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J. J. BURKE, Owner and Publisher.
u . . ( Siihacriptinn fl On l'cr Ani>urn.
s'( Adverti lnc. mnilo known on AppU cuti 01
v v1 u waul t
Furniti 1 n'. !;adpets, iyirtttngs
t V h • L M I \ C A S Pt:: I l.T Y
tttilpi U w . I '*> VJZ,'.
Ever Shown *§
in Norman.
Of Carpets,
Ruy;* and
buy or not
ilLD c. SiiAF \U
• Fine weather tegular Mc-
Kinlcv weatl'ur
—Prove up notices written at
tllO TkAN: CKU'T ofrice.
—Dennis Flynn, 1 o'clock Tues-
day afternoon, Oct 30. Come.
suit lie lias the swellest line of
samples in the city.
reuce Miller, at Hennessey, last
Wednesday, a fine boy.
-' Little Tycoon." in the opera
house. Nov. 27- Given by the
University Dramatic Ciub.
- Don't forget Dennis Flynn,
in Norman on Tuesday, Oct 30,
1900, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon.
Against City of Norman for Personal
Injuries Grand Jury Returns Six
Indictments Other Court
Court re-convened at 2:30, Mon-
d;i\, Ort. 22. and the grand jury
v - . mpaueled. It is composed
1 ■ tollowing gentlemen: J. H.
Dibb • foieman; C'. W. Derrick,
W. Simpson, L J Lassiter- N.
M. < >i . t'.j'-ster Wheeler, W- A.
,\b ... W. T. Nolan, C. B Den-
ton, Is. \\a.laee, D, 11. Wynne.
\Y. S. Ta'Itot, .1. J. Brown, M. B.
Barker, J. A. Warlick and L. L.
On Wedne-dav they returned
>i\ tiucnts. viz: Two again-1
'leurv ' '' foi';'i"*rv; Frank
,v;jc v, , -... 'i11o ; Wr.i. Ly-
ons, horsestealing; Clarence Mar-
tin, grand larceny; George lJolin,
forgery. Martin is the boy who
stole the S20 box from Priuce
t Paul's | Bros.1 window. Boliu is the man
rks, and i who signed and swore to an affi-
davit that Frank Smith, charged
with kiliing Kd Cotney, could not
get justice in Cleveland county,
j He signed the affidavit "Geo. F.
| Banim." It is probable his de-
I fense will be that he was drunk
j when he signed and made the
| affidavit.
Airs. Ursula Teel, mother of
' Charlie Teel, the jeweler, secured
a judgment on Wednesday against
| the Town of Norman of $1,407.29,
\outscj', the man accused of j for persona! injuries received,
I.enig an accessory to the killing : caused by a defective sidewalk,
of William Goebel, was found Xo indictments were found
guilty on Saturday and sentenced ! against W. A. Murray, C. P.
to 99 years in the penetentiary. j Williams, W. B. Bedloe aud Ed-
—The Oil Milljias been forced j ward Isabel, and they were dis-
I —The K<
| Valley etnp
the Enterpr
bus v.
'drill sir
th are kept
^ —Wantkd: Situation jn the
Chickasaw Nation, by man and
. - wife, as hired hand and house-
— Sep Joe Chambers tor a new j keeper. Apply at this < trice.
- Geo. W. Bullock, of Noble,
tw x, t it , vt t I has bccn Sriinlct' an increase of
.Born. I o Mr..and Mrs. Law-! pension to $10 per month, and
James R Kennedy's, of Moore,
has been increased to s;7.
__ \ i w to erect quite an >•xicm-ive addi-! charged from custody.
lion to their store house, to aecom- Grace vs. Grace—continued.
to Ai'i< ' t < ^ ' prm-1!1 i niodate the immense amount of Final naturalization papers
lo August St Ml. CoTOderalMK c0tl0B scc<| whWl ,s ri j" „Mte4 Fre<l Fel,rle, '
daily. ! Whittinsrton vs. O'Dell dis-
, L). M
sick at hi
tin i>- reported quite
me, two miles north
of wr;, from the effects of an
operation performed for hemor-
— Mis. May Hanna is lying very nll!?sctvt , t> n /• ,
low at her home in Guthrie from' .;:i:' -'".V:V V 'n"
the effects of the shock to her sys- V'-;,'',. "'r
tern received in the Waterloo j ? ' o TI ,,
wreck. It is believed she cannot Cl lTS - a Tf ' • VV
- "Light Bread Patent" made ! recover. i et* el alM judgment for plaintifl.
from hard wheat, is a home Hour l —Frank E^six has a fine meat Runyan vs. \v.
and makes the best light bread I market in the Pa non ,UMni i ^ '"T"5 aEPeal.dls??lsse(I-
of anv ilour snbl nn the Nnrtn-m ' •« .1 t« a n '1,1 ' \ Canada vs. Canada; divorce case
market Norman , opposite the Transcript office- j continued for service'.
