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TktOUabomaGty Times
Psbllalia' v
llT-111 WMt Bciid itfMt
i r.n i. m
t'RANft it. MOatRVP BaataaM Kiuiir
inoat wrloiislv sffivt.i) by tin- utrlke.
Pea has Ih-oii r.ntr.-l ami what U
now tuint to I ilrtilrwtl U .'uutliim-d
Imrnioiij and the rmtoratlou of iIm-
tltf ihk Indian. A former niloy
of Hi) I Indian Ak'ik'.v Hi I'avv-
huku ti-stlftod In WHHliliiKtuii rix-eiilly
1 tint InliTril rate ttll liy tlic O-otxeM
uornial tnilUMt rial condition. We can- i raiiKol from 40 to NO ivt cent a yenr
not feel that a visit It y your imiinils. j ami that he knew of one Inrtance
slon or agitation of recent roiittMitl.ins J here the rate was ll('-) per cent.
P'ibllabad erera aranlng eirept Runday.
Friday t romblnattoa of Ually nd
Warkl7 Tlaus.
ilambaf Audit Bumrn of Circulations.
aUcluslrs Aaaorlatad I'reaa Aftarnooa
Hatrrad onil rlaaa matter Aug 7
1910 it lha poaiorflc. at Oklnhoma City.
Oklahoma ondar tba Art of Man U It
abarlptlail Prlraa.
Ons Jaar S nn
Ms muni ha 1 So
'I hra Mouths 7-A
Una mouth 19
of I he strike leaders would bare a ten-
dency to further the end deMlrcd. I'lum
the contrary the very opdte result
nilulit well lie etpected to follow. And
In respectfully declining the proffer of
your good office we fetl tlmt we ex
press not only our own conviction but
reflect the views of our fulthful em-
ployed Mtid the people In the mate."
Shades of John Stink!
A New York luillloiiitlre who Kieut
$4IKi.umi (I'll Inn u divorce from lilt
wife Mild It vmsviirlh the tuoiiey.
tiovernor T It. I'ermisoli In IiIm Wa-
tonus Itcpul.ll. no : How tunny tu
deuth of history Hint KeoKiHphy are
The ItepubllcHii iih-inIk i of I he
1'nlled Htatc twimte iniiv hluli lit
the thought of In'loiitrink' to n party
t but "Iihk nol liml a new IiIch in thirty
years" yet thry have uiniuik'ed to hol
lile aliuiK. w ith the nslstiin . it n few
patriotic llermirriilli- seimlurs untii
the White lloti-e ship pun Inc-e Mil
was driven Hxn the rink.
The people of the I niled Suites
tuny lie devoutly thankful for a puli
lie nervlcv thill ii-MiiiIiih 1 II i Hll h I
and oliHtlnale iloel l imtlrcs from en
fat-'liik' I n eM'i iinents In political
ifcolioiny at a time when Hie worrit N
alilaze with the pulsion of war ami
when wich e'iiiiieiits threaten to In
vnlve the t nlted State In conflict with
waning nn Hons.
Common t-en-e should Hiiitirent to
any reiiHoiialile r"on that at this
particular moment the l ulled Stales
could do no better than proceed with
caution In all mutter affecting It
foreign relations. This Is no time for
the bluster of Jingoism and for boast
lug about what the l ulled Slate will
do to the fellow that In-ull- her pride.
We decry the hiiibarUiii of the Kuro
pcun war and deplorvc It- awful coxl
to civilisation Jl there are those w ho
delllicrately ei)Kise Ann-i l.u to Ih.ise
ells. We comnlalii of Interference
with our exHirt traffic and of indlg-
nltiea to vettmia carrying our proilm Is
iliiinliiUfui of the fact that In tin
lort of anuH ami aininunliloii we sisk i
to profit by the mlaery of Kiiriif and
to encourage the clext ruction of ua
lions and till that the arts or
have accumulated In centuries.
