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Old Photographs of
Present Residents
i ; Ettinning Tomorrow New
Method Is to Be Adopted
i- Starling tomorrow morning a justice
t of the Mice will hold cmtrt in the mu
.v i iticital courtroom from 8 o'clock in the
i morning until II o'clock at night every
-. v nl th LrV evi-ent Sllllrluv Illt-
ferent justices are to take regular terms
Mayor and Selp? Agree.
This step was agreed upon hy Mayor
ijverholser and Charles B. ielhy conn
.; ty attorney this morning a the best
.v war to limolifv the court muddle.
I .. ; Jostiee A. T. Earley will Mart the
. ; system He will open court tomorrow
1. 1 . morntn lointlv with Judge M. U Sim
t I ' . ler of the police court. Justice f . F.
! 5 "' Martin will help preside Monday. T. F
" Donnell Tueidav. O. I.. Prire Wednes-
': f " day and Rohert W. Mauoin Friday.
l r Pirat Jury Vagraner Conviction.
. p.- ' The first jury conviction on a police
. vagrancy arrest was obtained vestcr
i ( -.- day before Justice Martin. A jury of
f ' . business men was picked tin from the
' streets hy a deputy sheriff. Mrs. Anna
Rurlesnn the accused was sentenced to
'thirty day in the county jail.
4 " "
(CMtlmied fram rit Onp.t
1 emergency expenditure. Manv of
these have been caused by the Mexi-
can situation.
- The treasury hat received authority
from Previous acts of comrress to issue
Panama bond and about $240.0W)Of0
-. of these are available. They would bear
i percent.
' Plana for raising other revenue are
' understood to include the income tax.
an inheritance tax and special taxes on
internal revenue ajid imports.
The iMitit rVres differ according
; to conQesicnai(ind administrative at-
' titudes. Secretary McAdon estimated
in his annual report the deficit in the
.; working balance of the tfeasury on June
1918. at JI85.5&J.0OO which accounts
t for appropriations expended combined
with the left-over balance. The con-
f gressional appropriations committees
; basing their estimates upon the actlrtl
' appropriations without regard to wheth-
rr the executive departments snend all
or part of the appropriations figure
- $JM.2r.o54 as the deficit.
The outstanding interest-hearing debt
of the United States June JO last as re-
ported to congress hv Secretary Mc-
Adon amounted to fJ7l.5o2.S90. F.xrlu-
i ive of postal savings bonds one year
treasury notes and conversion bonds
till sis made tin of $ll84ff).W0 4 per-
; rents; $njY45 4ffl. .1 percents fdue in
' 1I8); AVSWSW percents (due in
! 1930 ; S84.UI.tttt Panamn bonds bear-
h. ing 2 percem and $V.rH)0n0O Panama
3 percents. imiUr to those to be is-
j atted.
FflR kpfakpr nr
(rMtlaiicd frani I'aga Out.) j
on their petition. 'I here are eighty-1
. five democratic members of the huue. !
forty-four votes being necessary t
be caucus choice. i
Representative Travis F. llensley of
Canadian county regarded by his sup-
porters as a formidable candidate for
ipeaker is being mentioned for the '
post ot speaker pro tempore of the
house in the event he is unsuccessful
in his rice for speakership. Represent-
ative Hensley declared this' morning
that he would not agree to permit him-
self or his friends to combine to
"crush" any candidate in the race.
- Two in Senate Race.
The fight for president pro tempore
Of the senate appears to have narrowed
doro to between Sen. W. A. Chase of
.Nowata and Sen. C. V. Board of Oke-
mah. They have been in the city for
the past two days in the interest of
tkeir candidacy. Sen. V. J. Risen of
Hooker the other candidate has not
reached the capital.
Friends of Sen. W. M. Rickel of Alva
are boosting him for senate democratic
caucus chairman. No one else has been
All members of (he state board of
affairs were in the new apito tins
morning personally supervising the
ork of arranging the legislative
chamber to receive the lawmakers. All
talk of adjourning the session or of
holding the meeting down town has
aiea away
r " . u m
Ne. 60.
The picture vestenlav was that of
W. I) (iaiilt. who came here in 188').
Mr. dault's father was first mayor f
Oklahoma City. The son was uuminal-
eil by the democrats in 1IS for may-
or but ho was defeated hy Mayor
( (vcrlHikrr in the general election lie
was niK.igrd in lis' lumber business
here for iniinv ve.irs hut now devotes
his iitnr to (he real estate business.
Today's 'picture K of a man who has
been active in political sotial and bus
iness circles for many years. We'll
tell you 'omorrow who he is.
VIRGINIA. Minn.. I)fi. JV.-Six in-
diistrial Workers of ilirVurld are un
der arrest here today for alleged activ-
ity in connection with the picketing of
the mills rif the Virginia and Kainey
Lake 1. umber company a( which a strike
was declared yesterday to enforce a de
mand for better waes and promise
from the employers not to discrimiiiat ;
aCiiiust tin members of I lie Industrial
Workers ot the World.
