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11 FDR
Wonderful Word Picture of Oil
Wells Willed "Spouted to
the Heavens
South Eeml !nd. June t3. Prose-
cutlng . Bill KlomlnR. charged with
buncoing Public Service Commissioner
Sprlngboni (if Cleveland for $10270
on a fake wrestling match hore uncov-
ered the stor yof an Oklahoma City
iawyer's loss of $5000 to Flonilifg on
take prize fight.
Fleming was convulsed with laugh-
ter when R S. Bessey an Oklahoma
Citv attorney humorously tokl how
Fleming had taken him to San Fran-
cisco to lunko ihim out of $5MM) :
Fleming .net Bcssoy while out on bund
on a clnrge of robbing Springborn.
Fleming did not even change his
name while out on bail and dealing
with Bm:ey. Names of his friends
were different.
Bessey Gives Story
Bessey first met Fleming at the
Ciaremore Oklahoma sanl' avium.
"I just had sold my home in Okla-
homa City ami Fleming knew I had
inr.-;n."' po!sey testified. "He
epresettted tin' was thy agent of mil
llonMres in Pittsburg who had Cal-
ifornia coal and t)il lands they want-
ed to sell. Fleming said the land was
valuable- and that the owners were
unaware of this.
"Fleming painted a wonderful word
picture of the California oil wells. Tie;
welh spouted to the heavens accord-
ing to F! ming. Wo were to make a lot
of money 0ut of the ileal."
The judge jury and everybody in
the court room laughed mheu Bessey
"Fleming told me I'd fit finely into
the deil because I was a lawyer."
Oil Deal Put Off.
Fleming even went so far as to sign
con'racf ag"eeing to pay expenses
to Pan Francisco Bessey said. Bes-
sey said that hla experience in 'Frisco
was the same as that of Springborn in
South Pmd.
The oil deal was put off on aeeouni
of the abrenc? of one of the oil land
owners f.nd a fke prize fight was
arranged Bessey related.
The ma'c.h was pulled off in a va-
cant cellar near one of San Francis-
co's main thoroughfares" he s'lid.
"The wrong man won the fight and
the fellow who was apparently knock-
ed out appeared to bo dying. J was
mightily scared and we all fled to es
care armt.
"The money disappeared with one
of the supposed land owners but Flem
ing assured me he would get back my
Fleming Stakes Him
"I only had $12 loft when I fled with
Fleming to Ogdon. From there i
went home after Fleming had given
ma a li-tle money
Oklahoma City .June 19. E. 8. Res
spy Is a local a tomey who removed
from Ciaremore Ok. here sbout foui
months ago. He has offices on th
second f-oor of the Security building
He is in the east. now.
01 liH
(Oklaora-i Press Service)
Ft. Wortr. Texas. June 19. The
police 'are continuing today the
search for the second negro connect-
d with the assault apd attempted
robbery of Mr?. W. J. Lawldma on
the crowded streets Inst night under
tb fijare of electric lights.
When the assault was made Mrs.
Laseldma was walking in the com-
pany of her nephew. As tlhey passed
tw0 negroes one of them grabbed
Mrs. Laseldma by' the throat and the
other snatched her purse. The roh-r-erv
attempt was foiled by the break-
ing of the purse handle. A crowd
pursued the necroes and one was
raptured after an exciting chase in
which the tiegro hid in a free top
tropio Kt iub fiiuuuii ui-u u.w
ered for fear of being shot.
The woman is suffering from the
rhock and neck brulssai - ' . '
At - o'clock Ibis afternoon the
irulley "ire os the street car lino
broke oa .Harrison avenue between
Division and First streets caused by
a trolley pole in front of the .Model
Grocer; store which had rotted out
at the base falling into the street.
Fortunately no one was hurt and the
electric current was turned off im-
mediately. The accident tied up the
street car service for half an hour.
