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Vol. 14.
No. S2
An Organized Effort by the Business
Men of Sayre Should Be Made at
Once to the End That Her Market
Reputation Be Sustained
be that many consume large
quantities during the hours
covered by darkness, and then
when the meters are read at the
end of the month they make a
kick over the amount which .t
shows they have used.
It begins to look as though
nothing could be accomplished
by calling their attention to con-
ditions, but when a\re breaks
out and they find the city with-
out water with which to suc-
cessfully fight it they will be
able to see the result.
For some years past Sayre has,1 that farmers find Sayre the most
enjoyed the reputation of being|advantageous place in this see-
the best market place for farm | tion of Oklahoma in which to
products in Western Oklahoma, buy their supplies, and last year
as well as of being the best' there were a considerable number
point for the farmer to purchase who, because of the condition of
his fall and winter supply of the roads, hauled their produce
Contractor Will Be Required to Employ
Local Labor
Satuaday afternoon the town-
ship hoard of Bettina township
and city council held a joint meet
ing for the purpose of discussing
matters pertaining to the build
ing of the good road south from
this city across the sand to the
Delhi fiats, recenty voted by.the
township and city.
Everything possible is being
done by those in charge to ex
pedite the preliminary work, to
the end that actual construction
commence at the earliest possi
. ujiiiiiieiice at rne earliest possi-
W. L. laylor, of Delhi, Brought it |n ble nu/ment, and good progress
on Tueiday Last. thus far is reported.
The firs* bale of cotton for the ^he principal feature discuss-
season of 1913 arrived in Sayre ed on Sa,l"'da>’- or at least the
one of the most interest to the
easiest way out of the matter,
Prof. Fisher, superintendent of
the Sayre schools, requests par-
ents and pupils to wait unti
school opens, and to purchase
books only when so ordered by
the teacher. This will avoid
more confusion, and in very
many cases an unnecessary ex-
pense for the parents.
merchandise, the result being
that cotton, broom corn, cattle
and hogs have been shipped out
of this city in quantities that he-
came the envy of competing
market places.
to other markets and then came
bpre to do their trading. This
fall the business men of this city
will look after their individual
interests in that line, and there
is no doubt of their maintaining
" r ‘ 18 01 their maintaining
Realizing the benefits which their reputation in that respect,
Sayre derived from this reputa-1 but conditions could be very
tion, some of the competitive materially improved by a con-
towns have been making strenu- ' ' ”
ous efforts to cut into the terri-
tory formerly held by this city.
During this time Sayre has had
on Tuesday last, being brought
in by W. E. Taylor, of Delhi,
and was ginned that afternoon
at the Williams & Miller gin.
The bale weighed 434 pounds
was sold to Williams & Miller,
bringing 11 j cents per pound. ' -.......
Yesterday morning a commit- contract01’3 should be reqi
of business men, consisting of t0 emP|oY lopal labor, and it
J. D. Clay, J. A. Hullum and °"raaA 1■’ ’
Sam Crabtree, raised a purse of
$00.00, which was given Mr.
Taylor as a premium, thus bring-
ing the price Of this bale up to a
people of this city and Bettina
township, was with regard to
the employment of local labor in
the construction work. The of-
ficials of the city and township
are unanimous in the belief that
contractors should be requirec
to employ local labor, and it was
agreed to advertise for bids with
this provision inserted.
