The Duke Times (Duke, Okla.), Vol. 8, No. 12, Ed. 1 Thursday, September 2, 1915 Page: 3 of 4

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Local# dk Personals
K«v fl i
V. W lUiMitiio, ,.f 1(94
Mill »M IIMM«lili| MMN*«W
here tttedsy
U®r ••• fan Hmp>K are
la. Call end n« ilk*«,
~™"D° il NowIWichita Falls Route
■ ■ Mi i m
ftfise i*w»t Kiohsrdsua ef the
Med Mill was i« D«k«
Isst Saturday, •*j «M gueel
L if»n« ViUff,
Mi«« M«ih White of Russell
wee the .uni of the editer's
family the letter part of last
J. 0. Hill and lady *mi to
Dodsoevllle Te«., (»!• first of (hi*
week thep will live awhile
villi Mr. sed Mr*. Itollewsll.
C. D. Fear* l*ft Imi Sendey
fur Si. IjOuI* to psrshsss isrgi
■lock* *f fall «od winter dry
U" d* fur hi* * or* at (111* plaor.
H* will b* gens iwu or three
W. 8. pool and la<Jy l*fi Muo
d*y to vi*u tb* word'* fair ai
dsn Krsnsisoo, Cel. The obil
droo w*ni bom* last w*. k with
thoir gran 1 anther to may with
h*r|in \'#w Mexico 'luring the ab-
sence of their parent*.
The weather hat made quite a
change since laet Saturday after
tie big rain which ended with »
very eool nortber that lasted
three or four daya and the atr
he* been ooe! enough for people
to pull on their soats and oloaka.
In some of th* northern stated
big frosts are reported.
A good heavy built, four nice
ro >rned residence on edge of city
reuideut portion in Duke clone to
business part, for sale at $550
Th-> place consists of a rood eis-
tern, shed and lot, storm hou*e
and two or three lots This is a
good |i>laee, hosse alone cost
about 8750 when built and i-
tfoed and souad. Its a bagain.
Will take some tfood stoclr in the
'ieal. Apply at Times office —
Hiiif | ■«*# kanMe M
"Mtake reMirwl aed
41*4 bal<*« yutir
b'«*f e*mwar'* »>>rk
*•«• lo. Ymh »i.i seed
a»M» • -»« * y«u «aa
(el vol mt II before ibe
i Mover.
nr moe ra Nuauii
Aim m<>r* than (testified to up*
bold ear r*p*t*iine a* a vslu*
SlVittv tailor sb<>p. T-oy are
ea< eptional in every re*pe*t u>
•cjrle. uualily, in every dsteil, in
out aa«l flniah. They will At **y ,
shape man and will five yoa the
best satisfaction of anything yen
have ever worn.
i watson,
At City Barber and Tailor Shop j
• Bojrs and Girls Look •
A wra HUM LAM' |N iNV. MiUU. w44 • «M
'jianket w U> g>>»a away afceMiuieijr tiwm ia Utm
Ml °f •»". "iw go** i|s hmi tuiM bv <*si«ba»
f.4, |uU \ (»«*e#ui«xi i.y r«»b perehee. • ai
»-oo 4>0ereM |>i*(w« of i>uMa»s» in Alius of
wbiah ibi* ia ««ai*
Altus, "3SST Okie
w. h. Mccord,
Lecal Agenl.
GvnJPaaaeagsr Agent
E P. Mile*
Physician 6k Sur^-on
Residence Phone No. 6.;
Oftics Phone No. 1.
V to 11 a. ni.
* to 6 p. m.
the city
E. Watson, Prop.
South Sida Main Straet.
Nice, smooth HairCut, Shave
and 8 h a mpoo, courteous
treat ment and everything
kept in sanitary condition.
Best Laundry 8ervice. Bas-
ket leaves nsday re-
turns Friday
E. Watson.
For Trade
A second hand Overland Au
lo-nobile to trade for good milk
cow, and calf, or for property of
vaiue in porpotion. Car needs
some repairs, but is a bargain a
this offer. See editor ot this pa
per. Advr,
Health aad Happiness Depend
Upon Your Liver.