Later it was learned that Gold
Nelir. an employe of the C. O. D.
grocery who was standing on the
rear end of a street car when the
trolley wire broke overhead was
burned about the hands and received
a severe shock.
Dr. Hixon's "New Age" Dandruff
Cure and Hair Grower were placed
in local stores -today.
These remedies are bound to cre-
ate a sen.sation and sell like wild-
tire because they are of proven
Reputable business jnen
much interested that they
money in tP enterprise.
Attention is called to th
Age" remedies elsewhere in.
sue of The Leader.
are so
o "New
this is-
The hoard of trustees of thy Whit-
a!er Slate Orphans' home located at
Pryor C-'cck are holding their first
nnual meeting here Hiis afernoon
in the governor's office to m-i-ke ar-
rangements! for the operation of the
institution fo the next vonr. The
members of the board present are:
Superintendent VUiitaker of P'.'yor
Creek- I. 'Hausum.iii. Coweta- Hen
F. Layfette Cheeotah; W. A. Burton
Muldrow; J. . Schwartz cneisea.
(Oklahoma Pr.'ss Service)
Muskogee Okla. June 19. Paul
Williams the train robber who was
captured yesterday in a pitched bat-
tle with 5. is two pals against an
Iron Mountain train crew and of-
ficers resulting in the death of Con-
stable Kirk refuses to reveal the
names of the pals who escaped.
Deputy dhoriff Clark and a posse
from Braggs re trailing the robbers
in the mountains near Tnhleninah to-
day and expect to overtake thern by
night. A kit of yeggman's tools was
found in -the trail.
Williams will recover. TP-tiers
thow that his father is W. T. Mills
of Westvllie Fla.
fOkbihoma Press Kervlcel
Coffeyvllle Kas.. June 19. The
battle between a train crow and rob-
bers at Brngga jestprday resulting
in the death of Constable Kirk Is
not thought to have been heldup by
trainmen arriving here late last
nieht. The train was running in two
factions and three holmes put ofl
the first train boarded the second
near Bragga. Tfte men carried a
satchel and were evidently veggmen.
The Initio ensued when officers at-
tempted I heir arrest.
It is reported in rail'oad circles
'hat the Rock Island and Frisco roads
have agreed to merge their lines in
his stale and that it. w for thai
reason he roads did not oppose the
order of the Corporation commission
declaring the two roads one system.
It Is also reported f-oni a g')d
-ourcr- that the two railroads will take
advent a?e of t;ena'e Bill No. 288
nassed by the last legislature which
is a hnv of peculiar benefit to the
railroads opera! ins la the state
mcrRO tl:"Ir lines and take out a char-
ter n domestic corporal ion if the
attorney general will consent. The al-
' omey gene-al claims I hat this can
pot be legally done under the slate
constitution. Under the law the rail-
roads may loni08t ica'fi by paying
cinrler Ice only upon Hie part of I he
capital stock of the company which
is involved !n its Oklahoma invest-
ments. Formerly the road would be
required to piy one- euth of one per
cent of its total capllal stock to take
out a domestic charter.
'f Oklahoma Press Service.)
Oklahomt City Okla. June 13. Be-
gardless of 11. C. IMrshall's state-
ment on his il "nth bed that. Officer
Beagon did not whoot him suspecting
him to be a burglar fleeing from ar
rest 'but tha he was shot by high-
wayman S. C. Pnrsh -'.l father of the
dead man of Ridgewaj Penna. ar-
rived tlii- morning intimating he
fore I'ar.dia'l died Thursday he sought
to exoneride the officer. The Inquest
will he held this afternoon.
Nearly Every County to Hold
Einill o! Fairri Products
Next Fall
The Farmers' institutes have all
been -held on tCio east side. There
remain Harper Texas and Cimarron
counties on the west side. They will
be covered the first week in July.
The attendance and Interest have
exceeded expectations. Two-day in-
stitutes were held on the West side
where the average attendance per
county was 233. On the Fast sids
only cne-day institutes were held
and the average attendance was 106.