The attitude of these operator la! there in Okluhouui who are awan' of
Just the sort of thing that cauaea In-i""' ll.vsl by a map In forming
dustrlal disorder such as baa disrupted I J"1' IHCr.lilcal outllnes V We refer
1 to Ilit .Mellsh map of the I nlted Stales
(olorado. So long a employers or I he; Ilsmltl ltt.l.'lil.Ui. andlm
employeil are accountable only to them ; proved from time to time the last iiu
selves they are unwilling to he (H. i broveiuent bringing It up to January
turbed In the of their ad ! NIS This map flgnnsl In a suit
v i.i ' ' . between the I'tilted States I the
vantage. Neither may ho however j . f T ln . . i.
to escai- the fact Unit their conduct tin ry Hue of the Lone Star domain
la a matter of nutlonul concern Ai1""! was also used In the treaty be
situation so ('w''" ""' 1 uH'h Hun Hl"1 Sl"ln 11
I. . di lining the Hoiitliwestern Isinndnrv
by the presence of a commissi hkc f linJ..llIS Tll( umj
that named by Pn-ldent Mu. as tei came lrre the Tbilisi States sev-
eial years ago in connection with a
controversy over (Jreer county. That
their domain extended to the north
fork of the Red rhci. as they had eti
tahUshed forta inul roads all Along
that atreatu.
The court held that the meridian of
the treaty must have been the true
meridian and not the meridian of the
Mellsh mai ami Inasmuch a the
south or I'rnliie li"L' Town fork of
the river was tin e contemplated In
the treaty the line of the Louisiana
purchase must have extended to the
south fork of tin' Ibsl river leaving
(Jreer county a part of the public do-
ma In and not a part of Texas. Inher-
ited from the uld Spanish Hssesslons.
are to sail around Hcotlund.
The t'ologti itasetttt reporta that
Sir Hoger Casement will koud go to
CtuisUaula and submit proofs against
the British minister to Norway U. De
V. find lav ami tha Norwegian gov
these seventy -one' eperalois uinld
have the country belleie. umlouhtedly
siiuiilloii dial warrants ih
siuiiious tmpilry. ' me alone null
mind your own affairs" hi;.r
acs-eptable as u governing pi.lh v in
business In tlu. fulled Slates.
The destruction of harmless lll
life In the outdoors of KliroH' has
censed teinporiuily while humanity
butchers Itself. This breathing spell
for birds and ipiadiiiMsl U gained
at shocking eot t civilization but
the helplessness of our wild creatures
and Hie endless win thai is coninmuly
waged Uhii their peace and happi-
ness are made MU- appnreut by
this extraordinary Mtiuilluii. Ulrd
Lore the official publication of the
Audubon societies contain the fol-
lowing In Its current ipuirteil num-
ber :
"The effect of a war u the wild
birds and animals of the region nf
fecteil Is usually if u bcneflclnl char-
acter. No doubt game animals es
colinlv as It foruierlv exlstisl whs sit
I iiiili'd hctwiN-u the in rib ami south
forks of the Ited river.
In 1MHI the attorney general of Iho
i'nllisl States was directed by congress
to bring suit In the supreme court to
determine whether tlns'r county be
lotigisl to Texas or was a part of the
public domain. The i'mjo was not de
cided until March INIMI -when the j
supreme court held that tireor county
was public domain and not a part of
the state of Texas. In May. lSlMl.
Crcer county was made a part of k
lahoinn by congressional net. I Miring
the trial In the supreme court the
case hlimeil lamely on the treaty be-
tween the I'nllisl Spites and Spain lu
l Hiu when liorida was ceihsl. Texas j
finally bused her claim I" 'reer conn
tv on the stipulations of Hie treaty of
1MII claiming that the north fork of.
the lied river was tho river meutlomsl
In the treaty of 1H19 as the boundary
of the' Louisiana while the'
liiltisl States claimed that Hie south
fork w as I he boundary Hue If the
north fork was the boundary line.
tlreer colinlv wns nol a part of the1
Louisiana purchase ami belong si to
i Texan. If the south fork was the I
I line lireer county was a art of the
I purchase a fid Isionged to the public
lireer Has Agreed to Stop Transpor-
tation of Kussian Anns Says Con-
stantinople; Other News.
