The Oklahoma City Times (Oklahoma City, Okla.), Vol. 26, No. 229, Ed. 1 Thursday, January 7, 1915 Page: 2 of 8

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If MLSatk Stcratari Baa rrafcdi ul aUaotarari
Im ail fthWrn SUU lurfkdm Amdatm
Charley Caldwell who used to he anintant aeoretary of the Ok-
lahoma City Chamber of Commerce spent the holiday in Okluhoma
City. lie ia now connected with commercial organization work in
the loutheastern atatea where the scope of auch endeavor has
widened to atate-wide bams. In diauuaaing this line of work he aaid
to mar
"The work your organisation la do-
ing In Oklahoma City and throughout
the state la fundamental. It la bated
on tk aaiue principle aa intensive
farming Moat tanners make more mo-
ney oa a quarter section than they can
make on a section. The Intensify
they concentrate they become tbor
oitgh and Intensively efficient. They
waste aotblng and they proceed with-
out friction and reduce hastes to the
abeolute minimum.''
And that' a fact Many a farmer
gees broke on a aectlon who could
grow modestly rich on a quarter sec-
llna. Many a manufacturer aud Jiller
might learn a valuable lesson from
this. He trie to cover too much ter-
ritory. He let hi ambition get be-
yond hla meana to fill It He want
to run Inatead of walking ateadlly for-
ward. He scatter hia effort aud ao al-
low hla atronger ooaief1tor to come
In from the outafcle aud dig th blg-
gent iKitHtoee right under hi very
tune In hla own garden.
"Home Patronage of Home Pro-
ducta" work both ways. The home
ccnaumer ooght of courae to "le-
mand the Oklahoma Itraud" hut the
heme manufacturer ought to lnten-
alvely cultivate hla home field Inatead
of scattering all over the face of the
earth and hitting nothing worth
Paps a. In British New Gvaai BtUI
a Wood) Land; 8lch Ara Murdered
by friends.
New York Jan. 7. Papau baa long
been knowu aa a bloody land. It la a
bloody laud "till. But th blood of
white men la rarely let; aud tb
wanton elaughtar of native the oue
by the other at leaat In those fast-;
widening region which ara within
the sphere of the law la faat dlmui-!
lahlng. Air thla being ao In oue year
uevertheleeaj )ieu there were 210
prlaouer commuted fur trUl 118 of
them were charged with murder nine
with manslaughter and five with at-
tempted murder To the clvlllaed
mlud the luotlvea to murder a hocking
enough to tie aure uor wanting an
aniecl of grueeome humor are upon
occasion Incredible.
(old and Hungry.
Aa they are nuttier of reard
however disclosed upon paluataklug
Investigation they ara to be accepted
not aa irresponsible tales auch aa
wander about the Eastern sea but
aa aiibataiillal facta however aiugular
and lncouiprehenslble they may ap-
pear. It la a matter of court record
fur example thut certain native of
what hi called the Coast Itange being
upon trial for the murder of two oar
rlera whose throat they had cut ad-
mitted tha deed without the leaat hee-
Itatlou aud sought to Justify tha
glumly bualneae upiai the ground thai
carriers bad appeared to be "cold and
hungry" dejected fellowe far away
from their village.
Th prisoner bad not eateu the
carriers. They bad merely with th
moat considerate expedition -cut the
throata of th carriers who were
Rlraugera at any rale aud therefore
Of no great consequence; aud no In-
genuity of cross-questioning could
elicit a motive ulterior to the oue to
Ingenuously advanced that the car
rtera appearing to le "cold and hun-
gry" were. In the opinion of the gen-
tlemen who had Incontinently cut
their throata much letter dead.
Oidy Killed.
A similar cane of merciful exter-
mination concerned a young native
employed to ahoot game for a white
planter who encountered a lck man
(Papauan) on the road near by a rtv-
er. and atrangled him to death. Cpon
trial be explained that the sick man
created annoyance and a considerable
eniharraamuent aa well by tnalaieut-
ly renqeatlng to lie carried across the
river to the other aide whence hla
way forward to hla village.
"Quite ao" tald the pretddtng offi-
cer. "Why then didn't you carry him
acrnna the river T'
"He wan ton heavy" replied the na-
tive. "It would huve put me to a
great deal of trouble."
"Why did yim kill hlmT
"What ela could I do? The man
waa alck."
It wua out of the question to endure
the labor of carrying the alck man
acroaa the river. It wan equally out of
the question In abandon the pttlabla
object. Therefore the bewildered fel-
low had atrangled hlin the moat ob-
vlona way out of a dilemma which
bade fair to distress hla feellnga.
