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NO. 7
¥ *
Nurse, Physician and Lover of Dead
Girl Arretted by the
Han Francisco.—After two days and
nights of silence, Mario Messerschnildt
the nurse held since last week in con-
nection with the death of Kva Swan
following the finding of the girl's body
beneath the cement flooring of the
basement of a vacant house, confessed
to the police Sunday that she had
knowledge of the operation performed
by Dr. James (irant upon Miss Swan
and that she attended the girl after
the operation. Doctor Grant was tak-
en into custody and later Caul Parker,
former Stanford athlete, who lived in
the house where Miss 8*an roomed,
was arrested.
The nurse was induced to tell the
■tory by her brother-in-law, August
Boman. of Oakland, who visited her at
the city prison. He showed her a pic-
ture of her dead mother, pleading
with her to tell the police everything,
impressing upon her that this would
be her mother's wish. Tnn young wo-
man fainted and upon her rec overy be-
came hysterical. When sh;> w as quiet-
ed she told the entire story to detec-
Following the confession. Doctor
Grant was led from his cell and
brought into the desk sergeant's office j
Where MIsb Messerschmidl was seated
At sight of his nurse. Doctor <Irant
broke away from the Jailers and ran
along the prison corridors. He was
chased by policemen and forcibly re-
turned to the office. He staggered and
almost sank to the floor when he
learned of the nurse's collapse.
In her story. Miss Mosserschmidt
said that I'aul I' Parker, a young man
who had known Mirs Swan for eight
years, had visited the hospital on three
occasions to see the dying girl after
the operation. 1 f.e p in".. < late-
ly took Parker into custody and placed
h'm In detinue at the city prison. He
admitted the visits to the hospital to
see Miss Pwan. but strongly denied
any responsibility for her condition.
J-aier lie gave the police a detailed at
count of his acquaintance with Miss
Miss Mosserschmidt Said she was
not present at the operation which
was performed, she said, on April It!
of this year at the office of I r. (Irant.
Following the operation Miss Swan re-
turned to work at the office where she
was employed. She was forced to
leave her work on April 2o because of
illness ar.d went to Dr. (irant. She
was placed In bed in the small hospital
ward maintained by the doctor. There
she remained for ten days, her eondl
tion gradually becoming worse, until
death brought relief.
According to Miss Messerschmidl.
the girl died during the night while
alone. She was found dead In bed in
the morning.
(Copfrlfht r 10.>
A Docen Are Injured and Engine and
Mail Car In Twenty Feet
of Water
First Day of Hearing Taken up Large,
ly Over Admiaaability
of Evidence
I'bicago, III.—Testimony from State
Representative Charles A. White, the
tirst witness in the inquiry, was heard
Monday by the senate committee in-
vestigating the charges of bribery and
-orruption in the election of William
Lorimer as senator from Illinois. Af-
ter hours of argument by the oppos-
ing counsel, the committee left un-
determined the question of the admia-
aability of testimony relative to the
alleged "jackpot," a fund for the pay-
ment of legislators for voting for or
against bills pending before the Illi-
nois general assembly.
Attorney Alfred S. Austrian, repre-
senting the Chicago Tribune, which
Interesting Item* of the New State Gathered by Wire and
Special Correspondence and Condensed for Busy Readers
New Firms Steadily Increasing Over
the State
Hut brie, Okla.—State chatters have
been Issued here to the following
Kockwood Improvement Company,
or Oklahoma City; capital stock $10.-
000. Incorporators A Baxter Miller.
Henry Scales and Heber Hunter.
Coleman State Hank of Coleman;
capital stock $2r>,000. incroporators
D. W Watson and A. lT. Thomas, of
McAlester, (ieorge Houck of Kgo
Several Important Cases Decided
the Past Week
Guthrie, Okla.—A much-tanRled
legal controversy over a note lor $5,-
♦ 16.68. In which William W. Bierce pf
Oklahoma City was one of the prin-
cipals. was finally decided in Blercs'a
favor here in the supreme court. Vice-
Chief Justice Turner handed down the
Bierce had a note due at the Mem-
phis State National bank. It was taken
Black Printing Company, of Tulsa; I"P and Paid by one R. A. Porter of
capital stock $12,000. Incorporators Memphis, who deposited a check in
Alex Black C. H Black. Frank Neet payment He In turn drew a draft on
man and C F. Neerman '°r 'he amount paid, and de-
Mlrable Cnited Brethren Church of; posited this draft In the Memphis
Mirable. Trustees Olin Surface. Al-
va: O K. Nltts. L. H. Robinson. Alven
Burns and Luther Thomas of Capron.
