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Peace Notes
China takes the place of Greece In
the non-permanent council of the
League of Nations with Belgium
Brazil and Spain as the other three
members a result of the perfect cohe-
sion of the so-called Latin bloc which
castB twenty out of the twenty-one
Totes necessary for election
Troublo between Rumania and soviet
Russia is forecast in reports from Uk-
rainia received at Vienna These ad-
vices declare that Rumania is adopting
measures “indicative of imminence of
war” with Russi over the possession
of Bessarabia
The first step for world' disarma-
ment must be cautious and deliberate
the league of nations assembly de-
cided recently nothwlthstandlng
sharp cricitlsms by George Nicoll
Barnes British labor leader and
Christian Lange of Norway
It Is reported in diplomatic circles
at Athens Greece that the arrival of
King Constantine will be the signal
for the immediate departure of the
ambassadcrts of the allied countries
The inter-allied military commis-
sion has repeated its demand for the
immediate disbandment and disarm-
ing of German defense organizations
and requested Immediate information
as to what measures Germany in-
tends to take with regard to the de-
mand Diplomatic relations between Hol-
land and Jugo-Slavla have been brok-
en off it was stated at the Hague
recently Holland has recalled her
minister from Belgrade and has dis-
missed the Serbian charge d’affaires
at the Hague
The Tacna-Arlca case which has
developed a serious crisis in the
League of Nations assembly was the
subject of long discussion at a special
meeting of the bureau of the assemb-
ly recently The council also discuss-
ed recent developments caused Jay re-
newal of the Bolivian demand for
hearing of the Tacna-Arica question
by the present assembly
The first break in the regular Ital-
ian army occurred recently when four
armored cars started from Udine
three of which succeeded in reaching
the palace of Garbriele D’Annunzio '-n
Granting of a soldier bonus at pres-
ent would inflict a great hardship on
taxpayers Senator McCumber of North
Dakota acting chairman of the senate
finance committee said recently A de-
cision on the bonus will be reached at
this session of congress McCumber
4 4 4
Immigration from Canada during the
last fiscal year broke all records and
there was a tremendous Increase in
immigration from Mexico as well as
from the European countries Anthony
Camineti commissioner general of im-
migration says in his annual report
Shrinkage of values of farm crops
has placed their total worth this year
at almost 5 billion dollars less than
last year although the 1920 harvest
was one of the most abundant in the
nation’s history with half a dozen
crops breaking records
4 4 4
Instructions have been issued to
army corps area commanders by the
war department for the appointment
of boards in each area for the pur-
pose of completing the organization of
the national guard and organized re-
serve Repeal of most of the war-time
laws was voted recently by the bouse
which adopted a resolution by Con-
gressman Volstead for that purpose af-
ter two hours of debate The vote on
adoption of the resolution was unan-
imous 323 votes being recorded as
favoring it with none opposed
The senate late the other day pass-
ed the agriculture committee resolu-
tion directing the revival of the war
finance corporation as a measure of
affording relief to farmers
Production of both bituminous and
anthracite coal reached a new high
mark for the year during the week of
December 4 said a statement issued
by the geological survey showing
the week’s output to have been 12-
757000 tons of bituminous and 2061-
000 tons of anthracite

Caught in a raid on a chicken coop
a large barn owl attacked James
Smith a farmer near Council Bluffs
la and so badly scratched him that
the sight of both the man’s eyes is
A large quantity of mail was de-
stroyed and two United States mall
clerks severely burned recently at
Deshler O when an explosion set
fire to a mail car on Baltimore &
Ohio train No 16 Chicago to Baltl-
Four men were killed and Col
Russell B Harris'- son of the late
President Benjamin Harrison was se-
riously Injured when a motor car in
which they were riding was struck by
a traction car at a crossing near In-
dianapolis recently
Reports of damage from Chicago and
Lake Michigan points indicate that the
