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STILL unoi
Retaliatory Folio to (ierman
Snliinariiie Blockade Is
Not Announced.
lluHsiin Keinfon'ruiento .Stop
Victors at Neimen; CarpatU-
ian Baltic tncbanged.
LONDON Ki-li. 'JO The third tiny of
lh' German submarine bliskade was
ushered In without Ureal llrllalli ' re
tiillutiiry policy declaring all fm'd
destined fur (tiTiimiiy In In- absolute
contraband N-lug definitely pi niiiul
gated through tlic foreign tiffin1.
'Mi.- Ililllxli reply lo Hie Aiucticiin
note regarding the Wilhelmliia Iih I
(lent presages tlml - in h urtloii will le
tiiki'ii mill us the ilorumeiil xt u 1 - out
tired! Hrllnln lins-s when she takes
tllU atop to lius-l will) lib objection
from neutral countries.
Herman movements on (lie northern
extremity of the buttle front hold fit -if
lilure In the military situation purll'-
lilurly no 111 Pel rog rail Nilcves Unit
Field Marshal Von Hliiiletiburg Is in
lug to flunk Warsuw from the north
u lank which 1 1' Husslun think l
rather daring aud fraught with griml
risks unless the Herman commanders'
forces Hre overwhelming.
Rush In Ovrr.
Tlui first rush of the Hermans over
the Kail Prussian frontier seems to
have HHnt Itself. The Hermans were
reiairtisl to N engaged at many olnts
with Uiixxlun relnfnnsMnent from
Neimen down the right hank of the
lowar Vistula ami tnllllary ex'rt In
1 Hindoo say It is difficult to vluasl.e
thl immIIIoii.
The campaign In the Austria crown-
land of llnkowlna continue with
proMlieetB of developing Into a decisive
hattlHoii the banks of the river Truth.
In Oiillohi the ri'iH'Hted violent Aim
triii n attacks against the HiihhIiiii aml-
tlona In the Citriaithlnu phssc have
Iss-o costly to ImiIIi kIiIih hut they have
left the allgnnienl little changed.
Ia the went the Hermans are ham
inerlng away tn im endeavor tn recov-
er liiat ground and are reported to lie
keeping the British trisai eaisvlally
busy to the southee! of Ypre In l-
(turn and elsewhere along their com
paratlvely extended front but accord-
ing to French and British elaluia
W ithout making appreciable gain.
nations' notes
RrpliM Arc Kfvrlvrd From l'rtt to
(krmany Mid Kngland; Formal ( on-
aldfratton lmmrdlatW) .
WAHHINtiTtlN Keh. 1HI-Official
teila of (iermany'a reply In the Amer-
lean nute on the war rune and 1 1 rent
llritHlu'a reilliH to the American
note on the uw of the American flan
and the Wllhelmlna case arrived today
.1.. i
9 I ill' mm in J'nl I iiiciii
The t ierman reply delivered by the
Iterlln foreign office three daya ago
In Amliaxsador tlerord had Iveeii de
layed In transmission. It was ut Wiif
cnnverttHl from the diplomatic code
and sent to the White Ho line to he laid
liefore th prisildent wlni however
bad already been Informed of It emi
tenta by Mr. Oeranl and the unofficial
text published two daya ago.
With the official text nt band bow-
ever the lirenldeiit and hla adviser
will begin formal eoimlderatlon of
tierniany'a reply In the warning of the
I'nlted State against destruction of
American alilua or Uvea In the naval
war roue about the Hrltlnh Ialea.
Cenerally the tone of the Oeruiau
note ban been regardiil as friendly.
(Ireat Brltaln'a reply to the repre-
wMitatlnna by the I'nlted Htatin on
the use of the American flag presuni-
ably will lnfluenee the American
view of the (Ierman reply for In ft-
iVectlng (iermany to Identify Ameri-
can ahlM) before attacking thorn with
Ntihmarlhtw the I'nlted Htatea la mi-
loiw there shall he no general uae of
the America n flag by foreign veaxela.
The atatn department la willing to let
the Wllhelmlna raae be adjudicated
by prize court and thtw lay the le-
gal foundation for other proceeding
of a like: character.
rOl'ND (H'lLTY OF FtAl'D
BIRMINGHAM Ala. Feb. 20. A
erdlct of guilty waa returned In the
United Htatea dltrlct court here to-
day agaliuit V. H. Whitehead preal-
detrt; U k. Whitehead vice president
and I. 9. Harrla Becretary-treaaurer
if the Standard Home company of
thin dty charged with ualug the
mailt to defraud. The terdlct covert
rwenty-eeven couuta of the ludlvt-
uent. '
The defandanU will be tentencad
neit Wedneaday. 4
The aoaiKD? conJucted a borne
loan boalrjeaa in all ' tectlnti of tbe
t nlted Btatea.