Ardmore Corn Show Prizes
Ardmore. Okla.—In the district corn
day to day and by next week more
than twice and perhaps three times
Clayton, Kan. Sixteen passengers this number will be at work.
lost their lives and thirteen others suf- The mines were well cleaned up and
fered injuries in the wreck Friday all are loading coal with few excep-
morning two miles east of this town tiona. There was a strike at Dow
of the westbound Koek Island passen Tuesday morning before the work ac-
gor train No. 27, which was due in tualiv began and It is still on
Mine Owners and Miners Signed Pres-
ent Agreement for Two Years
McAlester. Okla.—The coal miners
resumed work in this field 1 uesday
morning. Between forty and fifty
mill's opened and (nfroni is pushing the charges against the boys under l'i years of age I-
went to work. More will tome n election of Senator Lorimer. contend Caver won first. Newton Wisdom
bank, and was credited with It. When
the draft arrived in Oklahoma City,
Bierce refused to honor It, on the
grounds that Porter was Indebted to
bim The Tennessee bank thvn Insti-
tuted suit against Bierce at Oklahoma
The were won by Carter county
ed that the alleged participation of leg- ond. Karl Hlgnight third. lx ve coun
islators who voted for Senator Lori- ty made so good a showing that prizes
uier in the spoils of the so-called were awarded to George leeper and
"juckpot," was pertinent and neces- Gilbert Lecper of t hat county (.ilbert
sarv in the investigation, as showing Leeper. a boy of ten years, look tirst
a general corruption of the legisla- money in Love county. The capital
• how" held tie re" S a t u r day "aM 'three of | City and obtained a lodgment .nd
Bierce, apealing. had this decision of
Attorney Klbridge Hanecy,
prize is a trip to Washington to the
Agricultural Department and to the In
the lower court reversed.
It is held that the note was paid by
Porter, regardless of the after develop-
Another opinion by Vice-Chief Jus-
tice Turner affirmed the holdiug of
District Judge Foe in the Tulsa park
case. Here Chauncery A. Owen, et
al., sued to keep the city of Tulsa
from selling part of a park tract to the
Denver at 8:25 Fridav morning from order from the officers of the I'n'ted for Senator Lorimer, opposed the ad-
Workers to the miners was to -*"1 K-,K—
ternational Corn Show a. Indianapolis Tulsa Vitrified Brick company
had their suit thrown out on a de-
M in.
gr io work, but taht all men who had
be. n working during the suspension
should not be allowed to work un
til their cases hail been investigated.
The miners demanded that the sup-
erintendent keep out the men who
have been working on som exten
11 remau. Goodland, sjOIls and on his refusal to do so, they
all refused to work
Twenty five hundred miners in the
vicinity of Hartshorne returned to
work Tuesday after an idleness
starting March -1 when all the min-
ers of the McAlester district went out
on a strike demanding an increase in
the scale.
AM six of the mines operated by the
Rock Island Coal Mining company,
which are the largest in the district
nr.d give employment to 1.500 men,
are in operation with about ho |ier
cent of a full crew. All the mines
of the Halley-Ola company at Hailey-
ville opened with full crews. Three
of the M11 by <v Dow company's mines
at Dow remain idle because of the
refusal of the union miners to go to
work The miners charge that the
company has employed men in viola-
Kansas City.
The known dead:
F. Plckenbuugh, Goodland, Kan., en
A. V. Huffman, Kansas City, bag
J. W. Fsher, Denver, conductor.
William Mills
Herman Marie,-. Smith Center, Kan.
John Sloop. Boyle, Kan.
W. K. Shtvely, Agra. Kan.
Gilbert M.. Yams. Fullertou, N b.
Eight unidentified dead.
The injured:
G. I). Bracken, lineman. Goodland.
Kan.; arm injured.
Mrs. H. F. Si-ott, Heniugs, Kan., right
arm broken.
Victor Kngle. Birmingham, l.u.;
bruised and cut, but not serious
Mrs. T. 11 Kvans. Langdoti, Kan.;
head cut.
John Zelgler, Stratton, Colo.; head
and face cut.
1). Hughes, no address; side e-ut.
A. II. Avis, Blue Rapids. Kan.; left
leg broken.
mission of testimony relative to bribes
paid to legislators for their votes on
mat'ers apart from the senatorial elec-
On the understanding that the ac-
tion was not to be considered a pre-
cedent admitting the whole "jackpot"
subject, the committee permitted
White (o answer questions touching
the matter.
