Ellis County Capital (Arnett, Okla.), Vol. 11, No. 47, Ed. 1 Friday, May 23, 1919 Page: 3 of 8

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' l-
1 :
The Flavor lasts!
the best
buy for
It is also the very best remedy to prevent mares slipping
foals and should be given to all Mares Colts Stallions and
all others in bran or oats or on the tongue Then you will
have very little trouble with sickness of any kind among your horses ' Consumers
may order from manufacturers Send remittance with your order 60 cents and $11S
the bottle (550 and (1100 the dozen delivered '
SPOHN MEDICAL CO Sole Mfrs Goshen Ind U S A
Experts of the Oocldent Might Even
Borrow a Few Ideas From Their
Oriental Colleagues
An advertising man who has re
- turned recently from the orient says
the Japanese merchants and manu-
facturers who have occasion to make
use of printer's ink are not disposed
to limit themselves to dull prosaic
statements concerning the excellence
of their wares Among the entertain-
ing bits that the traveler noticed in
his study of Japanese advertising are
these : -
“Goods dispatched expeditiously as
a cannon ball”
“Parcels done up- with such loving
as a wife bestows upon her husband”
- "ThB print of our books Is clear as
crystal the matter charming as a
Binging girl” ‘
“Customers are treated as politely
as by rival steamship 'companies”
“Our silks and satins are as smooth
as a lady’s cheek and colored like the
“ rainbow” '
It ought to be possible to get ad-
vertisements read in Japan without
scattering them around next to “pure
reading matter” — Dayton News
1 1 -
There’s a limit to every man’s capa-
bility — but very few men reach their
limit '
We do most for others when
make the most of ourselves
All Food -
If you want an appetiz-
ing ready-to-eat cereal
that you can serve with
no ’fuss and with fullest
satisfaction try —
In foal or foal at foot having- Distemper or Influenza or' any
other form of Contagious Disease may with absolute safety
to Mare and Foal be given
Distemper Compound
v Probable Parasite
“We don’t want to tangle ourselves
up In European politics European
politics are As distasteful to us as
European ways” '
The speaker was Jerome S Mc-
Wade the Duluth millionaire
“These European ways!” he went
on “A young count called on a
wealthy friend of mine back In pre-
war days screwed his eyeglass in
his eye and said languidly:
“ ‘Are you — aw — are you going to
settle — aw — anything on your daugh-
ter?’ “My wealthy friend gave a loud
harsh laugh and said:
“ fWell county If she marries you
I guess my daughter is going to set-
tle something on me’ ”
' Out of the Catalogue
A Franklin family had a catalogue
from a mail-order house in their home
and the children had seen the different
members of the family make their se-
lections from the book nnd send In an
order for them One day one of the
twin Donald Ray three years of age
had 'been unusually naughty and the
mother snid
I "Donald Ray' you' are such a
naughty boy mother wonders where
she got such a bad boy” '
Donald Ray instantly replied: “Out
of the catalogue mother” — Indian-
apolis News
- Courage respects courage — Steven-
son No Waste
No Bargain Sales of Your
W ASHINGTON— Ever since the signing of the armistice people have been
wondering what the government was going to do with all the war material
U couldn't use Apparently no one has taken the trouble to find out for rumora
i of the wildest kind have been circu
What prices were quoted on such
miscellaneous things- ns typewriters
desks adding machines soup food
automobile tires and mules can only
be guessed by the tone of the corre-
spondence which Is constantly pouring into the headquarters of the war
The war department hntes to disappoint the public but It Is forced to
Insist that there Is not the slightest bit of truth In these' rumors The
department Is a dignified Institution and not a Junk shop It still has so much
work to do that It has plenty of use for all Its motorcars and has no Intention
of selling any It Is also unawnre that any of its airplanes are to be offered
for sale at any price at nll-'-certalnly not at the ridiculous price of $100
The government Is taking every precaution to prevent any disruption to
Industry through the unlondlng of war material During the war many