loss from the storm which swept over
this section recently may run into hun-
dreds of thousands of collars Wind
which at times attained a velocity of
segenty-four miles an hour did the
greatest damage
4 4 4
The buyers’ strike a movement be-
gun some months ago at the recom-
mendation of leading economists as a
means for compelling retailers to re-
duce prices has reached such propor-
tions as to begin to cause concern in
business and financial circles
Wage reduction of from 16 to 40
per cent for common laborers carpen-
ters painters plasterers bricklayers
and cement finishers effective Jan-
uary 1 were announced the other
night by thirty-two contractors and
builders of Atlanta Ga
4 4 4
Postal authorities and police are
continuing their efforts to learn more
about a considerable number of regis-
tered letters and other mail found
along the right of way of the Chicago
Burlington & Quincy Railroad recent-
ly A large part of the mall was post-
marked in Iowa and addressed to Ne-
braska and Kansas City stations
4 4 4
The sum of $3125000 a budget
adopted at a recent conference of
Jewish relief workers in Vienna was
voted at New York recently for Jew-
ish war relief in Europe by the joint
distribution committee of the Amer-
ican fund for Jewish war sufferers
County-to-county campaign by inter-
nal revenue officers to aid taxpayers
in preparing their income tax returns
was announced recently by Commis-
sioner Williams to begin shortly after
January 1 and continue until March
15 the final date for filing statisticr
of Income for the year 1920
Mrs Jake L Hamon widow of the
late Republican national committee-
man will received $5000 a month from
the Hamon estate through an order is-
sued by Judge W F Winfrey of the
county court Olive Belle her daugh-
ter will receive $2000 a month and
Jake L Hamon Jr will receive $250
a month
Approximately $7000 was obtained
by a single masked bandit who held
up the State Baik of Carney at Car-(
ney about fifteen miles west of Chand-
ler Ok shortly after opening hours
the other day
Two complete distilling outfits one
hundred gallons of mash ready to be
“cooked” five gallons of raisin whis-
ky and three prisoners were captur-
ed the other night when a force of
county officers raided a small bunga-
low on Fort Sill boulevard Lawton
One of 'the feature of the Choctaw
County-wide sales day celebration at
Hugo Ok was an ailplane carrying a
printing press which dropped cir-
culars over every town and city in the
county The circulars were printed
while the plane was In flight
Six passengers on a crowded Kan-
sas City one-man safety" car were
killed and twenty-eight injured five
probably fatally when the air and
emergency brakes failed and the
“tramlet" ran wild down the Main
street hill from Thirtieth to Twenty-
seventh street left the rails - at a
switch and was wrecked
A Seoul dispatch to the Ji J1 Shtmro
certificates and interest payments due
reports the diocovery of an extensive $300000000 maturing next months
assassination conspiracy against Jap- ag well as current expenses which it
anese officials In Korea Forty arrests ig estimated the $650000000 due from
have been made in Seoul and many income taxes will not cover
others throughout the country the dis-
patch says and bombs and arms have ’
been seized v
4- 4-
The Prussian government hm Is-
sued an order to the provisional au-
thorities to employ armed forces
where necessary to compel the farmers
to turn in the 1920 wheat yield which
it is alleged is r being hoarded It is
stated that a large percentage of the
last crop has nbt been accounted for
The sublime porte is uneasy owing
to the entire lack of news from the
governmental mission headed by lz-
zet Pasha minister of the interior
which went to Angorai to endeavor to
negotiate an agreement with the
Turkish Nationalists
One hundred and thirty persons are
missing as a result of a fire In a coal
mine near Yamscuchl Japan Five
bodies have been recovered from the
mine Twenty' persons were 'injured
In the disaster
t 4
The central portion of the ' city of
Cork has been burned to the ground
and other portions of the city were
ablaze The conflagration followed
an ambush of the military at Pillions
Cross in which four persons were
killed and many wounded
George Tchltcherln Russian soviet
4 4
foreign minister has sent the Bulgar-
ian government wireless message
demanding resumption of diplomatic
