The Oklahoma City Times (Oklahoma City, Okla.), Vol. 26, No. 277, Ed. 1 Thursday, March 4, 1915 Page: 4 of 8

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TheOklahomaCty Times
Pnbllahed by
UT 119 WhI Seoono Street
TiMm r. BV I. ta.
FRANK D. NORTHlir. Boalsaas MM
Published evert enlng nrit Similar
Friday la combination at Hallr and
WeeXly Times
Member A it rl tt Bureau of Circulations
EiclualTi Associated I'raas Aftaruooa
tCntered aesinil rlaaa render Aug Tt
tltlll al Iba poalufflca al I II. In Ilium I'll.
Oklshonia under (tie A.-t uf Mar. b S.
Vuhacrlptlun rrlrea.
oiif year $ i
Nil months I Ml
Three Months ! 71
Hn miinlh 20
The rUlllN (if neutral nation- to
t nillSjMirt IIOII I'Olll r.'lhllllil colllllllliM
lies to nations ftrjn B-i In ii r "Hit
I'HI'll ollll'I' llMNC pel or heoll I'olM'l I Isl O
I.V defined tllollull I I If i hlllc lleell
IIL'temellts more it le-- p" ex-
(i'IiiIIiik urr ii liinc I i i i 1 of w-iirv
t ' -1 1 1 1 ii r mill iiiiii-iiiiI i . -1 1 I i f i . 1 1 - -iii-
I'lillllillllK till- !-. -Ill Bill- III l'll-"S'
li-inl In extend iiui'Miuii "t the
rights nf Ibi- neutral iiiiiimi- hovniiil
thr grounds UJ h il "huh il u :i- Im-i'il
In past c!l rs.
II I.S Settled hellelol il it il hl'llll'lll
government 1 1 ; i ii"i fumi-h mil of
any kind In ii lii'Uii i i in 'H rl iiiii.'iil.
Hill ii neutral gov ei unic lit U nut iv
iiilrnl hi Intel nut luiiiil law lu foibld
lis private i-ltlxi'iiv. from i-ii kCti i; I UK In
runt raluiiiU truffle with il belligerent
mivv or.
I 1 1 1 1 1 1 r 1 1 1 l I I !
till' ll-i- i.f I ! n - n:t ii
brum lid nf a ii.ili'ii
an' ruiilraliainl. Thi-
a t r t v einbi in V c.i" ii
linn mill iinlil Iii' I i i
..iiimicd fur
imI niililiu
:acd in w a I
ulil iaili'U
nnl aiinnuni
. ii I I i
duels not liitcmlcil l- i Hn
1 iv lliau I
population. The iuIii ol
seizure Umiii the huh .1
ho! of 11 neutral nation s
havliiL' eoumriihand in 11
:"' 11 I
of a ves
1 1 of
..i-". is
inmost limed.
In the present conflict In Cut".e
the adVHiilaiie thut would lie iiaimsl in
pi event IhK' the llliMi lali.'ii ol I". "I
supplies lo Ceriniiny has heen ileal lu
Ihe allies lis thin would alia h In
their cause 11 must mtcnt ally star
vatlon. (ireat Itrltalu lay in wail f..r
tlie inniuciit when It should appear
t Ii 11 1 tleiinuiiy was dlvertlnu to I'd
lllleli'lit purises fund supplies from
neutral initioim ostenslhly Intended
for the eh Ulan Hjpulntlou.
When the (ieruian uvei niiicnl final
ly tiHik over the vlaihle food supply
within her IiorilerH for Ihe tivowitl
puis.isi of coUHervliiK lu a scientific
way the nun ciiiitruhaml NtipplieH that
had Iwsen Imported fur civilian con
sumption the allied xrevv muvliiced
that this wan merely a MUhterfuKe
whereby Ifprtuany tionl to eseaie the
rest rlct hum rvIntlliK t" toiitruhand
traffic; they helleveil that tieruuinv
wan feedltiK her flKhtlng machine eon
trary to liiternalloiiHl law.
Croat Ilrltaln Instantly liecanie mute
active In detnllilliit and soaivhliu: the
vesseln of neutral iowors. Ileallzlni;
her extremity (ieruiany retaliated hy
niirulng nil nputral vessels to stis-r
1 liar of Ihe Knitllsh Channel and oilier
iieartiy water. Then came the pro
lesls of the l ulled Stales tfovernuienl
au-tiiiist tnterference with Its merchant
vessels III pursuit of peaceful trade
The Ceiuian Kiivei uiueiil. lliroiii:h
Its nml'assHdiir In Wnshlnxton dn lar
id that Its decision to lake over tile
fond supply of the country did not ap
ply after January ".l 'Ihe I'ldted
Slates could not ipiesilon the veracity
of this statement without linpimnlnit
the honor of (he Cerinan cm eriiinent.
