The Altus Times. (Altus, Okla.), Vol. 4, No. 31, Ed. 1 Thursday, August 10, 1905 Page: 4 of 8

Sfkidlti BiKiits!
TIM CUM Brtid!
DcikMs P«trv!
In fact, everything maJe in ilw kiuiwfl w **
D perfect as can be ta rwty detail, if only
K lcot« s BCST p* cht
CS mioc or actus ~ h o« p»m*t
M are used tw
5 ♦ -.w-.yrur- r« 1 •»«
ZZ oih»r on »hr markri.
B .iff r.„ ' *hrat brands. Call lor
S2 them, an J inMSt <-n having them.
g lcger mill oi elevator co.
■ A.H.JACKMAX. M»i»»g*r
Viiiiinii mfflamffiHBEi
guaranteed Abso-
ran -uprnor aftV
>% i4< . *v,
Wherever <e»ing machines are used the Singer is known as
the *TA>DAPD OF EXCELLENCE It embraces ALL the good
points .-i other machines, manv points of superiority, and
v st f the tad If vou want a machine I can sell you
one on raw terms $6; machines for $48 Come in and let
me show and explain the machine to you. All kinds of
needles, oil or repairs
LEE WALKER. Local Agent.
Bsadrvtl Will Hat* Big Pica* Aogw*.
19. to Dwcu» tfci* lapomct
Sabject - Mtay Anrvuooa.
The ettu«u» of Ufadriek and
vicimH m^l on Friday, Augu*t
4. an I mid- arrangements »o
hart an Irrigation 1'ieinc at thai
place ou the 1'Jth of tbia mouth.
G W I.amb wa» cboa«ii a* chair-
mm and J. K. Eruit secretarr
S*verai committeea wtr* then ap-
pointed to c#rry ut the order of
the<'ay. sever* spt-akers hare
, l**u invii l and *»i«- bav* »l*
ready aco .'ted Th^r* wili be
• excursions Frisco froui
Oklahoma Qty *••«! ljuanati
This will probably be tb« gr*ate<t
day Headrick has yet had or like-
ly to have aoou. Tbe subject <i
irrigation wili Ix thoroughly dis-
coaled, the Altus band will be
here, two ball games will be
played. A great arbor capable-
of holding 5,000 people ia now
uuder construction, ao let every-
i body c:>me to Headrick, tbe cen-
tral point of tbe irngatiou pro-
ject, destined to be one of tbe
prettiest and liveliest towns on
tbe Friaco.
G. VV. Lamb. Ch'm.
J. E. Ebnst, Sec.
—<o'e Agent F<r—
1ill & Hill's Famous Whiskey!
rjM,|1 *bi-k*r, t/n;h'.. f itar, a drink,
I* k-T tew» of a 4»e, pore artel*. Come ia and try a saapk
(A UU fcuovC- bras4.
v f. w ti* =*->« grade*. Pool an«l Billianl ball
in rear - Cate in ewmeetiwn- A ^-ntk-men-' resort.
Phone 123.
^V'rVV'AVi'f'A'i WS®
Rentals Chattel Loans
Oliver P. Wood
general insurance
Hagen 3ldg.
Some Got Away.
Several of tbe excursionists
from eastern states to tbe Olustee
lot sale got away Thursday, and
seeing the towers and turrets and
gilded domes of Altns in the dis-
tance, decided to ascertain what
gr>-at ciiy was located S'» near th»*
little hamlet in which they had
(meeting. The music will be di- journeyed so far to invest. So
jrected bv D. R. Wade, of Dallas, j they hired rigs and drove over,
_ * ho has already arrived, and who j despite the protests of immigra-
** sishes the assistance of the sing-1 tinn agents. Among them «ere:
Urs from all tbechoirs "f the city. Jc. T. Falkensteiu, D. W. Bottorf,
A'brief rehearsal of songs to be Gf Astoria, 111.; Geo. Wells, Lit
A Touching Story
is tbe saving from death, of tbe
baby girl of Geo. A. Eyler, Cum-
berland, Md. He writes: "At
the age of 11 months our little
girl was in declining health with
serious throat trouble, and two
physicians gave her up. We were
almost in despair, when we re-
solved to try Dr. King's New Dis-
covery for consumption, coughs
aud colds. The first bottle gave
relief: aud after taking four bot-
tles she *as cured, aud is now in
perfect health."* Never fails to
relieve Mid cure a cold. At G^o.