There has been some discussion
of employing prison labor on a
part of this work, as the state is
offering to send out prisoners
■' try a UUII-
certed effort on the part of busi- mg the price 6f this bale up to a part 01 tn,s work. as the st,
ncs^ men to improve the market very nice figure. offering to send out prisi
8k.. c It is known that several other for such work At first it was
no orf^nization among her”busi- needed a marketer ^iR this. vicinit-v have thought that possibly it might be
ness men, and no concerted ef- and maize and the new ^ commenced Plckln£. and with-, f asiblp to ask for a number of
fort has been made to hold the: tor f>f the Sayre ndll and eleva-' ^tthere **)'. be .several to^workupon this road,
position she has gained. Now tor assures us that this fall he
the question arises as to what will provide this feature and
Sayre business men wifi rt° this that farmers will at all times
f^l tohold and increase, the find him paying the highest
rade which has heretofore been; market price for any kind of
i • grains. I his is one step in the
No city, or business, can simp- right direction but for mer-
ly stand still. If there is not a chants and business men to get
continual effort toward advance- all there is out of present con-
mentthey are bound to slide ditionsa united effort on their
backward. That is bound to be! part is needed. There is no time
the case with Sayre s reputation to be wasted. If anything is to
as a market place If there be | be done, it must be done at once,
be no concerted effort toward an jand if success is to come this
improvement, the work of her j way every business man in Sayre
competitors is bound to pull must put his shoulder to the
from the trade heretofore enjoy-1 wheel and push,
ed by this city, with a conse-
uui. uuuui mure win ne several ' , " >VU1^ upon mis roaa,
more hales in within the next the idpa being that the same
few days, although the gins will amountof money would be paid
not be able to commence really ^0Cid ^abor' entire bond issue
active operations for a couple of would he used, and at the same
weeks. time a greater amount of road
would be built.
HAM JACKSON'S HOUSE BURNED ,Inve8(itrations> however, dis-
_ closes that there is a very con-
siderable amount of expense for
rire Destroys House and Contents the labor of these prisoners, and
iiaftirnav Ninnl if Id n f ^ 1.. A___1. * /• I 'a
Now Maybe Bootlegger ii Not Right,
as She Wore Shoes.
,p < be county court on Monday
last Mrs. Dada Wilson, of Elk
City, plead guilty to a charge of
selling beer, and was sentenced
to serve 30 days in the county
jail and pay a fine of $50. She
is now hoarding with Sheriff
J his is the first case where a
woman has been convicted of
breaking the liquor laws of Okla-
homa within Beckham County.
And the Kids are in Mourning Because
Vacation is Over.
The Sayre schools will open on
Monday next. Parents shoulc
pay particular attention to this
fact, because a rumor has been
extensively circulated that school
would not commence until two
weeks later. How such a story
started is one of the mysteries,
mt it has traveled like prairie
ire and pretty thoroughly
covered the city. Monday next,
however is the date.
Saturday Night.
On Saturday night last the
farm house of Ephriam Jackson,
it is extremely doubtful if any-
thing along that line is done.
The officials are investigating all
Ml 111 nouse 01 tpiiriam Jackson, 1 ne omciais are investigating all
a farmer living five miles south- an8|ps carefully, to the end that
west of this city, was destroyed *he people of the city and town-
hv 11 HlO Kw/yDa n.LH . shin Onafthn 1IAm< l>Mnn 4. ,, .t . _
The good roads movement,
from which came the vote for -
the good road across the sand to i Efforts tpConserve Water Supply Seem
the south of this city, will be a to Be Fruitless,
big benefit to both the farmers! During the past six weeks the
and business men, but this road! city officials have been making
cannot be constructed in time to j strenuous efforts to conserve the
be of any material benefit this!city’s water supply, to the end
he of anv matpnni hnn fi* ,u-' , Lunserve tne 0f the fire. Dppr belonging to Claude Turner
fall in in i b this j city s water supply, to the end The origin of the fire is „„ ! while in possession of the dray-
SSfiSgZ?*™?**?? times thm«** », known. Son'. !>-• ttat it was „.,7n ....... a irf'rf'ntrf'jantrfy for. success- isaheavyone for him. as he is this state under legal require-
ket their^products here. a sufficient quantity for success-
Wnat .Yayre needs at the pres-1 ful fire fighting. We have
ent time is concerted effort on | several times mentioned the fact
the part of the business men to there seemed to be but little
ui mi!, my, was destroyed peupie or tne city and town-
by fire. The fire broke out while ship get the very greatest amount
the family were attending °f *ood reads possible for the
church, and the building and money expended,
contents were entirely destroyed
At first i, was thought n.«t a BARREL OF BEER FOUND GUILTY
sonol Mr. Jackson, who had not
flames, but it later developed Lourt on Tuesday,
that he had cotpe to Sayre, and ^ couple of months since fhe
was still in the city at the time sbierj^s f°rf,e seized a barrel of
of the fire. heer belonging to Claude Turner
Will Exhibit at Sayre Next Wednesday
Afternoon and Evening.