The allies however had no such
1'ilii.tlou and weic openly of the oplu
Ion thai (ieiiiiaiiv whs uilsiepteseulliin
the facts. Sir r.dward Crev fur el
atnplo knowliir Unit l.ermaiiy was
iliawliu; from over seas foodstuffs
for liuth military and civil purposes
declared that 11 distinction lietwcen
loud stuffs Intended for the civil pup
ulallon and those for the armed enemy
iiov eminent (llhiipnrH when the 01
lltntluh lietwcen the civil ixipulatlou
anil the mined force Itself i1Ihiv
llohlliiK to hr plan tlr'nt ttrltalii
hy her HUpremacy of the seas would
Is' aide to starve Ceriminy . The
allien Would atlll he supreme in tlds
particular If not iniiiiiiI of final
should leave the Pulled States; for the
liores of any nation. The lltlllsh
and Pri'iuh finds that have haltere(
their way through (ho I'urdenelles will
mon unlock for the sustenance of the
aides the yast mores of Itnsslan wheat
and if rt In that weie reserved 111 the
last harveot none of w hicli would bo
IsTinltted lo reach CerinaiiT
TIik I'lilteO States is liaiidb
tv the lack of complete deflliltloii of
Ihe full rlithta of neutral nut bins In
these matters II has been UK'sled
Hint the belligerent powers consent
' lo tin arrangement whereby the ills
trlhutton of fiHx to rlvlllati sipulatlons
ahall be conducted by a neutral rotn
mission. This wsms to Im (he easiest
way out of the i1lffeiiltjC.(uit the
Seterniltntlon of the allies to crush
Germany at any rust and their feel
lug that this should lie done at Ihejual preference..
etirllest possible moment Is a serious
hat aria to effective diplomacy
ehslety lias Ixs-n bh-ssed by the en
letment of the fisleral antl narcotic
IritK law which became effective last
Monday. The Insidious growth of tha
I rug bablt In this country was et
nillnf among all elasumi and bad be
come a national prisMeui. Of nnwt tin
KirtuuiD In tlx fii. t that the Ihw will
ibf enforced hy the f.sleral government.
Mnet ptTSOIIS hMt II W lloloHOlUe fi'Hr of
federal law lieoause of IN Inexorable
ufurtfiui'Ut. Federal control of the
white slave act gave to it mi aspect of
danger to violator which no ntHt leu
Million could have liua"Wcd.
llip Oniikh Indian council ami a
iiiiall iirmy of white men will leave
fur Waihlnirtnii tomorrow to lie prea
nit at the iroceedlimi at w hl. li will ;
cnld. rc the lea-dn of the KHi:e
IiiiiiK for oil and gni iurKisM The
famous l-'osler Icii-c which has heen
in eiii'iice f.H iil.o'il twenty ears. In
'1'liU new Ioiimii..' ..f the ni; lands
fur oil and i:ii- .in n K of far
roii. hinc i r 1 1 1 . 1 1 : 1 1 1 . l.i ( ik ji lioinil The
l-'ci.tcr Hca ulna. oil ahoiil ll.'i.mKi
a. re
In t 1 1 1 1 1 tltlll.- I. in only a Inn
lied I' of Hie acidise hat l''ii
ili'i eloped The hiiKicmile of the H-auo
til IX 1 M Is .llliilll ;IMIIMKI nolo llll of
which U helleved to he rich in ..II ami
::ns When the tisane made tlielr
treaty for allotuietil in vcvorally. it
v. a- agreed thai the mineral i i i i I 1 1 y
Ini; Ihe land should remain ihe ..'
crly of Ihe trlhe the In.- I" he
till en 1 1. I cnpliii .list i Unit ion I he
tl-at'c- .'lllo Illl'CI' lI'M'Ulles In. Ill lll.'M
oil ami
lf all Ihe i Kane lands . .1 he
'.-a--.''l f..i oil and cib uiruies ;lir
Ull'lnuhleilU would he dcU'li.M'i f"l
lull'.ciai ui'"sfs iiii a laie scale es
I ii lall the western half whole there i
has heen utile drilling The (eoile
. f ' ' k I a h i ' ' 1 1 i .i:nti:iln have lost Ho'
at 1 1 i n I ;a
t In oiih In. I
The (isni;- .
Is tu he hop.
of Ihe st lie
i oils. I Ml I loll
I III S:i. It
lelarv of ihe
I U 'il It'i.
II.IIV I- rle
I hill I he se.
llitctlor will ptopetly sii teu'iia 1 d
KilH III Ihe lieu lea-liu; .011I1111I.
I. thai
.se I'
it may he saved for fad purpose
can he dune vv II h I he 1 aicli
and not to do It would he
com essluii lu the selfishness .
pr. iilncer
if II pell.
nerclv a
f lln- ol! . s
The Uhouverliin of a urniip of liallan
iiiiarchlsls In New ork I lly sfis as
.11 reminder of the fact that Predilcnt
Wilson disapproved of the recent im
migration ad partly hecause he did
not wish to revera the historic policy
I of the I nlteil States which has made
11 "nil asvluiu for the oppr(s - f
;vcv land and dime The diff-rence
' ...
