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Tilt barrow Loat) *** *** *arrw Ki°«s
— ___ Messrs. MuCiiall and Cnder-
OlUlON IIAf.SoNMtIL UL nod Pllfc. ! wood. r«*pt>ptiv«ly pre*.dent and
I secretary of tbe Guthrie, Fair-
MOVEL English bp?FT.
Published every Thursday at
win positi* •}>■ uot U mjui uutli yniti
tor id A(tittid Will lie stopped ut t.Ue
plrutioti of time pui<! tor unless relieved
fctitiered ttttbe Put>: at I>H,rruvr, OKlw.,
u«- Second ('iaw Mall Mutter.
The first banquet At Darri'*
When a proud ocean steamer
is launched the enterprise is
usually accompanied with a least
of good tbiugrs; when a wedding
is solemnized the occasion is
made eminent with a joliete—
with good things to hear and
good things to eat.
All the stock holders of the
Darrow Bank must have kad a
touch of the foregoirg, and evi-
dently a palatable feast to i*>-j written in history as the found-
view A Western Construction
Company, hare been presented
by the captains of the Darrow
town lot clubs with handsome
finger rings, the likes of which
were never seen before.
On the return trip to Kansas
City, the gentlemen and ladies
who came to Darrow on the spe-
cial train were so -well
pleaded with Darrow, and the
kindness of Messrs McCaull and
Underwood, that they felt called
upon to show their appreciation ;
in a substantial manner. With
this object in view, every person
on the train subscribed to a fund
and appointed a committee to se
lect suitable gifts for the popu
lar officials whose names will be
inortalize the gala of the latter
hence they struck onto the fine
idea of holding a banquet at the
bank opening The bank opened
up for business Monday morning
and the banquet, so delicious to
the palate, was held Tuesday
night. It was an affair exclusive-
ly for the stockholders and their
fauiidieo. including only five out
side parties.
At about 9o'clock the bunquet-
eri5 seated themselves around
X'.m sumptuous Ward, which had
been laden with the choicest
b >me grown fruits, and accepta-
ble and savory food that had
ers of Darrow, the best city in
Central Oklahoma: and the pro-
moters of the Guthrie, Fail view
& Western Construction Compa
ny, builders of the best railroad
system in Oklahoma.
The committee was wisely cho-
sen, sttended to this duty
promptly and exercised splendid
judgment in selecting gifts that
Messrs McCaull and Underwood
can keep for many years to come.
The committee waited on
Messrs McCaull and Underwood
in Kansas City on July 8, and. in
a few well chosen words, pre
sented each with a beautiful and
b««n prepared by Mr. Leslie aD<Tuniqll(, gold ring The rings are
b;s estimable family. E*;h one L,^ ,tth , „ery Buiall di£fer.
present did ample justice to tbe ; ence in the de5ign Made of
big dinner: and why not, for it |maI1 goUi the rings are of the
wa> of such aquality that queens pattern. On the plate is
and princes'would have eorusd Lngraved a„ exact reproduction
Sweet Voiced Linnet Supples Amuse-
ment for Many Admirers.
Ill the little. Bwarnttog streets of?
Whit Chapel road, down through Shor
flitcth and Bethmd Green, linnet sing-
ing in -he pastime of thousands and
thfc busiiieHE oi scoreB of me::, who -will
bet themselves to a standstill e ver tho
sweet-voiced rivalries of two vee
brown birds caked on the wall of some
public houses whose reputation makes
respectability timorous-' of intrusion.
The hard-faced *\Eas: iSnder.' whose
ciuefa^ joy is a bloody " limited-round
go" in the prize ring of Harry Jaeob
Wonderland in Whitechapel mar 1
aeeu next night in the back room of
Tom Symond s "pub," Bitting in breath-
leas eilence. and behind locked doors,
with a Hundred of his kind, while his
linnet Kings a match for "pleasant
song," and a stake of ten shillings a
' side.
^nere was never a more Incongruous
spor; than this, yet despite its gam-
bling interest, inseparable from all
: kinds of popular English sport, it is to
rejoice that so sentimental and whim
siual a pastime makes many a bright
spot in the clouded life of the Ea^t Eud-
To those who dofcot know it may be
well to explain that the vocal school at
linnet in the world of sport is as
^fc^ oughly systematized and as last
found by tradition as the prepara'.ory
training for grand opera. This is no
haphazard issue of betting which of
two birds will si:ig the longest r r loud-
est. or sweetest E.very detail of a
match is fixed by unwritten law fold-
ed through many generations of refer-
ees. timekeepers, scorere and owners.
i*roxc time beyond reckoning the lin-
net's sitigJmg vocabulary has been fixed
and bet into the two divisions known
as ' pleasant song" and ' rough song."
The first consists of a list of retrains,
each of whieh contains more than four J
notes or syllables. If a match is made 1
for "pleasant song." then the contest- !
ing birds mjust stick to their more '
complicated strains, else they ere I
scored against, fa such a match, if «?e !
linnet interjects one or more of the !
shorter or "rough songs," each fault is
chalked ? ainst him by the sooreksep-
er, and appears in the final totals. if
tfc* stipulation is for "rough song,"
t> , the bird may use these contracted
or ea: c-r -equeoces of notes and re-
cejVf perfect marks. The birds which
can be t-jcked to sing only "pleasant
song are the grand opera star* of the
bird stage in East London.—Outing.
