y
Mrs. R W Black left IWs niori.
ing for Cashlon to spend Sunda
iwith Mr. and Mrs. Meivln Carter.
Mr and Mrs Oscar 11 Lehrer c
K.lmond. wote among thw.cut of tow
people here last night to attend tin
concert given nt the Broons ijier;
house by the Guthrie and Fnid Chor
at ' societiee. .
yfrs. H I. Smllh. rorijuerlyof Thi;'
city and no of Kansas City .Is II!k'.
eucsi ot nor son .Ui. it. V. Smith or
Fasf Colh ga avenue.
Mrs. May Vampner department
president of the W. R. C has re
turned from Muskogee where sin
organized a VV. R. C. .Monday .ullit. '
Mrs. Mill Stiles of Orlando wa'
In the city last evening to attem'
the concert at the Brooks thcatreV
Mlsn Iiclah McPherson is enter
talning at her lliome on Eiist Warner
avenue Miss Grace Twlng of Okla
Mrs. Elmo Dysart and baby o'
Pawnee are the guests of her par
ents Mr. and Mrs. N. I). McGinley
on North Vine street.
Mxpk' Arndte Sn;yder and alsler '
Miss Mary Jane Biiinford. have r
tu-ned from a visit In Oklahoma Cti
with friends. n
Pr Uh'ft "Oklahoma' Epworth a.
sembly "Special" for children. Mrs
TW-9 Qeailjeart Morrlm. of Llrcoln
Neb. who was flsere last year am'
charmed 'everybody' with her read
tngs Is coming again this yeir and
in addition 4o her reading- will hav
charge of the "Children's Hour." she
hes taken special training for this
wcrk during the year and ft Is pre-
Hctert tt'at th "Children's Hour"
"111 be voted a meat success thif
esr. She pays "Tell the children
'hat June 24 Is my blrthdav innd
eev mix't all ccme to my fl-st play
Mm" "vhieh "will be my birthday
tiarty." '
ni'-flfd nrl Mfii .f c Ja'tllsOt
'vl'l le?e f'e latter n-i-t pf the
-"tin for notidne. Wash: to so-
'fTorn severat montfts.
MrP. H. Biw'tect find dniiehtef
fa r".iprltn re f gue--t- of friends
'ri )fve1iir r-. Thee pi nlHO vst
?n BnrtloRvIlie before ijrnlng home
Pier a ir'h's r?i In the city
"th V-. qnd M- H. M yenrusoa.
Mr tid Vro. Andrew Fer"isop r-
"""f. to their home In New York
vit ti.iicn Gifffi enter! linlnie
at'-her home on East Springer ave-
The local members of the Railroad
Employes' association will meet to-
nnu r.-w afternoon over the "Kye"
SanU Fe Trainmaster K. D. San
ders is h'-re from Arkansas City
V. K. Flier superintendent of the
Oklahoma division of the Santa Fe
is in the city.
The Rock Island has received sev-
eral carloads of bridge timbers
which will be used on the line be-
tween ihere and Chandler In repair
Ing bridges.
T-vi carloads of white rock for
the F. O. Luu Dry Goods store build
ing' arrived over the Hock Island
The loral Ffirkynrds on the Santa
Fe right of way are being enlarged
and an additional sidetrack built.
The Santa Fe has a gung of extra
e.ticn men repairing the track In
he south yards. New ties are be
ing placed all along the line.
A special train was run to Arkan
as City vesterdav to get material
I'or ihe freight office building.
A lav;ie number of fxtra Santa Fe
'an; Titers are-gathering in the city
t. Is stated that work on the ':"v
'relght depot will commence d
once .
The brakeman who was injured in
he wreck on the .U E. & G. tear
resent Thursday was taken to the
"Santa Fe hospital at Topekj. today.
me Mies Anne Green of Ghelbyvllle
I'exas. '
. v
The Ladies' Aid society of the
f'irst Presbyterian tl'.wirch will give
i basket picnic at Island park
Island park Is becoming quite
opular place In the afternoons and
venings for parlies to sojourn and
it their evening meal
Highland park is
dekers of evenings.
filled with pic-
Emmi Peeschel has i 'urned from
week's visit with relatives in Pleas
nt Valley. ; .
Mrs. Dolri of Faxxon. . Okla.- Js the
uest of is Emma Winkle.
There was a recital Friday evening
outhitt Irene Covell Ine Hlchard-
'r IPzel Hurr.t Hele uV .nberger
aj'e Wile Helen Newman Nellie
ought t Irene' Covell. lne Rlchard-
m Grate Frary Jennie Folllu Doro-
iy Brown.
The B"tsy Ross nssoclatton in sea;
'on at Muskogew .adlourned after elect
ig the following officers: President
ettle I'. Little Okmulgee; first vice
cond vice president Mrs J. Ollpha
tilsa: third vice president Mm Dfl
oe Bi'lev Muskogee; treasui
is. Will liiulngton. Pawnee; sec
ry Mrn. Anna U. Lodaan Gut hrle;
irrespoiultng wecretary Mn 15. (1.
rutchmcr Okmulgee; historian Mrs'
et Lafayette Checo-tah.; parliiinieif-
rlan MlssiCora Smith Guthrie. Tlr
dSft meeting of ihe assochtloti wi
i held in GutlHle June 14 J9in.
