Elk City News-Democrat (Elk City, Okla.), Vol. 19, No. 23, Ed. 1 Thursday, October 6, 1921 Page: 1 of 8

ELK cit5:new^democrat
The boosters from Clinton will be
in Elk City tonight (Thursday).
They will be met in Canute by a
committee from the Chamber of
Commerce and escorted to our city.
A great Campaign for the beauti-
fying of the homes of Beckham „11U
County, both town and country, has ; program" wUl“be giVen‘in"the
been launched and next Sunday, street after which the visitors will
October 9th, has been set apart as have supper. The Chamber of Com-
the day on which the campaign will merce have arranged for the boosters
Is your home and surroundings as
pretty as they can be made? If so
we need your aid; if not read our
plan for beautifying and let us help
God in His goodness has been most
prodigal in giving Beckham County
a soil and climatic condition highly
favorable to the production of fruit,
flowers and treesv They are ours if
we will claim them. '
We believe the citizens of our
County are appreciative of these
facts but have not yet come to a full
realization of our privileges.
The Great Hand that creates all,
mankind especially, which is the
crowning glory of His handiwork, ex-
pects us to continue the work of
beautifying the little corner in which
we live. The Great Creator has so
wonderfully arranged our conditions
for us and opened such possibilities
to us, we, therefore call on every
possible activity to do every thing in
their power to help us develop a
higher appreciative sense of these
Wonderful blessings.
Plan of Action
Each community shall organize a
local committee to be composed of
five members, two men and three
ladies. This committee shall be sub-
divided as follows:
A Publicity Committee Composed of
One Member
Whose duty it shall be to appoint
some good speaker to make a five
minute talk in each Sunday School
or Church in each community every
Sunday during the campaign and to
otherwise advertise the campaign as
he sees fit.
A Tree Committee Composed of One
Whose auty it shall be to secure
information in regard to securing and
planting trees.
A Flower Committee Composed of
One Member
Whose duty it shall be to secure
information as to securing and plant-
ing flower Seed.
A Shrubbery Committee Composed
of One Member
Whose duty it shall be to. gather
information in regard to securing and
planting shrubbery.
Other information will be given as
the campaign progresses.
Anna Dudley, County Supt.
T. J. Eldredge, County Agt.
Lots! Committees
The following have been appointed
to carry on the campaign in Elk City:
Chairman, R. L Reid.
Chairman Publicity, Mrs. Walter
Chairman Tree Committee, Chas.
Chairman Flower Committee, Mrs.
W. H. Hewlett.
Chairman Shrubbery Committee,
Mrs. W. 0. Gibbs.
to attend the picture show at 7:00
o’clock and at 8:30 a reception will
be given at the Elk’s Club Rooms.
The Clinton Chamber of Commerce
have notified us that tile boosters will
have souvenirs of all kinds for the
children and grown-ujo, loo. so let’s
give them a royal reception. They
will arive here about 5:30 p. m.
Miss Laura Burk; and Jesse J.
Ellis of this city were marired at
Sayre at 3:30 p. m., Sunday October
2nd. They were accompanied by the
bride’s father, Chas. W. Burks, he;
aunt, Mrs. Ila Glasgow of Cherry-
ville, Kansas, and Mr. and Mrs.
Clarence Hubbard. Other relatives
at Sayre joined the party and went
to the parsonage of the Christian
Church, where the pastor performed
the marriage ceremony.
After congratulations the party
drove back to Elk City and with re-
latives were given a reception at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard. The
house was beautifully decorated, the
color scheme being pink and white.
Two cupids were placed in the center
of the table, the letter being decor-
ated as also the pretty wedding cake,
in pink and white. The electric lights
W. W. Blackburn sent pictures of
the crowd during the Beckham
County Fair this year to I. L. Hoover
and received the following reply
which, we are sure, his many friends
will be glad to read:
Gardena, Calif., 9-30, 1921
Friepd Walter:—
Received the pictures and thank
you for so kindly remembering us
They look like you had a real Fair
grounds and the right kind of crowds.
I would guess it at 7,000 paid tickets.
That looks pretty big, but also looks
like some crowd. Am truly glad the
Fair is doing so well. I still dream
about that old Fair and if there were
any spiritualists in attendance, they
probably saw me floating around the
grounds during Fair week. I hope
to be there in person, “properly
clothed and in my right mind.’’ some
day. 1
We had a great visit with the
Ho^ks, and Rube King and family
called on us. but none of them stayed
long enough. Would like very much
to meet all the old timers.