! f m"ch beU" ''land aud room than ])lilon vs. Di]ion; divorce grant-
—The Territorial Sunday School1 |us lormer location. See change ! ei]_
association, which met here last 1111 hls cartl- j ^own of Norman vs. '/Aba. Beld-
\veek, elected I. M. Little, pre si- —IT. A', Johnson, of the south ! en et al.; dismissed.
dent, and Arthur Wharton, of part of the county, came in Tues-1 Citizens' Bank vs. W. W.Brown;
I eriy, secret,iry. day with the finest load of apples judgment for $752 and foreclosure
—W. D. Maxey, David S. Dick- i tliat so ^ar lias been brought to ordered.
insoti, John P.Guthrie and Jas. | market. They brought him Chas. Stroup given divorce from
$1.00 per bushel. j Ida Stroup; also Henrietta Petrie
-"I shall not vote for Bryan 'from Frank Petrie.
Norris were iu from Stella, Tues-
day, making application to prove
up on their claims.
—Jim Wadley was trying to put
a halter on a fine running horse
he owned, Saturday, when the
animal reared back, fell upon its
head and broke its neck,
—The Jolly Tar drill and steps
by the chorus of maidens in the
"Little Tycoon," Spencer's big
eastern success, will be something
swell. Don't miss it. Nov. 27.
—Pensions were granted last
week to G. W. Bullock, of Lex-
ington and to A. M. McCormick,
of this city. Both received $10 per
month and a small amount back
—Ralph Acers and W. N. Hayes
received this week from Kansas
until after I have sold my hogs,"
said a democratic farmer to the
Pleasanton Observer. And then
he added, meditatively: "I don't
think I shall sell my hogs until
next December."
—The election board of Cleve-
land county met on Monday and
prepared the county and township
tickets. The board consisted of
County Clerk Wynne, represent-
ing the democrats; Frank Wise,
populists, and J. J. Burke, repub
—J. E.'Barrows is here from
Wharton, Texas, on business.
He says the storm which struck
Galveston so hard, also seriously
injured Wharton and surrounding
country. Everything Mr. Bar
Lou Bellamy vs. A. J. Crawford
et al.; set for trial Nov. 1.
John H. Brains vs. Mary Brains;
dismissed at cost of plaintiff.
Southwestern Manufacturing
Co. vs. J. W. Starkey; judgment
for defendant.
In the cases of Sol Block vs.
Frank Smith and R. Eison vs.
Frank Smith, the juries were in-
structed to bring in a verdict for
the defendant. These were cases
where Mr. Smith had been sued
for accounts owed bv M. J. John-
son, when Mr. Smith purchased
Johnson's saloon, fixtures and
Dennis Flynn at Norman
/ j on Tuesday at i o'clock; at
City a pair of fine pointers. They I rows and family'had was swept Lexington, Tuesday night
ere of the "Pride of Kent" breed, away, but they were thankful to a
and are fine specimens of their I escape with their lives,
Tom Jarboe made a bet with
a prominent business man of the
city, Monday, at 2 to 1, that Den-
nis Flynn would not have as large
a majority in the Territory as he
had two years ago. Tom put up of that
$20 to $10 on the proposition, but j college
when bis opponent offered to I money,
double the bet he squawke d. ' the crime.
at 8 o'clock. Turn out and
hear him.
—J. W. Hamilton, a colored j
man of Oklahoma < :ty, was:;]'- Another Texas Tornado,
pointed a regent of tin 1 .angston . Atlanla> Tex., Oct. 22.-A tor-
colored college by Gov Barnes, nadoslruck abouthalf ami|e wcst
and used his position to secure a j cf r 0(U and flfteen miles west of
. r K j l ' • < | ' I i.' Ul ti 11 ti 111 Hill*. 1
Pjano from Armstrong & =mith, here toda. The path of the tor-
of that town, which he sold to the I nado was 200 yards wide and the
Another Falsehood Squelched—S. B,
Craig Will Not Withdraw- Sher"
iff's Race Getting Exciting.
Ever since the nominations the
opposition (especially the popu-
lists) have been reiterating and
reiterating the falsehood that S.
B. Craiff, republican candidate
for sheriff, would withdraw from
the race at the last moment; that
lie was a figure-head; that his
own party would slaughter him,
and all such stuff Last Friday
the lie was circulated that he had
withdrawn, and Barker runners
were sent to every part of the
county with the lying report.