JONES BORO Ark.. Keh. 20. John
H. Darr aged 08 a planter reeldlug
alt mile eolith of her early today
hot and killed hla eight-year-old
daughter and hU wife am) then killed
Darr la Relieved to have anffored
from an attauk of temporari Intin-
Might Advance On Ships On way to
Danger mir; Fifty Cargo Carrier
From New rk Fnroule.
NFW 1 i litis. Id. JO Mm In- In
iii inn i' lias lus-n raised only slightly
lu-re 10. h remit of Herman)' war!
zone ilii ice mi i -online lo marine under
Millers Utiles lo Fugllsh points.
Hlilch seunil day ago were limited nt
one per cent have Imsmi advanced In
l' per cent. Insurance on shipment
lo Rotterdam In ipjotcU lit 1 V-j ht cent
and a similar (Uolatloii prevails on
cargi- lo French piairt.
There I in k heen a rather heavy ail
vance In life rale to the Itlver I'lale
Ihi-uiihi' of tin- n-Kiried Kinking of five
ships I'V the auxiliary cruiser Krun-
prim SVIIhelui Tin; rale have gone
up from 1 1 a to '' -r cent.
Six liners with many passenger
and large cargis's an- leaving purl In
day for Kiiiom- and their course will
lirlng I In-ill w llhlu the .mm of (ierman
Hiilimii rlni'H. They are the steamer
Meuw Ain-terdaiu St. UmiIh Tlim-a
iilii. .Mluiieluiliii. Vecndyk and itochain
I lieiiii. Shipping; records hIiow that
i more than !H curgn carriers from thU
J port are nou mi ilu-lr way in iln- dan-
I ger gone
Captain of Krciuh Ship Sunk by hub-
marine Is (ihrn Hrst Aid Trel-
mcnl and a Nrw I'air of Koota.
I'llKltllHl ltii via I'arls. 1 VI.. ao.
The story of the sinking of the Trench
slcnuiur Ville v l.llle hy u (.criimii
suliiiiariuc off the llurflour lighthouse
eaat .of Cherbourg was lulil lust nlghl
by the laiulswalli of the vessel which
waa aeut to the boltoui Tucsduy.
The Hiilimarliie which sank llietn. he
said waa the 1' HI which pursued the
Vllle lie Mile Home itlsiamv ami
miiueuvereil In audi a way as to pre-
vent cmchk signalled: "Stup m wi
will fire on you." After the si.-aiuer
Ntoiiiied the miliiiiarlue came almn.-
"I will give you ten minutes to leave
the ship." mh li'l the (ierman ciuuuiuV
der according to the Itoatawatn's sto-
ry. The crew i-ompllod with the order
and look to the boa Is. pulling tow urd i
Meanwhile two men from the lull-1
marine went alsmrd the ateamer and j inarliiea ordered by the Hrltlah gov. A" official Htuteiuent Iwued Ul In-
placed two bonilm one In the captain s i eminent to Canada Hubmartnea for 'I''" today aaa that aeroplanea are i-o-nami
and tbe other In the fom-aalle I Kngland are also being built at Hoatou .operating with tbe wirshlla lu the at-
A few mluutea later there Were twot't 'ttl- ""kH wuh nd "coualderable effect "
expUM! and tbe ablp began in "Tlie attention of the United Htatea Hio present movemei.t evl.lH.tly la
sink .iru Xlrat. Tbe capUIn and '''lrtme..t of auxte baa been drawn to the miwt formidable which ha been
.i ii.v h-ir -i.i. . -...tbwm facta by the Oennin and A ur. "'' ' effort to force a way
1 J ""'
After the bomlai bad ls?en
aboard tbe Vllle de l.llle the aubua
rlne atopiiml a Dutch liop which
waa allowed to prisvisl after the Uer-
mana satisfied themselves there was
no contraband aboard.
The aubmarlue then returned to the
Vllle lie l.llle boata when It waa aeen
what dess-r..te effort tbe nailers
were making to row lit tbe ciaiat and
toow Ibeui In tow until the Itarfleur
waa In alght.
The captain of the slcauier did not
have time to drew fully before be left
hla ehtp and Injured his chin In clam-
bering Into the beat. The (German
commander ntiaerving the i-aptaln'i
Injury tisik him aboard the submarine
and gave him flrsi aid treatment.
Tbe Oeniiana also supplied the mas-
ter of the ateamer with a fine pair of
aea boott at he had heen comMlleil to
leave hla own behind.
ISIuskogee Verdirt Kajt Jack and Joe
Ibxvie. Kurk Burdoff ami B War
tham Delayed V. 8. Mail.
