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Th«re Is no Roohelto Salts, Alum,
Llmeor Ammonia In food made with
Parfeot In quality.
Moderate In prloe.
A Yankee "Called"
A Yankee pasaenger in a train the
other day was wearying hla fellow
travelers with "tall" stories, and re-
marked: "We can start with a twelve-
story hotel one month and have it
finished the next." This was too
much for a burly Yorkshire man who
sat next to him. "Man, that's nowt,"
he replied. "Ah've seen 'em when
ah've bin going to work Just laying
the foundation stones of a row of
houses and when ah've bin coming
home at nlet they've bin putting the
folks out for back rent."—London
The Sentinel News-Boy.
Wagner has agreed to raise a bonus
of |30,000 for the St Louis ft El Paso,
a new railroad.
Wilson Parker, an Indian, was given
two vears in the federal prison for
forgery at Ardmore.
Champion Whist Team.
James K. Polk, a great-great-grand-
son of the president, is one of tll&
champion whist team of Washington.
His partner is Francis Nye, the as-
sistant district assessor. A few even,
ings ago they defeated the champions
of the house, Congressmen Bowie of
Alabama and Loundsbery of Minne-
W. A. Percell has resigned as mayor
of Woodvllle and W. G. Draper has
been elected to fill out the unexpired
Tulsa has Installed the Gamewell
system of fire alarms. Eight boxes
have been Installed and more will be
added from time to time.
Bartlesville Is to have a new opera
house and South Mcalester is ready
to do the right thing if anyone wi!l
agree to give the city a new piny
Sour dispositions shouM remember
that weeds never have sweet perfume.
Itching, Blind, Bleeding, Protmdlng Plle . Druf
8'.s£.£15„5!,thor,x®d refand money If PA£0
1NTMENT falls to care In 6 to 14 day*. 80c.
The one thing a woman always
looks on the bright side of is a mirror.
Lewis' Single Binder Cigar has a rich
taste. Your dealer or Lewis' Factory.
Peoria, 111.
When a woman begins to lose her
eyesight she makes an ideal chaperon.
Mm. Window* Soothing Syrup.
For children teething, aofteca the gums, reduce* tt
^animation,allaypiJn.cur— windcolle. 25cshottl*
Bacon's essays and the plays of
Shakespeare are the best reading out-
side of the Bible.
I do not believe Piso's Cure for Consumption
has an equal for coughs and colds,—John P.
Botku. Trinity Springs * nd., Feb. 15.1900.
The schools are not paying for
genius or for talent, but they are get-
ting much of both.
Theodore M. Barnsdall, of Pitts-
burg, Pa., one of the world's largest
operators in oil and gas, visited his
"properties in the vicinity of Bartles-
ville, last week.
Defiance Starch is put up 16 ounces
In a package, 10 cents. One-third
more starch for the same money.
Some newly married people learn
the art of dodging early on account
of the custom of throwing rice and
old shoes at them.—Farm Life.
It mistakes could be copyrighted, it
would be hard to make new ones
without infringing on some other fel-
low's patent.
It is the woman with a new hat
who never complains because the ser-
mon is long drawn out.
Robbers blewopen the safe of the
Katy depot at Cale one night recently,
but obtained nothing of any value to
White open-worked china dishes,
decorated with gold, for fruit—an old
fashion revived.—Chicago Inter-Ocean.
The Farmers and Merchants' Bank
at Cheyenne has been authorized to
commence business witH a capital
stock of |10,000.
The city tax collector of Tulsa re-
ports taxes to the amount of $9,718.34
collected from December 7th to Jan-
uary 13.
Arizona's Rights
Why should the people of Arizona
be compelled to accept union with a
people who are alien In race, language
and sentiment to them. They should
have the chance to vote on the ques-
tion rtietehr they are to be joined
to New Mexico. Their natural right
to govern themselves is as good as
that of the people of any other Ameri-
can state or territory—as good as that
of the colonists of 1775.
The real argument for joint state-
hood is based on the assumption that
the Arizonians, reinforced by the
growing English-speaking element la
New Mexico, will eventually be dom-
inant in the joint state, if it is admit
ted, and that there will never be suf-
ficient population to warrant the ad-
mission of two states. As a matter of
fact, if there is to be any state there,
It must be but a single state.
But it will no do to asume too mucn
In sealing the fate of these people.
If the Arizonians would rather remain
a territory Than take the chance of
coming uppermost eventually in the
loin* state, they should have the
chance to say so. Better leave both
New Mexico and. Arizona out of the
Union for another generation than
bring In one-half of the region under
bondage to the other half,—New York
William Winans, aged twenty-three
years, has been placed in the federal
jail at Ardmore, charged with assault-
ing Willie Simpson, a well known
Choctaw Indian. Simpson was struck
over the head and died from the in-
jury. Others are supposed to be im-
plicated in the killing.
A married man says the easleat way
to manage a wife Is to let her have
her own way.
Manv a man's ears would be
shocked if they heard him speak a
kind word to Ins wife.
In All Parts of the United States Lydlft
B. Ptekhem* Vegetable
Wmllar Our
Many wonderful cures of female file
are continually coming to light which
have been brought about by Lydia &
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and
■through the advice of Mrs. Pinkham,
of Lynn, Mass., which is given to
women absolutely free of charge.
