Mangum Weekly Star. (Mangum, Okla.), Vol. 27, No. 8, Ed. 1 Thursday, August 13, 1914 Page: 3 of 8

There U a smile on th« fan** of
I be farmer* of this part of tbe coun-
try that wont wear off since ths nice
rain of last Sunday nlxbt. It was of
great belp to late feed stuff anl tbe
Rev. Partln of Rrlnkman, In aold.
In« a mee«°nc at this place.
Oar echoo'i Is progressing nlcefy
with J. L. Jackson as teacher.
Mrs. Lyon and daguhter, from the
city, are visiting with Mrs. P. L.
Francis and daughters. i
Several from this community at- j
tended the picnic at Mangum Satur-'
day. •
Mother Hamilton, of Mangum Is
spending the week hi this vicinity.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Revell were vls-i
iters in Mangum last Saturday. '
Robert Hamilton and Leslie Pow-
erc were |'n our midst one day last
R. E. Sheridan has returned from
Mr*. R. K. llyrd, of Wills Point. Tex-
as. I Jul * Luree was very ill from
Wednesday at noon until 7 o'clock
board Is u vrn authority to discharge villi*, Tfxas on a business trip,
the superintendent whenever Its m«»m Arnold Jones, of Marvin, OkUnoma,
r<>d as this sample.
Tha farmers are all rejoicing over krra bellve be has not faithfully dla- iH spending the week with relatives Tuenday afternoon a stalk of cottou
Thursday evening when the Death the fine rain we 'nave had the past ,'l»»»*«,d bis duties, and the superln- on the route. was i<lac«d on display at Hannah's
Ancel saw fit to call the little one few days. They were a great relief to discharge any man con Th<, ef Mt View will be- lirug store on which tner« were I5'»
from thh world of sin and suffe'lng cotton and young feed. !«^r,rnM.T.u^n-d^,VIi„h^h«' rf'JLin. *,n a r«,v,v,l, westing at that place bolls and square The .talk is heat
to the Great Beyond. Little Lores Doc Turner and George Hawkins |iro , of wtowB dJrt^t<>d MU)lourf Pr,,,,ly n,«h<- thy »nd from all appearances the lar-
bad convulsions, caused from getting had a cow killed by lightning last ,OWft Kaniin„ htv„ Uwv' 0 w P«rl these bolls and squaren
a fall on Monday at noon. All was , Wednesday night. The regular dragging k .<eps the roods WANTED One or more cars of wes- would have matured
done that medical skill could do. but On account of Brother Rogers be- Mlod when once they have been dra* tern ponies or culls: not to *x- The cotton came from the farm of
?o no avail. The little one suffered ing away | n a revival meeting, there «ei The total cost of draggtmc all th# coed COO pounds each. Mrs. Ft J. Jones, w'nlch Is located 5
untold agony until the last. She was were no services at Harmony Sun- jtsruded roads of a towns'olp Is often ALFRED E. BUCKENRIDOB, miles south and one mile «»ast of th«»
J».ly n bud on »arth to blcssom In day. lw,1t lhan th* re-gradlng roads 8 It adv. Bellot, Wisconsin, city, and ll Is suid there l« 120 acres
heaven. We extend to the bereaved Quite a number of the young folk* l**ve not been dragged. Jour- . c — of cotton, most of which Is Juat as
parents and relatives our deepest attended church at Heater last Sun- nal fH,k" *** 1° " that a slml- MANGUM ROUTE 3
sympathy. day nltfnt. ** U «,nacte<l •«> Oklahoma next
Jonh Stockton Is on the sick list The singing at Harmony Sunday af. j*',".''.'!. „,!♦ mi''1 Jl W> ,,earHOn '• PU«'n* down
.and has been for aeveral dayj. ternoon was well attended. ,jot 0'f good Toads Into service. Okla- ,lew w<,1, on hls p,ar4> th,s wpnl<-
I Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Peevey and M-. The singing schoo'i at Consolidated h,„na Farm Journal. J" W- Ufm^Hhuw wftB ln
and Mrs. R. E. Byrd and Mr§. Williams No. 2, closes Tuesday night with a 0
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mn. A. concert. Everybody Is Invited to at- KaPm for ga|^i installment plan; 2
[ L- Routen- t|,nd I miles south; See Well.