No objection was made by counsel tion
to the testimony of White that he have
} ad been paid $1,000 by democratic
Leader Lee O'Nell Browne to vote for
Senator Lorimer, but his iatVr words
telling of the alleged distribution of
the "jackpot" in a St. Ixniis hotel met
objection and a motion by Attorney
Hanecy to exclude all such testimony
from the hearing.
with all expenses paid, and $f>0 iti
money. TheJ udges were professors
from the A. k M College and I. Ken-
fro. the plant wizard of Oklahoma,
from Sulphur.
Revised Vote on Grandfather Clause
Oklahoma City. Okla Revised fig-
ures on the vote cast on the grand-
father amendment to the state consti-
tution inaile public by the state elec-
jard. show the pro|>osltlon to
arrleil b\ a majority of 2M.211.
The total number of votes cast was
241.of which 13V443 were in fa
vor of adoption. The totals heretofore
given were changed bv the vote of
Grant county, recently received, show
lug a majority of 73 against the clause.
The total vote then being for adoption
1,2.against adoption 1.330.
After an executive session of some
minutes, the ruling that the witness Lawyer and Realty Man Under Arrest
could answer on the St. Ixiuis occur- ICnid. Okla ( I- I rultt. a promin-
rence was given, with the stated uu- ent lawyer of Knid. and Rudolph Mil
derstanding that no precedent was es- b-r. a local real estate broker, are un
tabllshed and that the motion to ex
elude such testimony was still i>end
murrer tiled by the city. This ruling
was affirmed by the supreme court. It
being held that there Is nothing in
Tulsa's charter or the law to pre-
veit the city from making such dis-
position of the property in question.
Owen was the original owner of the
twenty seven acres iuvolved, and con
tended that he sold It for park pur-
poses only.
Other cases decided by opinions of
the vice-chief justice last week are
as follows R. A. Sneed. register of
deeds vs. State of Oklahoma, ex rel.
Yoeman & Stuart, Comanche county,
dismissed; Tribal Development com
pany, et al vs. White Bros.. McClain
county, dismissed. G. E. Rider vs. K.
A. Morgan, Marshall county, re-
Gas Association After Pipe Line
Tulsa. Okla.—K R Perry, president
of the Oklahoma Oil and Gas Pro-
ducers association. Wednesday filed
Mrs Anna Smith. Colorado Springs,*tlon of an agreement.
Colo.; head and chest cut \D era of good feeling and good
G. A Smith. Colorado Springs, Colo.; business began Tuesdays Practically
Over Niagara Falls in Steel Barrel
Niagara Falls. Out. Hobby Leech,
of Niagara Falls. Out., went through
the thundering whirlpool rapids In a
steel barrel Saturday afternoon, hav-
ing started from Maid of the Mist
landing. He drifted about In the whirl-
pool fifty-five minutes before friends
caught his barrel and pulled it ashore.
bund and wrist cut.
Henry Aiders, Meta, Mo.; slight in
Helen Benson, Colorado Springs,
Colo.; injuries slight.
Most of the dead and injured were
in the smoker and one of the day
The w reck was the result of a cloud
burst which carried out over a thous-
and feet of track over what is normal-
j ly almost a dry bed
all of the miners who had left the
district have returned and the mines
will be running full capacity by tho
end of the week
Another Heavyweight Battle
Boston. Mass. Jack Johnson, the
champion heavyweight, agreed Wed-
nesday to meet Sam Langford at a lo-
cal newspaper office to arrange for a
battle. The announcement catne as a
sequel to n sharp discussion between
The train was running practically on < the two nen at the Armory Athletic
time and was proceeding on a straight club. Johmon signified his willing-
stretch of track Evidently the first ness to meet Langford for a put
Intimation tliut the engineer had of $20,000.
The currents swept htm fiercely on any danger catne when he realized that — T"
over the route Ave times traveled by the forward portion of the train was Seventy-five Firemen Overcome
Graham in a similar manner; once by j running In water, which bad spreud Chicago.—Seventy five firemen were
Margaret Wagenfuhrer on September ) out over the tracks near the till. He- overcome by smoke in a fire In the
6, 1910. and by pretty Maud Willard on versing his engine the speed of the Deerlng implement plant here Friday.
September 7, 1910. when sh > went to i train was checked, but not enough to ] The tire is bellev«d to have ben In-
dent h In a barrel that dufted about in j prevent the engine, baggage car and cendiary It destroyed a five story
the pool for five hours.
Indian Policeman Killed
Marlow. Okla. Tims. Lee, a Chick
asaw Indian and a member of the po-
lice force of th" Chickasaw Nation,
was shot and killed on Main street
i.moker going over into the depression
The rear end of the smoker remain
ed tilted on the earth bank and the
chair car ripped its way Into the
building, causing a loss of $200,000.
