The Oklahoma City Times (Oklahoma City, Okla.), Vol. 26, No. 268, Ed. 1 Monday, February 22, 1915 Page: 4 of 8

TLsOkhhomaGty Times
Pahllatiea hy
JIT lit Wee Karoo d Street.
r. v m.
Published iiff) fvnlu( rrit Hunrfay.
Friday la combination of Dally aud
Weekly Time.
lleniber Audit rtureau of Clrculatlona.
Kii'luatre Aaaorlnlixl Praaa Afttiruoo
Entered ais-nnrt rim maltt-r Aug ST
1ll). at tha pimtiifrie. at (iklnltom City
oklaeuma onder (bx Act uf Mario S
HuharrlntloD I'rLses.
One mr
HI i ainiiths
Three Monlha "!"!""
One month
. I mi i
Every tluio a fellow pulls his
Wig In Oklahoma these dais he has
a feeling In bN hones Colonel Kd
Vanght would call It mi r.--ni Intl
inntlon that something big and fine
l going to happen hi t ki.ilnuiii this
year. In thla ultluiole i ffc-ts al
vprxlty Is ierhii.M inure wholes e
than proHpeiily 1 u jM .
cns.oimiiv. to lie cillll!i-d
(he hottom of the barrel.
In common with th. country at
larxe Oklnh a has undergone H
perlwl of business dcpiv-slon. Willi
fair weather conditions OMabniua this
year will smash all previous hi-
records. The follow Inn from the Mr
AlcMer News ( alillal hciiiiiIs like tin-
siting sung of a whole field of
meadow larks:
"There Is every Indication that the
coining year 1 plt! . ) sl
In the hUtory of IMlNhurg county.
The senregaled lauds have hcen sold
nnd are helm; ttnirnnued Into
fauns. The fanners h.iw leanied
It's a mistake I. pm ;n r thrlr Xi:-
lu one liasket and an- dlerslf.lng
their crops. Thei will noituh
to fisd their families and their slock
and sell the surplus white hereto
fois they have eM' II sntids
of dollars In pun hasltif -iii s The'
i. i .....
"-oil III Ml (S. l it 1 .11 1 I.. I.
never oil but l Is lclicc ihe f.inn
ers of riltsbiiru county will profit
h.v It. There Is n ci.n.l. i Here
am- lu wheat and thousands of in res
are Isdng nowii to oats. The iilmiid
ant rainfall lu this couniv injures a
crop every year where Int.-llp. u
mixed with the soil uiel our far s
lire tuklng hold of adv ed tm Mio.U
In ii most encoiimglng way.
HOP TO IT. (01 lH.
"Vo ay lell th darned new spa
is-i-s that I am ready to vindicate my
self." is a htiiteiiieut iinpnteil to
Cololli-1 A. I' Watson luemhet f the
stale corisiratlou couiniUsiiui.
Colllllllssl r Walsoll llelllo mile
officeholder has been olntigeil v a
Deiuis filth- uieinber of a I Mum ml lc
legislature with alleged mis. omlti-i
In office and of a nature mi pie
Judicial to public decency us in war
nun tiiiiinisiHoticr Watson s litis-ach
ineiil. If true.
The Times expresses no opinion as
to whether Commissioner Watson Is
Ihe victim nf enemies or the victim of
bis own Indiscretions. d. l)in.
ever express l pinion thai Co'mi
tnlssloiM-r VhIsoii. In' this particular
liistuuce pas no iitairel or controversy
" 'I'" ni-wspiisu s. His situation
whatever It may be. Is linvv smiroy
before Ihe (iciiple of Ihe stale and Ihe
legislature owes to both Commissioner
Watson and to the mpc of Oklahoma
a spis-dy liivesllgMtloii and finding
i-lailve lu the mailers In baud. Thi
Inlcgiitv of Ci.nuulsshiner Watson as
a public official clothed vvlih s'iillar
iiiithoiiiy has been nssnlled Ciuiiinls
sloiier Watson should challenge the
hulsliitut. to conilii.-i I. flunk. In
ve ligation nf his iilh-geil 11 1 1 1 1 1. 1 nf VI ....its . ...
new simpers are
lor ..
oi agaiict him.