I helwe.'!! "an Msyltlin for the oppressed
.mid u diiinplni; KMund fur Ihe unfit
Is not very apparent to one w ho makes
1. Hindi- ..f I hi id... im I euiiiisi-11""1"
... ... . .1 1 1 .1 .
sill. hi of the uiasa of the luunUrallon
which nan heen tnrotiKini! 10 uie i.uorea
of America lu risenl jours
The luesldeiit Intimated that he he
lleied that aonie sort of restriction

was deslrahle hut up to date he has
hot Kheu any Intimation that he tuin
more definite Ideas on tills
Je.-l thau have
the leaders of the lie-1
piUlll.UU pnil.V WIIOI.1 e n linen
not havltiK advanced a new Idea In
thirty vears lie has seen fit to hlis k
Ihe will of the neoiile as expressed bvl""1 l"rl1111 lw"X " iiitomiihllu ;
.... 1
their representatives in curesH be
cause he assutmsl lo adludite HUch a.
ionise to b unwise If he has a bet
ler plan whv does he not make it
L..v I'lnL.ii. 11 u XI wii iiirn
l 11 1. m.n... -...c. on s - hirai-iu;n; a mpnew or senaior lion-
to take the initiative. M(ui..M In the senate. Coiulnn a ! Inson of Atkatisaa la 1 d.s.rk.s er of
The maudlin seiitlmcntallsiii whlchltllle fartlier Hi. we find that the Neiuilc : a certain I 'einueratlo hi-ii
bus s0 lung hidden the dumpliiK KrouuU Harry J. liveimau. a hrother of Sena- 1 alor from the Southwest has a sou In 1
of the unfit and lb ideslrable be !'"' v''"'" "r ""h Carolina la'tbe naval academy and In West
. . . ... listed as a flic cleik.' and reiidvea ! Point both of whom are draw Iiik sal 1
Hint an asyiuiu lor me oppreswin
will scarcely deter the spirit or
Auii rh aulsin from Insisting Umiii
Mime iMisinve action on 1110 iniiniura
ll in uucstluii The prenldelit nhullld
Im. forced lu fish or cut bait 011 this
pioHisllloii and that without noes
sary delay.
III IMllMi I l TIIK I Htl'l K.
We 111 uat talk less about biilldliik'
up the church as an end and mm.'
about building up the is-oplo " I hls
was the thoughtful cuin.iniit f
t buries Slel.le lu addi essns. ihe Ma
sachiiHetu State Federation ol Worn
en's clubs hi recent convention. Mr
Steltle bad shown by statistic. that
In lHOO presumably lu Massa husctts
twenty two persons lu evcty Inn
dred wr uieiuls'i-s of I'lotesianl
churches Ten y-cai-s later. In lulo.
there had been
decrease; Just 1
neither In. toil-. ir
slagiiaut condition
lu onsleni
Is Increasing
Slates csts.laMv I hei a
IsoiisMon of 1 In nil mat
lets lu an effore to ghe o tha
churches greuter splrllual 1 fflcleucy.
There Is demand for a restatement of
j Christianity In terms of the ieds and
'ads of today Hue noted theologian
would give iliuioluucu smb. iod-I
' ' 1 of the ultlmalely rvllgluua
jiatu fall sodal and politlcMl prob-
: I' lio. thai their Interest lu Hie chnirll
umst be doubly stimulated"
The Times firmly hellcvtv that for
Villi! Hll.l ef f..cllt .. la.
lb- lis bettering the live
is'ople ihe 1 hind s greatest upportvl
nlly Is ut baud The yvork must Imj
done fearlessly ami without aectariau
iulblltig (tut of the tillage of this
field should come sheaves for nil the
'hurdies Itellglon should be funda-
mental sistarlaiilnm merely Individ-
Italii lu February aud early March
In 1 iklalionia ! Oceana of 111 Hlvers
of moisture sreilatlng to' bard pan
sousing the soil and filling the sublet a
iiisxii rewrvolrs. Oklahoma rejoh-e In
the prMsw't of tha year. The plow
has turned a maximum crop acreage In
'very part of the date and more than
ever Is'fore t 1ht will be ill cr-tlty of
i row mi mi ll farm. There undoubted-
ly will be gissl prices for all farm pro-
duct:. The future never cast a friend-
lier mill lr iihiii k1uhonia. This In an
agricultural state and g.s-s up or
down with the condition of agriculture.
Thla year It hsiks hn If the farniH will
i lmke every olmnnel of business with
rl. hr-. There should tie conatniit elll
iluynieiil fur Hie iHirei iHl)r.ei at
..III. u ul.le in Uriel f.if I
- V".-.. .
