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The Okfuskee County News (Okemah, Okla.), Vol. 17, No. 20, Ed. 1 Thursday, February 19, 1920 Page: 1 of 8

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0rical Sockt
Berry Jones Dies
of Heart Failure
- -1
Okfuskee County Sheriff Suddenly
Stricken While Pursuing Fugi-
tive Saturday Evening
Sheriff Berry Jones died suddenly
between 6 and 7 o’clock Saturday eve-
ning of heart failure The news of his
death came as a clap of thunder from
a clear sky as he was to all appear-
ances in his usual health up to the
minute that he was stricken and but
a few of his‘ more intimate friends
: knew that he had ever been a sufferer
from heqrt trouble So far as the peo-
ple with whom he daily came in con-
tact could discern he was the picture
of robust health
Okfuskee county's sheriff died about
two miles south of Okemah while rid-
ing in a car driven by Roland Green
The two were in pursuit of a young
man who had been drunk or had been
seen with whiskey on the streets of
Okemah The car had just turned a
corner near the Fletcher place when
the sheriff told Roland Green to hold
' up Roland stopped the car and Berry
fell over against him and expired in-
stantly Just about the time that Roland
stopped the car Frank Cole and C C
Turner who had gone in pursuit of
the young man who was fleeing from
arrest came up in a car When they
arrived the sheriff was dead
The body was placed in the car
driven by Mr Turner and brought to
the home of the deceased in Okemah
It is said that Sheriff Jones had been
a sufferer from heart disease for sev-
eral years Loss of sleep and excite-
ment are said to have previously
brought on' some severe attacks Be-
' fore starting on the ride which result-
ed in his death the sheriff had taken
part in the arrest of one prisoner
Some shots had been fired by a deputy
solely for the purpose of stopping the
fugitive and it is believed that this
worked the sheriff up into a somewhat
excited condition
Three young men who live south of
town said to be brothers were found
to have whiskey in their possession
Berry and Frank Cole took a bottle
of whiskey from one of the parties
when the others ' ran The officers
gave chase and one of them was cap-
tured Berry Jones and Undersheriff
Green brought the captured prisoner
to jail He is said to have offered
some resistance and the sheriff exerted
himself to a considerable extent in
getting him to jail He then started
with Roland Green in pursuit of the
other young man' The fact that the
sheriff was excited and had exerted
himself to a considerable extent is be-
lieved to have superinduced the fatal
The deceased was a native of Mis-
sissippi but was an old-time Resident
of Okfuskee county having come to
this part of the country before state-
hood He was 48 years 10 months
and 19 days old He leaves a wife
a mother three brothers and three sis-
ters one son by a former marriage
and one grandson
The deceased was a member of the
' Masonic order and also of the Knights
of Pythias and Woodmen The Masonic
lodge had charge of the funeral He
was a member of 'the Methodist Epis-
copal church having united with that
Thursday a gasser was brought in
on section 15-11-11 The capacity is
20000000 This well is an offset to
the Deaner and Jameson well No 1
About the same time the twenty mil-
lion gasser was brought in a ten mil-
lion gasser was reported in 12-13-10
Ed and Fred Phillips well known in
Okemah are interested in this well
At the Kennedy and Harman well
just north of Okemah drilling has
been temporarily suspended while
wajting for casing Three different
veins of water have been encountered
The drillers have reached a depth of
about 600 feet
denomination in 1915 He was serving
his second term as sheriff of Okfuskee
county at the time of his death
The funeral was held at 10 o’clock
Tuesday morning services being at
the M E church conducted by Rev J
L Hefley the pastor assisted by Rev
J' W Harp of the Christian church
Services were also held at the Morse
cemetery where the body was laid to
rest by the side of his father Services
at the cemetery were conducted by
Rev Hardin pastor of the Baptist
church at Francis who is an old friend
of the family of the deceased
Jim Baker Curiey Martin and
Mrs Martin Arrested in
Connection With Case
Jim ‘ Baker charged with man-
slaughter through neglect appeared
for preliminary examination 'before
Justice W J Lawrence Saturday
Baker it will be remembered had
been arrested when his wife was found
$ 's -
£ $ I s i i
:' n '
Bessie Baker young Indian wife
'i'ho alleges she was held prisoner in
Okemah for eight months
locked in a room in east Okemah with
her dead baby ' It is charged that
Baker refused to secure medical atten-
tion for the baby and thus contributed
to its death through neglect These
allegations are denied by thh defense