That sluggish liyer with its
^iuggish fl ow of bile is what
makes the world look so dark at
times. Dr. Kind's New Lire
Pills go straight to the root of
the difficulty by waking up the
action of the liver and increasing
the bile. Dr. King's New Life
Pills cause the bowels lo act more
freely ana drive away Jthoso
"moody days," 25c, a bottle
R. P. Riohardson returned
last Friday morning from White
hall, Mont-, where he had been
the past three weeks prospecting.
On his return here he imme
diately went out to his home at
Red Hill. Mr. Richareon said he
liked very wall in Montana, hut
at Uie tiuie be seeuieU ib»t he
was more favorable to this
country than that. Miss Nfareia
his daugh'er, remained at White
hall to visit relatives.
The sources of any country
new«paper are generally influ-
enced by good support. Take
the successful candidates, are
those who lore the country paper
aad take a pride in patr mizinff
them with announcements, sub-
scriptions end reading natter.
The osrty who do»« thes* things
is shrewd to it's interest*. To
' m*" the hoot* paper ie a det-
riment to the welfare of the roan- j
mumtyaod part'sm.
Continued from page two.
cans as a whole in a t'alae
light before the people of th*
country. The move on foot
to laulldoze Congress next
winter is sure to fall llat
Congresa ca* not and will
not undertake to stop the
shipment of war material and
thes* newspapers and speak-
er* demanding auch a course
are simply deceiving tlie
poorlyi nsonned. No well
read Germans in the iand
thinks for a moment that our
Government at Wasli'.ngton
is goiug to bow to the noise
made by the Kaiser's propa-
ganda bureru on thia side of
the ocean and violate inter-
national law and time-hon-
oreacttstom b*tween the Na-
tions and at the same ti up
incur the hostility of the al-
lies, England, France, Rus-
sia, Italy and little Belgium,
by stopping shipments
The whole "fool's cap'
move moy as well stop right
aovv. What we want in this-
ountry is a broad national
American citizenship. My
element among the (ieraian
blood people will stand for
that ail the time. If those
making a living in this land
are to take any side it should
be with their own Govern-
My devout wish is that the
great war in Kurope will do
three things; Consolidate
tb»* German peopl
We are making great leduction on
. everything in our store for the next
rnnrrTi ■ iten ?ay# to make room for our fa"
UOIN T FORGET! ® I g0°^*- ®ur buyer will be in the
j market in few days and we expect
H a liirge shipment of fail goods soon.
Come and buy your goods at these
great reduction price.
^ in r.j«l of corn, oat*, bran,
shorts, flour, and tunal. Come to
Klevator we try to k.uip all kinds of
FKKD, If you have^any f«**»«I to
sell, wo want to buy,
Cox-Grim Grain Co
C. I. Jobhson, Mgr.
L)uket Okla.
Vlll.-C. E. Schaff
On Railway Investments
President Wilson, recently referring to our rtllroad
problems, said In part: "They are indispensable tc
our whole economic life and railway securities are at
the very heart of most investments, largo and small, public
and private, by individuals and by institutions <
There is no other interest so central to the business wel
fare of the country,, as this. No doubt, in the li?bt of the
new day, with its new understandings, the problem of th»
railroads will also be met and dealt with in a spirit of
■*J candor and Justice."