Having the first rain today since
last May; last five days been very
warm, around 95. Again thanking
you for the pictures and wishing you
and “it” continued success, with
kindest regards to all,
I am respectfully,
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Hock left
Wednesday for Kansas, where they
will lease a farm for the coming year,
They hope to locate not more than
fifty miles from Kansas City.
Mr. and Mrs. Hock have lived in
Elk City for many years and have a
host of friends who regret to have
them leave here. They are already
promised a number of visits by Elk
City people next summer. The News-
Democrat will be a visitor at their
home each week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hewlett and
daughter Elizabeth, Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Blackburn and Mr. and Mrs.
W O. Hock were entertained at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Woodman
Monday evening. The evening was
spent in playing games and recalling
pleasant memories of the past.
Messrs. Hewlett, Woodman, Hock
and Blackburn have worked together
in the Beckham County Fair for a
number of years and Mr. Hock will
be particularly missed during the
Fair. At a late hour delicious re-
freshments .were served by the
hostess. •
•The Beckham County Chapter of
the American Red Cross was offici-
ally closed on Friday, September
30th, 1921, after a period of two
years and ten months work. The
County Chapter was organized De-
cember 1st, 1918, by the consolida-
tion of the Elk City Chapter and the
Sayre chapter and their respective
At the time of the organization
the following officers were elected
and have served continuously until
the “demobilization order” came:
_________ _ Chairman, Mrs. W. Ben Turner,
gave forth beautiful soft light thro'Sayre; Vice-Chairman, Mrs. E. A.
its pink and white covering. Forty-. Lewis, Erick; Secretary. Mrs. E. E.
three were present to enjoy the re- Wall. Sayre; Treasurer, Mrs. W. E.
freshments and spend a very delight- " ......
ful time.
The bride is a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Chas. Burks and has lived in
Elk City the most of her life, where
she has grown to young womanhood,
and by her sweot, modest ways has
made many friends.
The groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs.
S. F. Ellis and is a most worthy man
and we bespeak for the happy couple
a happy wedded life.
They have gone to housekeeping
in rooms with Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard
on Broadway.
The News-Democrat wishes to join
the many friends in extending con-
O. N. Choate, S. Patty, A T. Lin-
ville, John Creswcll, Mrs. J. W. Lewis,
S. J. Caughrcn, L. D Brunk, Wta.
brancia, W. C. Mitchell, W. P. Gra
ham, C. G Glaze, W. F. Baber, Geo.
Gordon, J. Landon Cook, L. D. Young
E. B. Webb, Jack Cummings.
Garlin Wilson, W. S. White, Theo
Lamferman, Mamie Renfro, A. IL
Martin, P. Breniser, Gertrude Mc-
Veigh, W. J. Price, O. L. White, L.
W. Boomer, Claude Skelton, Dr.
Elliott, A. N. Martin, T. J. Harris,
Mrs. Emma Baldwin.
Jorn Martin, O. B. Hay, W. A.
Wright, Earl Nichols, W M. Smalts,
M. Brincgar, J. P. Scctt, J. C. Webb,
S. L. Shore, A. L. Glazner, Isabel
Atwood, Mrs. Sam Williams, Mrs J.
C. Anucrson, A. T. Hutton, J. J.
Lauderdale, R. B. King, C. K. Hap-
good, C. R. Hill.
A. T. Ashley. H. J. Luttrell, W. C.
Cowan, L. B. Ruyle, T. R. Quisen-
berry, Lizzie Foster, Joe Woodman,
Randy Roach.
Lee Peterman, J. R. Thomas, I. L.
Flannagan, A. Smith, T. L. Pearce,
Dave Byler, C P. Whittenberg, John
Roberts, O. T. Golden, E. H. Mc-
Carty, Isom Saflfold, Jessie Jenkins,
Mrs. J. V. Stone, Henry Kothe, Mrs.
A B. Redden, R. C. Jones, E. G.
Davis, Walter Butler.
