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VOLUME XVlI.-No. 4ft.
CLAREMORE, OKLAHOMA THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1021. Inside of County $1.50 per year—Outside of County <2.00 |M>r year
The Claremore Commercial Club
hud u fine meeting nt the, Sequoyah
Hotel Thursday noon. The spirit of
the club lins improved greatly In the
past few weeks. There seems to b#
the feeling that now l the time to
build Claremore and a determination
to do it. The members are turning
out to the meetings and are showing
an encouraging wililngnees to assume
their part of the work. The spirit of
co-operation is that kind which can
not help but result in a better Clare-
more through the operation of the
Commercial Club.
The membership of the club ^hich
had dropped to 04 went well over the
100 mark at the session Thursday
when the following eighteen members
were taken in: Owl Cafe, Annex
Sweet Shop, Dr. N. H. Moore, C. F.
Godbey, A. K, Ross, Harold Hall, Dr.
H. H. Kaho, Prank Elrod, Charley
Thompson, Will Briscoe, Lot J. Lan-
Jey, I. T. Hale, C. Munch, Clem R.
Musgrove, J. C. Reed, W. J. Menden-
hail, J. Foreman McClellen and ^
Casper Lipe. These new members
are explained by the fact that thtere
are many who feel that Morris Haas
js a business man who has made a
personal success and now that he has
placed his shoulder to the public wheel
he is going to get action. He must
have the members to do it.
W. C. Kates reported that the club
had fulfilled its promise to the local
.organization of the Anti-Horse Thief
Association. Bread, sugar, coffee,
salt, pepper und cigars were secured
for the barbecue; P. S. Walker saw to
it that the delegates liad transporta-
tion to and from the fair ground sj
Paul W. Fry saw that th« buildings at
the fair grounds were In condition for
the barbecue and made airangements
for the use of the Baptist Church for
the Thursday meetings; Radium bat))g
at half price were offered the visitors
and other assistance given the local
chapter. It was stated that these fa-
vors were greatly appreciated by the
visitors and the convention was a
decided success. The committee, com-
posed of F, S. Walker, Paul W. Fry
and W. C. Kates, was thanked and
H. O. Hurst presented a report of
the winners in the Commercial Club
Lawn Contest, inaugurated in March,
as follows:
"Claremore Commercial Club;—We
your Lawn Committee wish to submit
our report for the past season's work:
"Best kept large lawn, Bdtsle Cor.
"Beat kept small lawn, Earl Trail.
"Second best kept large lawn, Bob-
son Storey, Jr.
"Second best kept small lawn, D.
Escq Walker, Jr.
"Third beat kept large lawn, Will-
ard Redding.
"Third best kept small lawn, Sidney
North, Jr.
"We recommend that the prises off-
ered be distributed accordingly.
"P. W. Holtzendorff
"H- O. Hurst
"By H. O, Hunt."
On motion the report was adopted,
and the committee thanked and dis-
missed. The prizes are $10 for first
in each club, $5 for second and $3 for
third. The winners should call at
The Progress office and get order for
check from the secretary, W, C. Kates.
The object of this contact waa to pro-
mote better kept lawna in Claremore
during the summer months. - It wa* a
The Oklahoma Military Academy
football team mot its first defoat of
the season Friday afternoon nt Tahle-
quah at the hands of the team from
the Northoasten State Normal school.
The score was 9 to 0. The defoat
came as a surprise to local adherents
of the team. The Academy wont In-
to the game a decided favorite and
even in Tahlequah it waa difficult to
find wagers that the Normal would
Tahlequah scored in the second
period of the game with a touchdown.
The try at goal after touchdown was
a failure. Again in tlie-thir^ period,
a drop kick was sent sailing through
the cross-bars from the Claremore 40-
yard line for 3 points, bringing the
Tahlequah total up to 9 points. *
Tahlequah has a heavy, fast team
and playod rough rugged football. O.