American Industries more than tripled their production In order to meet the
needs of the army The government cannot now turn Its war surplus back on
the market to the Injury of these Industries It must see that they are
Latest New Thing Is to
WORD comes from Parts that something new will happen there as soon as
peace Is signed This' new thing will be the first aerial duel In history
The principals because of the fact they are members of the French army
aviation corps feel they should not
lessen their country’s aerial force by
even one so long as a state of war ex-'
lsts They Insist however that they
are determined to settle their difficul-
ties In this unique manner as soon as
the emergency ceases to exist
The principals are Corp Leon
Vnudecrane chief editor of the trade
pnper L’Exportateur Francais and
Capt Robert Schrelber chief editor of
a competing paper Echos de Exporta-
tion Schrelber’s father Is a German
During an editorial war Schrelber wrote Vaudecrane a letter which the latter
thought Insult'ng Vaudecrane sent his seconds to Schrelber
“I Intend to use a Nleuport chasing plane of 120 horse power armed with
a Vickers machine gun" Vaudecrane said “Both my secopds — Captain Madon
one of the French aces and Lieutenant Babo— and my adversary’s seconds
have decided that owing to the state of war a settlement Is Impossible until
after peace is signed But I continue In my desire to bring down M Schrelber
putting a few bullets through him and his machine”
Believers la the theory that mankind progresses In circles can find basis
for their arguments In the history of the French duel A few centuries ago
a duel was almost always to the death As it got tamer It began to go out of
style The world greeted with a smile the prewar “bloodless duel f Paris'
An airplane duel certainly gets back to first principles
A E F Gathering Its
AMERICA’S soldier dead In France are to be brought home by the govern-
ment as soon as conditions after peace will permit subject to the wishes of
their families Former Attorney General Gregory Is at work In France pre-
paring a report on legal phases of the
superintend the preparation and shipment of or to accompany bodies back
to the United States Vou will appreciate that there were over 69000 casual-
ties abroad Organizations have been formed overseas known as grave regis-
tration units whose duty (I Is to look after burials to care for the cemeteries
and to preserve identification records” 1
Concerning the work of the graves - registration units lu France the
Stars and Stripes official newspaper of the A E F printed In Paris says:
“The A E F is gathering its dead together that In death they may be as in
life — In serried ranks From frozen dugouts from old ruins from those
hastily Improvised and now sunken openings In the ground that were shell
holes nnd battle graves from wheat fields and river -bank and meadow knoll
from all of the thousands of plnces of isolation and great loneliness the dead
nre being tenderly lifted and borne to take their places in the ordered ranks
of the array” " ' ' ' - ’
Regarding rechecking the casualty lists General Pershing has cabled the
war department: "No accurate estimate of unreported deaths can be given
There are however approximately 5500 missing to be accounted for- all of
whom have been reported to Washington as missing This compares with the
British official list of 161000 missing and the French of 290000” -
Port ’of Missing Ships
GREATEST mystery of the recorded
In ships is the disappearance of
19000 tons she left Rio de Janeiro In
cargo of mnngnnese 57 passengers
20 officers and a crew of 213 March
4 she reported at Barbudoes for bun-
ker coal Since that date there Is ab-
solutely so trace of ship passengers
or crew In spite of persistent and sys-
tematic search by the navy department
the world over
Did her engines break down and
the sea overwhelm her?
Did her cargo shift and she turn
turtle going down like a stone?
Did she break In two either'on a
giant wave with her bow and stern unsupported or with no support undei
her center the wave having “run out from under?” t
Was there an explosion from gas generated by the manganese? "
Was there an explosion of her boilers?
