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The Duke Times (Duke, Okla.), Vol. 8, No. 12, Ed. 1 Thursday, September 2, 1915 Page: 2 of 4

This newspaper is part of the collection entitled: Oklahoma Digital Newspaper Program and was provided to The Gateway to Oklahoma History by the Oklahoma Historical Society.

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The DuWe T
T V. Walk or. Mmm k »*ab
•MM! in
"# rw»
fll Atf*i fw 5*1#
» •. •» MO irfM «sl K 4
*| ftf Hit *| • h*>
. 4 • Hllf MlIM
'• Couit >
!***• (i»t IK* |A+t* * I
••». Mi
inf^tjr ^ »
i .. • »«•, «
•I ll>l
' ul
** "'i u«<rMi4
I a,
? thni a
rfi IV
| If "It ■
ism io Ui.iteti
itabs j:orcd
v afe »
11» tr U
Bui ih*>i
fir.d « .ti
H 'I rot, i
*t \
'I hie •
th* in
. . |
i ( uitlr/t
ih»y aid
mgi« u'a
Iriiof h*pa
%«*h me*
llop«i Kutopran War Will R
ault in Republican Form
of Rule for Pruisian
Mw in *
Me farm |> •
Duke: P ■
baitita, ti |>i
Ml, O*.
> wt» t
II "| tit* j,
uit*%f i»y <i
Mini* ut •
>*J *11 hill"
*»f thia gtc
A merit* i
rlwl 4ii.i r.»
(I olt'lllSI
«u> >iiH «i < I*|,I. || (.ijn-l, I
"iir IV»M*m in <b
v«ry «i lentil ,i».| it
t|»i« ready l . Ii„ heard
il IllUluf I mi,#*. 'J'JjI*
»• proiiil «.I till* G run .
ami ff-.t n Ju*t . rid
what iIi«* G< ruian* m a pro
pie hav« .'H't-oittp]jah**d, |>>11
l«"k l|p«{| || H JldJj
rulerahip a* tln« i'ur»c of the
ug* and lioptt the time ..
when tlie Fatherland will b
lr.*c 1 Iroiu it atid follow titt-
:. d b ;.oti with any of the b.-jt farm journals
any of the leadiog semi-weeklies cheaper than any
bing rate in the country.
- * **ir htt<~iii en
Utlac ti.
alf Ifa
| nau,>
it, maize,
I rita, 1U..111 grass,
:ori», Gypaie w .. . rye,
, >uuvr, r t hid, e^oa,
, c.»'i e, hogrt i..-iflea and
,vii.i tonic ui thf abov»
form )<ri>'iucla do not fail
fliu.v up «•» >ur streets every
I d«y ti. iti. v.. ,t, ii >in t!»r t >
^ ii I'.acia of wIimhi, cuta,
I niejonfc i • o the « • >
II very ti' .i Hi re wp h«tvf a
• auy ti ill »t and pay gouci
I pricca.
kt htfil.
i* a r« .
•I law)
>u»« ulii,
p'lllleft a
i I'uMU
liiood | hi | hi I -i Ion nf fii
Cduntry In being rnpiMly p'i
hi t: i? • !:,:ht mid my si
wniita h hem ill#.
I will I»y laying tluit
I . 'iid^ino the utteraiierH uf
the German lniijjunge news
pa {Hire I lire hal orcawion
to »ea«l since riding orer
Th(*y arf us ofiVn-
sivu in their auti>Aninrican
isiu and pro-Kaif«ri«m a*
those we have to put up witn
in Missouri, where I Iivf
hope thtre are K"iue eicep-
Many a'i > • facua ure at t is
limo greet...(? i every day on
iho bt.ccia. S. me come here
r*"r | u* 'rir i ut «i i i" i u' v-i' i
, r.»p.c..V. 8om. traveling .nd Ljum ^ xh-„
■tome louking out buaineas loca-
Benides thia, old timbre seJf constituted journalistic
r(u if ft iii (!:•> e goneby, and who
Itliought th n diStrea'iing times
Mid starvation were* starring
>t roup!* has aar*
» bee m« larger
■ • -tHw n |>n:iiir«|
Ifad k frfiNii||> 4uru«.