Mrs. Edna Wood, Emmett Rogers,
W. M. Richardson, J. R. London, J.
S. Sinor, W. W. Wheeler, Grandma
VanVacter, Otto Neal, G. A. Stan-
P. N. Schones, A. J. Wisdom, J.
F. Haynes. E. V. Quattlebaum, T. J.
Jarrell, C. O. Hibbs, W. E. Caughron,
S H. Carter, L. M. Meek, L. W. Keen,
W. C. Cowherd, Edna Boomer, S. E.
Halterman, J. H. Ing, M. F. Gowdy,
J. M. Potter, Julius French, Mrs. R.
Woodman, John O’Harra, W T.
Coleman, C. E. Vaughn, P. H. ‘O’-
Harra. Sam Johnson.
G. W. Mclntirc, E E. Herman,
E. Y. Caylor, J. H. Potter, C. S.
Word, W.-L. Allen, A J. Jones, P. C.
Witt, H. C. Steel, J. T. McCollum,
Chas. Pierce. N. J. Gibbons, John
Schackle, Wm.Grissom, J. I Long,
M. Straughn, C. R. Eiel, C. B.'Yelton,
Maud Palmer, F P. Morey, J. S.
Peitus, B. L. Synder, W. P. Pettus,
Mrs. F. L. Pinkeiton, J W. Cox,
David Joseph, J. H. Chambers, A. S.
Allender, R. B Harper, L. P. Guest,
Ernest Solomon, T. J. McBee, C. E.
Watkins, Harry Mansell, C. W.
Phelp3, John Vandergriff, A. A.
Russell, Win. Zingg, F. F. Byrd, J.
A. Le'vis, W. E. Reed
A. J. Choate, Floyd Fur.k, Mrs.
Lucy Hutton. W L. W:.de, A. J.
Tomlinson, J. F. Lewis, J. J.
Williams, W. V. .Beck, W. F. Jack-
son, J. E. Bowyer, R. L. Martin, R.
E. Scales, Wyley Dunn, W. T. Wat-
son, James T. Jones, S. S. Weatherly,
Grant Boomer, A. B. Martin, W. W.
Turpin, P. C. Culbertson.
R. L. Daugherty, J. C. Hagar,
Frank Hall. S. C Harrison, O. L.
Weatherly, H. W. Hilgenberg, Claude
Hammon, E. C. Smith, Chas. Blake-
more, Mrs. D. W. Coleman, Wm.
Hewitt, M. A. Wells, Mrs. Sallie
Bowen, G. W. Baumwart.
J W. Steflfey, B. B. Turner, C.
Kelly, T. E. Kincaid, Willie Fulwider,
John A. Kincaid, C. A. Wheeler,
Walter Music, D. A. Curtis, Stella
Cloud, L. B. Loftis, W. S. Francis.
C. L. McClendon, J. C. Douglas,
M. Fulmer, C. M. Powell, H. M.
F. Duree, T A.
Kincaid, J. F.
W. Singletary,
W. G. Worth,
P. Hays, Hcr-
Wells, H. C.
Wilcox,, Arch
S. E. Counts, S.
W. M. Christopher,
Irene Blackmore, C.
man Gruter, M. O.
Thompson, C. H.......
Lamm, Rufus Kingore, O. J. Robin-
son, G. J. Lee, J. P. Elliott, Rex
Campbell, W. B. Collins, E. 0. Rag-
land, V. H. Hawkins, W. H. Kerk-
hoff, J. 0. Gretcman, C. G. Finncli,
Mrs. T. C. Lewis, J. J. Perkins, Wm.
Dallas, Frances Fenter, P. W. Skill-
man, Eulalia Hiebert, Carl L. Reid,
Tom Burgess, Mrs. Joe G. Taylor,
.1. B. Barnes, J. M. Miller, Frank
Bright, D. W. Moore, Millard Barn-
hart, J. S. Moad, W. L. Forgey. C. C.
Forgey, Mary Wilson, Dave Bright,
A. J. Armstrong, T. D. Boren, R. D.
Burrows, J. M. Stratton, J. R. Gat-
ten, Mrs. N. A. McMurtry, W. H.
Stanka, A. L. Finch, G. W. W. Bris-
coe, E. F. Wilson, G. C. Perkins, A.
O. Cain, Ralph Jones, Mrs. S. M.
Riggs, W. H. Pankey, Walter Libby,
C. J. Rhoton, Wm. Jencks.
J. A. Goodwin, Nelson Cox, M. L.
Davis, Agnes Long, J. R. Reed, L. M.