"ir '"" -1UI'"' ""''-'f 'lirl"ry
und early March we salilte jou. anil
r l k f 1 1 v Incline our
f .iur 1(1.(.IK
cms to the
mini I
Colonel Shlne Slices slaic hkhway
eoniinlssli.iier in. lauto Is let only a1.
versatile noiitlemiili. lull possessed of j
tluil i mi It t v known us resilience for)
lids definition: 'T. The act ..r pow er 1
of spice k I. a former ps
i .. . .. .... ... i
lion. clasthiM J I he quant v ''
w.ak Unit Is (jlveii hack hy II hcnly that
is eompressed to n certain limit ami i
I hen allow oil fri
a -1 ci m: innle
"ly to recover liielf
ilesMire uiUleiil
laved Vitintion lias heen directed to
the i oh I s resiliency hy a newspaper
si ii ti'iin-ii I iii nidi Ii he was qniiled as
Mi.vltie thai l. illllncmv he had filled'
himself f.H the technical duties of a I
hh'hwin cneineer. sin h as arc pre j
s. I Ihed in the new k.' I i'als 1.111 that !
'upon III I
.fatal ctle.i
I'lom elli .
i for II take
CIIICll In luu
nr.; Colonel
ff In the . .
i.e I.. I.. on..
l lie poeli i
dllor of The
Times call
he has i
i t ion . the la. t that
.hi (.. .in fVl. ih.llms
In "i- h j
a recent i
Will. Il II' holds
. I hill u who
tnist l..i- a 1
1 c l led the 11111111
Mi Shelley Is ofl'eiiui;
j .1 i . for I lie host p.s'in
it 11 1 1 1 1 f I hy II eili.en of
ol heroic Vpill 1. With
ihls sum
Willi. 'li and
1 iklalionia ..
out 1 t . 1 . : 1.
Mielley lll.l
till' I'tiie
ihle. I
e I'.l.l
n Id 'l!i Mr
" in awai.llii
1 i.u -1 1 1 1 1 : Mi
1 in caic of
! he
II. I. In
hdley 1111
lie i'tlllcs.
Ill MO KAIS I 1M) 01 r now
i 10 (.Ki Mil Ix IN ('0(0 WIT
There la covert threat thai the ipusn-
lion of nepotism hi tlie various de-
pin tiiicnt.s In ushlliKtoii Is Ii he sky-
dl'od HiisyhodloH are always tryliiK
In stir up troiihle iiualiist 'he lieiiue
cialle parly . Is not the i. iuih 1 at le
parly In Its platform hltteny ami
; unalK'ralily oposl to nepotism? At
-r Hwt I-uuH-racy Is
; 1 i-lii inn In ihe comforts of office a
. h1H (mpiled to
plague and mortify Its vlrluous de
fenders and to drive tho ratiklliiK
''do the hreasts of disappoint
11 olllce Beekeli. who li ippelied not to
. . . 11
lie 1 liifnlk.
. f Secretary .McAdisi Is em
ployed In the hurcuu of corporations
another In the Interstate com
"n "r
has a anil In the department of Junky
Sl.rttny inMlt lmM irh.f
Minnesota In the employ of Ihe depart
aiili-imeui 01 pisuee
c.ia'aaer iarKs son. iietincti i.iarn.
Is a parllaineidiiiy clerk lu the house
... N11Hrv . ..M. .. . ..
ho remembered that fr two years thti !
j coiisclenii' of Sa-aker Clark would '
whb'li eon;resH had ilaced it his ills-
riis (n m HimiVlr
Senator Hoke Smith of l.eomla ha.i
la son. lialph Smith who buhls a not
'llffliult Job of "lndexer' a Job 1
"lllrl1 l probably othl iml have ae-1
- MMiHrv f
I nst fall Senator!
1 1 iverman exletnbsl his Influence and
lucreasisl the i.-vennes of Ids luiniedl
u... t II. I. I ... .... .1 1.
" "" .. u kh
ate family hy -
ler Katliryn in 01 man the position of
"messeiicei to the committee of
which he h Ion man namely the
'"iMiutti 1 nib-. As baa been point
ed out in the public prints before mea
jseiieeis . .oiii iii II tecs have dlltlef
Ivvlihli me not iteiierallv considered Au
fall within woman s sphere lu caam
of Ihls suit however It Is often the
pno th e for the Incumbents to refrain
from am labor beyond that of draw-
li't the -.etui monthly pay check.
In the document room of the annate
a hiother Inlaw of Senator Kern of
Indiana sometimes called floor leader
of the senate posMeaMrfl a modest Job.
I he brother In law's namn la Cooper.
Senator Hole of Oklahoma staunch
democrat aiid alleged rsdlrnl haa a
vvlfa and brother on the aonste py
r.ill Ills wtfa Caroline K. Oore Is
uievaenger lo Ilia commttisi on agrlcul
Mure and forestry nf which Uortuan Is
' dial iniau ; while Ulile (ior
a broth
sr. la elerk of the ooinniltta .lolis of
this kind py from Il.tNHi to tl.MV a
Senator Martin of Virginia chair
man of the commltte on approprla
tlotii. rmploys his brother Leslie 11
Martin as assistant clerk to that 00111
niltlee. Senator anlaiiian of Missis
sippi chairman of the committee 011
conservation of national resources has
given employment to his son James K.