• !« In a |i>« IhhyIc Ii.n' .it|
<l»l lu orsutt II b*
Iti'^sd of it. «>-• tie Ii la
mart* uf Con, m m H«n««.
|H.|II|C»| niiiuror#, |Hj|,t*
• |K»Illleni prvMln>r»
■ .•Uit-n ure> t>. u,rtul In
l« llllei. ..nd dU'eusiun, »fin»hr.. n. |q.
d h>»I(iries no, r.un|.ant
*lr», fur when ih« low,
dam murk) atmosphere of mltun-
<!• rktotidlnx en\elo|tt pvMIc ihouKht
It brKid# I'olHlcnl reptiles, verwla,
lj'ii,s and lire wlilrh the pure air of
truth and iho &unshinv of undiTstsnd-
Iur t.iii choko to dt-uth.
^e have too many self appoloted
Interpreter* of Indubtry who are In-
capable of ^rasping the fundamental
rrinclples cf bu»int ;n and w ho at best
can only trannlato Ronsiy and add
rt.lor to sensational gtorl-s Xo busi-
ness can stj.nd i poti error and might
and cheek the xliiument of ru,'?s~^,,!-'h, ,,r *«">« No industry
# } can thrive upon rafsundersrandfng.
arniH and a mm Iliiiti* >li If) tile ^<>r Pub"c opinion is more powerful
1>«. Kvery intelli than a K,n>» «»ord
r Saved
20. — 1 v f»h
kindly permit a cieruian 'demucratic pathwa, »r rn
.\iin rlcan of the other si : |l|jlte)m| AiiienV," t
to bare a -ay in your col Uillk fl,r u w|
unns. The entire «erm[theae pro Ka^r papHrH and
ao called (feriuau Ainerieau

"I \ 'to tell you what wonderful benefit | have re-
ce!vc.l I ! I! e IKC of Thedfonl'i Black-Dnusht," wrlten
.. 'lnia Wow,s» Clifton Mill . Ky.
Itcc.-t 'y • i CMl,4| |ur |4 grippe, had colds,
liver and stontic.: trouble*. | firm!/ believe Black-Diati^Ul
saved my little girl's l,fe. When she had the measles,
toy went in on her, but one e<**l dose of Thetlf-rd's
I :-Jir;.it maile Ihcm br < ou'. and she It.* lud no
i.. iC trouble. I >It.«ll never be without
niivt iii^ja are doing.
These papers and the loud
mouthed, shaDow paled lead
•i* and promoters of
meetings are howling forthi.4
Government to like wide.-
;ool-horiifs of a bulldozing
and bloody European mon-
arch are befouling their own |j,a(i no "^wspaper
hem in ihe faec, to their great I iegt(J ftnd d(J Rot refle(jt i,i-j t mak« n , T? "
:urprise tht»y learned thut the , . . , . I ° ,naKf no bowl vvJien (xer
. . t,ll,g«nt and patr.otic Ger. manjr 8o|d g
max thought ,n tbu country when the KaUer'* Govern
It i« a fool asaun.ptiott on|,nont They had ne care .
their part to think that they )rhn^ H-.v - f ti a . 1
, ,p, V ,, J tnose days for the American!
tlo. fbev have needlvtak. boy8 sk,)t dowu witl| |
en very f.rat mad# . :
with the Kiaser in the con- , t/U*l
troveray between th« United
btateH and his so t-tyled Iin 1
perial Govornment Lis one I
man Cabinet rule across the'
a • , , t,nt W i f,n prejudice, suspicion and |
Ann llcan KLIOWS sliat ill the 011,88 ha,rpd prevail, powpr gravitates
war el art" 1 ov.-r Cuba H ^ tato 11" hand* of tUe wei,k for dema-
(rer- gopuos t!ir!ve upon dissension and I
many s»'nt arms and auimuni- 8latesmer> sicken upon strife.