Does Your Piano need tuning? Our
expert's are now In position to r
apond to your call promptly and will
give you uniiHual good workmanship.
Timing $2.50. Phone Wal ml J. W.I
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Biqgest Poultry Show
In History of the State
Oklahoma Hold Xpelal Poultry
Show kef for January IN to 23 luclu
elva 11 to lie the hlggiwt In the hlatory
of the atstc anil (crimp the biggest
la tile southwest llstlm been con
ilikt-tetl oiiler tbo same inaiiagemcnt
for four years the hotv ha the ad-
vantage of otertiMiiing any dlfflcul
tie of former years and wilt live up
to the standard act by other years in
balng Ju.t a little better than the pre
i-adlng exhibition.
Bealtlra the offer of regular pre
mittua In every rlaa vf poullry. then-1
drw svty-il KfieilHl prise of -a-ii.
najrehnndlaa and silver -up offenil.
ranging In rli from t In 25. Two!
very nnlqiia atln"l In niHaN will1
I a prise of Ti for the rouMvr thai
lines the meet crowing ilurls 11m- .mi
Ik mImht and iaie of the aue amonni
far the hen that dor the- newt en- k- I
ling. Klmer F. Browu. aecrefar.v !
the Chaaiber of rowimen-e and K.d S.
Vaight attorney who ara to l lite
jwriawa eC thla lecture have a J
which will not be verv imu-b emlel an
cuautblcet la suited for bis mhltilcM
reveille awl bw mat W liable to iclve
Vent to lar feeling at any time. The
t'tise fer (lie Unt erower It offoi-il
by Tliemaa V Martin president of the
Oklahoma fltork Yarda National l.ank.
ami that for the noblest hen U ten
dreed by Joseph Usrkuat Jr. of the
Lsa-rlurklaa hotel oawpany.
The prtnctiml Jmlge of the idmw w ill
W O. K aftOrd ef Fwta III. a
J4a of awMnaal rcpntntWai. .Mr. Me-
rwrdwha Judried at the afaritsunSqnnre
. thirdew eiklMrtoii and ssany ntlw
chrnr of a Wg aatnre. Tw other
judges are yet to he selected.
1 Ta management of the tiotd hiw-
cW. accoWlng t JSa W. Mecly ee
ratary. will alva t the w-boal chll-
dia a tha ett S.(a fere ticket for
the) what weak. 1th a :U ticket atU
he u red roister "sticker" adTtle
meit which the youngster will !e
llffht In putting up announcing that
the fine chickens are in towi
Mrial. dlploiua and rlblmNM offer
ed by the American Poultry .iMoela
Hon will be awarthd to exhibitor
holding membership In that aasocta
Hon. Tu- entry fee In nil rlas of
poultry will lie "o eenti for ilugb
and $I.V each for pen except for
plgiimN tn which claaa the cliarire
lll lie 2!t centa per pair.
Another unique featuro will Ik u
prtxe of fi awarded to the pen of
hlrilx that travela tha farthest In
reaehlng tile allow. "Ijiat j.iir ther-
ere Idnla here from Iowi to ImiU
lana" aald Mr Nicely "and the l-ujl
catliait are that thia year they will
inline friMn greater dlNtaui-ee."
InvhtanUIng to tlie Pale and Hlrkly.
The Old Htnndard general atreugrh
enlng tonic UHOYK'M TA8TKI.KSH
chill TON If drives ont Malaria on-
rhliee the blood and bullda up tint
aya.em. A true tonic. JVr adulta and
chlldreu (Hlr.
Domestic Tangle Arose When Hus-
band Found III Allowance to Be
Th aew boa Jaurssl psttsrai sre
lira itiaii yoor Bfirlug mwnig now.
Mi-nibrrH ( tbo Mlalaiani four wlvaa
and frlmda well sa vikw vtaltors
irs wsirons to a)oy th
tt tb groatrr Urocb ator.
Attract Buyers From all Parts of
Ratlroid rrw rcfuuiUI le out of town
riiitonitr basnl Uhb 6 r rrol of
tb purcbiw.
Savings on Ready-io-VJear Reach Half and Less Than Half
inene aweepiug reuuetlona of aeaaqnable merchandise make thla a buay shopping place every day. Not only are the Oklahoma City folk Invited
to snare in these remarkable economies but out-of-town customer should ke advantage to thla great Clearance. You will note clearance prbw on
gooda-by-thejard. lu fact cut prices prevail In every department We auggest that you go over the things that you will probably newl during the rest
or January and February aud purchase them now durlug thla January clearance. Come to Brock' Oklnhoma'a new and enlarged atore.