Vardauian Jr who draws a aalary aa
assistant clerk Hinlth (I. Thornton
son of Senator Thornton of Louisiana
Is clerk of Ihe senate committee on
Ifl"!'"1- '''' Ms father la chair
man - not cursory examlnatloii
of the rolls illscbmes that i). K. Cham
lsrlalii. Jr. Is down as a messenger to
the senate committee on military af
fairs. The chairman of thla commit
tee Is (1 K Chamberlain Sr. of Oreg
on Aaron 11. Shlvelr Is assistant
clerk of Ihe senate committee on pen-
sions The chairman of this commit
lis' Is llciijnmln K. Shlvely senator
from Imlbitia. One more example of
this same kind of relationship Is
found lu the case of Wllllhtii F
Thotiipsoii messenger lo the senate
loiuuilttee on eiieudltnres In the die
j.... r.
01 tins isimmitiii is senator xx tlllam I uieut lu Ihe senate. 1( autho.ixod the
II ThomisMin of Kansas. orgaiiliuitlon of mutual llabllit iistlr.
Uepreseiitatlve Johnson of South' anoe companies y mill and elevator
Carolina has provided for !de family companies and isriulis the admUslon
fairly wull. Una of bis tons baa a iobliuto the state of Ucb coiuiMiilm
In a (lane lu Hie house. A nephew In
u el..rL l.. f tit. lions. eiilllllllt
tisi's. and Ilia eanipiili:'' mauaiier Ma-
jor tirady. la on 'he capltol polliv
forei'. lteprem-ntatlve Klnley of South
( nrollna han a son who Is a clerk to a
coiiiiiilttec and another who Is a
retHry. Ills inarrlisl dauuliler la In;
the Koveriinieut prlntltiK office. Hep-
reseutatlv Alkeu of South Carolina j
employ his mmi as Ids sis retiiry and :
his nephew ti. W Aiken is In the of :
ftiv of the seixeaiit at arms Kepre-
Ml'lltlltlve Wliah'V of South
( arolliin
positesse a nephew who III turn iw-
Uessea H iHltlot as "specUl -ent" III
I (he depHrtinent of ooiiimoroe. and
w hlle we are discussing Soulli (iiro-
Una It will not I lit of place to slate
that one of Set al..r Tillman' sons Is
on the Alaska Ituiiroail .mniissinii
and that another Is a seclal attorney
I of the department of Justice.
I'or some months tootle II I'oii
son of lii.pres.i.alle I'oil of North
Carolina serve. I as a i lor1 to the
i house committee on claims diawlni:
f vlll the pay tell... I the house of rep
tes.-ulal iv es f r.uo a year. I'urlim
tlils. tune vouiu- Mr Poll was a stu
. . ' v . .
dent In the ot N.ulh lain
;im m'lltill. '. ."'
miles away from hw io'i in ashim:
ton Ii Is mull i to.
nthin has n i iie
pi esslire.
Ihe -iiii of Kcpic
of A laha iiiii Is .'.ik
miltec on i i ii 11 1 1 . a !. '
I ion
i he son of II' pro
of Tennessee i ;o-
Pllih'ctt's eolllllil'li c
The sun of li'l'lo
licit Ihi-
il as a 1 1
suit of
eutat ii
if linn
i and 1
. Mm n. 1 1
It s c
ntailie Padnoll
slant i in k of
ii naval affairs
riilatiio Cailln
of irtlnla is
low li I ul erslt v
-Indent in Coulee
und a i Ii i k to Cat
' t i i 1 1 T 1 1 (he Judiciary
A relative of Ih-l'lesentatl'
leful d of M issull 1 I i- del k to
Sinn k
fold s isillllnlltee . Il loads
A ri'illtlve of liepreseiitat Iv e lintt
nf Tcvas Is cleik to tirc;i;'.s iviuiiiil
lee on vvur claim-
Two Iclailve-
I ark of riurlila
of Itopr ntalivc
hold Jol.s u the
I.. 1 'lark s commit
luu's and i'liiiiuds.
le -etit'ef
I Itepl I'.eldlll I V e
hou-c. .me as ch-i I
Ice on pllhllc hill
I ami Ihe oilier I
I The hiother
l.loyd of Mlssoui I i 1 a
cominiitee on :ii ' .Mints
i lctk lu l.lovd's
Il Is siid thai
lime l.ho'l had live relatives
on the payroll .1' the house His
luothet in law I- ! 1 laid d
l.oopoi of tin- In n
The f I;. ; 1 i s. iiiai i Watkins
of I . m 1 -1 11 1 111 is 1 h i 1. tu Ins fat hei s
. . uimltlee oil le. I- 1..I1 of I Ii" law s
The wife of M inn Hlos of Texas
is di rk to her Inishand s .oiiiiidtlec
01 railways and i-.mmN.