If you missf the small boy of
the family at breakfast don’t be
alarmed, for it will be safe to
conjecture that he is at the Sayre
----i—. - uuouicno ini'll in
induce a greater number of buy-
ers of broom corn, cotton, hogs
ellort on the part of citizens
generally to assist in this effort,
----—n' '“igs generally to assist in this effort,
and cattle to locate here during jand it begins to look as though
the fall and winter. There is no only a big fire would wake them
denying that the prices paid up to the realization of what
here at the present, time are as they are doing. In other words,
high, and compare favorably they won’t see the point until it
with those paid at any point in is too late.
* —- pwim in
Western Oklahoma. However,
competition is the life of trade.
The greater the number of buy-
ers, the greater will be the ef-
fort to induce farmers in bring
their products to this city, even
though it does not result in an
increase of the prices paid.
When a farmer brings in his
prodjee and finds a dozen or
more buyers ready to bid upon it
he is generally apt to go home
leeling that he got all that it was
worth, while if there be but two
or three there is room for a feel-
ing of distrust and dissatisfac-
tion. Where there are only a
limited number of buyers of any
Last week the city officials
found it necessary to forbid the
use of water entirely for sprink-
ling lawns or gardens, yet the
result is a very peculiar one. The
amount of water pumped each
day is almost the same as before
this order was issued. The most
peculiar feature f,ome during the
night. Take Monday night last
for an example. At 8 o’clock at
night the standpipe was full.
Now very few families use any
amount of water during the
night, while the business places
were closed and none at all used,
yet at 6 o clock Tuesday morning
the stand. pipe was entirely
","‘wu 01 flyers ot any the stand. pipe was entirely
product there is always room for empty, and residents on the hill
the old cry of combination' and had absolutelv no u-ator
the old cry of "combination’'and
farmers very soon get the idea
that there was really no com-
petitive bidding.
It is a well established fact
is a heavy one for him, as he is tbls statp under legal require-
reported to have had no insur- ments> Tllrner made an effort
ance. to have the beer returned to him,
and on Tuesday last the ease
in the county court, and result-
ed in the jury returning a ver-
The Fall and Leans Will Have Another diet in favor of the officers, and
Game This Afternoon. ordering the beer destroyed.
Not satisfied with having half Jt is understood that Turner
of their number on the hospital w,’*f appeal t,1p case, and mean-
list as the result of their former vvbile tbp heer will continue to
contest, the Fats and Leans will reP°se 1,1 ,l)p county jail,
again engage in mortal combat
on the court house diamond at
4:30 this afternoon. It is under
had absolutely no water.
Now the question arises as to
where the water goes. No one,
two or even three persons can be
accused of using it all. It must
stood that Tim Connor s laundry And Caused Considerable Trouble
wagon has been secured for use Tuesday Night
as an ambulance, while all of I T ,
the doctors have agreed tostand i thp water
ready for emergency calls main on *,mjrth street broke
The line-up announced’is as near the Savrp Commission Co.,
follows; aicaused considerable trouble.
Fats;—Baggs, Ivester, Gaith- Juperi"tendp"t Uj'lson had men
cr. Cole, Brewer, Ewton, Wil- a1 ni*ht ln thp
moth, Deschane, Mounts. Win-! ^ ^ Uie sam9 at the
die and Locke. earIiest »)osslble moment
zan, Carmichael, Puckett, Lau- -
derdale, Leach, Clay, Burrows. Prof. Fisher Requests Pupils to Wait
and Baker. Teacher’s Order*.