The state however was not ready
to go into the preliminary trial on ac-
count of the absence of material wit-
nesses and the examination was post-
poned to Monday February 21
On the day which had been set for
the preliminary examination of Jim
Baker was arrested on a warrant
charging him with kidnapping T M
(Curley) Martin and Mrs T M
Martin were also arrested on the same
charge All three of' the defendants
were admitted to bond in the sum of
1 1000 each The preliminary exam-
ination on the charge of kidnapping is
set for the same day fixed for the pre-
liminary hearing of Jim Baker on the
manslaughter ' charge
It will be remembered that at the
time Baker was arrested on the man-
slaughter charge his wife stated to the
officers that she had been virtually
held a prisoner in Okenjah for about
eight months Her statement was to
the effect that from the time of her
marriage until the death of her baby
she has been either locked in her room
or guarded by her husband or Mrs
Martin The motive she assigns for
being held a prisoner was a design to
secure possession of valuable lands in
the eggs oil field All of these alle-
gations are denied by the defense
1 J Hugh Nolen is associated with
County Attorney Ballard on the side
of the prosecution The law firm of
Huddleston Hockensmith & Stephen-
son will conduct the defense
A compromise was effected this week
between the fcoard of county commiJ
sioners and Rash McKinnon who hi
been serving as deputy sheriff and Owen as first choice for president
whose claims for salary have been dis- among Oklahomans
allowed by the commissioners The ballot on which the public may
It willbe remembered that Mr Me expres8 iU preference for prcsident
Kinnon brought suit in the district will!be Published tomorrow K0irur
court and secured a judgment but the or’fhe la8t time' The vote WU not
commissioners appealed the case' 16 °lo8ed until February 25 in order
which appeal was pending at the time ° £ thrural voters a "hanc1et0 ”
of the compromise to the C0UP°n PubllEhed in the
It is understood that by the terms ot 1 'urrant Jssue of the 0klahoma Farmer
’the compromise Mr McKinnon relin'- j St®ckman-
quishes half of his salary and half his I n"am J°hT" contnue8to
fees in criminal cases up to November 1 Iead tha field of repub'can P“88lblll‘
The county commissioners agree to pay 188 wth 241 whde Genera‘
Wood is second choice with 183 votes
the balance of the salary and fees Mr
McKinnon will be allowed his fees in
civil cases - - -
Mr McKinnon expresses himself as
satisfied with the terms of the com-
a lead of one vote over Governor Low-
den ' The standing in total votes last
night was as follows:
Bryan 685 Owen 617 Hoover 406
McAdoo 350 Palmer 245 Johnson
MRS' ESTELLE HALE 241’ Wils0n 194i Wood 183 Lowden
DIES OF PNEUMONIA aPper 135 Gore 131 Cox 125
Taft 109
Mrs Estelle Hale wife of Millard1 Coolidge 81 Clark 79 Pershing 77
Hale died at her home about five miles Edwards 66 Debs 37 Hughes 23
southwest of Okemah Wednesday eve- Berger 14 Lansing 14 Bailey 10
ning after an illness of a few days of Reed 6 Borah 5 Lafollette 5
pneumonia which developed from an I ' : — -
attack of influenza The deceased wfcs STA-E LEGION HEAD
about 24 years of age She leaves a ! 'u I V ’ OPPOSES BONUSES
husband and two children L n-i r v m
Oh homa City Feb 19 — Protest
The funeral will be held this after- f
agai j the recent demand of th
noon Services will be conducted bv ’ -I
“ tionx executive committee of
Rev J
C Cooper of the M E Church:
’ ’
Interment will be m Highland
6 “
Mr Hale the husband has been
quite ill with influenza but is now
somewhat improved Both of the chil-
dren are sick and one of them is re-
ported to be in a veiy critical condi-
Tulsa Okla Feb 18 — Ralph A
Rolling arrived in Tulsa about ten
days ago He registered' at Hotel
Annex Third and Cincinnati and a
day later applied to Elmer Vick 822
South’ Elgin for a job Not ' being
successful in his efforts to obtain
work Rollins is believed to have Te-
come despondent and yesterday the
following note was found in his room:
“I am going to end it all I can’t
stand this life any longer You’ll fin!
my body in the Arkansas river
Under this was written: “My rela-
tives and my wife Mrs R A Rolling
3817 A Virginia Av St Louis Mo
and my father Dr F- W Rolling 2125
Sidney street St Louis Mo I wrote
letters to them this morning so they
know I am going to do it R A R”
A telegram from Police Chief Mar-
tin O’Brien of St Louis Informed lo- believe the representatives of only
cal detectives that the letters had ac- eighteen states should be permitted to
tually been received by the relatives overrule the national convention I
at that place Detective Jim Patton sincerely deplore the action of the na-
searched the room occupied by Rolling tional executive committee in this par-
ent the hotel and found a suitcase ticular i !