The Quinine Ttist Does Not Affect The
Ttecause of its' Ionic nod laxative effect
Laxative !tromo (jiiinine rait-he taken
hy anyone without causing nervousness
or ringing in the head. There is onlv
one"Bromo Ouinhie " L W. (iROVE'S
signature orr box. 25c. Adv.
Ptotect Our Daughters. Adv.
UbQf Con 1
Vital Statistia
ICarl Marrh IJ year old.' unit rtrim
usnnMra yera old. both nf Dutlil.nii
S R. Noal. It m old Kan Si.
nd Kihal UennrritM. il
VMri old anil
years old both
Catla R Niul S
i Taa
fss DM. ruKhlo. t'ol.
WlUtam r. Rraiihiiry 4
Mattta M. Ritrbridct 41
" Hawk. 47 vaara i
X -A Thorp II tears old
. ' VI.
Ton ran av ninney on erylhlnf
fin buy at Hit "Mmtl " Juki com-
tHr Ihooe prices with IhiHie vnu hv
px Id elaewhcre. All Mniiirf (iknI
fainlllHr nmnrii In evt-rvhorty I'arcsl
pot preplit on oot-of-tnwn urtrs.
I'lH'NK WAI.. iM.
II n Wine of I'Hnliil Sic
1100 rliiHhNin i f I 'umii sac
il (M I'erunn . aSc
SI Ail ('alflMU'i Mnii l'ln nc
II U H. K. H l. SO
lino Krhman Allerallve SIM
13.10 NeHlli- Kuoil f S
Lin Horll. k b Mllr.l Milk ).0
rfMITONir .r IVnmm'i nii u
Hie he( reinnl tonic unit regulator
It liulldn nil gives trenaih. Ilirrc
lltn npiielttp irRiilstra Hi niennea and
lit eii'cl.illy remiiimeiirteit and guar
nliif.'it for Hie many wesknenaea and
cnniiilftlnU peculiar to women.
4 rtnii-n Vhtnolai tifars
I no lllokl Carcara I'llla.
4 na. t.yml.
4 o Camplior
J (linen fn-rln
Menthnlniiim 20e.40e
Take Po-Do-Tonc
The tiest ptotnarh. liver and kidney
reninlj for thai alrk heartaili and
I lied sttirn-oiit frpllng
Kltk'P 'omiwiind fViugh Hvnip has
ruled ilorp i-ure s III ruia her all
iitlH'm f h it riolil on a guarantee
The Model Drug
and Jewelry Co.
in Wmi Grand.
l(Mlla1 fraaa Om.)
federal council (tot into communication
with the American government in order
to learn if the latter intended to do any
thine in favor of peace and simply re
ceived a copy of the note at the same
time as the belliaerents. The coun
cil has decided to support the note in
spired by an ardent desire to see a
termination sapidly put to the suffering
caused by inis terrible war.
"I do not know what-will be the fate
of the neutral proposals and in any
case Switzerland has no intention. of nv
terfering with the affairs of the bellia
erents. Itut she considers it her duty
to make known to them that she is
teady to help to exchange views in the
event ol its seeming desirability.
Reolv of Turkey
Reaches Caoital
WAMtlMilUN Dec. Turkey s
reply to President Wilson's peace note
was received toilav at the slale ilenart.
mem. It substantially is the same as
Ctertnany and Austria s.
This was the only development here
toaay in the peace movement.
Officials carefnllv uatrlieH ilie tnr
eimi nress comtnenl ami were intreieH
iii the announcement that the reply of
tne .allies to the original derman pro
pnsats was reany.
Lilltil the allies renlv lltn In Preii
(lent Wilson's note no move by this
government is at all likely. Mean-
while the announced policy of silence
New Federal Discount Rites
ST. LOUIS.1 Dec. 29.-Discount rates
of .Hi. 4 and A' oerreut uere an
noiinred today by the federal reserve
J'rices good to January 3 1917
subject to market changes.
8(4 Ih. Sacks C'ornmeal each 2Jc
.'4 lb. Sack Heliotrope 11.25
48 Ih. .Sack Heliotrope I2.4J
.'4 lb. Sack Omco 1.20
48 lb. Sack Omco 2J5
fount ry tggs per do 40c
So. I Storage K.ggs (good for
cooking) doren 3Jc
Meadow Gold Butter lb 33c
(rape Nuts per pkg tic
Puffed Wheat per pkg tic
Ked Star Panrake Flour 3 for JSe
tiood Head Hire Ih.. 6c
Buy Grapefruit hy tbe Dotea
S4 Sue Florida Russet Grape-
fruit per doren It. to
54 Site Grapefruit beautiful
large ripe stock 4 for....37o
80 Sire Grapefruit (bright yel-
low! doien 70c
I ancy Large California
Oranges doien....30c and 33c
fomb Honey per square I3e
7 Bars Lenox Soap for 25e
Six 5c (iold Dust 2Sc
Two 2Sc (iold Dust 33e
J5c pkg. Pearline each 13c
liens Hresh Bulk Umkies
2 lbs. for $Se
liens Fresh Bulk Cookies
rr peck 43c
3Sc Durkey's Salad Dressing
Jx Lea & Perrin's Sauce
per iMittle
Standard Canned Corn can ..10c
tiood fanned Pumpkin 2 for 23e
New Fliike" Hominy. 10 lbs.. 30c
New Hominy Grits 6 lbs for 23c
Meat Market Specials
Leg.of Lamb lb....... JOc
Lamb Chops lb 20c
Shoulder of lamb Ih i;s
Short Kibs of Beef lb I0c
Pine Pork Sausage lb Joe
Fresh Dressed Turkey Hens
Fryers and Ducks.