Mrs. H. D. Hall vipent Tuesday af- Some of the farmers are uneasy;
ternoon with Mrs. L. C. Cotton. about their w'neat since the big rains; ; MANGUM ROUTE 1
Bruce Paxton and mother were'some think it Is almost ruined.
shopping ln the city Thursday and FrL Mr. and Mrs. John Allen visited at Mrs j, w gtinson was the guest of
day. |Doc Ballew's Sunday. Mrs. R. L. Olive Monday.
Mrs. Havey from DeVol, Oklahoma, i The Ice cream supper at the home O'Neal, of St. Joe, Tex
Is the gueat of her parents. Mr. and of Mr. Vaughan Tuesday nisht, In 1 a)< is visiting her mother, Mrs M C.
Mrs. J. C. Brown, of Foss. Oklaho-
ma. is visiting wlt'n her daughter, Mrs.
town o:i bus-
iness Monday.
... The ~ln Sunday nig'nt brought the Baldwin^T vieek
8 ltad tJ""«8hln« at M J- '*>'« j Ralph Foster, of Sayre, la vbltlng
8 at the McAlester home this week.
'Mr. and Mrs. Herman Morgan, of
Mr and Mrs. Ross Klnsey, Mr. and
Route 2. visited at the home of Mr. M„. 0k|a RobertB and ^
and Mrs. I. A. Parker Saturday and IJowma? ,ef. for Medicine
Quite a numbsr of young ladles of
Mangum, visited at the O'Hara home
Mrs. 8. W. Ranks.
nonor of Miss Sumrall s birthday, was Bolt and other relatives on the Route. T"«sd*y evening.
G. W. IrfbeM went to White Flat on
New Mexico, where he has been for
some time.
L. H. Thompeon has returned from
j Miss Arllla Gllbreath is on the sick | well attended.
; list at tblB writing. j 0 business Tuesday.
Dr. Poer made a business trip to ( A child that has Intestinal worms j gtinson returned Tuesday af-
J. II. Cheek was In town on busln-
Arlington, Texas, wha-e be was call-
ed to the beside of his son. We are
glad to say he left hte aon great'iy im-
town on Wednesday afternoon. 'is hndlcapped In Its gnowt'n. A few »er transacting business a day or two Man'funi visitors Saturday.
Born—To Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Cot- doses of WHITE'S CREAM VERMI- tn ix>ne Wtolf. Mrs' J< 8 Bradshaw wa« 'n town
ton, a fine boy. Mother and babe do-
ing nicely.
Park, where they will spend a week
or so fishing.
Mrs. Tucker of Mflngiijm. v>^Itixl
I her niece, Mrs W. N. Patillo, the
latter part of last week. '
Miss Clarice Single/ spent Thorn.
"• were day wIf0 M4s(J ^ Underwood.
Mr. and Dorfsoif'of 'Mangum,
visited their -son, W O. Podson, the
latter part of last Veek.
Murphy Dooly and family of near
Delhi, spent Friday night wfth J. C.
FUGE destroys and expels worms; ; Several of the patrons of the route trad,nK °ne day last week.
the child immediately improves and n,tended the socialist encampment at 8«v'eral of the patrons sowad tu--
thrives wonderfully. Price 25c per Mangum. n,ps Tues<lay-
If you sit fn a cool draft when you j'50^'e" Sold by Mangum Drug Com- Mr. Pace will soon have his gin at Kea"mont made a flying trip Castleberry.
