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Thanksgiving Day
> | tainly," said the committee. "Well,
then, what you want is a cipher; a
tjcv. theo, k.iiukwek, Kimtoh cipher has no corners, and you can J A Proclamation by the President
imv.m.l.butlkh,couiiksponitimueititon. find ciphers without coming to me of the United States—The goodness
for help.'*—Christian Advocate. and mercy of God, whieh lias fo!-
! lowed the American people during
I all the days ot' the past year, claim
their grateful recognition and hum—
ble acknowledgement. By His om-
"#«t in §d.'
One Year fi.oo j
Mix Moulin, :hi
\1 / —.
Ind. Ter,,
Thirty Years Ago.
AileoananlcaUoni <>n baflntu, or for the
r.i>luiuiiH of tlic paper, fchoiild !..■ ail<lri--^«- <1 t..
tlic 1'ul>lI-<h«T>, al M tixkiiKcr, I iiiliun 'I'crr lur\
All dues (xivalilc moil Lilly in uilvani'i'.
J. H. TIIOMI'SON mill T. F. llltKWKH,
iJear Hrothcr ilrewcr:
I read with interest Pro. J. ...,
Kcener's account of hi, trip on his "'l""™1 P0W" llc 1,1,8 I"""'1',""1 u"
district. Will you allow me to tell!w" ",,rt PMlil«nce fr'"" i
.• . , ., , every national calamity: hvllisera-
_ of one 1 made over the same territu- . ' • ,, ,
i ,m . cious favor the earth lias yielded a
flan of Episcopal Violation for 1H87-N ry nearly thirty years ago.-
t n , generous return to the labor of the
> On the morning of December ist. I , , .
U District Wshiiii /W,v>. , , fim tatandman, and every path of hou-
'July i| Denver < «.nf m* \okii*, New Me\. . . ; ..1 est toil lias lead to comfort and con-
aug. ii. Montana •• Hcli<na, Montana. the ( lioctaw District. It rained all
,i i.i, i ... tentment; by His loving kindness
the night before and was still rain-1 ,
, , , . the hearts of oar people have been
nig that morning. I knew the wa- ' v
iters would be up in a few hours j .
. and patriotic endeavor and by His
sufficient to blockade my way, so I! 3
mounted my horse and started on.
M'|il. T. Mlx*i>iirl,
U. M. l/lllllf. '
2d, >. W. Mo.
Mexico, Mo.
h'rcderlektown. Mo.
Springfield, Mo.
2d .'/iHtrici—Bishop Ilmyrov*.
July 11, Columbia Conf. Tinwiiti Otonui.
S|f|il.ih, 1'iirlllf •• .sail I- I.iin l-i'ci, i nI.
imi. 12, l,oi> Aiiki'Ioh i,oh AnjreliiK, ( nl.
Full. 12, Cent. Me\. " Pueblo, Mr\.
3d District—Hishoj) Gravbery.
July . lira/,II. Ml — . OOftf. BIO, Brull
Sept. 7, Western Vn. " Ifaveiiswinul, W.
Covington, Ky.
Hart tori), Kv!
Marlon, III.'
llrownsvlllf, Teiin.
II, Kentucky
SS, l.oulsvllle
Out. I .', 1111 ikiIm
Nov. Hi, Memphis
4th District Bishop Guthiwuy.
I. ft, Western ('onf. council Urovc, Kiiii.
" la. lml. Mis-. •• Vinita, IikI.'IVr.
Nov. Hi, Arkansas •• l avcttevllle, Ark.
•' 2(1, White river •• Searcy, \rk
Oec 7. Mttle lloek •• l.ltlle l!oek, Ark
District—Bishop Mclyeire
)ct. ft, llnWliiu ('mil.
Nov. imi. s. i arollnu "
liec. 7, North iin.
14. south (in. "
AbiiiK'ton, Va.
Marleita, i,a.
Sandersvllk" (in.
replenished with Iraternal sentiment
; and patriotic endeavor and by His
I unerring guidance we have been di-
w . • , , , | rected in the way of national pros-
My route carried me down a creek . J 1
for twenty miles, crossing it about i ,
,... .' .. . Io the end thai we may, with one
hi teen times. I he race ivith the , .,.
. i , , | accord, testify our gratitude for all i
I tide was a lively one, but at every j thege ble8sillg/( h (i*yer Cleveland, I
crossing I found I was ahead. In j president of the United States, do |
! the evening it turned cold and in- hereby designate and set apart
stead of rain it began to sleet and Thursday, the 24th day of Xovem-
snow. Next morning the whole P""'■ to'k giying
. . . | and prayer, to be observed by all the
face of the earth was covered with j peop|e of the land
ice. making it almost impossible to j On that day let all secular work
travel, but I moved forward and j a°d employment be suspended, and
reached my first appointment
good time.