MUSKCHIKK Ok Feb. 30 Oullty
waa tbe venllct of the federal dlatrlct
court here tislay in the caae of Jack
Davie Joe 1 ia via Iluck Hurdoff and
Ibrfi Wortham charged with conaptra-
cy to delay tbe I'nlted Htatea mail
when tbe Katy limited train waa held
up and robbed at Wirth Oklahoma lu
October lOia.
Jack Davla la the head of tbe Davla
feud clan. He waa found guilty of
thn conspiracy charge. Tbe real of tbe
men were found guilty (if the conaplr-
acy and actual participation In the
holdup. They had been tried In the
atate omirta before on a charge of
train robbery and were acquitted.
When the holdup took place the rob-
ber cracked an expreat aafe and te-
nured 17000 Thl wat alao a mall
car. There were nearly a hundred
paaaengera tleeplug In the Pullman
cart of the train when the holdup
took plaee. Tliey were uot awakened
nntll It waa over.
HELENA. Mont rb. JO.-The atkte
aeoaie yeoteraay paaeed the houae
atatewlde prohibition bill providing
for conatltutlonal amendment The
hill provide that the queetlun be left
to a referendum vote of the peonle la
1018 to ratify or reject the legialatlve
enactment The aeuafe amended the
bill to make prohibition effective Dei-ember
81 llHti the houae bill making
It effective December 81 1018. The
bill now goet to eonfereuc.
' UiNDON rh. H0.-The cirgo of
the ateamer Wtlbelinlna aetaed by the
Rrlllah governmeut wlil probably be
taken before a price eonrt
. It U the belief the prlae court will
have nothing to adjudicate eacept the
hit era tioual otlu luvolred.
iinrrnAi vroon i-
Norwegian Stttamtr Strikes Mine
And Sinks; Crew In
Second Disasttr To Nation's
VesielH Since' (ierman
Blockade Begaft.
I.OMki.V. Keh I'll The
Camlniiik uf l ardlff was
lorsHiM-d I i
today off Anilwli'li Hay Wales
ticruiau siiliiuiiiiiic nllhout Miiinlng.
The third engineer anil tun flic
men of the Camluink Mere killed and
another member of the crew was
drowned while getting lulo u limit. The
remainder ()f u. rcw was saved. Tbe
Cauiliauk hail Just taken uliounl a pi
loi for l.lveipisil.
NAKSKDV. Iienniaik. Fell. - The
Norwegian slcauier HJurko ninn-k a
mine ut nVIk Mils uioiiiiug and
muk. Ilcr crew was kiim-iI.
This Is the second ilUuatcr lo Nur
weglau vessels since the Herman IIih k
ade look effis-i.
The lljiuko. laden with coal as on
ber way frmu Ij-IiIi In Vakskov.
The titnk sluaiiier Kelrldge. the first
Norwegian vessel tn meet with dlsus
ter In Die war tune estiitiUstied by
Germany nfler the tieriuan. disrei-
went Into effect wan toris-dm-d )esler
day by a Hulniiarlne iifiir t'olkcstunc
and was beached badly damaged.
The ltjarko waa a small vessel.
feet long and 1MU tons gross.
WAMHIN'CiTtIN Feb. M. - (iermany
ami Austria through their amhasna
dors here complained In the slalc de
partment tislay that sulmiarlneo were
being liullt lu the l ulled Ntutea for
'l - ..... II-I...1.. .....I ..I.I I i
iiimi itinniii nun siops-o ill pniin 10
In a Htatement on the subject the'Houa yeaterday wlilcb la twin con-
(ierman einhaasy aald : today An allied fleet baa been
The nlunta of Bethlehem and Hip t tbe entrance of tUe Dardanelle for1
('ubm Inmi Worka at Hun Francisco
aria. according to reliable Information
aendlmr Ihe cnmnniiMit isiris nf soli-
"iin..i.. !..
iiiii.Riiiisii v-iuimivn wing in WH
trad let Ion
with the lawe of neutral-
Hornet Ime ago the Herman embaaay
(Continued on Ijiat Inge. I
Krhool l.ui d CeenniNtlon May Be
Compelled I Fjapley large Number
ef Clerk te figure Interna.
Whether or not the tcbisil land com
ml anion will be compelled to employ
an army of expert aocouutania to keep
the recorda ttralght under the opera-
tion of tbe new "home ownemhlp" law
I a matter of aome couct'rn among
those who have taken time to do soma
figuring. It la claimed by aoiue. that
tbe law la eo complicated that lu the
final teat there la tome doubt If It
will really lie of any benefit to timet)
It aeeka to aid.
Tbe law provides (hat thmw eligible
to participate lu tbe loans can make
them lu any aum up to IJ.ihki. It
natural to euppottc thai different
auoia will be loaned and that probably
a large number will ins ure luaua of
different denominations. They are to
ruu for twenty three and one half
years. It la cnuteiulcd that expert
could figure from uow until dooms-
day and then never catch up with Ibe
work that will lie entailed In coiiae-
queuce of tbe ois-ratlon of the law.