W hen the first citizen of the land stresses the import
ance of understanding and dealing justly with (he rail-
roads, certainly the American plowman er.n venture v**on
a careful study of the problem. C. E. Schaff, president of the M K & T
railway company, when asked to outline the relation of the public to rail
roads investments, said In part:
It may be said that the railroad world is encumbered with a 'ot of
phantoms which exist only in the popular fancy. For instance, because
there have been a few so-called 'railroad magnates' whose i ames have figured
prominently in finance, many people have come to believe that the railroads
ct the country St a largely owned by a few rich men. As a matter of fact
nothing could he farther from the truth. Out of the colossal s-m of twentv
tjilliou dollars of American railroad securities, less than fite per cent Is now
or ever has been, in the hands of these men who have figured prominentlv in
the newspaper headlines-while the other 95 per cent is in the hands of over
twa mil,ion investors, large and small, who in many instances have put the
modest pavings of a lifetime into these securities In order that thev might
lay away a competency for old age. When, therefore, the value of tho^e
securities is depressed or perchance destroyed, the hardship Is a hundred-
mmi gr™ Dpo° th°u8aiids of every day citizens, than upon the handful of
millionaires, good or bad, who have figured prominently in railroad circles.
Hundreds of millions of dollars of the assets of our great life and fire
insurance companies, savings banks, trust companies, educational and fiduciary
Institutions are Invested in railroad bonds—and the moment, therefore that
the soundness of these bonds is called into question the financial soliditv o<
these myriad institutions directly affecting the welfare of millions of police
l° terSma^ nu deP°8itf"-ls gravely menaced. During the last several
T «y.? Jl'n,8 of,dollara representing depreciated values, have been
cnarged ofT the b< oks of concerns like those enumerated above. American
Thiirad1S,u,an1!L (?m1e 8 Vital 'uart, °r,the V('r-V "oof and ^bric of the nation.
In the land efficiency is absolutely essential to the smallest community
H!invy strikin&, at the railroads our blows fall not merelv upon thou-
sands who have committed no wrong, but. in the last analysis, upon ourselves
We should remember how interdependent we have come to be in this mightv
republic of ours—that each Is in truth become more and more his brother s
keeper, and that we need to act and think circumspectly, lest in our mistaken
™ „ Yh dfs^oy ^ose who, like ourselves, need whkiever of this world's
goods the toil aad sweat of years has bequeathed to them."
ing corrupt and despotic
^ohenzollerns and the other
brauch of the brood at
VTienna. the Hapsburgs.
They belonsr to the barbar
I will be here a few days to
make pi tures, if you don't get
ous past and should have no \,h. w . A .
the best and Sind oi picturee you
«av about government in this want give me . lriaL T am pre.
progressive, enlightwned age. pared to do the best and lates:
ADOLF F. VTHKVMKYKR. work, w ill got) your horns
Don't Forget the Place
When You Need
Financial Help
€JJ Brine your money to this bank
and >ou can sleep in perfect peace, knowing that it
cannot get away; and that-Vhen you want it you on-
ly have to sign your name to a check and it if yours.
These who owe you gratitude often fail when you
mo^t need them: but an account at our bank always
stands with open arms to receive you when you need
financial help It is only wisdom to cultivate such
friendship. \\ hynot begin toda> !
"Its a Good Bank."
in Dallas News.
Still Have Good Peaehes.
I still hsve £ood peaches m i
will deliver them to each huuso
in Duke. 1 make try regular
rip* twice s week tiiero. The
sea«..Q will not ls»i * great while
Under one 'unger at.d it ie adv saole to bu>
8*.,.n: th-,. iin*l**r , r.- « , i.f,'-.Ti '
s peachee
H <». C'srder.
the country. Don't fail to see
my beautiful line of samples in
the window at L'uke Drug Store
the best Drug Store in t.-.wn.
R. R. Fsrker.
that I will non hare
IHiblu au fomitf go* mine-nt market. These arrv.
and do away wi|b ibe graft-1 *ltch f r ay wmgs*a
my wagau
A SAI.'.
Farley & Putman, Prop.
J D. Farley and E. F Putman
of Eldorado are putting a new and
, up-to-date blacksmith shop in Duke
a south of West Main St. and will be
ready for business about Sept. 1st.
V\ ill appreciate your blacksmith work . We do all
kinds of blacksmith and woodwork and will guaran-
tee same
Farley & Putman
The Duke Times, $1

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