Stout, E. A. Tindell, Geo. Clifnor,
Mrs. R. J. Hammon, C. R. Baker, W.
S. Grimes, Mrs. J. R. Bell, Bert
Pinkerton, Frank Marshall, Ed
Ralph, H. B. Walker, Labiddy Kin-
ney, Bernard Greteman, Clabe
Thompson; H. M. Murray.
W. D Stafford, Mrs. A. C. Arm-
strong, W. R. Mansell, Tom Smith,
W. R. Bartz, Hullum Turbyfill, W.
L. Miller, T. L. Finch, Mrs. A. G.
Moad, Bob Linebarger, Mrs. Lida
Smith, Mrs. R. L. Adams. J. H. Lewis,
W. B. Hibler, G. W. Hester, L. F.
Fitzwater, J. W. Clements, F. L.
Caster, Paul Baldwin, Ruth Ann
V. P McClain, G. P. McClendon,
Mrs. Lou Webb, Eddie Goehring,
Mrs. D. W. Blocker. Velma Wolfe,
L. W. Hicks, J. T. Maynard, W. C.
Caffee, W. A. Robinson, J. A. Evans,
C. P. Culp, J. H. Sandusky.
Cora Millington, George Rollers,
C. L. Burch, Mrs. J. C. McElyea,
Walter Wann, G. W. Garrison, Z. T.
Holloway, G. W. Pierce. Mary
Mackey, D. E. Hartman, Jack M.
Wall, B. C. Johnson, Lewis Robinson,
Rita Marical.
J. N. Cannon, E. M. Hutchinson,
Nellie M. Lusk. H. P. George, Mrs.
A. M. Neece, P. H. Hammond, T.
Cline L;.n, J. F. Merritt. Seth Lacy,
M. L. Williams. Roy Leverett. C. M.
Briscoe. Roxie Crisp, Mrs. E. F. Ende
L. D. Pinkerton
Ed Pior, P. A. Lee, Hermesmeyer
Bros., J. L. Kincaid. Mrs. Sebe
Deep sorrow was manifested by
our people Tuesday when word was
received of the death of Mrs. D. A.
Mayer at the home of her daughter,
Mrs. C A. Ellis (nee Martha Helen
Mayor) at Tekamah, Neb., after an
illness of several months.
While her health was poorly when
she was here several months ago, it
was thought a visit to her children
and old friends would be of benefit
to her. While in Missouri visiting
relatives she was stricken with paraly
sis, and while at times it was thought
she would recover, it was only tem-
porary and for some time her friends
have been very anxious about her.
The body was taken to Sturgeon,
Mo., her old home, and funeral ser-
vices were held today.
Mr. Mayer was formerly editor of
the News-Democrat. The family lived
here many years aiid have a host of
friends here who offer deepest sym-
pathy in this sad hour.
We trust some one will furnish us
an obituary for next week.
The safe at the Herring & Young
store at Foss, was blown open with
nitroglycerine Monday night, and
$300.00 in cash taken. 0. H. Young,
with the sheriff of Washita county,
investigated the robbery Tuesday,
but no clues were found.
The robbers probably entered
through the back window of the
ware-room. Nothing was disturbed
except the safe and it was the opinion
of Mr. Young that the robbers were
experienced in safe-blowing.
The directors of the Custer County
Fair at Clinton, announce their Fair
for October 12. 13, 14, and 15. They
have arranged as plendid program,
including Foot Ball Game, Auto
Polo, Fire Works and pavement
dance. See their ad elsewhere in this
Thomas, H. H. Potter, Mrs F. A.
Vanlandingham, Mrs. Martha Wade,
Mrs. Alta Watson, Dr. J. W. Lewis,
Mrs. Lena Virden, H. C. Samples,
S. W. Swenson.
L. J. Stevenson, G. D. Edgar,
Conger Dennis, J. W. Dennis. Jno.
Vandorgriff, Mrs. J. J. McClanahan,
Mrs. R. E. Randle, Frank Ragain, C.
L. DeWeese, Mrs. Eliza Pebley, H.
F. Young, J. M. Whitaker, Mrs. R.
C. Mitchell, Mrs. H. C. Hess.
Elmer Scott, Ernest Wilson, Vert
Hunter. J. A. Gordon, Olin Bell, H.