A hiother of Ki pieseiitallve MIL li
el' ol .Massacliusi tl i- Ids secretary
Tlie son of Itei to. dilutive Cilmorc
j of Massachusetts Is his secretary
The sUter of Kepi esenlal Iv t ltolch
I els of Illinois is his secretary
I Till' sister of Itepl esetitat Ive r 1
1 ler of MIsNlsslppi is chief paite 01.
I I sanoei atlc side.
The sou of Itcprescnlatlvo Aleviin
dor of Missouri Is hl.s secretary
The son of liepreseiitat 1 1 e Spark
man of h int Ida. chairman of the rlv I
et's and harhors committee Is elerk of 1
t he commit lis' M
The sou of Itepreseiilatlv e Taylor!
of Arkansas Is cleik of Taylor's com 1
.... .
Ihe father of Itcpresetitatlve
lev of Kentucky
the house.
Is a
I.Mirkts per of
The hruther of ttepie-ciitatlve
I lehls of K ' 1 1 1 inky Is Ids sci ii'lary.
A hrother of Senator .lain "s of Ken
tinky has heen apisilnted l iillisl
Stale marshal in Kentucky; a hroth
er of Uepreseiitatlve Howard of losir-
Cla has a ponltlnu In the census office.
eoiitrollisl hy a ileori;la isilltlclnn Mr.
lirpU. II ul II .r ..
tor l.uke I .'e's newspaH'r Itaa been
t'lven an easy job w hich enables him
In rorreMimml for
Ids piiHT 11 la Hrv
an ami haiilds Moik'au I.. Iiavles
hrother of the probable chairman of
the federal trade commission coinmls
solner of cm p. rations Jnsepli K. I'av-
les. has a
Justice he
jut. in me iiepartineiit or fr he Is. au advertiser and haa galii-
Iiik In charxe of trust casea (M much experience both aa a cltv
arles; the s..i f the hisrolary of the.
senate Is a d. ik In the senate: two or
thris- of the r priwetilntlvos l ave soiih
as paites In the house; and three or
four reprcseiitatlveM iinw IIIIhk no
doubt to run the risk of belie; clKircisI
..HI. iio I.-. .it- v...i
' ' ' '- '
........... "" ' . .ui'i .ii... inc.
miliiry of tht Minn tlieii.M! i
Insurance Hill Mailing Kadiral
Chavnges In lusuranrf Advanced (o
Kngrossnienl in the Senate.
one of the imiNt Imperial. t incus
urea of the pieseut legislative session
waa advanced to engrossui 1 it in tlie
aenate late Wislnesday aftermsui. It
la the Maiey bill already 1 by
the house which creative a state In
stirs tits' board cumaaied of the state
insurance commissioner as chairman
the state fire marshal and a third
member of the board to lie t.pmlnted
by the governoi who shall 'id as sec
retsry to that b.sly and receive a sal
ary of H.msi a year.
As the bill came from the I ouae It
provided for a board made up entire-
ly of ex officio inemliers. but through
adoption of the amendment n (
senate offered by Senaior Uarrett of
Shawnee the appointive menibci was
substituted for the hank oouitnlsslon
er who was plun-d on the h nnl tin
(ler the house hill
The hoard K to have hiih rv Islnn
over the makhm and ndjnst.i . nt of
fire liability tornado and plate glass
Insurance rales Insurance 011 grow-
ing crops w as sss'lflenlly e.i mpted
ftoiH HUsrvsou f the IhhiM by an
amendment offered by Setui..i Hnr
font of Uuthile and niintli- 1 amend
men! offered by Senator It; r.ett m.
elfleiilly exempts hall Insnrann rates
fnim the provision f the bill
All efforts of some of the si liators
to ellmljuite sections f the bi'l giving' "n 0 Plly 'h1 n" VK ln I""-
the Insurance hoard ausrvls 1 11 over "''sslnn of them all. Mr Krelsler In
the licensing f ants and admission
or eompuiili's tu the state ti'ii. reipilr
lug all companies doing busl-uss 1111
der the laws of the state to write all tbioih-h (heir loen' axdils
were defeated on i. fINr
Another liisiunv hill of 11.1
Kenator .1. 1 liner Thomas of IjiMinni" n the muslo of Handel and Bach.
in. mui.ui iiuvancvii to eiigriMH
ASmstThe Store
Jpecfal purchase of
Jpring Juits and Coats
Consummated by our New York office Monday and rushed to ut by express
makes it possible for us to offer you the
Most Wonderful
Ever offered this early in the season.
We have arranged a great display of them in our east window. It will re-
pay you to make a special trip to town to see these garments even though you
live a long way out.
Coats $9.95
Meiint for Spring selling at
$13.60 to $16.00. If you
have a coat to buy don't
miss this opportunity to save.