packed evidently with clothing and a "Jn my judgment the American le-
suit of clothes well pressed hanging should continue to follow the
in' one corner of the room The note course of putting something into the
was lying on the dresser ’Daily papers government rather than adopt the poi-
from St Louis Kansas City and local icy of striving to g?t something out
publishers were-in the-' room show-0 the goevrnment?
ing evidently that Rolling had perused I
As far as can be learned no effort NEAT THURSDAY NIGHT
’ will be made to drag the river it be- There wi be7ut t the court
ing possible police aay that the man -house n 0kemah Thursd ni(?ht
ohonnAl ka Kaama 1L r
phanged his mind before taking the
final leap
Local health authorities assert that
- -
uf the body s really n the salty depths
° r anf8 nv®L a8 “S'
nnah ttm A m Mr 1 1 Laam 4 ssaiaa aaima 4a
j gish water will keep it from coming to
the surface for probably several days
The Okemah schools closed Wednes -
day evening for the week in order to
give the teachers an opportunity to
tend the meeting of the State Teachers
Association at Oklahoma City which
convenes today It is also understood j
that the schools in general throughout
The teachers will be addressed to-
the county are closed for the occasion
day by ex-President Taft who will de-1
liver his lecture "America’s Message
of Democracy to the World” W D Shallenberger and daughter
It is expected that fully 7000 teach- Mrs May Buckner and E L Black-
ers will be in attendance at this meet- man of Weleetka were in Okemah
From Today’s Oklahoman
W5th only two days beore the
votf is closed William J Bryan is
running ahead of Senator Robert L
Ame an legion for congress to give
' ’
each jrmer service man and woman
addit i'll compensation to the amount
- v '
of a: d of $50 for each month spent
in m tary service was made from le-
gion headquarters here yesterday af-
ternoon by Horace WHagan' state
commander -to Franklin D’Olier na-
tional commander
Hagan was requested by the national
commander recently to assist in get-
ting the proposal enacted by congress
He says in his letter:
Convention Refuses Indorsement
4I trust you will pardon me if I re-
spectfully protest in the name of the
' American legion of Oklahoma against
! the action of the executive committee
in approving what is in essentials a
cas1 bonus plan :
I "The project now aprpoved by
national executive committee was
1 strongly urged at Minneapolis and the
1 convention as you remember refused
emphatically to indorse it or any other
cash bonus plan My own department
at its state convention in October
' unanimously condemned any cash
bonus scheme and asked congress not
to Pass “ch B law-
“I note from the minutes 'of the ex-
ecutive committee that only eighteen
of the forty-eight states were repre-
sented at the meeting and I do not
I February 26 between the Okemah
‘high school team and the Wetumka
high school team
J Thig debate promgM bg nnu
sual interest as each of these teams
has eliminated other high school teams
in competitive debate Wetumka has
defeated Holdenville and the Okemah
team recently defeated tae Henryetta
high school team ’ " '
1 The Okemah team which defeated
Henryetta and will join issues with the
j Wetumka team here next Thursday
night consists of Miss Mary Board
( Gus Fields and Dick Jones
Furman Jones and wife of Okmul-
gee were in Okemah this week attend-
I ing the funeral of Berry Jones Fur
man Jones is a brother ofJhe deceased
j Wednesday
Sheriff Appointed
By Commissioners
' '
V T Stockton Selected to Fill Va-
cancy Caused By Death of
Berry Jones :
V T Stockton of Morse was ap-
pointed by the board of county com-
' missioners Wednesday afternoon as
sheriff to fill the vacancy caused by
the death of Sheriff Bery Jones
The commissioners met Monday and
transacted some routine business and
adjourned to 1 o’clock Wednesday
In the meantime there was consid-
erable conjecture on the part of the
people as to who would be selected by
the commissioners to fill out the un-
expired term Several men were men-
tioned as available timber and prob-
able candidates but the three most

Many farmers are not fully aware
of the fact that cotton seed is very
poor and scarce this year
A sample of cotton- seed taken from
the second picking last fall which was
grown from some pure Mebane seed in
the county and thought to- be-very
good seed was sent to the experi-
ment station Stillwater and only gave
a germination test f 54 per cent
Therefore if all the seed is as bad
and a great deal of it is worse it may
be necessary to plant double the ‘ion of the affairs of the sheriff’8 of-
fice The new sheriff at once assumed
the duties of his office He proceeded
immediately to appoint his subordi-
nates Tom McBride was appointed
undersheriff Stewart Agnew will be
amount in order to obtain a stand
