The Oklahoma Times (Oklahoma City, Okla.), Vol. 27, No. 278, Ed. 1 Saturday, March 4, 1916 Page: 3 of 10

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Splendid Minstrels Here Three Days
Buy a Kodak
ii"' " .ii' h.
t'l.l' ' I 'V. Jlh. I I . I III
li'. I I.. I I Im hi r
I. "I .i . i I i hi v hi. h I.
nil Hi 1". Hi n llli :l K. H'
III. . I I;. I . nil . ilak '
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A 1 1 1 i ii.ii h i. if i . iii will
M n I ii 1 1 ii ii. Ii I. .
I I It' ll 1 I I III I I I I V 1 1 I. Ml II I'.l
iimii h 1 1 1 ' t -1 I . 1 1 in kml;ti lli-
i. 1. 1 Si III f.l i :.i - 1 1 1 1 : 1 1 - M
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n.j :t i t i nil in.: nf I.
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Ill-Mill lli'llll-illr- I I 11 1 Ill's
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Mil I. .1 II I. .. II I .;l I l l . r . I .1
Ml'.. 'I' I ". ll II III il III' I..' ll M
run il iilii.n . .1 i.i i . j. .ii. it ii.n
Till" 11 1 - III' ll tilt! Kill III I In ' ;i
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ttttini i in -lii'l. I. fur" 'hi I ii ii i M
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In. In. I l''litf hl-r l.itihrtl 111- Ann . I. itn Kin. nil' the ii.iv iii. of tin- wiirM hii'I
! tnld thai ii wn mii ii I- in I-'
ii.-. u Ihlnl mnl I. .in Hi" wild " .a
"iiilii our Jitimn" vhu-ti win Tift h I
l.liklllK Km I klKiM li-ilu' Ill til' I l.-ll. l
I illillni; iin.k'i nil Vilinii.1 ll. ii ln r mltl ;
h i nii'il iiul in-ik" i i t'nini-u li'i.ti
1 M " I' ' I'll. lt II ill. '.I U
I '.'' I li'MwjllM"iw ' III ' " - I I'TiTfT '' "'iy
0 I
ft-L I
Store. Closes at 6 P.M.
This evening at 7 the Style
Show and Opening Windows
will be unveiled. 100 feel of
windows on Main Street and
1 10 feet on Harvey.
.i i
ti I...
i -n
r -i . i i' 'im
! : i 1 1 I "t i M Mm-
1 1 .
in i
i . ii
. 'I.
I I l . t : M 1 It- i. If. I ll. u .It ll.
i -. t . . n .-- -.(. I . . il h Jt ii w . n .1 'i -ni
. t I- ni. ii . in I '.i!.h Hi. Mm". I-
fl i.nliiturif on f'HKf I our l
l I.. I I K.I IV
Uini' I. mum ni . .iiniiliitii uill appear i tin- Oii-rlinl-i-r llii-iili-r
NOTE Een after .It eapenenre of nearly a century Co i. not content to puMith .oIrrt;rmrnt. unlet. on the Jery !.!
..ithontntie inform.tion. II... I. on. of .rr.rt of mr...(fi to f.rmer. after .! ng Ir.ctor I.IU.nj to hundred
ol l.rmer. and carrying on a national inTeitig.Uon through our ule. orgasuation and by mail la find the ga. tractor immI. of th. farmer.
i t
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On t .
It I
.1 . I l-l
I .1 . 1
I i ... T.
. i.k ' ..
M.iil.. i I
in. I I I
i t
"I'l.. '
! hi -n I. .1
I lit- f h.
(Ill- III. til I
III II t ll .1
... II.'-
1 I
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li. ll
ii i
1 I.
it Mill.
ti -h
Little Pappas Cafe
"31 N. Broailiiy w 5113
In (ni mi. I in.. i i. -f..t.i
I. IIii.k Ii 11 I .
i .' I i i t h. . h i n
It'i'.l ' If - I t
1 1 1 . i -1 1 1 1 1 . i -1 1
iinl' t - - . 'M. ii
ii-l !- . f . i
On Ir
II- i l.t. I l
l' ' I - 'Hi' k
kill I K 11 .1 I -I I . t . I
I. III. I ' .l l-l . 1 I I
Tin I mil. nut i. .
In In- .1. . I
il. I ... i. . .
In h .i - .i.l 1 . 1 '
' Th. .l - .
i-1. in i n 1 . Ii .
Mi. . I.i In- .
il l. 'II - - Inn I..I '.
-I h. i -.It. ii I.