Il nil-lit I... v-l fur Commissi
Wat-.-ii 1. 1 lemcmlifi thai for several
veil's ri - iiiteiiltig his- official
I rpul.ti I .i Inn I. .ii clictihiilng In
"klah a. to the .lis. i .!li f bluiM-lf
to the illscredli of th. coriH.rtitlon
ciiimlssi f whi Is a memls.r
and In the discredit of 'the slate Itself
II is not .iticoiuii.oii for men 111 public
life c in-daily in Oklahoma to be
nuide victims i f slau.ler hy Hilltlciil
enemies. Ii s Instances it larch
happen that the slanderers can be
brought to an an-tumling without an
almost prohibitive eitendllure .f
lime aud money on the ..( the
plalullff. Ciuiiinlssloner Wals.ui. bow
ever finds what aho.lld be an un
I'liisi'd Jury ready and waiting lo re
celve his ev planatlon lllul ilefcns. 1.
alli-gllllolis Clllhrilci-il In the legislative
res .lull n .leal wllh sss'lfc mallei -wl.l.
li the facts should sustain m dls
Though of opposite political faith
Th 'limes (tlncerely trusts thai (In-
flicts will exonerate Commissioner
Watson. If Commissioner Watson Is
ready to vindicate himself the iss.ple
likewise Hie ready. Hop to It
In lh annual report of tlu- Smith
"niilati Institute I. ail article by James
Itucklatul of U.iidon lu v . mb.vs
that although man Imagines himself
lh domltiatil power on earth he is
nothing of e . m ni . lf
lh iinlvers Mhf the Insect. Kor al
Ihougli man has attained prislomlnauce
ovr Ihe most flcrou and H.werful aid
mala and most deadly reptiios he and
Ilia work would Is- of llitl. nvall
W aa attack uf lnsts.u which in.
elude K realtor nuintwr of specie tbrtii
all other living creatures tumhlnisl.
Some three bund nil thousand sialic
have. Iwd deacrllxsj while isisslbly
twice that number Ntlll remain un-
known. Thv author aaya tlint these Itu-oui
pittabl horde feed on nearly all liv-
ing animals hikI practically all plants
anil multiply Into prodigious numbers
In ttn Incredibly Nhort time (inn show that one species do
v 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 k thirteen generations a year
would If unchecked to the twclftji
multiply to ten Mettllllon Individuals
while a hlriKle pair of gyp)' moths. If
inn tut keil would produce In eight
years eunuch pruKeny to destroy all
the foliage of the I'lilted State. One
I 111 I uf lUlllltll lllll'S 111 NlllleM Ul.lllll
develop urn -hocked iHi.ikni.inm) In a
I..-I.. . I ..I.I.J. ..t .....III
"ll'li"" ntll.MI III ..III. II Hill- ' II. M...
plication Ihe polato plant would not
long Niirvlve.
Through its prednuiitiatlng Insect
diet mill on in l onni nf lis exceeding
ly Tilpld dlucsllon the bird heeoines
the most luillsH'Usiible Inilaiieliig
force of nature. Without lis assist
mice man with his iuiUoh the weath
er and auluiala as well as Ihe para
sltlc prcilaivoiia Iiims-Is would be
helpless. The authority then stales
how the bird Is a betiefll In man lu
I a great number of w ays ; In cheeking
1 Insis t Invasions In preserving forests
i and orchards; their service In flic
' meadows and gardens; I heir Milue lu
proiis-tlng live stork and their use
fulness III the preservation of hcallh
j and elimination of disease.
