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Jerusalem Now Haven for Or-
phans, Made So In War Per
seditions by Turkish Men-
Need of Funds to Carry On
rant wai President
Get a bottle today
It did it for your grandma, for youf
Values Extra!
She was known as the little girl
who never smiled,—which was strange
for on apparently normal three-year-
old. She was a pretty child, with
deep blue eyes,—blue as the waters
of Lake Van in Armenia, where she
had lived when the bloody Turkish
massacre of Ritlis took place.
Effort after effort on the part of
the nurses at the orphanage failed to
win Iw-r confidence. Coaxing and pet-
ting could not change the sorrowful
appeal of her pathetic features. Fin-
ally, under the influence of a particu-
larly persuasive woman, she revealed
her baby secret. Her eyes blazed as
in her own child's talk she told of
how her father had been murdered
befote her eyes by the barbarous
Turks. It will take many years of
feeding and clothing and loving this
little gir! to erase these terrible mem
ories and make her life normal and
This is one of the stories of the
Turkish cruelties that are coming
through with the end of the war and
the lifting of censorships. Here is
another one:
A Turk killed the father and the
mother of a little girl, then tried to
force himself on her. She ran away
and when he overtook her, he stabbed
her through the lungs with his bayo-
net. Relief workers say that when
she was later found and revived, this
little Christian girl did not ask the
usual question, "Where am I?" but,
on Recognizing the missionary said:
"I didn't deny my Lord, did I?'
On rare occasions the Turk showed
traces of humanity. One little waif
toddling along with the other exiles
after one of the massacres was too
much for the heart of a Turkish sol-
dier. He rescued her, but so revolt-
•nd old.
For half a century druggists every-
where have sold it. Put a bottle in
your medicine cabinet. You may need
ft in a hurry. Sold by druggists
Internal Revenue Department
Will Send Men Into Commun- j
ities to Aid Taxpayers in Mak
in# Income Reports
Bowels Acting Properly?
They ought to, for constipation
makes the body retain waste matters
and impurities that undermine the
health and play havoc with the entire
system. Dr.
reliable and
;'s New Life Pills are
m action. All
The appeal of Surgeon General Ru-
pert Blue to the churches to set aside
Sunday, February 23, as "Health Sun.
day" will undoubtedly be widely ob-
served, particularly by those minis-
ters who recognize the gravity of the
social problem presented by demobi-
lization. The campaign for a clean
nation, which Surgeon General Blue
is carrying on, backed by President
Wilson and the principal members of
his Cabinet, depends on law enforce-
ment; no provision being made for all
who are found to be infected with
venereal disease, on intelligent, hu-
mane and careful guidance and treat-
ment of the women who through im-
moral practices have been the chief
spreaders of the venereal diseases,
and on education. And the greatest
of these is education.
In this phase of the campaign the
pulpit can be immensely helpful. The
people must be urged to make them-
selves acquainted with the facts.
Through the U. S. Public Health Ser-
vice all the facts are made available
to every responsible citizen. In his
appeal, Surgeon General Blue senses
part of the difficulty of dealing with
these matters from the pulpit, but, at
the same time, he shows the way out.
He says:
dier. He rescued ner, dut su icvuiv- "While it may not seem always ex-
ing had been the sights she had just pedient to discuss at length the rav-
witnessed that even the kindness of aRes 0f the venereal^ disease before
a Turk was unendurable to her, and
neither he nor any member of his
family was able to win her confidence
They were finally forced to return
her to a* Christian family.
Immediately after the Turks left
Jerusalem, twenty-five Syrian and
Armenian war orphans were given
thorough, old - fashioned Saturday
night baths, clean clothing and real
beds. Some of them had worn the
same clothes since being driven from
homo two years before. Over six
hundred orphan children are now be-
ing cared for in Jerusalem alone.
It is estimated that the war and
Turkish persecutions have made 400,-
000 children in the Near East father-
less and motherless. Most of them
are homeless and in danger of slow
death from starvation. Of the $30,-
000,000 which will be collected from
the Armenian-Syrian Relief Campaign
in February, approximately $18,000,-
000 alone will be required for feeding
clothing and housing these orphans
until the Near Eastern countries are
put on a self-sustaining basis.