relations between Bulgaria and Soviet
Russia Tbs Bulgarian government
has not as yet answered the commun-
ication Concentrations of soviet troops ars
occurring in the direction of Vllna Id
consequence of the arrival of allied
and neutral troops In Vilns says a dis-
patch received from that city by tlia
Lithuanian legation In London
Would Rather Buy Frqm This Country
Than Any Other Because They
Feel the United Statee It
Their Best Friend
Los Angeles Cal — Washington D
Vanderlip who obtained a sixty-year
lease of the Kamchatka peninsula
from the Russian government for a
Los Angeles syndicate expressed con-
fidence in a statement made that the
“trade contracts” with the Russian
government he brought back with him
will “do more to restabilize the world
than anything peace treaties of the
league of nations have been able to ac-
complish” “Russia must have supplies and she
wants to buy from the United States
rather than any other country be-
cause she considers this country the
only real friend she has"
French Under Pressure
“These orders which I have recelv-1
ed have already exerted tremendous
pressure upon the governments of
France and England As soon as the
news of them was given to the world '
the British government assumed s
more reasonable attitude in dealing
with the Russian trade commission '
headed by Kameneff and within ten
days France instead of denouncing
the Russian government had appoint-
ed a commission to negotiate for the
purpose of reopening trade"
Mr Vanderlip announced he had ob-
tained orders for $3000000000 worth j
of goods to be delivered over a per-
' iod of three years and denied cable
! reports from Europe that these orders
' would be effective only if the Lenlne
I regime were recognized by Washing-
ton He said the orders were inde-
pendent of the Siberian concession
Russians Have Money
The Russian people are badly in
bklahoma Is practically in the grip
Of a diphtheria epidemic Reports at
the state health department show that
the disease Is prevalent In sixty-five
out of the seventy-five counties of the
The Outbreak oegan In September
and each month since has shown a big
Increase In the number of cases ac-
cording to Dr A R Lewis state
health commissioner who predicts
that the crest of the diphtheria wave
has been reached and that from now
on It will gradually subside
There were 280 cases reported for
September and this figure jumped to
611 for October The record shows
that there were only 175 cases during
the month of October last year and
this number was considered very high
at that time health officers say
Complete figures have not been
compiled for November as some of
the counties were slow In sending in
reports to health office but Indica-
tions are that November will show
the greatest number of any month
and It Is believed will reach the thous-
and mark
“The area mist affected Is In the
north-central part of the state Includ-
ing Pottawatomie Pontotoc Logan
Garfield Pownee and Osage counties
However there are small patches scat-
tered all over the state and it Is diffi-
cult to say that one portion Is affect
sd more than another” said Dr Lewis
“In a county supposed to be free
trom diphtheria according to the
county health - officer’s report calls
have come from physicians for hun-
(reds of doses of diphtheria anti-
toxin denoting a strong prevalence of
the disease” declared Commissioner
In order to save time and thus pre-
Jvnt the spread of the disease the'
need of many things but can pay kor health department keeps on hand
what they want
The Russian government no longer
is communistic according to Mr Van-
dellip even the leaders admitting that
in most Important respects the ex-
periment has been a tragic and costly
“In two' or three more years’ time
the only vestige of socialism left in
Russia will be government ownership
of transportation banks lands mines
and oil wells" he declared
“The soviet plan already has' been
discarded entirely in industry and fac-
tories and business affairs of all kinds
are run just as they are here"
Sscretary Houston Issues Statement
on Treasury Certificates
Washington — Secretary Houston
announced the oversubscription by
$200000000 of the two issues of treas-
ury certificates offered lately The to-
tal ' subscriptions aggregated over
$700000000 the secretary said for the
combined issue which was for approx-
imately $500000000
The issues were offered to meet In
