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"Ho and wttlwutp rompting of the sis-
ter who looked up ironi her book to
Beady to Go Horn.
"Yea sir I was in Miss Dunn's rmm.
I WM thr yesterday when man came
to the door. Teacher was just k"'iiiik
; rdy to tell us we could go home ami
were all in our seats when a nun
came up in the hall. I just saw part of
him standing there. He said (or her U
' "We was waitin' to n home and
watching teacher. The man said "Come
on up to M's Couch's room' an' I didn't
hear what she says hut she went out of
the door into the hull.
Heard Shot.
"I didn't see anything None of us
'did. We was just waiting to ro home
and the (firls were whispering and some
of the boys in the baik of the room
was standing up and laughing. I heard
the gun shoot and we all kept still.
"It was all quiet a minute and thru
someone out iit.the hall screamed and
some of us perked out. We all Knt
kinda excited an' M's Leslie rome vrr
from her room across the lull and dis-
missed us.
"1 saw Miss Dunn nn the floor. The
man had shot her. She was covered up
and we didn't ko near when we went
Almost Saw Shooting.
Tjvenia Itier. 7 years old. almost saw
the shooting. She was column up from
the basement to no to her seat in Mrs
Leslie's room when the killing of Miss
Dunn occurred.
This morning she was telling her
mother and a visitor how it happened
She lives at .124 Fast 1 avenue.
"No sir I did'! see anything I
heard it though" she explained.
After a pause to nibble at a piece of
bread and butter sugar covered as she
stood at the table in the little kitchen
llvenia went on with her story.
"I was just coming up from the base-
ment and was climbing up slow like
because it was almost time to let out
when I heard something loud. That
was when the 'man killed Miss Dunn.
Was Frightened.
"I was kinda scared but ran up to
the hill quirk V see what happened.
Tht teachers were coming out of their
rooms and some of the boys and girls
were looking out. Then thek took Miss
Dunn away.
"I didnt' sre who shot Miss Dunn
but I guess a man did. Some man
was mad at her and done it."
Kuth Brewster another pupil of Miss
Dunn who lives with Mrs. M. 1. lloon
at 401 Kast 11 avenue was standing
near the door of Jfie schoolroom yes-
a -
terday when the man who killed the
teacher came up.
Going to Stats.
"We had been reading out of our
hooks and was just going to our seats
when the man came to the door." she
said today. "We stopped to see who
it was ami teacher looked around.
" I he man stood there without com-
ing in and said for Miss Dunn to come
m out. Miss Dunn said. 'No.' and
then the man said something else but
I d'dn't hear because I went on to my
"'I hen Miss Dunn went to thp door
and said something that we couldn't
hear and 'walked out Then we beard a
pun mi and we all jumped.
looked out and saw Miss Dunn m the
floor but was stared to look at lier
"Why did The Man do it'" the chil-
dren are asking. The slawr iv not
spoken of as a man when tlics talk of
omjin a-K questions tie v llie.M.in.
Ihftyyn killed Teacher and there will
be no school (or the rest of tins week.
Armed Men Guard
Train of Potatoes
liKKKI.Y Col.. Jan. l- (iuards are
riding in every car of a special train of
forty five cars loaded with potatoes
which today is speeding eastward The
value of the shipment is set at $.15.(100.
It is made up of extra choice tubers
loaded from points in this district.
Three men participated in the ship-
ments. The guards' are required to trnl
stoves which have been placed in rvrtv
car to prevent the shipment frreriiiK
as Well as to prevent pilfering from the
cars. Portions id the shipment are
bound for Kansas City and various
northern anil eastern points.
Salvarsan May Be
Cure for Paresis
IV YORK Salvarsan adminis-
tered directly into the inner cavity of
the brain may become one of the most
advanced ami hopeful methods of ar-
resting the destruc tive process of pare
sis officials of the New York post-
graduate medical school and hospital
announced last night. Their conclu-
sion they sard was based on a num-
im r ;i t Ain iiiiems made at the hos-
pital. Happy Thought.
What's the sense of getting sore?
Don't be a hangnail.
I - A- J
II J7i
F you paid for
things accord-
in to the pleas-
ure they gave
tobacco an'
books would cost
a lot mo1 than
JUST fill a
pipe with
draw in the cool
mild smoke
that's so fragrant and
rich that
But what's the use trying
to describe a taste? Take
our word for VELVET
lonp; enough to try a
pipeful. You won't need fj
to lake anybody's word 1
aiicr mai
to .
t V irs-j yv-i' .1:
I he above is a picture of John M. ("ouch suspected of being the man who
shot and killed Miss Nellie Dunn school teacher in the Wheeler school building
ami Kowland Williams musician in the lattrr's studio yesterday morning Couch
is holding his daughter. Mary 10 years old. who is a pupil in Wheeler school.