D. Pendleton's drug store; 50o
and *1 guaranteed. Trial bottle
FanLtzi Uakc Plant At Viewy
Tt* Good Speaimg
Lzl L/.Z2 ofTon. ^ A'oriei re nearsai 01 »uug» w urioi Asiuna, m., .. —
The big Farmers' Union picnic ^ wii| ^ held after tbe ser- tleton, Iud.; N. S. Whewler, Mou-
at Victory came of! according to j yjc&9 each evening this week, i tezuma, Iud.; S. M. Howers, «F.
program Friday, aud a great, Wade is a member of the j £. Glenn, of Osborne, Ohio, aud
rnaLy peop e froui Altus attended j choir of tbe First Baptist church j others, who stopped at the Fred-
besid^fs tbe entire countryside of'0f Dai|ag( and a singer of ability,; erick. So pleased were they with
that imm^-diate- neighborhood. 1 au(j tfje mugjc nuder his leader-j what they saw that they did not
Tbe promoters of the event took = ^jp j5 pxpected to be an inspir- juvest iu Olustee, but several of
particular pains to see that every-; jUg au(j jje]pfDi feature. A cor- Lhem made purchases at Altus,
dial invitation is extended tOjand others will return later in:
body was well provided for.
there was water and shade 'u i everyone to attend these services, j the fall to buy property,
abundance for ail who had teams|
*ives °! All Night Sleeper.
Farmers 1 ~ _ .,
, i The Ft. Worth & Denver Rail-
|{ You Are Sick
Try that gr<;at tonic sold by
to take care of. The
tbe members of the
Union also look paius to see that j arraDgementsI Pendleton. The Druggist.
there was plenty to eat on JJH hefeby paggei)?er8 usiug their|
grounds, a:id judging from t■ j R - d arfive at Deu. | As Was Expected.
ir«.A «»hiri«»n devoured there - . .. 1 .
b.Te been terrible mortality N" at 11:10 p. m daily, are ac | 0ue of the ?ndiau. in town
, . therHj u\\)ti for corded the privilege of remain- §a,Qrday came iu and told a tale
among e There "'8 in »l«ePer8 at Denver over- Lj w,,e cnncf.ruiug the way they
^ t tkor or.firt night after arrivaJ, if desired, in- ] •>|]QUCoedM in the Man-
ueceswry goni proposition. H, .aid .he,
" . depart from same upon their j had come dowu to Mangum with
^•Io-!hrKOkr"' reac^'u8 Denver, this arrauge- j tjje understanding that they were
J 6Brack Baker ®eut beiu? avai,ab,e w,thoat to have two l>eeves and sugar
*'f' K aud <tber#.d A ' added expense to patrons. This j aU(J coflfpe< H" said their dances ; l" *T *" _ | arrangement is especially vain-1 tted t^e managwm^ut $280, but
an from i^xa* - . • t% t
' \ . ^ u*•,:•-• t', reachiug Dr-ljVer: that they dida t #et a cent of
rn ^ a.. - tts strangers, aud ladies traveling | thig and jjad to pay all their ex-
ill^hont the conrti a'0I,e or w't'1 ch'^reu» au(^ Pa* j penses besides. If their story
" a' . 1, ' trons of that popular line will 110 j rrect thev certainly had a
; -r;:ruT1o;rtot *-«» ...^ ^
, iilpase<l with their treatment
il.ev Lad defeated it. The crowd. pieaseu
i.umliered abont 1,0TXj i>eople, Don't Forget tbe Picnic!
aud everyone had a good time. Elaborate preparations are be-
" ling made for the Woodmen of
the World picnic ou August 17 at (
Le* Smith's grove. The game of 1 and cancers that eat away your
Sa*«*bail *»i.l b« a star ft»atare, aajtkiu. Win Bedell, rf FU*. Rock.
a n>r
•-haxci kob
i.kkkh rot'*TV
»omk bhl'.ht
tiii* wann!
here.—Granite Enterprise.
Fiendish Suffering
is often caused by sores, ulcers ! j
Rc/ival Services.
K- v val mtvi'^s l-e«au at th«
„„k ,.ud,r th. two- f th« "• <ooi»«io«op thw! .o'.
t_T h Bennett hands aud in condition |Bor»aaod cancwrt. It »tna rmi
STw A urla? o Ryan T^n, will ba plenty of fri-d h-ahng drying I - var found.'
I.f.. will .m« -..ord.., >od ob.e .0 .od otb«pioni.d.ion«. 8o«l». ."d Miinto bmnn
tut p««h ,h.t e.»„„ .no lh-A 1 J£M<
tarn* till i»-tia.v. ti m-ittrmlwrHL
phcne 101. altus. oklahoma,
^ r* ***** K «*»•«*« iwwwwwm*
A Handsome Gold Watch
To Be Given Away
We Want 2,500 Subscribers By November 25!
THE AI.TIS TIMES, tli« l«it weekly newi|>»|*r in Syulh Olwr ^ e
reader, t, Tb.o».Si«.og D«,. Xorembo, «. IW. ,,d iu orOe, Z
decided to offer a haudsome gold watch a§ inspiration to the you ig acriVj© for tbe
help us get the list. In other words, we want you induce your friends vourBelf. To
paper, and by so doing assist you to secure this handsome gold ^'®e pl wofk am0ng your
do this it is uot going to cost you much time or trouble. A few ho energetical-
friends each day or week will accomplish a great deal, if you work earn y .{||1 aud
ly, aud we feel sure that you will go iu with the determination of winning
a8e" how To Win This Watch!