lti tiianikl'le I nst n Ik i of Ihe birds'
Mnlic to man Include Ihe liiti'odiie
II f the I'linllsh sparrow Into New
' calami with l In- resiilllng elliulualloii
o the thistle and the caterpillar
which were ruining Ihe laud and
lops and the lug of Ausi nillan
; agriculture from l in- grasshoppers by
: Ihe .t raw necked tin . tu Individual
jiraws of which an ao-nici' of '.'.loo
J grasshoppeis was foMinl. The story
j of Krederlck the Cleat wherein be Is
alleged o bine mil'-rcd all -iTlall bird.
killed Immiiusc the sparrow- bail s k
ed at some of bis i hen Irs and the le
suiting link of frull bul fine crop of
caterpillars two yen is later proves a
j graphic lesson. The "scalp inT' of
I'l'tuisy Ivanla which paid In homilies
i Umi.inki or the cMcriiiliiatioii (
IbawHs ami owls lost for Ihe -late
1 $:t.s.-i(i.(MKl lii damage to agriculture
due lo ihe Increase nf -mull i"eiils
whbh resulted. When Montana was
free from hawks and owl- Ii became
-o overrun with dost furtive rodents
thai the legislature offered lewurdsj
lor each a task whbh I In- banished
I haw ks and ow ls hail net formed free of
ha rge.
I'urope is sending to the gtavt
peiiNiinls hv uillliohs; war is making
sepulclli-is or Its iH.ppleil fields. In
tl.clf dilttih. despairing lo
the of kings Hint ciiih.'os.
the vv ret. hed liiliabllaiils are yielding
up their lives blindly hopelessly. The
sombre tragi-tlv of war has darkened
for centuries the lives of Ihe .asaut
classes giving In I loir -i.ngs mid
poetry a hear breaking pathos.
It. The Kurd of I ilmbov llr.a." a
collection of folk songs gathered from
the peasants of lloiiu.aula by llrhne
Vain resco Ls a so:.g "The Head Sol
iller." that ml. tains all the sadness of
(be sacrifice id men who fall vv.ll.nul
knowing the leason fol lie I
ler :
VV In n 111 11. I I. f 11. 1
Still nn Un- l.iiiigli Mime In. er llin
tiuilii. ;
Viol .hlollgll tin- Wll.ler lltese 1
I euieinher
'I' hut (hey mast lists He- pull
.f fslliiiii eliea svtts'i spring In in
''' .
1 lie .Irpl ilie
11 lot I
. rtine
I .Viol HHichol hts l-t
II. ml lit the v 1 1 Intl.- Ilit-f hi. I r..ok-lii
I Viol so tlir brought hint deml Inti
I lie
I village
1 llin. tun th- was the first tlit-v t..ilit
' I 1...
I vv 11. fust I... r.-1 1
I Ih'I.eilHl He- trees llirv In!. I tl 1 II. Iinnit
had lime
j ! llilnk ef '.lgKlng iiav grnve f.r tiiai
I Vail I.-- was liiir. lln.s i.. it mi nhiln
VV .. hna. In.
gravy aim lieiii the .e i
IV Ilea t tl.- V 'Mill.' Il...l II f
'I .' itle his g.ave.
lb- si rni'il he in ii b t in. .1.
N.u known. ami all lnit..i-in t
vv in a nay tin- rial It I l.a.l
lllln Ida Krne th shut Inm
Ami inlil him tisiight ef ii .
All I ever lit- sllll .l .
V hi. I. wiit tt i ni tu
la I't-H. t-
When all .lit leave hate i
Sllll mi thr t gi ir
I M M I It
.Viol .lu. .ml ti. Hint.
