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The Duke Times (Duke, Okla.), Vol. 11, No. 6, Ed. 1 Friday, May 7, 1920 Page: 6 of 6

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How about Extra* for your
McCormick and
Deering •••IN
Harvesting Machinery?
Wo ir# goto* to hand!* 'iiu« for both
III'* l»Ut it Ot|P iMtoJIinf#
WUI give u* an id• a of what th*y will
&•«•*! in thU litto it wilf b«-l|* u» to l*»
ahlo to lltvo a complete ituck wh»h
harvr.t Uttio commt.
b»>k tiv*r jrotip machinery now and let
ti* hav»* your ord-r Incidentally w^
>l«*i invite you to com*' to it« top ail you
need in har-twar- and implement*
The Summers
Hardware Co.
AMt |V>|»lo *b*i tLib#* of
J It SoflNI e| <)!***• WM f J U SiHlllf »f-1 •lim of .%«-»*
veins; *•***•« ►.»$*! ot.ftifcg rvftiU* -« *m
Mr. C W-«w> ..4 tin •■•*»**—
Mwjf •»•»» sp*At it MlJr la I. O. *»m«* loft Toooioy to#
.vb*i*ee. To»m ohoro fto »»*. tu.,g
after »v»*iooo« nottofo
T w H^'hoaan «m in ton
Moftlay vtta 0 k»a4 of Ml bAlee
•of (MM.
J. L- Melt!#* or.* wtfo of Me*
vaooti wmt» vioitipf ia tooa
A M Sotlif? who h|4 b*«n
nek fur some (imo is Able to be
»rauf.4 k.'ain
H f, M«>re tr.4 famd* of >»»•
I »• «cfo m u>«fR Monday
Iftffto*ttro4 the »how.
C. H Kerbi of n»*r It isseh
*m boro on t>u«>n»M H«tgr Jay i
and OAJiei at Tao T.«n*« >*.
bucino<« to town
Ciaoty Attorney Polly %o1'
^hortff L«o wmtp h»r«
Oth j McDonald of Russell M >n i%y on ofllttAl business.
Cal. Moidsn ••• in t on Tus*.
Jay on bu*in»«» and *aysb*ls
Vounr Mr. Duncan, o f.»phse ; to raise'jutts a let of
of H. N WaUaw, to visiting At w>»na>Hoa>.
tbctr -c®»- i Miss#* BulAh, B«a*l#Ar.d StsllA
Clyde 8 irr*'« and wife »r# on* Woodard of Oiu«t«o vi»itod Sun*!
tertAinioff o ns«r §r*r| in thair d*y At the home* of Mr*. J. W.|
Whits And Mr*. W. 8, Pool.
K. L. an J C. H. Mat-ay iafi
Tjf - Jay for Cot!:ngsw<>rtb Co,
Texa*, vih-ra they will introdu^
tha Tj'«a car Tbay hava taker
thf ogar.^y in thia county.
3,000 Samples
—On Display
Fr**»t» "t*" uf tli« br*t tailoring l»«»io«a in t"liki#o—
whffx all th» u|"t ► tli»» fctii)'4t« ar»- ma»l"
Compare Price and
Quality of Work*
' pntltitoau "A K. Ati>l**r«ott All*W«xil Suit" when
you h*i# ma'le tlii* ii'A*t-p lin- of ttil •riui? >«»ur
chojo- Fite* .kl^ will c|i»OP«P tliw hirja will aiuit
mor»* »WM»tly. ati<l you will h* on th«» i»a*»fl roA'l to
Cleaning and
Pressing •••••••••
A. V. Knicbt and wif# of Rut*
•eli vpent Saturday nifht and
'un Jay at t^a home of Mra.!
Knicht'a mother, Mra. J. W. |
j >Vh te.
The Duke Times
Publiibed Evert Friday
* R. THURHAN, Editor aod Prop
telephone no. i o
Application made for entry ae
second cla** matter in the Duke,
Ok I a,, postoffice.
j The Tailor
SubPeriptSon 31.50 per year in!
Notice to Creditors to Pre*
sent Claims.
State of Oklahoma, County of
In the County Court of Jack
son County, Otclahoma
In the Matter of the Estate of j
C. W. Guffin, Deceased.
All persons having claims
against the estate of C. W. Guf • !
fin Deceased, are required to !
present the same with necessary J
vouchers, to the undesigned ad-
ministrator at Duke, Oklahoma, j
within four months of the date i
hereof, or the same will be for* j
ever barred. Dated this 1st day 1
of May, 1920.
W E. Doak. I
Administrator of Estate of C. {
W. Guffin, Deceased.
Idle Thoughts and Other Things
Mostly Something El <■
Remembers Pastor
The members of the Duke
Methodist church presented their
pastor, Rev Frank Hopkins,
v.:thaS75 00 suit of clothes a
few days ago. They also pres-
ented the pastor's wife with a
SIO 00 dress. 'Qie people of the
Prarie Hill church also pounded
the pastor with the traditional
"pound," consisting of groceries
and many good things to eat-
This "speaks well" for the people
of Duke and Prarie Hill
THE only tires built to an ad-
1 vertised Ideal —an Ideal that
definitely indicates the policy and
aim of the makers of Fisk Tires.
The Fisk Ideal: "To be the best
concern in the world to work
for, and the squarest concern in
existence to do business with."
