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AM, Tllli IN A\ 1 NTKUEST-
vol,(Mi: 20
M,.nsi;n n
Secretary j>f the Navy Daniels Cails for Men to Join Navy
Will Increase to Eighty-Se\ en*i .housrnd Men.
r11e Ozark ! rai % 'ins to be a >ure Thing For This Sec-
, • ; Held at baptist Church Last Night
Special to the Independent: ITHP' I'sU INf"*
WASHINGTON, 1J. C., March 25.— j I Ixil UilliN O
The president last night signed aa
orJ'-r directing that the authorial
enlisted strength of tho navy be
Increased to 87,000 men. He was au-
1 thorized by congress, in case of emer-
gency, to direct such increase in en
11-•: * i|>s and .ships in re-
serve are being l'uily commissioned
as rapidly as possible and the .need is
imperative for a larger enlistment to
man them. There has been a net in-
crease of over 6,500 in enlistment
since congress recently authorized an
Ininy more are needed
^.nd needed now.
Secretary U. S. Navy.
Tiiere Is an air oi'
' business around the"
in Cu-hing tiicao day:
rosperity and
upply houses
Wo are in-
The Cushing Petroleum Products
company, started their initial run
Sunday and everything was satis-
factory beyond th"b highest expecta
ti'ins of tlao owners, who are all local
cnpit.'i; ' * The capacity of this
plant 1 = n ar of the fini-hed product
daiiy, and it 1° claimed by the owners
to ! .• car! rr.h g: o:l odor aijd water
w;,i'o and has much inofe Strength
than the comnftn gasoline. This
makes it much more economical.
The pi'1 nt is located <fn the Pound
^l?ce adjoining town on the north.
Cushing n * another enter-
pri-e which has proven successful.
This is the first individual plant corn-
's •
■i r# t e ii r,rve of
some of Cushings business men to
enter anything that looks favorable.
' ! -j ii
gr •••' demand in •ma'ket a.vl orders
• • m '"w weeks have not
formed that tho National Supply cum
pany has oid« is in lar fifty cars of
material which they are expecting iu
at any time. They claim that when
t.iis arrives, their stock will contain
any and everything a driUer requires
to drill a well*
Other houses are also increasing
* and ('u iiing will again
become the supply station for the en-
tire lield.
It is also said t!# • many of the
teamsters are also making^ prepara-
tion tmove back here.
• :n of Cushing'
will convince anyone that the town is
growing and improving right along.
Tho city is spreading In every direc-
ti( n. Handsome, large residences
an little cott;iEes are in course
of construction, and we believe we
are safe in saying there are at least
fifty being erected. This means^hat

the town and are hero to stay. And
these houses are nil occupied as soon
as they are completed.
There are constantly new people
coming in and there 13 a great de-
mnnd for houses.
There are.several new substantial
About twenty automobiles loaded
with Cushing boosters, nut ivitlistaud-

yesterday afternoon, left here for
Drumright about 3:30 o'clock where
^ (.tended an enthusiastic Ozark

. ; 1 Wenncr
■. ' .i bum i of Drumright trailers to
ur city, arriving at the Thompson
in time for supper.
At T:".o o'clock, the crowd began
to gather at tho Baptist church and
soon tho building was filled by
:n enthusiastic audience, mostly com-
posed of business men uad women
who have their hearts^in thd work
■if road building.
•- n address of
welcome, which although short, was
made in a few well chosen words. He
was followed by Col. W. H. Harvey,
iti•• n «d been prepui ^
lacllvs uf tiie church. A f .ai good
feeling pi availed throughout the eu-
tiu iMe.noou and eveuing and overy
one present leit "that it was good to
be there."
Bevcral enthusiastic boosters wore
here from Oilton and
John Hollis, president of the asso-
ciation and Fred Weuner, are work
ing untiringly In th 9 t of the
Trail over this route am^ they are
receiving much credit ^ind special
mention all alon*? the lino.
If the Ozark conies tlils^way and
It v.-ill, it will dy bo due to the
efforts of these two men.
Col. Harvey, John Hollis and Mr.