One expert who baa done aotne fig-
uring In arriving at the Intermit that
muat be paid annually and tbe way It
must be computed taya that hla frac-
tional parta of a cent run Into Uie
bllllontha and that In the courae of
tweuty-three yeara on a corudderable
number of loatia there la going to he a
aertou quest Ion In figuring Just the
eiaot amount that may be coming to
the etate. and Jimt how much credit
bould be allowed the borrower
Law Providing Nine Hour for Women
Apy I leu le Town ef One Theoaand
Population a Paaeed.
A atralk'ht nine hour working day
for women tn all cltlea of the atate of
over 1000 imputation U provided In
aenat bill No. 10 by Barrett aa pawed
by the houae thin afternoon.
At the bill came from the senate It
provided for 9 hmira with a fifty-four
hour a week limit and applied ouly
to cltlea of ntMN) and over. Amend-
ment made by the houae itruck out
the fifty-four hour r week and pro-
vided a ttralght maximum work day
of 8 hourt for all women employed In
manufacturing mechanical or mercan-
tile eetahllahmenta bakertea botelt
reetauranta office building ware-
hnuara telephone or tele-raph office
printing and hook binding establish-
ment theatera and placet of anuee-
menta The act doea not 'apply to ttenog-
raphera nurae or female phannadati
and la caae nf envartency female In
hotelt and reatauraata aiay week 10
heart a day. .
('(HITS ( IIKIHTI T 1.1. i '
jo. The prellmlnai Inipilrj n
lulu the alleged "plra'-v lo "
form a republic of Mexicans n
ami negroea In ixniih Texas lx n
an uprising next Mmiiliu . ash
Ingtou'H lilrthday. was today "
Is.Htpuni'd until next Saturday "
h I nltisl Slaten t'mnnil-slmier
Sollthgate iMs-ainu- of llliscine II
of wilnesHea. "
It as charged iluii i In ular- "
pilnted In Klianlab were dlalrl (
IiiiIihI throughout Soulh Texas II
to Incite tbe murder of all
white American males over 1(1 d
M-ars old. The pos!siiied l
hearing waa on cliiirg-. lignliist (
Anolollo (ionr.ule and Manuel (I
I'loies of BislltliMls i! uc). 1 1
Nolvt'ltbatandliig Hie aipar o
cut alnturdlty of the unni-meni n
federal and state officials In n
smith Texaa are prepared for It
einergencleH next Mmidat
1 1
it it
o o o o o o o o O II (I
Day In Congress.
Work resinned oil legislative appro
prlallon hill provision for ngrl. iillu
ral census ellmlnateil.
Coiiiuilitis' luveNtlgallng ihargcs
of I I I x agiilust ship bill ii-sinned Ink
lug testlniouv.
Iiehnte ciiiitlnued on iliplmiintle up
proprlalioii hill.
AMSTKHDAM. via 1omlon. Feb -H
-The licniians otierHtlng In Fjist
I'niHsla captured a Roseau military
tix-asnr.v containing Ilii .(km. tele-
graphs the MiiaslMM-f's Iterlln corres
War at a Glance
lli an attempt to fon-e the Uafda-
nelles. the gate Ul ('onstantlnoile
French and Hrltlah warabli legau a
bombardment of the Turkish forllfha-
several nioiiths and nsirta from time
' Hn Itidh-aUsd that damage was
dune to aoiue of the TurkUb forth'
ttinulifh llu. llr.laiW.IL4 lit.x-1
through tbe Dardaittttca beyond which
nee louaiainiuopie.
Anotuer neutral reaeei ine eeconu
Norwelglan ateamer to meet dlaaater
In the naval war tone eatahllabed by
(Iermany. ha gone to the bottom dur-
ing a trip a ernes the North aea. Her
crew waa readied.
Fighting lu Frams? and llelglum -
parently I llM-reasliig In aererlty. To-
day official report from Part nnd
Iterlln abow that tbe French attempted
to break through the (Ierman line at
two points toward the eaxtern line and
that the (lennaua made an assault on
the allies Ut Belgium without effect
lug Important result In any cases.
Tbe (ierman claim the capture of two
towns lu tbe Voegea.
A new attack baa beeu begun by
the Kusalana ou Ihe fortified (ialbian
clly of I'uaemyal whose resistance of
Ihe la'aelgera mouth after month has
la-en one of (he striking features of
Ihe campaign In the east. The It us
alalia are reported to have brought
up new heavy guua fur tbe assault.
Flsewber In lilalda according In
unofficial advices the Russians have
gained a measure of aumwa. Ks
sslally near Dukla I'asa. where the
Auatrlan are aald to have suffered
heavy Itwaea lu tbe last few daya.