M. A. should have been given one
touchdown when Cllne went over but
was called back by the referee and
again when Osment went over, fum-
bled the ball and Cline recovered be-
hind Tahlequah's goal line. But the
referee allowed none.
A big delegation of Claremore root-
ers went over for the game. They did
what they could to encourage the
local boys In the losing fight. The
following went: Vess Berryhill, Dewey
Cllne, Bill Walkley, Foumey Roush,
Mr. and Mrs. J. Hurt Flippin, Mr. and
Mrs. J. F, Flippin and daughter, Re-
becca, Mr. and Mrs. J. Herbert Moore
and daughters, Veta and Nellie, Mr.
and Mrs. A. V. Robinson, Dr. and M[rs.
J. C. Bushyhead and daughter, Oowa-
la, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bishop, John
Burrows, T. C. Ellis, H. E. Penny,
Frank Collar, Will Moore, A. Ross
Moore, F. G. Griswold, W. M. Alex-
ander and two daughter, Florene and
Enza, Bnford Carden, Mr. and Mrs.
Dick Shelton, Willard Hutchlns, Vera
Seward, Jude Hutchins, Cecil Brazier,
Harry Weaver, Captain Frost, Mau-
rine and Lorine Faulkner, Dorothy
Herndon, W. O. Rogers, Vera Briggs
and six Oklahoma Military Academy
The following line-up started the
game for O. M. A.; Bushyhead, cen-
ter, Bollinger, right guard, Condi-
son, left guard, Streeter, right tackle,
Hendrickson, left tackle Bradley, right
end, McGlllia, left end, Sanders, full
back, Osment, quarter back, Parsley,
right half, Cllne left half. Time of
quarters, 12 minutes.
Ernest Montgomery was barn '
August 25th, 1894, in Wilson *
county, Kansas, and lost his life
' In the Argonne Forest front *
* September 27th, 1918,. He wa#
* the son of Mr. and Mra. *
* T. R. Montgomery, of this city, *
* The last six years of his life were *
* spent near Claremore until his en- *
* listment in the army. He was an *
exemplary young man, clean in all *
* his habits, quiet and studious, a *
* member of the Methodist church *
* of this city and a devoted attend- *
* ant at the services of the church. '
' He is survived by his father and *
* mother and four brothers. *
* No greater tribute can be given *
'his memory than to say he did *
* what he thought was right. He *
* paid the supreme price in follow- '
* ing out his convictions. All hon- * !
* er to the one, who in the hour of *
* his young manhood will face - ,
" death unflinchingly in the cause *'j
' of right and honor. He Is gone '*
* but, he, being dead still spealiest * J
* te us of the worth of true man. * ! E. Woods.
Th0 officers and directum of the At the regular meeting of the' Claremore High Schoot rootball
Claremore Commercial Club met ut' Chelsea Chamber of Commerce held i team defeated the team from Dela-
the lobby of the National Bank of'October 21st, 1921 ,n committee was' warn High School Friday by a soon'
Claremore, Wednesday evening, Octo-! appointed consisting of Messrs B. H. jof 12 to 0. Clnremore easily outplay-
bor 20th, subject to the call of the) Hunter, H. L. Jones and J. W, Johnson j ed her opponents in every department
chairman, M. Haas, for the purpose! to report kk to the advisability of or- of the game. The team played better
of hearing the new committee heads! garilzing « Northeastern Oklahoma! foot ball Friday agoinst Dolawarc
.umounccd and to approve or rejfvt; chamber of Commerce and upon the I than any of the other high school
the same. findings of committee it tins been de- games cn the local grounds thin sea-
Tim following appointments were elded to call a meeting at Claremore,
made by Mr. Haas and were approved
by the directors. Each of thu stand-
ing committee chairmen is to appoint
two other members to serve on his
Boulevards—F. E. Keith,
Roads—Theo. Berryhill.
rtirks—J. Herbert Moore.
Transportation—M. P. Browning.
Agriculture and Horticulture—E,
H. Lightner.
Laws—John Q. Adams.
