The Hollis Post--Herald (Hollis, Okla.), Vol. 7, No. 44, Ed. 1 Thursday, April 28, 1910 Page: 3 of 8

q Local and Personal g
Eggs wanted at the Famous.
Buck Bros, for good work.
J. B. Ellis went to Eldorado
W. E. Joiger of Vinson was in
the city Tuesday.
Pure Apple Vinegar at the
Samuel Maysey of Dryden was
in the city Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Levi McGlothlin
have moved to the farm.
See Mwk Roberts for bar
gains in town lots.
Hanna BroS. will buy your
cattle and hogs. Call or pho ne
C. W. Gilliland is making sub-
stantial improvements on his
Mrs. W. C. Savage has been
siok with mumps for the past
Judge M. M. McGee went to
Quanah Sunday on legal busi-
We are now ready to take your
measure for that summer suit.
—Buck Bros.
If you have an item of local
news, «ive it to us; w< want to
print all the local news.
Bill Rowell is said to have left
the Commercial Hotel very hur-
riedly yesterday.
Best Pickles at the Famous.
Tom Evans is in Mangum this
week. ..
E. M.Stewart went to Guth-
rie Tuesday.
Roy Pendevgraft is on the sick
S. D. Barnett has purchased a | ge^ $10 0D®*
Haymes automobile.
It is said that Tom Freeman
has found another girl.
J. W. Watson went to Gould
on legal business Tuesday.
H. E. Nelson was in the city
Tuesday looking for a widow.
U. F.'Jobe will go to Oklahoma
City ana Guthrie next Monday.
M. J. I vie has been confined to
his room this week with mumps.
Mane tha*' old suit loot like a
new one by having it cleaned
and pressed at Buck Bro's.
Rev. J. H Heathington has
been attending the
Dryden this week.
We buy Chickens and Eprgs—
A. D. Hollis
Mrs Frank Ready visited her
parents at Looney ^a^t week.
Mark Roberts went t<> Quanah
Sunday, returning Wednesday
Highest market price paid for
Chieicens and Eggs.-A D. Hollis.
W." A.ISTppey of Vinson came
down to attend the Odd Fellows'
Have Denton Bros, insureyour
wheat and oats against bail and
Mrs. Jake Edwards fell out of
an auto last Tuesday night and
was considerably shaken up.
The Presbyterians will have
their usual services at the court
house Sunday morning.
F. B. Boyeit, pastor.
Have Denton Bros, insure
your wheat and oats against hail
and get $10 for one.
M i s. Gertrude Moore, of Whit-
ney, Texas, mother of D. Moore
and Mrs Lewis Hodge is
in the city.
The new addition to the court
'house is ncaring completion and
debate at j will be rtaay for occupancy in a
short time.
To The Farmers
History of the section of country comprising what
is now Harmon county has taught us that it pays to
insure crops against hail, and as we have the only
Co. that can insure against hail in the county, we
would like to figure with you.
Remember there was no hail last year and that is
good evidence we will have hail this year,
Denton Bros.
Quite a number of Hollis peo Mrs. T. E. A. Savage and
^ .. .1 1 > .rn .A nlooo.
pie have been attending the
Weaverr-Nunnerv debate at Dry
Mrs. Shipley and children of
Frederick were here this week,
attending the funeral of Mrs.
Shipley's mothe<\ Mrs Mary E.
The Greer County
Wlll sell you lumber that is lumber. Let them
figure on your bill. Their price Is right.
Having purchased the Drug business formerly con-
ducted by Abernathy & Nelson, we solicit a Tberal
share of your patronage, which we hoj^e to merit by
fair dealing and prompt service.
We will constantly keep in stock a complete line ot
Standard Drugs, Patent Medicines, Toilet Articles,
Perfumes, Stationery, School Supplies, Bianit Books,
Fine Candies, Cigars, Paints, Oils and Varnishes, Ice
Cream and Cold Drinks. Prescriptions carefully and
accurately filled.
We are still in the Millnery
business. New styles being
created each day. YOU be
among the first ones to come
and inspect our new models.
Located with J. K. Lunn.
daughter, of Sandy, were pleas
ant callers at the Post-herald of
tice last Saturday.
Former Editor Johnson of the
Eldorado Courier paid this of
fice a pleasont call last Saturday
while on his way home from
Drop in at the Truax Produce
Co. and ttet one of those Iowa
1 Dairy Cream Separator and .get
to making money.
