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The children love
Wrigley's-and it's
good for them.
pini unocr conditions ov
absolute clRanlloaaa and
|yyy|^||A 4a lfl| |fl|p|^|A||'A
orotic ni to mtm 10 wnsicy s
Saftaftas Ida cravtog tor
gfuli iiijj digftHon. rurict
(....ii. ■!!■■■■ rtilrat «iu|
cos Dream, niiys vnirsT svhi
bdn k««p tcatt) dean.
Coats lltfla. benefits much.
u. s troops prepare to
I* *t» tk* Cmtt M»a» Me*
bit M*m U4<—Om ROM
•I C«*» P* Htr « »>
RU4 I* Rmm<V.
T«kr I44rt« only a* hiU M cwh "Btyti" ratio*.
6**** m
»' ♦»« IM«* IRf ««•»«»»
The Largest Animal.
Mont hoy* have seen picture!) of the
tinge liziml which roamed the earth
millions of yeurs ago, anil is supposed
to he the In rut's t r.nltnal which ever
lived. Searchers in Utah have dis-
covered some hones of nn animal
which was twice the size of this great
prehistoric animal. A hole 600 feet
long and 80 feet deep had been dug
when someone claimed the land. The
government thereupon created n Na-
tional Dinosaur Monument, comprising
the locality, which will be protected
nntll the investigations are finished.
The work is being directed by the
Carnegie Institute, which discovered
and assembled the skeleton of the
familiar dinosaur. — Boys' Life for
The Tide of Immigration.
Thirty-three million people have
made the long voyage from alien
shores to our own since liberty's eter-
nal fire was kindled first on American
There la nothing more satisfactory
after a day of hard work than a line
full of snowy white clothes. For such
results use Ited Cross Ball Blue.
The Dear, Dead Dayfc
"Does your wife object to your go-
ing out with your men friends?" asked
"Not my married men friends," re-
plied Sheard. "But she draws the line
at bachelors."
"She says whenever I go out with
a party of bachelors I always return
home greatly depressed."
A Feeling of Security
Honesty between husbands and
wives is the best insurance against
Hot water
Sure Relief
You naturally feel secure when yon
know that the medicine you are about to
take is absolutely pure and contains no
harmful or habit producing drugs.
Such a medicine is Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-
Root, kidney, liver and bladder remedy.
The same standard of purity, atrength
and excellence is maintained in every
bottle of Swamp-Root.
It is scientifically compounded from
vegetable herbs.
It is not a stimulant and is taken in
tea spoonful doses.
It is not recommended for everything.
It is nature's great helper in relieving
and overcoming kidney, liver and blad-
der troubles.
A sworn statement of purity is with
every bottle of Dr. Kilmer's Swsmp-
If you need a medicine, you should
have the best. On sale at all drug stores
in bottles of two sues, medium and large.
However, if you wish first to try this
great preparation send ten cents to Dr.
. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., for a
j simple bottle. When writing be sure and
' mention this paper.—Adv.
Their Way.
"Convicts as a class, are very polite
"How do you make that out?"
"They never do wrong without beg-
ging pardon for It."
Contradictory Praise.
"I hear you have a rare cook."
"Yes. and strange to say, every-
thing she does Is well done."
t i IVm* IHMmm *• IfeMS is M*a
*•*«* »%** ito |*4*>*l
MM *1*4 Ik* i*wa«s
M •«» f«b>U Kl |M 4***S< M<*
t*M IWtKM >«»H ■«SIIWU»'*X' »•
ttoutwi • *•«*» In* wk «"»•
IkRS'tl tRlin UMWMR4 *•
MS Ml I* RtlSlM 4 ■
IImm t •»#•• • mmtm mm "h*
IMirk In • <*dn*M* sin
IM- ata* ft MtMMMNlma ts4 rii'ias of
Ih* 1*1*1 IMIIHI* l| mH al Ik*
H'» . •» heir On* 4«I«|I>
mmmiI rruw rtactu HmmIih b**d*d u«»«*b
i4 I'hlfciMhn* tilt lit lb- i»b
•I* »».. M b*»<.U •If.lfarIM* at lb*
raiinxMl liar ta Jsntva
No Wiro CsmmymiMK*.
Wit* tuititnun**! ion nub ('hihtia-
tua Clljr k»> am iw# f *«tabli»h»d
b*»UBd TfllUHt, about Hi Id •*> b*
m**n Ju«i«i *n«i < hibuabua t'lty Tha
line also ho* hrtli nil .out ti ol I'hdrW
About ?<mi soldiers tioin th* Juar**
rarriiua siari*il »ouih "In rapalr
bruit*! ' areotdlMf in official snnouncb
«i«m tut II d*%*lop*d that a complete
artillery unit and machine eun cora
I *n> were included In ih« detachment.