Dressed Kabbits each .... joe
-2 for JSe
Buy a Whole or Half Cheese
We have fancy Small Whole
I heecs at ..jac
Qualify Grcccry
Thiee Phones WaL 2M-29S-I30
IT yr olit.'O.rlH. and
- IN.l- tr old and Julia
r J'I r -t II years old t'lilcaao
i-d'rw 0u"B "
I K 'at; ilrl.
) f. I I Mra W. B. filler. Wrat
. I I
r raaaalet
-iJt. Crastforsl. 4
DatN. '
IM Unuth Walker v.
dat nld. in
I -. ' V Jt yeara ld died at
! 4 .1 1 tasVirtiit. Tha ood
'l A V Ca-f. OUm. lar tnttr-
k hm m lucsaaar.
s- i i ' e w
a t r
. ' i o s easiaen ave
' ' Nl te4
rl . aaaamd
t L V'
" -
i -i ' s ' v 1 ' ss l.-"rnui pprrvs
i a i i i a
The Local Building and
Loan Aobociation
Ihh lanejKMore Than
$600000 During 1916
Hundreds of homes have been built
through the Local. Why not yourt?
Get your lota then call the Local.
Tb Lccol
MAi Ci kon Asscchfoa
Phone W.4CD
ill N. Robinson
Attend the sale that has "something to it" because the "B. & M"
has thegoods all "labodye-ivoolen-talk" to the contrary notwithstanding
T R O U S E R S I I f
tl.30 Paats r.
1 SUITS ; I j Overcoats
;i.ao raats jJ ( m
t2.00 Paats ""i.ao
2.30 Paati aioo
U.30 Pants
K.QQ Pans
I3J0 Paatf
HOP Paata
6.30 PaaU
7 30 Paats
$15.00 Suita
$16.50 Suit.
$20.00 Suita
$22.50 Suits
. $12.00
. $14.0
X)J0 afacklaawa
' trso Maefcaawa r
130 Maekhiasri . . .
fio.00 MartWwa
. jo.oo
. ." 8.00
$27.50 Suite . . .
$35.00 Suita . .
$40.00 Suits
(Blue Serges Only Excepted)
UK Port' Suits $1.S0
$4C0 Boys' Suits ...?. $3.20
$S.C3 Boys' Suits $4.00
tS& Eort' Sulta -... $4.0
frtotoy?.s?to MO
Boys' Suits W OO
mO Doya' Suits . . $6.80
HftCO Boys' SytU T. k . . . .8.00
$ii.io"Boys' SuiuT .T . . 7. . noToo
VfXOtvf Suite . . .61100
tlU3 Boys' Suite ..$13.10
llsjbBBys' Suite $14.40
616.C0 Boys' Suite . T$14.tO
...v. $26.00
..ii:.M. .$34.00
Bath Robes
$ 1 6.00 OVorcoaU $11.09
616.60 Qyorcoota . . . . .$13.13
$18.80 OsorcooU .$14X0
$20.00 OvorcooU $16.C0
HlOjjrcoots 6S0C3
$30.00 (Korcoaits 634.C3
$38.00 Ovorcoats ItlCT
$40.00 OVorcoata i!L.1JL1i . $32.C0
$48.00 Ovorcoots. $334C3
$80.00 Overcoata ' . .643.C3
t ! --
Smoking Jackets
$4.00 Bath Robaa . . . . .$3.20
$8.00 Both Robaa . . . . 64.00
$6.80 Bath RoU $8 20
$7.60 Both Robos. . ...66.00
UgQ Cath Robaa . . . .6630
$10.00 Cath Roboa. . . $6.00
$12.60 Bath Rsibaa. TjiaOO
U.OO Smoking Jacket.
3.00 Smoklni Jackets
w.oq.Smoilnt Jackets .tti
g?Mr JMittt tm
?:L6y.ouH . Jaeketa ... . . v tttO
jgJ'o''"Uackea ... hit
'J?-!. I jMits
"5?. ""I Jekata
a a savM
J iCps5a.
aal aaaaaaMk Maaaaaaaaaai' ' ' '"aaaaMaSaaaa"-aiaaaaaaMa--'- - - '

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