part the $40000000 In maturities of
Manufacturer Announce Turn for the
Better at Report Show Sales
Akron Ohio — The upward turn In
the automobile tire Industry was
reached this month according to an
announcement by F A Selherling
president of the Goodyear Rubber
and Tire company
Goodyear sales for the first two
weeks in December the statement
says Increased 442 per cent to dealers
and 76 per cent to manufacturers over
the first half of Nopember
Poindexter BUI Paeeee Senate and Is
Aimed at Strikers
! Washington — The Polndextec - bill
1 making the Interference with Inter-
state commerce a felony punishable
by a fine of $10000 or ten years Im-
prisonment was passed by the senate
1 The bill Is aimed against railroad
strikes prohibiting the combination
“of any parties” to hinder Interstate
DeValera Expected In England
London— A waiter In the Evening
Btandard aayg he learned from an RU
thorltative source that Esmonn de Va-
lera is expected to land in England In
a few days
Rail Wags Diaputs Heard
Chicago — Hearing of the wage con-
troversy between the Norfolk and
Western Railway company and its
trainmen and conductors will be held
In this city January 3 by the United
States railway labor board it was
Creet of Wave Reached Decrease Ex-
pected Health Depatment
Thinks ’
I stock of the anti-toxin and furnishes
It to physicians It is sent without
charge to physicians if it Is adminis-
tered by them to persons who are
enable to pay
Cost Would Bo $25000 Bill Introduc-
ed In House
Washington — Erection of two mon-
aments one at Tishomingo and the
ather at Wewoka Okla to perpetuate
the memory of the Chickasaw and
Seminole Indians is provided in a bill
Introduced in the house by represen-
tative Tom D McKeown of Oklahoma
The memorials would be constructed
f Tishomingo granite at a cost of
125000 each of Indian moneys now
ield In trust by the government Ap-
propriate excerpts from their history
together with names of the most im-
portant chiefs would be Inscribed on
the monuments
“These two tribes of Indians” said
'McKeown “are passing out of exist-
nee fast as tribes Tribal govern-
nent has been abolished their ehil-
Iren are being educated - in white
ichools and all traces of their exist-
nce as tribes is being wiped out”
The Sethinole8 were moved to Ok-
ahoma from Florida following the
Seminole wars which occurred 100
rears ago The Chlckasaws formerly
)art of the Choctaw nation moved to
Oklahoma from Mississippi
Whitehurst Addresses Hardware Deal-
art Masting at Enid
Enid — John A Whitehurst presl-
lent of the state board of agriculture
n a speech before the Hardware and
Implement Dealers’ club of this county
lrged co-operation between the hard-
ware men and the farmers to bring
ibout some sort of a solution for the
present crisis caused by the slump in
larm products
Incoma and Excess Profit Tax Colleet-
ors tart Intensive Campaign
Tulsa — Tulsans are paying at the
ate of $6000 a day the last Instal-
ment of their 1919 income and excess
profit taxes Ira T Parker assistant
:ol lector in charge said An Intens-
ive campaign to check up those who
failed to make returns will be started
fanuary 1
Shorthorn Brooders Call Confsrsnea
Oklahoma City— Proposing to get a
fresh hold of the llcestock breeders'
pulse the Oklahoma 8horthom Breed
irs’ association In session In Okla-
loma City decided to call a confer-
ence and banquet here January 10
The shorthorn breeders had an inter-
esting session and In addition to elect-
ing officers and determining to stage
i real stockmen’s pow-wow held a
meeting with the state fair officials
looking forward to Increased prenv
urns and a bigger shrow next fall
$1500000 To Be Available At Once II
Needed Confidence Expreeeed -
Oklahoma City — All of the resouro
es of all of the state banks of Okla
homa approximating $1750001)00 wen
placed at the call of (Tie depositors
guaranty fund to the end that througl
the days of financial readjustment th(
boast of the state may remain “no de
positor ever lost a dollar In a stati
bank In Oklahoma” This was th
principal item of what the flnancia'
powers of the city believe the most
remarkable tribute ever paid to a pub
11c governing body and contained li
resolutions adopted at the final bust
ness session of the Oklahoma Statt
Bankers’ association closing Its an
nual convention in Oklahoma City
Dr D P Richardson of the Unloi
State bank of Union City Canadlai