Forty Men Revolt First.
The rHoluni Chihuahua garrison
coos 1sts ol Son m'en under I'olonel
Francisco Del Arco and Colonel Flgu-
eroa. The trouble started several days
a mi when lorty men belonging to Dal
Atco's coniniMnd revolted. Del Arco
whs called from im Crux, south of Chi-
huahua City where he was statlon'ed
with a small detachment, to quell the
mutinous soldiers. The defection
spread to the remaining troops with
lie result that the entire garrison re-
Funds of the customs office in Ju-
area were brought to an Kl Paso bank.
American troops in Kl Paso were or-
dered to be prepared for action In
event a threatened uprising in Juarez
endangers this city.
Military police in the city have been
issued rifles and ammunition and the
city policfe have made arrangements to
patrol a dead line in the lower part
of the city beyond which civilians will
not be permitted to go in the direction
of the Rio Grande.
Troops Reach Juarez.
General Francisco Gonzales, com-
mander of th'e Juarez garrison when
the city was attacked by Villa in June,
1919, and until recently provisional
governor of Tamaulipas, arrived in EI
Paso with authority from Carranza to
take charge of loyal troops in Juarez
in event there is an uprising.
Three hundred calvarymen of thh
Villa Ahumada garrison declared to be
loyal forces, marched into Juarez after
a forced hike from their post eighty
miles south of the border.
Douglas, Ariz.—President Carranza
has been advised to retire, according
to word received here from Agua
Prieta. Carranza. according to the
dispatch, caired Gen. Pablo Gonzales
to the Chapultepec palace for a con-
ference with his cabinet. Gonzales is
one of Carranza's flleld generals and
is also a candidate for the presidency.
Carranza asked Gonzales to retlrb
from the presidential race and take
the field against the Sonora rebels.
Gonzales refused to retire and made
counter-proposal to President Car-
ranza. He urged Carranza to relin-
quish his office, leave the country and
allow free elections. Carranza was
supported by his cabinet, according to
the report, and refused to retire.
Yum***, ttoi—"tang !«»•» M» ,M*
wwtai Is I •«* aawt tai M »naa» ti** |
iMBIs M mt IM* frfcwr* *| M
b*«» Mifrr |W *»M I ram M *.»
•0*4*. . . , I *»«• |tfsH« l«4 MM I
•<M jM*R (M RMMtmfe* *» I r««M I*- •
I «w%M M •*•*«. II M|il Mil to M
13 siMk t^Wa I »*«I4 4m**
aM mi I •wwM UsHiIi !!*»■, . . .. _ .
hi. - II. * lrtm t»fc»*»* *# A1-I'*
' ' ~ tlh* MM -n»t*< I* **•> Ml »**«IM*
IV. A-mimf r»IW.| mr ^ tmf
m*t+ mt lU . . I« !»«• fmrt,
| Iks. at Mrfc II U mfum ti*
1 I »M»ld M U*r Mw
TWa | «»u«kl * t>n| , , . ifc* put** i
I »M>U| i«*t MOM tw *K»ti(l MM all wrf
TW 'Hii'f I'M** t* rtw »i|Mi«f*;ltra4dk TmW'W bf»»ks,
1 ni« « NkaaMbM l »at«|ii. annua,
tin t*ir» *>f I? i*Mri» raat «alf ■
Im rM* laa«tol> Ska *« t-ffrr
Uriw" |*vtatf*« 4*»«na I* iIm irnM
mi« mt Hitn ti<h»t*'iki» 14 Mi ao
l«f Ilia, t'slik,ir*iiratalni*r «t HsDounHli
r«isnkM| p'—i
i Iba M*l day I rn^Ui !- - ".hTVi.
11 raali) Unlll Mi*. I a«wM t<# s« ,a
| mtrft, .irmnililwi ibat It wmiM ***m „
; as If I aan. .Imm mUIAM0NU OlkS" OOM'f
Ilbr limn* Trraln>n>l |b—k and ilr« ultxl
to try I'a'dui» I bad ukm a
»Mr tHilllr, I • ••llld »l«"*|» Ml li'tflit . . .