Mr. and Mrs. Dayton Warner left are heated and get a stiff or lame pany adv>| Ladossa rBady to go to ginning. j to_^^angtwn Monday. J Mjss Gladys Slatou M Mangum, vis-
last week for South Dakota. back, you will be looking for some- ° j Miss Myrtle Busby who haa been 88 Me"e L3?on is pTogre,ls,ng ited the Misses Cousins the latter part
C. P. Hamilton and little son, of thing that will ease the pain. Fix HESTER HAPPENINGS | visiting in the T.adessa community, nIce,y with hGr <Iass in music. |of ]ast
returned to her 'nome in Headrick, Ok-! i^u^te a nUJnl)fr.of. 4lle P®oP,e °'| Miss Grace Hardin spent last week
near BloomJng-
campment at Mangum Satu^ay and ton
Mangum, were at the Boone home on your mind on BALLARD' SNOW LIN-1 returned to her 'nome In Headrick, Ok- ^ uer m ,ue peopu. oi Mjss Gra(>e Hardin
Sunday. IMENT and don't be talked out of it The comunity haa been blessed lahoma, Tuesday, accompanied by j a^t®°d?d the^soclallst en- at the Herndon 'noma
Tom Hood of Willow Is spending b8cause it is the best pain relieving w'th <iuite a bit of rain t"ne past week. Miss Grace Cruickshank.
the week with tys cousin, Tom Fran- liniment you can get anywhere. Price; Cotton and feed stuff Is certainly | / fine rain fell over the Route Sun-
cig. ' 25c, 50c and $1.00, per bottle, sold by , 'ooking fine. day night.
Miss Kate Powers and brothers of Mangum Drug Co. —adv ; Misses Ola Farmer and Stella Lott [ Mre. J. B. Spruili and children vis-
Mangum, were in the community last o | w«re dinner guests at the Wicker s ited Saturday and Sunday with her
Saturday. j BLAKE BLATINGS Ihome Sunday. . .sister, Mrs. Dooley, near Duke.
Sam Chancelor and wife are vis-1 | Miss Pearl Chaney returned home' Misses Grace Crulcks'nank and
iting in Mangum. j 'Mr. and Mrs. Fred Thompson of La- from Weatherford Wednesday, after, Myrtle Busby were guests of Mr. and
Broom still free; new goods. Man-
gum Cash Grocery. 8tfad
dessa are visiting with relatives on Attending the normal. She stopped j Mrs. Milo Putnam Saturday night: *
T«pfn«n» h»hlM 9,.„v. hav « hard «oute 1. off at Foss for a few days visit before Mrs. C. Wright and children left;^tat<?® tnat he baa joined National
Teerning babies always have a hard uult5 i rrMl9„ ^ Guards to serve during the encamp-
Ernest Herron went to Port Worth, |comlng home. Friday for Wellington. Texas, whera | x ^ •
Miss Willie Maddux is able to be up
L. P. Thomas of Russell, made a
time of it when this process occurs in
hot weather. They not only have to Texas, Wednesday to spend a months
contend with painful gums, but the vacation.
stomach is disordered, bowels loose Mr. and Mns. Frank Shinn are vis- , ^ ^
and the body uncomfortable. The iting with their parents at Blake this J uesiness 1 P ester first o t e
best help you caa give the little suf- week. I wee"c<
ferer fe McGEE'S BABY ELIXIR. It There was the 'nardest rainfall on ' ,T1!e S<;h001 ,S Pr°Sressin«
corrects sour stomach cools and Sunday night that we have received i e^week Thmy-se'veTit
quiets the bowels and helps digest- this year. I y !T Thirty-seven is the present
ion. Price 25c and 50c per bottle. Th' J „ (enrollment.
Sold by Mangum Drug Co. -ad r ^ £"Je y g ! °f r' &nd i Se^Tal °f the young P®0^6 attend"
G. M. Meason passed away very sud- | ed the singing at Harmony Sunday af-
denly Friday night, after a very short ternoon and t'n«y also attended the
illness. The remains were interred ; concert Tuesday evening.
at Dryden Saturday afternoon. Tae j Mrs. J. M. Foraker returned from
entire community extends their sym- j Dallas, Texas, Saturday night. Mrs.