county was chosen president of th
association when the executive coun
ell met N R Garnett of the Citl
zens’ State bank of Nowata was elect
ed vice president and Bert H Hudson
of the Western State bank of Erick
Beckham county was re-elected treas
urer W R Samuel of Oklahoma Clt
again was chosen secretary All ol
these were selected unanimously
Of these resources pledged to b4
pooled In time of need $1500000 wnt
offered for the Immediate use of th
fund This was a voluntary contrlbu
tlon and if the state banking board
which directs the use of the guarantj
fund finds it requires the amount In
addition to the $1500000 already in
the fund it will be ralsqyl by Individ-
ual bank subscriptions to the board’s
Judgs W H H Clayton Dies Aftai
Long Illness-
Muskogee— Judge W H H Clay
ton pioneer lawyer of the southwest
and for more than a score of years la
the service of the government ai
prosecutor and as judge died at hit
home In McAlester after a lingering
Illness He was past eighty years ol
Judge Clayton was born In Pennsyl
vanla and served In the Union army
In the war between the states Foi
sixteen years he was United States
district attorney at Fort Smith Ark
when the federal court with headquar
tors In that city had jurisdiction ovei
the old Indian territory and was
known' as the biggest court in ths
world because of the exteremely large
territory over which It had jurisdio
When federal courts were estab
lished In eastern Oklahoma Judge
Clayton moved to McAlester and was
later appointed judge of the- United
States court for eastern Oklahoma
which position he had for twenty
His wife died several years ago
He loaves four children Mrs Florence
Kaesler of McAlester Mrs S G
Brink of Oklahoma City Mrs H R
Brown of Shreveport and Will Clayton
of McAlester
Bartlesville Man Saya He Made Good
Deficit of $2500
BartlesJUe — Frank S Neptune
postmaster here was discharged by
the tttalted States post office depart-
ment John McMullen former city
commissioner was named to succeed
him News of the discharge was not
confirmed until lately when a mess
age was sent by Representative E B
Howard of this district notifying Mr
Neptune of the removal
In commenting on the removal Mr
Neptune said that he had been found
short $2500 by the postal inspectors
Although he made It good himself he
declares that postal Inspectors could
not find any reason to blame him foi
the deficit
Good Progress In Winter Wheat
Okalhoma City— Winter wheal
madd good growth during the week
ending December 14 and generally iz
in "much better condition" and is be-
ing pastured generally says the syn-
opsis of weather and crop condition!
for the week Issued at the weathei
bureau Moderate temperatures fait
weather and moderate rains In thl
eastern portion of the state during
the latter week's weather
- The week was favorable for farm
work and the ferowth of winter grains
ccordlng to the report and consider
able plowing was done in the central
and western portions with the soil toe
wet in the eaetern portion
“Farmers continue to pick cotton
but the work is progressing slowly"
continues the summary “An unusual-
ly large amount of cotton is still In
the fields and much of It will be aban-
doned and pastured
“The harvesting of cord and grain
sorghums is practically finished prob
sbly less than five per cent remaining
in the fields Pastures are fair te
good and stock is doing ell"
Chandler Pickers Cut Pi'lee
Chandler— Cotton pickers In this vi-
cinity are reported to be willing ti
take $100 a hundred tot picking
Many Parents May Be Prosecuted
Chtckaeha— Unless present condl
tlons relative to school attendant
ars changed many parent In Grad)
county will be subject to punishment
under the compulsory school attend
ance law according to H F Allen
county superintendent of public In
struetton School attendance In many
schools In Grady county la dumping
Hot Lunches For 8ehool Children
Vlnlta — Hot lunch for Craig counj
ty’a country school pupils is one of
the aims of the county superintendent '
Mrs Harry Wammack Mrs 'Warn-
mack has sent instructions to' all
teacherp asking them to prepare at
least one hot dish to supplement the
cold lunches brought to the schools by
the children Domestic science and
balanced rations will be studied at the
same time in the schools
Expects 8upport for Arch
Support of the American Legion for
the proposed memorial’ arch In honor
of Oklahoma soldiers and- sailors who