Was she torpedoed by a submarine? Did she strike a mine? Was tber
an explosion of a set nnd timed bomb aboard? " 1
' Was she delivered to the Germans by treachery? ‘
Two facts would seem to answer all of these questions except the last
One is that she was equipped with a powerful wireless $nd no message wa
received from her anywhere The other is that exhaustive search of the
waters found no boat spar timber life-belt or oar As to the last possibility
the Cyclops Is not at Kiel and the German admiralty officially states that It
can throw no light whatever on her fate (
Presumably the U S 8 Cyclops Is in the Port of Missing Ships and her
passengers and crew are lu Davy Jones’ locker
“There has boen no more baffling mystery ' given up as lost and
her name stricken from i the registry” — Secretary Daniels
Uncle Sam's War Goods
lated One of these was to the effect
that the government would soon sell a
large number of Its war automobiles
qnd motortrucks at the price of $300
apiece Another stated that airplanes
at $100 apiece were to be 'offered to
the public by the wat1 department
Be “ Duello of the Sky”
Dead for Permanent Burial
matter which must be taken up with
the French government ' Believing
that there will be many Americans
who will desire that their soldier dead
should rest forever under the battle-
ns fields the adjutant general has pre-
3 pored a memorandum on the subject
for general Information It says in
“It Is not deemed practicable to
grant requests for relatives friends
or undertakers to go to France to
and Davy Jones’ Locker
history of men who go down to the sea
the U S S Cyclops A naval collier of
January of 1918 for New York with a
Ask for “Bayer Tablets of Aspirin” in a Bayer
package— marked with “Bayer Cross” t
You must say “Bayer” Never ask
for merely Aspirin tablets 'The name
“Bayer” ineuns you ure getting the
genuine “Bayer Tublets of Aspirin”
proven safe by millions of people '
Don’t buy Aspirin tablets In a pill
box Insist on getting the Bayer pack-
age with the safety “Bayer Cross” on
both package and on tablets No oth-
er way!
Beware of counterfeits I Only re-
cently a Brooklyn manufacturer was
sent to the penitentiary for flooding
the country with tnleum powder tab-
lets which he claimed to be Aspirin
Some men prefer the Joys they are
after here to the prospective Joys of
the hereafter
Important to all Women
Readers of this Paper
Thousands upon thousands of -women
have kidney or bladder trouble and never
suspect it
Women’s complaints often prove to he
nothing else but kidney trouble’ or the
result of kidney or bladder disease
If the kidneys are not in a healthy con-
dition they may cause the other organs
to become diseased
You may suffer pain in the back head-
ache and loss of ambition
Poor health makes you nervous irrita-
ble and may be despondent it makes any
one so
But hundreds of women claim that Dr
Kilmer's Swamp-Root by restoring
health to the kidneys proved to be just
the remedy needed to overcome such
Many rend for a sample bottle to see
what Swamp-Root the great kidney
liver and bladder medicine will do for
them By enclosing ten centa to Dr
Kilmer & Co Binghamton N Y you
may receive sample size bottle by Parcel
Post Yon can purchase medium and
large size bottles at all drug stores— Adv
Wisdom like charity begins
home — Dinah Maria Mulock
under a strict guarantee to refund the purchase price to
any dissatisfied user -
A Medford Oklahoma man among thousands who
praise HUNT’S SALVE says:
Some people dislike to call it the Itch but candor compels me to admit
I nad It badly Your Hunt's 8alve however cured me after many other
remedies had totally failed One box completed the cure— the first application
afforded wonderful relief My advice to those who have to scratch la to 1
11QA Hunt's flolbo ’
use Hunt’a SalVe”
Hunt’s Salve la especially compounded for fhe treatment of Itch Eczema
Ringworm Tetter and other itching skin diseases and Is soid on our guarantee
by all reliable drug stores or It will be sent direct by mall if your local druggist
cannot supply Price 75c per box 8
Khrooiisness and
Cflsateliss ©aiuissd
Eay fleisHitomaeti
I There is a much closer connection
between the stomach nnd brain than
most people Imagine It Is because of
this close connection that indigestion
belching sour gassy stomach' nnd
other stomach miseries — nil of which
are sure signs of iicid-stonmch — are so
often followed by severe attacks of
blinding splitting headaches
Nervousness sin plessness Irritabil-
ity mental depression melancholin and
many other disorders which affect the
