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Mr Nets Darling wiil gtoe ene
Of bit «pl«Nlid entertainments in
the Baptist eburch Ht Maramec. Mt
Darlk*g ) ■ no peer a« a dialect idea
Hie Getrntii, French, Ital in, Meg.
ro. Swede, Cockney English, and
Scotch Dialects are petfectiou. He
is the moat versatile man on the
platform or stage,
lie Is a famous impersonator and
in him maybe seen "The Famous
Mr. Dooley, Character* from Dick*
*ns' Works, Jefferson's R'p Van
Winkle," and others from well
known author*, and aUo from life,
as seen and studied by Mr. Darlihg
lis has entertained thousands and
never fuiU to please. He filled 70
Chautauqua engagements for the
Kedpath Lyceum Bureau during the
summer of 191a :>nd is under con-
tract fur all ol the summer of 1913,
The people of Maramec and Vi-
cinity are fortunate in having an op-
portunity to hear this ►pleimid
ten aiuer. Come and lau'h 1
grow fat. Tickct-> _wi I he on 1
:it the pofctoifice in Marantic. 25c
for adults, 15c for childien from 6
to 13 yettrs of .ige, Kemember the
date, Januarj _ 8, 191a.
Commi tee,
Geo. Caldwell is under the weat-
l.ti, being threniined with a siege
of T\phoid Malaria fi ver.
Mrs. Hoy C ) tr is ufferi«g 1
«rely with a ^ore I(r4 * be had
ingrowing nail rtmoved audit
not healed veiy rapidly.
Mrs. I. A. Walter* who has been
>i(1t ►iniw Ntw Y m>tU> has
tw * m'y fr*;* doea on
(he street.
Are you go'ng to hu • a cresm
separator this spring? See that new
Beatrice at the Nrw of lice for $43.
Thi* offer hollis j_uod only two
The executive council of the Mod-
em Woodmen of America, decided
today not to put Into force th* new
rates authorised by the bead
acting in Chicago, but will
let the head camp, which meets in
1914, pats 00 the matter.
The council's decision will be ef-
fective regardless of what disposi-
tion the Illinois supreme court makes
of the injunction which now restrains
the society from enforci g the
Alt kinds of weaving solicited.
Prices Reasonable.
Mrs M C
Route 1.
• Oklahoma
Phone 515
II. E. Redding m rktltd hogs in
Pawnee Tuisduy.
J in Keeier wait a I>11 >i 11 ss visitor
in Maramec Frid.v.
Mrs. L. A. (id.i a d \i«ited rela-
tive at Hhtikbtni) lasl Meek.
L. A. Giililand wife a <1 daugh-
ter Marie weic ilulhit visitors last
w« ek.
Prof. It. F. II aim hi and wife vis-
ited a: tne Lady Inane uouli of Paw*
nee Satin day and-Suudav.
Uncle J. Tii.uie R ad- has been
MI sing a Vviv Mire the past
1 vo weeks, caused l \ u tall ,which
iiuslied lii .fni|£ r«.
Mi*s Bethel Ca'd eli of Hallett
-visited Inline* httiwten trains
A. ( . Wil on« . 1 n ached the
■ iiaguif C-nt *11111 id s " ' 0 N r
VV ihou has li\« d iii «<kla. ( r 1. ..
ruik iiud telih us that in ah timt
nine he never mat^a dollar of debt
that wasunpaii' ever night we regret
o loose such s good business man
trom our county. Mr. Wilson end
umily goes to Winthrop, Ark. to
make their future home snd the
\ews wilt keep them posted of their
riends doings here.
There were fifty voices in the
chorus a| the Baptist church Sunday.
In order to comply with the post
al law we will have to drop the
naaea of those who are more than
a year in arreas. Those who 1
more than a years subscription to
the Monitor are requested to cat!
and settle as soon as possible that
they may recieve their paper regit
Hale Harrel came up Snndav
from Cushing to spend a while A. it)
home folks.
W« T. Dick has installed a fine
pair of Angledde scales in his new
stefe they nie the latest thing om
andsre sure flm.
O. W, Burton and wife vi ited
with L. F. Hoover snd wife last
Sunday and sttended the revival.