E. L, Ray was aa Erick vLltor la*"*!" in this. Foraker ha, baen by tb, brfsld. of
Monday .their second sorrow „his year. j her daughter and two children. The
fl T tj.iffrirtPA ftTi/1 T p Hooit Mr- and Mrs- Northcutt spent Tues-; children died within two weeks of
Jd. a baZr^t, Sana mT„ in Ma,gu„ « w«k .Xbjeaeb of«e,
day of last week. jrelatives- I Quite a few relatives took dinner at
Ji, p. Tubb lost a fine cow one day! The Methodist revival at Red Hill,the Resian home Sunday.
last week, it beiug ki'iled by li^nt- started last Sunday night. | 'Misses Ola and Thirza Wicker made
ning. | J. L. Johnson has rebuilt his silo ja business trIP to White Flat Tues-
O. K. Tuton and family went to that was blown down last summer, day"
Mangum Sunday to attend the fun- and is ready to fill both of them now. The M'sses Simpson of Mangum
eral of Will Tuton's daughter. | Mesdames .Laminack and DeRacy visJted ^rs- A?hley the latter P41"1 of
t>iit ACoronn, iu- , ^ . last week. •!. n. weauuwd aua a crew oi men
UoCI a "■ • — b05ey ™ road work «|~^day.
Crops are loolfng fine since the
rain of Sunday night.
Bhe will spend a few days with her:,ment this The encampment
daughter, Miss Mamie. | i8,at chandler. and there they
Misses Travis Gillespie, and Jewell,wiU go to McAlester.
Chaffin were dinner guests at the Wesley Morrow and family, of Wel-
Carpenter 'nome Sunday. j lington, Texas ar© visiting at the
Quite a number of the young peo-; home of his brotner, E. M. Morrow,
pie enjoyed the melon party at the \ Mrs. Riley of Alvord, Texas, is
home of Mr. and Mrs. P. Cotton Sun- visiting relatives in this community,
day evening. v ' j She is a neice of J. W. and L. J.
Miss Jessie Cundruff spent Satur- Thompson.
day night with Miss Cora Spruili. i We sincerely sympathize with Geo.
o,— 'Meason and family in the loss of their
11.00 can best coffee, few days 80. baby glr, Tae remaJnB
were carried
Mangum Cash Grocery. 8tf ad. to i)ryden where they were interred.
Mrs. Parkey and Jim Kirby
among those from here who accom-
panied the body to the cemetery.
Jim Kirby and family spent the
day Sunday at the 'nome of Squire
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Perryman were
Mangum visitor Tuesday.
H. P. Morgan and family spent last
Saturday and Sunday at the home of
I. A. Parker on Route 3.
C. C. Murray was transacting bus-
iness in Duke Tuesday.
Farmers are feeling good since the
fine rain that fell Sunday nig'nt.
J. H. Meadows and a crew of men Ga,loway v,s,ted at the L- J- ^"P"
MiBS Hester McAlester, who han
been vlslK'ng relatives at Ixme Wolf,
returned home Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Klnsey, who
have been visiting relatives In thl.s
community, 'jeft Monday morning for
their nome In Denison, Texas.
Wsses Clarice Slngley and T.ora
Underwood were supper guest3 at tho
Williams home Thursday evening.
Mrs. Ross, of near Pleasant Valley,,
Is visiting her daughter, Mrs. C. C.
Hold en.
Claude Moss and family, of Gran-
ite, visited with Dr. 'Moss anl family
Mrs. Jim Walker (s on the sick 'list
at this T-rltlng.
Quite a number of young people of
Ozona and Brinkman, attended ser-
vices at. t'nis place Sunday evening.
Mrs. H. J. Banks and children vis-
ited at the Cowley home last week.