ICHU . l-ltl l r
lint I l.f V lll'lsl I t j).
fllllllllt Si. tlt.St SJ'
ii.( it in iha
! INDIsl lHiti y A( T
i In a iceeiit sue . r Ti. Time
I was clltoiia) I -r.-r. ii at sm. longtb
a legislative it i. n - . fr Ihe cloa-
"f lhg I'lrlllle shows 1111 HUD-
d.n. Il was Imposslhl. t discus IB
detail a number i.f subecta that Wrf
toiirlied ii..u. The Kev. J. It MlUln
pastor of th Hist I'lilted lrsbTtr-
lan church courlisuisly offera thla
suggestion ;
"In The limes' reference to lh tm-
is't nme reform It vv oiibl have been only
fair to history and the church to not
thai the agitation mid pressure for tha
scientific siudy ami treatment of the
Ibliior problem i-atne largely from the
i bull li."
' I I' o I a iii'i.sHge from Ike 'Pluck
lliiiol . aald the resilient nf llraflhurg
I ht-r Inlil tin- to leare J (KI b a Harriot
In use in a tertnln alreel."
"I. hi you tall tba police)"
"IIHIll away '
"Iht'T Kit lil that while I was ahont It
I might leave theui a couple of tl.ona
Mint lit the aa.i.e pls-s) "
Mien people aay mean things alien.
Viai. It Is safe lo bet that yon had It
Venule v. no he ere rock and ne
I Will eat cold as.Mll bar .
line of the moat variable praetlral
trratica on' municipal Kovernment
which hna appeared la William Har-
liiitt lawaon'a "Municipal J.lfe and
(ioxtrnment In Germany." The au-
thor la an Englishman and hla hnok
In a cnn.parl.on of Herman anil. Kng-
lih methods of municipal activities i
In the central state authorities.
The methods on the whola are ao
different In the two countries and
the results are so corresiiondlngly dif
ferent that hy the time Ihe full com-
par sons are made we hav1 cnnslil -
. . .1
ereil iniinn liml got eminent rrom ai- :tercsllng sketch or the old pioinvr:
most -veiv possilde viewpoint audi "In InaMI he me inurrled lo Mary A.
have some ktiovvledgde of the practl-1 MhIh. In 1S7'J l urlc Huff and Mrs.
cat results of utmost every method ! Wright drove ovei laud to Hi nt county
which has been applied UVIorado. near l as Animas and In
(lermafl cities have i !"iuc tradition I IS'tl chaligisl lis-atloiis. moving to the
of self-government which is still al-' Panhandle of Teas. estahllslilng a
most whnliv in practice. noiwPh- ' ieuiN)rarv ranch on llnghisi or Home
standing the development ;n later Itanrh ens'k nnd later hsatisl s-r-yeara
of the theot v and practice of miinently on Mere's creek I'ncle
an rxcerdlnglv strmu central slate J nffs rissdbs tloi were that at the
government. Htranne aVtl iiiav seetn. time of moving to the I'auhaiiille there
therefore. In an empire In which thelUHS m other rai " h betwis-n Ft. Has-
I central Idea Is the supremuev of thejnm evv Mexi.o and Sprlnger'a
state the Individual existing for the much In the Tnillan Territory and he
I purposes of the stnie. rather than ihejWHM -rti III thai the iienrest railroad
-iitr existing for the benefit of the p K Hodge I'il.v. Katlsils. "INI
i Indlv idiiiils It we have In .niiles dl-.tant. lb- wa- jollied Jiy Ills
j piiieth-al operation the nearest up. 1 irther. M. II. Wiijil on the Misire's
; proach to home ri'le In the manage- !. ..( ihhicIi In 1- T
in-ill of i in Im-Hl affairs which l In 1
exlstenre anv where.
The author l slronglv Impressed
with the efficiency of Herman mu-
nicipal admluist' at'on If Is Inter-
i-tlng to mite that t tils efflcleney Is!
attain. .1 under a svstem which J
nialtilv ihe old Id i n nn ra I Itv coun-
In of election whbh "e in
tbls connlrv have been Irving to dis
card as out of date and u prevention ;
of proper progres.
it is stui mere interesthiif in note
that the 1 lerman efficiency is In large
part due to lh" operation nf three
principles which we have largely neg-
lecti'il or refusi i In MPIilV.