Wenner were joined here this morn-
ing h>^ several loads of people from
Perkins, where they Ircdd a meeting
The Pefkins people are loyal
Cushing VI \s a Good Chance to R .<ch Out and Grab More
business it she will Only make the Etloit.
who made tho principal address of
ho evening and made a talk which their town and comniunitveand can
was evry interesting and convincing be depended upon to do their share
uid showed .the doubtful the neces- of good work' on this Ozark Trail,
ity of good roads. He also showed The rente will be decided the latter
Tho tlmo has come when the imall
town i ..ii1 lowly dwindling a*vu,y and
the peopl •, or many of tlinrn. at least,
go to other and larger towns
to buy their goods. Of' c.nir.e thin
has a tendency to lessen popula-
tion. Tho main reason for tills is the
autom"! ile. Nearly eve-y well to dc
impact has bis automobile aril when
th, . ant to go to -own wlier■ i < hoy
c ri i nd j^iuch la '.'j." stocks of f;<ods
i' in p, enter Y <: 1 ■:'/ ii ill ill the
itbll town. Aul of ccif 3 tk.M ro-
_ ... :uis- and tho ston • . • c.'iu, ed to
M. Coucl* alleged <?duce their stoc'r* .->.1 l' h« carry
# After deliberating from 6:35
o'clock4 morning, sleeping a few
hours and returning to tho county
9 it 7:30 o'clock this morn
ing, tho juiy in whoso keeping lies
tho life of John
I iu . • Icier, had made no report tho variety.
Now tiiere is a groat deal of tills
business that goes to other
towns which could be brought to
Cushing if the right kind of.induce-
in the
mi flfile
'ed w
-h win
la nt
t the
at Pemeta . and from appearances,
there i no . ■ .
he <'u«'":nc Petroleum company
h'e had a nninher of offers for the
ent;,"e out nut of their plant.
PKTlittl.rrM CO.
Pet' lnanv is
nnv recently organized
hen-os being erect-
"fcupied as soon as
Home of the Kord'*
y and the new J\Ii 1 ♦
on Cleveland will
ip to ,late. When
::tr is completed It
fl'ice building tha'
ot'i ice rooms above
idem convenience^,
['•at the brick build
in i
ct i
rrel '
; ' will he
is the ' •'
•rit V
Id a
found in
'he connection between good roads
and the advance of civiliation. Ile cer
i.ainly made a logical talk and it
was weil received by the audience.
He was followed by Judge flreen
'Yjio treated on the subject from a
ij standpoint who made an Inter-
esting talk.
Mr. Richars of Oilton made a short
'alk snd accounted the troubles he
had jointly with had ro°.ds and a
,rord which had nearly ruined his
Fred Wenner. ="cretary of the as-
jocii'tion and Attorney John It. Had
'-v both chort and interesting
tilli-s en thovstibjeet at hand.—
\f rhp rtose t the speech maliins1
'he audience ,->r"coedod tr the ha e
nient of f'l church, where an e'egant
The advance in the price of crude
oil in tho last several weeks has been
almost as as tho rapid
fall la^t summer. Xt that time liiid-
. ■ r barrel, but the production be
i .line so heavy an 1 the opening up of
new wells so extensive, the leading
y would buy and erudo
v hie
a ri'i 1.
u t t v
nd it is ex-,
running by
root plant to
. Cu^h-
rs for
anything in the
lothlng, tho most i
found anywhere i
ich of busings? '
1 tho prices "re j
t and there is
our trade should
ic t'.i ii; has been a rapid roco'
y, whicit is best Illustrated by th
■tion of tiie leading company in th:
:ctic n, tho Prairie Oil and Gas cci
uiv, which has Ju,st announced a
0c per barrel, bringin
o." their progress or findings at 9:30
o'clock tlils morning.
Penalty Causes Spfit?