They are the newest Top
Coat styles. They carry the
new flare ideas to a degree
of beauty most commendable
to the women who are look-
ing for smart new designs.
They come in fancy mixed
cloths checks and plaids
also white.
More and More of those Spr'mq Hats
Such as are only to be had Here at
$3.95 $5.00 $7.50
Perhaps you are familiar with The Parisian Millinery
Service its constant offering of the most recent modes at
the smallest prices ever known if you are not it will take
but the briefest inspection to know that we have created
something which you have not known before a service
that is absolute in style interpretation and unparalleled
in the prices.
Sha 9 8c $ 1 .9 8 $2 .98
All the new blocks shepardest sailors polka and
pill box of homp milan leghorn and Belgian split; all
Suit Store
1 lr. V. A. Milrliell ot ( hajidlrf Tuld
MrmlMTN of Advert isim Club Fart
About I'uhllrily.
lu one of his fauioUH lei-tures to
the moinlsTs of tlie Uklahonia City
AdvertlHliiK club yesterday at the lee-
IluckliiN lr. K. A. Mitchell of Chan
dler nave many iiersoiial reeollrotloiiH
man and as a fanner with the lla
tliiKtilhhliiK marks or th whUkeru.
which he aalj were a mean of ad
.r. Mitchell believe lu the liber
al use of nrluter'a Ink I Him ihronl.
It he had left behind him the life of
at la. I I.. . I. 1 . c.i. 1. ..0. eoxnuei. ... .arming Willi
nothing but a business education and'
v a 1 tn iuk iiii" iinti nun it- n himttnm
of the farm. "1 made good tas ause
a . ... ..
I ni nini iMIsioi'isn niiim minr. .nil I
' ... .........
we n itn-iii iii-hi 01 iieilll 10 nuver -
1 11 ho. 11 ii.e inii'K as nil ills
Iness ability grew It" he said.
Ir. Mitchell demanded honesty lu
advertising a feature which he said
could not be given too much cousld
era t loth "1 he urged every one to tell
the truth In their space In the paisra.
"'The sople can lielleve ami will trust
yon If the trutluls told. What can
they believe If they know there are
untruth there tisi?"
MollniM WIhi Will Ooomi Here. Man-h
la tilven CoraiixiKaaUoii by New
fork's llt Crllh'.
Carnegie Hall In New Work City
wss filled to lt utmost capacity to
graft Frita Kralaler tha sup rams
violinist at his first reollal after his
return from the war. Unquestionably
titer waa u great dnal of aantlmant
connected with tha conoart for
Krelsler had a narrow escape but In
the and It waa hla marvelous play-
Ins that attracted the great public
Idchard A-ldrloh in the New York
Times tha next day aald:
lis haa not returned wholly un-
harmed from the war for ha came
upon tha stags with a limp. But hla
admirers wera fain to notice that the
I limp waa minimised aa far aa It could
' he. It waa not exploited aa a auhjact
1 for commiseration aa tt conceivably
might have been by some Mr.
Krelsler la ton much an artist snd a
gentleman to (to (hat; he possesses
the tiainy assets of an artistic kind.
It Itnmrdlatolv appeared when ha be-
1 plnvlng this muslo was at his
nest ; his tone waa hesutirully warm
rounded and poignant in Its iiuall-
tv his technical proficiency seemed
to have suffered no lapse and these
things were made the nmana of Inter-
jii'tstlons of commanding notdllty.
of tenderness grace delicate fancy
and poetic feeling. The aonata by
breadth and repose with a warmth
del was played with magnificent
that yet did not Impart Into It
aenttmsnt Inappropriate. Thla
That Saves You
Values for Friday
wall aa Huch'a Chaennnc. haa baan
often heard of late. It waa food to
hear them both play-ad with auprr-
latlv maatnry. It was Rood to Ilka a
beautiful pleca of muale. of an Infi-
nite variety of rxnrrMlmi. and not
like an exercise In varloui klnda of
technloul difficultly"
Krelaler w'.ll h ut tha Ovarholanr
theater March iituler thr auaplcea
of the Musical Art Institute and La-
dlrs' Musiu club.
Orranlat Will (Jive AnoUier x.f Ilia
iivhu lUvftaJal at I'mabytnrUui
Oinn'li ITtiUy Mfht
to ha given by RifaVt
ia a.
.. .... . ife
MtthuAM L.hurvh
will be praaftva
... . il 1.. ......... i.u. ..-iA !.... a. ais-i.
. . . -.. . . .
day night. The organist will play but
... .... . .
numoeia wnicn win oe iiciaa
mi the masterpieces or tha world.
Mr. Mclntyra will maka a short
talk before each selection giving an
explanation of the number. Thla will
be an additional drawing card aa It
will make the concert In the nature
of a lecture-recital and will be ex-
ceedingly valuable from an educa-
tional standpoint.
This will be the ninth concert of
thla seaaon'a series. Tickets may be
otitaliied free at the atore of the
KredeMekaon-Kroh Mualc company
only tlrketa to the number of tha
seats of the houae will be laaued.