January Sale of Silks
Fine Brocaded Chlffona and ftUliui
redm'ed for thla clearance.
38-lnrlt Brocaded Velveta for coats
blouses snd trimming; colors tauie
aud blue; HIM value. tQ 10
K'lal par yard f Vila!
40-Inch Broraded Chi f fun for waiata
and combination uses; colors lav-
ender Copen aud white ; $10 values.
XT::.. $7.90
40-iix-h Satin Brocaded with velvet
suitable for dresses and trimming ;
colore black (ray and wistaria;
$7.1)0 value. Special tC 10
ier yard wi I l
ftt.M Crepe Brocaded with velvet
coral ahad. Special J fjQ
Onatomera Invited to tak ad-
vantage of thla corset clearance.
Sale lasts 2 more day only. War-
ner Kaho and W. H. Coraeta.
2.rf. 79c
2.5fl and $3.00
SH OO Laes Front
$3.M W. B. Reduso
KM U Vlda
Ceraeta . ...
rseta wLnJH
Cloaking In weight aultable for un-
Uned garments double faced and
diagonal mixed effecta. Colors
grsy brown green and I PQ
tan; $2.00 qualify J) I 0J
S3M and $!.!& Wool Aatrachaa .
brown only. Hpeclal 91 QB
per yard liUO
Crushed Plosh for coats and trim-
ffilngti ; colon navy Copen and gar-
net; 28 Inches wide; 1 QQ
$1.70 value per yard 1 109
New Hprlng Malarial for Spring
aults. coata and aklrta; 54-Inch
Covert cloth; natural M OC
color. Yard f.iaW
Silk Covered Cellar Bene black and
white 10c
Warren's Twill Covered Feathers'
Bone or Waist Bone black aud
white 10c
Aeren Glrdelln white crlnllln and
boned with feather 24 aud 8 Inch
yard 10c
Boned Olrdle Foundatlotia 14 Inch-
es wide; white only lit
I nbreakable Carmea Bone Hair Pin
In inlicr aud nlwll parfsut ixitst and
Inrlalhl hIm Vi Is box iu
MiHllura atu fi I box
l.srrrr iIm. a la box u
IWart sit bslr piss aaurtsd loglbt
Koallab make wlr pi 00 la Mob box
an sIim RraM tttj rim "Tb Co-
lonist" with guard r
iar rlbrtd rrepe piper JO Is. wlda
10 fmt long all colon a
Skirt Sale
Values to $16
Half Price
Suit Sale
Stylish new suits at half
price and half of the winter
before you. Long and ahort
jacket styles tunic and flare
skirts all aizei.
$16.00 SuiU $7.50
$18.50 Suit. $9.25
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$50.00 8uite $25.00
Half Price Sale ot Children's Coats
Yeur choice of our entire atork of Children's Coati at Half Price
Astrakhan tibelluea Pluahea Velveta Chinchilla. All site ' year
to 14.
$4.00 CMdren'a Ceata $2.00
Sfl.M Chlldraa'a Coals $2.M
$fl.0 CbilaVea'a Coats $3.00
$7.M ChUdrwn'i Coata $JM
$A.0 Chlldraa'a Coats $-4.00
tSM OMtrm'9 Coata $4JS
$9.00 (lilldren'i Coat $4.50
$1040 Children's Coat $9.00
$11.00 Children's Coat $6.00
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$10.00 Children's Coats $11.00
$1.00 Children's Coata $1)30
Silk Waist Clearance
Your choice of thla
splendid stock of aklrta
only $ft. You could
not buy the material1
for that Poaitively
the latest atyle In high class
aklrta. Combinations of satin and
serge some with the flare oilier
with accordeou pleated flouucea.
Handaotne chnddah serge aud pop-
lin skirts. All msde In the very
Isteet styles.
V ALI B8 TO $t.?5.
Beautiful SUk Taffeta Waiata trimmed la plaid with
whits reatee and roll collar long sleeves. Fancy green
checked Orepo Blonao with black Crepe de chlue sleeves
white vest low neck; Allorer Milk Lace Waist trimmed In
turquoise aud mustard sbsde velvet with high collar baud
V -opening (strong net lining). Fine quality Crepe du Chine Walat In
bine or green with Roman crepe collar vest aud ctiffa. Charming Silk
Blouae of charmeuae with cree de chine aleevea. Net Waiata over flesh
lining trimmed with black velvet.
A January clearance of 8Uk Waists. A few of these remarkable values
are In the window. See them. Values to 19.75 Your choice $3.00.
Candy Special
Full half poxuul
Freuch Oiara Boll
Order By Mail
Prompt ahlpmenta by mnll.. Write out what you
want enclose the money we do the rest It's an easy
matter to order by mall from Brock's.
