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OWNERS CAN CARE vise The head of the rivet is now
' FOR BRAKE SYSTEMS pounded with a j’iveter and hammer
The first few blows may be struck
A good many car - owners seem to the hammer flnd the fina ones
feel doubtful about their ability to with the riveter interposed Before
care for the braking systems of their the rivet is pounded dow be sure thai
vehicles especially as regards relin- the lining regtg gnugly againgt the
ing them after the bands have given band if it is found that through some
evidence of needed replacement There error the lining doe3 not lie 8mooth
is no reason why any car owner can- and close to thg band it ig better to
not reline his brakes if he attacks the cut off ong or two rivetg and begin
job in the proper manner 1 agajn rather than risk having a lin-
It is scarcely necessary to explain ing that does not operate properly
to the average car owner why brake ln remounting the lined bands it
linings wear out When it is consid- may be necessary to use a hammer or
ered that on the composition used to mallet to get a good fit of the band
line the brake drums practically the around the drum The band must be
whole pressure of a vehicle weighing concentric with the drum but in hand-
perhaps a ton and a half is suddenly ling and riveting the band may be
impounded while that great mass is spread out of shape a little' so that a
traveling at considerable speed the delicate application of force may be
owner will not wonder at the com- needed to get it to fit properly again
pound’s tendency to wear out I
Actual Service CROSS WORKERS
In actual service every time the
brakes are applied the great pressure A new ruling on the subject of
exerted induces a little wear on the awards to Red Cross workers through-
surface of the lining which is also out Oklahoma has been received by
compressed a certain amount It i3 Frank P Douglass chairman of the
because of this wear and compression Okfuskee County Chapter of the Red
that the brakes must be adjusted from Cross
time to time The adjustments merely Seryice buttons for men and badges At that time and not before will these
into a ditch about 10 feet apart Calld
for help brought spectators McGuire
died in a few minutes with five bullet j
wounds Blair expired at 4 o’clock I
J J P Robinson Has sold the bunga-
I low he is building on North Fifth
street to John Taylor Mr Robinson
reports that he has the contract for
this morning from loss of blood The
body of Roland McGuire was brought
to PaVhuska for burial here on Wed-
nesday Blair will also be buried in
the erection of six new houses in Oke-
mah New buildings are sold in Oke-
mah before they are completed which
shows that the town is indeed enjoy-
ing a healthy growth
“No sah Ah doan’ neber ride on
dem things” said an old colored lady
looking in on the merry-go-round
“Why de day I seen Rastus Johnson
git on an’ ride as much as a dollah’s
worth an’ git off at the same place he
got on at an’ I sez to him ‘Rastus’
I sez ‘you spent yo’ money but whar
you been?’ ’’‘-Boston Transcript
A B White of Wejty was in
county seat Monday
’Do you load it at the muzzle
I When you want a shot or two?
Do you wind it with a watch key
- Like your father used to do?
How’d you like to hop a horse car
Like you did long years ago?
Don’t an auto beat an ox cart?
Well — I rather reckon so
Do you argue that an hour glass
I Beats a Waltham all to smash ?
Do you use the same old system
' Keepin’ books and countin’ cash?
Do you trim a goose quill neatly —
When you want the ink to flow?
Don’t you think there’s been improve-
ment '
In the last decade or so?
Tell us are you advertising -
In the same old foolish way
That your grandad did before you
And persist “It doesn’t pay?’’
Think the whole world know your
address ?
“Cause it hasn’t changed in years?”
Wouldn’t the pathos of such logic
Drive a billy goat to tears ?
Just a card is all you care for? -Hidden
lonesome and unread
Like the sign upon the tombstone
Telling folks that you are dead
Wake up and take a tonic
Bunch your hits and make a drive!
Run a page and change your copy
Advertise and keep alive!