' n i 1 1. 1 mi. m
im ' hi ml--
'I'ti'it. i -
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.-i In.
I fill!.
.1- I- r
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It i
Model Tailors and Cleaners
I Iranlng AllmtlniM
nit ami
PrriMni ften.mlrlll.f
lirf'N U (Ml NK.IIT
II H.illTllf. rri.
Ill llilnl ni. Maple l
Hi -I In . ii .
.Ii. . 'I I.
III. I III! .Ill
I I. I III. Ill . I I
II. .-. I ll.l
III. II l.
!' ' 1 1 ' I "' ""' ll'r '"I 'h" I. -'II
. 'I I-..M .-I. 11-1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1
I'l 1 1 ' I.I . ' l.lll ' 1 . I'l ..Kf I III
I I ' . i . . i. i 1 1 I. i- !... . . t. ..)
il 1 i i-1 . -
' - '-il 'it- ' . i -i II I . ; i.. ll 1 1 ll
'' -::''' k: ii - ' -I nti-
.1 i '.-l - I.. i!i. i-ll (
-. I- . u Ml i . Int'li nil
l ' ' I - ' I i'l- ' '.in. il . Mil- "I. I hi'
I .-. i - . w ii I I- .i.i-i. - in .nun i r
t : - i in .in . .i i . . .1. . i I . I hi n 1 1 iic
I - . II' i '.f - .'il
' !' I I'1- I'l'hl c
I' I "ll. M l 1. 1.. ...-
. I I .1. In l-l- nil li
b I i:-.k i'l i .' ' 1 1 in
I .. II" Ir "I I " ..f I.. ; . t i I.. tl i ' W llli
i . .i it i i.i n.i t .. k -ni
.1 II l 'I. ' .-I ill- .n.i i.t.'l In
I'l'l t 'i . ni linn j.-. . i.l i l.i-iii.
nful m . tin m.. i. l i ll I Th- ..ii. e
i.l "i. Tim 't nl It'll i-K In. h in. nli
tltil lln l.lll. if Tlli'n tltltlliK tli- fiilf
111 i-lintir fu- '.In i 'Inn.'! nrikl.4 MUfl
l-.-n .'- mnl . ni. i-l t I.i "i.l ..Ii -
t.l" il- tl..-
II - c ! K nf
'nil'- 'I'l' ..I. .1 .. I it. : .inln.K ill
ii'l'- -I t. '. lit ill
i.i 'I.l .. K h"l l"i ' .1"!
' lit. n. 'i i..l Im' it ' I it I . 1 1
"' "'' K I- "I1- I ' - t.l .. I- i it i . i : -
IIU' 1 . 1 1 1 - ll l il I.l l. I K I I I "1 hi llli f
t.i-tiniii i I ii-i . i.l iniiii-i -ninii
I I i I'l " i . i .. ' i iii f.n ni. .in i in -
. i i l. ' i It lit Willi .1 .... Si I II. tl. h-
'I -'.i- 'I i VM.i-i "Ki.Nf
I 'I- i" I I ll" l.t ! in I'i .
I . Km . nit .-.I . I. ii ni .i ir II Ih. III'. I... .mil
I. M -t . i i I '. I '..ll n -
l-l.. i. . I .Ii .n
II '.'I I " Ii - - . t M..t .1 . i in
' " i ' I i. .' -ii. tt. i.lii I'l.. I i
inr.nv ! frrfi-i I
t ' . mi.
ill... Ih !
fet t llrl-H.e lliai t
M lllilil I'rhr
I'mml Allrnllnn ln All Ontrra
W.I M:l. ' 1HI . liHirlli
I In I ..mi. . i
ttn n I fin imii
tl't"l tl tl
I'.itllltii l.i-nl . i
t mi ' lt' tin fiiiint . f
ii ittiili'i fill m i inn ..
Iin-I'innl ; I inl(; u .
t'f "ii klllmir i'(
!'!-'!'-. ii tin ii ll.i.r
f" tnl ml t i id
I"- -.nit ' Ii 1-. l; . ..
'I ' 'it'! n tin iiij .
-I" - I II In .Hi.. v
in. I huh NI . .
l"tM- Hi' I ii ll.
" h 1 1 ' I i
I" ml.
til- t Inn
It'll I I
"-I I. Ih.
III.. '.. II
III ..1 I
I.l II It
It'll I. Ill I
. I I'll
'I" .1 i; i. i.i
hl. .!!!'
'' 'I "
Firlil Mimirrli
1 Ii.-h
-lil. l-ii tin. i.
