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Constitution,J At*. - t nd No
Jesse 3. MofTUt.
•T.pp«nfl" in Europe.
According to Immemorial usage. Eu-
ropean servants are entltued to tips
as an assured part of their Income
At the hotel* the theory Is that the
landlord furnishes « guest a private
room and the use of the public rooms, |
heat and light, food and dishes but I Mau-ip L,
not menial service. For convenience , y ''
he keeps at band a corps of servants Art- •• V** man
who will respond Jo the guest s sum- "• * s
nions. but at his expense. In "Id
times, says Travel Maparine. travelers
were attended by their own servants
to wait on them. The modem custom
echoes the ancient. The traveler no
longer carries with him a retinue of I Jjh f,i
sen ants. because he can hire tempor- | furnj,|, any
(Continued from last wccs.i
Prohibition .
T rm uf (he En""-''"'C *
aclurc •• . "
tlirrwlM turn I
pi u hcr ln niter provided
.■ti IhiTlwn
id# SO rrwrrv«i
|. I hereof, or of
>l«xl In l|fu of
*! •; y kept «>r
M state a® 11
bo diminished,
nil tlie Income
id t H,
rb tit
at 11
rfit of um
•SciiMtvely for the
rational (institution*.
«t.t jilon.i whall re-
usiv« control of the
f tin- pnn. eeds arl*-
n* from the *s !e or rt'.nponal "f any
and* rented for edui atlnnal purpose*. or
[he Income or rental* thrrrof *hull l«-
.'.*-<1 fi.r ti>o aurport of any r«ll*lou or
w< tartan n.-hool, colluf "r unlvertlty.
m«i no portion of the fund* Arlfttaf from
i ir wnW of motions thirteen *>r any *n-
leramty lands wilted In lieu thereof,
iinrr principal or Interest. shall ever ix?
- permit
natc* of the nation*
i.inn* for dtaal'lf-i)
a nl of soldiers and
■ u.llruc thoa« about t
returning home i't r
tx.ards of manoici" > i
members of voliintre
and their equipage. w
muli. to necrM.^
homra. «r
UJllerr SOUlier*.
lor*' home*. ln-
e liter and tli<we
.1 *. haw, «nd
such homes, to
fire departn*
ti«- traveling
or requirement directed s*aln t any one
or more companies jr name, the «iin-
' p«n or companies lo he affected by
1 <■; 'i i-.i.e rhanre rlawlflcatlou. ordtr.
illation or requirement.
•BSVtitktn of such ' ->nd, -hall forthwlth
require the arising
penalty of the wkhmimi
• pending the appe
upcrsedea*!. <m «•; J- flu.h
id notwltaatandly
ot the order
portatlon ^
the Dhysical properties belonging to the
railroad or other public nervine iorpons-
tlon. It shall also a* tain the out-
standing bond", debentures, and 'ndebt-
« mIIIU'> « i . * - . - , , u~t.f> svnii lodneas. and amount, reapedivei/. i.itr«o..
'lr*t tfvta hy the . . ;«t qutrrmen: arvfrom; vJLn?i«i on when isaued, and rate of InHWt. when
ten •&. U • . ■ and place. U«^unU and to make to Ihe commtsslonu Jb «f<>p •* ?UfI«a Juliet U>W used
when and wh-re r e . ..nteisplated ■> ih>h fn,n> time to time. «ut h rejjoruk, , ho|n l!l91K.j, t„ whom sold, and tlio
>k. poultry, and fru
of the sleeping rar*.
to employ
phone 'ompanle*. in railway mall er\ -
••n.j>oytkn, |h«ftofftt«* |IW|)t<*tor«. i 'is-
tom.* Uispectin, and mn)l*raA ^!i In-
bpei-tora to mviljoya on irnlM. h«if-
ungf .iKentM, wltneji*e uttendlng any
legal invtgtl«ratk>n hi which railroad
«(.n>pan * or transportation eompan> la
inteT **ted, per «JTi^ Injured ill wrecks,
and phyrflrlann and uur*«- attending
uwU irHons, provided, Uiat llila pn>\la-
on shall not be construed to prohibit
the | remise* w!li t considered and by oath, as may In the Judgment^ . k.e lr| ,.^1,, property, or IftbOT, If any.
|.MJ I : -Hint shad I"- afforded .1 r. ...uninlFSlon. sullice ti. ! ree ived therefor, what "f thu
nh> cifortunlty t > tnlrodace evt.len • ; u-lnj «banted or reeelted by i" of proceeds, by whom the indebtedness is
I to be heard thereof; to the end that psnv. pvndln* the appeal, in w held the amount purporting to be due
ti, .. Ilia , he done and fhall have pro- [obarge allowed h> the action 01 thereon, the floatlnB Indebtedness of th
s m eo'"'.e a..- atienda^ee ->f hii- ,ini!.;;aaio!>, appealed from, - comoany to whom dun, and his address,
ses. and before said . oiamlssion •- •. wnh the names and Mores. • u, . , ,.refllu due to it, the property on
ke or J" resell be any general order 1* rxins to whom sueh ow-r '«« , . ;h d bclonKinK to the railroad umipany
e. regulation or requirement, n... ..1- In ease the| chafes miwe^ | r olher pubile servb-e poratlon and
te<' against any f!> i-o:npaiiy or t ,, , .mpany. pending t.i< api • judicial or otliur sales of said road,
• .... kn.ih unneal: anu 111 J ... . _ .m.) iw
general ordei
oulreinent shall
tui? «1 1* , 1 |ua ron)* the juaiciai vu i n «cn ■ " « ■
name, t!it- <xi:iteinpla ed jm.^oineJ •>!! such appealI. :sni1 10^ property, or franchise. «nd
• ••cnl.-itlon or re- mission shall als >. frotii ll"l' l° ''u!' I Miounw^'purportlne to have been paid,
published I" Sub- require sueh, company under like,pe^^ |n; I n(| )n w)]Ut manncr paid therefor. The
?? «.!SSE Itaoow wl"h n Ibis stale. ... diverted either temporarily or perm^ , mterob^eVf p^.es for the officers,
naft tnerwT ". p^h?blted for a pe- nently from the and employe, of .-ommon ajr-
larmty-one >e*r« fn.m the date lands were Kranted t'- rl<.rs lheir famnie,; nor to prohibit
Hod of twenty-one
of tt't ndrnlsslon of tills *iat
union, and thereafter until th.
the state shall othei
amemlineitt of this
I proper ft Ate legblat.'