Her mother Mrs Mary D. Couch is principal of the school. She was divorced
from Couch. Miss Dunn was primary teacher at Wheeler.
i is A
vi II a
4 r. ii
Fewer Accidents
After Trainmen
Taught Politeness
M-.W YORK Jan. 1Q.-Marked di-
minution in minor trolley car arri-
dents within the last few weeks within
that section of Long Island traversed
by the New York K (Jueens l.lectric
company is attributed largely to the
training received in the "politeness
school" recently established by the rail-
way company. An official said today
that this alone would more than pav
the expenses f.f the school which ap-
proximated $'.lm. Altogether (50 em-
ployes received an average of three les-
sons each in politeness ami special at-
tention was paid to giving finishing
touches to the conductors.
Illinois Theater Burned.
S WANS' MI III l.oi iot....
totaling' about $751X10 were caused by
a fire discovered about midnight which
destroyed the Fulrath's opera house. A
cigaret stub dropned in the lobby was
believed to have been responsible.
Meeting of Duma Postponed.
LONDON. Jan. 1') -According to the
Knssiau etni-of(icial news bureau a.i
official ukase has been issued setting
the date for the convening of the dunvi
and the council of the empjre for Feb-
ruary 27. A former ukase fixed the
date as January 25.
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
. Is.
Any Overcoat
in the House
Belt-backs loose backs
A mighty fine chance to
save some real money
and drest better.
Hallet & Davis
;j- -.
Mahogany case 88-note
player good tone umtl
about two years sold new
for $700. Bench unvrf
18 rollH niUHic includetl at
above price.
$25 cash $10 month
Music Co.
221 W. Main
Teutons Confer
on Food Problem
LONDON. Ian. I'l -Premier ( lain-
Martmic of Austria and (ieneral Hoe-
fer bead f the Austrian war feeding
department have hdd a conference on
the food problem with Chancellor von
Hcthiuaiin llollweg Foreign Secretary
irnmermann and Adolf liarkoti. con-
troller according to a llavas dispatch
to the K.xchange Telegraph comiany.
I he conference was mainly concerned
with economic questions although it is
understood the question of peace was
extens'ively discussed.
The Berlin Vorwaerls says that four
miners' federations have telegraphed
the war feeding department protesting
against the reduction of weekly potato
rations from five to three pounds. The
telegrams say that turnips are not a
substitute for potatoes and 'ask the de-
partment to resume the previous allowance.
Special Exercises in Many
States for General
ATLANTA (la.. Jan. 19.-The 1 1 ( t Ii
anniversary of the birth of (len. Hubert
K. Lee was celebrated throughout the
South today with special exercises in
many cities and towns. Joint memorial
celebrations under the auspices of the
United Confederate Veterans and the
United Daughters of the Confederacy
were held.
Legal Holiday.
The day is a legal holiday in deorgia
North ( sroliha and Virginia.
In Wilmington N. C the birthdays
of (Ieneral Lee and (ieneral Stonewall
Jackson were celebrated jointly.
The anniversary of the birth of (ien-
eral Jackson is to days later than that
of (ieneral Lee hut in North Carolina it
is customary to observe both on the Lee
Florida Banks Open.
For the first time m many years state
and national hanks of Florida did not
observe the birthday anniversary of
Robert K. Lee. The dav always has
been observed as a legal holiday by the '
banks but the situation brought on by
the closing of the Heard National bank
and the First Germania State bank of
Jacksonville prompted the banks to open
today as usual.
'FEDERAL officers
P inn i Tiirski rnnru
will i unn isuuin
rnttnnfd tram ! On. I
ernoon are Mr. and Mrs. Tracey I'.
I'ritcher of Parsons Kan. son in-law
and daughter of the deoeased and Mrs
J. K. Whildon of Heloit Kan. a sister.
Kev. W. H. 1) I'reh is the officiat-
ing minister at the ' services and the
lorsl lodge of Flks of which fraternity
Mr. Williams was a member is taking
a part in the obsequies.
It was announced from the Marshall
St Harper parlors where the body of
Miss Nellie M. Dunn lies this after-
noon that no arrangements hail yet
been made for her funeral.
Funeral services over the body yf
Miss Nellie Dunn probably will be held
Sunday afternoon it was announced
this afternoon. Relatives from Joplin
Mo. are due to arrise in the city late
this afternoon.