The first nf ilnnc m the divorce of
municipal affairs from party politics.
This goes vi. far that a city cannot
memorialize piiiininnnt with respect
lo Its relations with the central gov-
ernment becHiise n ts not constitu-
tional for a ciiv to pay anv altent on
in piiMir.ii a'inirs ouisiur hh own:
....... .;vv
in we onncttmen an- s..ed n s )t . . 74.
j ' ' '':'m '' "My f"""'1 """- :nap. a connlv-sil. and .1 thriving In- ; I'enn'a father waa Admiral Rlr
Hons. al with a very "t-j v(l(!l 'A -. kh1w.. William I'enn; and a number of the
ons m- . t.een voteii f"f "'-:ls simt.1 llasfnl bul helrlooma relate to him. There are
".us. ihe belong to anv pohth al ft hin illsf()n : s( ( portraits and document..
- " ... .. i. Imvvell fadisl and the wind shaken A allver plate stamped with the
S '..1 " " ration L eventiuillv London hallmark of t was
" m. rVZ'lt .T ""I"1" ' - '" -"r iIV"' h ym"""-r P"m' '''
i ed on a mer.l a . I so parent on the occasion of his com-
on -clad as our eh s.-rvice n In l"g of age. An old-vvorbl .liver to-
nde irul nomli.a.lons are Pke- ceo pip was given by ! his
er 11 or 7la 'H"" ' Mexico This companv owmsl 7r...g friend. Joaeph Pe.kover. Penn him.
is a profession f leaehlna In u : le h o. crossing the Kb. ( at Ft. "n a company of amnWrrs at Iiur-
;2 .. p !: " "in""''-'k- ' " " !!"?;;- hd h'r ""
one desk to another frn -1 It 1 to Colonnlo City where they; Web friends." Penn remarked
bailment . number. I one ls to "'''" ""loaded ami again trail.! UN) . g"d humored y 'I um u
another asthev lc..o.s.rato ihcir "li''s '" '' " " "'kl I'Hnre. ; that you are at east ashamed .f your
funrss rill the v I. in. 'Irs whirl of ."I"1'1'1' ""'V "'r' I"'''1 f"- 11 MU' "lul i Pri"'Ur Not entirely so" a!d
r then driven norlli to the Pmibaiiille )M' of the assemblage; "but we pre-
Implovmcnt being during good he-
i. . . .
i S1 lnanv . wrLou. really can-
.1.1 rltv offlelal-i ...... ." I"". Inclusive
hrlKht of their cff . ienev t all times
ami rlios. wi. ji1.ii.
I Ho ir efflclenv cm i diooped with-
... ar t SI. O HIP III.... 11.1 nr 1 mirtv
. . .. ...
o.a. bine which may shake ihe whole
structure even up to the president.
Third while the central govern
ment appaii utlv has the right or the i
strength tj assume the right to In
lerfer In inuntelpn! affairs and has
.he vole on anv eleet'ons or app .
n.eni.s il dues not mjuily Interfere
in lb.- conduit of innillepu "rfalrs
hv tin local offlcluls. and. In any
tveni it Is not possible aH will. ....
for u group of persons or even a sin-
gle person with In the Mate
leglslaluie to I.1I11K about a change
in the form of rltv noxernitient or the
term of office m roini.eiis.iil.ui of
city officials In . Pies of a certain
clasa In older to itt nn his own end.
In hla own city i to git even wlthi.nent of a country that was practical
Itv officials w ho have not fulfilled
1 bis desires.
! While some of ihe changes in form
I of in .his country have
I'een eireellvr a. leas) for ii while
none of tlnm effettive every-
where and all th- time All three
of the prim Ip'es so pi'unlnent In
iiilnlslratlon h.ce lieen a.lvocated In
"i s tounliv. t. . 1 1 when tried It has
onlv been half he.iiiedly or one at a
lime ami i h- oilier have remained
to n.uir..Hz' the good etreeigeof the
one 1 1 i in in evperlenre I. ao defin-
ing strai.n that it s practically
ctrlam ihe American city which
will f rsi applv Ihe uhova prlclplea
will s. oe t)e first lasting jiiccesa.
