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The Okfuskee County News (Okemah, Okla.), Vol. 17, No. 20, Ed. 1 Thursday, February 19, 1920 Page: 3 of 8

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There will be a home coming and
roll cal service at the Baptist churcji
March the 6th 1920 beginning at 7:30
p m Refreshments will be served at
the close of the service We desire to
make this a very pleasant as well as
profitable meeting We want as near-
ly as possible to get in touch with all
HOME COMING AND ROLL CALL 'the other a son They met and loved account of school not starting
AT BAPTIST CHURCH MARCH S and were happy as young lovers al-( Mason
ways are Then came Germany’s de-1 The people of this neighborhood
cision to crush the world with France have been deprived of sending their
as her first victim The boy though children to school at Mason on sc-
an American citizen enlisted in the count of the building of the school
army of France believing that "the house but we hope to get school start-
Before the war our favorable trade
balance with Europe on the merchan-
dise account approximated $500000-
of the serum
country good enough to live in is good
enough to fight for” The develop-
ment of the story shows the struggle
of the little French band to hold their
who belong to the church whether village from the Hung againgt tre
living here or elsewhere Let all take mendous ’ odds — their failure and the
ed by the first of March
R L Tabor of the Bigham neigh-
borhood visited W M Moreu and fam-
ily of this place
Chester Moody 'Cecil Armstrong
and Orbie R Clem of this vicinity
it upon themselves to notify every one terrible experiences of the natives in-' transacted business in Okemah Satur-
they can about the meeting Don t eluding1 the boy’s sweetheart until
forget the date March 5
finally rescued by the allied
with the brave Americans
“HEARTS OF THE' WORLD” them Yet through all this sad ex-
periened" there is a vain of charming
supreme comedy that brings out all its beauties
To call D' W Griffith’s
triumph “Hearts of the World’s pic- like a jewel in a rich setting
ture play is more than an injustice— ' “Hearts of the World” will be one
it is almost a sacrilege ! of the biggest attractions of the year
“Hearts of the World” is a thousand in this city and according to all ae-
times more’ than a photo spectacle — counts is to be seen here in a very
it is the story of the greatest war the short time at the Jewel theater Two
world has ever known told in a way days Feb 21 and 23
more gripping and impressive than j Feb 19
the printed or spoken word could ever 1
make it “Hearts of the World” f SHOWDOWN ON BONUS
troops j g l Armstrong made a trip to Ok-
among aboma city recently
Mr and Mrs W Mv Moreu took their
two largest children to Castle Sunday
where they are attending school
monly referred to around the bureau
The Department of Agriculture hap- M “the olive strain” and “the cheese
pened to have the life-saving serum strain” or sometimes as “strain A”
because of the fact that the bacillus and “strain B”
000 a year to a great extent offset by botulinus is suspected of causing what The three recent instances of olive
the invisible balance of trade of inter- known as forage poisoning of horses poisoning— one in Michigan one in
est ocean freight tourist immigrant in investigating that subject thj sci- Ohio and the third in Montana — were
entists of the Bureau of Animal In- all caused by “the olive strain” or
dustry made extensive v experiments “strain A” of the bacillus botulinus
with serums It was discovered that The veterinarians therefore were -rea-there
are two strains of the bacillus sonably certain that the serum fcfford-
botulinus They look alike and the ing protection against the poison gen-
poisons they create produce the same erated by “strain A” botulinus would
effect but immunization against one be effective in the New York ’ cases
does not afford immunization against and it proved to be so in the one case
the other The two strains are com- where it could be given a fair trial
and other remittances
The American merchandise trade
balance with Europe in the last five
years has mounted to the stupendous
total of $16000000000 About $10-
000000000of this is covered by allied
government obligations while the bal-
ance of $6000000000 apparently is
being financed on private accounts
the war itself The title tells the
whole story — it is the appealing voice
of humanity crying out for justice
and liberty
Around the heartbeats of the chil-
Mrs Anna Tufts and Miss Peg
Ritchie entertained with a line party
at the Jewel theater Friday evening
INCREASE IS SEEN - in honor of Miss Billie Dunagan who
IN FOREIGN TRADE is leaving for Okmulgee the latter
part of the week