"'' ''"'I't'i: .hi iii.-hi!
trim mil fii.K iiM
niK I-ll. i tlli'l" ill i ... . ...
W. tl-Autn rlellvry-T04 N. trfi.nw.yl (
1 1 iiln-i. l-llli rt
t. lln- KM- mnl
..I.. .. .. .
iiii . .
Jul. -i ) likl.llliK tin hull (l
llli'lin. lln- iifl. . M
in. tit I llilli-li.l. II.
' '"I"' '" H i" lit nn-
h'K .1 . I-
'' I it .l tin- .
M ... h 1" II
II" I't .!
I i" ''-"l.-i.
" "'' "I "I inf I
-t. tlmy .Iinl
" ' "' "' i I'i'l in
Tin- In .nihil.' i iinl. i ill" in I nt I In l.-l
I H .1 In 1 1... I ' .mil I ii' nilii in lull 111.
in. I.. Ii mill 1 1 1 1 1 i .(.iiiiini; Ttu-i mi-
"'it. mil initlillik nllt Lit; (ill lln ili
tin. i'l Ml' I Hill lln 'nli .1 Mum- -n-i"l
ir. I Tl'.- l'..l I'n.h
SI. "lis .. ' n h I- H) -I II" I l I.-
till ii .1 '".ill i in I In
t-' tl'. Iii ;.. t in . II. I ..I in ' . i i. in
n i h "i Li I lln illini i i nt . In ii-i- li!
- 'i .' nh -l dun . h in Th. ili'il
1 ' ' It 'ti - i t l;itf I . l .n.i in iiuiiii
" -I 1 iii-i - mil n ti i -.1 i't -it mii-
t 'l- :ni U"i.i In- .. t Mil nf I it
' h- ii ml Ii I I 1 in -i i i (.1 tun ' Tin t'lim.'' . "Iiil in . lh in. .. rll-
ii .1 1 1 ' -mii ni lill I.- I .in .1 I mnl I. i nt "
.in i unli! iili s in u ti . i..
In tn. lii nit I mil if. t ri.ill;n
ti"! I 'in i .1 in. it..
"I Kill" Mini. I . i ml i ii Im i h riuiu. ih. t.
h M. xit mi ! i ill mii.iiti.i i-i i ml ii ii Im . il-ni
V' l-'n hi i in i'iiiil-.-i. :mi lluii itinn Jik
H I'" im .nit' 'M I il'i il im Inn c . h t
I' 'II I.. . ill h. -:n - ii
Ii"" hi I -
' ' 1 i il i
"I 'I" tti.iin
't tt'illnluiK l. .
O '
I'.irnicTS arc wanting to know which tractor leads and which is
jjdin to dominate the Held. It is a reasonable enough desire because there are
now 152 tractors desiring a place and new companies arc being organized.
The best way to find out which tractor is bound to lead is to investigate the
companies' histories. Naturally enough those which arc oldest best financed
and most experienced will outlive others.
The interest. n;; i t uy nf Case i--l!s of its lii- lory sim-f 1S4J how it li;is developed 'riKlors
Hi'.'l spent hundreds of tlinusniKl siiu e lH'lJ in t ;pr:n)i-nls hnv C.ise tractors today are produced
i;h all expet itnenls prcv!"!.ly I'nti'pieti-d hy ns atnl iikiiin i.thervitd facts you want to know. No
pti'ressive farmer can a. to uus facts lil e these. So watch tor Case advertisements.
W'lll.i 1 ittn l
l'...'rt. nr Kyo
IH .N Rohlninn Walnut
itilili'i ii n.i. I -
' - " -nn I'll. I " !nl
II' nil I u tin I i . ).
In II' I ill I. i.
illhnt r . 4 i l . 1 1
I.. I
'It .Hull
Hli:i ;inr. Ka-l (.rami.
hill Iiil' th u Inl' t- l u ciuhI
tllili. In Inn.- mill liintni mnl'
liiiiiliil ii 1 1 . 1 1 1 ' i - t i-liiui'il mnl
till. "I iillli ltm i -1 1 1 - r
IhllP II llllllll.l'l .if I llltl:l li'lll
iiii'l.ii iai i-ti'ils i. ml ininlilii
l-N mnl lull i"iiliiiii iil fur Innnl
linu this In-- nf umk mnl
ii'llnlllllll'i' nn A I jiil.
i l.-im
iiiiin- SKm
I -lull fl .1 I. I. ...I.
U'" 'I'l' l Ilk' l . I II.
N'llln nn ..
i K ill I. .11. i it.
tin- iuiiiim urn th
Ii III I'l. ... .In.