Into tnc
^ pl, of
1 provide by
dilution and
•ommon school | jjjb
| sent
ah shall be more thli "wty IpesUteOW. or other csdamltous vlrttatton
■ ., . ahall be In- "•',y rf"nnion carriers fn>m .arrylng pas-
and other xliicatlonn ( J s 1 senRi-rs free with the object of provld
vested In first mortgag'> upon K"oo ana
Improved farm lands within the state
ek for ,0 clve additional se. urlty on, or ! commiaBio„ shall also ascertain
or more the said pen-MS bond the amounts paid salaries to the offl-
in the opinion of the . .,mmbMdon. h I an.ouM P^ n{M ^ ^
same T,.av be ne.-ess: .> to ' ,rchar(,,. Lrrvlce corporation, and the wages paid
prompt refunding of the ,on „s t m[,Kor the purbose in tWs
once 01 me nme «... aforesaid. I pon tin ni' ' luctlon named, the eommlsslor, may em-
ail.-re tlie rum mission | «uHi appeal, all amounts 1 o j)^^- experts to assist them when
ertior.s whi. '.i may be |K-alinK company ma> "•'* au_ | ei) and jrom t|me (0 time, as the
pending; the appeal, in excess 01 w
thorlied by eucli Hnal de< islon.
>er state I**™ auon- AI ) I" ^ •' ~ f .. n.ahu valuation ,,,JI «" l r«-vcoi innn •
dLlor coloration who shall man- | ^ ^"'uVwthou ^mJrov.JimSsl^ '•*" « •'"•W to their places of employ
,,r.- ne'l U.rler. tflv e away ur other- of tii< lane* wnn< in 1 «atate Went, persons entering the service an<
w.-. furnish any intoxi. atit.K H.iuor . < loaned on^soy^^ ot the Interchange of pass. to that end
arily those of the landlord. The cu - any k :.''. !'',h« ,Xn. «f thi. se ahoma hool dlatrlft IxhwS ot
tomary fees are the payment. To ^^i:. .U U-.y.m, jtf siaV:'' i^^rerr'en-h^v.'
avoid feeing Is really to cheat the ser - , ,htp . - ,• ' *" }■ .
avoid feeing is really
vants. who need all they can Ret,
heaveo knows. A chambermaid at the
best hotels receives as wages only
about two dollars a month. Tipping
servants In America Is a regrettable
Imitation of the European
without Its resting on the
basis of the foreign institutions.
ounUtts of
^ iren to
T--fr,',ri izRii rS'.is.ii m.n-
herein authorized, shall 1 mem prescribe the rules, regulations re-
on coarletlon t'oreof, by atrictlon*. and mndltiona upon which
thnn >^o anJ by Impr.son- the fun.Hi aforcsabl shall Is- loan.
r.ia'-c within thU
therein, rmpt the oonveyan
ful purchase
be punished.
legislature shall provide proper penalties j law. he paramount; hut Its authority
f<*r t^i - "lolatlon "f any provision of this of the legislature to legislate thereon lt
section by the r>i.lroad or trMn«portatlon gonerul laws, provided however, that
4 . . . , ... ,T/-,p Ior trannmlsslon < ompany. or by any In* nothing In this section shaM Impair the
ment not !*«• than thirty dny* tor ^ 'dividual; provide,!, that nothing herein rljrhts whkh Iim hertofore been, or m.iv
I offcns<-■: | r«>vld«*d. that the leglnlat jri tin- s.ifeiy of the funds « pe shall prevent the le«l«lature from extend- hereafter onferre«i by law upon
a custom. | nia>- r,r<,Vide bylaw for on. agent y under , .. the liiNeatment. , Corooration ln-' provisions ho us to exclude authorities of any city, town or county
reasonable i 1?" u" 11 ■ R®"M>ad , t.. - r-Li «iul oil pipe rar !"" h " transporUllons of franks from pres. rib.- rules. r-Rtilatif-ns or rates
reasonaoie ^ of n„, l«.M than i.Wfl Section 1. Every ra oad. oU , [)(.rsons_ of , ,,:irf5ea to observed by any public
sr^ - B?3u2^ P . No railroad hereafter eon- B,rvi,e corporation >" -onnection with
transmis- plnr^ed in this state shall pass within j *.„y services performed by 1 thunder a
than once a ween lor to give additional security on, or to
s..tir r..n .r -tiM weeks iii one or more 'm-am* the said penilnut
of the newspapers "f iteneral circulation in the opinion of the commission,
published in the county In which Hie game may be necessary ^ to
capltol of thw stste may be lo -ated. to-
l.olher with the nctlre of the time and
p'.are. when an
will hrai aty obpe^-tlons whloli may i>.- ipralln« company ..■<•.• that au. led, and
i.rsed h. any person interested, axainsu pendlr.K the appeal, lit excess M|lfL|| matlon required by this fiection is oh.
the prijiesed order, rule, regulation, thorlxed by such rnai awrw . it shall communicate the same
requirement; and every uch general or- | be promptly refundsd D> tne nian_ to tiu> attorney Kenerul by report, and
ases of fc>. Tieral epidemic. | d«.r, rule, regulation .>r requirement, made the parties entitled thereto, i j • ats- ! file a duplicate thereof with the state
bv the cemmlsslon. shall be publish. I i ner and through such n..-ii > the examiner and Inspector for public use,
- U-ngth. for the time and in the man- ! tribution a? may be pre.svruKw > g an(1 8,l|(1 lnformatlor. shall le printed.
- aiKjvo specified. iK-fore it shall go cemralsslon or by-law. Ail u n■ w* from tin-e to lime, In the report
o < fV't. and shall also, as long us it affecting raiescharges. . upon of the commission.
of traffic, shall have precede . up . 3# No trunsponat.on or t.'Tis-
the docket of the supreme * |lv ' mission company shall charge or revive*
shall U- vheard and disposed ( p , o( any grpater compensation, in the agKro-
.... by the court, irrespective "f corpus. I gate, for transporting the sune class of
hereinafter provided i to prescribe rates, session, next after the tunc. f j passengers or property, or for transmlt-
- and st.ife cases already on the uocsei p«« ^ ^ ^ ^ nles!i.1(,es iu(.r „
W:m no case of appeal from the | shorter^than a longer distance, along the
eomniission. sliall an new or
Ing relief In
*, or
prevent them fcom transporting
and any railroad, transportation.
transinlsiion iromiiarr «r sny |>e-son.
other tlian the persons exespted In thi*
provision, who granls or use* any such
free frank, free ilcket. free |>;iss. Mr
free transportation within this state, shall
lee filed guilty of n crime, and the
: remains in force, be published in each
j si "i annual report of the com-
| r lasion. The authority of the c-omui.s-
slon i subject to review on appeal
| charges and classifications of traffic
i transportation and transmission co
(Uiles. shall, subject to regulation
American Chivalry.
Toward women the American man s
attitude In ftne. She is neither his
deity nor his doll. He simply treats
her with deference. His chivalry has
as little to do with saccharine utter-
ances. scraping feet, and bended
knees, as has his patriotism with hys
terical shrleklngs and the waving of
ensanguined flags. He is stronger In
bis silence and apparent submission
to the ladies of his household than the
most blatant vulgarian who prates of
domestic domination. Place aux
Dames Ib more than a phrase to the
American man'. His Inborn respect
for her • rights" often causes hltn to
sacrifice his own God-given privileges.
