Ellis County Capital (Arnett, Okla.), Vol. 11, No. 47, Ed. 1 Friday, May 23, 1919 Page: 5 of 8

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Your wagons
and implements should
last longer 1 (
Every farmer knows his wagons
and farm implements will last
longer if kept out of the weather
It is equally important to have
y them protected from sun and rain
- ' when in use
- X
nr rSC Farm Wagon and
Jtld Implement Paint
The Guaranteed
r '
lENfllD avo EjnA’ny
It will
Bring your work to the CAPITAL PRINTERY '
t s t
AH work quickly and neatly done by experienced Printers
Qficiai Paper of Ellis County $150 a year
is the one protection that we can
recommend We guarantee it to
give a durable and lasting finish
Ordinarily a gallon of it will
repaint all the wagons and machin
eiy on the average farm
'In addidon to saving many times
its cost every year this paint wil
keep things looking spic-and-span
Devoe Farm Wagon and Imple
ment Paint is made j
w green
yellow blue tlack and
i yello
All thi
iG colors are durable
do you prefer?
W K FREEMAN Proprietor
When the Business Car
full Joad you can be sure
load and get back
stalls out with a
it will deliver that
Troubles except through accident are
'and maintenance costs very low '
pay you to visit us and examine this
x PHONE 111
Woodward - - Oklahoma
Scott & Wells
Mercantile Co
We handle your Eggs
Chickens Butter and
Hides at the highest
possible price' -
phone no 02
Department of the Interior U £
Land Office at Guthrie Oklahoma
' April 23rd 1919
Notice is hereby given that Joe
Fletcher of Arnett Oklahoma who
on December 27th 1915 made
Homestead application No 010403:
for swJi neJ4 nl£ se)£ & sej£ aeH
Section 26 "Township 17 N Range
24 W Indian Meridian has filet
notice of intention to make Fina
Three year Proof to establish claim
to the land1 above described before
R II Elder Court Clerk at Arnett
Oklahoma on the 7th day of June
Claimant names as witnesses:
George Pratt of Grand Oklahoma
William Cooley of Grand Oklahoma
Sidney Moore of Grand Oklahoma
Walter Bowles of Grand Oklahoma
FOR SALE — Acme header party
wishing to buy can make payment on
machine by cutting my wheat — H
M Schultz Arnett Oklahoma
You will need a wagon try the best
made Peter Schuttler wagons al
FOR RILE — 2 high grade Holstine
bull calves First check for $2500
gets choice of calves — E M Beum
Arnett Oklahoma
j - f
cj Y Armstrong of south of town
was a business visitor in town Satur-
day v '
Dan Michael of Grand transacted
business at the County Hub Satur-
day J W Slack' ranchman from Roll
Oklahoma was transacting business
here Wednesday
H D Tomlin of Nogules Arizona
is here visiting his son Rev H D
Tomlin and family
W H Baldwin left Friday going
to Boise City where he will look
after business matters
W'E Magee ouo of our regular
readers on our Grand list transacted
business in Arnett Saturday
Grandma Briggs of near Harmon
died last Wednesday and was laid to
rest in the Harmon cemetery
4 Applications for transfers must be
in by June 1st All pupils who wish
transfers should remind this fact
Mrs Chas Heckelman has our
thanks for the price which she left
left us Monday to set Her subscription
Mr and Mrs Herbert Long of
Fargo visited Mrs Long’s mother
Mrs Cocnnower of near Harmon
There will be preaching services at
the Baptist church Sunday morning
and evening You ore invited to be
Mr and Mrs W H Cross and
daughter Naomi May Keetcr and
Edith Shaffer were Sbattuck visitors
II C Brownlee who lias been
visiting in the eastern part of the
State the past two weeks returned
home Tuesday
The ladies pf the Christian Church
will have a "Pare Food” sale at the
Chris Anderscn Furniture store Sat-
urday May 24th-
Dr J Pv Beam reports the arrival
of a 10 pound boy at the htime of
Hr and Mrs Orb Vinoent Mother
and babe doing nicely
Mrs A J Miller Mabel Boyles
Hr and Mrs George ' Stuckey anti
Ote Briley attended die ball game at
Shattuck Sunday
Durward Bunyard who is working
or the Alton Company at Enid
spent the latter part of last week vis-
iting friends at Arnett
B AdaCos one of our regular
readers railed while in Arnett Satur-
day and left us the price of another
year's subscription Thanks
I D Matthews proprietor at the
Cream Station has repapered his
cream room which "contributes very
much to the looks o£ the room
Mrs M L Bobo and children
daria and Clyde f Higgins Texas
spent last week visiting with Mrs
lerbert Long of Flargo Oklahoma
J M Bowles prosperous fanner qf
west of town called Friday and left