Tho question oi'#bringiiig a verdict
of guilty and a recommendation that I mVnts were offered or it '.ho nttnio
t0| Couch either be given life Imprison J uiT.s, wero or«red that Vjnld bring
nicut or tlie da ith sentence, may havo ;'^se people to our town an 1 jee the
split tho jury to such an extent that • <oods and ces.
it is possible that hours may pass | Cushing has some e'egant stores
before anvadecision is announced, and stocks or goods thai are not stir-
Then, i P'o [i ibllity that somn [ passed lit any of the larger cities of
of the jury may consider only an in j the state. We have grocery *tores
sffnity l ading increases the chances that can suppl£ tlio wants of the
f, a complication in the juryroom. i most fastidious palate and ihere is
At 9 o'clock this morning a "grape ] now reasonevhy the tiM^hanls of th«
vino" at the courthouse had It tha? town could not iuciease their bucl-
the jury was expected to report with | ness from twenty to twenty-fivo per
In a few minutes. As tho hands of ' cent. Do they want to do this?
the courthouse clocks continued their J If 8°. let's get together and lo^mu-
A" along the line, the penpin win I roun(j> however, and the lock on tho late somo kind of a plan, to bring
to -Ho tlie value and importance juryroom door mnde no sound, the i these people to our town. W hen
of the Ozark Trail and are determln ffnp0S 0f counsel for Couch and his they once come and are reeclved with
fi i nd-i nrtjj-e. They believed that | hospitable treatment and eoo the
f tiny may have come to such a j large .and handsome stocks of goods
misunderstanding that the defendant of all kind from which to select tiiejr
may either receive a light sentonco or j will come again.
1 judged in 'at no. # It has boon suggested that Cush-
The case wefit to tho jury nt r, :3r> ' ing set apart a day of each month
o •' An hour later Judge Clark and provide entertainment fir the
ordered Jim Wbitehill, bailiff, to visitor* who will be attracted to the
take the ju'-y out to dinner. town. Give them free show, band
Around the court house, among niuslc during the day and varioui
f O poorge 'vlio had followed (hn trial -iter attractions. It would not •>«
from the beginning, there was a
feeling that there might be a divia
Inn "mong the jurors over the pen
nlty—death or life imprisonment. A
few took the position that it might
bo a hung Jury on the question of in
In a forceful address County Attor
noy Selbv conclud "I the nrgiypents
in P'o case with n strong plen for the
fictt-n of tbe death penalty.
"If the de'endnnt Is guilty, there
Is but one junl«bment ndeiiuate for
r-nm-m't" /if t^e and the
ft - f e v-111 on'v ho satisfied with the
Infl'cMon of tve death penalty," de
"'•"•-d Mr. Relhy.
part of June -Tuesday's Dally.
Ju-t before going to press, we
received a call from John He'm at
Ol 'nhoma '"'Ity and be reports that
they have had largo and enthusiastic
meetings ,'fll fll< ng the line. List
niglit at Okarche, a very small t nvn
in Blaine county.#neafly 50it people
attended the meeting.
d ta have it.
Mr Tiellis has been with tho boos
" nn i lias given his entire tin-j
inrlug the past week and all Mir* u
the^arn?a?!^n has been devuting a
• ood -h'itj' of his time. 11" thinks
there is rio doubt that this route will
, my people in Cushing are cloan-
■ ■ ' i
it. would be a good id'a If the
jr people woul 1 take pattern and
the utie. Cushing ha lot; of
) to
■ Cus
aily, ai
:o m iin
Now but they may not always be
' so. Why do you not start an ac
count with us now while you are
making money and provide for the
times when money fs not so plenti
ful and you are not making so
We are always ready to extend
any accomadatlon consistent "with
good hanking methods.
"The Bank of Steady Service"
: n of
i c luce 1 to 85,0 'II !. li-
the failure of new
in recent o.utput. On
Oil and Gas rose above 600. South
Penn Oil, which Is in the eastern
big rise, gained moderately. South
I'ean Oli. Ohio Oil and Standard Oil
f'ick dividends during the first
Kentucky earned fully 70 per cent in
111G on its capital stock, a 100 per
c;nt Increase,
"On January 18, that little bullet
a a pistol In t''o hands of John M.
'ouch took from Nellie Punn her
• ** v ■" ■ 'n
... .... i-o'fj loaden ball up
■ i t h T-11',1 h or.
