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The Davis News
Batr4 at tha poatoSoa at Darla Okla-
aoaa aa aaeoad-elaaa mall mattar
Chairman Draughon has a ca
in this issue for a meeting of the
Commercial Club at city hall to-
morrow (Friday) night when
the question of seweragfc for Da-
vis will be considered and plans
made looking to the securing o
that much needed necessity
is hoped a full turnout will be
had on this occasion -This is an
important move and the co-operation
of all our citizens is desired
Take the time and trouble to
come out
At this meeting a number of
other matters looking to the we
fare of Davis will be brought up
for consideration
The idea of sewerage for Da
vis seems to be more popular
than ever if we may judge by
the number of citizens who have
expressed their approval of the
project Some who were against
it in former campaigns are for it'
now Its necessity as a sanitary
measure is more apparent than
ever The matter will be dis
cussed from all angles at public
meetings to be held soon and
is hoped the people will be unan
imous for sewerage by the time
the election comes off
June is supposed to be a sum
mer month but this June has
far seemed more like a winter
month Monday and Tuesday
were unusually cold and fires fe
very comfortable With our ex-
periences this week it is hard
believe the story in Tuesday’
daily that a heat wave in Chicago
had caused seven deaths
Rye in Wheat
are advised by Govern
ment wheat officials that there is
considerable rye growing in
wheat fields in this section of
Oklahoma and that rye is very
detrimental to the flour when it
is ground up with the wheat am
it is next to impossible to separ
ate it from the wheat and wil
result in heavy dockage to the
wheat when marketed said a
member of the Davis Grain CoF
who suggests that you tell your
friends and all farmers who
have wheat that they go
through their wheat fields anc
either pull up or cut down every
bunch of rye before starting in
the harvest
Electricity’s latest gift to
the housewife — greatest
since the electric iron
and electric vacuum
cleaner— the
Western Electric
Sewing Machine
No more tiresome
treadle pushing — no
more backache — a little
electric motor does the
hard work
A foot control gives any
speed desired
The entire machine in
its case can be carried
any where— it’s no larger
than a typewriter
Ask for
Davis Elec Light Co
Phone No 44
01 Local Interest
Mr Henderson circulation
manager of the Ardmoreite was
here Monday
If you want crocks and churns
at a low price call on us
v - R
0 Denton s
Geo J" Christisen has returrt
ed to Davis after an extended
stay in the Ranger Texas oil
Farm loans made and inspect-
ed on short notice
Payne Kelly
Uel Lamb left yesterday for
Washington after spending a 30-
day furlough here with home-
folks Big oil opportunity for little
money Write today Box 135
Tahlequah Okla
Elmer Mogg moved his barber
shop yesterday from the York-
Ballew building to the Dishman
building across the street
Let me sell you a home or
build you a home on easy pay-
ments Payne Kelly
Carl Rowe son of MH Rowe
and J F James son of T F
James of the West Route re-
cently arrived from overseas and
are expected home shortly
French Opera coffee will give
you satisfaction
R 0 Denton
M Mullican' shoemaker late
of Maysville has moved to Davis
and with his family occupies the
house on Main street formerly
occupied by H Falk shoemaker
Trade off your old furniture
for that right up to now
Hutchins Bro3
Rev J B Rounds of Shawnee
was here the first of the week in
connection with Sunday school
work He went to Pauls Valley
yesterday afternoon and was ac-
companied by Rev J J Frank
in of this city
Buy your oxfords here We
lave all kinds for men ladies
and children and at low prices
B Wolf
Reg Serg Lawrence Wise
son of Mr and Mrs J T Wise
of this city has been discharged
rom army service at Camp Lee
J a and expects to be home soon
le was in service nearly six
years but did not go overseas
Just as well bring us those old
roosters and have good eggs this
summer We pay you all they
are worth
A M Seward Pro Co
G W Howerton has received
word that his son Jesse J land-
ed in New York last Friday and
would be sent to Camp Bowie in
a few days from which place he
expects toget his discharge with-
n the next two weeks -The
Best for our customers
'hat’s why we chose Chase &
Sanborn’s teas and coffee
Stedman & Sons
Mr and Mrs C E Burgess
moved yesterday to the Mrs J
Ellis place in north part of
town which they recently bought
Their removal vacates the J F
Illis old place which will now be
occupied by the new owners Mr
and Mrs J B Outler
The third shoe man has put up
Davis I have been in 50 some
o d years I understand all
about shoe repair work use good
material Please come in and
give me a trial You will find
me at the old German shoe stand
M Mullican
A joint meeting of the Wood-
men of the World and Woodmen
Circle was held at the hall Mon-
day night On account of the
weather the attendance was
