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»U) Mill »«f*
LjdiM L Pinkbin'a Vefetable
Compovnd Made Me Stroof and
Able to Work—I Recommend
It To All Mj Frieads.
Bayonne. N. J.—"I had pains in back
ftnd leg* to that I could not stand cauMd
T!by female trouble.
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eoaMi! *~*c la l«a«iivg fo prMMont ""m *b4 MioBr • bainra:»«a4 A«er
HTUeoc rta ar«tu»U(«6 of «fce 4»ff^ »«•»• »»« «oee<l Im* 1Mb S l*r teal
etc wee IM 'A^fttUn** of AriMbia "I «a« •»««*
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f*r»B>ier I-oyd George La* brvufbt 8outbw«t
tsio <Le cpea '«*• bM dl Wiliiam if !*•> . Mffalor burner
vided lb* alUe4 fremier* iibib ibe of forty >r«re ago in tttifrg iikliho
ftrat as| of Ute Kan liemo roofer tna. t* tj»a4 *i ITlami Ok. (>b om
e&r* Ib a etot*m»B( to tcrrMpuad- bunt be made ibe rxord of iieepia*
ecu ibe bmiab prerr.:*r look dv»ct »*• oior* iban e**entv d<«d buffai'. aiimd
eue »!tb lie view* *ivre*»«d by l*ro- of the akinner* He tw a f< >mu of
B»i*r Mtlierand m r*garda G*rt.«a> *e»»nu <utile outfit* ib < • mude
4 4+ | County and foufbt ludiana tbere. lie
"Tou will bate war l& A*la Minor. wi« «; >««r« old.
and luly will not tend a aiogle aol- ■ ♦ + + nor pay a alngle lire." Signor NH- Fighting » reported Mi«c»n Araba
U. the luliaa premier, aaid in an In- and Hritltb troop* in i'a!«-»tine
Womans Rights
IM NMftf »UI m 1*9 n#U
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mm.* a-a
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9 <t*e »e» IM liiwi
"||ow an )o* gelling eluftg Willi
)''tr *rfano of "|l»l»!ir)v "
Ju»l cwet )««ir *)* M*f
" 7# M «r m in M '
"I'ortljf ii»y babif a* Iby piir*e rft»
-•Ala* f»ior Tortrk.'
*"WMI >"
"iilukM|*ir* i* |«i| fnfl ef ;.<4
titiM.**—i 'otirlrr Journal.
cordial ,t,
rwaaiMi r*«
Spohn's Dislemper Compound
»• ma H *e e*4 *** •*•<* »♦«* m "Mm** ▼•••»» *<a
>••>• «m IM »«o **•!•• iM'pu*!* <* imim '»***•
. .I*..*., .'4 Mh e*i wWft IB' i (Mg • BBpa
* •" »• «M •»» *1 »*• <ar»*l «M l«M< A««e
*>•*«• u • inMMii. »»•« . •»!!» Mil W * III* •*
.»• II il Mil. m J<ae M«na
»ruM% MCMI Il to«rm.
tervlew followlag a critical aMlyaia thou«and Bedoulaa atta.k^J Semakb.
by bim of the Turklib peace irMty. »outb of I^ike Tlberla*. frota which the
4 4 4 (mail Iiriti*b force withdrew after a
Man* for control of the Dardanellea figfct in which they *uff«red ft few
bate be*n formulated by the supreme cMu*luea.
council. The control will be exercised + + +
by two International commlasluna Ab Virgil Jordan. II jwir* old. waa
at*.e ef Okie, rtir ef T«l*de, U'U
Kr»n* J rh»r.»r m«k** eath that h* I*
*»• or of I* J i
A o. ■)<, r.g*** is. tr.a City if To-
• ; • bunti im im> afor«*ai4 ird ^»i
...4 firm **.1: j-«y v. • .n. ef ONK M' N-
I l:KD I*'1.1.4Kg for »f.5 '«•» of Catarrh
l»at rannot M rur*4 fer lh* u*« of
Bwern to b*fftr* m* and » .t» rit*d in
fny PWence. thse Ith Bay of hcinbir.
Two A n ja*
months 1 could not
work. 1 waa treat-
ed by a physician
and took other re-
medies but got no
relief. A friend told
!**al> A W G!***on. NoUrr rubllc.
♦fi ••'rnallj- and t'li through '•# Klood
«r. TV* M'.'OU* Ji'irfar*. of th*
I" J Ch*n»y A Co.. To!*do, Ohio
y. J. Cheney A Co.. Toledo, Ohio.
Willing ;o Risk It
One of the reofnt recruits to the
army, a raw-bone<! Arkan<an. was un-
derguine bis examination by a llentcn*
INC TONIC. MM by All Drag SSeee*.