Aeroplanes to Rise Two Miles
New York. The offer of a special
Kepreseiilatie White then declared
he was met in the St. Louis hotel by
Robert K. Wilson, also a democratic
representatie, who paid him $900 as
his share of the "jackpot."
White detailed his meeting with
other democratic legislators in Wil-
son's room and testified that the pay-
ment was made to him in the bath-
room by Wilson, who before that had
conferred with another of the legis-
lators in the same bathroom.
In the course of his argument. At-
torney Auutriati said: "We will prove
that every man who was paid to vote
tor Senator Lorimer also shared in
the jackpot. We expect to show the
corrupt d.>ings of these legislators. If
we cannot show this other corruption,
the testimony on the Lorimer money
will have less weight."
Digressing at one point from the
legal p< ints involved. Attorney Han-
ecy said
"Governor Deneen will testify, if he
is called, that he, Governor Deneen,
suggested that Senator Lorimer be-
come a candidate for the senatorship."
with the secretary of interior, specific
der arrest on information charging j charges against the oil pipe line com-
them with defrauding Mrs. Caroline panles operating In the mid continent
Ryan. The information charges that tield, alleging a combination In re-
tliev induced her to trade some prop- straiut of trade. A similar complaint
erty in Geary, there being given Mrs wa(t a|go tiled with Attorney General
Ryan in the deal a note for $sim and a Wickersham. asking that the depart-
mortgage which purported to secure tnent of justice investigate the rela-
It. It is claimed that they represent tionshlp of the companies The depart
ed these instruments to be genuine. ment of the interior is urged to inves-
when in truth they were false. tigate the charges with a view of con-
serving the interests of the Indians
Refuse All but Individual Contracts «ho have royalty rights; to make pub-
Checotah. Okla Ironclad uniform |jc the findings of Special Inspector
rental contracts were prepared lateU (Mark McKercher. who conducted, last
by an association of landlords in Mc- winter, an investigation of conditions
lntosh county to be used in renting |n the field.
tl.eir lands next year, but at the re-
cent farmers' convention which was Suicides Because Sued for Divorce
held here, such contracts were turned Sayre. Okla.—Worried over culmln-
dciwn absolutely by the renting farm- ating matrimonial difficulties. J. V.
ers. All members of the tanners or- Kready. one of the pioneers of Sayre,
ganlzatiou have decided to sign only blew his brains out with an automatic
such contracts that may tit their in-
dividual cases.
New Member Board of Medicine
Oklahoma City.—Dr. George H Tru
ax. of Stonewall, has been named bv
Governor Haskell to succeed Dr. J
revolver near his home Wednesday,
the day for the hearing of a divorce
petition recently filed by his wife. The
body was found by his daughter. He
had told her of his intention to put
an end to his troubles. The first wife
of Kready killed herself here about
Heiislev as a member of the state four years ago He was married again
board of nn>dical examiners The
place has been vacant about three
weeks. Dr. Ilenslev having resigned.
to Daisy Trimble, who sued for divorce
and n share in his estate to the amount
of $10,000
Coroner's Jury Accuses Dr. Crippen
Leinoon. Knglatid—A verdict of wll*
smoker, smashing It to pieces and kill j- „„0 ,>r{Z*. t„ the aviator w ho will rise ful mtrder was returned against Dr.
lug or injuring many of the passen tpf| thoulam) fPt., ihe coming inter
Oklahomans Get Premiums
Cheyenne. Okla—Seven persons
. _ . p..... n„,. i« „ i 1 o the coolness and quick wit of _ ... , „ , . .
here Saturday. ( hurles Harris, a . . , closing fortnight of October has
i. i f „,ii„„ a, ,,.|it,.u,.t ,if ably damaged by the crash and several . ,
farmer living a miles northeast of H . this cai were in brought news to the Aero (lull of
Marlow was urrested and taken to Jail ' . . . , . ... that continental airmen atii
. „i„,„, in Jured As near as can be learned America that contini ni.u airmen ana
*ia uniHarris Is I here tonight all of the passengers ] army officers are- considering it w ith
old nnil leaves a family. Hart la " . ' . . . .PK„
national meet to be held here in the
H. H. Crippen by a coroner's jury ut
the conclusion of the Inquest into the
death of Belle Klinore Crippen Sal-
about the same age and married.