Madansky Bros are
coming to this city.
IN fact they're here right now
working early and lute to have Ok-
lahoma's finest store for men and boys
ready for you March 1st.
THAT'S the secret we prom-
ised to tell you. Madansky Brothers
will crown their success by Riving you
the finest store of its kind in the South-
west. In fixtures methods merchan-
dise and store service it will be a step in
advance of any store you know.
THIS will be YOUR pisn of
pood clothes for men and boys:
Auto Truck for PurcelL
ri'RC'F.LL Okla.. Jan. -(Special )
The first auto truck for Purcell will
soon be fitted out by J. R. McDonald
tinner He has bought an Overland
and will make thetruck nut of tt.
Attorney Given High Post.
HOUAK I Okla. Jan !-(Sperial.)
-Leon Keys an attorney of this city
has been appointed general attorney for
the Central States Life Insurance com-
pany with headquarters in Oklahoma
I ii v.
fnttnM(l tram Fan Ob.)
operations for the (iermsn ships a
portion of the I!iaihai UVy is ma-
neuvering off that counlry.
Americans on Board
Captured Ship Safe
WASH I NUT ( N. Jan 19 -Nine
Americans were members of the crew
of the Itritish ship St. Theodore taken
by the (ierman raider and landed with
other survivors at Pemauibui o on the
Japanese ship Hudson Marti. Consul
Stewart today reported they were all
safe and that sn far as reputed no other
Americans were on the other ships.
Cable From Consul
The state department todav made
public the following cable from the
consul dated January 18 and received
this morning:
"Hudson Maru brought J.7 St Theo-
dore crew List shows Americans Hen
Stevens ROVal (.regory Frank Ma-
gee. David Johnson K. Judy (all col-
ored) and Fred Smith Harry 1'ieot
itiv Vondrrn. Mmieh shows Charlie
Jones. No Americans on other vrssels
named All nine safe here. Survivors
Male that Varrnwdalr. deorgic. Mount
Temple. Voltaire Simwden Range
King (ieorge one Fnglish sihooner
and one Norwegian were captured nn
December 2 when ptise ere and 41
were tuced on Varrowdale and not
heard from since."
Second Dispatch.
Another dispatch from Mr. Stewsrt
dated January Id aid received here
January 17 says : ' .
"t rews of St Theodore Dramatist
Radnorshire Minie.h Netherby Hall
Nantes and Asnieres arrived today.
Several Americans. Reports no lives
The department also received a cable
from Consul ( ieneral (lottschalk at Rio
Janeiro containing substantially the
same farts as were contained in the
reports from Consul Stewart with the
exception that (lottschalk places the
date of the rapture of the St. Theo-
dore as January 7 and the sinking of
the Miulch as January 9.
Wheeler School
Is Closed
There is a tomb-like stillness about
the Wheeler school today where on yes-
terday the tragic murder of Miss Nel-
lie M. Dunn first grade teacher was
Out of respect for the memory of the
dead teacher and her sister Mrs. Mary
D. Couch principal of the school J. V
Whileford city superintendent ordered
the closing of the school for today.
Sessions of the school will start regu-
larly again Monday morning.
Second Charge
Is Delayed
The warrant charging John M.
Couch with the murder of Rowland D.
Williams which Charles H. Selby
county attorney said he would issue
today has not been made out this aft-
ernoon. Mr. Selby has been busy all
morning in another rase.
the number will be 225-27 W. Main St.
(Opposite Kerr's.)
WE believe the opening of
" this big store will mark a new era
for the men and boys of this city. It will
mean the use of newer and better meth-
ods of merchandising of belter store
service of hipher ideals of business.
WE believe Oklahoma City
J hflS hppn wnitincr fnr inat a
... - - . . ....... V JM'ly HVIV sa 1
Wjt'll ..... .. I.
new store in Sunday papers.
The automobile show headquarters
moved to the Auditorium building to-
dav. The carpenters and electricians
will start to work tomorrow installing
the decorations and fixtures.
The principal work of construction
will be the stage for the fashion show.
Ibis stage will be large enough to
accommodate twelve living models. Tha
Kerr. Rorabaugh-llrown and Scott-
Halliburton firms are providing the
models and the dresses. This attrac-.
tion will start every night at 8 .V)
o'clock lasting half an hour.
Colds Causa Headache and Crip.
moves cause. There is only one "Bro-
no 0"miiie." ' K. VV. dROVK'S signa-
ture on box. 25c Adv.
i-l .