us the yrice to have the Capital sent
toWrn McCarter "at Gray Okla-
KBa '
Marriage licenses were issued the
past week to: — Earl M Coder and
Leona S Mitchell both of Shattuck
and Jose Goloon and Germs Cobrea
both of Fargo
R E Allcorn called Wednesday and
had his paper changed from Sanger
California to Grand Okhihcma Mr
Alice m says he is glad to be back to
SO'od old Ellis County
Pearl Jeffery who wasu hoe' from
Camp Travis visiting ffriends left
Monday for Blackwell Oklahoma
where he will visit with bis parents
for a short time before returning to
camp '
Jesse Lone Freemr m Quimiby Rod
Fred Young all Arne -tt b oys hive re-
ceived their discharge frot o the army
and are now it horn e i U three of
the boys have seen over se as servive
and are glad to be returned borne
W N Mitchell- proprieta T of the
Ford Garage hrs been hat ug his
building freshly four ted if n ore
our business men woiuld jump k 1
paint and fix up iheiV building a ome
it would be as imfprovementt -l I°r
Arnett the best town in Ellis Co’flnk
i a
Mrs Dr Leslie of Blackwell Okla-
homa is hero visiting at die A M
Leslie home
Laurice Matthews spent Saturday
night at Gage ' visiting her parents
Mr and Mrs! F H Matthews
Dave Coombs brother to our fel-
low townsman O R Coombs is here
from the eastern part of the state vis-
iting Mr and Mrs Charley Johnson and
daughters Hazel and Evelyn are vis-
iting in the Eastern part of the state
this week
Mrs Lewis White and children of
the eastern part of the state are visit-
ing at the home of her parents Mr
and Mrs S A Cresswell
Miss Doris Bowles clerk at the
Postoffice gave us the price Friday
to have the prper sent to her mother
Mrs G W Bowles at Enid Okla-
homa Mrs Delia O’Hare of Glenwood
Springs Colorado is visiting with her
parents Mr and Kirs L F Bales
and other relatives at Reason Okla-
homa this week
State of Oklahoma ) In the
Ellis County ) Court
In the matter of the estate of
William A Reddick deceased
Notice is hereby given that William
E Reddick the duly appointed and
qualified Administrator of the estate
of William A Reddick deceased has
rendered and presented for settlement
and filed in said Court hb final
account and report of hb administrat-
ion as such adminbtrator and pray-
ing for dbtribution of the balance in
hb hands and that Tuesday the 10
day of June A D 1919 at 10 o’clock
in the forenoon of said day at the
County Court room in the City of
Arnett in said County has been duly
appointed by the said Court for the
settlement of said account at which
time and place any person interested
in said estate may appear and show
cause if any they have why said
account should not' be approved and
dbtribution made as prayed for
In testimony whereof I have here-
unto set my hand and affixed the
seal of said Court thb 20th day of
May A D 1919
L H Clark
(Seal) County Judge'
' -101 ICE '
State of Oklahoma ) In the County
Ellb County ' ) Court
In the matter of the estate of Dan
D Clayton Deceased
Notice b hereby given that Sam
M Holt the duly appointed and
qualified Executor of the' estate of
Eton D Clayton deceased' has render-
ed and presented for settlement and
filed in said Court hb account and
report of hb adminbtratlon as such
Executor and praying for dbtribution
of the balance in hb hands and that
Friday the 6 day of May A D
1919 at 10:00 o’clock in the fore
noon of said day at the County Court
room in the City of Arnett in said
County has been duly appointed by
the said Court for the settlement of
said account at which time and place
any person interested in said estate
tnay appear and show cause if any
they have why said account should
not be approved and distribution
mode as prayed for
In testimony whereof I have here-
unto set my hand and affixed the
seal of said Court thb 16th day of
May A D 1919
L H Clark
(Seal) County Judge
Come to
i to have your automobile j
! repairing done
We carry the best gas
oils greases tires tubes
pumps and accessories
Everything First Class
Mr and Mrs J L Anderson
Rates $200 Per Day
t ' ' ‘
Best Meals in Shattuck
Regardless of Price -
The Capital $150 a year
Department of the Interior United Staten
Land Office Outlirle Oklahoma May 17 1019
To Jesae EuQeld of Grand Oklahoma
Con ten toe
You are hereby notified that James H
Mersor who glees Grand Oklahoma as bis
post-ofiloe address did on April 11th 1010
file In this office his duly corroborated ap-
plication to contest and secure tho cancellation
of your Homestead Entry No 00145 Serial No