Don't bei.ikve a word ov sreu
rki'Orts- Craig is in tuk rack
to stay, and wii.l, not withdraw
i n'dkr any cikcumstancl-.s-
The inroads Mr. Craiy i> nuk-
ing into the ranks ol Smith and
Barker is well indicated by the
desperate efforts the Smith and
Barker strikers are resorting to
to discredit liiin and his candi-
dacy. The fact is, Craig will
bk I'.lkcted if the republican vo-
ters stay by him, together with
those who are opposed lo Smith
or Barker. A vote for either
Smith or Barker is half a vote
for the other. The race is cer-
tainly between Smith and Craig.
Vote for Craig.
Dennis Flynn at Norman
on Tuesday at i o'clock; at
Lexington, Tuesday night
at 8 o'clock. Turn out and
hear him.
Meets and Prepares the Ticket to be
Voted on Nov, 6th.
The county election board eon-
| sistingof D. B. Wynne, democrat;
; J. J. Burke, republican and Frank
' Wise, populist, met oil Tuesday
| and prepared a copy of the tickel
: for the printing. There was no
i dispute exci pt on the arraugnieiit
of the ticket, the republican mem-
ber contending that it should be
headed by the county ticket, fol-
lowed by the Legislative tickets
and township tickets, in the order
named- His contention was based
upon the fact that to head it with
the legislative ticket would be to
place a populist (E- DulTy) first
on the list; and a populist, too,
who had been nominated on the
republican ticket by petition.
He didn't kick upon the populist
i. e. his kick would have been
the same if it had been A. W.
Fisher, the democratic candidate;
but he thought the republican
ticket should be headed by a sure-
enough republican, and one who
had been nominated in a republic-
an convention. Mr. Wynne joined
him in this view, with Mr. Wise
in the negative, and the tickets
are headed by S. B. Craig, Geo.
Smith and L- P. Barker, candi-
dates for sheriff of the republicans
democrats and peoples party, re-
pectively. The legislative ticket
appears after the county ticket
There will be four tickets upon
the ballot, viz: Republican, with
the device of an eagle; Democrat,
with device of a rooster; Peoples
Party, with device of a plow; Ind
Democrat, with device of a ham-
mer. On the last named ticket,
however, there will be but one I
name, that of John Franning,
candidate for representative in j
the 10th district.
Dennis Flynn at Norman
on Tuesday at i o'clock; at
Lexington, Tuesday night
at 8 o'clock. Turn out and
hear him.
We make farm loans with private funds.
Length of loan to suit borrower.
Lowest prevailing rates of interest,
Your interest payable at ouroffice.
One mortgage only.
We want one chance only.
We are bonded Abstractors.
Agency for 15 Fire and T ;mado insurance C s
a liv:i:.y
Tears Up 1I10 Earth North of To-vn
Last Saturday Night and ro
strovs roporty-No Ono
Eadly Hurt.
A lively little cyclone tore up
things generally west and north
of town 011 Saturday night, Oct.
21, betwien the h >urs ol 1 o and
11 o'clock, It was of short dura-
tion* however; being ge&et'all.v
described as a " vVhili ! and it
was gone." No one was seriously
hurt by it, but considerable dam
age was done to houses, outbuild-
ing, barns, and wheat aud hay
j stacks. The path of the cyclone
was nearly 011 the same line as
the one six or seven years ago,
which did so much damage.
The house on iC. B. Johnson's
I place, in the Chickasaw nation,
occupied by Poland Thomas and
j wife, was blown about a quarter,
and turned upside down. Mr. and
Mr?, Thomas were both badly bat-
tered up but not seriously injured.
William Haswell's barn, in the
Ten Mile Flat, was one <d' ibe
best in that locality. It was only
I completed Saturday. It was de-
stroyed, and a wagon loaded with
I wheal was blown away.-
! Lee I!iJinan's hoi; e, in the Ten
, Mile Flat, wa 1, badly racked and
. the outbuildings destroyed.
[ TJp in ;h< ■ 'ciuity of Mo<«r *, and
I further east, a number of barns
were blowu ftottt their found. 1-
I tions and wrecked, wheat stacks
strewn over the country, baled
hay taken up and carried from a
j quarter to half a mile and some
animals killed.
Dennis Flynn at Norman
on Tucsday at 1 o'clock; at
j Lexington, Tuesday night
at 8 o'clock. Turn out and
hear him.