Publication and Statistics—M. It.
Membership—Robson Storey.
Grievances—G. D, Davis.
Manufacturing—A. A. Dennison,
Mercantile—George M. Hale.
Exhibits—H. O. Hurst.
Municipal and County Affairs—E.
* hood and a splendid upright life. *
* "Upon the hillside, you marched *
to death, *
* That Liberty for evermore might *
* live. *
" And whan that ravaged goddess *
' gasped for breath, *
* You gave her freely all you had *
* to gtve. •
a , •
* TV soli is richer for your lying *
* there; •
* The air ia sweeter for the breath *
you brought.
* Tho dim your eyes, yet see you *
not how fair,
* And peaceful flowers wave *
* where yon fought. *
* •
* Sleep on,Oh con rade,your's Is the *
* Holy eleep, *
* And meeting Ged at but, year *
* journeys cease. *
•Our task is to travel on sad sa- *
* crcd keep *
* The memories 01 your "bit" to *
* bring us peace. *
Conventions—D. Esco Walker.
Entertainment—J. F. Flippiii.
Auditing—Dr. H. H. Kaho.
Finance—F. S. Walker.
The outstanding thought of the di-
rectors' meeting- was that the Com-
mercial Club this year instead of
bothering with the smaller things,
would make an effort to really do a
work that would benefit the town.
One of the principal ways to do this^
as discussed, is to encourage the
farmers of the community to the rais-
ing of more truck, more chickens, the
production of more eggs, butter and
cream. The club will concern itself
with securing a market for all pro-
duce. Also at*' effort will be made
to seen re factories. There is an avail-
able gas supply for fuel. Claremore
is located on two big trunk Ijnes and
there seems to be no reason why the
tafcn^shouhk not get a pay-roll, if
tho Commercial Club will get behind
tho proposition and get to work.
It was also decided that much of
the business of the club this year
wonld be transacted in the directors'
meetings which are held from time
Oklahoma, at 7:00 p. m., Thursday,
November 17,1921, for the purpose of
organizing what will be known as the
Northeastern Oklahoma Chamber of
This organization will embrace the
following counties. Ottawa, Osage,
Creek, Wagoner, Cherokee, Okfuskee,
Craig, Pawnee, Tulsa, Mayes, Sequoy-
ah, Nowata, Payne, Okmulgee, Dela-
ware, Muskogee, Washington, Lincoln,
Rogers, Adair, McIntosh.
W. L. Jeffords, president of the
Chelsea Chamber of Commerce, and
Rt^. Stewart, one of the town boost-
ers of that place, were in Claremore,
Tuesday and took the matter of such
an organization up with the directors
of the Claremore Commercial Club.
Here they found a ready response and
Claremore agreed to make all prepa-
rations and entertain the delegates
1 here to attend the meeting.
The matter of entertainment and
program will be handled by the En-
tertainment Committees of the Clare-
more and Chelsea organisation. It
is planned to have a buffet luncheon
served at 7:00 o'clock, to be followed
by the organisation work and the
program. It la estimated that from
one hundred to one hundred and fifty
delegates will b« here from the north-
eastern district.
Speaking before the Board of Dl-
re<Jtors of the local Commercial Club
Tuesday morning at a meeting at the
Haas store, Mr. Jeffords said:
"The old saying, 'Two heads are
better than one, if one ia a sheep's
head,' is just as applicable in getting
our heads together no-w as at any
time in the past.
"There seems to be a fine opportun-
ity just now, with all the road build-
ing and legislation thereon that is
now pending and may take place in
the near future affecting our section
of Oklahoma, to give each other real
It was stated that J. L. Brouse,
band leader, had been trying to or-
ganise a Fife and Drum Corps among
the boys of the town but had been
handicapped on account of a lack of
instruments . This matter was turned
over to the Boy Scout organisation of
the town. They have money on hand
with which to bay the instruments and
Mr. Brouse will lead them. Howar3
Tbomison was made chairman of a
committee to arrange this matter. He
chose tAessist h'm, M. P. Browning.
