Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume 70, Number 4, Winter 1992-1993: Searching Inside

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... (WPA), the society started a project that employed fifty people-ten typists, thirty "classifiers...," and ten librarians. As if to disprove the common reference to the WPA as "We Piddle Around," the workers... department at the University of Oklahoma to get a WPA writers' project grant for an interview program

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... THE CHRONICLES OF OKLAHOMA title to Sequoyah's cabin and ten acres, then used a WPA grant to build... participation in outreach programs and services. As late as 1940 the society was still seeking WPA assistance

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... Braden site, 184-193, photo of, 187, 188, 189, 190, 191, 338-339 "Braden Site: WPA Excavations..., Robert L., "The Braden Site: WPA Excavations at a Plains Village," by, 184-193; "The Braden Site

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