" '" '" I III.IIMill
I" 1 1 tt -1 lllll tlh . t .t.M.
' n't tin- -limit i Inn
j i'Hi' I. .l-t- .
I'll II hull I. v hi
I nn I l"ii.inM n it! -i i
W'lltlil y I) .
I WIll'Tl 1. Itrlui I i .
(I...1.II... ..... . .
; " in I tvi .hi
ttmt iiii.i.. .. . .
iit'iwr liu 111 Ida ..ii. .
::;;:1N I
"V""1 ;:
- '.- i ru- i
I i tut il
.11 ll.l I'-
ll. I
.1 lllllllllt
th" .1. ". I. I.i
'I i i.t-M-i'tl !. nit-
- li illttln lit .1 Ih ull
i ' i " i- In l".n .i-i tirrtl
k i I'll. itu ilrnlll ill.- hi
.ilitllfi nl Mitk ri:ii- Vtltt-I It lit litis uf
f liiiniiii itnl Imiiiiin .nt. i .- t mnl Hu-
tu M l-i I K In lull il
mr Mnn In i im. I llu -uhit" iinii
TlH I nii 'III il i ll ii Ii i hi i w III .. I'l -III. I ill l-ll llllll-Ithll It "1-11.1.1 I
i h. ..I M 11- nn " nt. nt "I'll :iln Hi." I ..i.
Itilt Htm l- n nli. I hut mi. it j.
't'-tii'inii nul Inn mii ii..- h.
l I n In -nh l ;.. )..
111 iii". l . - - fin 1 1 i 1 1 h n 1 1 1 1 i i
ll' n Hi. i n in lln Mini; Iniin 11 Mlr-
ti'.il iii nl nh Tmiln hlr nn
linitt.'il Mll .-mini' ill tin- li.itlii( nf
th.-ii I'lnin.i -nil Htiinit ami tir ht;..
1- ..- iil.iil . .
..".":..h.'" il"'l "I ""' In hi H'liiUlli.ii i..r
lln limn lln- "inn. i. mii .
1 1 'ii I . ti'.nhi. I Inn nf lln i niirlr...iii ii
lln- nhl nun linu- n IMIlllMn. Mn
li Itiilii't-u ! in iniimli-il In i. 1111
n t
'l II I I lll
nl Sue
nit. i in-
- il.-if. 1 '
i. II
i- i-t. .
I a Imll
a m p i n-
n iiiiaiin-iiti'il n "tn in f nu
llllilrvlll" II It Iiiii.-IIi. ...
0 r.ilM nf i-K-lli;it ili.liliH H m.
Kml mr fVefrlMtun
Read What This
Farmer Has to Say
"I take this mean of advis-
ing von that the CASK ID-'JO
tractor piU'chuned from you
I'arly in I he slimmer lias proven
eiy satisfactory. It has an
aliunilant c of powef to handle
thret foiiiteen-ineh plows my
plowinil all being done in very
wet ground which pulls very
"More courteous treatment
than I have received from J. I.
('use T. M. I'o. would hardly
lt possilile and anyone figur-
ing on Inning h tractor should
uithonl fail figure with J. I.
Case T. M. Co. he fore buying."
(Name on request.)
Hutchinson Kan. Aug. "JO. '1ft.
Where Case Stands
Hrtr nrr live rfisntis wliv l a-c tr.nti.ti tirr
tKMUnl tn Irail. I'lxe reasoni wliv (.tttin-ts sh.mlil
tl se Case tructnrs. Tlirsr live ri-.isnns .if
1 All Cae nun liinr ty is nnulc at tin' (".it pl.ui-.
1) V C'.-isf tr.iinrd w-irt turn.
2. AH Caif riprtimrntliii; is . Is..' .(.1
( TJlftl'f 1Ot J'l'KI I.
3. I . r 74 year l .iv i.i -..-im I . 1 !
f irnirtrvrrywlif :t-.
4 ( inr first k-i4 traitnr .is h.'.i!: .'I . . -1
tint mif year ni;n.