The local Legion boys volunteered
to distribute literatara at the Kanyf
City convention if the club decldefto
send any, but the sense of the cliifc
waa that the visitors to the Kansas
City convention will be too busily oc.
cupied to pay any attention to lite Da-
ta re handed them and it was decided
no. to send any.
However, Erie Fry stated that Dr.
I. L. Fowler and John R. Spurrier
had been granted permission to lead
the Oklahoma delegation .parade, tf*t
Spurrier waa to ride on Fowler's
shoulders, thus making one tall man.
On his hack will be a banner adver-
tising Claremore sad Radium Water.
Alao Fred Lewecy and Sgunfar «m
rope in the round-up and will also
wear Claremore banners. The cljjb
agreed to pay all costs of preparing
the banners end thought this would
be a unique way to get Claremore
and Radium Water before the eyes of
the 70,000 visitors at the Legion con-
A motion carried that a check for
$30.00 be sent the Kansas City-Fort
Scott-Tulsa Short Line Association as
dues for the Claremore Club in the
association. Headquarters of this as-
sociation are at Fort Scott, Kan.
E. H. Lightner was the main speak-
er at the afternoon. He told of a
recent visit to Winfield, Kan., and
what he saw at that place in the way
of a poultry and egg plant, He told
of the big scale on which these plants
are operating at that place and advo-
cated getting the Rogers county farm-
ers interested in producing more
chickens, eggs, butter and cream and
then securing some such plant for
Claremore. He believes the farmers
will have to be educated to It by a
series of meetings at the various schol
houses in the vicinity of Claremore.
Once they have come to realize that
there is mony to be mad in chickens,
egge, butter and cream, he says the
good to the town will be reflected ink
the bank depoeite aid general pros-
perity resulting. Mr. Lightner as
chairman of the Agriculture and Hor-
ticulture Committee will concern him-
self with the promotion of such an
industry in Rogers county.
C. B. Littlefield complained of the
condition of the road leading e«it
from Claremore to Pryor, stating that
Claremore wae losing much valuable
trade on account of the condition of
the road and especially the Justus hill.
He was advised that the people of
Justus were working the road at
present aad that instead of going over
the Justus hill a detour was being
made around the base.
Claims in the amount of ftt ware
There being no farther business to
come before the body, a motion to VL
jour® cerrid.
Tho funeral of Ernest Montgomery
was held Wednesday afternoon, Oeto-
ber 26th, with foil military honors,
the services being conducted by the
local Montgomery-McKinney Post
Number 141, of the American Legion.
The last sad rites for this falen hero
were largely atended. The stores of
the city closed for tho occasion.
The basket draped in the Stars and
Stripes was conveyed on a Cession
from the Moore Chapel to the City
Hall Park where Howard Thomison,
pastor of the Methodist chnrch,
preached the funeral sermon. Suit-
able music was rendered by the choir.
The line of march was as follows:
Band, Colors, Firing Squad, Caasion,
Pall Bearers, Post Personnel, Public.
Upon arrival at the park the Post
members and ex-service men formed
a double line and faced each other.
The casket was then conveyed to a
point in front of the nationally de.!
corated hand stand where it reposedj
during the services.
From the park the body was bourne
to Wood lawn cemetery where Rev.
Wm. T. Pugh and Rev. Thomison had
charge of services, which.were very im-
pressive. Wm. A. Briscoe, Jr., Poet
Commander, made a few remarks,
then a prayer was offered after which
Mrs. Montgomery, the lad*a mother,
was presented by Mr. Briscoe with the
flag which had draped her boy. Fol-
lowing this Mr. Pugh, Chaplain of the
local poet ,spoke a consoling mess-
age, after which the firing squad fir
to time at the call of the president j support by directing our efforts in
of the club. It was pointed out that j the same channels.
at the noon-day luncheon there is
hardly ever sufficient time to go into
a matter thoroughly. The noon-day
luncheons will be confined to com-
mitte reports and to one or two feat-
ures for each luncheon. The various
committees will be asked to do good
work this year and will be expected
to do something in their line of en-
The first directors' meeting was a
decided success and bespeaks good in-
terest for the coming year. Out
"Also there arc many ways that
mutual benefits may be derived by a
close union of workers. There are
many things known in some sections
that should be known in others, and
this is a splendid way in which you
may find out 'All I know, then YOU
will know what you know and whatj
I know too.'
