Ellis County Capital (Arnett, Okla.), Vol. 10, No. 8, Ed. 1 Friday, August 24, 1917 Page: 3 of 8

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Was Laid Up In Bed
Doan’ However Restored Mrs Vogt to Healtli
and Strength Hasn't Suffered Since
“I had one of the worst cases of kid-
ney complaint Imaginable” save Mrs
"Wra Vogt 6316 Audrey Ave Wellston
Mo “and I woe laid up In bed for days
at a time
“Aly bladder was Inflamed and the
kidney secretions caused
terrible pain My back
was in such bad shape
that when I moved the
lains were like a knife
thrust I got so dizzy I
couldn't stoop and my
head just throbbed with
pain Beads of perspi-
ration would stand on
my temples then I
r- would become cold and
J numb
“My heart action was
MRS VOGT affected and I felt aa if
I couldn’t take another
breath I got so nervous 8nd run down
I felt life wasn’t worth living and often
wished that I might die so my suffering
Would bo ended Medicine failed to help
me and I was discouraged
“Doan's Kidney Pills were recommend-
ed to me and I could tell I was being
helped after the first few doses I kept
getting better every day and continued
use cured me Mv health Improved in
every way and best of all tho cure has
been permanent I feel that Doan’s
s'tved my life ” Sworn to before me
Gat Doan's at Any Storo 60c a Box
I 6 Dodtr’s pfsterlplton for Immrifalo roHof from
M irruptions ind trrilstions of Skis Chafing It-
I eking Pilot Poison Ivr Eczema Purllis Satin
faction guarantood or mono? rofundod Mailed
oorocoipf ofprico 35c Stloo agontsdistriks-rowontodfi
tort wontod dmitoiido Mfg Co 2573 EvonsSt
MILK and
Highest Cash Price Paid
306308 E Lincoln StWicbitnKn
A toilet preparation of merit
Helps to ersulioate dandruff
For Restoring Color and
Beauty to Gray or Faded Heir
00c and $1 00 at Druggists
W N U WICHITA NO 32-1917
“He’s rich and yet lie never spends
any more than he has to”
“That’s probably the reason he’s
Intense Heat Makes Life Miserable at Capital
WASHINGTON — Washington sweats That is the abiding impression one
carries away Under the enormous and stupefying pressure of war the
Moist and hot the close heavy sky
bends down over Washington and the
great sun burns vaguely through light
mist The city steams its heavy air
full of the sickly sweet odor of lo-
custs you are drenched with perspira-
tion — even clothes hanging In your
room get damp
Occasionally great clouds ride up
over the horizon black as Ink breast-
ing the wind night swoops over the
town and storm and solid sheets of
rain Then sun again breathless air
wet heat Still fate hammers swift
and henvily forging history So fast are events moving and with such ur-
gency that never in Washington’s history was so much work being done at
such high pressure
Great capitalists and manufacturers run around from office to office In
their shirt sleeves enthusiastic as boys Thwarted puzzled-looking con-
gressmen go angrily along muttering to themselves with their constituents
following What kind of government institution Is this — without congres-
sional patronage?
The Willard the Shoreham the Raleigh look like the Hotel Astoria in
Petrograd during the war The same military men in American Russian
Belgian French English uniforms — the same gentlemen with something to
sell to the government
And Keep It Clear by Daily Use of
Cuticura — Trial Free
A hot bath with Cuticura Soap fol-
lowed by a gentle anointing with Cuti-
cura Ointment clears the skin or scalp
In most cases of eczemas rashes and
Itching of children and adults Make
Cuticura your every-day toilet prepara-
tions and prevent such troubles
Free sample each by mall with Book
Address postcard Cuticura Dept L
Boston Sold everywhere — Adv
An Improvement
“He left his home all for her”
“Why so?”
“Well you see hers was the better
and constant use will burn out the
scalp Cleanse the scalp by shampoo-
ing with “La Creole” Hair Dressing
and darken In the natural way those
Ugly grizzly hairs- Price $100 — Adv
Statesman Resents Insult to Nation’s Uniform
WAR clouds hung low and threateningly over the dining room at the Wash-
ington Union station at the dinner hour The firm diplomacy of Repre-
sentative J B Aswell of Louisiana however which met quick and favorable
response from the management saved
the situation Mr Aswell with a
party of friends in the restaurant saw
waiter order from the dining room a
boy not more than eighteen years old
who was wearing the uniform of a
United States seaman
The boy had entered the dining
room by the main entrance Jle de-
posited his suitense by the side of a
table and sat down
The waiter approached him quick-
ly and said: "The lunch counter is In
the room beyond” The boy rose picked up his suitcase and walked Into the
next room ne was embarrassed
Mr Aswell called the head waiter Then he called all the waiters in the
room He demanded apologies from the waiter and from the head waiter
and the latter he sent scurrying after the sailor with an invitation to return
and be served
“And serve him In proper style” shouted Mr Aswell “Give him every-
thing he wants and then give me the bill”
The boy was a recruit He was on his way to join his ship “somewhere
on the Atlantic” He had only a few minutes to catch his train he said and
had merely dropped in for a cup of coffee He politely declined the invita-
tion of Mr Aswell to be his guest at dinner
“Lookee here” said the Louisiana member to the waiter "don’t you ever
do that again You caused me to lose my temper for the first time in four
The waiter promised he never again would permit himself to be caught
doing anything that could be construed as a reflection upon the uniform of
the navy or the army
Fault of the Light
James had been playing late and
was just about to wash his hands as
he was required to do before coming
to the table when he saw his father
filling his plate and as he was par-
ticularly hungry He looked at his
hands dubiously and decided they
might pass muster so he took his
place determined to run the risk of
Ills sister Mary observed the omis-
sion almost at once and said: “Why
James look at your hands ! They’re
not clean”
“Oh yes they are Mary” he replied
He considered them a moment "If
they look dirty It’s Just the way the
light strikes them on this white tablecloth”
As He Heard It
Little Raymond returned home from
Sunday school In a very joyous mood
“Oh mother” he exclaimed as he
entered the house “the superintendent
said something awfully nice about me
In Ids prayer this morning!”