W. J. Underwood and family spent
Sunday at the Dr. Moss home.
Quite a number of our peopla are
attending court this week at Man-
C. A. Armstrong is on the sick list
this week.
Mrs. Scutter Moss' mother, from
John Spencer came to the home of tern 0kI^oraa> Jg vlslting'her at
his son, W. H. Spencer,- at Russell present
to visit a few days. His wife has
been visiting here for several weeks.
Mrs. Dela Roberts and Grandma
night on his way home from Texas,!
last Saturday There isn't any dan-
Mrs. Wm. Tubbs and Miss Bessie ger of Emitt'8 getting married now.
Walter Jackson and family, who
have been living in Wichj'ta Fails for
the past yea1*, are moving back into
this community.
T. H. Armstrong and famiiy pent
Tuesday nisht at the Busby home in
the hill south of town. | Jlm LonS and family are visiting
where he nad been workin* in th« A V —"" —or jamiix s getting married now. MrS- N. B. Dial returned Monday j relatives and friends in Texas.
harvest ' Aylesworth arrived Sunday from Dal- Misses Alma Kirk, Ola Farmer, Ola from a visit with relatives at Sharon.' A fine rain fell Sunday night, which
M F Wtells and famf v took din-''88' Texas to visft witn theiT ^ther, wiicker, Messrs. Tom Hinds, Emmitt Oklahoma. . places the crop In fine shape for the Best prices, honest dealings; new
ner at the Avery home Sunday |MrS" David Kennedy on Route One. Talley and Floyd Copeland called at! Father and Mother Cameron visiter! remainder of the summer. j goods; new brick building. Mangum
Albert McCurdy and C B Bradley Mr' and Mrs' Wm" p~lc® 4111(1 Uttle t'ne Foraker home Sunday and enjoyed relatIves and attended the encamp- Summer feed cutting is t'ue order,Cash Grocery. 8tf adv.
j ones wene guests to supper with Mr. a delicious course of grapes. i ment at Mangum Monday. ; of the day now, and all young feed Is ' ~
are attending court this week. .
Aubrey Avery and family spen* last d MrS" Northcutt Sunday. ! Tne rains are delaying the thresh- R- E- Wilson left Tuesday for Bee-. pretty well matured.
Sunday at the W. G. Halley home. LBu? SP«ncer Passed t'nrougb Blake ing. therefore, a good deal of wheat
Rev. J.Bowles' little girls are stay-! M°"day' having made a ^ triP,,s ruin,n» «elds.
ing at the L B. Harris home |*° Maneum and ~turn. Miss Grey will lecture to the youn-
Leslie Hood was a Mangum visitor! ,S®me one borrowed stole on ^people next Sunday evening at 7:3Q.
Tnursday aqd Friday. I_ .. ™ Robinsons fln« horses last A special program will be prepared.
A great deal of interest was manJFriday night' and bave not- turned; Mr. and Mrs. Andy Farmer of Te*as,
if T)l Olin .1 rt/1 IVI n n a W rfpllnJ _ W 1 -
lfested last week in the primary.
Howard Tubb and family spent Sat-
urday night at the Nippert home.
J. A. Carter was a Sayre visitor
Mrs. A. J. Faulkner and children
spent Sunday at the J. H. Ray home.
The Holiness meeting at Township
closed Sunday night.
B. M. Ray was a Hext Switcn visitor „ ... . .
, j nearby, keep the bowels act/ve and
Thursday of last week.
it. They succeeded in gettfng C. M.: visited t'ne Farmer home last week.