compensate for the change in thick- J for women are to be given to those
ness caused by wear and compression j who have completed 800 hours of Red
A time comes when the band is so thin Cross service between the date ot
that no adjustment remains to- com- America’s entrance into the war ana
pensate for the condition and then the the first anniversary of Armistice day
brakes must be relined Sometimes Service stripes are given for each six
the metal band stretches a little and months of service following the first
thsi adds to the difficulty of making Period -
adjustments I The communication which is signed
So long as the metal band wears bY Miss Charlotte E Taussig chair-
evenly and no meal spots show the man °f the Committee on Awards of
brake lining may be considered serv- the Southwestern Division of the Red
iceable Sometimes however the wear j Cross St Louis follows in part:
may be even but the rivets that hold recent ruling from National Red
the band show signs of wear The Cross headquarters at Washington has
lining may be otherwise perfectly good xed the time limit for the giving of
but after the rivets begin to wear Red Cross Service badges and buttons
down the operation of relining should as N°vember H( 1919 one year after
not be long delayed the signing of the armistice This
In relining the brakes the operator means that any individual having giv-
ahould know that the band must fit en a s'x months’ term of service com-
perfectly and must make a good con- pr'8ing 800 hours during any period
tact with the drum If only one side from April 6 1917 to November 11
of the lining bears on the drum P 5s 1919 s entitled to an award
obvious that the braking efficiency is n Paring November 11 1919 as
considerably reduced in addition to le time limit for receiving service
which excessive wear on parts of the awards the Red Cross has been gov-
lining will be induced erned by similar rulings issued by the
Relining Job ar department This fact made it
Now we come to the actual job of ‘mpos8bIe for the Red Cross to give
relining Before you begin have the a definite date for the expiration oi
new lining cut to the actual size need- this period of service until the above
ed Most accessory stores keep brake mslructi°n8 had been issued The
lining measured off in feet By giving adoption of this date entitles Red
the make and the model of the car the Eross workers who have given service
owner can have the lining cut off in sncf signing of the armistice to
proper lengths And right here let us receive tkese awards tnd entitles
say that the most expensive brake women who have given' War and after
lining is none too good The action of War 8ervice to 88 many as four
this unit is so important to the safety 8tines
of the driver and his passengers that Recommendations for these awards
every precaution should be taken in ‘ Wj11 be receved by the Division com-
yeplacement particularly as to buying “Je on Awards if signed by the
the most reliable lining that can be cbapter chairman or the chairman of
obtained (be Committee on Awards Chapters
To remove the old lining the wheels 816 “rged to give this matter prompt
must be taken ofT and the brake bands 8nd immediate attention in order that
be disconnected from their bands In WOrkers may receive as quickly as
case of a propeller shaft brake the possibIe the recognition which is their
floor boards will have to be removed due" be division office does not wish
The brake rods will be removed usu- to force the givin£ of these additional
ally by taking out a cotter pin and 8W8ds upon any chapter but it has
clevis After the bands have been been foUnd that n°thing brings about
taken ofT the parts at the end o'f the 8 m0re distinct feeling of discontent
axle should be cleaned with kerosene among Red Cross workers than the
Worn spots should be watched for The n°n receipt of awards to which they
brake bands and all small parts re-!’ they are entitled-
moved should be cleaned and put in a I 11 be the endeavor 'of the Di
box so that they will not get out of the v‘son Committee on Awards to sup-
way The old lining is next removed 88 prompt'y 88 possible request
by first cutting off the rivets that hold fl0m cbapters for additional awards
it in place A sharp chisel must be and for-8triped ribbon but it will not
employed to avoid injuring the band 86 possible for the division to receive
or the rivet holes After the lining is rfcommendations if a chapter once de
removed the brake bands should be cldes no to make these awards Ho
carefully cleaned any burrs filed off eVer’ it: is stl'ongly felt that every
and it should be ascertained that the cbapte hould endeavpr to give this
rivet holes are not out of shape In reeognitlon to its workers and should
case this latter condition exists a drift enabIe these women who are entitled
pin may be inserted to make them 1 l° additional stripes to receive them”
names be published On May 5th all
prizes will be awarded simultaneously
— that is the same time that Secre-
tary Baker will present the awards
to the national winners at Washington”
Financially there are just two kinds
of men in the world those who con-
stantly figure upon the principal of
their money and those who deal with
the interest on the principal
The one kind of man throws away
ten dollars carelessly and says “What
is the difference It is only a ten dol
n fit bin gthe new lining a length of ALLOCATED TO OKLAHOMA
it should be laid on the band surface