"This does not only apply to Cham-
bers of Commerce, but also to Mayors
or Town Officials where there is no'
son. Frequent penalities marked the
game, and tli« high winds and the es-
pecially cold day had its effects upon
the players.
During the first quarter there was
no scoring as both teams occupied
themselves "feeling" out each other,
but K was evident Claremore had the
better team.
The second quarter, with tho wind
with them, Claremore carried the ball
from the middle of the field on
straight line plunges to the two yard
line where Pitta, lanky full bock,
smashed through center for the first
The third quarter opened and
Blackman and Woods, half backs, tore
through the line and skirted tho ends
time after time for telling gains but
could not take the ball across but
once. Blackman, star left half, back-
ed by effective interference made a
beautiful 40 yard run around right
end for a touchdown. Woods missed
the try for goal by a few inches.
The fourth quarter. Delaware, with
the wind, had the ball the majority of
the period, but never for onc« In the
whole game did they seriously en-
danger the Claremore goal line.
Claremore had two royal chances
to score in the last few minutes of the
game but lacked the necessary punch
to put the ball over.
Pitts at full back was easily the
star of the game. Every time he
carried the twill he mad0 huge gains
through the line or around the end.
The line-up is as follows:—
Delaware; Kfllingworth r. e.; Mil
ler, A., r. t.; Seabolt, r. g.; Glover,
c.; Hicks, 1. g.; Mensinger, 1.1.; Kitc-
han, 1. e.} Stratton, q. b.j Van Noy,
r. h.; Noding, 1. h.; Seller, f. b.
Claremore; Streeter, r. e.; Edwards,
C., r. t.; Murphy, r. g.; Hobble, c.;
Cockrum, 1. g.; Miller, C., I. t.;
Bounds, 1. e.; Gadberry, q. b.; Wo<*1;.
r.,h.; Blackman, 1. h.; Pitts, f. b.
Substitutions, Keene for Streeter.
Officials: Pierce, Army, roferts*;
Crosby, Darthmouth, Umpire; Woods,
Chelsea High, Head Linesman; Brown.
Drake University, Time Keeper.
Evangelist Percy G. Cross and wife,
of Winston.Salem, N. C., who are now
in a meeting at Bartlesville, will be-
gin a revival with the First Christ-
ian Chnrch, of Claremore, November
23rd. Evangelist Cross and Mrs.
Cross have a nation-wide reputation
in their church as evangelists, having
held successful meetings in til part"
local commercial organization. The
the fourteen directors of the club, the J Chamber of Commerce, or officals,
following twelve were present, aside | should appoint a delegate to isprsssnt
from the officers, G. D. Davis, E. E. each 3,000 inhabitants of his town or
Woods, Leo A, Moore, M. P. Brown, city's population, or if less than 3,000 of the country.
ing, A. A. Dennison, F S. Walker, S. j population, appoint one good, live-i Mr. Cross is a preacher of great
B. North, R. 1. Taylor, George E. , wire representative. power and enthusiasm and perhaps
Feezell, Paul W. Fry, J. F. Flippin, "I have personally conferred with has no superior in his ability to quot<-
F. E. Keith, directors; M. Haas, chair- several members of different commer- the scriptures and present the teach
man, L. T. Wilson, treasurer, and W. cial organizations in this section of ing of the Bible.