Upon the face of the earth or upon
the waters thereon, says Minna
Thomas Antrim In Llpplncott's, exists
no more chivalrous being than the
American gentleman
K^Vnt^'wflTled^town^if 2?«00 population I Hon or association organized or author- |t
In anv roiiniv In this state, such county ised to do a transportation or " '
1 * " • . . t . .... a... K nuun. .1... loialinica .ir,,l..e II... . (tf flf
be entitled to have one vu.h agen- ' slon business under the Of this "H*'** without passing through the *ame *u h city, town or county, so far aj such
cy. for Hie sale of such iuors for medi- such purssM.- sbao. a. h ' |,r,(| establishing nnd maintaining a depot | Mrv>es may be wholly within the lim-
Istance of four miles of any county | municipal or .-ounty franchise granted by
suah os streN.ns. hills or moun
. provided, such
------- f | «, .<>ii 1% o on tl.a i i^un, biiiui Kmnt iiiv ii iii-ut-n * | gt i ur iuiiiiii flit/ii. cm • -w ™— •
•rnal '°,r„l'„ ' H,n'^^ V," V 'TTlU to Inters" t 'through its limits and sufficient ground ..|f, by mediation, ti;'- adjustment of
,1 for Scientific I ^«<« «'■ i right with Its road or llm. to I'"^MCt' | fot. „rd|,,ary depot purposes. cMIrh. and the settlement of controver-
'n s t ft ti t Ions u n I \ ers It it. , ennect with or cross any railroad or ^ corporation commission i-< ■ sies. between transportation or tracis-
as ar authorized to pro- 1 iU, h llfte , . , • " 1
lr free of tax undiv the laws ; Rvery railroad, mr line, or ex- ' ,,
fnlted States. and for the sale of i prrsm line company, shall, each rcspect-
such Honors bi sny npcthecary who shaH K.%. receive and tuin*port each other's .>"• ,u *
have executed an approved bond. In a car*, loaded or empty lonnasg and pas- '
sum not 1<« than II Ot.O, conditioned that S).!1(!,.re, without delay or duSHmlnaUon, slv
none of sin h llquora shall he used or „n,|,.r M„.h rulea and regulations as may
disposed of for any purposes other than proscribed by law or any commission
,n th- ^"^""d'ng ^of cr..Hted J.M. tlds. ,.M,stltut...n or by act " nlnete,I) Lundred and nine, one attendance of witnesses, and the produc.
°"'"r TV ; I n f'e payment of the ,,'n, )Lnan ' shall -!,''l th- first Monday in January, nil'- ,i„„ „f papers, to punish for cntoiiftt
not subject hliii K tHf,fP^y'""'t•A ;;•! PT"'"'7 '">l^ll1 teen hundred and el.-ven; and one u -t l any p-r.ou guilty of disrespectful or dis-
sp.-. \ 1 and the payment I * ' to 1 '11" fir:it Monday In January, nineteen orderly conduct in the presence of the
>2. ^i!^ fs'i'hv >cMdred and thirteen; their to.,.- ro.nmisslon while In session, and to en-
Jed by lot immediately after tio v f0ree compliance tvlth any of its lawful
I have qualified. In cas* of vacancy * d
ment of the applicant in writing J'I-
t ntc forth the purpose for whic h the
liquor Is to be used, ^nd no sale shall of
the franchise. I'pon !ie request of tlie
wrn. or Its cltl- I parlies Interested, it shall be the duly
right-of-way ,>f the commission, as far as possible, to
Again comes a statement going to
show the great access gf prosperity
that has come to
country, notably io the west, from a
succession of big crops. The receipts
from this aource have enabled the
farmers to pay
.lnal purposes; *nd for the sale, for In- lime the right i- ■
d us trial purpose*, of alcohol which shall • line and operut ----- i tlat-hw
have Ix-en denatured by i-une pro.r** any jadnls In this state. H"d as such to
approved bv the l'nlted States c..mmU- connect at the state Una with like lines.
skmor of Intern*! 1 ,h" — ■,,"n h,LV' th" 1 '
gale .f alcohol
km u idcntifU
r?e u^r^f ta'V'uniW the Taws ""sec'T Kvery railroad. . ar line, or ex- ^ ^ "
Of the liilted Stalls, and for the sale o^ | pr,.-,„ I ne company, sha ■ each^rcspei t - ^ M a Kener&| fieotlon for state Sec. in In all matters pertaining to
their terms of office shall l>c the public vlsltntlon. regulation or coll-
ars, provided, corporation conu.ils- trtil of corporations, and within the Jur-
sloners first elected under this cons.i'o- 1 lsdlctlo-i of the commission. It shall have
lion s-hall hold office as follows; the powers and authority of a court of
.s'.iail serve until the first Monday in J.t':- record, to administer oaths, to compel the
. ,tl„ minreinc the shorter being Included In the longer
evidence be the comnils- distance; but tills section shall not bo
court, but the chairman of , construed as authorizing any such com-
slon, under the seal of the Lomm. ^ . t0 ( |,ar({t) ur r0t-fiv«- as gfcat com-
shall certify to '%7^ctlon srt'. aied ! {Sensation for a shorter as for a longer
the facts upon which thesctlonaw ^ ^talue- The rommlsslon may. from.,
from was based and whUl .na> lo authorize any such com-
seatlal for the properr de ismin t0 disregard the foregoing provls-
appeal, *"J„i or considered ions of thl* section, by charging such
ilence Introduceil h geiectei! rates as the i munition may prescribe
by. the commission as may be lf) , Jugt an(1 «,u|table between such com-
specified, and rrijulred ^U M luch |"any and the public, to or from any
toe"'evidence. *p Introduced or consld- Junctional points or Jocal-
lirifirarrJj^swfrfrss ^^rsp w«8S f'^
prescribed by law, or such lommls- f(„ 8aj(j vacancy by appointuient ; ceg8i aga —
ZT , 11 • i i ,_i_ ,11 until the next general election, when " I party or
*?!•*; c. l^hi\nrn0r,. :. '^1. •?. suce^sor shall be elected to fill out any ^ fir8t duly
made for medicinal purposes except sali
to apothei-arle* as herein above provided
unless *uch statement shall !"• accom-
nanled by a bona fide prescription sten-
ts! by a regular practicing physician,
which prescription shall not he filled
more than once. Kach sale shall be duly
re«',sterel and the register thereof, to-
gether with the affidavits and prescrip-
tion* pertaining thereto. <hall be open to
Inspection by any officer or citizen of
lh„ of the I the state at all tliiu-s during business
the farmers of tne hrillrs Anv p^n.,,-. Who shall knowingly
make n fals- affidavit for the purpose
aforesaid slisll he deemed guilty of per-
jury. Any phy*iclan who shall prescribe
anv such Honor, except for treatment of
disease which after bis own personal
diagnosis he shall deem to require such
t-catnier . shall, upon conviction thereof
be punished for each offense bv fine of
rnt less thus i2<m t>r bv imprisonment
for not less than thirtv davs or by both
fine and 'mnrlsonnunt: and any such
person connected with snv such agencv
w-tvi shall l>e cinvlcl of mnk^g any
nnle or ot'.«r disport t c.n of liquor con-
i^.v to thesr> provlstor"* shall lie pun-
ished by Imprisonment foe no% less than
one year ""d one da v. I'non the admls-
alon of this state Into t'< nnlort these
provisions shall be Immeliatelv enforce-
able ,n the rourts Of the *t:ite: O'O-
* t.-l that 'there ahall be submitted,
separalelv nt the (tame elrtlon at which
this constitution l« submitted for ratl-
fl. stlon the foresrolng article - entitled
an enormous
amount of mortgages and to put great
sums of money In the banks, which
explains the abundance of funds in
some western quarters and the lack
of need of drawing on the east for a
supply. The latest movement by the
farmers la toward forming a combina-
tion, or trust, for maintaining and
regulating prices. la it possible that
the lair of the octopus is to be re-
moved from Wall street and other re-
sorts of high finance and located on
the boundless prairie?