in such a way that it fits snugly leav-
est — that is all
Yet the principal figurf is not the
principal figure in life Indeed he
counts for very little except when he
is spending that ten No one comes
to him with opportunities No one con
siders him as a possible investor in
anything good Money always passes
him quietly by
And yet this is all a simple habit of
mind The difference ' between finan
cial success and financial failure is
only a little trick of the brain
An dthe habit of figuring interest —
the habit of figuring every dollar you
spend as the interest on twenty times
that amount at five per cent is very
easily learned
Try it now in the personal things
you are going to buy If you need a
suit of clothes look through the ad-
vertising in this paper See where
you can save five dollars and then say
to yourself “I am not merely saving
five dollars but buying a suit of clothes
from this advertisement I am saving
the amount which one hundred dollars
would earn if it worked at five per
cent interest for a whole year”
That’s the thing that brings you to
your mutton That’s the thing that
makes you stop and think
Now these’ good sales are going on
all through this paper You can save
money on anything you buy Your
clothes your shoes your shirts your
household goods — all offer money-saving
opportunities in the sales
Why you can save the interest on
at least five hundred dollars if you will
only go at it right And show me the
man to whom five hundred dollars is
not a capital worth considering
Interest — that is the thing to figure
on always And the way to save the
ing slightly over an inch at the end part of the regular army which she
Cut the lining with a hack saw To can cal1 “ber own” This consists of
avoid measuring over again use this the followmg regiments:
piece as a pattern by which to cut off 23rd Infantry Colonel H A
the others Next mark the lining so ' Eaton commanding is a part of the
that holes may be drilled at proper Second Division and is now at Camp
places to accommodate the rivets With - Travis Texas
the lining snugly in place on the band j 2 14tb Cavalry Colonel R A
force an awl through each rivet hole Rrown commanding is now at Fort
and into the lining Sam Houston Texas
This operation is very important I 3 15th Field Artillery Colonel J
because if the holes are not accurately R- Davi8 commanding is now at Camp
drilled the band will not fit closely as Trav8 Texas and is part of the Sec-
it must if it is to do its work properly ond Division
Oklahoma now has a certain definite interest on a lot of money is to watch
the advertising in this paper day by
day and do your buying from these
merchants— Republican La Crosse
After the holes are drilled in the lin-
ing they must be countersunk a little
so that the rivet heads will be beneath
the lining surface If the cqr owner
cannot do the countersinking any re-
pair shop will do it at a small cost
The lining countersunk is now ready
4 2nd Engineers Colonel Edgerton
commanding is a part of the Second
Division and is now at Camp Travis
These regiments were allocated to
Oklahoma for recruiting purposes
With their personnel composed of Ok-
for riveting to the band Some back-1 lahoma men quite naturally the peo-
stop is necessary or the rivet support j pI of the state will begin to get ’in-
may be placed in a vise A rivet is in- terested in these regiments and will
serted ine one of the holes and the want to know where they are and
head of the rivet is placed against the what they are doing This will bring
Pawhuska Feb 16 — Mistaking each
other for holdups caused the death of
Roland McGuire son of a prominent
Pawhuska real estate man and John
Blair the owner of a feed yard at
Wynona late last night McGuire left
Pawhuska in company with Tim Leahy
of this place- and rode to Wynona
Leaving Leahy at the hotel he pro-
ceeded to a garage to get his car when
he met Blair on the way Blair had-
just taken on deposit for some of his
patrons quite a considerable slim of
money and drew his gun fearing that
McGuire intended to hold him up Mc-
Guire believeing the other to be a
highwayman also drew his weapon
and after a duel of a few seconds both
men fell over a slight embankment
i j L— J-
The Velvet tin
is twice as big
at shown here
There's a World of Solid Comfort
In theRichRed Tin
9 ' ' "
YES sir we mean that same warm red and gold -tin
that smiles a welcoming “Howdy” to you in
every tobacco’ store Know what those colors mean?
The red is for the friendly warmth the mellow
cheeriness that Velvet puts into your old fcipe And (
the gold is where the Kentucky sunshine that ripens
good old Velvet has just sort of soaked through j
- - '!'
Remember what Velvet Jo
said about it?
"You’ve met canned meat and
f canned music Ever see any tinned
sunshine? Well look into any
Velvet tin"
And think this over:
We don’t have to hide Velvet’s taste or smell with
a lot of this that and the other thing Because Velvet
has naturally what pipe smokers want— real simon-
pure tobacco taste and fragrance It’s just good honest
Kentucky leaf made still more friendly and mellow by
two years’ ageing in wooden hogsheads Just good
tobacco That’s all But it’s mighty near enough for
the man who wants a pipeful of tobacco and not a box
of bon bons
The picture of a pipe on the tin needn’t keep you
from rolling a jim-dandy cigarette with Velvet
How’s the Velvet holding out in your old red tinf
-the friendly tobacco

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