The revival is drawing fine crowd*
In recev'mg copy for an advertis-
ment over the phone last* week wi
unfortunately made a mistake in the
discription of some Cockreh foi
sale by W. P. Harned which sliould
read 15 Bared Plymouth rock cock-
rels for sale 3 for $2.50 if taken
The revival meeting at the Bap-
tist church is being well attended.
A. ti. Wilson came in Saturday
and advanced his subscription a yr.
and ordered the News to follow
him to his new home in Ai kansas
Andy Miller advanced his sub-
scription last Friday for a year.
W. P. Harned and Carl Harned
of Maramec were in Hallett on bus-
iness. Tuefday.
Albert Davis waa in Hallett on
business Tuesda . morning.
Andy Miller remembered tie
Editor when lie br'c'i r d with a
couple ot mes cs uf ire*h meat.
For Sale- Two good cream seper-
ators cash or time. Geo. M. Cald-
Mrs. Martha J. Helmick of Col-
umbus Junction Iown is here to
spend the winter with her brother
Dr. Dunlavy.
Mrs. Lyman Piatt and children
went out to stay with C. C. Piatt
and family till Lyman gets settled
at Stillwater.
Will Green snd wife left Thurs-
day for Palaciows, Texas to make
their home.
Mrs. Sarah Colclazier returned
from Skiatook, Friday evening.
Lennie Owens, her grand-daughter,
returned with her.
From tears to laughter, from
laughter to tears—Hear Darling.
Mrs. Ids Caateel wss lniJ up
Mondsy with rheumatism in her
bsck but is improving some.
Ralph Pitts it night operator for
the Santa Fe in the place of Jesse
Livingstone who goes to Ponca City
Exercise your luugs and qnickeu
your pulses with a good laugfi. It
makes new rich blood—Hear Darl-
Mrs. L. E. Hedges of Waslmngo
is visiting her parents Dr, Dunlavy
and wife this week.
Mrs. Anuie Kerns of Davenport
Okta. is visiting Uer niece, Mrs. L.
1 Carrington. «■
Mr. Keri's of Davenport, Okla.
has move on the Mollie Corringtou
place east of Va'ley.
Mr. and Mr.. Wells of Vale vis-
ited at Bert Marklev's last Thurs-
Two uncles of Bert Msrkley were
Maramec visitots, Sunday.
Bom, to Bert Markley and wife
jaiuusry 15, a- flne hvfey bey.
L. A. Giililand attended to busi-
ness at Pawhuska last week.
The Governor is still intent on
pushing the bond issue aud loading
on the people a debt for the aex*.
twenty five years. This issue* of
bonds is for the setJement of tome
bills contracted by the Haskell ask
ministration tiie legality of *hich is
in question. The voters should in-
vestigate the matter and call the
attention of the Legislature as to
their wishes in the mutter. All legal
debts we believe should be paid but
taxes are high enough without pay-
ing for something we did notget.
Amusement without iniquity, fun
without sin—Hear Darling.
We predict a sharp advance in
lime by the time ail the Committees
in the state and union are through
with the investigations.
Mr. and Mrs. II. E. Redding
and Essie Adler took dinner with
Lanta Stioud and wite Sunday.
W. .1 lendrickson was on the
sick list last week.
Mrs. Alta Wisely assisted with
the work at G. W. Laws 01; s last
week during the II hess of bei
Mr, and Mr*. Ilannn- ckof near
Quay were visiting friend* and do-
iug twines* in Mammae,"Saturday.
Ae we hnwdwdeim quit farm-
tug and are going to the oil Held*,
we wit sell at public auction, on the
Widow Burton farm, a miles soath
and a east of Maramec, 4 mile* N.
W. of Jannlnga end 4 wrest and t M
aaadrofHafett. oa Jananrv iftV.
begfnbig at to o'clock a. m. the fol-
This coupon entitles
to 10 votes v bi n signrd and
given to the Cqnte't Mgr.
Nice large sonr pickles 10 cent
per doe. at Watkins.
A. Welch and wife north of Casey
Lyman IMatt lef: for Still%vui«r attended the revival imrting Sun.
.Jiudav morning
household goods.
with a load of
He goes the e to
work foi his father in the automo-
bile business
All Kinds of Properly
V/e sell—we trade for
anything of value.