I suggest that you pick out an av-
erage sample of a half pint of seed
and send it to me and I will have it
tested by an expert at Stillwater for
germination It will not cost you any-
thing but your trouble Any 6ne who !field dePuty and CllfT Woodard 18 the
plants cotton seed this year without ne ja‘ler
- - - - Mr McBride and Mr Woodard at
once entered upon the duties of their '
respective offices Mr Agnew who
at present lives at Okmulgee will re-
quire a short time to wind up his busi-
ness affairs at that place before taking
I first testing it is playing the height of
foolishness '
’ Take it from your county agent
once to get your seed bed in firm good
condition and don’t get in too big a
hurry to plant your cotton With poor
seed wet ground cold weather and im-'
proper seed bed or perhaps any one
'of these conditions you are running a
I greet risk What if you should lose a
' stand with seed as scarce end poor
!as it is? Remember it was bad
enough last year but last year was
only a taste of what it will be this
year if you lose a stand No one
knows what the market will be next
year but if you depend on cocjii as
your cash crop plan it to the best of
your knowledge
Also don’t go cotton crazy but
grow a first class garden some hogs
for meat keep a good cow and feed
her and raise enough feed to keep
your stock fat in the winter of 1920
and 21
By all means do not delay testing
your cotton seed Cotton is your
! money crop so why run such a risk ?
Join a corn cotton kafir peanut
pig breeding and feed crop club poul-
try or fruit club and learn how to be
big men Not even a business man in
town can make the greatest success
without a knowledge of agriculture
Agriculture is the greatest business
on earth so why grow up ignorant of
it when yod have such splendid oppor-
tunities of being we'l educated
Walter Splawn died at his home in
the Morse neighborhood Tuesday
night of pneumonia following an at-
tack of mfhi-nza The deceased was
about 27 years of age' He leaves a
wife and two children Other mem-
bers of th-a family are reported quite
low with pneumonia
Lud King returned Wednesday night
from q trip to the eastern market
! where he bought a large stock of new
I goods
prominently mentioned in connection
with the office were V T Stockton
Dave Smith of Welty and R E Tay-
lor of Paden Friends of- each of
these men were present at the meet-
ing of the board of county commis-
sioners but if caucusing was done it -was
previous to the meeting being
called to order
Soon after the board was called to
order Commisisoner Geren of the
First district made a motion that V
t Stockton be appointed sheriff to fill
the existing vacancy This motion
was seconded by Chairman Whitson
and the motion was put and carried
A motion was made and carried that
j Mr stockton be required t0 furnish
bond in the sum of $4000 A bond was
soon furnished which was approved
by the board - : '
It is believed that the appointment
of Mr Stockton will meet with the
general approval of the citizens of
Okfuskee county He is one of the
th part of the country
j Ming settled here previous to state-
hood- He ha a d - acquaintance
over the county and is known to be a
man of irreproachable character He
is a successful farmer and stockman
amf is recognized as a man of good
sound business judgment He is strong
fotlaw and order and the News pre
diets that he will give the county a
clean -honest and capable administra-
up he fieId
Mr “J"d 18 e state au-
I htor s office and has been here for
some time helping the auditors check
MM $VlA J(BAnA4 AAni a£a YT-
up the different county offices He
only consented to take the position
temporarily until a suitable under-
sheriff could be found He is thor-
oughly familiar with the affairs of the
sheriff’s office All of the appoint-
ments of the new sheriff are especially
pleasing to the people of the county
Chicago Feb 18 — The high cost of
getting sick is going still higher if
the Chicago medical society adopts a
new physicians’ fee scale now before
The new scale made public today
permits a maximum fee of $15 for
house visits The old fee was $5
Night visits are boosted from $5 and
$10 to from $10 to $50 Easy litle rib
operations now costing only $25 and
$50 will jump to $100 and $500 if the
scale becomes official and amputating
toes is to cost from $50 to $500 as
compared to the old rate of $15 and
The market quotations on major op-
erations range from $1000 to $10000
Clarence Davis conducted a civil
service examination for postmasters
Saturday for Bearden and another
examination Tuesday for Weleetka
Both examinations were held in Ma-
sonic hall in Okemah For the Bear-
den examination there was but one
applicant a Mr Stovall For the We-
leetka examination there were two
applicants W D Shallenberger and
his daughter Mrs May Euckner

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