6th District—Bishop Wilson.
Sept. . Japan Mission, Kola*.
out. .China Miss. Conf. Sooc.how.
" Ii, Tennes-.ee " i.alliitln, Tenn.
Nov. U, N \V Te.vns •• l ort Worth.
" i:i, North Texas •• llonev (irove.
Mar. 7. Italtliiiore Martlnnbuoc, W. Va
7/// District—Bishop Duncan.
Nov. S, W. Texas Conf. LiiIIiik, Texas,
10, Mx. lir. M. " Monelova, Me\.
17,(ierMl s. " i.rassvllle, Tex.
:I0. Texas " lloiinton, i'ex.
Dec. 7, Kast Texas '• Marshall,Tex.
iS/// District—Bishop Keener.
Nov.Hi, North Ala. Conf, Tuscaloosa, Ala.
" tt, North Mlw. •• winoilft, Miss
Dec. 7. Alabama " (ireenslniro, Ala.
" 14, Ml-sslssppl '• Jackson, Miss.
()th District—Bishop Key.
Nov, III, Virginia Conf. Danville, Va.
" ,'to. N. Carolina " Knyettevlllo. N. C.
Dec. It. Florida " LcosburK, Kla.
pan., 4, Louisiana Shrcveport, I<a.t
U1; let our people assemble in their ai-
! customed places of worship and with
i prayer and songs of praise give
Tuesday morning I started to my | thanks to our Heavenly Father for
next appointment. The ice on the all that He lias done for us, while
ground was sufficient to hold up the We humbly implore the forgiveness
weight of 111 v horse.
travel in the road for the ice, but
went outside of it. In
Are now having built a store room especially adapted to their wants
which they expect to occupy at an early day. Until the completion of
their new building they
Are Now Prepared to Supply
their Patrons with anything in their line at lowest prices. Their stock
consists in part of
tor We make a specially of Supplying Farmers and Stockmen, fjrt
J-30-tf r-l-tf
j NO. O. COBB,
Drugs. Ctaicals, Patent Meiicines. Toilet Articles,Paints, Oils, Etc., Etc.
I could not |01 our 8'ns' an<' a continuance of
His mercy.
Letfamiles and kindred be reunited
the after-, ()n that day, and let their hearts,
j noon I stopped at a hotel and en- tilled with kindly cheer and affec-
j quired if there was any place ten or I'onate reminiscences, be turned in
twelve miles ahead I could lodge at ;',ankf lne8« * the Source of all
, . . . . . . , , their pleasures and the Giver of all
| during the night. I was informed that m£lkes the dny g,ad an(, joyous
of a Choctaw who lived ten miles And in the midst of our people
away. He had dug a new well and and our happiness, let us remember
I had the prospcct of plenty of wa-
the poor, the needy, and the unfor-
tunate, and by our gifts of charity
... , , tunate, and by our gifts ot charity
ter, it no more. About sundown I 1 .. i , v , 1 1 •
and ready benevolence let us inc ease
I found the well and a cabin. There the number of those who, with grate-
I was 110 fence around the house and
ino signs of anything for man or
beast to eat, but fire and shelter was
better than the woods without cither.
ful hearts, shall join in our thanks-
In witness whereof I have set my
| hand and caused the seal of the
United States to be hereunto affixed.
Springfield, Missouri, voted on
••nl option October 2ist. The
teinperiiniT folks carried the day by
u majority nl' 250.
By request we copy on another
page an excellent article on baptism,
written by Dr. Loughridge and pub-
lished in the St. Louis Presbyterian
of Oct. 7th. Don't fail to read it.
Kead Brother Moore's call on an-
other page. It is very important
that we heed it. Let every preacher
lake a collection at once for Domes-
tic Missions and send the money to
Brother Moore.
I asked for lodging and my request I Done at the city of Washington
was granted. I dismounted and the this 25th day of October, in the year
man of the house tied my horse to p- 0111 L°ril, 1887, and of the inde-
a tree, by a trough. My landlord |S"'t<'8 tbC
was a heavy set man with the gen-
eral appearance of a "bad Indian."
I confess I was afraid of him. About
dark two more Indians with guns
came in. I felt that this would be
my last night 011 earth. To die away
from my native land and the graves
of loved ones, by the hands of vio-
lence was a horrible thought to me.
When supper was announced the
landlord seated himself at the foot,
his wife at the head and the rest of
us at the sides of the talde. When
all was seated the landlord bowed
one hundred and twefth.
Grover Cleveland.
j By the President:
1 T. A. Bayard, Secretary of State.
Candies, Nuts, Cigars and Tobacco that can be had.