Two delegations from the east end
of the county, spent Monday here, on
business before the board of county
commissioners. It is intimated one
delegation wants to change the
boundary lines of Mountain View
township and the other came to pro-
test the division. Among those here
were: Elmer and Robert Fox, Tom,
Kemp and W. R. Mock.
ages of the venereal disease before
audiences composed of both sexes and
of widely different ages, a sermon on
the responsibility of the churches for
the health and social morals would
give an opportunity to stress the par-
ticular problem of demobilization as a
part of the larger public health prob-
lem. The pastor may also urge upon
his people the timeliness of a cam-
paign for civic cleanliness, both phys-
ical and moral, in view of the expect-
ed return of the men and women who
had gone out to make sacrifice in the
great crusade of righteousness and
freedom. Not only should they find,
upon their return, a warm welcome
from the religious forces of the home
community, but the churches should
tee that, so far as possible, the sourca
of temptation is removed and whole-
some recreation and social compan-
ionship provided."
So the way is pointed out by which
this subject, so vital f.o the health
and the efficiency of the nation, may
be brought squarely to the attention
of the churchgoers of the country.
It is a tremendous fight that has
been undertaken; one that will tax
America's strength and patience and
moral force. It can succeed only if it
has the best men of the nation behind
it, and the appeal of Surgeon General
Blue is a ringing plea that the minis-
ters arouse, step forward and take
their place in the ranks beside the
governmental forces that have as their
ultimate goal, a nation made strong
through freedom from disease.
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No. 2. dT.
William D. Dodgion, who reached
Fort Sill last Monday, with a con-
tingent of wounded men from over-
seas, was permitted to come to Ho-
bart and spend a few days with his
brother, E. W. Dodgion, who lives
south of town. Dodgion was wound-
ed in his left hand at Verdun and it
is still wrapped in bandages. He re-
turned to Fort Sill Saturday after-
noon, and expects to be discharged
when he makes complete recovery.
We desire to thank all our friends
and neighbors for their many kind
acts and deeds of sympathy, during
the illness and death of our beloved
husband and father, and especially do
our thanks go out to the Kiowa
County Bar association in their ef-
forts to alleviate our great sorrow.
and family.
A warning against "fake experts"
in Income Tax has been sounded by
the Internal Revenue Bureau, in a
statement received by Collector Hu-
bert L. Bolen, from Commissioner
Daniel C. Roper.
"Business houses and individual tax
payers are being canvassed this year
by numerous so-called "Income Tax
experts," who offer to use their magic
wands of Income Tax wisdom to re-
lieve the busy taxpayer from all the
worries about his tax responsibilities.
"I desire to make public announce-
ment, for the information of taxpay-
ers, that an investigation of the qual-
ifications of many of these "experts"
will disclose the fact that very few
have had the training and experience
that would place them anywhere near
the expert class.
"Some of them were formerly tem-
porary employees of the government
who are attempting to capitalize this
fact regardless of their personal
knowledge of the revenue laws and
regulations. Others aije soliciting
clients on the strength of diplomas as
Income Tax experts obtained after
taking long-distance courses by
means of printed instructions of a
doubtful value.
"Taxpayers should not allow them-
selves to be imposed upon by strang-
ers who claim to be Income Tax ex-
perts. They should discriminate care
fully between really helpful, authori-
tative advice in tax matters, and the
irresponsible brand peddled under
glittering pretenses.
"The Bureau is arranging to fur-
nish for the benefit of Income Tax
payers in every city and town in the
country, a free advisory service by
trained collectors, agents, inspectors
and deputies. At the offices of Col-
lectors and their Deputies, and at
other central points, free information
and advice with regard to filing re-
turns under the new Revenue Bill
may be had up to the final date for
filing such returns.
"Banks, trust companies and sim-
ilar responsible institutions have al-
ways cooperated in furiji^hing au-
thentic Income Tax-information, and
have generously offered to serve the
government and taxpayers in ^this re-
spect again this year.
"It is the aim of the Bureau to
bring its agencies as close as possible
to every person and to make avail-
able in official form all necessary ifi-
formation regarding the requirements
of the law. The Bureau welcomes aid
from every responsible agency in its
effort to enlighten the people.
