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PlwkyiariM Church.
At tin Pmbytrrian oh arch, brffta-
■lil next Sunday, tharc will be • two
wmks evaageHatio meating. Rr». Ward,
the pee lor, will preach m uenel Sunday
morning at 10:00 o’clock and at 7 JO p-
m. Monday ultbt Bor, E. S Farrand,
__Monday uitbt Re*, E. S Farraad,
ot the Firet Preebyterian church of
Kin*Haber, ia expected to be pmaent
and preach every night of the week ex-
cept Saturday. Her. Farrand ia a very
auooeeaful evaiiKnliat in hi* own churoh
and ia much in drmand elaewhere to
aeeiat in evangel let io effort* We want
you to hear him and enjoy with ua the
meeting*. 8 I. Ward, Paator.
Farmer* Union Meeting.
There will be a meeting of the Blaine
County Farmer*’ Union at the Manonio
Ha'I iu Wa’onga. Friday, November 30.
at 10 o’oionk a. m A prominent
er from headquarter* will deliver an
add re**. Everybody invited to attend.
Additional local newa on fourth page.
No 5804.
Npari if Hit Conditiia if flu
The First National Bank
of Watonga, in the Territory of Okla-
homa at the eloae of buaioeaa,
November IS, 1006.
Loan* and dtoonunU.............,...* M.5S0 75
Overdraft* secured and un*eonred... 1 ,'<40 M
U. 8. Itond* to secure clrcolaUon____ 25, MX I M>
Premium* on U. 8 llonds............. rtillO
Bond*. Mrurltle*. etc......................... 2T.645 TO
Bdatlug house, (arnlture and flxtare* 11.500 00
Dae from National Banks (not reserve
agents)............................ MOft SO
Das From approved reserve agents... 44,024 70
Ohsak t and other cash item*.......... are* 75
Bxouange* for clearing hour*......... 237 Ui
Notes or other National Banks........
Fraction*I paper currency, nickels,
and cent
lawful kloBey'iieservii in Bank.^vta^
ZOO 00
u ss
Redemption (and with 17.8. Treasurer
(k per cent. o( circulation)........
lu^oi oo
1,250 00
Capital stock paid In...
Surplus fund..
.‘UU,;,40 50
______________________ ______* 25.000 00
Surplus fund........................... 5,ooe ui
tTaalvtded pram*. less expenses end
National Sank notes outstanding..... ”
Due to state Hanks and Honkers.. .. J-MJ
o-tsuidiiSJ SS
Total.......................WW.5« 80
Territory of Oklahoma, County of Blaine, ••:
I, Kd. S._ WheelocL,Carter of tho above
la HQ# n. if livuiiniht vmnivt * -
aad belief- Kn. 8, WHkEI.OCK, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
Bd day of November. J9M
Mattou Adau
A. H. KtclTlt,
J. L. Baker departed Monday for old
E. K. Wilaoo departed Tueaday for
New Mexico.
Victor Payne went to liiokford Tues-
day on busioeae.
0.8 WUaoo, of Cleary, waa In the
olty laet Saturday.
Miss Daiay Duooab waa oo the aiok
lint first of the week.
Mr*. A. Shelton wee in Oklahoma
City first of the week.
Prof. C. D. Thextoo waa a visitor iu
Darrow laet Saturday.
Fifty i leolrio lights have juat beeu
put in the cement mill.
Mrs L>. A. Holmes, of Geary, viaited
with Mia* NIL a Saturday.
Mr*. Cronkbite, of Hiteliook, wan a
visitor ia the city Monday.
A. B. Davia ot Geary, waa iu the
city Monday, oo buuineea.
Harry Thompaon went to Oklahoma
City Wednesday evening.
County Clerk Tyler niado a buaioeaa
trip to Oakwood, Tueaday.
A brother of C. II. MoDonald, from
Kiel, visited him tbia week.
J. 11. Oeeslin from aouthweet of Wa-
tonga was in town Tuesday.
S. L. Bender went to Kiogflaher ov-
erland Tueaday on bualneaa.
R. P. Freemen, of Halloa, Kaoaas, is
a viaitor in the oity this week.
The boys enjoyed a turkey shoot Ip
J. 11. WagDer’a pasture Tueaday.
C. C. Conger is arranging to build a
residence in the north part of town.