tioll to Snain remec,y lies in eHminating the j
• . ' "msnv mi'Ic.m -the political gf,.H«ip—and I
StOod Wltllln her rights mi 'hi8 rfs,:!t can be accompiished by I
der international laa- fi • the nia"aeJ:r8 of business sitting |
fhb!e of industry and talk-'
1'K i' -'.ver with the people, lnter-
in my home." For constipation, indigestion, headache, dizzi-
ness, malaria, chills and fever, biliousness, and all .similar ^'
ailments, Tlicclford's Blac!;-Draught has proved itself a safe, a*
reliable, gentle and valuable remedy.
If you stirrer f-_ i 0f these complaints, try Black- &
Draught. It is a media of known merit. Seventy-five ®
£ ycars of splendid success p.oves its value. Good for ^
^ you.i^ and old. for sale everywhere. Price 25 cents. 1 v
|. - v v ;t.3)
matter and the United;st it •
made no complaint ^nd the
German language newspaper
nople of this courtry were f lir
Ing better than those who had
Vone to "the iat'd of plenty,'"
lihVdabout all r»;urned to share
fegein in the proeperily of this
Oklahoma is said io be the beat
|>rga::ized slate in the union ill
■he matter of Farmers' Co oper-
ative demonstration work—a
novement carried on by the
Jjnited States 'epartmen of ugrr-
lult ire in co-operation with the
larious ag, ioultural colleges,
■'here are seventy-six counties
In Oklahoma and sixty of them
|aye county agricultural agents
ngaged in the demonstration
Fork. Twenty counties hare
romen agents. Theae agents
loru under the direotion of State
I gent W. D. Bentley at tha
late Agricultural and Mechan
ftal college at Stillwater. B k
lea and women agenta were in
Iructed in th^ art of home can
fng and told to get buay Ti;e
•ult is that many Oalahoma
Irm homes will eat Oklahoma
kined peaches thia winter in
ad of California canned peach-
k and it wont taka all of the corn
ep or cotton crop to pay tha
•ery bills.
• ' ai v ,f information between indu*
tries and the people is as necessary
t^ 8uw'ss in business as interchange
if: commodities, for the people can
only rule when the public under-
stands Away with political interpret-
ers who summon evil spirits from
t.ioir prison colls and loose them to
Prey upon the welfare of the people
in the name of "My Country."
The Tired Grouchy Feel
ing Means a Lazy Liver.
Tne u hole course of
water, and that pompus des
who is a hand down from thej
Dark Age« an^ who believes
in and vaingJorioug.v con
tends fort hat dying super
stitioa, kingly - a utocr»tic-
rule as ;i divine right must
frequently congratulate hiin
self when he reads copies of
these transplanted persona
organs on this side of the
The little sheots are as
partisan and imperialistic as
some of the big German
ang'isge dailies known to
be "getting partical eneonr
agement from Herlin in their
propa panda work. The
Kaiser in his war paint must
order his tonsorial artist to
put on mora pomade and
Philip, the Macedonian king, while
; drowsy with wine was trying a case
these and the Prisoner after sentence was
newspapers id unml-rw.ti,. I ?'"oniounced- exclaimed, i appeal.
nnpatliotlc And to whom do you appeal?" in-
aiia puts the German-Ameri-' QUireci th®, astonished monarch, "i
* - (appeal from Philip drunk to Philip
I sober." replied the prisoner, and the
King granted the request and at a re-
hearing gave the prisoner his liberty.
The people drowsy With the wine of
discord ofttimes pronounce a verdict
on public questions which they reverse
in their more calm and deliberate mo-
ments. The next best thinj: |. n:;:ke-
ing no mistakes is to correct them.