"Every taxpayer is assured of
square deal from the Government
based entirely on the tax laws and
regulations and the facts in his case.
No other influence is allowed to enter
into Internal Revenue matters and
the statement of any firm or individ-
ual that they are in a position to ex-
ert special influenze with Internal
Revenue officers is wholly without
foundation in fact. Painstaking and
open-minded consideration is given in
every case regardless of whether the
taxpayer appears in person or by at-
"Firms or persons who offer to
prosecute claims against the Govern-
ment can secure no special consider
ation beyond the merits of the claims
as determined by facts and the law.
"Any former government officer
or employee is barred by statute,.from
acting as counsel, attorney or agent
for prosecuting claims against the
United States which were pending
while he was an officer or employee
and is also barred from aiding in any
manner the prosecution of such claim
within two years after leaving the
government service."
WHAT of Leather ? It is still up, and the chances are
that it will remain up for months to come. That,
among other reasons, makes our offering ot our
Boots remarkable. It is one thing to take an article that
nobody wants and mark it down. It is quite another thing
to take such Boots as these—styles of the very best—and
reduce the price.
They are colored Kid Boots in brown, gray and black.
They have leather Louis heels, covered heels, welted soles
and other styles. You should see them.
Make This Beauty Lotion Cheaply for
Your Face, Neck, Arms and Hands
At the cost of a small jar of ordin-
ary cold cream one can prepare a full
quarter pint of the most wonderful
lemon skin softener and complexion
beautifier, by squeezing the juice of
two fresh lemons into a bottle con-
taining three ounces of orchard white.
Care should be taken to strain the
juice through a fine cloth so no lemon
pulp gets in, then this lotion will keep
fresh for months. Every woman knows
the lemon juice used to bleach and re-
move such blemishes as freckles, sal-
lowness and tan and is the ideal skin
softener, whitener and beautifier.
Just try it! Get three ounces of
orchard white at any durg store and
two lemons from the grocer and make
up a quarter pint of this sweetly fra-
grant lemon lotion and massage it
daily into the face, neck, and hands.
It is marvelous to smoOthen rough,
red hands.
LONDON.—Some of the 15,000
American sailors who visited London
before leaving for home told the
British journalists what they thought
of the metropolis.
"I like your town all right," one is
Earl Davidson returned Sunday
from Wichita, Kansas, where he was
called by the death of his brother's
A few days ago 400 delegates from
all sections of the country, and rep-
resenting more than 3,000,000 Ameri-
can Jews, assembled at Philadelphia
for the second session of the Ameri-
can Jewish Congress. The delegates
were unusually enthusiastic because
of the present bright prospects for
the reestablishment of a Jewish na-
tion in Palestine and the realization
of the aspirations of the Jewish peo-
ple throughout the world during the
last 2000 years for a homeland of
their own.
That their hopes in this respect are
well founded seems evident from the
fact that the project has already been
approved by France, Italy, Serbia and
also by our own President, and more-
over the attitude of the delegates to
the peace conference is reported to
be, almost without exception, favor-
able to the plan.
Headed by Former Chief Lone
Wolf, a delegation of Kiowa indians
went' to Carnegie Saturday, where
they will visit the tribal members of
that section of Caddo county.
Clayton Koup returned Wednesday
from Minneola, N. Y., where he was
stationed in the U. S. army. He has
just been discharged from the gov-
ernment hospital after a three weeks
illness caused by being poisoned. He
was mustered out and will remain
here with his parents.
Sheriff C. E. Dewing of Enid, Gar-
field county, was in Hobart Thursday
afternoon, en route to Granite, to se-
cure a prisoner whose term is soon to
expire and take him to his county for
trial on a charge of murder.
Sure 8lck Headache, Constipation,
Biliousness, Sour Stomach, Bad
Breath—Candy Cathartic.
Ed Denison and I. B. Carlton left
Sunday on a visit to the oil field at
Burkbumett, Texas.