Iu this issue of THE TIMES, as well as in every other issue betweeujo
vember 25, will be found a printed coupon, with blanks for name and a J
you desire to vote for. Each of these coupons is worth five votes fwr theJa y y
Every cent paid iu on subscription between August 1, 1905, and Tbank.giv,og^M l. good
for one vote for the lady of your choice, aud this applies not only to u
,h0S, who p.y .p b«ck ,nb«eriptioua or p.v iu .dv.uee. For ,u,Uu« sn_
and pays us 50 cents to reuew his subscription another year. He will BQ
titliug him to 50 vote, tor the lady of his choice. If he pay. »l he rece'"! Jh job
ou. coupons will be gives only fur money rece.yed ou .ubecriptlou, ^
work nor advertising accounts beiug included iu this contest, I
s0ld'i„ hie riuES .mo*... ,b» a.,»».(-«..«u. w- -i"0"h" ^ **c
locked aud the key turned over to a cuuiuiilte* -f three, cons.stiug uMKoni . ^ ^
D. Rogers aud J. A. Henry. All coupons brought or sent to 1HL TIMES offi ^
deposited in this ballot box.which will be opened at the end ot each week jus be 8 ^ ^
press and counted by tbe three judges. The slauding of each candidate wi P - Tfae
THE TIMES each week, up to tbe three weeks just before the close of th ' ^
personal coupons publishe<i in the paper ar^ daied, and to be counted mus j P ^
the ballot box before two weeks from the date thereon has elapsed. If deposit
time they will uc-t be counted. f ti -.
WHO MAY EnTER:—Any youu« lady it. Greer county may enter the coute
watch, and each aud every candidate will have an absolutely fair aud eveu c lauce o
nina. There are uo restrictions nor conditions, the only request being tha yoi g
hustle for votes, and get your friends interested iu your success. The ™ ' win
harder you work, the more subscribers you will get, and the more votes an
be able to secure. No one connected with THE TIMES management, or the office force,
be allowed to participate in the contest iu any way. We gaarautee absolute
impartiality to all who euter.
A Watch Worth The Winning!
Girls, this watch is no iusiguificaut, jim crow, suide affair! It is a genuine 17 je ^
ed, 20-year guaranteed movement, with 20 year genuine rolled gold triple p ate case, *
dainty chain, something you caa wear and be proud of all your life. Rest a8in"® *hage(j
TIMES would never think of giving away a prize it would be ashamed of. P
this time piecn right her* iu AIiu§, of Mr. E E Russell, the well knowu au re ia
er, and HIS guarau*ee# as well as oars, acc«» in ^allies it? pre«entatiou. The s\atci 19
exhibition at Mr. Russell's jewelry store, where it may be seen by auy aud all woe
Some One is Going to Win This Prize!
Now, young ladies, its up to you! Aoy "ue of you will be mighty proud of this a ,
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subscribe for a first class pap-r he should alreaiy be reading. There are just ots ) p
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asked them to, and more especially if ihat "someone were a pretty gir wor*
haudsome prize. There an- six rural mail routes ruumug out of Altus, t ree r',nL „ .
and two fiom Headrick, aud every man liviug ;u those routes should take '
the best paper in South Gre.r. Lots of them tre taking it already, ana some of then o
back subscription money for it If you will collect this you can receive coupons ou it j
the same, aud if you waut to try for it we will gladly furnish you with sn scriptiou is s
work from. We will also furnish you with lots of sample copies to solicit new su sen
If you bad a horse and buggv you could easily cover oue rural raute a day, and secure
from 75 to 100 subscribers ou each oue!
OLD SU BSC HI BE US:—Look at the date opposite your name when you get your pape
from the postoffice, AND PAY UP. Ask for your coupons aud vote them for your favorite
Some of The Times' Features!
1. ALL the local news of Altus aud Vicinity.
2. Constructio* X"«s nf the Orient Ruin-ad
3. Official Orxau of Mangum Laud Office, Southern District.
4. Current Comment ou Matters aud Thiugs Pertaiuiug to the Best Iuteresta
of Altus and South Greer.
5. Country Correspondence from Headrick, Martha, Blair, Elmer, \iotory,
Plew Valley aud Other Localities.
0. And last but uot least, the LIVE MERCHANTS OF ALT IS, who waut
your trad*, and ADVERTISE FOR IT.
Enter Today! Interest Your Friends! Cut Out The Vote!
Help us make THE TIMES the Best Paper ia Oklahoma, assist us in bringing our
subscription list to 2500, and at the same t me wiu this beautiful watch FOR YOURSELF!
Let us start you in this contest. Call or write for sample copies aud further particulars, if ^
?. you desire them. to

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