HKItl.l.N Feb. Included In the
news given out by the Overseas
News Agency Is the following:
"Constantinople re orf.s that the
fireek government on represenlatloiis
made to It has agr I to prevent the
motcii t of Kus-laii limmuiilt Ion by
way of Salonlkl.
"Amsterdam repot is that the boat
service from llotlcnbun and Flushing"
In London has I n discontinued.
I Mitch ship ownci- have skisl the
Net herla nils government to exclude
for a istIihI of on. year from hutch
rls all llrlllsh -unnicrs which dur-
ing these days flv n cut nil flags.
Iintch steamers foiuid for America
A dispatch given out February 12 In
Berlin by tha Uverneaa News Agency
said Hlr Roger Caaetnent bad chargeil
the British minister to Norway with
conspiring for hla death. Hlr Roger
I la a leader of the Separatist faction
I 111 lpalaiiil ttmt 1m aM l lu mt npMkU.nt
In (lertnany. ?
Miaiiv have increased during the domain. The supreme court reports
past four years of Hlltlcal disturb . Icmhracliig that trial show that the
1 mice lu the unhappy republic of ' ' ' 1 . . T .7
1 .. . slvely lii determining the case. I he
.nexus.. in r.uroi.. game presci -v es i .llninry line agree.1 upon In the
lu northern Franisj and enst.Tii Tins jtiealv of lslll comiiieiiivd at the '(inlf
i sla have probably Buffered. Init on I of .Mexico at the month of the Sabine
i tin. ll nir.l Ufa i i.- i river contliiiilng north along the west
I has enjoyed . during the past six
minium; onkh bikinkss.
mouths a freedom from persecution
I" which It has long been a stninger.
"1 'in nee bus slopHd all hunting
ami the minister of war has Issued an
'order that the sale of no native game
! w 111 le tolerated. Ordinarily more
Hum one thousand tons of natlve-
: killed game are annually sold In (he
I no l.-...u ..f LVuk.ui 'I'l... 1.-L
llelgluni will umlouhtedly enjoy a
year of uiuisiuil fris'dom from ills
Itirhams'. lu time of 'iice the ho-
' pie of llelgluni exmrt to I'ranis?
j alone every jear more tlian fifty
' thousand of these Interesting birds.
It Is a pleasure to fisi Hint some small
out of the
bank of that slrcHin to the thirty-
second degree of north latitude.
we are now
I w hich he belongs whenever ll apN'iira
Seventy-one mine operators pr.sliic-
lug l ier cent of (lie annual .oil out-
put of Colorado have tinlttsj in refus-
ing to confer with the Colorado Owl
comuihuintl apiKillllod by President
Wilson last NovcnilN-r. I'levlmisly
these same operators' had rej.s lisl the
president's plan fisr a thrw years'
truce lu the coal mining strife lu Colo-
rado as a preliminary to a Tmaueiit
settlement of the conflict Is'tween the
operators and the miners. The mem
lers of the commission are Seth lxiw
Patrick (Jlldav. former tiresldent of
the Second district of the tulted i g'"il. t least. Is to come
Mine Workers of America and Charles uua.aknhle liolacaust
W. Mills a Philadelphia oH-rator. The
proteatlng oiHTiitors assert that Mills
was named at the suggestion of (Jlhliiy.
The commission wns named for the
purHjse of si inlying Hie Colorado situ-
a I ln and to devise a is'ait! plan In
aciordumv with Its flmllngs. The as
sura nee of Cluilriuau Seth Low that ll
was not the Intention of the coining . . .fr . .
slon to conduct mi Ii.vesilgatlou or to . ut llli1anw f . sa.
go Into the past did not Impress these s llschHoii. The main point l
operators who wrote lu part: ' . . r(K)f f .