The present Mrs. Pinkham has for
twenty-five years made a study of the
ills of her sex; she hns consulted with
and advised thousands of suffering
women, who to-day owe not only their
health but-even life to her helpful
advice. v
Mrs. Fannie D. Fox, of 7 Chestnut
Street, Bradford, Pa., writes:
Dear Mrs. Pinkham
"I suffered for a lonir time with femsls
Many a successful man sidestepped
the advertised road to wealth and
sneaked in the back way.
Knights of Pythias of Fort Gibson,
Tahlequah, Coweta, Checotah, Vian,
Sallisaw, McLain, Webber Falls and
Muskogee are making preparations to
celebrate the forty-second anniversary
of the founding of the order February
19. The celebration will be held at
Fort Oibson.
At the special election at Chicka-
sha last week the amount of $60,000
was voted for waterworks afltl sewer
extension. The present system was
completed about a year ago at a cost
of $90,000, and this extension will give
the entire city the benefit of the sys-
Vegetarian Senator
Although Senator La Follette ol
Wisconsin is no stranger in Washing-
ton, having served three terms in the
house of representatives, his physical
appearance continues to attract atten-
tion. The senator is a short, round
man with a great head. His body is
long, but his> legs are short. When
he is sitting down he looks to be-
nearly six feet tall, but when he
stands he is not much more than five
feet six. He is a student of Shakes-
peare and the only vegetarian in the
Mayor Charles G. Watts, president
of the Indian Territory mayor's as-
sociation, accompanied by the chief
executives of several other cities, has
gone to Washington to try and secure
better administration of the moneys
of Indian Territory cities and ask for
the classification of the cities to be
put into the hands of the circuit
Between the game warden at Enid
and his dog, but very little game be-
ing shipped in violation of the Okla-
homa game law gets by that city. The
dog recently scented some quail pass-
ing through the place en route to Kan-
sas City and the warden confiscated
several hundred. Last week the war-
den noticed a suspicious-looking
creamery can billed from Ames to
Chicago, and upon investigation found
It to contain twelve dozen fine quail,
which he seized.
Cures Cancer, Blood Poison and
If you have blood poison producing
eruptions, pimples, ulcers, swollen
plands, bumps and risings, burning,
Itching skin, copper-coloied spots or
rash on the skin, mucous patches In
mouth or throat, falling hair, bone
pains, old rheumatism or foul catarrh,
take Botanic Blood Balm (B. B. B.).
It kills the poison In the blood; soon
all sores, eruptions heal, hard swell-
ings subside, aches and pains stop and
a perfect cure is made of the worst
cases of Blood Poison.
For cancers, tumors, swellings, eat-
ing sores, ugly ulcers, persistent pim-
ples of all kinds, take B. B. B. It de-
stroys the cancer poison in the blood,
heals cancer of all kinds, cures the
worst humors or suppurating swell-
ings. Thousands cured by B. B. B.
after all else fails. B. B. B. com-
posed of pure botanic Ingredients. Im-
proves the digestion, makes the blood
pure and rich, stops the awful itching
and all sharp, shooting pains. Thor-
oughly tested for thirty years. Drug-
gists, $1 per bottle, with complete di-
rections for home cure. Sample free
and prepaid by writing Blood Balm
Co., Atlanta, Ga. Describe trouble and
free medical advice also sent in sealed
trouble, and finally was told by my physician
that I had a tumor. 1 did not want to
submit to an operation, so wrote you for
advice. I received your letter and did as
you told me, and to-day I am completely
cured. My doctor says the tumor has disap-
peared, and I am once more a well woman.
I believe Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
pound is the best medicine in the world.*
The testimonials which we are con-
stantlypublishingfrom grateful women
establish beyond a doubt the power of
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
pound to conquer female diseases.
Women suffering from any form of
female weakness " are invited to
promptly communicate with Mrs.
Pinkham, at Lynn, Mass. She asks
nothing in return for her advice. It la
absolutely free, and to thousands of
women has proved to be more precious
than gold.
Write llathan Bickford. 914 W Bt. Washington, 9. 0,
Wanted ron u kitted mtitii aiiky; abla>bo4ia4
an married men, between of 21 and 86, eitlaaoa
oJ United States, of (rood character and temperate
habits, who can npeak. read and write KngU.h
Information apply to Recruiting Offioer. Poet.
Office Building Oklahoma, Guthrie, gfc——
Enid, O. T., or Tulsa. L T. * ^
There are people who claim they
would as soon drink hard cider as
champagne. However, when cham-
pagne Is served they do not let fool-
ish prejudice cast a damper over the
dinner and clamor for hard cider.
No man has the right to scatter his
griefs around where others will fall
over them.
There is no suffering like that of
the woman who feels that she will
never live to tell the tale.
three great pursuits
have again shown
wonderful results on
Magnificent eli mate-farmers plowing in theii
shirt sleeves in the middle of November.
"A'l are bound to be more than pleased with
the tlnal results of the past season's harvest."—
Coal, wood, water, hay In abundance—schools,
churches, markets convenient.
This is the era of 91.00 wheat.
Apply for information to Superintendent ot
Immigration, Ottawa, Canada, or to authorized
Canadian Government Agent-J. 8. Crawford,
No. 125 W. Ninth Street, Kansas City, Missouri.
(Mention this paper.)
other Marches only 12 ounce—name price and
W.N.U.—Oklahoma City—No. 4, 190ft7
-yri. PI SO'
I s « «k ia [L<rr?L
| l)Mt Couch Syrup. Tm!«h OooJ. Cm
Id by droecisU.

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