The average for all counties f t:he
state was 171. Kay county leads in
attendance with 10-10 being closely
followed by Major Alfalfa and Grady
counties. Of the counties where one-
day meetings were held Rogers
county leads with 545.
The Interest shown on the Bast
side has-been especially gra.tlf.ying.
Many counties had never held an in-
stitute; the meetings were only for
one day and in the busiest season
of tlhe year. It is surprising that
under such conditions the average
attendance reached 10(i. Tn four
counties on this side district court
adjourned for the institute. I.i some
places the business houses closed
for an. hour. Frequently brass bands
were in allendance and free din-
ners were furnished to all. It may
be said that good seed and good
tillage were emphasized at all in-
stitutes. Dairying wao als0 given
considerable attention.
Since the new institute law became
operative the Institutes are organiz-
ing to secure a large paidnp mem-
bership. Keany every county is to
-hold an exhibit of farm products
next fall. Liberal premiums will he
offered. Kay county reports over
$1000 for premiums. Jefferson county
has about f'M. Other counties have
larire Rums. Especially valuable
premiums will be offered for exhib'
its by boys and girls. In some in-
stances e premium will he offered
for the best half mile of road in the
county. Several en-unties are ore.
paring to send larec county exhibits
to the slate air at Oklahoma HI v.
From I here these county exhibits
will. be taken to Guthrie and placed
In H'' rooms of the board of agricul-
ture. Kvery cnuntv Is now organized
-md in fried working" condition. Spe-
cial Institutes will be held nt. the
various towns in each count v during
.fnly and Aneusl find a creator in-
terert fifnised K.r the fall moot in?
atu5 exhibit.
Bound Over for Trial
F. Keliebv a w-iilnaner hanger who
was arrested at Kuid Thursday on the
el Hrire of disposing of properly rnort-
gnge'i' to Guthrie merchants was
bound over to the Superior court by
Justice toward vosteHay nflernoon
in the Ktim of fWh He was unable
to eH'e bond and is now in the coun-
ty jiil.
Special to the Daily Leader.
Wagoner Okla. June 19 "Black
Hand" letters proved too much for
the "Boy Kvangeiist" Rev. L. L
Saunders widely known In Oklaho
ma and Texas. Rev. Saunders who
is just 21 years old bis presented
his resignation as pastor of the First
P.ap.'.ist. church." Ii. is likely that the
trustees will refuse to accept It.
For several weeks the young past-
or lias been receiving letters threat-
etiii:g his life If he kept up his cru
sade against law vioi! trs. In fcis
sermons the preacher made
remarks about the laxity of
poi nted
law en-
Bey Saunders was recently mar-
ried to a Wagoner girl. He hag just
returned from bis honeymoon.
The Ft:;te boird of cpiallzatlon in
session tri'av Is filing the valuition
on railroad prone-fv. At this morn-
ine's fcetsion the Valuation lof th
o. . fi.. I
cent over last year's assessment. Side-
track'! hidldimrs and other proper' y
ar? io be valued this sf'ornoon.
Charles were issued from the of
fice of i he secretary of state today as
Oklahoma City Junction Kulway
company wi h $ I M''0 capital stork.
The company proposed to build a line
from a point on the M. K. and T. raii-
load in Oklahoma county to a point
eonneetou with the Rock Island lino
also in OkDhoiia county. The esti-
mated length of 'he proposed line is
ten miles. The estimated cost of
construction of the road Is $inum)().
The iiieot porat jrs are: T. F.. Wilson.
O. .Mac Fi ilane and K. F. Bishee. of
Chicago; D T Flynn and C. B. Ames
of Oklahoma City.
Farmers State Building com piny
of Bris :iw. with $l2ruo capital stock.
The directors are: Frank Barnes It
O. Sheet and W.. L.i Cheatham all
of Bristow.