From Fugllsh source It la reisirled
thl the ItiiKalaiis have foniusl a line
along the Truth river In Hnkowiua
and that a new battle la developing.
Thl conflict with recent atateinental
thai the Austrlaus had aui-cecricd In
riding Itokowitia of the Russian.
In Northern Poland to far as (Ier-
man account of the fighting abow.
the (Ierman pursuit of the Iluaalan
continues and baa resulted In tbe
winning of aeveral Pollah cltlea ami
towns. Tendon tiellevea however
that the first rush nf tbe (ierman
Into himllle territory after expelling
the Russian from Kaat Prussia ha
been at eyed. "
The situation In the went la aa de-
void of the IraiHirtant proceeding a
baa beeu the caae week after week j
lnce Ibe battle nf Hotaaotia. A Berlin
military critic write that In the weet
the "(ierman must abandon their bold
warfare for a time and reetraln them-
olve to a ttoady holding on."
WMhlaitsa rtmul.
Oklahoma ArkiBMOUaMltM nulght
nd Suuilsjr prvlsiUIr rata.
IsiuUlaai t'ltaOttled tonight lud
luoitajr iirobahlv rain.
Km! TVita--rasMtled tonight and
Rutnlajr probably bnwer.
Weat Tsiaa-I'nalgkt and liinilar fen-
orally eloartr.
TUadr oast IIM wHa rwla laalaM
tm aaayi oat atarh ahoa la Irai-
isnlm. T a. m 41
a a. m i
a. m it
10 a. m 4'J
H a. m 4J
1J Bikib m 4'j
I p. Bl 411
V l. ttl 44
' . Ml 44
Preclpltatlan bat boon gaaeral In the
lower MUauurl liiwer Arkanaa ami Md
river vill aorthira tad wnlarn Tsxaa
lb (ontkar Hocky ainaBUIaa. Iks anuik
ernl plalaaa auil Faclflr alalm Umsral-
lr fair waslkar kta pravallHl anal r
Mlaalaalniil rlvar. Tam llarallirM .sin
(lima aioilarsle I all aa. tlnni r (fee
I'ulta atata. Th woavar low praasur
ra ha tai-raaaMl la niinltnd and
Intoodtv and la drlfttng aaialv aaatward
nd Mralrka auuthaaaiarard froia Ibe
anrth Parlflr -ual to Ik Inwar Nlo
Uraad vllay this aasrnla. Tkl dli
tnrbc I atflMf rbnidy and unaalllad
waaiker vt all of tk territory woat
et lat) aHirlnlaaa
Measure Backed By Adminislra-
liou to Engrossment By
lUversed Action.
Is That Taxes Will Be
Considerably deduced By
1 liis New Law.
The ailiiiliilstralluii fonvs won in
the wuale this morning ms-uriug i
reversal of the ttcib.ii of be M-naie
committee of the whole last night in
which wiiule Joint resolution by Am
tin. i-ugli Mlicbeil .iml Wilson
lindiau was defeated in commit t
tile whole unit nusseil Hie r..-inll..
lu eiigiossmeia. i
The lesolulloii proposes a on-l it u-'
tlmial iiuieuilmeiit u l .1 Kill all the!
coumy coiirla of the slate and cunf
lllit' their ilirlaulti'lliiu i o. I
lilcl courts Is a part of the pro
gram of (inventor Williams for ac-
complishing n reform of the judicial
sistifin. Tbe Siitbelin Joint resolution
plolNislllg a COIIStllUllolial Hlllellillilelit
" ....w... in.- WM"
eaiilhg out furllier risomineniiatlonm
of the govi't tior for consolidation of i
tin- niiiilnal Mirirt of aps-ala will
Ihe slate supreme court and risiigan '
Ir.lng the latter Isslv with eUjhl In ;
Btcad of five Judges wan also ad -i
vani-ed to engrossment lu the senate;
this morning.
Had a Hot DIwusaIhi.
The Joint resolution promising aluil-
Ishment of the county ismrta provokeil
heateil iIIwiismIoii. Senator Sinherlln
of Wagoner siwaklm; In fni..r .t ilu.1
rmolntloo ilts'lunui iiisi ii . i
noiii.i ilia-I
terlally lighten the burden of expeiieel"!""'1""" Hssemlde along Van
on xne (suiniun winch now uialntaln 1
an aggregate of aeventv seven ....o.iv
eourta with an annual expeuditiirv of
about 4iNi.iggl. He ns ds Inrisl that
to have but one court below tin' ap-
lielate miirt In each count) would
place the Judicial nystem of the slate
on a stable baala and bring Oklaho-
ma I In line with most other at a I in
In the manner of handling lis court
Senator Frank Carpenter of Man-
gum oppoaed abolishment of county
eourta. declaring that there la no ile-
manu mr alien action from the people.
in reply to statement nf frleinbi of rnsuu iv uiw ae-rejary or. ine
the adnilnlstrallon measure that th4rM'r"r f'Preaenrlng President Wll-
tloavt. I.ib.Iu.. I- . .i... . . isoll. (illX'Priuir Hiram XV Jiiliru.m mul
beevy burden I now the local taxe
nd that the atate tax U light hVna-
lor RumhcII dMilarwl that It n.