be prescribed by law. in connection with
the visitation, regulwion, or control of
corpora'.Ions, or with the prescribing and
enforcing of rate* and charges to be ob-
served in tne conduct of any business
where the state has the right to pre-
serve tlie tates and charges In connec-
tion the ev.-lth, or with the assessment
of Ihe property of corporations, or the
pralscPient of their franchises, for tax
ered as the commission may deem prop-
er to certify. The commission shall,
whenever an appeal i. taken therefrom,
file with the record of the case, and as
a part thereof, a written statement of
the reasons upon which the action ap-
pealed from was based, and such state-
ment shall be read and considered by
the supreme court, upon disposing of
the appeal. The supreme court shall na\e
iurisdlction, on such appeal, to conside.
und determine the reasonableness and
justness of the aution of tlie commission
appealed from, as well as any other mat-
ter arising under such appeal; proviuea.
itles, or where the competition of points
located without tlilB state may make
necessary the prescribing of special rates
for the protection of the commerce of
tills «jtate; but tliln section shall not ap-
ply to mileage tickets, or to any special
excursion, or commutation rates, or to
special rates for service rendered,,to tthls
state, or to the fnited States, or In the
interest of some pubile object, when such
tickets or rales shall have been pre-
.. nhed or authorized by the commission
Sec. 31. No railroad, oil pipe line, tele-
phone, telegraph, express or car corpora-
tion organized under the law? of any
other state, or of the United States, and
however, that the M«on of theMin rioincf buS|ness, or proposing t.i do busl-
mislon appealed from Shall be regarm i 1 s*n th,g (U;f glm„ t.„ lo thB
as nrima facie lust, reasons i ,)eneflt of tj,e ,lght of eminent domain
in this state until it shall have becomo
as prima fade Just, reasonaH
rect; but the court may, when it deems
necessary, in the Interest of jiintice, re-
rand to the commission any case pemi-
cess. against the delinquent or offending
ompany (after it shall have
operated for hire shall, e.u i, respectlve- I un.'M^red"'to-m"" ~ ' I by^ due" process oft<fawPtefore' the com-
1>. receive and transmit emh other s I gi-i. ir,. The qualification* of such ra|8Sion sitting as a court, and afforded
messages without delay or ills rimlna- i^i.^prj, |,)iau be as follows: To opportunity to Introduce evidence and to
Hon and make phjslcal conne.tlons with kp rc.sidenl citizens of this slate for t,e ;,,.ard. iw well against the validity,
each other s line* under such rules aad , ( vpr two yearg n, xl preceding the ele. - iUftness. or reasonaMeness of the order
regulations as sha.I be prescribed oy 11|on. um] qualified voters under the con- , or requiremnt nlleged to have bet-n vlo-
law, or by am coinmiss on * T A,' , I stitution and laws, and not less than j tation, „s against the liability of the com-
thU constitution, or an> act of the leg- 1 thirty vears of age; nor shall such com- pany for the alleged violation) such
Mature for that purpose missloners. or either of them, be, direct- f|no's or other penalties as may be prc-
_ "ailroads heretofore construct- ,v or lndiwct|yi intetested in any rail- | 30ribed or authorized by this constitu-
ed, or Which may hereafleri be . onstruc t- roai, g,re,t raj|way. ti-actlon line, canal. tlon ,jr by law. The commission may
ed In this state, are hereby declared pubile . M<.am hoat plp(. UnP car n„Pi sleeping ,e vested with such additional powers
highways Kvery railroad or other pub- I. ]!ne aggociatlon. express line, tele- ana diniged with such other duties (not
lice service corporation organized ui do- phoru. or telegraph line operated for in7o:ibiti;nt w :tl\,this constitution) as may
lr.K business In this stale under the laws £, ,n th,g ^at,,v or out of ,t> or nl,y ,m .. . .V- .
or authority thereof shall have and k , d mortgage, security, or cat..-
maintain a public office or place In this | {nRg of any „uch rai|road, street railway.
state for the transmission of its business. I trart|on line, compress or elevator com-
where transfers of stock shall be made, panies. an(j (f puch commissioner shall
and where shall be kept, for Inspection , ^o|untar,lv become Interested, his office
by the stockho.ders of such corporation. . „ b(.r,;n,e va,,ant, and If any corpora-
books. In which shall be recorded the, commissioner shall become so in-
aniount of capital stock subscribed, the | d otherM.Uc „iau voluntarily he
names of the owners of stock. the | n reaAnnable ti ue divest
amounts owned b> them. respcctiyel>. i iiininelf of such Interest; und falling to I "tiot. or with the Investigation of the
the amount of sto. k paid, and by whom. , Jo th,g h,g offI,.e shall become vacant. ^,1,^,^ nf taxation generally. Any cor-
t transfer of said slo'k. with the allan any sucn iomml.<s,..ner hold portion tailing or re,using to obey any
date of transfer the amount of lis ic.-- other office under the governtaent valid order or requirement of the corn-
sets and liabilities and tlie names «nd ; of tt^ t>nlteHl Klat.M, or of this stat . ! X,on within such reasonable time,
places of residence of Its officers, and i n|)V olher gtale gov-rr.meiit. an.) ..Hall ,,ot ,,.S3 t|lan len days, as shall be fixul
not. while such commissioner, engage in it) ttu, l!(jer. may be fined by the coin-
anv occupation or business inconsistent I tnlsaior. .preceding by due process of law
! vim lis duties as such commissioner ] aforesaid) such sum, not exceeding
Sec 16 Before entering upon the du- five hundred dollars, r.s the commission
each of said commis- [ r.UJ deem proper, or such sum. in excess
*ich olher matter* required by law
by order of the corporatiln commission.
The directors of every railroad company,
or other public service corporation, shall
hold at least one meeting annually In
slate, public notice of which shall be j« " J* Xh'tite and subscribe to the i ^"f.^^undr^d doiiars. as may be pre-
given thirty 4)ays previously, and
"T". V L ti president or superintend
Statewide p^ihlbj^'on. on , road company and other public serv
or cverv rail oath of office as proscribed In the con-
of every rail- vt|tutlon a„j ghal). In addition thereto,
wer-r that he is not. directly or lndi.-'' t-
>■ interested In any railroad, street rall-
tractlon line, canal, steam I oat.
The burning of the art treasures In
John Wanamaker's home, of manu-
Bcript Lincoln and Washington letters,
of rare books and pictures Impossible
to replace, is a public as well us a
private loss. Of such objects no man
can be more than a trustee for poster-
ity, remarks the New York World.