died during the war with Germany la
expected in return for 'the governor’s-
support of the legion’s ' hospital
scheme Governor Robertson said In
conversation The governor is chair-
man of ' the memorial commission
which committed Itself In favor of an
areh to cost approximately $500090
to be built on Lincoln boulevard at
about Sixteenth street Many Legion
members opposed ' the arch proposal
strongly when it was adopted by tbs
commission last spring
“I shall commend the memorial
arch plan to the legislature and 1 ex-
pect it will make an appropriation to
help finance its -erection’’ said Gover-
nor -Robertson “My support of the
legion’s plan to build a hospital for-
former service men does not mean
that the arch la to be Abandoned
Many legion members have assured
me that they will support the arch pro- '
posal’’ '
Money to build the arch will bo
raised in part by gifts ot school chil-
dren according to plans of the com-
mission last spring An appropriation
by the legislature will be necessary to v
Insure its completion on the scale in-
tended It was said The last legisla-
ture authorized the memorial commls- o
sImi to make a report concerning a
suitable memorial to men from Okla
horns' who died during the war
Governor Paroles Two Men
- Ford McNabb of Washita county 24
years old serving a two-year sentence
In the penitentiary for larceny was
paroled by Govmor Robertson Ho
was a member of the convict force
at work on the capltol grounds here
He served at the front in France dur-
ing the war
Ernest Elliott of Enid 37 years old’
serving a four-year sentence for man- ' -Slaughter
was paroled He entered
Ihe prison in May 1919
An- epidemic of smallpox was report-
ed in several small towns between
Tulsa and Sand Springs It Is declared
there are between twenty-five and
thirty cases and parents have refused
to allow their children to be vaccin-
ated in several Instances Health au-
thorities are investigating
D G Dumas superintendent of tbo
boys’ training school at Pauls Valley
whose resignation was accepted by
the Hale eleemosynary board Novem-
her 27 was formally relieved Dec 15
by W C Breeding of Lexington who- '
has been appointed to fill the vacancy -temporarily
May Ask Foi Privilege of Taxing Oil
No gross production tax can be col-
lected under existing federal statutes
upon oil produced on restricted Indian
lands A - proposal to memoralize
congress to amend the statutes to per
mlt Oklahoma to collect such tax upon
oil produced on Indian land leased
' to white men will be submitted to the
legislature next month Frank C Car-
ter state auditor said V
“The greater part of the oil pro-
duced on Indian land in Oklahoma
goes to white mon who have leased
the oil rights’ said Carter “All eucb
oil is exempt from gross production
tax The same man may pay heavy
Jax upon oil produced on non-restrict-ed
land and escape taxation entirely
on oil from Indian land which he has
“There is no intention on the part
Of the state to make the Indians pay
tax on their lands or on the oil pro-
duced there But we should be allowed
to collect tax upon that part of the
oil that goes to the white lesseea
Ctat Loses 8ix Years’ Fight
After fighting the case In many
courts for the past six years the state
lost claim to the bed pf the Arkansas
river between Osage and ' Pawnee
counties by a decision rendered by tbe
United States circuit court of appeal -at
St Louis
Under the decision tbe state lost '
claim to $181S41$1 held In escrow by
Frank H McOulre of Guthrie receiver
for the properties appointed by Feder-
al Judge Cotteral
Under tbe theory that the Arkansas
river Is a navigable stream and its
bed state property the commissioners '
of the land office leased It for oil and
gas purposes to a number of oil com-
panies On April 9 1914 the United
States government filed sqlf against
tbe leases and the state efalmlng that
the river bed Is not navigable and that
tbe bed Is the property of the Osage
Indian nation 1
- It was announced by tbe attorney ’
general’s department that an appeal
will be taken by the state to the su-
preme court of the United States -
Stats Will Appeal In Glftespl Case
Appeal from the opinion of the su-
preme court exempting from payment
of Income tax a part of the Income of
F-A Gillespie of Tulsa oil operator
will be taken to the supreme court
of the United States a

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