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Ellis County Capital (Arnett, Okla.), Vol. 12, No. 45, Ed. 1 Friday, May 6, 1921 Page: 1 of 8

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-jrirfv? -r 1-4 Wa
Leading Paper of Ellis County Devoted to the best Interests of all the People in the County
'i i ’ A" - A f
Harvesting machinery is so high
that many farmers will try to make
their old machines do the work an-
other year Many machines are dis
carded when they could he made to
give muyli valuable service by over-
hauling - Now is a good time to do
this Where boxings or journals hove
worn until there is too much play
new boxing can be run with babbit or
old type metal that frequently can be
had tit a printing office very cheap
Moulds for checking or guiding the
flow of the babbit maj be made of
flour dough or clay and the work can
be done in a fairiy short time An
'old machine thus treated frequently
run as good as a new one If you
do not understand just Jiow to do
this I will take pleasure In calling
and explaining it more fully or in
giving a demonstration of the process
We have about two bushels of Dar-
so seed that has not been sold so I
have concluded to put this up in half
pound packages to be given out to
anyone who will plant it and try it
ont You can get a package at the
office from myself or the County Clerk
or I wall mail you a package on re-
quest until 9eed is exhausted Darso
is similar in growth to kafir has grain
a little larger and red same analysis
and feeding test as kafir The stalk
is ' sweet therefore for forage it is
much better than any of the other
grain sorghums it makes good hay
The fact is I really lielieve it to be
the best of all hays Taised here Hogs
milk cows horses mules' and poultry
prefer both the grain and stalk to any
other cane or ' sorghum and stock
thrive on it better than other canes
or sorghums It is easier harvested
and being sweet is more easily cured
V ' - - - -?
I received a letter from the plant
pathologist at Stillwater giving a
warning about flag smut and take all
Smut These pests have mode their
appearance in some localities and he
js afraid they might occur fn this
state If found before having spread
much the diseases may be checked
Take all smut starts by killing the
Wellington April 30— The senate
tonight pas sed the Knox Resolution
repealing the state of war between
the United States and the Central
powers' r
The resolution was adopted with-
out amendment after the senate voted
down 26 to 44 a proposal by Sena-
tor Townsend Michigan to eliminate
the repeal of the war declaration leav-
ing the resolution a simple statement
that the state of war was' ended
- The resolution in addition to re-
pealing the war declaration protects
the rights of the United States in
German and Austrian properties held
by the alien property custodian until
a final disposition has been settled
either by congress or by treaty
The final hours of the discussion
were - marked by charges- from the
Democratic side that the rosolution is
an effort by a coterie" of Republican
senators to dictate President Hardings
foreign policy and by a counter charge
on the Republican side that Demo-
cratic opposition is based oU the fear
that the resolution ends - for all time
the hope of ratification of the VersaiL
Ie9 treaty
Citizens of tlie Tliird Commission-
ers’ District of Ellis County' will ask
tlie Commissioners’ to re-district the
County at the next regular meeting
A very pleasent surprise came
our desk Wednesday morning in
announcement of tne marriage
Jnlm F Knox formerly of Arnett to
Mrs Mary F Stevens of Weleetka
Oklahoma Mr Knox has intuiy
friends in this section who will join
with the Capital in wishing both he
and Mrs KurnL a full - measure -'f
happiness in their journey through life
Mr and Mrs Ted Boyle3 of east
of Arnett- are the proud parents of a
fine nine pound baby girl bom
Sunday May 1st Dr Beam re-
ports that both jnother and babe are
doing yery nicely -
ground and the straws fall about iiv
different directions Flag smut ap-
pears as long bars'of dark green run-
ning up and down the straw instead
of being in specks or dots as in our
common rusts These two diseases
have lately been imported into the
United States and the department is
anxious to prevent their spread J
grain in spots The appearance of a wn selKj a sample in to the station if
spot of it looks like something had there is a suspicion that it is either of
broken the straws down near the these diseases '
At Arnett in the State of Oklahoma at the close of business
April 28th 1921: - ' - '
Loans and Discounts A 5801072
Overdrafts secnrl and unsecured-- -- 115617
Securities with BauklugBoard --v --- 750 00
Stocks Bonds Warrants etc v 245000
Banking House 150000
Furniture and Fixtures — ' 180000
Due from Banks' 1 — ’’ 1455207-
‘ Checks and Other Cash Items 9 9302
Cash in Bank — 4399 18
TOTAL : 1—'---- - 8471116
Capital Stock Paid In 1000000
Surplus Fund — -— - 400000
Undivided Profits less Expense and Taxes Pa’d — 99599
Due to Banks i’
Individual Deposits Subject to Check — i-- 5621513
Time Certificates of Deposit! 480930
Certified Checks — -- —
Cashier’s Checks Outstanding j 49074
Notes and Bills Rediscounted i- — - 820000
Bills Payable
TOTAL - - 8471116
I C Ll Johnson Cashier of the above named Bank do sol-
- emnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my
knowledge and belief so help me God
- sz C L Johnson Cashier
Subscribed and sworn to before me tins 4tli day of May
1921 '
Correct — Attest ' C A Null Notary Public
' My Commission Expires Dec 23 1924 (
' - -O E Null" ) -
(Sail) J M Johnson )Direetrs
of the Board to he held in Arnett
Monday June Gth Tlie State Law
on this subject provides that the
County ' Commissioneers shall re-
Vli3triet the county every three years
for the purpose of equalizing tlie
population of the Commissioneers
districts' Present districts have been
Ln existence for" several years with
the result that the taxable valuation
and population of the Third District
has decreased until both the Firsi
and Second Districts have more than
twice the valuation and population of
the Third District - ’
Figures compiled by County Engin-
eer Word shows the following figures
on the population and valuation of
the three Commissioneers Districts?