Fdltor of The Tlmea:
No. i are Klvlng the eltlaenahlp of
ilns state a splendid dally paper. We
nn- lejob-ed to know It. One thing
I hat ought to he emphasised here In
this cIit. as 1 see It.-Is that the teo
l ie of this city are not aaklng for A
.eduction nf Ihe aaJarlaa af our com-
missioners Nrtrly all the carda of
prospective caniHdate That coma to
mi' deak aay:
"I favor a reduction of th sala-
ries f the city commlaaloner."
What the city want la efficiency
and w are willing to nay for It. It
Is the cheapest In tile lona; run. I
throw In my wait basket every card
that aaya: "I favor reduction n sal-
arlaa." .
Medical men are. ireatly Interested
lu the case of Mlaa lne Iewla who
w as recently taken 111 at achmil near
Wt ('heeler. Pa. and for teu dayal night's TIMEH for detail..
was in an oondltlou aud
th attending physicians dill not i-
s't her to survive Tliey pronounced
her lo I In coma.
Some one tapped th key. of a piano
and the note seemed to cause the
girl to show for th find time some
.sii.M'iotiHtipea of her aurrtiniln(s
The physician ealleil lu to play some
of the m.tslo that the patient liked
best. The effect waa such thai the
fcl r I soon Nmke a few wortla.
She waa vlacu at the piano and her
hands mad to strike a few note and
when lu thla aeml-coiiaclotia rulidllliai
she played aevaral piece of music
riiyslclans have been watching her
Improvement and' aay that they are
unable to fathom how the girl In her
condition of mlud cau (.lay the piano.
nxriJC 111 KK" WRIGHT.
Jajuee Huff Wright one of tha val-
iant pioueera of northwestern Okiil.o-
Pia anil the Tela I'unhandle tiled re-
cently at bin home lu Texan comity.
Ile was born Iien mM r "4. 1H4'J. neur
W'arronsburg Missouri. After aervlmt
In the Cotifi-dernle nr:ny
In Senator
he engaged
Y rank i ockrell'n i -iiiuiny
In the llvexto-k business at S.-dalla
.Mo. In the lluymon Herald last week
II. B. (IMckl tJiiinn. who In said to
have gone to "No Man's IjuhT' when
ihe lllack .Mesa was about Ihe slxe f
a walnut wrote lids Intimate ami lu -
Powers now of Hansford
i ... i
and Alf I'oke went down lnto!"'Lneii to America to avoia a duel
alitv will cattle In s77 and ""d berame a ijuiiker to eacape the
were followisl lo Hates ami Ileal t
who established the I X rain h. and by
i... i. i .. i.i. ii... ii.... I ' I.e.. I
i I I n 1 1 K 1 I esw e W 1 i II I or ion ' in n 11.1.
n isS-'l or 1MHI I ucle Huff sold his
. i I l..o.lii mi
ranch on Mo ire'
Interest lu a ram h with Tom linglico
near Ihslg City Kansas The great
hll..ard of the winter of lsSo and
i...i. -i i; 'ii pi
Sst( . mnny rnio I
tt(Ht f ;ilsll.v
hiiicn of the south-
atid I lu ll- Huff
was one of Ihe sufferers losing over
HMI head of cattle and l'"! head of
horses In less than lorty eight hours
"The following -prlng I'ncle Huff
drove the remnant of bis callle to
Hansford county. '! as and sold them
to Harry Met its- In a year or more
after returning to Texas he surveyed
nnd platted the town of Hansford.
while olher men and iicipialiilances
from luslg lis-aied
llardcslv near ihe
. . ... in a. .
titer a tow n that wen glimmering
; ' lu lit una anil Kansas ami so m...-. ..r pP ln ne
this tuiuiiirr r..SMi ; :i(i.nsi cattle danger nf offending a wenk brother."