The Immaculate Conception Cath-
olic chuidi of Pawliuska with ine
following trus'ees: Fdvvard Fred. J.
M. Buckley O. M. Bury J. L. Bury
and John P. Lynn ail of Pawhuska.
The Western Auto company of Ok-
lahoma City with $1004X1 capital
stock. The directors are: O J. Watson
11. A. Peuefidd and K. W. Oldfield.
of Oklihonia City. T. R Thompson
of Pawnee T. M. 1'lllis of Shuwnee
The Ooodner-Malone company of
Muskogee with $50nno carital slo'k.
Tlo dlree'ors are: Tom Hale W. A.
Goodner B. G. Malone J. J. Poole and
Hugh Halscll all of Muskogee.
The Springer Oil and Gas company
of Ardmore with 85000 eapital slock.
The directors rue: Harold Wallace
and J. (otner of Ardmore and Kben
F. Biown of Springer.
The Partlesville Sash and Door
compiiny file I amended articles of In-
corporation changing the capital stock
r.f tile company from $100(10 to $;!0-
CO0. Honors Requisitions
G 'error Haskell late last evening
honored requisitions of the governor
of Arkansas for the return to Pula-
ski couiry Arkansas of J. S. Lyons
and Ira Lyons w-rn'ed on the charge
of embezzling. The parties are under
arrest at. Chickasha.
Frederick Okla. June 19. A. P.
Hughes of Piano Tex. was in the city
looking over the ground with Iho view
of putting in an alfalfa mill.
Special to Daily Leader.
Washington Juiuj. j3.A fall raw-
boned Westerner1 VaiKcd tip to the
front door of the executive mansion
todny and demanded admission. His
actions attracted the attention of
the police and ho was arrested.
When laken to I he First Precinct
station and searched a big Colt's re-
volver and a belt filled with 4 leal-
ibre steel bullets were found In his
possession. The man said he was
Col. James Slrickling of Roseberry
"I don't intend to divulge my bus-
iness" Hie said. "1 came here to see
the president that I might talk over
matters with him. I shall go back to
the While House when I Ret out of
this station house ami wait for Mr.
Taft to return. I am here for a pur-
pose and Unit's all f 'mean to say".
The board of agriculture !''te last
evening awarded eouiirae's for the
construction of the hu.'ldlngs lor the
Warner and Tishomingo secondary
.iKriculintii! schools to the McKec
Const met ;on company of Muskogee Mi'tmittod the lowest ami best
bid. Tiie board received bids from
fifteen different concerns most ot
which are located in the stte. The
majority of the bids exceded Hie $20-
O f) appropria' ion for the buildings
The contract price for the Warner
f-ehool is ? 18624 and for the Tisho-
mingo school $lij72Si-
The buildings are U be built ot
pressed brick with white stone facings
and are to he two stories in height
besides "he basement.
The dimensions of She buildings
are o be Sis 31 feet. The contracts
evil for ;bc v.'ork to commence at once
and for the buildings i be completed
and ready for occupancy by October
(By Associated Press)
Nf York June 19. William tH.
Leon the i'lilnainan in whose room
Klrle Sigel was found strangled to
dealt;'' and the body crowded Into a
trunk was still uiifouml today and
it Is reported he t'xik a steamer for
the Isthmus of Panama list' Friday
Paul Sigel. Klsie's father still re
fuses to Identify the body ns that of
bis daughter white the moilter of
the srlrl has declared i.hat articles of
iewelry found In t-e doiii with the
be'v htdonged to her daughter.
That Leon had other correspond
ents than Miss Sigel was learned
tod'iy when fifteen hundred letters
mainly from various white women in
New;. or.k and other ci.ti!. . were
0 M. a- -t . y - A )"l (i urn " k. .In
we'ri' -a ' 4iiiv)i'r signed "Fisie;".. ..''
which some tf:e police ay" were
love kiiors.