"We believe that it would be nnw Ise - r . st. .onsluted II con
for you k. come to Colorado as u com 1(f.llH. hl HM .tloii for libel
mission or to attempt lu any way to lni.niMls f h legislature who
raise new Issues or revive those which i.iorofouned this measure know Utile
have Lh.ii settled by the Icinlnallon . ( tuk(.a f r.
"' strike. Some of Ihem have bad to Miiother it
"Our ciuploves. both before dining t).r tu 0ilan u.r press-ut p.-l
and since the si like have been uud Tmv were unueasarlly
are working cnnteutedly ami their re j MllirlI1(H. T. newspapers would not with us are such that should j !( al f he tnll nmlt .
any differences arise lu the future (.ana even were they privileged t
they can L adjusted satisfactorily : (fu No class of men realUes m.
without the assistance of your com Ptnl()r. ilat charily la the great-"liul"n-
lest of the virtues aud in refusing lo
The 0.41 mine oiratora of Colorado .ommallt UU)U tru) ttMUm of some
have been erslslentlj lied about by j . ufo ar freyll(.mlv
the strike Waders and their synipa-1 ( Hneu umu t0 exercise lt."
tblaers aud the conditions attending i -
the recent atrlke have Imsjii Rroaaly The Times regrets that thee should
misrepresented by sensational news-l'' '""lr "r mlsuiiderstaiullng In mat
paiH-r writers unprincipled politicians u'n "I''K ' l'iille Ti
and biased Investigators. His pw.plt of 'l'lmm veuturos no opinion as l who
Colorado who understand the situs ! 08 rtt "r wllu ""'' le w roi g It
lion at I ha last election expressed y l"8'"'. Imwever that conllnued
an marwiKMUilhg majority their eon- ""lrviversy ess-claily through uen a-
deinuutlon of the lawlis acts of the' l'rM' Wu'i" u destroy the effl iency
tulted Mine Worker of America and ' ut '' ' system of public
the atteuint to force their organization ' ""ls- Tl"' TI"'M recalls a fine old
oil the employers and employes of the
."This uuguallfled disapproval whs
Inclusive of those who aided and eu
thence north to the Itlo Itoxo or Ited
river thince west along ltd river to
the 'one hundredth degree of longi-
tude west from Loudon thence north
to the Arkansas river and up the
southern bank of that river to Its
source or the l.'nd degree of north lull
Hide and then west lo the south sea.
(Pa.iflci." The treaty referred lo the
Mellsh map as follows:
"The whole Ling laid down In the 1
Mellsh map of the l ulled State pub I
llslnsl at Philadelphia Improved up to
January 1 IMS."
The slate of Texas claimed that the
Mellsh niap was the" basis of the
treaty and that the I nlted States i
was hound by the Irealy to re. ogul.c '
the one hundredth meridian as ludl
cm led on that map as the boundary of
I hi Louisiana purchase and could not !
deviate from It The Mcll-h map lo 1
witnessing lu turn'." ( . 1. 1 cs I the one hundredth meridian rii-
- - ilrely east of the conf. of the
tdltor Hoy Williams of the McAles- t forks of the lied river thciefoie
ter News Capital has no hesitancy In i'cxaa lialmed that inme of the land-
irlli' i ti.ii ... sltiiatetl between Hie loith and souih
forks of the Htsl river were luclinhsl
In the bnrchase. cous.siiieullv did not
that his party has fulled In what tie . .jimK die public domain The
believe Is Its duty as the following States adiullied thai the Mel
will show: "The Oklahoma legislature niap was a part of Hie treaty but
pointed out Hie tin I llial (lie map was
Incorrect and lo a led the one bun
dicllli meridian ai least one hiimllisl
miles east of the line ol a-lloll.lllll
Mil meridian. '
Again the t ' 1. 1 1 States claimed
Hint the Mellsh mil' was only a part
the Irealy snhj.-t lo all the changes-
and tiesliricHtioiis lo which the treaty
as a whole was sul.c Article 4 of
the real v f lslll imcle provision for!