I were by I nrle Huff in IXfM
! "Atter resigning inm miuou i iicie
I Huff devoted bis lime and talents to
I ... .... a. i
Interests in llai..sfird tv.unty and
I.. I.t. ..l..r... ... U.M. llA
U's ni.."n.i in ...iiiii.-i. r... .... .
establishment or tills town. 1 Here ; "" nn i.ntce as governor ny oe-
vxas onlv one child bom to I'ncle Huff '"g auapecled of Intriguing to restora
and Mrs. W right l.lrus vv ho lived to
Is- about nine veins old. She was hit
ten by .1 skunk 011 March IS M7li and
"led the roiiovving .May. aiiout tin-
'.Till from the eft.sts of th Idle at
"LI Ft. K.lliotl. The death of this
child was Ibe great sorrow In I ncle
Unff s life I .urlng the progress of Ihe
Interview I'm lc Huff said:
"iMck. don't forget to mention
! hen you write tills up. thai my wife
: has Imh'U with me during all of my
! I rl Is sharing the hardships and has
Iss-n loval and gissl under all cj.iull
lions mid thai side by side we have
given lives of service In the develop-j
ly a wilderness when we bsaled here
many years ago '
"He added. hIso. I ha I Mel Ills
brother had shared Ihe m and
downs wllh him the spring of
h"7. About a year ago Fuel Huff
gave me Hie above brief history of his
life. Prior to that lime I had asked
hln. to tell mi- hla life s story and I
have staled II briefly as told to my.
omitting multitude of in-
cidents i on. t ruing Vncle Huff and
his assislates in th pbniecr dav. of
the great sonihwi-st trusting that on
some future .lav along wllh others
1 may be able to assemble a story of
the plains as gleaned from men who
cam Int.. this countr? as advance
guards nf clvlllratloii.
".Many men look npon the death of
a man like I tu'le Hnff merely as lh
passing of a splendid cltlu-u. hut It Is
more than that He was on of th few
remaining liv ing links connecting the
country In Its most primitive ft.rui and
present day civ llluiluti ; one of the;
men who could lell th story from s r-
si n ill .-Ts-rlence. for he lived the
part and gave Invaluable personal aer-
vice In Its development This day and
time eople would ahudder at Ihe
thought nf living over VUKI mile fnao
h railroad aud half that far almost
from th neatest neighbor but I 'nclf
Huff and his good wife lived under
such ismdltlotis audi goon like the sol-
dlers of Ihe civil war both of the
north aud of the south these old tint-
era and pioneers will liens from the 1
sivni. of acllon Then let iu reinen.lier
them lu rvereu.s kejilng In inllul
lit fact that the present clrllliatlon
lu Ihe great southwest la monument '
to their wideavor; that such men as
rncl Huff gave ninny years of Inval-
uable service In bring It about fiisl
hleaa hla nu-inoi v." .
A bicycle free to flva lioyg and five
Itlria In the tsmteet now running In
TIIK TIMF.S start now and are
the rotes earned on purchase made
from th advertiser lo thla vnt. Bee
I hereby atmoiiDCvt ntaelf at can
dldale for Ciuuulslojier of luhlk-
rroierty aubjis-t to tha Itepubllctto I
primary. II. Ft. HRAJihiIAW
Adv. (Present Bupt o( Straata.)
I hereby nnnn.mrv myself aa can-
didate for Commissioner of Public
l'roarty of oklahoa City subject
to ihe action of tha JU-puhllcaa prim-
ary: T. OEU HESS.
I hereby ammunr that I will be a
candidate for the .iffhw of CiiinM
aloner of Aecituiitlna; and nnanc. sub-
ject to lh llepiiiln prtmarW Man b
10th 11)13. llKJIBt ELLIOXI'.
Orbjlnaj Charter Granted Illm lu
tea I la There; Old HUvit Plie He
Did Not la.