Claims "Trust" Has Robbed
Public and Ruined Woold-
Be Competitors
i!e . Viii'iC June 19. "Whenever
the Government really wants to bring
the criminal rich who are managing
those conspiracies Unit are notorious
ly violating the criminal law within
(he penalties of (hat law It will not
be diflicuL. There never has been an
honest ir-telllgent effort to enforce
the ample provisions of the law
pgf.inst any of the monster monopolies
Some how or otner it looks as If the
power of tlu-se men Is -to much for
the Government."
The foregoing sums up In brief th't
gist of a slatemeiit issued in Now
Vork by Samuel Untorinyer who whs
counsel for Adolph Segal of Philadel-
phia builder of the Pennsylvania Su-
gar refinery which has just forced
a settlement from the American Su
gar Refining company or the "trust1
in the Federal courts. The statement
was Issued before Mr. Untemyer do
par'ed fot Europe and wis In a way
answer to inquiries as In illicit his
client Mr. Segal intended to press
the prosecution of the sugar trust
on tile bi:sls that the roeent settle
men was a practical r.idmissiou of
"What woul-l be the use?" said the
lawyer. "The sugir company hp.s been
i nt lawbreaker ever since its
birth. Us activities in Congress have
bren one or the scandals ot the conn
try for many years. It has robbed
the public and ruined its would be
competiiois. But it Is no worse than
many others in Its criminal methods
and not unite so bid as some. This
suddenly aroused virtuous abhorrence
of its methods in amusing it aeel
dentally happens at the moment to be
the scapegoat but as the Government
has awai cd until alter the priiieomi
offenders .are dead if does not much
AssiHlaut; Labor Commissioner Ash
ley reports that lie has had some lit
tie troubl'- with the Hill const met Ion
company nt Sapulpa InTogaid io work
ing Us iron ten hours a day Instead
of eight hours as provided lltldej. tie
eight hour law. lie state; however
that 'the mtit'er lur. been Hdjnsle by
I lie company's attorneys and that com
menclng with Monday the nien will
work eight hours. The Hill company
r. the co'iu'oct for putting In three
irnle of paving at Sapulpa
The state boird of agriculture at
its meeting here yesterday -nil horizon"
the registrar of the A. and M. college
to advertise tor bids on 4 on tons ol
coal for next year's nrhool. supply.
The but.frf niso authorized Seeretury
Barrett to leinsure the engines Kiel
boilers of the A. fnd M. college upon
W'lileh $2'lti'i0 worth of i;)siira?t-e ex
pires on July 1st. p. Is n'afed that If
the auditor refuses to O. K. the vouch
cr for this in.iuriuee thai a test case
will be mado and carried to the Su
preme lourt. The stale board of
agrlctillu'e claims to be differently
situated than 'he other s'ate boards
f-liil in i rr that part of their duties as
defined under the constitution Is to
exercise full and complete control
over the s!ate A. and I college. The
hoard of public affairs has not is yet
attempted to Like control of the pur-
chasing powers of the board and no
conflict now einU le''Woen the twd
The board also appointed J. H. Con
nell and Fivers White a "committee to
examine teachers who have made op
plications for positions on the A. and
M. faculty.
(By Associated Press)
Xenia Ohio Juno 19. President Ixjvey of the lioslnn Nation-
al league baftf'oall club died on a
vllje. i1--.XnTft4 ''"ijiflt ''l-9lay of hem-fft'-tt
'"' Hie luriKU. ' He wan on
way to Cincinnati unaccompanied.
1 1
The stjsje ie:;t book commission ni-d
this nioruiiig in tlie governor's office
and iteai "d seven! appliciinia who
suluiil ts-vt iudUidual text books. mai
and other app.fratus to he adopte by
the coiinuis-m for use in the public
schools in ad 'ition to lite text books
"I ready 'n use. Two subcommittees
were appointed to investigate the mer-
its of the books and apparatus pre-
sented and to report if Uiey were
needed in the schtxds. The com mi. i-
sion will meet itgain at 3 o'clock this
afternoon to hear the report o the
commit'ees. . Among the books pre-
sented today wu one on "Practical
Fnglish.' by Pmf. a. C. Scott teachei
of Engiisli In the Epwoilii university.