It la believed that thla concert will
be by far tha beat of thos present-
ed by Mr. Mclntyra to data. Hla pro-
gram for thla concert la by far tha
most Interesting and tha ohurrh
which seats t.000 is expected to be
filled to capacity.
Hole Quartet from ('mitral Normal
aivl Big Pour Concert Company
Will Ite Heard Tomorrow Night
The Wesley Methodtat Episcopal
church Twenty-fifth and Uouglaa
avenue haa secured tha Central Male
Quartet and tha Big Four Concert
company of the Central Htate Normal
for an entertainment Friday evening.
March S.
Tha Central Male Quartet Is com
posed of alngera of exceptional
It and worth assisted by Miss
guerlte Krown planlate. The per
annuel nf the quartet Is Cut I Ht I ler
and Jack London first anil second
tenor Karl Coffey baritone and
Ham Neff basso soloist
The Hlg Four Concert company
In co-operation with the ipmrtet
makes an eacellent program. Miss
MUdred Marlon Pahrll reader 1'rof.
Arthur Howard Oreen voice Lon-
don violinist and Miss .Marguerite
Hrown planlate are the ineuihera of
this company.
WA8IIIXOTON. March 4 I'real-
I dents of thf express companies will
'louufur with the Interstate coinuinsa
J h-aaWr aaw
and Saturday h
Suits $14.95
The very styles you'll find in
stores the country over
priced from $2000 to $26.00.
Materials include fine
8erges Wool Poplins and
Shepherd Checks. The col-
ors are those in greatest de-
mand such as sand putty
army blue navy and Cossack
green. There are sport
styles flared coat styles
pleated effects Empire
styles and plain tailored ef-
fects all with the smartest
new skirts.
Largest Cloak
Suit Store.
I . IML.'-.X L!BaJ!HaSBaWl
conitnlaNlon here Marub 111 to aak for
a modification of tho couiuiUuuon'a re-
mit reduction and re adjust merit of
rates No testimony will bo taken
but the companies will be permitted
to explain the results of preaent
rates. Corporation commissi mere anil
others may be preaent.
After the conference the eipresa
companies will file a acbedule and lb
Interstate commerce rommlaalon will
bold hearings.
Livingston Has Spent ItS.rM m One
Well and Has N Oil llut Ho Haa
tho Nemo U Continue.
x)lITON Ok. March 4 Homethlnf
over llH.tsM) s to the total coat tboa
far to Herman Livingston in drilling
a well on hla two and otie-balf acre
tract of land near the renter of sec-
tion 4 17-7 one mile southeast of OU-
ton according to his business partner
Oeorge Mouser of Ferry. IJvlngston
owns this tract ln fee and refused
Iii tHX) for It before ho started to
drill. Hla learning hill for hauling
tho casing to tlie location waa f2R00.
of which $1000 went for hauling tha
8 Inch alone.
The hole la now down about 2300
feet and the tools are off iinglng In.
the hole an accident that la still fur-
ther delaying the drilling. Livingston
la known aa one of the nerrUwt opera-
tors In tho entire field. He nwna ae.
oral other small acreage tracts Beat-
tered throughout the field and la also
wlldratter. Heveti offsets are brtnf
drilled to hla wall on the two and ona
half aero tract. Including the Pralrls
Oil A Oas company the Quaker tba
Oypay and other well known compa-
OIL-TON. Ok.. March 4. It waa
tho tnasa of evident mora of It
strong circumstantial Uat cauaad tba
house prolie commlttea to recommand
the lm'chmeiit of Htate Insuranca
Commlssloiier Welch acnardlnc to
Kepresentatlve M. H. Ooodwln chair-
man of the commlttea who returned
to Pawnee county yesterday Ot S busi
ness trip. "Whlla thera t no sin-
gle Instance that waa of Itsslf par.
Iuiis of such great Importance yet tha
mass of It was such that the commit-
tee felt there should t a thorough
- ! Investigation hy tha legislature."
- 1 Mr. (iiaslwln.
I was hsilly ruptured whlla lifting a
trunk several years sgn. Doctors aald
rnv iinly hnpe of cure was sn oM-rstla
trneaes did ma an good. Klaally 1 gid
hold of snmethlng that iptlckly slid rnaa
pletaly cured nie. Vesrs tiara iisaaed sail
the raptara haa aerer returned sllhonsli
I soi dnlng hard work aa a carpenter
There was 110 oparatlnn no teat time a.
trou tile. I have nulliliig to sell hut win
give full Itifornistli.n shout hnw you sin
find a complete rare without operation.
If yon write lo nie. Kugen M. Pulton.
reenter aivla - Muri-ellus Areuwe. Man
aansan N 1. Hatter cut out tbls null. a
sail show It to any others wko are rau-
turasl you way asre a life or at least alup
tba misery of rupture and the worry aai
lUJiasr vi sa oprraiinu.Aar.

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