Leslie & Sons
S Stores'.
Headquarters For
Srosefves awd Qateusmn.
Produce taken the same as Cash.
Leslie and Sons.
tbe participants.
At about 10 o'clock tuastwas.
ter W. B. Harmon called for
speeches, and after the officers
of the bank responded the invi.
tat ion was extended to others.
The speeches made were good
'of the sigu, 'DARROW," at
the crossing of the railroads east
of town, and also the miniature
railroad tracks, emblematic of
the railways at this point. A
diamond gives the ring a rich
and were clothed in becoming On the band of Mr. McCaull's
vest for the prosperity of the
Darrow Bank and the future of
the town.
Those present feel confident
that this, tbe first banquet of the
town, means much for Darrow.
The banquet lasted until after
midnight, and seemed of rather
short duration at that. There
were about 25 present. Ail re.
turned home with the longing
for another such a fat feast in
the near future.
May the Darrow.Bank prosper;
may its coffers ever be filled
with gold and silver coin; may
their boys grow up to be tip-top
business men, and may their
feminine posterity continue to
bake such delicious cakes that
th* gorgeous banquets may in.
crease in number, abide in lustre
and not be so far between.
A Jtlly farty
About a dozen cheerful little
ladies met at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. W. A. Dorey to enjoy a
party in honor of their daughter,
Lassie Shirley. Every lady
present had a most enjoyable
I , .. * l ~ — —**— '• inny
nme aud will long remember the our comparatively bad taste may be
jvenile hospitality of the Dorey
country home.
ring, just below the plate, is the
figure of an Indian chief, indi-
cating that the popular railway
president is a "good Indian."
Mr. Underwood's ring is em-
bellished with an owl. indicating
that the secretary is a "wise old
It is needless to say that these
gifts are highly prized, not be-
cause of their intrinsic value,
but, because of the good feeling
and friendship they express
Real Estate.
We have some clients that
want to invest in Oklahoma real
estate. Write us what you have
for sale or trade.
Gentry & Hickman,
Princeton, Mo
Children's Toys in Japan.
Th«* exquisite taste of the Japanese
Is a marvel to western nations and it
Is ru'tivatcd from very babyhood. Our
children," says a Japanese lady, "ire
nor children long and we do most wita
them when thay are JltWe. Then we
show rhea only beautiful things, you
know Little silken halls and little
earved | ory things. Oh, your child-
ren's things—toys, don't you call
tb *in?—are so ugly. We would be
afraid of what our children .would be
if we gave them your children's toys?
And ihe Japanese mother is probably
right, for children may be trained by
use to «dmire the ugly as well as tbe
bejutlful and It is quite Ikeiy that
How They Lott Th-ir Home.
Through th*- gambling InBtinct.
They Jet their insurance run out.
i a«-y bought things tbey did not
need because -hey were chean.
'ihey did not use good Juii'iment or
right proportion in their cxpe -ditures.
They subscribed fcr everything they
could pay tor on the installment plan.
They did not realize how < asy it is
to get into debt and how hard it Is to
get out.
They tried to do what others expect-
ed o( them rather than wnat they
could afford
They could not say "No," and could
not tell their friends. "I canno aConl
They drew their money out of ths
savings bank to put it into some "wild-
cat" schem.-s and lost it.
Th«-y did not do busioesa in a bust"
ness way because t'-ey were dealing
wi'h relatives or friends.
They signed important papers with,
out reading them or knowing their con-
tents. just because they were asked to
do so. "i
- • • a* r
The extravagance of children who
had not been trained to economize r>r
to 'ak care ol their pennies swamped j
the home.
The mania to make an appearance i
beyond their means Caused them to i
mortgage their property aud ended in !
When the shoe began to pinch they \
"really did not see where they could
retrench." Hablr bad made luxuries j
seem necessaries.
They entertained too expens!veiy j
■nd a great d *al more than :hey coul-l
afford, because they wanted people to
think they were in good cfrcumstances.
Their efforts to force their daugh-
ters into the society of those above
them, In the hope that they might
make "brilliant matches," involved
them hopelessly In debt—Philadelphia
"\)D. "R>. SUmr\
Is Now Prepared to Supply You With
Everything In
Flour and Feed
At Living Prices
Highest Market Prices Paid For
We respectfully solicit a share of your patronage.
Maunard Down-Pace Machine
Don't Throw Your Money Away
By buying high price, complicated, Artificial #
Stone Machines. The MAYNARD raak6s a perfect moist- ^
ure proof and fire proof hollow wall. Makes all stone J
stone used in building. Is simple in construction and
Cheap in price
A man and a boy can make 150 blocks a day at a Jm
cost of 10c each. Write for prices and catalogues. jji
omce 3S5 Ridge B'id'g. Kansas City, Mo. $
Saves In Operation.
Western Machinery Co,
| (he
result of the InartisMc and somr
actually hideous pliythings ot
early years.
Belle—"Did the father of tho brtds
give her away at tbe alter?"
Nelle—"No; It was her stor# terth
aad false hair.
Benning—"Do you think that JoL
•on wiU ever recover?"
Don't Forget Darrow's Special Sale Day.
* ♦
-t «■
\ J
\ '

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