brain can also nearly always be traced
to the same source — nclil-stonmch
So often you near people say “I am
so nervous I think I'll fly to pieces”
or “It seems I never get a good night’s
sleep any more my nerves nre all on
edge” Little do they dream that nciil-
stomnch is the direct cause of their
troubles because very often there nre
no pains in the Stomach at all So you
see you can’t til wavs judge 1111 ncid-
stomnch condition by the way your
8tomnch Itself feels
If you are weak nervous unfit— If
you are not up to your old time form
— If yon lack your accustomed enthu-
siasm energy and pep — make this teRt
and see if it isn’t acid-stomach that Is
holding you back — robbing you of your
health- strength and vigor Get a
big box of EATONIC — the wonderful
modem medicine that so quickly puts
an acid stomach to rights It Is In
the form of pleasant tasting tablets
that you eat like a bit of candy
EATONIC rids the-stomach of excess
buy aspirin - ‘
In the Bayer package are proper dl- ‘
rections and the dose for Headache
Toothache Earache Neuralgia Rheu-
matism Lumbago Sciatica Colds
Grippe Influenzal-Colds Neuritis aud
pain generally
“Bayer Tablets of Aspirin” Ameri-
can made and owned nre sold In vest
pocket boxes of 12 tablets which cost
only a few cents also In bottles of 24
nnd bottles of IOO7— also capsules
Aspirin is the trade mark of Bayer
Manufacture of Monoaceticacldester
of Salieyllcacid
Soldiers' Feet in Bad Shape
An inspection among feet and shoes
of 1087 soldiers In the Sixteenth Penn-
sylvania Infantry showed: Corns 750
callosities 1059 toes jammed or
crowded 630 hammer toes 16 In-
growing nails 762 bunions 613 good
feet 290 men wearing shoes one-half
size too small 200 men wearing shoes
one or more sizes too small 470 men
wearing shoes too large 131
has been a household remedy all over
Uncivilized world for more than half
a century ’for constipation Intestinal
troubles torpid liver nnd the generally
depressed feeling that accompanies
such disorders It Is a most valuable
remedy for Indigestion or nervous dys-
pepsia and liver trouble bringing on
headache coming up of food palpita-
tion of heart and many other symp-
toms A few doses of August Flower
will relieve you It Is a gentle laxa-
tive Ask your druggist Sold In all
civilized countries — Adv
Do you seek a great opportunity?
You can find it precisely where yon
are now
Respect the opinion of your neigh-
bor If you expect him to respect your
12 RED in the war trenches of Europe a wave of ordi-
’ LA nary ITCH is spreading over the country This akin
disease history shows has always prevailed following
wars and the concentration of armies ft was common
during the Civil War and following that conflict There
was an epidemic of the Itch after the Spamsh-Amencan
War Now history is repeating itself after the great
European struggle
Returned soldiers hnd those with whom they come in
contact will find a recognized remedy for the Itch in
Hunt’s Salve commonly known as “Hunt’a Itch Cure”
Many a veteran of the late ’AO’s will testify to its merits
If directions are followed HUNT’S SALVE- will
prove a never failing cure for all forms of the Itch and
your druggist will tell you so He sells HUNT’S SALVE
acid Brings Instant relief from indl-'
gestion heartburn sour belching food
repeating bloat and gas and makes
the stomach cool pure sweet and
Dentists worn us against the bad
effects of acid mouth pointing out
that the acid eats through the enamel
of the teeth causing them to decay
You can easily imagine then the
ninount of damage excess nehl will
cause to the delicate organization of
the stomach !
Thousands of people are using
EATONIC nnd the results obtained are
so remarkable ns to be almost unbe-
lievable Yet their letters of grati-
tude many of which nre received
daily prove absolutely that EATONIO
does all and even more than we claim
The medical profession too recog-
nizes the great value of this wonder-
ful remedy A learned Michigan doc-
tor wrote recently : “I have had such
wonderful success with EATONIC that
I want every one to know how quick-
ly It will neutralize the acidity of the
stomach (acid-stomach) and the stom-
ach will soon be sweet and normal '
again and the sick man well and
happy once more” '
So he sure to get a big’ box of
EATONIC from your druggist today
If it fails In any way to give you the
kind of satisfaction you want take It
back — he will refund your rdoney He
doesn’t want one penny of your money
unless EATONIC helps you-
' 1
1 v

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