After the show they all enjoyed a
ing considerably more than one-half dainty lunch at th® Broadway Cafe
of our exports will draw upon us heav- Those present: Billie Dunagan Clara
lest in the next four years for raw Crawford Mayme Ritchie Ella Hall
FOR SOLDIERS SOON materials and foodstuffs Secretary of Mat T- Rasberry Velda Bender Helen
Washington ?5T 13-8nbl I Commerce Afondr U tod dis- MJ '“
leaders in the house yesterday took
steps to prepare for the showdown ex-
pected to be demanded next week
cussing the foreign trade outlook
Secretary Alexander believes that it
present conditions of depreciated eif-
dren of the earth Griffith has built his J when representatives of the American l®bange r&tea or °?r do1ar continue
masterpiece It is love life and hap- legion come to Washington to find out ’:?r 'ength o time— whicb P'oba-
piness— then war— separation horror ' exactly what congress proposes to do W1 baPPen until the trade balance
and death - And yet withal it is not about universal military training and lmorei)nearlynormal— Ear°Pe’s Pur'
unattractive to the spectator There is additional compensation for forme? "
a fascination to its realism and an ap- service men
peal that is truly tremendous I At a conference of the' state com-
Back m the httle French village of manderg of the legion in Indianapolis
Noyan in France close to where the
American soldiers are fighting today
Mr Griffith laid the scene of his story
There amid shot and shell from huge
Boche cannon the big company' ol
motion picture stars were baptized in
modern warfare There they enacted
the great heart story of the war Two
American painters lived fn France as
the tale unfolds One had a daughter
chases from American dealers may be
restricted to those necessities which
cannot be obtained elsewhere
Warning Held Out
The warning is held out by the com-
Headquarters Oklahoma Recruiting
104 West Main Street
Oklahoma Okla
- February 9 192(J
The Army School Essay Contest
which takes place on February 20th
in all the schools of the United States
oil the subject “What are the Benefits
— the full amount of your loss?
— unless your Insurance is writ-
ten in accordance with the val-
ues of today
Property values (real and per-
sonal) have practically doubled
during the past three years
You should insure according to
these increased values
l Natt D
I Dossey
J The Insurance Man
operate with the legion’s legislative
committee in presenting these de-
mands to congress The delegation is manufacturing countries — England
expected next week France Belgium and possibly Ger
The legion went on record in favor
of both of these matters in its national
convention in Minneapolis last Novem-
ber and through its legislative com-
mittee has presented these views to
both the senate and house military af-
fairs committees The understanding
at the capitol now is that the legion
delegation is coming this time to de-
mand definite information as to what
congress proposes to do
The demands of the legion and other
organizations newspapers and indi-
viduals today were given special at-
tention by the republican steering
committee of the house
last Monday resolutions were adopted mere? director however that Ameri-‘of an Enlistment in the United States
rating the organizations indorse- can business interests should not per- Army has aroused such nation wide
ment of universal training and sug-jmit themselves to be unmindful of the interest that thousands of letters are
gesting a bonus equal to $50 a month gigantic strides expected to he madebeing received at Washington and
or each month served National com- by the Europeans in competition with 1 New york requesting information on
mander Franklin DOlier was author- U8 as goon as they are on tfheir feet 'the Bubject
S25 ITt! 1!“'°: h0Ve brou?htttheir manufacturing Du ghort length of time be-
output up again to norma lfore the conte8t takes place all pupils
As soon as the highly developed their parentg or hers who desire
information of any kind about the
essay contest should address their in-
many-are again able to produce I ' ' tQ The u s Army Recruit-
manufactured goods for export they? $flcer in any 0 fthe following
may be in a position to underbid us so-iciteM the gtate( wbo will be de-
fer as European and adjacent coun- j h J to furnigh aU information re-
tries are concerned Mr Alexander ique X Oklahoma City Muskogee
8aln‘ - ' Chic ha Hugo Okmulgee Shawnee
One of the most encouraging fea-Jf Guthri Tulga( Ardmore
hires of Americas export trade in Ad Enid McAiester Bar-
Secretary Alexander s opinion is the S
continued expansion in recent years of e 8’ v truiv
miF trala mitb CmtL A T— V ery -
our trade with South American Far-
Eastern and other countries whose
manufacturing interests are not yet
highly developed?