ight but those present report an
enjoyable evening Refresh-
ments of ice cream and cake
were served
You don’t have to drive inside
our garage to get free air We
ive a long hose outside Keep
p enty of pir in your tires It
will pay
Sam P Hale’s Garage
After a visit with homefolks
Homer Turner left Friday for
New York City where his wife
is visiting her parents and where
they expect to reside Homer
will'work for the American Ex-
press Co of which his father-in-law
is superintendent in that
city ‘
We now have the agency for
the Playerphone and have sever-
al instruments on display Come
and hear them play We sell
them on easy terms
Easter Drug Store
J W Mayer Jr president of
the Cornhuskers Oil Co who
came in last week from Nebraska
returned home Monday Rus-
sell Rozean a member of the
cofiipsnyis here and will -assist
C B Ramsey in managing the
affairs of the company
Mr and Mrs Jas A Brooks
of Pauls Valley passed through
Sunday enroute to San Angelo
Texas where they go for the
benefit of Mr Brooks’ - health
Mrs Brooks who was Miss Lei-
la Lovell formerly lived in Da-
vis Capt P A Leard of the 30th
Infantry spent a few days in this
vicinity this week visiting his
sister Mrs G S Perkins of
Hennepin He recently returned
from overseas where he was in
some of the hard fighting in the
Argonne sector in the latter days
of the war He was here on a
15 day furlough and left yester-
day for New York where he hopes
to receive his discharge Capt
Leard’s home is in Georgia
Roger Dickinson for many
years foreman of the Hugh Rog-
ers ranch in the Arbuckle moun-
tains has given up his position
and has moved from the ranch
He is succeeded by Zach Moore I
Mr Dickinson ha3 bought the
Robt Montgomery store at Hus-1
sellville three miles west of
Davis which he will run and will
also put up a blacksmith shop!
Arthur W Kennedy son of
Dr and Mrs L M Kennedy
graduates from a dental col-
lege in St Louis today and is ex-
pected home in a few days Be-
sides taking the complete course
and graduating Arthur has had
quite a bit of experience in his
profession by working in fchis
father's office during vacations
Upon his return home he will ibe-
associated with his father and
they intend to enlarge and re-
equip their office and
care for their growing practice
J C Lindsay is laying the
foundation for a concrete build-
ing to be erected
8old(ere In Camp Organizing Farm'
i eraP Forum Aro Being Aided
by Army Y M C A
I Farmers’ forums composed pi Sol-
diers desiring to establish homes and
farms on land provided by the govern-
ment are being organized in the mill
tary camps of the Southern depart-
ment comprising Texas Oklahoma
Louisiana Arkansas New Mexico and
Arizona by the educational depart-
ment of the Army and Navy Y M C A
Groups of soldiers comprising the
forums meet regularly in the Y M
O A buildings' and discuss the quea
tIonR-Involved in their efforts to get
lands In various stated and1 the ways
and means of developing the lands
after they get them Literature from
the department of the Interior and
tha agricultural departments of the
states being studied Is obtained and
a digest of It given to the groups by
different members
S N Craig representing the depart
ment of the Interior has been largely
Instrumental In formulating the plan
of operation followed by the soldier
farmers and farmers-to-be A series
of addresses was given by him In the
camps of the Southern department In
the “Y” buildings during which he
outlined the course to be pursued by
the government In assisting soldiers
to locate on unused government lands
in varfpus states
More than 50000 soldiers have
signed the applications for the gov-
ernment land which will be available
after congress has passed the bill con-
taining the recommendations of Sec-
retary of the Interior Lane according
to Mr Craig
“It Is gratifying that so many of
the soldiers have Indicated their de-
sire to- take advantage of the oppor-
tunities to be provided under the pro-
visions of the new law” said Mr
Craig “The ultimate success of the
plan depends upon the follow-up work
that will be done by the farmers' fo-
rums In the various camps being or-
ganized with the aid of the Y M C A
Camp Travis San Antonios Tex or-
ganized the first farmers’ forum
Twentieth Century Club
The Twentieth Century Club
met at the home of Mrs Thos
W Frame Thursday May 29th
Her home was artistically decor-
ated in nasturtiums and ferns
After a short business meet-
ing everyone joined in playing
several games of bridge and 42
Delicious refreshments of two
courses was served by the hos-
tess assisted by her mother Mrs
P P Hunter and Js W N
Lewis '
There were fourteen members
present with the following invit-
ed guests: MesdamesJ F El-
ji’TD Howell Jr 0 M
Woodward W N Lewis 0 C
Frahcis R L Freeman J T
Hill P P Hunter and Misses
Thamazin and Gladys Hutchins
Hazel Stedman Irene Myers and
Sallie Frame
Nancy Hall
Sweet potato slips planted to
June 20 will make sweeter
smoother and better keepers