Dist No 1- Population 4131
Valuation -§550894700
Dist No 2 Population 4838 1
- Valuation $024528800
Dist No 3 Population 2704 l-t
- Valuation $200523000
It has been suggested that the
Commissioneers ’extend the Third
District to take in Sheldon and
Austin Townships now in the First
District and Hopewell Townspip at
present a part of the Second District
If this was done by the Commission-
eers the County would then have
Districts with
three Commissioneers
approximate total
3500 persons The taxable" valu-
ations of the Third District with
Sheldon Austin and Hopewell Town-
ships added would be $154893400
while the taxable valuation of the
Second District without Hopewell
Township would be $521469300
Without Sheldon and Austin Town-
ships the First District would have a
total taxable valuation of $4715864
Heretofore the County Commission-
eers have always divided the funds
supplied for road and bridge building
purposes equally between each district
Should this plan be followed by ihe
Commissioneers in the future the
Third District would receive the same
Trench Headquarters Mayence
Germany May 2— All northern France
is teeming with troops moving into
Germany to occupy territory in the
Ruhr ‘
’ One divison of Black Moroccan inf-
antry and one division of cavalry un-
der command of General Simon in 15
trains left Monday' night for the
Ruhr They will arrive in Pueseldorf
Tuesday morning ’
Official word has reached here that
tlie military class of 1919 wa called
to the colors Monday night by orders
&romdhe Paris war office ' This order
was issued immediately after Premier
Briand left the session of the allict
council in London Monday afternoon
He telephoned Pnris to issue the call
The minister of war in Berlin it
was announced here Monday night
with reference to advices thnt cavalry
and foot soldiers were being moved
into the Ruhr said that no such
order bad been issuer! to his know-
ledge He added that the allies may
have deemed it advisable to start troop
movements without giving official
notice to Germany
Tlie regulat examination for eighth
grade graduation will be held Tluirs
day and Friday May 12 and 13 at
the following places: Arnett Gage
Shattuck Fargo Eight Mile (Dist 16)
Chaney (Dist 19) Square Top (Dist
population o£ 32) Valley View ' (Dist- 75) and
’ Harmon (Dist 66) ’’
Applicants ipay take subjects in
which they failed the first time or
those in which they made low grades
or they may take the entire examin-
ation Seventh grade students may take
the same four subjects as before
No grades tyill be given seventh
grade pupils in eiglith -grade studies
unless they take the entire examina-
tion and pass in all subjects
The -v County Commencement
exercises will be held at Arnett on
the evening of June 4— Arthur L
Walker Co Supt
other method should be used in divid-
ing the funds supplied for road and
amount for road improvement as the brjdge building the Third District
other two districts but in case some would lie at a great disadvantage
Publishers Report
The Stock Exchange Bank of
- Fargo Oklahoma April 2Sth 1921
" Resources ' Dollars
Loans and Discounts SI OS 74487
Overdrafts secured and unsecured - 51864
Securities with Banking Board - - 125000
Stocks Bonds Warrants etc 20000 '
Banking House - — -- - - 290000
Furniture and Fixtures 150000
Other Real Estate Owned — 396682
Due from Banks $2928809 T '
Checks and Other Cash Items )
Bills of Exchange 1 1835204 V 5005485
Qash in Bank 241472 J
' TOTAL - $16913518
Capital Stock Paid in 1500000
Surplus Fund 610000
Undivided Profits less Exp and Tuxes Paid 135268
Reserved for Taxes & Interest —
ock 31 1294051 )
’732094 ) ’
Notes fend Bills Rediscounted
TOTAL - - ' $10913518
State of 'Oklahoma County of Ellis SS:
- I A M Bctihrook Cashier' of the above named Bank do
solemnly swear that the alxive statement is true to the best of
my knowledge and belief so help me God
- ' nA M-Benbrook Cashier
Subscribed and sworn to before me thifr 2Sth day of April 1921
correct — attest ' C C Manso Notary Public
(Seal) Commission expires March 8th 1921
J L Pryor ’ 1
A W Anderson: - Directors
A waye of sorrow swept ' ovej- the
entire community Ion Friday when
the sad news was flashed over the
wire that Walcie Null had died at
Douglas Arizona And it was with
regret and sadness that the word was
passed from mouth to mouth that a
nolJe mother and good woman had
been called by the Death Angle
Mary Walrie Null was lmrn in the
state of Missouri on March 2 1886
she is the daughter of Mr and Mrs