-.-. i mow me us-ai raiea
tie difference where the hnritAii m- a
worried If It has to be borne.
"It doea not matter whether Ibe
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Kuropean Shipping Interest (onlrol
rganliatlof In I'nlted Htatea Sya
Broker U Senate Investlgatora.
WAHHINT(lNeh. Ill Charge
that representative of foreign ahlp-
plng Interests control the principal
lomuillteea of many chamber of iinu-uien-e
lHrda of trade ami maritime
exchange and have "bouey-coiulied"
the American maritime field were
made tislay by Walla. Ilowney a
New York ablp broker before the sie
ial senate commltlee luveallgatlng the
alleged lobby against the adminiatra
tlon ship hill.
lxiwney told the committee he waa
the organlaer of tbe Culted Mtnle
merchant marine asenclatlou which
restricted lis memherahlp to Au-rl-
ana uaving nelllier (llrei't nor in-
direct connei'tloii with foreign ship
ping InleretitH. Senator Walab want
ed to know why that dlacrlmluatbiu
was made.
"The maritime field of thla uatlou"
replied iNiwncy "has been honey-
'omhed with representative of tho
- ... . '"" iiewspaiicr. wiin me exceiuion or ine
foreign shipping ititert-Hts. Inuumer tp.. v i. . . .
able organliatlous. such n chambers! without c
of cimmerce. Issirds of trade andi""'nt Washington dispatch
maritime exchanges have lasm ' n-v WH-V Amstenlain In which s.-c-
In thla iHMintry. Itepnstentnllve of!r''rT Daniels I quoted as saying that
foreign shipping Interests have Joined ' Anr'u wrslili would not he used
the organisation aecured control ofi'" "".v ni.rchantmcn.
the principal committee and when Tn R rente .Hung says:
(ha. rBui.... iul i.i . "If thla reiiort Is isirrwt anil tts-n.
t marine matter where the line must!
ha rtraun iu. ........ r .
"r sniipiug
....ere.. ami American Interests the) ;
llioutinueo on Ijiar I'uira I
. ' 411 i age I
tlnunuB' i- in""'" '""in UMir.n;
v KMIJl' Feh. 30 Tbe const i I.KNDH MON'EV TO FRWt K
guard cutter Onondaga which left "l . Ml WK
here yesterday to assist the I'nlted j lilll.ADF.I.PHIA Pa Feb. ".
State Fruit ateamer Santa Marta. ills . The Pennsylvania's Society of Un-
aided With freight and paaaeniera off Clm Itinnll has ihs lded to omit lis an.
Hatteraa reported tislay she bad been
atopiied hy a gtle 45 mile from tl
illstaVaaeil ahln aiul muu ....i.i
- " ns waning- mr
mr a.unii iu uisiiiie ocrore pr.K-eHl tell. r ..f wonndwl ami disabled French
'"a"- 'soldiers.
tilher cixaat guard ships In the vl ! .u more than 10(1 years this ban-
clnlty are working toward tbe liner u. t hud las-n an annanl affair with
which had an accident to her rudder the iletv. with tbe exi-eptlon of
eav t a UtlllVI
hut ha beeu reported lu no Imminent
lilII.AI)F.I.PHIA rh oo .....
i - - .
Lilian was suffisnted and three other
were itijureo. early today during a fire
at the home of Dr. Nathan Hlumburg.
The man who loot hla life Loul HII-
virman a lawyer discovered the fire
ami aroused the other orcuDaata of rha
He then returned to hit room and
was trapped by fjame and amok. A
four month' old child of Dr. Blnm-
burg dropped from a window Into tit
a rat ef a Hlkiaaa waa aalojurod
Kelly Koarb of OUIabuma (It) Will
Open First Male Hank Tlirre as lie
Did in IH-Iimricht Recently.
MI.'I'M .. Kelly
Kuach .f i iklalimna ( It) well known
I'linki r. has Ms-Hied a clmrler for the
I'lrst Sim.. nk .f otliii llln will be
reaih fm IhinIiic-s In the near future
The Pull. Mug fur i he bank Is piaeth ul
ly -uiipli led. Itoii' ti aiiie Int. tbe
line light about two jeni" ago when
he oiilgenerulol all opposition b put
National hank nil.
l ow lis hlng
on the outer ck-e nf
the oil field with their hanks full of
oil field nionej were averse to a l ank
going Into Iiruuirlglit. mid the pie
utisl It for some time Finally le-v
ever.Hoach lint one ou r on tliein II.