“Our more promising possibilities
for extending our export trae would
seem to lie in this- direction” Mr
Alexander stated "Exchange of our
Lieut Col U S A ret
Mrs? Melsina Ganns and son Bud
of Ada attended the funeral of Mrs
Ganns’ brother Berry Jones '
Mr and Mrs Effie- Davis of Okmul-
manufactures for their raw materials gee were in okemah the first
(Received too late for publication last week attending the funeral of Mrs
The roads in this vicinity are being
worked under the management of W
M Moreu the road overseer
Odessa Armstrong who has been
visiting relatives in Arkansas for the
last few months has returned to her
home in this ‘vicinity
iMrs T B Clem of the Fentress
suit in lasting and profitable trade
- Increased Shipments
“It is evident that the increased
shipments to Europe of raw materials
and foodstuffs are not due to superior
salesmanship or special inducements
Davis’ brotner Berry Jones
The serum that saved the life of
Lena Delbane after the other six
members of her family had died from
m competition with other exporting
countries but are a result of the eating poisonous olives in New York
x strong demand in Europe for com- was made in the United States De-
neighborhood has been visiting Mrs-
w at modities indispensable for reconstruc
tion work
W M Clem of near Mason
Several children of this neighbor-
1 Europe knows these goods are ob-
hood are attending school at Castle on
tamable in sufficient quantities only in
partment of Agriculture from the
blood of a sheep that had been im-
munized against bacillus botulinus
poisoning The serum was rushed to
Ladies we wish to call your attention to our line of Spring Millinery
We have exclusive styles in Ladies’ Hats smart and charming styles
in Misses’ and Children’s Hats Also have a fine assortment of
Flowers New shipments will be coming every day
— At-
PPORTUNITY takes off its hat to the man with the
Bank Account Opportunity is ready for the man
woman or child "who is ready for it The ash-
barrels of history are full of people who were unpre-
pared for opportunity when II cme their way Have
you the cash to avail yourself of opportunity when it
' comes your way? A checking account is a good way to t
begin - Start one now
The First National Bank
Okemah Oklahoma
‘‘We Grow by Helping Others”
America and are bought here with the I New York by the Bureau of Animal
price a secondary consideration espe- ' Industry on request from the United
cially if satisfactory credit terms are States Public Health Service Three
i made I members of the Delbane family were
j “So far expansion of our exports to alive when the request was made but
! Europe has been mostly with neptral one ° tbese died before the serum
and allied countries Their need 0i Reached New York and another Was so
I supplies is fully as pressing as in the ' nearly dead that treatment was un-
j central countries but owing to unset- 1 availing The little girl was the only
tied internal conditions it has taken one wltb sufficient vitality left to
longer to arrange for re-establishment make possible a test of the efficiency
of trade connections”
I As soon as the United States enters
I a state of peace with Germany and
other central countries with which we
weer at war it was Secretary Alex-
ander’s prediction that trade with
those countries will begin to jump for-
ward Trade Expansion
Trade with the central countries not
only will expand Secretary Alexander
says but he looks for this trade to
some extent to take the place of goods
now shipped to neutral and allied
countries when their urgent needs
shall have been supplied
Secretary Alexander said he confi-
dently expected exports would have a
tendency to continue for some ‘time
pear their present high level notwith-
standing adverse exchange rates if
private firms Can find the means of
carrying long time credits
Secretary Alexander is not an
alarmist over the prospect of mounting
imports hurting our trade situation
“Larger imports” said he “especial-
ly so far as they tend to relieve ' the
foreign exchange situation have a
beneficial effect upon our foreign trade’
as a whole Analysis of the character
of goods forming this increase shows
that practically the entire gain is in
the imports of foodstuffs and crude
Lay the
for a successful career and financial security
You should lay the foundation NOW that will protect
you in future years
Start a bank account and thereby begin the laying of
that foundation Do it now
Make OUR bank YOUR bank
Okemah National Bank
The Tools That Make
Your Garden
Garden plows rakes hoes spading
forks that are of the finest quality
and can be relied upon
Put Handles in Your Old
Garden Tools
We have one for each individual
And after you’ve worked before
daylight and after dark on those pro-
spective onions peas and beans you
don’t want them scratched up by your
neighbors’ chickens A “Banner”
garden fence will protect you
Pure Bred Cattle for
Red or Roan Durham — the Short Horn
Cow— the Farmer’s Breed
I have for sale at all times Cows and Bulls and male
or female Calves from 10 months old up Blood lines
guaranteed Nothing but pure bred stuff on my farm
Pure Bred Potand-China Hogs for Sale
Ray Rutland
Five Miles East and One Mile Korth of Okemah R F D So 3 Phone XV M iSi

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