Mr. and Mra. M. L. Hotchkiss were
visitor* in Oklahoma City over Sunday.
Is R. Strong, who now reside* in Ho-
bart, waa in Watonga first of the week.
J. 11. Jaokson removed Uia newa
stand Tuesday to thu poatoffloo build
A. L. Enoen, of Greenfield, was a
business caller in tbe oity last Satur
Duke Roach, who waa reported crit
ieally ill, i* aomewhat better at thia
Miaa Mabel 8mith spent Thanksgiv-
ing with her ii*t#r,Miaa Mildred Smith,
at Alva.
Read Z. B. Silver’* announcement
made in another comma of The Herald
this week.
F. N. Conklin returned Saturday
from Kansas City where he visited the
past week.
The Whltohuroh Bros, shipped their
stock of oonfectionery Wednecday to
Attorney A. L. MoRili returned Sat-
urday from a buaioeaa tfip to Grand,
Day county. \ , .
"*Wm. Eastham, a former, resident *1
p. B. Christy left Tneaday for
Missouri where he will visit rak-tiv##
tor several days.
A. L Emery. Hal Hotchkiaa and
Bert Strong went to Oklahoma City
first of the week.
Mike McNulty, after e few days visit
with ftf«nds in Dover, returned to Wa-
tonga Wednesday.
Mr. and Mr*. R. D. Fry’* little eon,
who has been eeriouely ill the past lew
days, is ooovaleaoiog.
Mr. and Mra. Ulyde Marts, after e
week’* visit with relatives near Thomaa,
returned boma Monday.
Mrs.,C. W. Bingham received a tele
mm t _____elta /laafn A
nis-.o. " ■ ------- , ,
gram Monday announcing the death or
>er aged mother in Iowa.
Ira Temple, Seymour Foo#", Dr.
Kelly and other# attended oourt at
Enid the first ot tbe week.
County Attorney Lowery departed
Monday evening for Amanlla, Texas,
where he went oo business.
Miaa Daisy Smack left yeaterday
evening for Oklahoma City to spend
Thanksgiving with her eister.
J. B Miller, who haa been olerk at
the Hotel Kleher for some time, left
Tueaday for hi* home In low*.
Mrs. W. 8. Wiehard departed Tuee
day for an extended vieit with relative*
and friends at De* Moioaa, Iowa.
Mr. and Mr*. K. Hurd departed Tues-
day evei iug for Chicago, for a week *
any eve> iug
visit with re'atives and friends.
E. M. Dudley, of Caldwell. Kanaaa,
is in Watonga thia week and contem-
plate# locatiog in our progressive little
O. II. Butler, from near Omega, waa
a business caller in Watonga Tuesday
and made The Herald office a friendly
Mr*. C. W. McRill, who waa called to
Kansas some time ego bv the death of
her father, returned home laet Satur-
day. . .
G M. and Wm. Sturgeon, of Avery,
Lincoln oiunty, nephew# of Mr. and
Mrs, W. H. Peter*, are vielting them
tiiie week.
Mr. and Mrs. Curti* Smith, of Eagle
Uitv, visited the lormer’a parente, Mr.
nod Mra G. C. Smith, of the Hopkins
Hotel, Suuday.
Dr. Sima, Aaaiataot Postmaster Fer-
guson and John Haynee left yeaterday
evening for Oklahoma City to witneaa a
Pill. Jj|N|thU**a, <• —------- —
Wato-hgn, but now of Dewey oouoty,
is in the city.
Bert Whitchurch will assist W. A.
Bundy iu the jewelry store until after
the holidays.
football game.
Rev. Strong departed Tuesday even-
ing for Oklahoma City and from there
will go to Guthrie to lookio upon the
constitutional oouvention*
The Watonga minister# will eat
turkey today, each being remembered
by G. W. Craven, the proprietor of the
Aroade meat market
Mrs W. Walton left Monday for
Fairland. I. T, for a visit with bar
father who is SJ >‘'*TVoldl She
peote to be gone » month.
Rev. Cromwell, who was In the
laat week in the internet of the Knights
knd Ladle* of Security, preaohed at to*
M. E. Church Sunday night.
Saturday. A splendid program has
bean arranged for the oooa»ion.