-t 'n the land.
man as Mr. Barrett.
approaches, there are still fnur can-
didates for mayor and at this angle
we consider it a very hard mat'or to
determine which is the strong cin-
There are several good men In tho
race. On the other offlc ■
not much contest. There are two
conte-tants for each pface on Oie
"It was revenue, not insanity, that
"Thfa-e lette-s breathed the spirit
theory ef a lar"e, of memory on the
nn* ■ ■ •} tho fpVnhnn^ roenfvor,
9 a
on tho morning of the murder, as he
had testified.
i very <> — .. > •' •r'r.ilr, and we' •«.
lv vp it " ! " 1 food Invest-"i at
in the '"or " " bu Iness m "i to
raloO tlio nccessary amount to rvj
these expenses and thoroughly t1-
vertlse the occasion all over th'1 tar
rlto'v v.iiiin twen y-fivo mile; of
What do the*bu Iness men t'. - ic
of this? If anyone has anythin =. to
s,o in regard to it. we would be
liler-sed to hear frotp them.
A crowd n' youni p-*<u>le w^nt to
the South. Can i in n r last night
for a w'ii ie nuinlimi 'ew • >Rt.
The fell nvlng weer prpsei.t. i es
A'tna \cki-ri, .Merc i H.axter, 'a
rtne and Earl McLaury, Atha and
Pearl Ilrlnk,, ll.izel Treese IlarM
l'a.i I rd^ irle ! loud ho use o. Stii *
nej. Messrs. Pnrel CarpeBtef. Vv a.'ter
Rugel, Dave Aelps, Perry ' iiids,
John Ackers, W. Rogers, ll. n.
q; nok, K w. Gilbert, Welch. All
ieport a fine time.
Mrs. t'1 a •. A. Ruhlen returned
p"em Oklahoma Citv todav. She ao
ti 1 ho Is at
of fhe State
1 u. and will return
sntufl ■
Almost every day there is some-
body arrested ns a vag. There is no
e 'cuso for a vag in ou- town contestants for each place on " PAWHUSKA, Okla.. March DR.—
pr,.- e,i coio.':tions, as the jtrea* di- on"icll and there can he no mistake The Osage Indian council, in charge
n-.nnd for at.o- of a", kinds ma*--j made ln the eslection of a council. | of j, George Wright, Indian ne-ont at
it .ui'.ece i -v for ai' able iir> .ied I this r"'ni, l"r' Sunday evening for
man to be without money If he wants | TrtH.i) TO lii UN I ML. Washington. They hrve fought for
to work. If he will not work, then I prisoners who are conlned mont • this priivle^e. The trip
he should be put to work on i'leiin tho city Jail, attempted to burn probably will re«-ult in the immedi-
Ozark Trail and given timo enough ! themselves out of the bastile yester- ate lea'ing^ of some of the unleased
so that these kind of people will steer j day by throwing a lighted match out portion of the Osage nation. A strong
clear of the town. j of the window into a bunch of hay offort has been made for a long tlmo
in the pen where the dogs are kept, to forco Secretary Lane to recede
I The jail being made of cement, did from his position in this matter. It
The three year old child of C. K. noj catch fire, but the prisoners had looks now as though he would grant
Lathrop of West Moses had a large , a g00(j suppiy 0f smoke on hand for the demands of the O*ago council and i
abscess opened yesterday. Tht ab- 1 a while. ' permit the unleased portion of tho j
3cess was the result of a fall a couple | ——— nation to. be opened up. The recent!
of weeks ago.
a city and there Is every tndlcatlcn
that it will continue to grow and
"Daddy" Mays visited his family bringing in of an oil well on terri- j
here Sunday. Ho bought another tory leased for gas will be a strong
team while here. Mr. Mays Is a team factor In the final settlement as to j
ing contractor at Hominy at pres- the tlmo when the property will be
ent. leased.
in your flash light, nest ne
you buy. They have an unlim
lted guarantee.
We carrj^ tho French P-aHery
in all standard sizes—the price
is no more.
R. 0. Watrous
Your Jeweler
111 E. Broadway Bell'i Rldg.

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