We have hundreda of satisfied mull order cus-
tomers. Write us today.
aS varcl f mm DmH or
-Dating -for nnderwmr a
1-a rat.' par yd. ......
sea rare aablh4 Can-
too flauuvL iulr S YM
villi at pfr ft. TH
Par TleMHta a) (lullivg
flanaei aultahl for Cniu
fort and guilt 21 V.
wlda at par d a
aiaMfcad Maalls Standard
alltr at pr yard ...aa
I'sauartid Maalla full 3d
I wld. 7V qndltj at
P" Jd
Nw ahlpmml Apron
Ulnshanit murtluia. awati
or larga I'harka d....Sa
Naw Hath Kab HlaokH
left allKlillr lioiH-rfart.
Vary aparuil H
J ot. Liinrcl Cotton llatla
10 ot. Vlnla Halt
. IXa
12 ot. XXIX rins'whlte
Htlla a tv.
3 III. Ul I t'ottoo Halla
-iia-iia-iii-ai auu .
German Shoot and Scoot
Policy to Conserve Fleet
lxiiidim Jan. 7. The Novemlier I
Imi of the tend official (lerman "llary
of the War" 1ms been kemed In K114
llsh as well a In Oerman. It con
a letter from a sailor ou txainl
Oil LI.L ... l.k. . J. . . I . . .
woil-n la uoi Wlllioui liurrmi i-nur
fl Me WaasV twsaa kliv- . a4
ttwtbaaxv alltihaa paL
wk s4 baa bark rbasa.
s t all areanlatWIa mi th kttfiMT
I at bat asta a a wnss Utc-
r trwabat at ftlirs mmt
r !- win a at k.
ot at OH Owe small hnti
Jm tea tta t aa4 tail
rare od tor taotUMslai
a otaar utatM. nr. a. w.
tra Ot last. IN. Bobf
Vdvertlnlng Club Ustena to Interesg-
Ing Addmae at First Meeting of
New Tear.
Inleroattng talka by prominent citl-
iu featured the meeting of the Ok-
labomn City Advertising club vaster
day at the' Vee Ilm klna hotel. It waa
the first meeting of the new year ami
ine attendance waa nnuaually good.
Dr. U Walter Nine ot the First
lnlted Brethern church delivered an
address In which he commended tfo
iHertiaing atdiit shown by tbo bust-
aesa mea of Oklahoma City and ra
ktted the aiperteuiw by which ho hap-
pened to come to thla city Ho lutto-
dnced Lr. Oliver K. WlUlaaaa aa
evasHellat of JaaieatowB. N. who
delivered aa instructive addroaa devot-
ed largely to rellgloua anbjecto.
i. h. Lyon secretary of atato-oloct
told of the advertising he did In the
recent campaign and attributed hla
euceeaa la winning tha otfloe largely
to the ffactlvenoas of hla advertising
nutter. t .
rorarty baa taken maay a hard
fall out of aabttlop
New York Jan. 7.--Since they were
married in ltMll. Mrs. Arthur P. Mur-
phy whiaio Income la more than $12-
ootl a year baa alltmcd her hualnd tN(u
a .ew lora lawyer ciiiit atiu ai
month pin money. In IliU winter
.1. -..!...( 1 ...1 I. ... 1.1 ltl.
monv before Vice Chancellor Vlvtan PnnmMy slmwa the explanation f
M. Uwls In Jersey fy yestenlay. " '' V
caused many atout heHrU to qualL 0 h t'pw of D f"""1!. It
Mr. Mtirphv na a well meaning tutu aa follow
and hard working bank clerk in "Of all fighting power the navy
New York thirteen yeara ago. when haa bad up to thla th must difficult
the slater of Htate Senator Edward K. task and will hava very likely for
Ackenuau of Plalnfleld. N. 1- waa some time to ctaoe. The greater part
married to him. Mr. Ackerman and of It has to lie In waiting. Many will
his two vMi'T liiheilted a large fornak 'Why do net the big ahlim do
tune from a New Jeraey pioneer. He something and why do they etay lying
la now a vice prealdetit la a large New there quietly? '
York trual company. j m. anHWlr t0 these queatlou
The fact that Mr. Murphy- had beeu' ihfi )uit f(r tn iy nM no
.limited 10 auch a amaU amouut of pin M w thMri on
.mmey by hta lf- . f which I am. are of eiich value that
" yeatenlay when ho aaked tlie ' ..i...t ih r-u.w
l haucellor la order that hla ." -r
daiiiihter. (Hadya. all years old I
nermltted to rem In with him
iiimitlia In Mih vesr.