District Court Clerk II. E. Fee re-
ceived * eurprivj last week in the way
uf a notice to the effect that hie salary
had been increaaed B5 a month.
Thud Rice, delegate to the constitu-
tional convention, ha* beeu appointed
on several important committee#, via:
public Institutions, Legislative and
Union Thankagivlng service# will be
held at the Baptist church today at
11 o’clock. The aermon will be preached
bv Rev. Wharton of the Christian
The inclement weather is interfering
considerably with oottou picking.
About one helf baa been harvested.
The gin shipped out ten oar load*
J. W. Bruton, the civil engineer, ha*
just finished a new up-to-dat# map of
Watonga oity, which ia accurate in ev-
ery particular, and can be purchased
at bis office for $2.00.
Mies Corwin delivered a very Interest
ing end inelruotive leoiu e at the Bap-
tist church Tuesday evening. Her sub-
ject wa* a trip to the Holy Lend. Ex-
cellent muaio eras furnished by the
oboir and mala quartette,
Mr*. A W. Ferrin received a letter
laat Saturday from her husband, who
left recently for hew Mexico, in which
it waa stated that they were snowbound
within two stations of their destination. ■
They expected, however, to get through1
by Sunday.
At a meeting of the new state d«no-
eratio campaign committee, held at
Oklahoma City yeaterday. it was decid-
ed that a primary should be bald on
March 13. for the nomination of all
state officer*. This i* in accordance
with the pledge# of tho party in the re-
cent campaign.
Tha return# from the second oongrea
aional dietriot ehow the democrats won
this distriot by a majority of 4207.
While this may not be a perfect index
of the normal demooratio majority, it ta
not far from the true statu* of a usual
vote and ‘ Affidavit Tom’* should change
hia blackboard to correepood with r#
Thomas Poppelbaun* ha# advertised
all hia live stock and household goods to
be sold at publio auotioo Oeoember 4.
Tom will move to Colorado immediately
after the sale. While w# hop# Torn
will-be satisfied in hi* new home, well
bet six bit* that he will be ooming back
to Blaine ooufity before a year ahall
have passed
lar and hia pries* are right.
Oo aooount of an unexpected rush of
advarliuioff* Til* Herald ia • littla abort
ef "pure reading nteUtr” thia week.
We trust our readers will beer with us
till after the holidays. After then we
will again print more good new* and
advocate eimoo pure demooraoy strong-
er than any other paper io this neck o
tbe woods. Just now w# need the
money and can’t afford to turn down
the advertiser*.
Rev. E. J. Cromwell, district deputy
and territorial organiser for the Knights
end Ladies of Security lodge, was her*
the first of the week and prevented the
band boya with $125.00 to apply oo the
payment of their uniform*. II# i# very
enthusiaatio over the bard here and la
anxious that the boya make % good
showing and if be la given the hearty
oo operation of the boy* and alao the
business men of the town, w# eee oo
reason why Watonga ahould not have a
band that will be a oredit to the town
a* well aa tha lodge.
Miss Bells Medlar*, at to. Itasl.
vtoltad Mis* Then. Thorns last weak.
M. 11. Sebotold *U*aded tha eoavealag Ot the
oouHItaUaual oeav* alias at MutSH*.
Mr*. J. 8. Self sad Mr*. J. J. Walbara an
vl.ltlag (Head* aad retail*** la Pvtarskatg.
a H. Sehoajrsr, a (artasr.. whose Now*. MW*
mile* east of sen, died Friday sight a! heart
Fitly hoiaeteeker* wan hen galurday.evs-
etna earoarn to tawim, win" they will hay
laud la thogoveraatanl paslara.
II l a* bees .aid that II lbs I taught*r* of .Ike
___,,..ul.l unla Orel i'mad Ml
11 »-•• ircww weasu »**w* ■* »"• . * * •fj'rT
runfiidirfto) coaid vote, Ool. Cnn« weiW U
secretary of italt without mi maalag for H.
Wanted, to trade horae for good
butter oow. Inquire at DeaCombea’
New Order on Paata! Card*.
Don't scoff at the souvenir post card
erase. It haa been given the indorse-
ment sod hearty approval of Postmaster
General Uortelyou, and aa a matter of
fact it furnishes tha government with
a moat profitable form of mail matter.