- Married: By the clerk of the
court at Purcell 011 Wednesday
evening, Mr. Geo. Graham to
Miss Maud Overton and Mr. Will
Fox to Miss Parks. All the con-
tracting parties are leading young
people of Lexington, and have a
host of friends to wish them much
happiness. Mr. and Mrs. Graham
went to Dallas on a wedding tour.
—The musical class of the Uni-
versity gave their recital on Fri-
day evening to quite a large and
appreciative audience. The recital
was held in *he musicdepartment's
down town hall in West Norman.
Cuder the supervision of Grace A.
King the department has grown
considerably since the beginning
of the year and the pupils already,
show marked improvement in
their work.
10s o ,iutir. 2Tly:isi will
. . J .' C'i7LJLS-21 tit
1 o'clock on Oct. .10
and at Lexington on
same cLiy at / . hi*
Li:l TE.1: I i'O' I A. I. i'ETITE.
Another Cleveland Co BoyWri'cs of
His Experience in Manila.
Mr A. M. Petite, the writer of
the ioiiowing utter, was the first
postmaster at Moore and a mem-
ber of the first board of county
commissioners of this county. He
Pri'riilio i f Sitn IT.1 .ii -i>o. ('al , |
Oeinhr r 1.;, 1900 j
JlllfN A. Me' AltTNl v,
Moore, Oklu :
Dear Sir While sick iu Manila
in May I wrote to Cta,ude, and re-
ceived a reply while at bom r in
Atlantic, 1 reached there from
Manila. July 1st, enjoyed a >it
with th- family, and retiuved
here September Am now de-
tailed quart* 1 mast< r < n the trans-
port Port °ti phens, which leaves
here about <tuber 5 or later. I
rather <• :c' fo be in Manila
home and <• ill hunt up the boys.
It is likely that the ,.ii"'.'emeut to
send th- Uniti-d S'ates volunteers
home will begin m November? so
I figure the 33d will leave there
by February 1-
The reports are that th
eral health
better than
xpcct the activity of
s will cease until af-
for they have much
encouragement and comfort from
the traitors here. 1 sincerely
hope and feel assured that the
chilling frosts of election day will
kill and bury for all time the rank
populism and anarchy, clothed as
it seems to be by the respeciaule
garments of democracy.
I have felt the hurt of two Mau-
ser bullets, and as 1 look at the
scars they seem to brand me a
republican sure enough. I some-
times think we ought to go out
gunning for the enemy at home.
I hope to hear from you before
leaving, aud if I can be of any
service to you, command me.
Give my regards to all.
I am your wandering aud not
very prosperous friend,
First Lb ut. 3D'ti I "ft U. S. V.
Quiirtfrmusrer U s Transport 'i'irt
f the troops is much
a year ago at this
I do not 1
tile Ladrone
ter election,

Our Flour
>'N. B."
Fruit« a.
The fall s:t'.son will
naturally you to h
where be (eot !•
for S375 and pocketed the 1 wind t everything before it.
money. Be has been arrested for 0ne,10Use^n the center of its path j
and occupied 1>v iictocs, was de-
'stroyed, six people being killed;
| three others are missing. 1 he
■ tornado traveled from the south-
1 west to the northwest, crossing
the Texas & Pacific railroad at
lie CampbelFville spur, a lumber
! ailiinj station two miU s north t
CO;l!N(j ! i ! !
ir fall
i nts
you will
rices on our
We ire here
never kno
Lumber was
irections. It
ss of life has resul
country. A hard r,
1 morning. The res
ir c
Our Berry correspont
the ravages of the cj
that locality.
— Why not i' in tl'.e
.slid ' ay<l:r slu
daily aud your clothi >
as often as needed for
per month. Joe Chan:!
—If you want good I:
ask your grocer for a
X m W br-'avd ,;i
Pat il .'.{•• erol : )••. i
Mifli (T ai d Grain
jCI. Jin I if [/<> 11 prefer to ■ clu'f iti lhr t'cnj
j%i latest in durable, ami
% im /•■ ;' ■> ■ > w>
I TLJ flT'n Hi
\k i 11 rt ! U U * J ! \
Sin 1 iciRicqq % ¥
4 DUuiiMC. 1)0. "v
!<! , ■ ^
:U1U 'j
'Phone (,7, next to Renner *•
[•l ie tor-.
N ~SY IT h -"gcd 2u au" Miss Li 1^
. Andrew Kingkade, loan ; "a ton were married i>y J•
xnsuranee man, afwaj s'pay 5 the iams on Oct.^25, and
I r.iosf for all kinds oi warrant >. — and Miss Smith 1 v I'.
I Fidelity building, Norman, U. T. 1 "Wolf on Oct. 18.

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