Shoots Paiamour; Then Hangs Self
Cleveland. Ohio. B W. Gates, a
prosperous business mini of Detroit,
hanged himself In the county jail here
Thursday after being arrested for the
shootlnt; of Mrs Fnrt Singer, who had
killed were occupants of the smoker, the closest attention. The aviators
To the coolnes and quick wit of wm rise dressed for Arctic cold They
Engineer Plckenbaugh, who lost his wtj, w,,ar a 8l)U({ sll|t of leather lined
| life, is attributed the saMlig of the w(th fu) hhJ „ helmol |iUe that of a i
State to Limit Overdrafts
Oklahoma City. Okla.—The practice
from Roger Mills county this week heretofore existing among bankers in
were granted premiums on exhibits drawing overdrafts to pay for cotton
at the Texas Oklahoma fair at ( ana |)a| been stopped by State Bank Ex-
dian, Texas. T. C. Moore got pre- amjnt.r j.* B. Cockrell. Henceforth
urday. The Jury was out only a brief on eighteen farm products. F ,he glate banker„ w||| be required to
time. The jury further found that "
th* remains disinterred in the e-ellar
of Crippen's Hllldrop Crescent home
were those of Belie Klmore and that
diath was due to hyosciti poisoning.
lives of those who escaped, numbering
diver with small breathing holes over
A. Beaver on milo maize. J (■ (.ants jggue bills of exchange Inateud of
on oats and wheat. Mrs. A. X. Brace overJraft> Examiner Cockrell la
busy mailing out letters to all the 700
state bankers in Oklahoma advialng
tlietu to cease the overdraft practice.
They will be allowed to isaue over-
drafts to live per ceut of their cas-
ual slock
on parsnips, Mrs Jack Neelev on ap-
ples. James Porter on peaches and
Mrs F. A. Beavltt on Barred Plymouth
Rock chickens.
Another "Omnibus" Ttat'road Suit
Guthrie, Okla.—The railroads of the
Drunken Indians Killed by Train
a hundred or more. It Is certain that " " "" , Westville, Okla. Two men, believed
he could have Jumped and saved him thP ""d around the sides of (o be Cherokee lndluns. were literally
self, but he remained at his post and 'he fa'e The rronl w"' b<' ''"""*d by ground to piec es under a railroad train t(Bte havP a,.pealed to the state su
_ .. did everything possible to prevent the 8 which will allow free Sunday. The head of one was found j>rvme court from the order of the cor
been with him to a road house on the i |rnjn runnlng Into the ditch. Kxat^lna- observation The ears will be left ex a considerable distance from the (M>nitlon commission requiring all
outskirts of Cleveland the night be- j fjon 0j engine and air brakes show posed to can h the clatter of the motor, body, and the other was an unrecog- ,.oai doors opened In towns of 3.000 Chicago and Alton freight crew were
fore. led he had reversed the lever and set —. nizable mass of flesh. It is thought pr n)0fr. and one door opened in each seriously Injured Sunday wheu freight
Ten Cars of Liquor Burned
Peoria. 111. -Three me moors of
Rewaid for Shepherd Murderers
Newkirk. Okla -On a petition signed
by mutiy citizens of Ibis place Gover-
nor Haskell has offered a reward of
$3(>o for the apprehension and deliv-
ery to the sheriff of Kay county the
l-en-on or persons committing the
uurdcr of the Shepherd brothers.
ed he hail reversed the lever and set , , . ,,, , -
the air in order to chec k the flight of WIp " < Al k u K Grl«th, a hua been drinking,
the train prominent citizen, wus shot aud fatal- |
The train, running at full speed. wou^f,d
plunged into the gap, the engine and "8on- a " "
coac h in towns under 3,000.
Tulsa Jewelry Store Robbed
II known young man. Griffith Tulma Okla.-Burglars entered
mall car going down Into twenty feet **■ fonnetly deputy state treasurer nujj-g jewelry store on South Main
of *utpr ami the rtalr c r almost 1 Jl m a Hiiootlng Hlroet Saturday night and secured val-
.•scoping the smoker ahead of It Many affray between the two men four U1,bh^ and Jewelry worth $«00. Thero
passengers In these two cars were In montlia ago In which Johnson was sc , ^ no c)ew ( lJ|e robbers.
stanllv killed. rloujly wounded. |
train No. 1H0 ran into an op^n switch
at Washburn, III. The engine turned
turtle and ten cars loaded with whisky
were ditched. The wreckage took lire
Bank Charters Granted
I Oklahoma City. Okla.—Two bank i
charters were granted bv the secretary 11,,ld bt ,or* he,l> tould urrlve «h(l
of slate Thursday, to the Farmers j "•• > w • «'onsumed.Several buildings
Stat" Hank of Gibson, Okla.. and the '"' r 'he right of way took fire and for
Coleman State Bank, of Kgo. Both * "mt> h® business district of
are capltallied at $10,000.
IWashburu waa threatened.

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