The loss of the manuscript letters re-
calls the burning of Major Lambert's
collection of similar treasures In
Philadelphia only a short time ago.
Mr. Wanatnaker had reason to sup-
pose that he had protected the greater
part of his collections by a fire-wall
cutting oft the art galleries from the
rest of his house, but the galleries
- went with the rest when the blazing
wall of the bouse crashed through
their roof.
pri-ie-l "For Kt-Wew'de | corporation organized or doing business
and "Against Pttfwlde Prohibition. th)g gtate ulldor t|]P huvs of this state
vtde.l. fir'he-. that If a mnlorltv of the .J" LfTOraUon Commiraloner i telegraph line, nor In the bonds stocks,
voles cast f-r and n<raln«t prohibition °-der of the corporiillon ^mmiss oner. | mortKU)f(., securities, contract or earn
s-e for probPltlon. then 'H.I a'tlele " L.Mrh reTOrt shall tndud? fewh I ln i!' of any ™ilroa'1- str,;0t H ^'r
;5sr:,«wr2 ««-.««<V
*„ch. a* p-..ylded the-eln- Imt If a ma- PjrtjUo wrWce corporation, as ma,- be p Une. telephone or telegraph line
Sec. 20. From any acton of the com-
mission prescribing rates, charges, or
classifications of traffic, or affecting the
train schedule of any transportation corn-
School Land* Se<\ C. The rolling stick and all other 1 raVroads',"itreet railways, traction lines, convenience? or public service of any
Section 1 The Mate hereby accepts all | movable property belonging to an> rail- st.ain boat, pipe lines, car lines, transportaton or transmission compan..
sleeping car lines, car as relations, ?*- or refusing to approve a suspend!..* bond,
made bv tl<" fnlte.1 Sluto* under the j otner puimc service corporaiion in mu press lines, telephone and telegraph lines, i or requiring additional security thereon
compress and elevator companies, and | or an increase thereof, as hereinafter
r-HUd'ti....: ilin l'.i p vwJ.n* of said I P:>-•<« all tu'cMsary laws enforcing, by ^YaJthfully ^^say «ecuti and en-
nrllein shall not fm-rn a part of (Ms J suitable penalties, all the pro\lslons In i ... provlslCfDS of this ■ onstltnlloii,
constitution. n"d shall be null and void. , this section. ani tt„ „,p inws of this state concerning
authorized by law; and
lay's continuance of such failure or re-
fusal after due service upon ^uch i .r-
poiation of the order pr requirement
of the commission, shall bo a separate; provided, that should the oper i-
tion of such order or requiremnt be sus-
pended. pending any appeal therefrom,
jh<j por od of such suspension shall not
be computed against the company in the
matter cf its liability to fines or penal-
grants Of Hnd and donations of money roa.1, transportation, transmission ... g]|njt Car lines, car
thi T'nit^d Status under tlie other public service corporation in this —uHM .,.:..„h nn *
provisions of the enabling act and anv state shall be considered peAonal proper J |
Olher nets of conures" for the uses and tv. an.l its real and personal property, or iin'"oiv1er corporations over which said | p^vTded for. an appeal (subject to such
purines -ill unon ths conditions, and any part thereof, shall be liable to exe- commission has iurisdlction, which oath : reasonable limitations as to time, reg-
ni'ler III- ' mltutlifvs for which the fiiw culion and sale in the same manner as h u ,i(. fj]pd wllh the secretary of titate. nHtions as to procedure and provisions
nee cranted or dorwt.^1. and the fait1- the property of individuals; and the lei;- ^ .rlie corjioratlon commission a_s to costs, as may be prescribed by law)
of the Slate Is hereby pledged to hold islature shall pass no laws exempting . • „r;..mi7.. bv electing one of its n',av Lo taken by the corporation whose
•uch Jands (f*v a sacred trust and d any sucil property from execution and «mi.IM.„ , ^ ,.hl,|rmtn nnJ appointing a sc. - i rates c'.iarces. or classifications of traf-
Veep fb" jime for the uses and purposei S!lle
The amazing thing in connection
with the endless chain system of
prayers, begging letters, etc., which
cause so much annoyance to their re-
cipients and to postal authorjties Is
that anyone can be Influenced by the
dread of ill fortune befalling him if he
falls to obey the injunction to con-
tinue the chain by writing nine other
letters. The simple and effective way
of stopping the nuisance is for the
recipient to drop all such mail into
the waste basket and then to forget
fo- wldeh tttev were granted or donated. Sec. 7. No public service corporation
?.■ ■. 'I. All proceeds of the sale of pub- or the l-'ssees. purchasers or managers
lie lands tbnl have heretofore be«n or thereof shall consolidate the stock, prop-
n>av be hereafter given bv the United erty or franchise of such corporation
o- (ti for the n«- an.l benflt .1f the with. .••• Vase or purchase tv w.-iks or
common schools of this state, all such franehls.M of, or In any way control, any
ri>r cenlMii as may be granted bv the i other public service corporal Ion
ITnlted States c i tlie sales of lioMie I or having under its control a parallel
lands, the sunt of five million dollars , or competing line; or shall any officer of
appropriated f) tHe stale for Ihe use , a;)y other corporation owning or con-
nnd benefit of th« common schools In | frolllng a parallel or competing line.
. i;,rv whose salary shall be fixed oy I f jc. schedule, facilities, conveniences, or
th1 legisi.'Ui;e. A majority of sivl.l com- service, are atfected, or by any person
mission >hall constitute a quorum, end deeming himself aggrieved by such
to.- (incurrence of the majority of said t!on. or (if allowed bv law) by the state
lieu of section's sixteen and thirtv.six,
nnd olher lands of the Indian Territory,
the proceeds of all property, that shsll
foil to the stale bv escheat, the proceeds
of all rifts or donations to Ihe state for
(vArninon schools not (otherwise appro-
prinle.l bv Ihe terms of the gtftV, and
such other anproprdatlo s. sifts or dona
riv.imissicr. shall be necessary to decile
anv question.
Ree. I7h. As used In this article, the
! tewn "company" shall Include al asso-
ciations and joint stock companies hav-
ing anv power or privileges not pos-
sessed bv Individuals, and include a'l
. ... . ... ,, -orporatlnnr except municipal corpora- ... „ . .