a further I'diiistineni f (he mutter by
authoi l.ii a Inline commission by
both tint i . i-i. The following was the
"A unis-loiicr and surveyor tj
fix the Hue with more precision and j
lo pi i e iMiclmark whh b shall desig-
nate cMu ily the limits of both nations
- nlci . I make out plans and keep
Join mil of their preeetstliigs and the
result agr I tisui by tbeia shall I
en!. 1 -i-d a part of this treaty aud
shall bine the same force as IX It were
Inserted therein." i
The I'nlted Htatee claimed that the
Mellsh map being only part of the
treaty and subject to all the modifica-
tions authorised by article 4 of the
treaty of 1H19 was not the basis of
said treaty aud had ho binding effect.
It was also pointed out by the L'nlM
Stut. that inasmuch as the meridian
of the Mellsh map was Incorrectly lo
cated the rom ml salon authorised by
article 4 of the treaty bad the right
to aud did -adhere to the true or as
philosopher who said: "I have a lived
man) years and my life has bisui full
of tumble moat of which never hap-Is-lied
coiiraged lawlessness by word or d.ssl
whether such aid and encotiragciuciil
were prompted by a misdirected h nipa
thy or by the ignorant belief of self
seeking si)ltliau that such a course
commended Itself to public approval.
A governor and other state offhs'rs ( ilii . !.... ......... ..i .
pledged to the enforcement of law and KUl Hy. and about next June would
order without federal assistants were W pleased to break hoecake and srtp
elected by a vote the magnitude of
The Hon Clnildti Weaver seems to
know where and how to pla.-e tlie tor
pedo Not a-veii his 'rlscoie waa vta-
ible when Hie final whirligig was
launched. Metrically orntorlcally and
pwtofflisistlcaiiy The lime wlahM
tronoiulcal 'meridian which was about
one hundred tulle went of the false
meridian of the Mellsh map. In this
the supreme court concurred. When
the state of Texas saw that the .xiiirt
ignored the meridian of the Mellsh
map she then made her fight on the
proposition that the north and not the
south fork of Ked river waa the
stream conlcmplated In the treaty of
To back up her contention Texas
sought to show the court that the
Spanish had evident I v thought that
ti 11 -x.i .' j.i. . J
which waa significant
"la stated there are no dlfforciM-ea
to be adjusted with our employes. It
difference existed we should Im loath
to submit their adjustment to com
mlsalou a majority of which we m
llf to be strongly biased against us
or one which baa In Its membership an
official member of the United Mine
Workers of America.
1 "Dm buslnees of the coal operators
(b weafaae of employe and the proa-
pMitf ot thf emtlre Mate hare been
biitlermllk with hlin on the poatoftlo
lawn. Hut honest Injun did yon ever
In all your life I
Congressman Victor Murdock an-
iioiiihvs that he Is now glad that he
got licked in the senatorial fight aj.d
that after March 4 he will resume
newster work which he aludoned
twelve years ago. Haul In your store-
wood and vegetable yon Kanaana
The Oklahoma farmer who pays
only 20 to 60 lr rent Internet should
laugh and be thankful remembering
I hereby announce myself a can
didate for Commissioner of Public
Pros?rty subject to the Republican)
primary. R. R. HRADHHAW
Adv. (Present flupt of Htreeta.)
I hereby announce myself as can
didate for Commissioner sf Public
Proarty of Oklahoma City subject
to the action of the. Itepubltcan prim-
ary. 'i.
OKa UE88.