I duo i )u«t linn lung, bm In
a •b. it ilnt* I was up and Mpiiit alih
lb* *urk . . •
ti«*r forty years of sun i-»«ful tin*
ba« |>r»v*n ih* % it I ii# of rnrdui In Ih*
irentm#bt of ninny ruimuuii feiiml#
All drugglM* »*ll I'nrdul, for wmuen
Warn**! Oa«n luy • Of Thai
Fit**, ttraaba. i Nana.
IVb psi kae* of "iHniwoad Dj**-
auiitani* ilirw-iluiis »« »in<pi* ibal any
amiir-n mo diamund-dy* a i»*w. rirti.
failel*** color Into son, »htihby Kir-
inriit.. ilm|>*rtm. ro**rlng». wbathaf
wool, »llk. Iin*n. i-oiiun or mlieil gmxls.
"list ***** krsr mt is|tnl| stMitwa*
Ikt a pMM« la la* 'aildj *
* Willi Ibr** toll.I I* Is-ImU uf >ta-
|4*i%f and vraiiiiMb* kismi mmmf
g-lt |.i«)r<» and ibrir faiibtal rail*
St donbi; but lb* n%*raga
player has MiOMr lb* IIIU* •».* ll>a
aldliiy lo artl* |->*try. and lb* *«**■•
at* is<ld> would iniber b* prt-^-nlrd
miiIi a dollar than a buun>: vuIuhm- of
euluglt-*.' |tirtniiii;liaiu A Re-Herald.
Important ta MotHaro
Examine carefully every bottle ti
Worse Still.
"Do yon think it is wrong to go
through your hu»tuind * pocketaV'
"No; I don'l think It Is wrong, but I
llnd It unprolltable."
To the youth lu love whose salary
Is Ml n week an Ice cream sign looks
like a nightmare.
—then perfect r*»ult« are guaranteed
eten if you Imo* n***r dyeil befora.
Druggist has color card.—Adv.
Some men worry because I hay have
no work and some others worry be-
cause they have.
Even n girl with drenmy eyes la apt
to be wide awake to her inutrltnoiilnl
Bear* the
Signature of{
In Uaa for Over 30 Year*.
Children Cry for Fletcher'a Caatoris
II Is easier lo bw well on In yenra
llian it I* to get well off In cash.
Advice which coincide* with ynuf
own opinion Is easily wallowed.
Sullivan's Estate Worth $1,500,000.
Chicago.—Roper Sullivan, democrat-
Is reader, left $1,500,000, according to
the will filed for probate. The bulk
of the fortune was incorporated In a
trust fund for the benefit of the widow
and children.
Roll Your Own"
THIS Isn't one of those fake free treatment
offers you have seen ao many times. Wa
don't offer to give you something for nothing—
but we do guarantee that you can try thia won-
derful treatment, entirely at our risk, and this
guarantee is backed by your local druggtat.
This make* the offer oae which you can ah-
aolutely depend upon, because the druggist with
whom yon have been trading would not atand
behind the guarantee If he did not kaaw It to ba
aa honest aad legitimate N*.
Hunt's tatva. formerly called Mawfa Cara.
has been sold under absolute money back guar-
antee for mor* than thirty year*. It I* especially
compounded for the treat meat of laal
Mi** Warm. Tatttr, aad other Itching
. ar «w»t by aa« W he «*sa a*t laa«* W.
353 Bodies of U. S. Soldiers Home.
New York.—The bodies of 353 Amer-
ican soldiers, of whom all but eighty
died in France, arrived here on the
army transport Mercury Troni Ant-
werp and Southampton. Their arrival
marked the first return of soldier dead
from Prance. The bodies of four offl
cers were aboard, including that of
Lieut. Samuel Maroln. engineer corps
of Big Sprines. Texas. Each body will
be accompanied home by a uniformed
guard of honor who will remain with
his charge until the caskat to lowered
Into the grave.
Legian To Decorate Graves In Franca.
ladinnarolis Crave* of American
aoMtors whose bodies rest la the fields
of Franc* will be d«oorat«d by the
leak* oa Memorial day Plans were
announced b* l*muel Botlen aatt<mal
adjutant of the organisation Ar
rang'mim» may ha mad* for *perial
4«« pi at r* rsns by ratattvw The
r the leatsai Ihiiaahs»; im
i^RAND old "Bull". He's the best there
VJT w. He sold over 300,000.000 bags last
You know genuine "Bull" Durham—
never an enemy; millions of friends.
Genuine "Bull" Durham tobacco—you
can roll 50 cigarettes from one bag.
That's some inducement, nowadays.
j t test'a
To pipe mt
Mix • Iktte "BULL-
your fiirorit* to-
bhcco. It's lite M*r
in jroar tofUt.

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