Money to
L oan
on FARM and CITY property.
Write for particulars.
W. A. McCabe
I will do it promptly and CareluiK.
Sam Stafford
Kay Duff resigned his pn-ilion
at the coal chutes and Louis Picq-
nett succeed* him at his job.
Shorty Scott has a j«<b a* yard
man lor the Santa Fe. n-.w.
Ktifu« Cook and wife virile I wirt
G W. I.awMiii and family Sunday
Mrs. Harlow Vroit relumed to
her home in Cleveland Fridav.
Mr". Jim E''i* and Mrs. Giorire
C'irlMe attended the *y|«- ai A. (i.
\\ ilson's Inst Til *d:iv
• Therevivil Hireling wi.l tout hit e
over next Sunday.
Mrs. Dui y Parker wh > has been
sick for about three months has so
far recovered as to be able to attend
church Sunday.
need anything in the dragline, call fcr
fkl I Ilct^ «i tne urugnr
phone number. 12, Maramec.
We will send it to you via Parcels Post by return
mail. Our motto: "Promptness."
/ d ffleMurtrif, Maramec, Wakema
1 spsn hav mares 6 rears old. wt
400. hoth in foal and well matched,
t black mare 10 years old, wt 1050
and in foal.
t span Mack horses 4 ft 6. wt 8500
■ sorrel horse 10 vesrs old. wt o^o
I dun mare 4 " " •' qao
t sorel " ft roo
X hrowrn " % " " • qoo
1 mare mwV a H *• M «v 0
t horse " inn
1 " M a " " " 700
1 coming a " " mules ex-
tra r«od. 1 black suckling mule, t
coming rear n?d hnr«e e«f|.
1 law red cows, fresh, otl er'
freali bv sale time.
t law refl heifer f^*h. $ rears old.
s V, Tersev cows r fresh other fresh
in Fehmarr.
1 x vear old «notted cow fre h in
Febrnarv These are evtra eon-',
t line Sack *ow 9 vrs. old wrt. c*>r>,
t roan row 8 vrs. old wight 800.
1 lour V*ar!hig re«* heifers.
x short vearliny red ateer«.
3 red v*sir h<e heiters.
1 prv d hrnml «ow.
6 or 7 iVw/s chicken*.
pounds good mavbene cotto
3S bushels African mille* seed.
^ tons mowed fret',
60 shocks of todder.
4 sets heavy work harness,
1 hack l feed grimier 1 corp -1 ellers
a tarm wagons, o'lejnilt wr<> 11
4 fTlnig"ciilfivators, a nesr'y new
3 14 iu stubble plows, a "
1 lister
I large feed Ihix." I stalk oitter 2
corn planters t ruling atutcbmer.t
for plow and li te>. I motvei ai d
hay rake, i bos chute, a 2 •■ec*
on harrows. 1 h •yfraine. 1 l^sur
sled. 1 8 iu <tiiring-phi'.v. a rihu -
stones, a self gathering roin sled-.
I Coin and kafir plat:te«.
dresser*. 3 iron, 1 wooden lieds
t eis ^piings, a stand r:dtle . a 811
dituii g tildes. ia d nnini; cbair«.
3 mcki r . 1 ran're cook stove. 1
nea'ing xloves atd iinny >ther ait •
lea t<i l U'iieriNis to mention.
•inns of $10 and under, ca*h. 1 I
•mil* "\>r $10 a rndit «f 9 m> nt s
il lie v ivt 11 on ■uiti*' with ap| rr\eil
imiilly, hearing 10 pel uiU |tr 1
>1 >i from date. 5 ier c«-nt t s o nt
ft lor cash. No property to be re-
moved untill settled for.
Purcell and White, Owners.
Eli Tatro, Auct. D. L. Mai tin
Cler .
3 ejr*rii
Dry Qoods - Groceries
We are going to make a big re-
duction in the price of all our stock
of winter goods.
A* we us.nt 11 m he room for a new stock of spring gooi's
we hav- d culed 11 iv« « sir friends uml customers a big reiluciion
li lie | ii«t- t'f our hig stock id (all aud winter goods We h ve
Mime fine h nil made AuM bonds that will go tor $1.00 and all
u In r k oils iu pr puitt*n,
td Xlasted

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