Si ate Librarian S. O. Daws who was
placed in charge of the proposed usury
bill to bi ini'iuted by the People's In
ttu.the ..tnl Referendum league wss
that noth'ng will be doe with that
measure lust at this time but. that
the i'li.ioii will be gotten out before
the candidates for office ltegiu to
manifest theinsidves next year The
circulators of the petition wli'i then
I resent one to every candidate who
puts in an appearance. If he Is tin
willing to sign he will then bo told
that his 0iHinen!s will be given a
chance tc. do so ami in most cases ii
Is believed that candidates will come
through quite readily with their sup
J. A. McLauchlln president of the
Central Mate Normal school is here
today conferring with t-'Ut" Wi.peiin
U ndent K II.' Cameron. He report
there sue over 700 -teachers ami o ber.
tit.tendlng Hie summer normal at Ml
moinl aside from those enrolled In
the model depart meat v'th which Un
'o al enrollment is f?:M.
New Orleans June Twnlght
ami Sunday generally fair.
(Vly Asnoclated Press)
San Francisco June 19.--Conclud
ing the urcalest issue In Iho historj
of San Francisco the graft scandal
case of Pairlck Citihotiti niillionttin
president of the United Railways
charged with bribery was given i
the jury al. noon today after six
monthii' trittl.
(Hy Associated Press.)
W'ati'ilnglon I). C. June lfl Sc-na'or
Hai b y bpeking for lilmself arid inon
of the pemocrats and Rcpublieau in
'onie tax advocates announced at He
opening of the Senate session tod'iy
that he would consent to postpone tie
disposal of the income tax ciuestioc
until after the iariff sclo-duli-H wen-
tlsitoseil of.
Nowata. Okla. June 1.3. Tin-
fouihbountl Iron Mmi'dalu local
freight was stopped hero by lleputy
Sherll'fs Klley and Clifford. The of-
ficers had an order of execution
from the county court which way Is
sued month mgalust the railroad
company. The (rouble grew- from an
old suit which Is well remembered
by many people In tlds setcion. Some
time In October 1!I07 two boys Tom
McCuistloii mid brother -were put oil
a. passenger train just IhU ri-ie of
Watovn the conductor claiming the
boys did not. have tickets The bins
said thev hud tickets and lUid given
theiil to Hie ismdueior and be had
failed to give then) jjips. Suit W.1:'
ehieied aiiJilP.t h.? railroad corn
pnn.r by one fit th" boys Htid he re
eeived $IeO. The other so entered
suit and was awarded ' damage-
Tim rallrond company sefth-d tie'
flr.i-t claim but tailed to p:iv li.he sec-
ond. The fourth of this month Judge
Van Leuveii issued an order of exc-
cii.tiuu with the above results.
The (rain was debued only twenty
minutes but might have been longer
If W. A. Chase the railroad's attor
ney had not promised to pay
(Oklahoma Press Service)
Hugo Okla.. June "JO That Will
Hendrix the Choctaw who broke
.tali at Paris. Texas Thursday
rooming passed through I'' is county
securely gu;i''(leit ny menus is me
belief of the aumorll ies who recov-
ered the stolen horse on which he
escaped from Paris at Iioggy bend
on Red river yesterday.
Heelrl-r wnw a trust v under life
sentence for mt;rderl"fC his father-in-law.
Any attempt to rocaplor him
will be met by vigoro'u resistujsco
111 LI b H i
i IflPOOf!