M. Knutson, Mrs. Helen Fix. A. L.
Cotton, W H. Springer. E. Bussey.
Rev. Hamilton, of the First Baptist
church, was very busy last week,
helping to put on that siding on the
tabernacle so that he said he did not
read all the adg in the News-Demo-
Tiadal Bros., purchased two Duroc
gilts while at the State Fair, which
they purchased from J. W. Brooks &
Sons of Blythedale, Mo. One is
Vivian 1092558 and tha other is
crat until Monday morning. He saw Honoy Blossom 1009978. The sire is
anmAthinm flion in Qaln” fJinnf. Sonant-inn hv Hppaf Orinn San.
The Musical Cotoedy “Dardanclla”
has been described as Jim-Jam-Jem,
and those who saw it Saturday night
conceded it to be an unusually good
musical comedy. The costumes were
gorgeous, especially the one worn by
“Dardanella”. Wm. Gross was the
hit of the evening in his characteriza-
tion of “Josiah Pettibone.’’
When asked how he liked “Darda-
nella”. Sam Brown said: “That male
quartet was great.”
Mrs. R. B. Francis left Saturday
for Randalett, where Bhe will visit
her sister and also go to Wichita
Falls, Texas, to visit her brother be-
fore returning home'
An incorporated Training School
for nurses wants twelve girls to enter
'Training at once. 9-2 9tf
Simmons, Sayre. The followini
members of the Executive Board
from Elk City have served the full
time: Mmes. R. N. Linville, Wm.
Francis. R. L. Reid, and John For-
syth. Other members of the Board
during the time have been: J. C. Mc-
Kenzie of Carter; Mrs. J. T. Cronin
of Texola; Mrs. C. J. Schmelzer and
Mrs. E. A. Lewis of Erick, who have
served during the entire time: Mrs.
W. T. Bingham. Erick; Mrs. H. K.
Speed, Sayre; Mmes. J A. Maberry,
G. R. Martin. W. D. Brockman, J.
A. Hullum and Rev. Tom Steele of
Sayre; G. W. Puryear of Sweetwater
and Miss Marie Moffett of Sayre.
After the signing the armistice the
active work of production ceased,
and during the past two years, only
the home service work has been car-
ried on in the Chapter. Hundreds of
boys have been assisted in various
ways, and these will undoubtedly
miss the kindly ministrations which
have always been accorded them in
the various Red Cross offices in the
The last official act of the Chapter
Committee was the purchase of three
wheel chairs, accomnanied bv bath
robes ana slippers to'be Disced in the
soldier’s ward at the University Hos-'
pHal at Oklahoma City and the hos-
pital at Sulphur as soon as com-
Mrs. H. W. Conner of the Pixlee
neighborhood, loft Saturday for Kan-
sas City, Kansas, to visit her daugh-
ter living there, and will also visit
her brother and sister and other re-
latives living in Missouri.
something then in the “For Sale”
column he wanted and called up the
party. He found he was way behind
the times, for the article had been
sold two hours after ths paper was
out Thursday evening, and the party
could have sold many more the next
day if he had had them.
Now, if you have anything for sale
try a small “For Sale” ad. It onlj
costs you twenty-five cents a weel
for twenty-f:ve words or less, and
people are always anxiously looking
forward to see what you have for
sale Yes, they look forward to that
column like they do to a continued
Moral—If you want to get a bar-
gain, don’t wait like Rev. Hamilton
to read the News-Democrat ads for
there are thousands of readers and
you know about the “early bird get-
ting the worm."
Mrs. Horstman sold the pop corn
wagons Monday, to J. F. Hasley, who
has taken possession of same. It will
seem strange not to have a Horstman
at the pop corn wagon on the street
and in the Quality Theatre. “Daddy”
Horstman started in this work fifteen
years ago and was ever at his place
of business up to the time of his
death a few months ago. Since his
going away, Mrs. Horstman has been
in charge.
Mrs. Horstman is undecided yet
what she will do, but is expecting in
the future to be with her son, Clar-
ence, who is now in Washington, but
expecting later to settle in some per-
manent place She is now making
her home with her son Charlie and
family, having rented the home place
to Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Wheeler.
Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Crumley drove
to Oklahoma City the first of the
week, he to attend the Grand Lodge
of the I. 0. 0. F. and she to attend
the Rebekah Assembly.