1 felt bo tired all the
time, bad bad bead- administrative body will regulate the, killed. Arthur Scott. 16. «k« Injured
aches. raJ for six traffic, due* for the use of the *traiu ao severely be may die. aod Hob Fogg.
acd super%"*e affairs geaerally. much an ex army aviator, was injured less an' on tbe in«ignla w orn by officers of
the same *a the Sue* canal commis-; leverely when an airplane driven by vnriou* sra<l("i.
slon doe* for the Suex waterway. Fogg fell forty feet and plowed its
+ + + i way through a crowd of 1.000 persons
Another bMvy attack by tbe bolsha- at Ssltiaw, Ok.
me about Lvdia E. vtki ob the Polish front which was
Pinkham's Vege- beaten off by the Poles by hard figbt-
| table Compound and
3i t has helped me
very much. I am well and strong and
dow able to do my work. I cannot
thank yon enough and I recommend
your medicine to my friends who are
aide."—Mrs. Susie Sacataksky, 23
East 17th St, Bayonne, N. J.
It must be admitted by every fair-
minded, intelligent person, that a medi-
cine could not live and grow in popular-
ity for over forty years, and today bold
a record for«sacn wonderful success
as does Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound, without possessing great
virtue and actual worth. Such med-
icines must be looked upon and termed
both standard and dependable by every
thinking person
K*g U S. Pn. Oft
A clean, counter
irritant far
scratches, cuts,
etc. Hee~
and i
State Street Newtrk
The tastiest
tobacco you
ever tasted.
+ 4 4
Wayan Crow Jackson, chairman of
lag. is announced in an official com- the Oklahoma industrial commission. !
munique just Issued at Warsaw. j who died in Oklahoma City the other ,
+ * ♦ ' morning was one of the oldeit publlo
Waghington ' officials in aaitem Oklahoma
Renewed rebel activities near the + + 4-
City of Mexico were reported In Mex- Turner Brown of Seward was lodg-
lcan advices reaching WMhington re-! ed In jail at Guthrie, Ok., charged with
eeotly through official channels. Cuer-! murder. Brown, who 1b b farmer 45
Mvaca. capital of Morelos and a short I years old, it is alleged. *hot and killed
distance from the City of Mexico, was 1 his nephew. Brady Corbin, 19 years
said to be in the hands of the rebels i old, when the two met on the road,
and the railroad to the federal capital; Brown riding in a motor car and Cor.
cut. bin on horseback.
+ + + + + 4
The railroad labor board has refused A king snake, four feet long, was
to hear the wa«e demands of the Kan- found in a cartridge shell box in the
sas Cit'- Yardmens' Association on the j mail at the state penitentiary post-
ground that the application did not j office at McAlester, Ok., by W. C. Kll-
conform to the law. 'Hearings on de- gore, who is postmaster. He and two
manda of strikers in Chicago, St. j convict assistants beat a quick retreat
Louis, Cleveland and New York pr»v- j and stayed outside their quarters u»
lously bad ben refused by the board, i til the snake was shot.
4 4 4 + + +
Collection of the nation's taxes last i Two young women were burned to
year cost the government 63 cents for death in a fire that swept three blocks
ich 1100 in revenue, according to a i of frame buildings at Newtown in the
statement by the bureau of internal' Burkburnett oil field, recently. The
rBvenue. Total collections for the year j dead are Ollie Gruenwader, Taylor,
were $3360,150,000 and total expendl-! Tex., and Miss T. B. Jones of Burk-
tures in collecting that amount |20,- burnett. The property Iobs may reach
14 million dollars.
Five warships will be added to the
Chilean navy as a result of negotia-
ted president general of the Daughters ; tions with the British government
of the American Revolution, succeed- wfcich offered one dreadnought three
ln« Mrs. George Thacher Guernsey of j torpedo boat destroyers of 1.800 tons
Kansas. All the candidates for execu-1 each, and a transport to replace Cbil-
tlve offices on Mrs. Minor's ticket 6an ships taken at the beginning of
were elected without opposition. i tbe war.
4 4 4 | 4 4 4
A shortage or farm labor, which will Junius Brill, an American, who for
be as acute a* that of 1918, threatens some months has been interned In
to curtail food production on Amir- Austria with Bela Kun. former Han-
lean farms. Secretary of Agriculture garlan dictAtor, and Bela Kun's aa-
Meredith said recently In an appeal to sociates, has been released snd given
business men and oollege students to a safe conduct to tho United State*.