In order to keep the profitable fad from
dying out. the postal aervlos haa Issued
an order providing that all auch cards
may bear written meeeagea on the front,
ths right half of tha oard being reaervec
for tha addrese, sad with 'sufficient
postage they will be transmitted under
post oard rates to foreign countries
after aa abasaas of a
of her brother'a
Bern Wood was
Tuesday an aeooant af
Tha Hhakisyaara OMh Mi iH *►
gular maotiag-----
Tha 1st year algebra ataao Ja
aa arithmatio rsvhtar Uia
■SUIVSII/ »«»• ** •m*vm* w-——-----V
The town I* rapidly laensstag la popuUltau.
There are nut enough bon*** beta Io eupriy
the demand. New ooltagee will hare to be
Tbe family of Edward ArM to sapeetad la
lean-Ibis week. Mr. Aril moved to tbit plea*
_bouta month ago aad to employed at Ik*
Soulher* Eleratar.
J It Miller kae *oM hi* farm dv* mile* east of
her* tor ».r«o.e*. Three year* agu thlr wa* a
dead ladlaa qaartoraad he then, as thsblghast
bidder, gut It fur BW.
There was a little Informal daaeo give* by
oar *uel*ty *et reeeotly al Urn opera buses. It
ws* gotten up lata and was raiser Imprvmpia
but wneoertaluly enjoyed by all prv**st-
Notwlthetandlag tbe bad weather aad the de-
plorable condition of the roads, the stall carrier
on route I ba* aut mt***d a day. It* alw*T*
make* hi* round* and U ueualfy aa aehedata
The democrat* of (leery am arflag Jm
_________________.____I P,
Itoeuel Io make the rece for Railroad aad
ItUVtaci tat tuaaw »nw j
WinhouN t'ommliiloMr. Horn* of Ilia diao*
crut* here say he would be a *aoca**fal
The beautiful home of W. H. Hell was ds
•Iroycd by lire Sunday night, November IT.
There waa nothing saved except the etalhee
icy had on. Mr. Hall will, la the near future,
reel a handsome home on the Mm* location.
The Indian agent at Darlington hat adver-
Itted for tale a good deal of dead ladtaa lead.
It It to be hoped that be will rapidly Mil It all.
It should be owned sad occupied by while Mt-
tier*. This oountry need* more owner* sad
fewer tenant*.
---------- It
avvva tvwsaw,
pinthl ------ J
^rT^T^HKlftiSSt.^ W“‘
ttaltarlag ar
-the Arnpa
ms order goes into effect on March 1,
1907, end the post oard* will be treated
alike iu both the domestic and interna-
tional mail*
The Oklahoma# rocsatlr save a a*
count or Black Uoyota. chief amoag I—-----
“ Indian*. Amoag other beautlftl Mijag*. It
•aid Ooyotte wa* strlotly a prohlMUoaltt. Dome
to think about It. Coyote do#* rjimlad us af a
prohibition 1*1 bscauM ba I* *o dlSSMBt.
We are paltautly walling for Ike*. *'
which wa
Mva. Oriia aad Mra.
ptoasant aallera la tha G
Edgar Phillips enrolled h III th
grade laat weak.
Tha saUra ashool hold • Thsalm
givlog program ia the Obristiaa ahMh
Wednesday afternoon.
Tbankagivlog holiday wU>Ust»W«sB.
Ernest South wink haa tha phyatosl
geography tor this wash.
Who has dared ta my that Oerhasi
likes Linnts.
There has base aa severs Una* ••
ths "Algebrais am" far sees# Mara aai
it is to ba hoped that tha poad ImM
trill soutinua.
Arabia Pis res has bam. ahamt Ola
Every one ia working tor a two werhs <
vsoetion ChrisImas.
Tha "Uttla Pilgrim Maids" et M»
5th grade era hsntUig driitmahsra who
era acqsaiatad with tho Porltoa dfhh :
Master Olaode Tyler la aw mAm
Baowballa are tot aa maqh la nh
deem bow m they worn laat nth
IU queer how girls de kwe "Oamar,**
Isa't lit
Mra. MsOord aad Mrs. Mm wm
The Preiibytofiao |»eog>l# K«ve »<wooM
Tueaday ^veoiojf ut tbe borne of Mr.mod
__n l? M mt wm in Honor of Mr • ADQ
u. tr-.-tu'u aged father
I abil<
during Mr. Ferrin *a ebaenoe
See Z. B. Sliver’s sd on the fourth
page of The Herald this week. Ha sells
none but the beet meats and hi* prioas
are lower than any other meat dealer in
Keith Trisa HU Hand.