Giant Sensation by Great Orion Sen-
sation by Great Sensation. The dam
is litter mate to Old Pathfinder.'"
We are more than usually inter-
ested in these fine hogs, for Blythe-
dale is in our old ohme county (Har-
rison) in Missouri, and when Aunt
Alice was a young girl her father
published a paper for nearly two
years in that town. We have read
and heard so tpuch about the fine
hogs raised by Brooks & Sons and
feel that our county is to be con-
gratulated in having some of them
brought here-
Victor Beck while at State Fair at
Oklahoma City last week purchased
of L. H. Glover of Kansas City,Mo.,
one boar and one sow, to add to the
herd of-Williams & Bock. Mr. Glover
has the best show herd in America
today, and these hogs will place the
Williams A Beck herd among the best
in this part of the country. And this
shows too that at the next Beckham
County Fair we will have better stock
than ever.
Mrs. Margaret Glancy. died at the
homo of her daughter at Dill, Okla..
Tuesday, October 3rd at the age of
eighty years. She was buried at
Canute, Wednesday, October 5th.
The M. E. Aid Society will have a
Food Sale next Saturday at the Bass
Grocery store. Don’t fail to be there
early and secure something for your
Sunday dinner.
All the members of the church are
expected to assist by bringing in ar-
ticles for the market.
E. Morgan of Shawnee, will cem-
mence a revival service at the Church
of God on next Sunday, October 9tk.
Everybody invited.
Phone 97—If you want us to call
for job work.
Elizabeth S. Carver, eldest daugh-
ter of Samuel and Annie Hawkins,
was born in Kingston, England, Oct.
2, 1861. At the age of 10 years she
came to America with her parents,
making their home at Mitchellville,
Iowa, where she grew to woman-
hood and taught in the public schools
for several years.
She was united in marriage to
Theodore Carver1, December 28th,
1887 in Carrqll county, Iowa and
later moved to Canute, Oklahoma.
During her early married life she
expressed her allegiance to her
Savior, became a member of the First
Cnristian church and remained a
loyal consistent member the remain-
der of her life. She possessed
lovable disposition and beautiful
character. To know her was to love
She departed this life October 1,
1921 at her homo near Canute, after
an illness of less than three weeks,
aged 59 years. 11 months and 29
days. Her father and two younger
sisters, Mrs. Rode Mowery and Mrs.
Katie Edmondson preceded her to
the Great Beyond.
Funeral services were held at Ca-
nute by Rev. Martin, Sunday. Octo-
ber 2nd, at 3:00 P. M. The date as
noted would have been the 60th
birthday of the deceased. Rev.
Martin spoke very kind words of
comfort to the bereaved ones, saying
“Mrs. Carver was a consistent
Christian and all Vrho knew her loved
and admired her. She had a large
number of friends and her life had
every been a blessing and uplift to
the community. She always felt an
interest in her neighbors." The
large crowd in attendance at the
funeral attested the great respect in
which she was held by all.
Pall bearers were: Mrs. Sarah
Tunnell, Mrs. Marie Tunnell, Mrs.
Vadc Hawkins. Mrs. John Berger,
Mrs. Lydia Tolbert and Mrs. Walter
Patterson of the local Yeomen.
The floral offerings were beautiful
one piece being a bunch of lovely
flowers, the tender tribute of the
members of the Canute Yeomen
Interment was made at Canute
cemetery. Services at grave being
conducted by Elk City team of The
Brotherhood of American Yeomen,
assisted by members of Canute lodge.
Foreman W. E. Allen delivered a
very impressive address, followed by
prayer by chaplain, Mrs. Alice Black-
burn. Mrs. Carver had been a mem-
ber of Canute order for 13 years
and had been the correspondent for
a number of years, being ever faith-
ful in the discharge of her duties.
She leaves to mourn her loss an
aged mother, four brothers, John
Hawkins of Montica, Calif., Tom
Hawkins, Berea. Nebraska, Fred
Hawkins, Elk City and Albert Haw-
kins. Canute; three sisters, Mrs.
Edith Flemming, Carlisle, Iowa, Mrs.
Annie Vandewater, Orient, Iowa, and
Mrs. Minnie Carver. Hydro, Okla.,
besides a number of other relatives
and a host of friends.
Those coming from a distance to
attend the funeral were; Mrs. Minnie
Carver. Mr. Ira Carver, Mr. and Mrs.