Elmer Gardner, T..m Motley,
Will Hollis and Jim Gardner
went fishing on Turkey creek
U. F. ,'obe has accepted the
position of Superintendent of
the High School at Wilcox, Ari-
K. P. Patterson, living a mils
and a half south of town, has
i purchased a cream separator
lirom the Truax Produce Co.
Benton Smith and Jerry Keys
attended their regular teachers'
j meeting Tuesday evening. They
I are reading Good Housekeeping.
See W. F. Johnson
The Jeweler
Fur good Watch Work.
Mrs. Mattie Osmond of Sadler,
Texas, attended the funeral of
her sister, Mrs. Mary Whise
nant, at this place this week.
Attorney Fowler of Hollis,
candidate for county attorney,
made the News a pleasant call
the first of the week.—Harmon
County News.
Fred McClung and family of
Carl were in the city last Friday
and paid the Post-Herald office
a friendly call. Mr. McClung is
one of the pioneer citizens of this
country, and a good one.
E. J. Bailey, living three and
one half miles east of town, this
week bought an Iowa Dairy
Cream Separator from the 'I'ru-
ax Produce Co., and is prepar-
ing to sell cream.
J. W. Petty and wife returned
Monday from a two weeks' visit
to their old home in Waxahaciiie,
Texas. Mr. Petty says every-
thing down in that country lo iks
better Chan for years.
J. D. Pennington and wife left
Tuesday for Lawton where they
wili reside in the future. Mr.
Penington has been appointed
State Bank Examiner and will
work out of Lawton
Messrs E. N. Dial and Rufus
H. Jones, candidates for public
weigher and register of deeds
resp ctfully. were callers at the
News office Wednesday.—Har
mon County News
Chickens and Eggs wanted I
—A. D. Hollis.
See Mark Roberts for farm1
Haye Denton Bros, insure
your wheat and oats against hail
and get $10 for one.
Ladeis, don't forget that you
can have that skirt cleaned and
pressed at Buck Bro's.
Misses Johnson, McMurry,
Crickett aud Niles attended the
debate at Dryden Sunday,
W. S. Cross went to Eldorado
yesterday to meet his daughters
Mrs. Mary E. Whlaanaat.
Mrs. Mary E. Whisenant (nee
B akemore) was born in Blounts-
vil e, Tennessee, October 1, 1844;
came 10 Texas with her parents
when hut a small child and set-
tled in what is now Collin county.
At the age of seventeen she was
married to Hugh Whisenant, who
uied here twelve years ago. At
the a|tf of eighteen she united
with the Methodist church and
remain^ .3 \yorthy member of
that communion throughout her
life With her nusband and fam-
ily she came to this country four
J ^ w # * ' J sill" V —
who are visitin? home folks this years ano and settled on
Mrs, J. J. Ewiug and Mrs.
Thos. B. Huff visited Mrs. Josh
Stewart of Bitter Creek last
Haye Denton Bros, insure
your wheat and oats against hail
and get $10 for one.
To-see. Halley's comet—On a
line between the morning star
and the point where the sun
rises, about 4:30 o'clock a m.
G. T. Moore of Martin was in
town a few days ago. He has de
cided to give the old cow a chance
and has therefore purchased an
Iowa Cream Sepa«-tor from the
Truax Produce Co.
Mrs. Henry Whisenant's hand
some new residence in the north-
west part of town is nearing
completion. It is one of the best
residences in the country and
quite an adornment to that por-
tion of the town.
Mrs. Jas Yf es and son of Shel-
by ville, Tenn, are visiting S L.
Ben vers, W. M. Yo^s, and other
friendB. They are well pleased
with the town and country aud
will probably move here soon.
J. H Bobba of Madge is in the
city. He says he will soon be-
gin the erection of a hotel on the
banks of Salt Fork lor the accom
modation of tbe defeated candi
dates in the coming election.
Be v. Geo. P. Howard, Pastor
thfc Whisenant homestead west
o: Hollis, on which the Hollis
cemetery is now located.
Mrs Whisenant died very ssd-
den y last Sunday night at the
home ofh.-r oldest son at Elba,
Texas The remains were
brought to H611is for interment,
which occurred on Tuesday af
ternoou, tbe outial service being
J. J. Ewln|.
J, (Jack) Ewing announces
m a ranoidate for the office of
Register of Deeds of Harmon
county subject to tbe Democratic
primary August 2.
Mr. Ewing needs no introduc-
tion to the voters of the county,
where he is well and favorable
known, having lived in Oklahoma
ten years. He was born in Ray
Couuty, Missouri, in 1887, the
son of a Rebel soldier of which
fact he is proud.