“Isn’t that lovely! What did he say
pet?” questioned his mother
“lie said ‘Oh Lord we thank thee
for food and Raymond’ ” — Harper’s
Arts Club Stirring Things Up at Washington
THE Biblical Injunction to “go to the ant thou sluggard consider his ways
and be wise” has been improved on by Elise DuFour Interpretive dancer j
who in a brief talk to the Arts club advised her auditors also to consider the
ways of the cat the caterpillar the
frog the bean and the birds
“All the world is rhythmic except
man” said Miss DuFour “He alone
Is out of harmony and the rhythmic
dance is the way to put him in tune
We should go to the cat to learn to
loosen tha bones of the spine to the
caterpillar to learn to curl up and un
curl from the center to the frog to
learn the-proper articulation of the
“We should go to the bear to
learn from his easy lope the proper articulation of the hip Joints From the
birds we may learn the flying rhythm and one sings ns one flies There are
many animal rhythms that we might study with much profit”
Miss DuFour was one of three speakers at the Arts club lawn party the
others being Ossip Peraima Russian portrait painter and Edwin Callow
The talk of Mr reralma contained as much patriotism as art and he
made frequent reference to the bonds of fellowship uniting this country and
the new Russia
“This Arts club is a wonderful cradle of progress” snid the Russinn “for
it is a pioneer movement In Washington which has become the capital cf
capitals Washington Is the great Ideal which stands for liberation of op-
pressed peoples America has gone Into the war to help humanity to see
that these great Ideals do not perish”
Retort Vigorous
Husband — This pie Is stale
eat It It is yesterday’s
Wife — Yes dear and if you don't eat
It today It will be tomorrow’s — Indian-
apolis News
The happiness of some people de-
pends upon their ability to make oth-
ers unhappy
Tulsa Okia newspapers employ
girl reporters Men all away to war
Try a dish of
Post Toasties
with cream
for lunch
onjiot days
Patent Fire Extinguisher Played No Favorites
rHE experiences of Charlie Chaplin in the movies didn’t hnve anything on
an incident on Fourteenth street between G street and New York avenue
I won’t A cigarette butt carelessly thrown from un upper window had become in-
trenched in the awning in front of a
cigar store and was throwing up quite
a little smoke
Dashing out of the door of the
cigar store came one of the clerks
carrying one of these patent fire ex-
tinguishers that go to work as soon
as its top is turned where the bottom
usually Is In his haste gripping the
top and bottom the young man hap-
pened to turn the extinguisher over
and the fun began
The crowd that had gathered got
Is her hair If yours is streaked with
ugly grizzly gray bulrs use “La Cre-
ole” Hair Dressing and change It in
the natural way Brice $100 — Adv
The Quicker Method
“Moike Ol was just thlnkin’ Sup
pose Oi had a fit an’ yez had a pint
of whisky would yez kneel down un'
put the bottle to me lips?”
“Oi would not”
“Yez wouldn’t?”
“No Ol could bring yez to yer fate
quicker by standin’ up in front of yez
an’ drlnkin’ it mesilf”
For genuine comfort nnd lasting pleas-
ure use Red Cross Rail Blue on wash day
All good grocers Adv
“An old bachelor through no fault
of bis was looking at a little baby
and was expected to admire It of
“Well Mr Blinklns” said the proud
young mother expectantly “is It not
very lovely?”
“Yes — er — that is to say — er — um —
about how old must a baby be Mr
Tompkins before it begins to look
like a human being?” — Pearson’s
To Drive Out Malaria
And Build Up The System
Take the Old Standard GROVE’S
TASTELESS chill TONIC You know
what you are taking as the formula is
printed on every label showing it is
Quinine and Iron in a tasteless form The
Quinine drives out malaria the Iron
builds up the system 6o cents
A Poser
“Nature abhors a vacuum”
“Then why is the inside of the pump-
kin hollow?”