Svlvester and children all of Hydro.
Okla., and Mr. Willis Mowery of
Shattuck, Okla.
Tom Hawkins of Nebraska, Irs
Edmondson of Shattuck, Okla., and
Mrs. Ed Carver of Hydro, had only
shortly returned to their homes.
The members from the Yeomen
lodge of Elk Citv were. Mr. and Mrs.
W. E. Allen, Mr. and Mrs. G. B.
Bagwell. Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Harris,
Mrs. Alice Blackburn. Mr. and Mrs.
Leonard Brunk, and Wm. Hunter.
The next big event for Elk City is
the Annual Session of the South-
western Oklahoma Educational Asso-
ciation which will be here November
3rd, 4th and 6th.
This wiii bring from 800 to 1,000
visitors to our city. We all remember
when they met here several years
ago, and what a pleasure it was to
have this bright array of talent with
us, and the great welcome our city
gave them. We can do more this
year for we have many extra features
to assist in making the meeting a suc-
There is the fine new school build-
ing where the meetings are to be held
How proud our citizens will be to
show these visiting teachers that mag-
nificent building, also many new
buildings that have been erected and
which are ac redit to Elk City, besides
we have a band and manv other
features that will show that Elk City
is one among the best cities in the
state. We want these visitors to get
such a fine impression of Elk City
that they will all want to come to Elk
City to live.
Among the special speakers who
will be here are Dr. Buswell of the
University of Chicago; Mrs. Annis
webb Blanton, State Superintendent
of Texas; Dr. Jewell of the Univer-
sity of Arkansas; Dr. Phelan, of the
Oklahoma University;’Dr. Eskridge
President of the A. & M. College,’
President Burris. State Normal Col-
lege at Weatherford and
The County Superintendents ex-
pected to be present are: S. G.
Thomas of Washita county; Clay
Kerr, Tillman: W. F. Brewer, Chey-
enne, Roeer Mills. Estella Alexander,
Kmwa: H. H. Porter, Jackson; Harry
C Hicks, Hannon; Will C. Jones,
Greer, J. B. Conrad, Dewey; Eliza-
beth Renick, Custer; W. W. Shep-
herd, Cotton; Hazel Johnson Com-
lnanche; D. M. Seism, Caddo; and
Anna Dudley, Beckham.
A meeting of the Executive Board
will be held here tomorrow. This
Board l composed of Supt. E H.
Homberger, President, of Woodward,
A. L. Richards, Vice-President,
Elk City; Prof. T. H. Reynolds, Sec-
retary, Weatherford; and Supt. F A
Balyeat. Treasurer, of Hobart
A special feature of the convention
will be the Community Singing each
day which js something all enjoy sot
much. It will be in charge of Dr.
Jones, Community Singer of Kansas
City, Mo.
ON£v _
out :
Wm »»y take ear*—alway« be wars
With artra tire or two praparal
(An ANG!”—“Give ’em the
fSother barrel brother,” says
■““'a passing automobilist as he
hears your blowout. He may have
an eytra tire but he needs that.
Guard against this sort of an
emergency with extra tires and
blowout patches.
Let Ward’s Auto Doctor
Loor after your cart health
—Tires for comfort
—Tires for Service.
—Tires for Mileage.
•—Tires sold by us.
—Phone 406—
Across from Postoffice
Weet Broadway Phone 406
Milstead Bros, had a good sale last
week, buyers beiag there from
several surrounding counties. They
sojd fifteen head of cattle and
thirty-two head of hogs, all bringing
a good price
Several years ago the Milsteada
paid $10 for a Poland China sow.
They had sold $400 worth of pigs
from her before the sale and during
the sale sold about $500 worth more,
which they thought was good for the
investment of $10.
Mrs. H. G. Carmichael was the
lucky one drawing the number that
secured the fine pig given away that
The M. E. Church, South served a
nice lunch. All had a good time and
the ladies had a nice sum for their
The Milstead Bros., will have
another sale next year. They are
preparing to build a modern dairy
bam, 28x40 feet.
Bascom Bates brought a couple of
magnificent Nancy Hall sweet pota-
toes to this office yesterday morning,
the weight of both of them being
nine and three-quarter pounds. There
was only three ounces difference in
the weight of the potatoes They
were grown in hi3 garden spot in the
west part of town. Wonder if any
one can beat it?

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