Vital Statistics
Marrlidt Llctnset.
Jnhn W. Htsnlev. 43 ymrs old nd
Wllllo Heott. U r old lioth of Co-
mncti Itc.y n. Wnlllnjr. J seam old. Orn. and
Mury J. Happlniton ?J years old Crady.
I.lovd Sapplnatnn. 2F yer old Orailv
and Mue l.llleral ii yrara old. Oklahomn
. Births.
Mr. and Mrs Fieuel Cook 1121 West
Main aireot. buy.
Mr and Mrs II. K. Hradhurn Ml Kail
Tenlh alreet. girl.
Mr and Mrs JTK. Bahler. hoy.
Mrs. Sarah King.
Ilndv of Mra. Harsh Klna who died at
7 1 ft West Seventh alrrel Wdneaday.
as sent thla mrnln( ly 1'errlne 47
llnhn In I-ak Charlaa. 1a her hnms
for Inti-rnient. Itnlmrt King. Jr. Inia-
I'hiicI ir tha dceraaed accompanied I tm
ASTHUA sufferers!
A Nsw Horn Curt That Anyone. Can Us
Without Discomfort or Lota of Tlmo.
U t tiavt Sam Method that eurtt
Aithina and wt want you to trr It at
our eipena. No matter whether your
ctaa la of long tUndlng or recent dxvel-
opmtnt whethar It It praatnl at oora-
atonal or ehronlo Aathma you should
arnd tor tree trla of our nt.lhod No
maltar in what ellmalt you llvt nu mat-
tar what your if or oeeuptthin. If you
art ttduhlnd with asthma our mat hud
should twllavt yl aromptly.
Wt tapwlaltjr wtnt to aend It ta ths
apparently hnpele.a oaaaa whort all
forma of tnhalaia dnuchta opium pra-
Raratlnns tums "pottnt amokr" rte.
avt tallod. Wt srtnt to show tvtryont
at our own espans. that thla new math
ml It designed to tnd til difficult breath-
ing til whetting and all thnaa tatrlhlt
tarnstms at rmrt and for all time.
Thla fret nffer l ton Important to
neglect tingle dny Wrltt now and
then begin tha method at onct. tSuid no
money. Hlmply mall coupon btlo. Do
It today.
A Mtgat tnd tludaon Hit.. Hufftlo
N. T.
Send fret trial of your mtthod ta:
Tht Dlffar.net Batwaan tht Resigned Smile and the Smllt of Indomitable Pur.
post Is tht Difference- Bttwetn Falhirt and Success.
Had His Pocket Picked While
Listening to the Spellbinder
Some piano deals that have been
pulled off make ua think of the man
who lost his money while looking
at nomething else. Quite often a
smooth sliding price secret com-
mission paying dealer will so dis-
tract a customer with his blarney
that he will sell a small quality
piano at a high price.
Such a dealer can often price a
piano $100 higher than even his
high price by adding $5 to the ac-
tual cost in making a showy case.
That price is so hig that it often
pays a big secret commission to the
"friend" whose influence brought the
customer in. The money comes out
of the customer's no-ket even
though a special inside prire is
bhVhKh but anyway it's better
to le safe than sorry. At JENKINS
just look for the piano that best
suits you. You know the price is
the lowest that no one takes part of
jour money in commission.
Besides JENKINS Has the Best Line of Pianos
STF.INWAY Standard of the World famous W'F.HrR STFfK STBirii
and among alt these the world renowned CHlCKF.KINti. '
Call or Writa
Southwtststa Dis-
tributors for the
Genuine Pianola
223 Main St.
Oklahnm. rtl-
- - v.. J
OONSJYUSir Ct Oklahoma
ii nr
Prlooo Smaohod
Men's Clothing
flrealest rnliten on earth for tht
money. to $u.M ng i00.
s.t '.':y..;.':o."... H5.oo
Cholea of any 116.00" tlOCA
to lno milt Itt.OU
tlintee nf any I2 MS tmtVs
In 11600 Null sf 1U.W
to iloon Hum worth a treat rlnsl
more. w .OM oul al gM
to 1 Ofl your rttolet.
Boy's Suiti
IV 60 Hoy a" t ns
Hulla .SfO
is no noya'
szv.:. $2.s
221-223 Wst Grand
Men's Trousers
Ooot lint of Men's Trouaera now
seiti fr Inat thin tht tctuai
hnleeala roel
I' 00 Trouaera
IS 00 Trousers
M 00 Trouttrt for
11 16 Trousers

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