E. Ii. Rulison who was with Dr. ty. F. Williams will remain with the
new store and will be pleased to see every body. We aim, if prices will
do it, to please our customers. j*30tf 1-
Oi'tt BiforiiKK in Red fur last
week was enlarged to a five column
juarto, and had" a full report of the j Choctaw. I felt relieved. There
Methodist Conference at Vinita, is not much danger under the roof of
The Rev. E. R. Shapard is in
poor health. His physician has or-
dered him to rest a while. We sin-
cerely hope his disability will prove
to be only temporary. The prayers
of the church will be offered up for i
this faithful servant.
The Rev. J. W. Cowart lias been
sick since conference. He hopes to
his head and asked the blessing in j be at the post of duty soon_
The Rev. C. W. Myatt has been
well received in his new charge. Eu-
faula Station. The friends threaten
to buy him a n?cc parsonage. So
mote it be.
Presiding Elder Keith is at work.
He writes, "Jusjt in from my work,
Preached last night at Bro. Frazier's
on John 3-16,* 17; baptized two
children. Love to the brethren."
We anticipate a good report from
the Doaksville District next fall.
rhis paper is ti"W tie |;:v.;c t al]
[ionic print paper ii. .r T ;
Indian Journal.
Just so, Doctor. And is it n<-.i
trange that some f. m.ii. s i ; uds
ferritory are living without mir pa
uers when but h can he bad ■ r .-no
I'ear tor two dolors?
Bishop (ia 1.1 .<> \ w an l n. • t j.m.
leff Davis arc having a !iv !v dis-
ussion on the tempcrancv q u ,tion.
riie Bishop's last letter is a master-
y document. He is provn..; to be
0 much for the ex-President of the
■ ':'hern Confederacy.
Democrat building at Little
1 .e.,. Arkansas, in which the Ar-
inKt .rs Meteodist was published was
miue.i i-u the night of the 11th inst.
> i.;ii damaged, we are glad the
Wctlrulist presses were saved and
ve most likely will not miss a num-
«•: < I this excellent paper.
""~™~The reward of being liberal is not
A committee recently requested a j that you win find a five-dollar note
entleman to name a suitable per-1 in thl. start ncxt dav. Or thatyou
on for an important position. He vvin be prosperous in your business.
uggestcd a man of unexceptional j but that it will make you more lib-
haracter and great ability. The jera'- The man who is working at I Mr J H Coval paid Muskoo-ee |
epU wao: "He is all that you say. character .. working at his high- visj, Tuesdav ',Ie reports the \V. I
... u 1 1 cst work, the highest asperation , . ,
at he has some sharp corners. ()f Hfc sholdd be t(MVork out your M" S" at Br.v:in's Chapel in good,
Uyes, said the gentleman; "but; own salvation and be approaching condition. Fiv e new members were
r°uld that be an objection?" "Cer- the stature of the perfect man. i received at their last meeting.
a man who says grace at the table,
I thought. But I kept my eyes 011
the other two men.
After supper, while seated around
the fire, the landlord began to talk
and all listened. Then he stood up
and began to sing. We followed
his example, although I understood
not a word he uttered. He then
knelt and began to pray. Hi-, two
visitors responded with heart > a mens.
My fears all vanished and I thanked i We greatly sympathize with Bro.
tor the power of reli^ioi:. I , (J. W. and .Sister Nora Adams, of
asked my host to what ciunvh he j Emet, I. T. Their infant daughter
belonged? He leplied "to Peter aged 8 months and 23 days, died
Fulsom's." Peter Fulsome was a recently.
leading Baptist preacher and a full j The Rev. J. Y. Brvce will occu-
blood Choctaw. I went to bed and Ly the pulpit in his new charge,
slept as soundly as ever I did in my , Muskogee Station, next Sunday.
But enough for this time as
my trip sti etched out through nine
weeks in the dead of winter.
The Rev. J. O. Shanks left Mus-
kogee for Tahlequah last Thursday.
Sister Shanks and the boy will fol-
low on when the parsonage is ready.
Rev. Wm. Murrah, D. D.. an old
and honored member of the N.
Miss. Conference, died at his home
in Pickens county, Ala.. Oct. 9, |
O- E. TURNER & C0>
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, Trunks and
Valises, Groceries, Queensware, Wood and Willowware,
Cash Paid for Country Produce.
Quick Sales and Small Profits is Our Motto.
Call when in the City. No trouble to show Goods.
^ Muskogee,, Ind. Ter.
axd dealer in
Bridles, Whips, Combs,
Repairing Done Neatly, All
Work Warranted,
Orders from a Distance filled on Short Notica.
F. B. SEVERS, Muskogee I T
1 tr '
Patent IVSedicires, Toile* Goods,
Brusles, Paints, Oils, &c
-: 0: -
Eufaula. - - Indian Territory
•^■Prescriptions Carefully Compounded.,®* j-36-tf r-l-tf
4 )

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