The City Federvka met In exec-
five session thl. t.ternoon In die
tub rooms at the Carnegie library
Mrs E. o. Spilrnan . delightfully
nlertalned the Bill Cross Chapter
taught rs of Confederacy- this after
wm at her home 712 Fast Springer
venue. T'ae full membership was
resent. ' Light refreshments were
ervej by the liostess.
Mrs. Galen
he Smart Set
lome on Fast
'row was hostess to
lhl: nflcrnoori at her
Washington tvenue.
The last meeting of the Domestic
'clence club for the ' seasosi was
e)c nt )!w residence of Mrs. J. D.
Vllllams venlerdav nftertUK'tii. Mrs
Villlams demonstrated how to make
neat salad: Miss Maud Williams
'emonstrated the making of !c' nd
Miss Covalt cake bakinir T'ie club
rieets next on September 24 With
'frs. Car-sidy.
Aftfir bcins; cut. bu thirty n:!nt;t
he jury In the cns of State vs. John
'ones. In 'which Hie defendant was
diarged with living with Pearl Mc
:atnron nge( n as his wire was
found- guilty late yes'eriay afternoon
'n the Logan County Superior court
uid t' iunlshin"rit was fixed at fivi
vears in the penitentiary which- Is
the ininiiirum under the sla'ute.
The case of the State vn. Arthur
Dennis in which Ihe defendant Is
charged with highway robbery was
tried today the jury re'lrlng at 3
o'clock this afternoon. lenn!.i Is chrug
ed on I'wo counts only one of which
was presented at this time.
Judge Sandlln today set next Wed
nesday to pass sentence upon John
A specla! meeting f the s!:tte conn
tv commissioners over the state is
called to meet In Guthrie next Situ1-
f day June 2Kth. for the purpose of ills-
the mit'er of collecting hp.' railroad
lax which has been itijoinwl In th
Federal couits.
phone lAK'ste. club will be u!d Gib
evening at 7 p. ro. The weaker o!
the evening will t. Percy Redmond.
of St. liOiiis. P. Kerr HlKirius. cn-
'al traffic ffluiierintemletrt of the-
ruiiteer. .will occiiih- ttie t-hntr
T..e Leader added 211 subs.
to its Chk'k.isha list yestenlav.
The School land department
baseball team wiii play the third
game this atternoon with the Cau-
ital City Business college team.
Dr. Noblitt wiii discuss "Jesus as
a Statesman" at the Christian church
Sunday night.
Major N D. McGinley now has a
steel gasoline lauiitlii on the
Ellison lake which Is becoming to!
be a popular resort. Fishing Is good
at the lake this year and many
Gtithrle families are planning to spend
a few weeks outing on the banks oT
the lake.
Three hoboes were given ten days'
street work' today by Police Judge
H(.!es on vagrancy charges.
"Mexican Joe" vaid a $10 fine in
police court toda. for being drunk.
The concrete base for tfle asphalt
pavement on Noble avenue has been
laid as far '83 Seventh street
Three blocks 'J' asphalt paving
have been completed on West No-
ble avenue by the J. F. Hill Construc-
tion company.
' County Judse J. C. Ctrans today
Issued marriage licenses to the fol-
lowing: J. W. Llltlejohn aged 28
and Lizzie Wtlson age 19 both col-
ored; Enoch Turner age 4(1. and
Mary Jones age 3.S both colored. All
parties reside in Guthrie.
"The Value of Silence" will 'be tfie
theme discussed by Rev. Harry
Omar Scott at the Presbyterian
church Sunday evening. Dr. Scott
promises to preach ia sermon that
will be of Interest to the business
man of few words. The society go
rlpers will come In for a raking ovei
the coals It Is said.
The Snndav school cf the M. K
cliurd'n South will give a vneelal
children's day program fit the church
Sunday mornhiK. All are Invite:! to
The front of the F. O. Luts &v
joods store ha received Its - finish
lug louclies. It Is (ho best .joking
R1 ore building in the Southwest.
Some large trees In the 700 blocl
on Eiflt Oklal onm avenue were up
rooted la Thursday's windstorm.
' The i!aKonbrldg leading to Is
land nark on South Division tdreel
Is b'lng repaired nrepnrntory to the
ript-nliiK of the Epworth assembly.-
"Sidewalks n e being laid from thV'l "l(r 'flce from 212 1-2 West Ok-
street car line landing at Isluut ymom.i nvenue to .ui iv.nn uhi.shoui-
park to. the park entrance whlclivenue
will be completed beTore the ChjwV -
the old Guthrie Ice .plat fd'ilch'X '8r Price ' - ';-
now rwned -bv the Hnmimdl-Brauijt -." t
Co. is beln remodeh'd preparatory 1 The wcr-di are being .-;ut o Uty
to tlie working of both plants to ac i"Katy" mid Santa Fe .rightuf ways
coniiuodata the local business whlchth" city. '-.. ' ''
Is picking up this hot w.-uthe.:. -
Heck Thomas who was defeated The hot weather H adancliifi. It
nt the April election at. Lawton for I'' r In'entlon 1 give the beut postt-
ciMef or police has been commls- ble service at our command regard-
fdoned bv State Game Warden J. S. i8 tbe delivery of ice and to aaUifv
Askew deputy state game warden. our cualumerft. .will" cousliler -U.
f. a. personal law it our jKitron ' wHt
ll' V. Garreltson today filed suit advise m of any Jo-M.tentlon or lac.