Sec. S. .Neither shall any railroad com- tu.n3 atlll public institutions owned or the existing rules of law are inappllca-
pany. transportation company or trans- cf.. ,w)lv thP state. | hie If *u<Ji appeal be taken by the
.mission company, organized under the; S(.(. T)i(. commission sliajl have i corporation whose rates, charges, or clas-
laws In this state, consolidate by private and authority and be charged t slflcatlons of t-affic. schedules, facilities,
or judicial sale, or otherwise with any i , ti,e duty of supervising. regula;!.v. conveniences, or service are affected, the
ntll otherwise provided by law. such
appeal snail be taken in the manner In
which appeals may be taken to the su-
preme court from the district courts, ex-
cept that such an appeal shall be of
right, and the supreme court may pro-
vide bv rule for proceedings In the mat-
ter of appeals in any particular in which
ui.l ! state shall be made the appellee; but. In
•ltd otaer annrope.ano or oona- ,>rtn.y- °.T. transmission company organized trnr.snlisslon companies dolno business in the other cases mentioned, the corpora-
tion, 1, .hall he made bv the legislature under l ie laws of iny other stale, or of „,is st, in ;l!1 matters relating to the ti„n g0 affected shal he made the ap-
fET th? b3Sf« %r"hi"wmmim Mhool? thr. ' S,latM-, „ , , , , • Perform.,of their public duties a; d j pollee. The legislature may also, by
•Im't constitute the permanent school Sec. •). No law shall be passed by the their charges thereof correcting abuses general laws, provide for appeals from
legislature granting the rlu it to eon- lrrj pieventing uniust discrimination an 1 any other action of the commission, by
struct and operate a street railroad with- ,.xti"tion bv suf h . companies; and to j the respective, of the amount Involved.
In any city, town or village, not upon | tnat . rd the commission shall. fr > n | _\11 appeals from the commission shall -tie
' ' " t mo to time, prescribe and en fir e to the supreme court only and in all
against such companies. In the manor- appeals to which the state Is a party It
hereinafter authorised. such rates, shall be represented by the attorney gen-
Consul M. K. Moorhead, reporting
from Belgrade, says that minister of
agriculture has presented to the
SkupBhtina, or national assembly, for
ratification a concession to be granted
to an English company for building a
packing plant at Paratchin, about 100
miles south of Belgrade, on the rail-
road to Constantinople.
There is in Pitsburg a magistrate
who thinks mince pie is likely to
make people commit crimes. Why
does he overlook the crime-breeding
properties of the Welsh rarebit?
The tailors have decreed that eve-
ning clothes must be either blue or
Oxford gray. Hat, shoes and liaen
should conform, of course.
ha'l constitute the permanent
fund, the Income from which shall be
L'seti for Ihe maintenance of the com-
mon schools In the state. The prlnclpnl
shall be deemed a trust fund held bv the
«tate. ard shall forever remain Inviolate
It ionv be Increased, but shall never be
diminished. The state shall relmhurso
sMd permsnerst 'school fund for all losses
thereo' which mev In anv manner oc-
cur. ""d no portion of said fund *hall
be dlve-le.) fcr nn\ other u«e or purpose.
Pec. S. The interest and Income of the „.... -
ermanent school find, the net Inconi" | the benefit of any future legislation, ex i reeintVIs and requirements the coin- «mpo of Its authority, or to suspend or
-om the Ipsslng of public lands which cept on condition of complete acceptance . n].ss|,„, mav froni time to time, alter or |t>lav the execution or operation thereof.
v,^v<. he«n or mav be granted hv the ( of all the provisions of this constltu- pm,.,.||. All rates, charges, olassifica- ,o -,o enjoin, restrain, or interfere with
Hons rules and regulations adopted, or the ■ .cum'ision in the performance of Its
any public highway, without first ai ■
qulrng the consent of the local authori-
ties hiving control of the street or high-
way prjoosed to be occupied by such charts'" classificationa of traffic and | J-m'o" his' legally appointed represents-
street railroad. .... i .. - -■
Sec. 10, No railroad transportation
transmission or other public service cor-
rules and regulations, and shall require tlve. No court of this state (except the
them to establish and maintain all such , s'iprfriie court, by way of appeaJs Is
public service, facilities and conveniences | herein authorized) shall have Jurlsdlc-
poratlon In existence at the time of the as mav (,p reasonable aid Just, which ' t'on to review, reverse, correct, or annul
adoption of this constitution, shall have s■,j rites, charges, classifications, rules. any action of the commission within the
-Me l Si"lee to the state for the use ' turn, applicable to rallroao- trarsporta-
r ■ mm
acted upon, bv any such eompanw in- i f."c!al duties; provided, however, that
consistent with thos" prescribed by the | . v -its of mandamus and prohibition
commission, within the scope of lis au- shall lie from the supreme court to the
ilio-tiv shall be unlawful and ve'd The conmisslon In all cases where such
co-Tic]ssinn shall also have the rl*ht. at | writs, respectively, would lie to any In-
all t'ln.s to Inspect the books and pa- ferior court or officer.
pers of al! transportation and transmit- Sec. II- Cpon the granting of a*i an-
si.'M i.ariies .'"ing business in this pea a writ of supersedeas may t<«
;tate. rind to require from such com- | awarded tv tie supreme court, suspend-
' - . , , . I or coiruiK-iiin. i.ii'.i... .....
t>.« school population of the I produced bv It. or under Its authority,
•al dhdrlcN an.lI no part of the f,,nd | (',r whk.h lt nmy 0wn, In whole or in part,
ing the o;
■ from unti
I appeal, bt
, thereof b'
• -'• in of the action appealed
t pri
In order not to lose sight of your
object In life, it may be well to have
one that is not too far away.
• - i benefit of tl.o common schools to- Hon companies, transmission companies
.•ether wllh anv revenues derived from I and other public service corporations;
t-<..i s rHitiwrlx=,i he levied for such provided, that nothing herein shall he
witi-poors nod snv other sum« which mav construed as validating any charter
addeil thereto hv law shall be use.| which may be Invalid, or waiving any
j>"-d appl'"' e.T-b vear fo- the benefit of the conditions contained In any . har-
o' nu>'ir s.'*.ools nf the state and ter.
Shell be this purpose, apportioned j 8e0 n, Ko railroad company shail
www between all Ihe Vteversl com- | transport, within this state any article
or commodity manufactured, mined, or panies. from time to time, special reports
" " and statement* under oath, concerning
,, .,,( MM H ...-, I- —. their business. 1t shall keep itself full*
hall ever be diverted, even temnora-dv. f>r |n wl,lob it may have any interest, informed of the physical condition of al!
«" «.«!££• Un l*nm " rr I direct or indirect, except such articles thr railroad* of the Mate, as to Ihe mar-
"" , , . . i'r,^ f^ .i- J ; or commodities n.s may be necessary anil ,,,-r in which they are cperated. with ref.