C. Kates Secretary. our state and it is the concensus of j Mrs. Cross is a very fine soloist
• < opinion that great good can be derived: and on excellent worker with child-
from this movement, and I assure you' ren. The First Christian Church Is
that you cannot afford to pass lightly | making very careful preparation for
this opportunity. See that your dele-1 the meeting. A committee met Sun-
The football team from the McKin-i gates are appointed at earliest date | day afternoon, composed of the follw-
ney-Montgomery Post of the local j and impress the importance of meet- ing men and appointed ail committee
American Legion, and the Legion ing." chairmen: Sam B. Wagoner, minister.
team from Sand Springs will play a
R. A. Atkiseon, H. O. Hurst and J
game of football Sunday afternoon at j MRS. E. E. WOODS NEW H.iB WWtt- ^ committee chairman
3 o'clock at the Oklahoma Military! <5. TEACHER appointed were as follows: Finance
Academy gridiron. It is the first r— Committee, J. W. Mayberry, Enter-
came of the season for the locals, - Mrs. E. E. Woods began work Mon- j tainment, Mw. W. L. Shelton; Music,
have been working out each day fori day morning as teacher of English I Mrs. J. B. WhHt; Personal Work,
some tiflte. They expect to enter the j and History in the Claremore high | Mrs. Cbiyst; Reception and Ushers
conflict in good shape school for the remainder of the pres-1 R* A. Atkiseon; Publicity, Sam B.
The probable line-up will be: Pete ent semester. This addition to the Waggoner. These chairmen are to
ed three volleys over the grave. Then Corwin, center. Arthur Settle and teaching for^ of the school alleviates
tape. Howard Thomison concluded' Mr. Gott, guards; Ira L. Fowler and the congested condition of the school
the ceremonies with a tribute to the John Dale, tackles; Steve Barrtit and and makes It posible for Miss Lela
dead hero and consoling words for Tillman Woods, ends; Harold Hall Copeland, instructress in mathematics
the bereaved ones. and Mr, Crosby, halves; Frank Pat-'and physical education, to give the
The Color Guard waa composed of I terson and Dick Shelton, alternating (g|r|s of the school physical training.
Jesse and Dennis Bushyhead and Lee: fullbacks. Other local players who Mrs. Woods is a graduate of Baker
Bradley, students at the Oklahoma! will participate in the game will be: University and is a capable teacher in
Military Academy. Frank Collar, Perry Mayberry, Oliver every respect. She is a n luable atl-
The pall beam were: Paul Sutton, Hause, Will Briscoe, Charley Church, dition to the faculty,
Aaron Wilson, WUeford Bonn, Jack 1 Those who remember the playing of t
Cernes, Mr. Taylor, and Everett Peck Dick Shelton ta the All Star.O. M. A POULTRY SHOWS TO BE
while the personnel of ths firing post season game last year will no HELD NEXT WEEK
squad included the following—John doubt be back to see Dick in action Callie Eaton, county superintendent
Dale, Bill Miller, Tom Dsaa, John • again. The price of admission will raports that poultry shows will be
Hutchinson, Duck Henry, Clem Bib-1 be 60 cents. It will be worth the held in each of the school districts
lee, Pete Corwin, Jim OaWee and Font, price alone to see Shelton and Arthur of Roger* county all next week. The
select their workers for each commit-
tee end get everything in readiness
for the meeting and keep things mov-
ing during the campaign
Mrs. Albert Carieoo aad Mra.
Settle hard at it. Rogers County Poultry Association
is going to provide the judgee. Theee
Mra. Bonnie Lucas and two sons show are the source of considerable
interest all over the county,
are wifely
Playing in a drizzling rain and on
. a muddy field the Oklahoma Military
Academy second team defeated the
Freehman football team from the Tul-
sa high school on the O. M. A.
grounds by a score of 6 to 2. The
locals scored a touchdown and fa'led
to kick goal after the touchdown while
the visitors registered s safety foi
2 points. It was a clean game end
was wel) played by both teams. The
spectators were few due to the in
"Btey ' clement weather. The game wes play,
eg Satsadey

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