5 C.ise Itmlnrs Will t-nt ln-mmr . - r ( 1 1 . 1 . ; - . 'lfil
ilt-tilrii nif.iti nrarl-v Casr -rvH
Any farmer ulm w ill ti'st" niinl-r -I-i-m- (r
turfs tlirnuslc (jiifsf inns ami i.(iniiatp the n::s"s
tn tin- nlii.yr will
lianllym iCf a mistakr
in 1 lioiisim; a tractur
( 'hp Ir. iilin H-t ii til ri.r;t s.i s tliat
"all I hr C'lnil tr u ."s
1 ill lr cnulitr'l nn Ih-
lingers nf imp Ituinl "
t .in-1 intii-s fits( tin n
I' f I'tln-is. o i i rmt
M a-'t t -li .ir tatlllPts
nr m .l.f tin-Ill think
that tlip day i f (mnl
trai Inrs is nut hro-
tlnw. lint i p ih. brlipvr
il it in Icpppini; with
nnr f.iithH'ithtlirm.liy
ptiintiiii; mil vital 1. 11 Is
alinnt Imiv to M-lri t a
Rnnil tta tnf I-'i'l HlP
I.i v i f pi iu !ir..l true-
tins Is it Ihiv hrtr anil Ihr li'tin -'i w 1 . jtr
1--ps 11 -p f 1 1 -pilH; I lln.'t'li 1 s (1 -t-i . II l .. ..
Im ' .if ii.iur ipli atlil 1 nsi I I"' 1 Mt - t-II-
1 up limi t want nut nhl (rir'Ms 1! .4 ( ;: ;t t !
Inner and Outer Simplicity
SMiil" the Ciw 10 20. See how simple s. The
liinlnr ispiii hmrd llkenn niiloinnl' lp. Vet weiisit
nil Hrrrisiblllty to all win parts. This ll a fra
tnrp (niind only In the I asp ami a ft w (
111 all trarlor.i. So thrre is no time wanted in the
l -tsiest vasnn for the sli;hti-t .I'linstnient ( use
jj.ii tr.irtnri ids 1 r'Hiie m thtee .vhi-r nrrs: 1?
N n nfl 30-fiO. take simplicity is also evident!
Case a Standard Concern
'"t he Middle West has nerti lilruilly hnmlinli
i-l niiin r cnin rrn start exi- i
input n;id iuit. pe-lmpi lastinij
Imig enough to Fell it few en-
pinri at an nttt active price and
inilnde the i-intottieti in the
fitiul (limppiiltitinrnl" a llin
Stientihc American Then
other ningiMitiPn Ilkel'lieCtmn-
try (ientleman anr) Farmers'
Mail and Hteefe caution farm-
en (rum investing In trailer!
not tniiile by well eilnlilished
lotu-etni nr from firms wlilih
have not hern sm-rrsifnl In
ni iklnn trui tors. The J. .
CtM siamli tint test.
I lift i - I. "In pn-silnli'v i.f vittr ("u-e trai'tr
i-v-ff l.p.; an orphan. Vmi need nrvrr (-:i r
1'i itii; liatnln appril in the hnsiet tor
t'n- r ate il.lMnl Case draien in the t'nitrd Sta'es
a and 44 lituaih htntsi-s in evrry
r- iMtt. Wiuit if yrntr lie itrst ant nimliile st-tvue
s'.:i 111 was at the f.u-tnry? )
Not Too Small Too Light
Too Cheap
Wn-. !;-i'pr ...;p n( C. . ;. t:.i tuts i-i snitalilp for
' i. ! l.t 1.1. vmi ran h.ini. nn I's liiniin Hip lif t nf I
its k:: . I'l til"' .t made honestly ami con- V
s.'- .itintts.v. 1.1 mitioi.t i.'ir n. line ii'nl tame. In
114 I I p .. I. C.ip t 11 l..r IK m iutiirfiii..'. mm.
Iiii Ii "k; all tin-hest letitnrei and eliminating the il
tttnililrsuiue features. liv Im nalislied. then.
... 1 j
wi n irsspr quality?
Why cliiinse ai your
111 vest 1111 nt n tractor
that his tcwer years
nf eipi tir-K e behind
i' ' ( .1 e lias 1'irrn in
Ii -.- iin-.v "t f.its. Von
v "lid ii .t buy .in 11
iriiiiieTal Htili.mti-
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Leaders inOther Lines of
Agricultural Machinery
v nn-am engines tf tfirpsiiinu ma-
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our cnrii.pte Case I tnl.iK It is an allium of
Information t h hi should he nmler Hip tp.irtinii
lamp in evprv lattn Mtnnk ll is t. jutilullv
printed with many inl -r est iuk - i rn.'i and rrpriMluc-
limia IU tolnr. No lartnri' miss i . v 1 n k It. Kuppciallv when It
costs vnt only i.tu- pmnv tnr a p istal tiifd tn (i-t u Mrn-ly write "eWnd
mi your general machinery catalog " U'tSKRI.Kt 1 S6)
J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co.. Inc. TJ1) 756 Eric SU Racine. Wi
Oklahoma City Branch 15-23 East Main Street

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