Lamrnack's team of mules out in the Law'er Solomon of Mangum Is at-
sectlon lane, but were unable to drive tending the singing school.
t'nem off. —
Wta. Kennedy came in from the oil WANTED—Four head of hor8es or
fields Saturady to spend a few days mares. 15 to 15 1-2 hands high 5 to
visiting relatives at Blake. 8 years old for livery purposes;'must
_ ' ~ ~ ~~ be weI1 broke, both single and double
Constipation is the starting point 8 tf adv. * W. D. BLACK
for many serious diseases. To be
Sallow complexion comes from bil-^
iou8 impurities Vn the blood and
fault lies with tbe liver and bov
—they are torpid. The m-dirine
give? results in mich case* is I
BINE, it is a tne liver stimulent
bowel relator. Sold by Man
Drag Company. — c.
regular. HERBIN'E will remove all
accumulations in the bowels and put
"stem in prime condition. Prlep
50c. Sold by Mangum Drug Co.
Nebraska has taken hoTd of the ma-
king of real ^oads out of dirt and a
law which, according to t'ne .Vebri •• I
ka Farmer; Makos It the duty of t!^
county board to divide up th,> ^ra.|. '
roads of earh township into "d air
glng districts" of surh « »
fo:~> NYALS i
There has been very little doing at
the various departments at the court
house during the past week aside
from district court. However Judge
(Tnacker since our last report has is-
sued wedding permits to the follow-
J W. R. Moore and Mrs. Rosa Brittaiu.
j both of Mangum.
I Zeek S Chambers and Mrs. Salliw
I Talen, bcth of Hollis.
I John H. McCarty and Miss Julia
| Hare, both of Blake.
i Isaac N. Seat, of Lone Wclf and
: Miss Elsie Reeves, cf Granite
You Can Be Strong, Too !
As the season advances, you'll be outdoors more and mdre. First
thing you know, your muscles will be sore and lane Then you'li need |
a s°od liniment. Here's where NYAL'S LINIMENT comes to tHe |
NYAL'S LINfMENT is absorbed by every pore and is taker < o In- j
its sold, same as
nt plan. See Weil.
to th
and to au
This country *u vbut«j by
rain ftstirday al^ht
Mr and Mrs Chs* Heatlr
F -ntfay with Mrs. Prang.
Mns Lcbois »p«r.t Tuesday
dom with MfwIssM Perrry
Wr and 19ra * R.Ftk«an> M I
Mr* #t+rmma Howi mpm* *c*4*r
with Mr. a 3d W. p tfowrk
fTKD At tW Barter lto»;ttai la
aa th« Cth last. IPtw lar*'
Ha II amrra rM hahy of Mr rfi
s reported.
Mr« W* E. Cookwr i
> OMfew>y w*r» rf*i
la la<%<M and family
atn* tad Ftiday
Mr and Mr* Palw-
I p>r*sti of a Ha# iM ton to
iN lit'* W«a4a»»4a]r alahi
Mt»« FIpws MV sra* a of
Mlw Ola Bar** Saiartey aad
T1* rahj la*» Ri
a «r«it i
ti anl «
rfrtl «4 the
■* ««4
*"r » dirvctrd hy tha mpsriaifi
"nt The man so ron tasted with
krea a record of tho dat«s aai i .t
Imr of (Ibvm oo <i ifn He h io iwH
aitywaK «srk mil* 4racr««j n
a ay. w'Vea fern watt a 9* * oo f dn
wfk tarn or tkiw ksras. ui a*»
f«at« prr mSr
he aaee i
m hrm •Kh tmmr * ami T>
and on« forms of exercise you'ra liable to ta lam* and st ff if y
don't apply NYAL'S LINIMENT.
And you, my dear lady, after a days work house cng o- othe- wo
arobod the r ouse, ore iieOle to be sore in t*e muaciet ar-d pot' ts
ytu d©f>1 rob In NYAL'S LINIMENT
NYAL'S LINIMENT Costs only 75c and 90c t^e SaWa? ClRaf^
Cheap l« prlea for t*»* roawlta It b*<ng*.
We Hand's a complete i;oe af NYAL FAMILY RCMEO'ES. W( f
eaotwaod ti»es» too. feicitiM we a^ow t*vat Pey a-« tae tnt
-ON TH1 SQCAWT llrMarr.rd
• N «toh ralatteos

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