Police Judge Cornels will urn- There is much confusion over
pire and the entire sheriff’s thequestionof what school books
foice will be on hand to preserve to purchase for the children for
or er' the ensuiug year, owing to the
-------- kug .a> IC
September 3 show lot watching
the Barnes circus set up. It is
one of the far memories of the
grown ups, the boyhood days
when we watched the red wag-
ons pull upon the lot, the horse
tents, and the dining room erect-
ed, and the fascinating bustle
and hustle, and getting ready for
the show, many of us have not
outgrown the habit yet. Prompt-
ly at 10 o’clock the bugle will
sound a call for the parade to
leave the lot. and the principal
down town streets will be
traxersed. At 1 p. m. the doors
will he opened for the afternoon
show, which starts an hour after.
The night show opens its doors
at 7 and starts at 8:15, The
press agent promises a program
lasting two hours, with three
rings and steel arenas in opera-
tion. The entire performance is
given by animals, over 350 in
number, in three rings, steel
arenas, on elevated stages. Herds
of elephants, camels, zebras,
India Sacred cattle and oxen
from Africa: thirty monsler lions
tigers, leopards,-pumas, jaguars,
hyenas under the direction of
famous European male and fe-
male trainers: 150 high school
horses, Shetland ponies, dogs,
apes, goats, monkeys, bears, and
a host of other sensational feat-
ures; ten famous clowns. These
area few of the feature acts
that take place in the arenas,
while the rings are occupied with
no less entertaining but far less
dangerous acts.
Herr Roth and his groupe of
25 full grown forest bred male
African Lions conclude the per-
Prompt Work By Fire Departmen
Saved the Building
Saturday night, or rather at i
o’clock Sunday morning, Tom.
Richardson discovered a fire on
the west side of the Wagner
building. In coming up town
from train No. 43 Tom had pass-
ed the building less than five
minutes before, and at that time
no fire was in sight, and drove
only to the European hotel with
a passenger. As he came out of
the hotel he sighted the reflec-
tion of the flames upon Brown’s
mill, and promptly turned in an
Tom lost no time in getting his
team on the hose cart, and by
the time the firemen responded
to the alarm the cart was on the
scene, and this promptness was
unquestionably the means of
saving the building. r
A farmer named Jacksor. was
just coming into town,' When
Mr. Jackson reached the buildina
he discovered a pi'e of rags on
fire, and attempted to head of
the flames by scattering them
and stomping out the fire. How-
ever, while we put out the fire in
the rags the flames ran up the
side of the building.
Almost everyone who turned
out to this fire distinguished the
smell of coal oil almost as soon
ns they arrived on the scene,and
a little investigation disclosed
the fact that the building had
been saturated with oil at the
ooint where the fire started, thus
conclusively showing that a de-
liberate attempt had been made
to burn the building. The of>
fleers have given considerable
attention to this feature, but if
they have discovered any clue
to the incendiary they have not
allowed it to reach the public.
The building is owned by Wm.
Wagner, of Orange, California,
and was occupied by the Eller
restaurant in the west half; Jack
Wilson, resides over the east
half, while John R. Lane occupi-
ed the rear of the east ground
floor as a store room, the front
of the east side is vacant.
Much More Interest Manifested ’
Year Than Eyer Before.
As the date for the holding
the Beckham County Fair.
Elk City September 16 to 19,
proaches there is an unus
amount of interest being mj
fested. Farmers as well as bi
ness men are coming to und
stand that this fair represe
the whole county, andaretak
interest accordingly. While cn
are short, on the account of
drouth, still there are bound
be far more exhibits from 1
western half of the com
than ever before.
The management of the f
has made one very wise mo
Heretofore the train service
the Rock Island railroad has be
such that it was very inconve
ent for Sayre, Erick or Texi
people to attend. This year t
management has arranged fo:
special train each day leavi
i exola at about 8 in the morni
and returning in good season
night. This will be the mea
of very largely increasing t
attendance from the weste
portion of the county, and \
believe will receive a patrona
that will make this train servi
a fixture each year.
A. P. Hamblen, of Prentiss
visited Sayre yesterday.
Miss Sadie Lewis and
Eunice Meyer leave toda.
their homes at Oklahoma
after a visit of several v
with relatives in Sayre.

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