Next time—BUY FISK
Ford Service Station
S. L. Locker, Prop.
I( everybody followed the. And yet there ia a philisopbi*
teachings of tb9 Golden Rule | cal way of looking at prohibition,
there wouln be more equal divi« Only the rich could afford the
sion of the gold. j price of a drink now.
In boyhood we know it all, in J A town that is worth living in
manhood we learn a few things, i is worth trading in, and if worth
and in old age we begin to real- i trading in it i9 wortn boosting,
izs how little we ever did know, j Throw away your hammer and
get a horn.
To be on the eafe side you
should always scare up a laugh ,
at the other fellow's jokes. You chponic kicker the Public 8izeB
When a fellow develops into a
Hays Wampler returned
Grandfield Monday.
Mrs. B C. Rose and Mrs. K.
Haddad spent Monday afternoon
with Grandma Rose west of town
Mrs. Loys Heidenreich spent
Saturday nigh: with her parents
at McQueen.
^ W E. Chad wick of Prarie Hill
and brother, Pink Chadwick of
| Altus, were Duke visitors Sun
Mrs. M. G. Griggof Sharman,
Texa9, i* here visiting her broth
er, M. L. Smalling and the fam-
ily of W. H. Map»ey.
■nnr n iwiHF
—That fellow with a grouch about th»* way he ha#
b»-«-u gutting hi* barber work done. We find thein.
occasionally, but th**y forget their grouch after a
vlnit to our shop We invite you to leave your beard
and hair with up a* often as you like.
Calvin HukiU and Jesse Mea
son of Russell were here on busi-
ness Tuesday.
Roy Speck of Prairie Hill was
visiting a friend in Hollis last
Friday and Saturday.
J. G. Marquart handed in 31 50
last Saturday and requested that
he not miss a copy of the paper
jfor a year-
j Cbas. We'ch, superintendent
j of the wa:er and light plant at
, Altus was in Duke Sunday afcer~
Mrs. M. L Alexander and
daughter, Mrs. Tom Spruiell of
Cotton wood, were shopping in
town Wednesday.
L. 3. White, V". L. Smith and
Lon Morrell left yesterday for
Wichita Falls, where they will at*
tend the big cow boy's reunion.
W. A. Brawley of Gould
A Fish Fry.
On Ia3t Monday night quite a
number of Mr. and Mr3. J. E.
Craig's friends called at their
home and enjoyed a splendid old
time fish fry. Those present were
J F. Reaves and family, John
Heidenreich and family, Mr. and
Mrs. Edgar Absher, B E. Darby
and family, John Peterson and
family, Jess Craig and wife, K.
L. Craig and family, R. E. Craig
and wife, Mrs. Gilliam, and
George Giiliam.
There was a total of 38 present
and all enjoyed a bounteous feast |
of fish, after which they left as j
suring Mr. and Mrs. Craig they
would call strain and try and do'
a better job of it next time
may want him to return the ag
ony some day.
There is a strain of humor in
most men, but often they are the
only ones who are able to find it
We are not entirely without
hope. Th6 league of nations is
still konwn by its name.
Fellow writes in to know if
prices have really risen, or if the
value of currency has depreciat-
ed. It's both brother, both.
No, America has not entirely
forgotten the men it s nt across.
It is still passible to squeeze
something out of
they are discared.
No, sister, poor old dad never
swears any m jre these days. The
monthly bills jjst knock the
wind all out of him.
bim up as one who has lost bis It fits and it sticks.
It is consoling to remember
that in these days of sky prices
a smile still costs nothing—unless
you bestcw it upon the wrong
To every cloud there is a silver
lining, but most people are look-
ing for gold.
Pity the young man who knows
more than his father. Some day
be may oe a dad himself, with
the chickens coming home to
The most valuable commodity
them before of all still remains at the same
old bargain figure. Marriage
licenses can be had for 33.00 per.
Mrs. R B. West i9 visiting her
mother, Mrs. Phillips, at Gould.
Mies Ruth Whito who has been
teaching at Willowvale south of
Oluitw, arrived home yeeterday,
in town Wednesday and Tbura- 1 her bavin? closed the day
day of this week and renewed 1 b*'or'-
j If you dont see the point wben
i yo« read pare no. 3 buy a paper
of pint frotn Harvey 4 Son sit
on ooe and yov'U feel the point
his vubecriptioa to The Times
Mr*. N. D. Bingham of Den*
eer. Colo , mother ># Mr# * A.
McAte*. Mewpuicl by b*r
2au*v«r. Mr* I>*u* G.Uy of Te«
»«. Tesa*. netted Uei wees is
♦be McAtee bose.
See The T«mes for All kinds of
job pr.ntir r
I have purchased the Garage business of O.
Davis aud have as&uraed charge. I will make
a great number of improvements and my fa-
cilities for handling any and all work will be
second to none. I invite iny friends to give
me a portiou of their business at least, aud as.
sure you that every job turned out ot my shop
will have my persoua! attention, and goes out
with my guarantee that it must be right.
My exj»erience in the mechanical dejwirtment
ha.s equipped ine with a thorough understand-
ing of all makes of cars aud this fact is to the
advantage of the car owner when he leaves his
car with me for repairs.
Roberson's Garage
Luther Roberson, Prop.
Telephone No. 8
CHI and (is*
Service Car

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