W M Jenkins 'The family moved
to Oklahoma about’ twenty years ago
where they located in old Day county
near what is now Arnett For a
number of years Mr Jenkins and
the family operated a store on the
sight where the Beiini residence now
stands -
Mary Walcie Jonkiqs was married
to Chester A Null on itecember
10 1908 to ‘this union was born two
children Jaunita and Bernard Null
who survive thmother Besides the
children Mrs Null leaves a mother
father several brothers and sisters
and many relatives and friends to
mourn her departure from this life
' Funeral 'services were conducted at
Douglas and interment made in the
Calvary Cemetery near that city
The children Jaunita and little
Bernard were brought to Arnett by
the father C A Null where they will
make their future home 1
Mr? JB C Shields wa& surprised
by a gathering of lady friends at the
Shields home Wednesday' in honor
of her forty-first birthday - Wednes-
day May '4th A very enjoyable
and pleasant evening was spent by the
ladies and all departed from -the
Shields home at a late hour wishing
Mrs Shields many more happy
returns of the day Thoes present
re Meslams Miller Collins
Duckworth Webb Cross Deans
and Miss Agness Collins
A number of younger people of the
town gave a surprise party and supper
at the Ira D Matthews home Monday
evening May 2nd in honor of the
twenty-eighth birthday of Mr Mat-
thews All present report A very
plaesant evening and a jolly good time
Oklahoma City Ok May 3 — The
institutional bill providing appropri-
ations for maintenance and operation
of state institutions for tlie next two
years will lie reported out by the
home appropriations committee to-
day it was predicted at the Capitol
The bill as sent to the committee t
called for appropriations totalling
$9500000 The committee has re-
duced this total to approximately
$7800000 All appropriations for
state institutions were cut about 5
percent and only on new item wgs
added to the- bill— an appropriation
of $30000 for the Confederate soldiers
home at Ardmore - ’’ 1 ’
New buildings for state institutions
were practically assured when the '
house appropriations committee voted
yesterday to reconsider its original
policy and recommended for passage
several bills calling for construction of
Nearly all of the bills approved Ly
the committee failed of passage at
the last session only because of the
sudden adjournment ' Legislators
3oid their passage at this session is
therefore certain
A vote may be token on some of
these bills this afternoon -
a '
The Pre3cilla Embroidery Club met -withMrs
DeLeo McNeely on April
27th the afternoon was spent in
needel work and Rook Members
present were: Mesdames ' McCarroll
Word Tyler Coombs! Mitche!'Mc ’
Neely and Hutchens Visitors were
Mrs Burr and Mrs Van Dyke
Refreshments of ice cream cake and
?ape juice were served by the hostess'
he next meeting will be with Mrs
W C Tyler on May 11th — Reporter
t 1
The Ladies of the Precilla piub and
their husbands were entertained at
the home of Mrs Earle McNeely on
the evening ot May 2nd the evening'
was spent in playing progressive rook '
Those present were: Messers and Mrs ‘ -Ilcrsh
Mitchell Killioh Hutchens ‘
and McNeely At the usual hour
dainty refreshments Were served by
the hostess the next evening entertain-
ment will lie with Mr and Mrs C C
McCarroll in June — Reporter
The Farmers & Merchants Bank
At Arnett in the State of Oklahoma at the close of business
April 2Sth 1921 ’ ' -
Loans and Discounts — —
Overdrafts secured and unsecured
Securities with State Banking Board
Stocks Bonds Warrants etc
Banking Hoi’ca
Furniture and Fixtures
Due from Banks' - -
Checks and Other Cash Items
Exchanges for Clearing-House —
Cash in Bank
totAl - ’
G37 9t
1800 00
Capital Stock Paid in — 2000000
Surplus Fund — “7 200000
Undivided Profit less Expenses and Taxes Paid — 338587
Individual Deposits Subject to yiiocU — ’ 1203559
Time Certificates of Deposit T - 3957587
Letters of Credit - 77509
Cashier’s Checks Oustanding — — - - 488 1 2
Notes and Bills Rediscounted — 3319200
Certified Checks 1
TOTAL 1 22410325
' STATE OF OKLAHOMA County of Ellis SS:
I E L Bacon Cashier of tlie above named Bank do
solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the beat of my
knowledge and belief so help me God
- E L Bacon Cashier '
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 4th day of April
1921 My Commission expires Dec 111924
(Seal) W C Tyler Notary Public
T -J’Hamre

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