^~'Vf V^R"'-AX will clear you out. «ud melcc
you fuel fine and dandy ajrain, It fi* ju»t as ef.
feotiv. ,,, calomel, but hn, of ita W(!l|
known disngrofeable nfter c/Tic ts,
thVV VER"LAX eliminate polnona, cleanse.
an" oon-tipatfon jn a thor-
ough but pleasant manner. A little taken re*u-
rur:rr,ent ho,uh an< n° d"^r
GUARANTEED. F.rrry bottle bsarirttf th.
likeness of K. Grigshy. U guaranteed to give
batiflfaction or your money will b,> returned
«alo here in 80e and $1 Bj7.. bott,e3 at th. Duke
Lrufir Store.
Oriental Christians Believe Banan
Tree W«« the Source c" Good
and Evil.
when he w« taken home, but
aoon became more violent and
was brought Friday for exami-
nation by the board. Ha h a a
wife auo two childrau, and hia
father, who l.yea in Texaa, Hea
been visiting tham the past we««
— Altus Tioaea.
For thia purpoee a German la gaage newspaper
application of Sioan'a Lin criticisms of our President m p
pent not only kills the pain bin j at Washington, that great ™,n,"ter at Eldorado
*> ..tejg^rn. m. :am wh„ „aild, ,econ»
i infection and givea nature ^ > .
ataaoe by cov.reottm, «>„. ^ W "«»P»d the
' i. and ciTef » cnance f-r rfonae and is nniver
Continued on Page three.
Chas. Conway insane.
Chas. Conway, of Eldorado,
waa brought before the insin ty
bo«trd of the coanly court Friday
and adjudged .insane. On Sat-
urday he was taken to Noiman
by Sheriff J. C. Ford and placed ,
in the state asylum. Mr. Con-j
way ia one of the teachers of
Jackson aounty, aad has als I
been much interested in relia-iou
matters. On the Sunday before
he waa brought before the board
ha preached at aome church in
the Eldorado vicinity, and be-
coming much excited, nad to be
taken from the pulpit. He was """"""""s 1,1111 aB w»nt bomo
brought to Altus tor treatment = C"at wInt,,r8 ni«ht he had wondered
and rerraiaed here 1 ,"TT.'l1
A Wonder Antiseptic.
I Germs and infection aggravate j ^ aruneia^"„p't"u™
■menu and retard kealin?. . .
lop that infeetion at once, Kill "mst,l°lle ®n «lr» twi.t
germ, an I get rid of th.: wh,'u he P'triixw the coarje
p.-tCo-j.'.i Not roretsll Future.
David Lloyd-George was
ar oid liis life nearly ended. He
■: f, nei/ed with creup one winter'*
ii hi *it i .. v -rfordweat. where hin par
-.'i1? lived, and his mother had to hur
-y tinh the snow to find a doctor
i i.e physician arrived when the babj
ivai at his last gasp and barely
; ' ccded {n pulling him through the
attack. Many years later at Cardie
the same doctor came up to the pres
• T:t ctu jiceiior of the exchequer, a?-
ter a meeting, and told him of thia in
'dent, adding that as he went horn*
» fr» e and norm*] flow jf bjo< i regarded by
Liniment ia at, eiaergen 'uenkind aa an epoch making r*fi
and ah .aid he kept character, standingmoiintaili n 1
Uy onhaod 26a. fiOa jhlgh in attainment, abor. "
100 aua contama m Uimi int-i-,La yim -g*Mai
laatnatSc Ai»t 7 kimgxnfl taem r
L. T. Tucker haa reeeivei the
appoiatrner.t of p >stmaaier of the
Eldorado poet offlce. hia term1
<otCB«t)?ing luit «r*ek, R. i»
*hila to save the baby's life, ulner
'here was no prospect before the baby
out the life of an agricultural laborer
Storekecpera in Difficulties.
A number of shopkeepers wen
eummoned at the Grimsby police court
recently for contravening th*- cloaini
order under the shops act. They com I
plained that they had difficulty in un
lerstacdlng what they eould anC I
could nut sell One of the def^ndaat*
• dmitted . "llina soap to a man whv I
was very uirty "Thinklnt cleannaew
was nei« to r^>d1lD««<
• packet." said the
Son Mail
"^*bo Is ronr lawyer
ststage a itrtrt a:tor»*r.