A. H. Keith, the Homestead banker,
politician and all around handy man
tor Johnny Flaher, edited the Home-
stead New# during the Illness of "Loat
Manhood” Adame laat weak. To tha
oredit of Keith, w* will my thet b.
euoeedad in Introducing eome willty
— sheet
wedding Which wa. to hnv. tak.a elM. Is to*
Into fall. A* yet tbe wadding belH hav. aol
rang. We are very much afraid that mart
iroaVmu end the beautiful wedding 4r*M I*
wealing 11* *w#eU**» o* tbe derart air.
Oka Peok, after a thi
seam* ia again ta sshooi.
ladle* ere
and i«
to very ----
carried ua.
A young lady who wa# traveiitag from Ueary
to her home ta the eoeetoy *#•**•**[rJ*T. ■"
.uddenlytmowB from her buggy lnto aaJm;
n«BM mad i hoja.__W»w SSSF
Aa I am golaf ta
l hare I
.into the usual o*reworn looking
Remember De#Combe#’ Studio aUll
makes Indian-pillow tops. They make
nice Xraaa pisaenta for emtarn friends
a:rb,rrid biMk »»d hoi:.
tar, *Minlgktwall bare kaea takes far Vasia
* Thera to*a^mupla wkoltve “**
tore —
sad llvl
Tb* attaatioa lira*
to tha attrwtlTa r
BUvar’s whtah -
■m of The 1
Silver believes L
tlmto both to
- -«
t Awakening of Modern Times
Commenced in this oity.
Tin Signs Bead, t30,964.12 Wrtjf HigMJGriits Mirta
^nt them up w,th
_________________ ..u.rvMM.t.nm nnv nnnnf; IJ
34* litC. It’s a picnic for the people to buy goods at me pr.w» • -
to .top your work and bring ths who), family down hers so MISSF.S’ AND CHILDREN’S COATS AND JACKETS,
ruui IUI l%99 UIUIIVJ VILCIIl J vu Viaii aF -------
One lot of Ladies* Long Coats, that just arrived, at $4 98,
that would be considered cheap at a $10.00 bill in any other
store in Oklahoma. We have other lots at $5.48, $6.98, $7.89
and up to $9.98, that are worth about double. It’s a hard shot
for the other fellow BUT IT’S SUNSHINE FOR THE PEO-
PLE AT GUTHRIE’S while this sale is on. You can’t afford
to miss it. Wa captured a whole dray tool of Boys juid Girls
Caps and Tamoshanters, that are worth from 25c to $1.00, and
they were slightly damaged, but we have assorted them up and
are selling them at prices that will interest you :
One lot at:;
One lot
One lot 1»C
One lot 280
You can buy 5 or 6 cape here now for i ibout what you would
have to pay for one cap elsewhere.
tnese pans.
Thousands of other articles too numer-
oua to mention in this advertisement.
this unloading sale will very nearly
have the purchasing power of Two Dol-
lars elsewhere.
I bid you welcome.
to $6.00 which go in thia sale at 59c. Whoever het
like ! There are thousands of bargains here for you.
Overcoats and Clothing don’t cost much while this unload-
ing sale is on. > ;’f(
Notions are almost given away:
Pins, two papers for!i»»ii»''iii'',ilr,"iiil!i!!,!,lli,l!!!":!::!l!i‘1‘ 1® .
Safety Pins, per dos:t’.:»««»»**:*?*‘,,,,"uwmv*:!*'5:isumu,t8!5!
Pearl Buttons, per *•
Pencils* 2 la
Talcum Powder"*>r.::i»'ii!i."ii»«««"!5*,m,i:i!4§
Toilet Soap, per bar’A,-,-,-,A*-!WAV‘“!1||t,>!}ir‘',!n*st>wtWHm>w>l* do
Great Big Tablet, es6hi»iii|i,lll!1"i,,i!1!!!!Kir"!!,u,u!:s;ttttW do

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