ParteBtaij Inquiry Setms la
life Dp Against
a m
Lom'ioa June i;
i. SoclalL menu
lesenttng Jitrrow.
of f aill t f
up agntii.-i
";v;iU o:
Mr. C'.srran iuten-'ed
f 0 ipiefli Ini
home B- eretary in the house ;f
t O s -
tnoiis a to whet lief
find Thomas vvc- ius
llticjj lei;;ii!v jr
keeping from publication
money tt'ken at un inouos
the test'-
i. ittlO lili
teat h of Mrs. Ruiz.
"In the attempt to put this quc&iatt
( encountered unexpected dillleuli!""
Mr. Curran snid hist night. " i'n-;
lerks of -the house Inrew obs'acfos
'ii my way. They told me 1 bad no
Ight In put the iiuestton to the Itonte
ecrelary bectiuse a coroner is A judl-
ial office owing no obedience to Uit.
ionic seereisry
"All l cm do in to rk fho homt"
iccretary to introduce an amendment:
o Hie present law (which will rnak".
oronei's HiihofrMiuiie to the home cf-
ice Such a law . would prevent a-
torouer from ttmoUieriiiR any proceea-
ugs In hit court a:-! was do.i.u tn tho
Uia inipiest. '
"If I am prevented i."siiti veniii.u-
ing (Jiis M-amlal tit the moment" Mr
'hi fraii concluded "i will hid" my
line and rnlse the ijuoviiIom ngnin. be-
'ore this session of pariiaiiie.-r? '.emit?
The opportunity will come during We
vide disetissiou which will follow' my
piestioits of the home Heei-eutry."
in t nt i i i u i
vcior;; ;.re mMnz trmasccsci-.'s iz .
nn 1 f
ante lotnorrow iietweiui (no ?3ii!
tatlroaders tint ihi- snaio?s. f !! train will be run ovr !se Derive?
'inid and (iulf leaiK En! I. ttunut row
nortiiio; nt 3 o'clock wlthi Mi; cntiius-
tstlc fans wild ilil o'ttrei the
lly In an Bt'euid In win lkr gan:s.
'Sl.'its' Willis who hn-i woiR :m?ri
tames than -guy other pitcher en th-s
'oca! staff this et:ii. wii! h" it thr
'ox Kttd Cllflon will tie belli mi if 'eft
';M. The Uallroiidtr wili ti '..- tWr
giant bn'iery Ashley In Mk box anr?.
llen as back stop. Tim . SetiaittrR
have won the h ' three Bu?iity
tames p;yed ;:f. home umi ;?re !is
;ood Khape t. give the Jutili e -fieri &
rimming tontorrow. The suuie wlU
'to c'llled at :t o'clock A t;'K)d wit
o-kI Is ginnaiiteed v the''KC-
uient ;iit!' :i reguipr ;e;:i;K-- trupir
AIM lffic.i.ite.
Tuniorrow'.i same wllj be life i;;s;
obi yed at home uriti! Thursday wh-':
lopliu and fit li.bitt g coEne j..;p sis;
until nfer -Ph of July.
Oklahoma frcss RtvIc
OkLOioiiia City Cfela. June $
Pa-'ing frr'-st for vlofatltnj .Mayo;
Scales' fir 'er pndiibi'in. street galk
erings in -two doivntown block;; ui
lliondAay ('atriiin liniiry Atkins in
thaigf' W the foivrJkm enny torceu
heie d"i-!a'" he will continue th
meiJiug- Fo!loviu;; the or-ir yt;-
tcrloy afternoon arm)" workers vrr
driven front the street Ins ntglit
mid wari.ed of ainv
"if the aitthoritie; arrt.-t me pni
my n;:isiaiits. J wl'l brin: other:
herein Miiit tc 1 1 si 1 1 limb-rs to buiknipl
the ci'y and county feeiting oh in jiil''
esiicr's A'Kiit:-;. '"-Ve vli; submit to no
chtic1 against r Hjjluus ineM ices on
puooi; hmiv ii . .
Ttie iT!?-.-"or' or !er wan prompter!
coubtrue'lot. Eiterii:.! iti tbo sir-.-cts..

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