In the district court afilnsi Chiirles of servlc.! on the part of our fla
A. Been et rl.
to foreclose a inort-
Punse'" winnell I aengrich today
filed stilt in the district court through
her attorney G. A. Krlten against
Oscar Laenerich for a decree of di-
vorce rusiody of (wo minor chil
saleon Refrigerators I
AT - -
lU'Kiitninj' Monday June 21st. I will sell 'any.
Kt'l'rijfcratoi' fn my floor at
Actual Cost
lliavctlic finest and best inade . and . BtiHte
cheaper lines. If you haven't one or if your fkl vim
is givinu: out this is your opportunity.
Tlie nuniht'i' is limited so come at onec
Cor. Iy. and Okla. Ave
.....-..!... ii.Mi.' - .' - a - . - - '. -
The Eagle Nerve 1
and Liver 1 ablets ?
Are Our Own Formula
Tfcbnuiu'' Headache nd Constipation.; -"'; '"'' ''. '" '''...: -
They will keep you well. -;- "' '' "' " ' ' " . 3
Every one who ht tried them tell ui they are beet thy ever usti.
We put them up in bottlei of 45 for 25 cent.
To thoie who have never tried them if you will cut this ad ost m&
brlngV. wrlh 15 rente we will sell you a full size bottle tf r' mi v
you more good than any mefficina you ever bought In your l
ie liable Drug oto
Avenue Is Clearsd
Naide ivt-iiu. pav'ns was tiii-' . 1
and t'l'-.ined itmliiy ihank.4 to i .te
Chief Unilier and liis niei.
Should Strike Responsive Chord.
Elder T. L. Nobb'tt. of F."t
ClirlStiitu cht.'rch has fsm-d ap I;
vitatlon to men to attend services
during the hot weather without their
coats. lr. XoUett even declares
will when public sentiment permits
preach without bis coat. His
sons advanced are tvat fne hot
mer months mitigate
afaip. a at le ud-
ing Indoor service
hence he feels n cor'l
and there wr.uld fck
empty benches.
cr casioiiiUv.
- - her
i hni
Felton Gets Old Job.
Mayor Farquharsoa as appoiuted
Monroe Felton as city jailer iaii. dy
desk sergeant at the police station.
Felton held the same position . under
the Duke administration.
Law Enforcement League Meeting.
Tu-o Logan County Law Rn force
mem League will meet Tuesday
ni-y: t at. the Congregational church.
The meeting will be addressed by
Gcverncr Haskell and other speak-
ers. Music by the Lowry male quar-
tette. All are cordially invited to be
present. The meeting will he called
to order at 8:15 o'clock
Modern Woodmn
The Modern Woodmen of Americi
icUr their annual memorial services
'omorrow morning at . the Methodist
rplscopril church. All members are
urged to meet at Odd Fellows ball at
10:110 i. m. and inarch to the cherch
'n a bo iy to ottead 'he service which
will betOn at ll o'clock. Rev. K. F..
Falrchil ' who Is a meibrr of the
rdor will deliver the memork'U -rm-
on. "..-'
Paviny Material.
The J. F. Hill eoii!pai:y a?:ph:ilf
plant lorn ted on the Rock Island
right of way mas shut down today
"en tin;; tbe arrival of more' material.
Some and ami rock -wMoh fiave been
delayed en route will arrive here
Monday when the company hepes An
be runulng full blast again. This ja
'he first time the plunt has been
(hut down since tbe work on ' the
Noble avenue paving '.commenced. ''
dren and for restoration of hsr niaid-
n mime pasnsy iWinn-f-dl Nlehod-
nua. The plaintiff In liej- petition
atates that ll.:"y re married i-n
Guthrie on 1 December -24 1902. . Slw
diargeg the defendant..; with desertion
tnd entrc-me cruelty. ; - j.
An abstract of Judgment entered
i n Justice Mintoyne's court in the
case of Ix)gan County Co-Operative
issoclatlmi vs. A. B. HolHday: of
'rescent for $ due on a promis-
ry note In favor of - the. glaliijKf
was appealed to. ihe dWtrict court
today. " . . "- -.:'; . - . ;:
Doctors Price an 1' Price h've iiiirt1-
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Niblack, Leslie G. The Guthrie Daily Leader. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 33, No. 22, Ed. 1 Saturday, June 19, 1909, newspaper, June 19, 1909; Guthrie, Oklahoma. ( accessed March 8, 2021), The Gateway to Oklahoma History,; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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