You can sometimes judge a man’s
ability by the number of relatives he
has to keep
Net Contents 15Pluid Drachm'
I alcohol-3 per cent
J AVeetaWe FrcparafionforAs
' sinuiatingthelood by Regula-
tinglhcStomadis and Bowels®
““ "gfc
- C
i Thereby Promoting Digestion
Cheerfulness and RcstContains
neither OpiumMorphine nor
Mineral Not Narcotic
Jtccipe af OldDeSASIXlEE
Jhtmpktn SttU
jUx Senna
JbcfwU Salt
h’arwi Seed
frirtryTm FUeor
A helpful Remedy for
Constipation and Diarrhoea
I and Feverishness and
! Loss of Sleep
resuttin g thcrefrom-in Intafly-Fac-Simile
The Centaur Gowpan
For Infants and Children
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Bears tlio
Exact Copy of Wrapper
For Over
Thirty Years
©if ‘SI
259 Miles
Per Gal of Gas
234 stock model Saxon “Sixes” travel 70200 miles July
18 and set grand average of 259 miles per gal of gas
To give a national demonstration
of the remarkable gasoline econ-
omy of Saxon “Six” 234 Saxon
dealers joined in a 300 mile drive
July 18
A grand average of 259 miles per gal-
lon of gasoline was registered for the
70200 miles of travel
Consider that this run took place In 234
different parts of the country under 234
different sets of conditions over 234 dif-
ferent kinds of roads
Consider that these 234 cars were stock
model Saxon “ Sixes ” not “ tuned up ”
special cars not cars with “doped”
That proves that this 259 miles per
gallon of gasoline is the ordinary the
average performance of 234 Saxon
“Sixes” taken right out of stock
And it proves as nothing else would
prove the gasoline economy your Saxon
“Six” will give you No other car in
its class can match this record
Furthermore these 234 Saxon “Sixes”
averaged 175 miles per quart of oil
And not a single instance of mechanical
trouble occurred throughout the entire
70200 miles
There is the proof that Saxon “Six” is
your kind of a car Price f o b Detroit
Saxon Motor Car Corporation Detroit
Corroborative Evidence
“That girl has such an open
“I should say sol She never shuts
a generous sprinkling but the first full force of the discharge took a colored
porter in the eye A grandmotherly woman who wanted to see all the fun
and yet not suffer herself had the quick wit to open her umbrella and use It
Indian fashion as a shield
In attempting to direct the hose at 'the burning awning the young man
turned It directly at a group gazing down from a window
Then he let It flop back and It knocked a cigar out of the mouth of a
customer just coming from the cigar store When be had finally extinguished
the incipient blaze be was nonplussed as to how to shut off the flow and In
Juggling the extinguisher gave himself an inverted ahower bath which he
took with a sangfroid that pleased the crowd and be got a "band”
But there was one person In the crowd that couldn't see anything funny
la the Incident That was a summer girl whose gorgeous purple silk hosier
were well sprinkled She threatened to tell the police
but like counterfeit money the Imita-
tion has not the worth of the orlglnaL
Insist on “La Creole” Hair Dressing—
It’s the original Darkens yonr hair In
the natural way bnt contains no dye
Price $L0O — Adv
Extent of Sympathy
“The young man’s story was a very
affecting one Didn’t he touch you?”
“lie did — for five dollars”
The Acid Test
Edith — Josephine sings a lot when
Mr Spooner Is calling on her
Marie — Trying to test his love I suppose
A woman's idea of religion Is to have
kindly thoughts of her rival
The criminal judge may be a man of
few words but cot of short sentences
$1000 money order buys 100 shares of Bed
Rock Oil A Gas Stock 150 advance ef-
fective September 1st If you want tn on
ground floor get in now $1 00 par value
share 10c 14 cash in 30 days other 4
to come out of your first dividends Leases
in North liealdton and Fox Field flowing
well in half mile of us: about four miles
from Gipsy Company’s big 18 million feet
gas well and 600 bbh oil well Looks like
a sure thing with us to get the liquid gold
That is why we are willing to take jour
last 14 payment in dividend money We
feel sure it is coming Oklahoma is the
greatest oil state m America and you have
oniy a few daya to buy the shares at this
price before the r: References First
State Bank Wilkin Hale State Bank Ok-
lahoma City Bed Rock Oil A Gas Go-
611 Seventy Bldg Oklahoma City Okia
T J W allace Brea— Adv
The world pays s man big money
for minding bis own business but few
men seam to realize It
Not Stingy
“If you 'kiss me I shall call auntie”
“Well I guess I can spare her a lit-
tle kiss too”
but possessed by few — a beautiful
bead of hair If yeurs Is streaked with
gray or is barsh and stiff you can re-
store it to its former beauty and lus-
ter by using “La Creole” Hair Dress-
ing Brice $100 — Adv
If you can't keep up with the pro-
cession don’t ask the parade to stay
back with you
Nowadays the average small boy’s
ambition is to ride horseback for n
moving picture show
When Your Eyes Need Care
Try Murine Eye Remedy
V P i ftru f — J in ofa M M
lri u r Mm Wrta FfM Anrk

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