1 secured a charter for a hunk in n
; western Oklahoma town slarled h1-
j hank and then iinncd It. .;ig and hii.'
gage to liriiinrlghl where his depos
Its ran up tin- first week to oci .i
litiildred HiomsiiiiiI dollars.
Panama Tar i fir Fxposition Opening
May Itrraks With llubhuh of Sound
Making Instruments.
SAN FA1(V(TSC(. Feb '.'n - The I
I 'll IIH Ilia I'ai Iflc eXHisoli os-iici to
day. The enthusiasm broke forth nt
daylueak In a av oplumi of souikI.
the like of which never before hail 1
Issm heard lu San Francis.'..
For an hour beginning at II :m
o'clis k steam whistles aulouioldle si
reus church Ih-IIs street car gongs
and huliliuli making Inst ruinenlM of all
kinds Joined In a Jovous illu awaken- I
lug the cllv and sending Its thousands
toward II xmisoii.
The days program called for chi
mn. clul.s and various sisleili-s ami
i" iiiiii.u io me lair
The actual oismiIhl- of the exisltl
galea was to I signalize! Iv the din -
charge of artillery siilntcN from the
government sis(H on San Franclm-o
bay and at u i the program called
for I'resldent Wilson to send an elec-
tric spark through the air from Wash-
ington to lie received on the radio an-
tennae swung on the cxpmtllon'H tow-
er of Jewels and which waa to caiiae
i ne uisirs or tin- einititt iwiaceii lo 1
n'ii and the machinery In machinery
nan to start.
Franklin K. Lane aecretarv of the
. '. -- - "
t . i. .Mi sire president or tbe exsjltloii
were to Im Ihe nrincliKil anMkera of
i... i.i..... n.ii .
im- ii). i n-siueni ninni waa erpei - x -
to forwanl a nn-mage of congratu -
billon lo lie read to the crowd.
Forty-one of tbe foreign nation
mid forty three state and terrttorte
if the Culled State are n-prvseuleil.
WASH1NC.TON. Feb. .'0.--Every-tblug
waa ready toilay for iTeHldent
Wilson to touch a button at 8 p. m.
giving an electric signal for the open-
ing of the Panama Pacific exposition
at San Francisco at main. Pacific
time. The ceremony was lo take plai-e
In Ihe east nnn of the White House
where places wete reserved for mem-
bers of ihe cabinet and Ihe California
delegation In inngresa.
Arrangements wete n made that
at the president's touch one signal
would flash hy telegraph o San Fran-
cisco and another would go to the
wireless station ul Tuckerton. N. .1.
lo he reliued t San Francis. by! '"l "uu "'
radio. Ii first us plunned to send I """ "'"k' Possibly aa tuauy more are
tbe win-less fhisl through the gov- j Preparing to depart Itefore tbe time
eminent station ut Arlington but that ; ""'H expire. Thua far there has
detail was changed. It wa decided heen no violence
not to have the president talk by The negr.sti rmsst of whom are em-
lopg illsianee telephone to San Fran- plovcd on farm In thl county will lie
elsM us S's-relnrv l.ane U attending severely dealt with unless they obey
Ihe os'iilug of the exMisltlon as his: tl. order anuoiim-es. and It I expect-
offlclal tciuesenilallHv ! 1Mt . trMllItJ Th
f HIP ICt AV llllMlim hll'rff- M ' Conron baa a.kod Oov-
lUjAIWh liS JA Ml LUll A r""r Ml" "' '"'HU' to help
j him restore order. Adjutant Ueuerl
Oilura who left Jefferon City last
Berlin Vv.spper Comments on Dis -
atrh Uimlbig Secretary
Warships WHINiM Convoy Ships.
BF.RI.IN. Feb .ii The Berlin
'"' d""Ih expression the
ic Hon nf the cahliiet the rissoonstlillll
. a. .in .... ...' i.i... . .
. V" " ' " ."" '": "V
"T n"l"n" obt- io avoni nun lor
I . . . . .
the arnldnnee of which we gave Into
(he baud of the I'liltc.) States a ks-
sllile remedy."
tiuiil dinner on W ashlugton' blrl Inlay
I lnnead sent n check vestenlav for
. ... . ' ..
. ioo in .AiiioassHiior .iiisseranu ror Tile
the civil war years when It was not
held. tin. I the hamiuet money wa used
for the relief of sick and dts
ahled union soldiers.
I.iiMmiN Feb. LSI. Alsiut 100
Aiuerl'iins. tempornrllv marisnie.1 In
1's.rls as a result of tbe i-iiiatlon
cf sailings N't ween F.ngllsh channel
pirts because of (lenuaii submarine
bUskade. arrived tislay In I guidon.