" y„ n,V, „ ,,, 1 I Intended for its use In the conduct of e-en,.. the security and accommodation
, . , ; ' , its business as a common carrier. .,e jcn.v and shall from time to miss!..., e-,Tr.pwiy «hsn be oeiayea. or sus-
A,'„.for"' rC^r. )./,0 Sec l.V No railroad .orporation — tip;. make and enforce such require. pemJel. in its operation by reason of any
I , I, ,„,I r. ,),'■„' bull l 'n'p transportation company, or transmission menls rules and regulations as may be .appeal bv such operation, or by reason
r.,,rp.-..« .(•; v..,^ taken in' ..,. , company shail dire, ti, „r ,ndt-.-.-t:V -cy to prevent un.lnst or imren- of any pree-edlng resulting from such
ti Ic si .n bv th.. Mate in- I sue or give any free frank or free ticket so;inb..- discrimination and exMrtim by ; appeal, until a siis,^nding _ bond_ shall
rtc . ti . irs and regulations •!« the tree pass or other free transportation, any transporation or transmission
1r«islaii-,r mav prescribe 'in conformliv ♦ >'• •••♦« - "f nr """
the • '.eol-itlons of the etiahllng act
ue"t(on hi every portion of the
«d.>eh bn« t-ecn granted to Ihe
...'I h* held for the use and bene.
r r-'.eraltv of Oklahoma a-ol the
T'ti'-a-'t'iv Preparatory school one-third;
of the norpvii school® now established or
berenfte- ti. be r*tableshd one-third, and
of !'•" Ac Icullural and Mechanical col-
be further Invesigated by the co
slon, and reported upon to the court (to-
gether with ft certificate of such addU
tlonal evidence as may be- tendered be-
fore the commission t y any party in in-
terest) before the appeal is finally de-
Sec. 23. Whenever the court, upon ap-
peal. shall reverse an order of the com-
mission affecting the rates, charges, or
the classification or traffic of any trans-
portation or commission company, it
shall, at the same time, substitute there-
for such orders, in its opinion, the com-
mission should have made at the time
of entering the order .appealed from;
otherwise the reversal order shall oe
valid. Such substitute order shall have
the same force and effect (and none
other) as if it had been entered by the
commission at the time the original or-
der appealed from was entered. The
right of the commission to prescribe and
enforce rates, charges, classifications,
rules and regulations affecting any or all
actions of the commission theretofore
entered by It and appealed from, but
based upon circumstances or conditions
different from those existing at the time
the oriier appealed from was made, shall
not be suspended or impaired by reason
of the pendcncy of such appeal, but no
order of the commission, prescribing or
altering such rates, charges, classifies-
cations, rules, or regulation* shall be
Soc. 24. The right of any person to In-
stitute and prosecute in t'a« ordinary
courts of justice, any acti'in. suit or
motion against ar.y transportation or
transmission company, for any claim or
ran«e of action ag'lnst such company,
shall not be extinguished or impaired
hv reason of any fine or other penalty
which the commission may impose or be
authorixed to Impose upon such company
because of its breach of any public duty,
or because of Its failure to comply with
any order or requirement of the com-
mission; but If no such proceeding by
any person, or any such corporation, nor
In any collateral proceeding shall be
reasonableness, justness or validity of
any rate, charge, classification of traf-
fic. rule, regulation or retirement, there-
tofore prescribed by the commission,
within the scope of its authority, and
then in force, be question; provided, how-
ever, lhat no ease based upon or In-
volving any order of the commission
shall be heard or disposed of. against
the objection of either party, so long ns
such order is suspended In its operation
by an order of the supremo court as au-
thorized by this constitution or by any
law passed In pursuance thereof.
Sec. 25. The commission shall make an-
nual reports to the governor of It* pro-
ceedings, In which rcpo-ts it shall recom-
mend. from lime to lime, such new or
additional legislation in reference to its
powers or duties, or the creation, super-
vision, regulation or control of corpora-
tions, or the subject of taxation, as it
may deem wise or expedient, or as may
be required by law.
Sec. 26. It shall be the duty of each
and every railway company, subject to
the provisions herein, to provide aid
maintain adequate, comfortable, and
clean depots and depot buildings, at Its
spv< r-ii stations, for the accommodation
passengers, „nd said depot buildings! be kept we!! lighted ami wanne 1
for th • comfort and accommodation of
iravellng public, and ali stall roads
shall keep And maintain adequate and
suitable freight depots and buildings for
too receiving, handling, storln-.-. and de
livering of all freight handled by such
In ease anv railroad eQinpiiny
shall hereafter seek to cross at grade
Willi Its track, the track or tracks of
another railroad the railroad seeking to
cioss at grade, within a reasonable lime
shall be comp. led lo interlock or protect
such crossings by safety devices, to be
designated by the commission, and all
costs of appliance, together with the
«xpense of juiitinjj them in. shall brt
bo'tie equally by each company, pro-
vided. that this act shall not apply to
crossings of sidetracks.
Sec. 28. The commissioners, or either
of them, or suoh persons as llipy mav
employ therefor, shall -"have the' right,
at such times as they may deem neces-
sary. to Inspect the bookd and papers
of any railroad company or other public
service corporation, and to examine, un-
der oath, any officer, agent or employe
of such railroad In relation to Ihe busi-
ness and affairs of ihe same. !f any
railroad compahv or other public service
corporation shall refuse
a body corporate, pursuant to or in ac-
cordance with the laws of this state.
Sec. 32. The said commission. shaJl
have power, and it is hereby made its
duty, to investigate all through freight
or passenger rates on railroads In this
state, and when the same are. in the
opinion of the commission, excessive or
levied or laid in violation of the inter-
state commerce law, or the rules and reg-
ulations of the Interstate commerce com-
mission. the proper officials of the rail-
roads are to be notified of the facts and
requested to reduce them or make the
proper corrections, as tiie case may be.
When the rates are r.ot changed, or the
proper corrections are not made accord-
ing to the request of the commission,
it shall be the duty of the latter to notl-
the Interstate commerce commission
and to make proper application to it for
relief, and the attorn05- general sh:Ul rep-
resent the commission In all such mat-
Sec. 33. In all jury t'lals, the jury
shall return a general verdict, and on
law in force, nor any lav.' hereafter en-
acted. shall require the court to direct
the jury to make findings on particular
questions of fact; but the court may,
I11 its discretion, direct such special flnd- the
on.missioner . or either of them, or
final disposition of Ihe j:Vi} person authorized thereto, to exa:n-
r 11 the final reve-sai ,ine its hooks and papers, such a.lroad
uprem- court, no notion company or other public service
' of the commission p-escribing or affect-
Ins if"- rates, charges or classifications
of traffi- of any transportation or trans-
for nny use within this state, except to
its employes and their .amities. Its off.-
c. rs, agents, surgeons, plivslcla-s and at-
torneys lit law. to ministers of religion,
traveling secretaries for railroad Young
Men's Christian associations, inmates ol
1 hospitals and charitable and eleemosy-
I nary institutions and pe-sons exclusive-
ly engagi-il in charitable and eleemosy-
nary work, to indigent, destitute an 1
tioi. shall, until othe'wlse provide! by
It m fur each offense, pay to the state
o-' Oklahoma not less nan one In.1,die I
am twenty-five dollars, nor mor> .lum
fixe hu.dred dollars, lor each iiav it
shall so fall or refuse, end the officer or
other person <<0 shall ne pun-
ished as the law shall prescribe
first have bee: executed and filed wnli. | Sec. 2«. The commission shall ascer-
pany In favor of. or against a v t> r- and approved by. the commission lor I tai \ and enter of record, which record
1 • dllty. looimunitv. connecting Un.- court), payable to the state, and suffi- [shall be a public record, as early as
or k .1 of" traffic, in Ihe matter of car - ient In amount and security to insure practicable, the amount of money vx-
*er\. 1 train or boat schedule, efficler.- the prompt refunding, by the appealing I pended in construction c.nd equipment
,-v of transportation or otherwise, in con- corporation to the parties entitled there- .per mile of every railroad and other
■ ... i:..ti wllh the public duties of such to of " .-barges which such company (public service corporation In Oklahoma,
• -•ipa-v Before the eomniission shall mav collect or receive, pending the ap- the amount of money extended to pro-
pres rlhe or fix anv rate cha-ge. or peal, in excess of those fixed, or author- cure the right of way. and the amount
fltlon of traffi . and before it Ik-J. by the fi ial decision of the court of money it would require to reconstruct
• 1 . ,akc any order, ri... • t'..on or. appeal. T ■■ commission, upon the tile roadbed, track, depots and trans-
Sec. 34. Any person, firm or corpora-
tion owning or operating any coal, lead,
Iron or zinc mine, or any saw mill, grain
"levator, or other Industry, whenever the
<j minission shall reasonably dtf.ermlne
tnat the amount of business Is sufficient
to justify the same, near or within a
reasonable djttance of any railroad track,
may at their or its expense, build and
keep in repair a switch leading from
such railroad to such mine, saw mill,
elevator, or other Industry; such rail-
road company shall be required to fur-,
nlali the switch stand and frog and other
necessary material for making connec-
tion with such side track or spur under
"Such reasonable terms, conditions and
regulations as the said commission may
prescribe, and shall make connection
therewith, the party owning such mine,
s.-.-.v mill, elevator or other industry, lo
pay the actual cost thereof. If any rail-
road company, after proper demand
therefor is made, shail refuse to furnish
said material for making said connec-
tion and put the same in place, or after
the building of such switch. Bhall fail or
refuse to operate the same such railroad
company failing and refusing for a rea-
sonable time, shall forfeit and pay to the
party or corporation aggrieved the sum
of five hundred dollars for each and
every offense, to be recovered by civil
action in any court of competent juris-
diction; and every day of such refusal
on the part of the railroad company to
operate such switch as aforesaid after
such demand Is made, shall be deemed
a separate offense.