spend their vactlons working ob farms. , 4 ♦ ♦
+ + + | Five hundred French troops are r»
Representative Charles A. Nichols to have be€n wit*d out ,n ">•
of Detroit collapsed at his home in ^"ation of I rfa, in the northwat
Washington recently while at dinner of Mesopotamia. Details are lack-
In*. American relief workers, arr.on*
whom was Mrs. Richard Mansfield,
are all reported safe
♦ 4 ♦
Sonora revolutionists have formally
declared for tbe overthrow of Preet-
, dent Carraasa. A proclamation has
Tort district have sppealed directly to b^„ iMue<j bj tte iemdlng
th* railroad manager, for reetoratlon tlcHll,u tb. .tat* uflder the Uti« '
to dwty and settlement of IM strlko „f plan of Agu Prieta. setting forth
"*■ "»• laterMt." tke aims of the revolution la ML T
♦ 44 | 444
Daelartag mat the aatldumplBg bill A „v pUll ^ taMtlo(1 bT mbifb t%0
atly pasted by IM boas* would <jowlni<»n government would Mnsi a f
eat Americaa coaoamers from ra-
"Wliat <lo two silver bar« nu>an?"
qu^ri.-.! the lieutenant
"fine c«ld bar?"
"Second loot'nam."
"Silver eagle?"
The rookie scratched his heavl.
"Well, I ain't right sure about that
one." lie confessed, "but I reckon I'd
take a < han^e and salute him, any-
how."—The Home Sector.
Ribbon by th* Mile.
Ribbon l« Ming sold by th* mile In-
-lead of ibe yard nt one of the Y. W.
C. A. branches In New York city this
month. This Is a new method of In-
viting small gifts among the rssocla-
tion members for the national budget
which Is being raised by campaign*
throughout the country thl* spring.
At this association ci titer green ribbon
sells for so much a mile, and that
portion of the mile bought is supposed
to be worn by the buyer, so that one's
generosity Is measured by the amount
of festooning she can accomplish with
her purchase. This decorative con-
test Is carried on among members of
the association clubs and their friends.
Made It Specific.
A little girl had been naughty, and
her mother told her she must have
no pudding for dinner. Later, the
others ate a nice jam pudding, while
the culprit received only bread and
"Now. .Teanie." said her mother, at j about leaving.
Reckless Experiment.
"Friend." said Cactus Joe to the
man who had Just alighted from the
bus. "could you tell us what a soviet
"What do you want to know for?"
"Crimson Gulch has been getting so
orderly and subdued that some of our
most prominent citizens are talking
We need some excite-
4 4 +
Mr*. George Maynard Minor of Wa-
terford. Conn., waa unanimously elec-
the end of the meal, "say grace." I ment and we wouldn't mind a little
Jeanie obeyed. Closing her eyes afidj trouble if it didn't last too long. From
said, with emphasis: j what I can hear a soviet. If It was
her hands, sh
"For what they have received, may
they be truly thankful."
managed right would about fill the
Plenty of Goat Milk in Germany.
The only item of live stock In Ger-
many which increased during the war
is—goats: Germany today has 3,000,-
OflO goats, in per cent more than in
1914. Goat milk is being very largely
used as a completely satisfactory sub-
stitute for cows' milk.—Omaha Bee.
To know how to wait is the great
secret of success.—De Maistre.
High Aspirations.
"Tou are fond of school, aren't you,
dear?" asked a teacher of a pupil who
had just finished her first week.
"W'y, Miss Andrews," replied the
little tot "I mean to go to all the
schools they is until I get to the high-
est school, and I mean to study all the
histories they is until I study the high-
est one. I mean to study tbe history
of the angels, even."
Tommy's Excum Rather a Pocr 0««,
but He Was in a Mighty
Tight Corner.
The village schoolmaster had don«
very well with bis war saving as-
sociation. The scholars brought Id
their i*ennies regularly every week;
some even had as much as a shilling
to subscribe.
One Monday morning Mrs. Oates
gave her son Tommy the sum of three-
pence to pay In. On his return for
dinner the good lady asked to see
his card.
"Look here, Tommy." she said stern-
ly, "there's only two-pence entered
here! How Is that?"
Tommy grew pale as he saw that
his sin had found him out. But the
taffee In the village shop had been
so tempting. However, he did hif
"Yes. mother," he stammered,
Jjhat's all the ink the teacher had."—
fltindon Answers.
Woman Financial Expert.
Marie Prodhom, who has been ap-
pointed director of the Bank of Gen-
eva, Switzerland, and will sign the
notes and scrip issued by the bank, is
only twenty-eight years of age. She
proved herself an excellent financier
during the war, and Is the first wom-
an In Europe to hold such an impor-
tant position.
Were It impossible to speak any-
thing but the truth we should have
few friends.
A fast young man is seldom able to
keep up with his running expenses.
with his mother and died within a few
znlnutM Death w»a Bald to have bean
4ae to baart failure.
Striking railroad workers In the New
25 Cents
will buy
big package
weighing over a pound, net.
What are you paying for

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