Tbey Immediately left for I.lverMMil
tn Niard the American liner New
York whose sailing wa ptponed at
the reiuet of Ambassador Pag untH
live Aiutfrkaii ouuid arrive.
Air EUet Co-operates With
Warships On Dardanelles
None of British aod Erench
Vessels Is Hit; Action Is
l.iiMuiN- Keh. 10.-The Hrltlsh
'im I' 4 eiM'h fleets. If waa officially an-
ie in. e here today bomharded the
f..ii. f dm inrdanelles on Friday
"iln considerable effect. Tbe bum-
'n ''i"i-'ir of the Iiardanellea waa re-in-we.1.
ii. aumuiniVineut added with
- iiilnn.-s and aeroplanea ro-operatlng.
He t t f official aunounce-
uii i t I. t Ii Im afternoon by the
I'-nit-li .olmlrally saya:
I'-ienlay morning at H o'clock a
Hi His! fleet f buttleablpa and cruis-
ers in . onipanled by flotillas and aid-
ed hi a strong French mpudron the
"hole under ihe command of Vice Ad-
miral ( iinleii. began an attack upon
the forts ul' (hi. unriilis fh. lu..
"The forts nt Caiie Ilelles ami Kuin
Kale were bombarded with a deliber-
ate long range fire. Considerable ef-
fect waa pnaluced on two of the fort.
Two others were frequently bit but
iMlng os'ii earthworka It waa diffi-
cult to eHtlmate the damage. Tbe
fo'.ts. iM'lng outrtttiged were unable to
reply to our fire.
At 2:43 o'chsk In the afternoon
a portion of the battleship fori-e waa
ordered to ebwe In and emravi tn
'rl'fpd to cloac III (
!1' . nt Cl"w'r rH'""" vlh "lelr se
omlary armament.
Fort Return Fire
"The fort on both able of the en-
trance then opened fire and were en-
gaged at nuslera ft rianvaaai tit f-tt
geauce. Cornwallls. Triumph Buffren
..ri. HiiiMinei py the Inflexi-
ble ami the Agamemnon at long range.
i ue uiria on me Kurotiean aide ap-
luxrently were allencel. The fort on
the Asiatic aide atlll rtr(n. -k....
- HS wurn
the opera Uona were vuapemled owing
w iiiv lining ugni.
No ahlpta of tbe aUled fleet were
' . The. waa renewed thl morn-
! Ulg. a iter an aerial iwisinaiuas. k.
' . i.j
! H? T'I'1. The ahlp Ark Roy-
al I In attendance with a number of
(Continued on Last Page.)
Missouri Sheriff Ask State Militia te
Control Situation; Three Hundred
Leave Country.
NKW MADRID Mo. Feb. .-Because
of warning by "Night Illlri"
tlmt they must leave before Tuesday
morning nearly 311 negroea left New
XI.. I. .1.1 . . . . .
1 iwted today and will make
nm-siigaiiou iii me atiuatioii.
which ma civil autnoriiies say has
gone l.f..iil their control.
Negnsn at work on the levee In
Mississippi county also have been no-
tified to stop work and leave tho
count v. A foreman In charge of the
laborers has been notified to atop em-
ploying the blacks.
Tin- first warning note wa tied to
a bundle of switches aud the second
loulalned a drawing of a shotgun.
The trouble Mween the white and
Ihe ueuns's seems to have Its nrlvtii
III Hie land rental system.
i ijist i
I ji-i Dei-ember the white renters
demauilcil a rsl.ctlon til . M
. '
I ail acre. Tin ni'irrnea wera nnulaut tn
continue paving ftl and when new
rent coul i m ts were drawn up bl Jtn-
uarv more iiecroes than ever were
given places ou farm.
Dlsmnlent then dtU'clod prtMial
threats were followed by tho pootlng
of ( nollc-s for tbe negroes to leave.
The more prosMroua white hive inn
ileiuiied Ihe raid and are trying to
I prevent the exialus nf. n
hissinilng general. While
l ....i i..i...
Ihe exialus nf. negroe from
there haa
lieeu no general Violence there bt
lieen one demonstration by night
riders. Thai iss-urred February 3
at Riddles Point.
ItuMF. Feb. in-All afternoon par-
ties favornhle to Italy'a lnt)rvenOoa tn
the war attempted to reach the okaat
ber of deiiutlea but were charged hy
(riMi)is with fixed bayonet and dla--lerseil.
The center of the dry waa "
.uplisl by troop and aeveral arrest
were man.
rtNCINNATI.7eb! Cliidaa''s
new 84.000 mmt.lil ksstptul
dedicated today hy D. If. A f
ett chairman of the hoard a t-
of the Carnegie fewtdaCk

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