Learn About
Your Eyes
Unto every one ia given the
right to investigate, but
many remain ignorant on
the m?8t important subject
by accepting- htarsay as
facte. We give the
for everything we do in our
optical work.
We are ready to show you
whether you have eye
trouble or not and to prove
ihat glasses will give you
Investigate our system, learn
tne importance of thorough-
ness and scientific training
necesrary to one who pro-
fesses to treat the eye.
We Grind Our Lenses.
E. E. Russsll.
There exists a legend relaiive U t;
Christian inhabitants of the i ast tin
they believe the banana to be the tr«-.
of the source of good and evil, in ,
bunch of the fruit of which th- .-
pent that tempted Eve hid itFdi, I
they add that when Adam and live ..
came ashamed of the! ral-
hey covered themselves with t '
leaves of this plant.
The origin of the bauana ia g!v. 4
India, at the foot of the Him-
*'hero it has been cultivated since •
motest antiquity, says tho Natm. i
Geographic Magazine. Ita or:,;:-, : i
the new world is as dofiht" ! ar
origin of the American Intimm r
•'! to Asia and Africa, whrr > ir. < •
:iiau twenty distinct species of th ■>
.•una are known, it is raid to ? •
iecn hrotight first to America trpii.
Spain, early in the sixteenth century.
planted in the Island c <: i':<-
Domingo, whence If spread vas nr. •
-i:rough the surrounding inlands -.j;
he main land. This lias never b< ■
i.itbiiitically establiished, howev
and some authorities include the ba:
ana among the articles that forme'
the bate of food supply of t!:e Incr
c-rd the Aztecs before th" ;.rrival (
the Spaniards.
Ortain It is that throt^ho;if t
v. 'aole meridional America thcro is t
strong tradition that at leaut I wo spo-
-les of the plantain were cultivated
long before the cominr of the Huro-
peans. Furthermore, it is singula*
that In all the languages indigenous
to the region where the banana ap-
feara, the plant has a special name,
not proceeding from the conquerors,
M waB the case with the names cf
many other plants, animals and vari-
ous articles Introduced Into America
ifter Ita discovery.
Grown over the entire exteut of the
meridian of the earth, the fruit of the
banana today forms In large part the
(jrinclpnl food of a majority of i>«
•opli s living unuV.jr i!;c, tro; .aul in .<•
For the School.
M. Augugttp Rey, a Persian arehv
Uet, has dea trlbed hie Ideal achool Is
a reeent paper He said thai the b»r>
sCelal effects of the violet raya ware
eo well known that It waa criminal to
balld In aach a way that they oonty
penetrate te every pert of a rooas;
N waa dcabljr Important that this
«h«n)4 be poaalble In seboolrooma ll
^e waa a eholee between beat »e»
thiukinc Bar«ae. tha fnrmar iacembant _
reeigr „g Mr H.r.W um g,J
•apira until 1816 Tkera "T* *•» **>'
two spph.anta. J. B. Lar-. y*"* '
gsal aad L T. Taeker -Altaa >w of that ia
«a»»woi ihim'r-
"n C rflm.:
t«m«r.« te t*e det*o v "trt..
rMI ble. —a waa a. stv*a-h' i - . - t
lac tb- wttaaas Mead 1. AlsUc . . , t - i
Ho what Me »1 'i-arandk; :r r-'otwortrt^ [
-yer m eaM «« a. hc^ -ci ' ' - bi&nl
If1—d» me §Mt Mat a aaw Ma.-|
'atmtwc trc-cal
reetod the rwai »e tb* arwn 1
*a «a ..«re aboaid be plenty a I
vremd «e.| »l«aty mt eaed ataetl
ti te better U ecr^a 1
toma tbu la eutlgki

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