I hereby announce that 1 will be a
candidate for the office of (Inmmla-
i slooer of Accounting and finance- aulv
Ject to the Itepubllcan itrlmarte March
WASHINGTON Feb. It). Repre-
sentative .Alney llcpubllcan of Petin-
sylvataVald a tribute in the house
to JaisW and 1 the JaiwuiMH peo-
ple. He praised Couut Pkurua aud
declared that seutliuent In both Japan
ami the 1'nlted States had bewu sub-
Jcct to some serious iiiHtanivs of mis
reprraentatlon. lie aald there were
no more patriotic people In the world
than the Japanese. Japan's problem
he continued "Was not the I'nlted
Slates hut China.
"It Is a matter of self perservatloti
of Japan" he said "that some line of
action should be taken with respect
to the future of China." He counselled
against American entanglement In
the far east.
Don't Forget-
T' e .1 sissial prize this week for the hoys and girls who
lu'i Iii the most votes up to Tlnfrsday night February'
H.VIi at tt P. M.
Ten Tickets
To i he Lyric Theater to the three contestants who turn
lu Hie most votes to Hint time ticl busy now and gather
In nil the votes you can In this ' The winners can
ha a line party for their friends and neighbor or who
evci Hiej care to take to the
Matinee Saturday Feb. 27
All the vote earned on these special prises
apply to each . "nitant's total In the Ulcycle
Contest as usual These are ssiaJ prises tu
be awarded to the hois and girls who turn lu
the most votes before February UStb.
Stone R
aneonourwaj) to
J "''SOL
Sounds interesting doaan't it ? Juat atop aac
tkmk that you can visit a big1 forest of pctn
bed tree thousands of year old. AI
colors of the rainbow are reprcaentad in
the tlinty trunks; parklin' chips of rod
blue green and purple are scsrtered
about a fatting introduction to tb
wonders farther along and the "dream
cirWat Saa Francisco and San Diego.
Lrt au aim r n P'tniU Fm fMm . 4m
du rI MiaVWk. ' T. Clt.r. Ovar ik. S..U
raTnil Om Batia MaW will a. mm hm.
II mW dm Saa Fa ia ka aahr Uaa t A Baa4
- M I
m M ' til fat 1
av aam m .
Our facilities are A 1 for quick de-
livery. There ' are others no doubt
who can "turn the wheel" but we are
ire eminent lu the "Hush Order" Hue.
lt us serve you the next time.
17 N. Harvey First Floor
11LJ f r- r rr idlf
r r fewJlF! IF
Russell-Duncan Jobbers' Mills
MKl'F.-Cri'lli:R8 Ol' GKOCtnS' SlNDItlKH.
For Space in this Directory
Call P.B.X. 36
Miller Jackson
Cast f'onks and
t'osl or Wocl
llenters for
Stovs np.-s and 8tov Biipiiltes
of All KiniR
" i n 1 - rm"Lruu-LHnnj-uLi
Morris & Company
Hams. Bacon Lard
Road Making Msohlnsry.
Ttwnahlp Cunty City Equipment a
Contrtotor Iqtflpmtnt ana) tupplls.
An Kitra Faney Floar.
The Reliable Kamlly Flour.
for baij: nv aix groters.
Acme Milling Co.
Oklahoma Gas
Engine Company
Prions W. 2053.
(17 123 N. Westsrn A vs.
Ws Stand Back of Our Work.
every Ridenour-Baker Mercantile Company
Coffee Roasters
Distributors of
Pure Food Products
t- ' f i St 1 k
r vv ' ' '
' ' L " )
f -
W. H. rioG.
Keystone Printing Company
. OklaJaMM City.
Offl. HtaH.mary. Dooka and PamphleU. Blank Bonk.
Loiaj Imvch. Ltaw lf Blndr Uaaasln and law Rook Rl.wli..
Call or Writ Us for KaUiaalaa.
ItMne W. 51.12. -OUaWa City-
tt N. Battaaam.
6 Cents Per Week

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