5. As used in this article, the
term "transportation company." shall In-
lude any company, corporation, trustee,
receiver, or any other person owning,
leasing or operating for hire, a railroe l,
street railway, canal, steam boat lino,
and also any freight car company, car
association, express company, sleeping
car oompany, car corporation, or com-
pany. trustee or person In any way en-
gaged In such business as a common
carrier over a route acquired In whole
or In part under the right of eminent do-
main. or under any grant from the gov-
ernment of the United States; the term
"rate" shall be construed to mean "rate
of charge for any service rendered, or
to be rendered;" the terms "rate."
"charge." and "regulation," shall fciv
elude joint rates, not charges and joint
reguhWions. respectively; thi* term
"transmission company." shall include
any company, receiver or other persons,
owning, leasing or operating Tor hire anv
telegraph or telephone line; the jerm
"freight" shall be construed to mean
any property transported or rerelved for
transportation, by any transportation
company. The term "public service cor-
poration" shall Include all transportation
and transmission companies, nil gas.
electric light, heat and power compa-
nies. und all Ipersons authorized to ex-
ercise the right of eminent domain, or
to use or occupy any right of way,
street, alley or public highway, whether
along, over or under the same,' In a man-
ner not permitted to the genral public;
the term "person," as used In this arti-
cle. shall Inehide individuals, partner-
ships and corporation* In the singular as
well as plural number; the lerm "bond"
shall mean all certificates or written
evidences of indebtedness issued by any
corporation and secured by mortgage or
trust deed, The term '"frank" shall
mean any writing or token issued by or
under authority of a transmission com-
pany. entitling the holder to anv service
from such company free of charge
The provisions of this article shall' al-
ways be so restricted In their application
as not to conflict with any of the pro-
visions of the constitution of the fnited
States, and as If the necessary limita-
tions upon their interpretations had been
herein expressed In each case.
Sec. 36. A tier the first Monday in Jan-
uary, nineteen hundred and nine, the leg-
islature, may, by law, from time to time,
alter, amend, revise, or ropoal sections
from nineteen to thirty-six, inclusive or
any of them, or any amendments there-
ot; provided, that no amendment made
under authority of this section shall eon-
travene the provisions of anv part of
this constitution othor Ulan the said sec-
tions last above referred to or any such
amendments thereof.
(To bo continued next, week.)
A western preacher advises young
people to take a book with them
wherever they go. One they will find
a good deal of use for is the pocket-
Where Snow Falli.
If jou are not a lover of snow go to
ilalta. where you are certain of com-
plete immunity. If you are fond of it
the suburb of St. Petersburg will fur-
nish a'! v"i nred to ask, for there you
A Toledo physician announces that j may be sure of it for 170 days in the
air and water are all the food we year. 0 happy medium is supplied
need. So all that trouble about the , by Copenhagen with 30 days, while
pure-food law was for nothing.
Newspaper advertising began
16C2. But with some people it
ui'. begun yet.
Palermo, Home and Venice, with one,
I two and five days respectively, may
*je recor.i;;icndcd to those who merely
in care for suuw as a casual and fleeting
I guesl
Machine to Shuffle Cards.
A machine which automatically shuf
fles a pack of cards In an Instant with
the cards concealed from sight and
which changes the position of nine
out of every ten cards is the latest
mechanical device for card players.
It not only protects the cards from in-
jury but gives an absolutely square
deal shuffle The machine weighs four
pounds and attaches In a moment to
any table, lt is about 12 Inches high.
—Popular Mechanics.
There are men who t never go
ahead because they are so sure they
are nabL—Judge.
Compiler of Esperanto.
Professor Zamenhof. of Russia, the
rnifiili-r of Esperanto, the "interna
:ioaal language/' >s a native of Blaly-
stok, the scene of the massacre. His
father and his grandfather were tcach-
ers 1 f languages. He Is an oculist.
Four languages were spoken in his
native town, and this fact created in
him the idea to fc*111 " international
, language
Dried Dates.
When Ironing Embroidery.
Fold a blanket three or four times Dried dates make a nice breakfast What Did He Mtanf
and cover with a clean cloth: lay the Trult if slightly simmered ii boiling Doctor—You mint bo very careful,
nibroidery face downwards on this, water aud servid with rlcvi cream, With her throat trouble your wife will
Place a thin, damped cloth on the either hot or cold; the? are , whok^ not be ab'e to sp-alt above a whisper
*, !• k of the embroidery to be pressed, some fruit for everybody tc take at tcr two or lhree weeks.
and then quickly use a very hot iron ^h's time of year. Husband—OK. dccter, is there any f
i,a the wet surface till it is quite dry sec* improvement hiwjvs. s''/ f,8^' bcc0mlng
By this method a steaming process i* The officers of fite better nanaged gS££'MoU^Jd^. °
carried out which smooths the linen
and greatly improves the effect of tv.e
Towns are growing rapidlj tn Okla
ind most successful cotton mills of |
lapan pay a good deal of at.eation to Couldn't Get In
he improvement of conditions among Mrs. styles— Do you suppose hoop
he help and to increasing -ha facili- ' eWrts ever como ln ^ain1
,ies for education, especially educa Mr. styles- Not in this flat, they
J ion along textile lines.
con ti—-Yonkers Statesman.

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