00145 mado October 4th 1915 for swif
Section 33 Township 17 North Range 73
west Indian Meridian and us grounds for
bis contest be alleges that said Jesse Enflild
baa wholly abandoned said loud tor a period
of more than six months last pant: end tor
more than six months next preceding three
yenrsfrom date of said entry) that the ouly
relation of said eutryuian to said lauds has
been an oocaslonal visit thereto In color of
compliance with the law but In defiance of the
spirit thereof that said abandonment Is not
duo to employment In thoarmy navy or ma-
rlne corps of the United States in any mlllluty
operation that said entryman is a fugitive
from the military laws of the United States
You are therefore further notlUed that the
said allegations will bo taken as confessed
and your said entry will be canceled without
further right to bo heard either before this
office or on appeal If you fall to file In this
office within twenty days after the FOURTH
publication ot this notice as shown below
your answer under oath specifically respon-
ding to these allegations of contest together
with due proof that you have served a copy ot
your answer on the said contestant either In
person or by registered mail
You should state In your answer the namo of
the post office to wbtoh you desire future
notices to be sent to you t
J Y Callahan Rcjlstor
Dale ol Qrst publication May S3 1919
’ “second May 10 (910
“ third “ June 9 1919
“ “fourth “ June 13 1919
lotiea of Sheriff's Sals of Liid la fsrclssnre
la District Court la sad for Ellb
County State of Oklahoma
W M L Sharp Executor!
of the estate ofW H Sharp
Deceased plaintiff
Vs VNo 1564
Charles Adair West Dabyf
West and J I Case)
Threshing Machine Co
Notice b hereby given that in pur-
suance of an order of Sale issued out
of the dbtrict court of Ellb County
Oklahoma on the 15th day of May
1919 in an action wherein W M L
Sharp Executor of the estate of W
II Sharp Deceased was Plaintiff and
Charles Adair West Daby West and
J I Case Threshing Machine Com-
pany were Defendants directed to me
the undersigned Sheriff of Ellb
County Oklahoma commanding nc
to levy upon and sell without apprab-
cment this following described Real
Estate to-wit- '
All of the s Vi of the swJ4 of Sec
32 Twp 20 N R 21 W I M In
said Ellis County or so much there-
of as may be necessary to satisfy
said judgment and decree of foreclos-
ure of mortgage lein upon said land
and tenements in favor of said Plain-
tiff and against said defendants ob-
tained in said Court on the 2nd day
of April 1917 for the sum of $410-
22 debt and $1485 costs of said
action and $5000 attorney fee and
that said judgment bear interest at
the rate of 10 per cent from the re-
dition thereof and whereas at the
said term of the court and upon said
day in the same action the said de-
fendant J I Case Threshing Mach-
ine Company obtained judgment
against the said defendant Charles
Adair West and Daisy West upon
the cause of action set forth in its
cross petition for the sum of $915-
63 debt and $16000 attorney fee
Now therefore I will on the 17th
day of June 1919 at the hour of 10
o’clock A M at the front door of
the court house in the town of Arnett
in said County and State sell to the
highest and best bidder for cash the
above described lands and tenements
without appraisement or so much
thereof as will satisfy said judgments
interests and attorney fees and costs
of sale
Witness my hand thb 15th day of
May 1919
P F Bradshaw
Sheriff of Ellb County
The Secretary of the EUb County
Chapter A R C has received a
letter from Sarah Selminski Field
Representative of the Southwestern
Divbion American Red Cross stat-
ing that she will be in Arnett Mon-
day May 26tli ' 1919 and requesting
that a meeting of the County Execut-
ive Committee be called for that date
at a convenient hour Believing that
230 p m will be convenient that
hour has been fixed for the meeting
which will be held in the court room
at the Court House at Arnett
' The meeting will be open to the
public and all members and workers
are urged to be present at thb meet-
ing ' Arnett was selected as head-
quarters for the County ' Chapter
upon the consolidation of the three
former chapters and it is important
that all ’ members of the Arnett
Brandi arrange to show all due con-
sideration to thb representative of
I the - Southwestern Division under
i whose jurisdiction we are— -H C
Brownlee Secretary Arnett Branch

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