40c per 100 $350 per 1000 deliv-
ered LC Haggard
Phone M52 Sulphur
Boys Conning Home '
The 36th division arrived in
New York from overseas last
Friday There are several Davis
boys in the bunch and they have
wired homefolks that they expect
to be home shortly The lilth
Engineers is scheduled to have
big parades in Oklahoma City
and (Ardmore within a few days
and these cities are fixing to pull
off some big stunts in honor of
the returned heroes ‘This regi-
ment will be sent to Camp Bowie
for discharge some time next
week Davis boys in the 111th
Engineers are: Herman-Echerd
Reginald Turner Dewey Wise
Sgt Bert Wise and Clay Sims
Money to Loan
on Farm Lands i:
Lowest Rates :: Best Terms
Ike Adler
Notary Public
Only 400 Remain In Southern Depart-
ment— Activity on Mexican
southeast of the depot on (the
site where the old hotel burned
down several years ago Mr
Lindsay says the building will be
30x60 feet but he has not yet de-
cided whether it will be one lor
two story It will be fixed up
:'or a rooming house with a place
’or a cafe and Mr Lindsay says
he may rent it out when finished
or may run it himself he hasn’t
decided It is in a good location
Snn Antonio Tex— Demobilization
of Army Young Men’s Christian asso-
ciation secretaries in the Southern Mil-
itary department has about reached a
standstill for the present according to
J H Eckford departmental supervisor
of personnel About four hundred
wearers of the Red Triangle remain In
the six states composing this depart-
®ent more than six hundred having
prepare to been released since the signing of the
armistice It Is believed that with
the numerous camps in the department
demobilized down to practically the
I smallest possible working force cou-
nn hia lota 1 pIed wlth the demands of the regular
ms iuuj army men ftnd the returnlng Boldlerg
Farm Loan City Loan
Insurance 1
Payne Kelly
Real Estate and Rentals
Notary Public Davis Okla
Is Screen Time
We have everything
in the SCREEN Line
Barbed Wire and Hog Wire
Everything in the Building Line
Company -
from overseas there will be a need for
at least four hundred secretaries for
i at least several weeks
I Seventy secretaries are serving the
towns and outposts along the Mexican
border this phase of Y M O A ac-
tivity having been materially enlarged
since the armistice Apparently 2000
miles of border territory Is now being
covered the greater part of it by Itin-
erants In light delivery cars lp which
the secretaries carry a full supply of
books stationery portable motion pic-
ture machines athletic equipment In
a number of the Isolated villages where
troops are stationed the Y M
r o“tertanu aSuS
and the soldiers share their privileges
with the civilian populations Every
border outpost Is now being reached
by the “X” men and the work will con-
tinue as long as there are soldiers to
would doubtless do a good
The missionary centenary
movement by which Southern
Methodism was to raise thirty-
five million dollars in five years
for general church work closed
last Thursday The drive was a
success The Davis church was
asked to raise $2975 and suc-
ceeded in raising $3517 Dr T
P Howell a prominentMethodist
of this section made a gift of
$1500 for the work The suc-
cess of the local church campaign
was due to efforts of the pastor
Rev Geo E Glasspool and the
local committee '
The Davis Grain Company
: Wholesale and Retail
Feed of All Kinds
Shorts Bran Com Hay Oats
Flour' Meal
- To the Farmer
Will soon have our elevators installed no more
shoveling grain from wagon to car
An Invitation
We extend an invitation to the
boys and girls and little tots to
come to our barber shop to get
their hair cut We make a spec-
ialty of this kind of work
Pat Rawls & G C Boyte
For Sale
One l-horse power Rock Is-
land gasoline engine cheap
Sam P Hale
Double Personnel In Non-Bolahavlk
Section — Large 8ume
Being Expended
An urgent cable has been sent from
Vladivostok to the Y M O A na-
tional war work council headquarters
In New York requesting that 200000
feet of up-to-date English comedies
and dramas and an enormous reper-
toire of Russian titled films be rushed
to that part In addition to 720 reels of
committee on public Information edu-
cational films
In response to appeals made by the
Omsk government and other allied
authorities the Y M O A has doubled
Its personnel In non-bolshevlk Russia
and has enlarged the scope of Its work
proportionately There are now 97
American Red Triangle workers In
Siberia and 50 on the arctic front In
European Russia In addition there
are more than twice this number of
Russian and Czech secretaries
The national war work council Is
now expending $150000 a month for
X- M C A work among allied and
American troops In Siberia and an
additional $Q000p a month among the
troops la northern Russia
Sense Glasses
They give you more comfort in
proportion to their cost than
anything else you can buy
5ave you from $2 to $s
You test YOUR OWN Eyes
Easter Drug Co I

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