Nt'W YORK. Feb.
17. About
. three doien rellr.a having to do with
j the-hlatory of William

I eXnthltlrin mt f'Karlu
I'ann are on :
exhibition at Charloa of London's
"18 Fifth avenue. They were all heir-
looms In the Penn family until 1H62
when they were bequeathed U ao-
iialntanrea who In turn left tuein
to Mary Hullln froip whom they
were K-iiiilreJ by the present ownerr. i
I'elin although rualomarrly thouflit i
of nowaday aa an historical - i
ter or a subject for sculpture on a I
atate house appears to have been a
human being and. If one of his le.
tractors la to be believed a Vfiry live- I
ly human being Among the relics
is a unique pamphlet all the other
copies of which were suppress -1 id j
the time of publication. It la railed
a 'history of William Penn a con- '
version from afentlenian to a Qnas- I
er i ne pumpniei cnurges mat tvnn
'""nn waa qult
himself when hi.
out of Jail
I r"r he was always being arrested un-
I iler the Conventicle act. and bis me-
1 ipialntunce with Ihe Tower of Uin-
1 don was first hand line of hla tltle-
pages reads this wvnv:
A Just Itebiike
I 'tie and Twenty
(Ho Called).
Hclng an Answer to an Abusive Epis-
tle KXalnnt the People Culled Quakers
I then follows a generous list of
Hy Win I'enn
The I.nrd frustrateth the Tokens
of the Stars and maketh Diviner
tin- old town of i num. mat turneth W lae Men back-
moiilll of Cold ! "aril am) muketh their Knowledge
fooUMli i.u ii-vi
'oonsri. - isa i. it
"ne of the finest things In the
. - - - i"- .".o. cnarver grant
.l .... l. It n a. . - - .
. .. ... . enn in issi.
This charter made Penn Oovemor
of Pennsylvania
Penn went bark to Kngland In HII4
Jamea H to the throne. In 1M
however he was restored to the gov-
ernorship; and the original letter
patent reinstating him are In the
collection. There are a number of
relN. of Penn'a son Thuitau and
ruber relative.
Grand Ave.
At Walker St
The Change of Name

When the Alarm
Clock Runs Down
its pretty fine to have breakfast all ready on
the pantry shelf. Just open a package of Khim-
bles and a bottle of milk and there you are.
Noone will leave the
table with a grouch.
Every package of
Krumbles is sealed
It's better than buy-
ing beefsteak at ten
cents a pound.
Look for
tin .tie heat of authority It ta tald
that aiuurtlitng Ilka tula happaaad nut
0 xerr long ago la a southern college
towa. line of the rolored Janitors bad
been tha ili-ail grass 11 u the rani
ua preparatory lo a fall plant
ing of graaa aeed. As he waa finishing
p. war. a group or students along
am. a on.uani ynuug relluw remarked :
nail well Kn.iike the ramnu. la tnat
use jour race now. lau t It?
"Tah yah rbuekled trie Janitor
tate Printing
& Publishing Co.
The Harlow-Ratliff Printing Co.
In announcing the change of name of this firm we want
to thank our friend for their liberal and continued at-
ronagc. Our location and telephone number will re-
main the came as before.
Our equipment has been increased and is now second .
to none in the Southwest. Our workers are able in-
telligent healthy and happy. Any work that you en-
trust to our care will be taken on a positive "guarantee
of quality and delivery when promised.
Thii Signature:
Battle Creek Mich. ff j
sab ye .ah hit la ta. hit U; but
blinetir da grass will all come out an
den blt'll look all freak aad grass yea
lalk 70' face doe ym eak.
hole oalgkberbeod ka. been
up said tee regular reader
The editor of the ceaatry vteekly M.u-d
hla pen Tell me anoat It. be aald.
ye.1 "Plourldng.' .aid the farmer.
7.000 Feet
Floor Space
Walnut 8-7-2

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