Mr. Ewing is at present en-
gaged as salesman at Mike Brad-
ley's in Hollis. On account of
his limited means and because
he has to work for a living, he is
not financially able to make an
extended campaign but hopes to
to be able to see every voter in
the county hefore the day of tbe
Mr. Ewiug is in every way
qualified for the office to which
he aspires. Honest, upright
tcrnooDf iiU" UUIHM ■ , . . i . ti i
conducted by R«v. W. C 8av««, "< honorable to.11 hi.
pastor of the Methodist church.
VI rs. Whisenant was the moth-
er of ten children, eight of
whom were , present at tbe fu
neral. Hie' Post-Herald joins a
host of friends in extening sym
pathy to the atricken family.
To Opan CrM" Station.
The ti uax Produce Company woman
will open their cream station
sometime during tne next thirty
days and will be prepared to
handle all tbe cream produced
Harmon county. This Is an
careful, painstaking and accurate
in his work, he will, if elected,
discharge the duties of the office
to the satisfaction of his constit-
uents and with credit to himself.
One 4 year old horse and a
good buggy. Horse safe for
to drive. Good work
horse. Buggy same as new.
Will sell for cash or credit. See
Thos. B. HufT at Post-Herald of-
fice, Hollis, Okla.
Mrs. C. N. Patterson,
enterprise in which every farm
er in the county should take an
active interest, as it means a
permanent home market for all
the fruit of the dairy. Give the
old cow a chance to help make
the living and swell your bank
account, by furnishing her with
a cphid separator and 'putting
her to her best.
Notlea to tha Vatara at frisela Tswi
The Harmon County Election
Board having received a petition
ivev. UCU. X • —r*
Evangelist of Hobart Presbytery fr0m the voters of Francis Town
was in town tbe first of the week 8hip covering the specification
in the interest of the Presbyte- by law directing election boards
rian church. He statea that as to form new yoting precincts
soon as the railroad is complst- within their counties;
ed into Hollis they will erect a And in obedience to the 'aw,
handsome church on their lots. we. the Harmon County Election
, . Board, hereby 103cm or create a
John R Thacker has *>ur' new voting |)rpcinct out of Pran-
chased the Eldorado Courier and Townahip u, ^ designated
is now in charge of tbe same, his ^ ^ House Pr#.
first issue appearing la*t wee«c. | . g
The first issue shows a marked Beg.nning ^ lb„ N< £. coroer
Section 4, Townahip 5. Range
A Salt of Clothaa fraa.
We will give a $20 suit of
clothes, absolutely free, to one
of our customers on May Iat.
With every suit cleaned and
presssd we give you a chance.
Ask about it —Hodge.
\ —Kile.
I will make the season with
my black mammoth Jack, "Little
John," at my barn at Dryden,
Hsrmon Co . Okla., up m the fol-
lowing terms and conditiona to-
Tn insure foal the sum of $10.00.
If mare is traded or disposed of
in any way the service price will
become due.
J. Whorton.
Have you merely been experi
mented up« n rather than photo-
• graphed? If so call on Patter
'son and be photographed, then
in the >ear> fc-come you can see
f how you looked in your younger and a p *
days. '
improvement in tbe paper. Mr.
Thacker is putting out a newsy,
well edited paper, and we trust
thaw he will have the support
that his abilities deserve.
Veroniques, Perfetto, Philo-
pena. Clover Leaf, Vanilla Wa
ters. Lemon Snaps, Yum-^ ums,
Ch«-e®e Landwich. Qire*e-Sticks
and Saratoga Flarf**s, all the Sun"
phiue kind and are crispv dain
24, thence *eattotbe N. W. cor
ner Section 6. ■,ownshlp5, Range
24 W , thence south to the cor
rection line, thence east to the
Greer County line, tbwnce north
to the pia e of beginning.
Signed this l6ih day ol
April. 1910
[Seal) 1 W. Petrer.
G. E. McClure,
Apr 21 3t Secretary
Harmon Co. Election Board.
I will make the season with
my Stallion,' Dad" at my barn,
at Dryden, Ok a. Harmon Co.,
upon the following terms and
conditions to wit:
To insure foal tbe sum of $7.00.
If mare is traded or disposed of
in any wav the service price will
become due.
J Whorton.
Barter Shop
J. JR. CROWDtR, Prop.
Hal Md Cold Baths 25 cents.

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