No odds how bad your liver, stomach
>r bowels; how much your head aches,
iow miserable you are from constipa
ion, indigestion, biliousness and slug-
•ish bowels—you always get relief with
'-\>earets. They immediately cleanse
>nd regulate tlie stomach, remote the
;our, fermenting food and foul gases;
ake the excess bile from the liver and
arry off the constipated waste .matter
■nd poison from the intestines and
-owels. A 10-cent box from your druc-
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lonths. Thev work white you sleep.
quoted as saying, "but you haven'
enough restaurants. Even in a small
American town every street has got
'em in bunohes of fives." Other com-
ments were:
"Y/our transportation about town
isn't up to standard, but I suppose
that's due to the war."
"London's more like an American
city than Edinburgh, and the people
are all right. You are not so modern
though, as we are. I see your girls
have got their hair bobbed—why our
girls had that done ten years ago!"
"The people are real friendly. We
like your burg, but your climate is
rotteirf _
"The big difference between Eng
land and the States is your ladies
You can speak to a lady here, high or
low, without getting into trouble. If
you spoke to a lady in America you d
be arrested. There's something where
yeu are more democratic than we are
The British interviewer said he hop
ed the American boys wouldn't take
home any wrong ideas about English
girls based on some of those encount-
ered in the Stiand and in Picadilly
"Make no mistake about that, the
sailor assured him. "We know all
about it. We've got to know fine girls
here, and high-toned ones, .too, and
we don't want the other sort."
He said the boys with the American
battleship squadron in the Firth of
Forth got on well with the English
sailors of the Grand Fleet. "We gave
them a vaudeville show," he related
"and they gave us a concert."
"This sailor," the interviewer re-
marked in his article, "gave me some
sound information on a point about
which I had always been curious. I
asked him if one American could tell
at once what part of America another
came from. He said, "Sure. Take a
man from the South. He speaks slow
with a drawl—'Air-you-goin-down-
town-toe-night'—see—like that, like
a bunch of farmers talking. A man
from Chicago talks like a man from
New York, quick and sharp like, with
a lot of profanity."
" 'But could you tell the difference
between a Chicago man and a New
York man?'
" 'Sure. A Chicago man uses more
plofanity, and he mSpves his hand
like this—see —as if he was doing a
card trick. A New York man's quick
and soft.' ,
'What abcut the Middle west.
- 'Oh, a Kansas man doesn't speak
slow like a Southerner, or too quick
like a Chicago man, but just plain and
distinct, so anyone can understand
him. Just like I speak. I come from
A Tonic Laxative
thtt will remove the bile from the Liver and
cleanse the System THOROUGHLY without ftrlpinS
or disturbing the stomach is truly a Perfect Lax-
Is the name of a Reliable and Perfect Laxative
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digestion, Stomach Trouble. Gas and Piles caused
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Reliable Laxative in the treatment of Colds, Grip
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ust as flood for Children as for Adults. Pletstot
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Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic.
The first of a series of hikes plan-
red by Perry Baldwin^ military in-
structor in the high school, was taken
Friday afternoon, when the majority
of the 85 cadets in the school started
on a hike of 10 miles.
For several weks the cadets have
been working to get in trim for these
Paul Allen has been honorably dis-
charged from the army at Vancouver
Barracks, Wash., and reached Hobart
Thursday, to again make his home
I Two Minute Title Talks |
Hit is mighty nice for a fellow =
to Enlist in the Navy or Army =
for the defense of his Country. =
Many of our noblest and most 5
promising Young men are ana- =
: 4k. A.11 ilof^nH OUR —
linn* yuu wvm * —
to perform a great work for =
s your Country. =
E fl Besides Enlisting in this hood =
= Supply Army" you are called =
E to Enlist your services along =
E with the Abstracters of tins r
= Country, in defense of the Ti- s
= ties to OUR Homes. Home is =
E the beginning of all our Gov- =
E ernment, it is also the begin- =
E ning of all the means used to =
s protect that Government. s
5 flStart now. Get an Astract. ijj
E Clear the Title, and then raise =
E something to eat and feed the s
E other fellow. ™
1 The Penn Abstract Co. |
E Bonded Abstracter. Hobart. Okls. =
- PrMt'. Nad 1*4 KttmnH W«rk
- Our Motto =j

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