to hla tMthnoev Mr. Milrnh aald one of these shli la worae than
hla wife liad "allowed him only $110 lues or u rew cruiser or torpeao noma.
mouth pin money.'' After their mar The big ship are the itackbone or the
luge he had toft the hank and atudled fleet tha core of our power 00 the sea.
to become a lawyer xne coupie panen ( longtsml a worm aiwer is nasea on
when more Jdn money wsa mentioned hug fleet. According to how It U
according to the evidence. I weakened her laiwer will falL Accord-
Vice Uhnneeimr wwia wno too the ng t0 tMt difficulties will crop np In
hh.Im AilvlBAnint MM I.I la .
tier oiaue..
' Fn gland can bring thla etiormoua
maritime atrciigtb almost undlvidwl
against na. It would be foollah and
reckleM It Oermany should chxllenge
the far annerlor (In strength) F.ngltah
fleet In nn open battle with Its entire
aea power. It would be too great a
risk even "if wo could be certain that
A considerable part of th English
fleet would thereby he destroyed.
I.JUI1I-LU-.UULJ-1I. .L 111 1 IBB III ill
On th contrary each fighting unit
two lnu"t handled with the utmost caie
as even the allghtest danmge done to
matter under advisement said "It la
apparently a matter of finance " aud
that while he would not take the
child ftxwn her mother he might sr
mlt the father to see her under dif-
ferent ctrrtMnatance
R. William Render fataieaacnt
at Depart meat la (.sterner ; Recetats
More Thaw $iao0M.
Secretary John a Wllllama of the
erhool land deiairtniHit baa furnished
a report to tiovarnor Oruce covert ng
the receipts ami dlahuraementa of
th deirtment for tbo yean lpll.l
1012 lots and 1UI4 or during the aa- i
mlnlstratkm of Oovernnr Cnxw I
The receipts sliowt From the Immi
division $2.M741ft.lg; tbo selea dl-
vlalnn. $1AM.NHBJW; loan division $1-
tM1.21.2N; task oa band Jaaaary 1
16U aotM.ttriao. .Tout tmim.m.
The dlsbutseaaenta abowt Paid to
the atat traasurer $1702700.1)01 g-
nort lotted to th school children of
the state feW.01iri: refunded oa
aooouat of ovarsayaMmt UAM1.U t 01-
lamdlturea of lease dlvisloa for tour
years. fUKTJS.20; caafc on band $1'
Mi.4A. Vvtal $tIHkWM.0a
Maple 004.
Htart the "New tear Oft Right
By talng
rarcol oa
llv any pard
-101 W.
Maata tH. ;
SK 10c
Vaale 9H.
"The lKet priaif however how high-
ly Uiglund herself estimate our aea
IHiwer In ahown by the fact that ah
haa not yet ventured to attack ua In
aplte of her aiqierlorlty. 'IIm actbaia
of our fleet hi the few opiHirtnnllle
It has bad of showing Its abilities
have given K.nglanV something to
think about. In alim all encouiden
which It has had up to this with Kng
llab ahl It haa been more than able
to bold tta own aud do fhem any
amount of harm. ' We muat
leave the problem vf why the big
ahlpa do nothing to our naval officer
In whom we hare full confidence.
Thla letter dose -
"Of course what I have written l.
you as to the reason of our waiting
so long Is only my private opinion
the real reason aa I said Ilea In the
hand of the Almighty. Your truly i
8. M. S. Heligoland."
A letter from a naval reservist do j
acrlbes au 010 air service on tbti
beach near Blonkenberghe.
The Oerman girls many of whom;
had been engaged by the big hotel for
the season proved their friendship for j
the soldier. Arm In arm In the ranks 1
Into the town they marched with onr I
men Thu morning I j
made the acquaintance of a hotel pro-1
I'rietor who had had to stay hiding
In hi cellar to avoid being Inaulted.
Now he haa bojted hla Oerman flag
and need uopMtve In terror. We have
seen to that .
The letter declared last many Eng-
lish and French tourist who had
been onnble to get away cam' down
to watch the aervloe on the beach. Tlie
Admiral made a patriotic speech and
the result on the Rngllah spectators la
thna described:
".Many a lord who happened to be
nmong the aiiectatora bad to bear and
see our Admiral lift hla hand threaten-
ingly toward the aea and urged aa to
cheer th kalaer so loudly that our
cousins acroaa the water must hear
Justice Grectibaum Not Satisfied That
.Mr. Price Waa Anything But Indto-
Cenaptrar I Charged.
New York Jam. 7.Berause Mrs.
Ruth Madden Price retired about elev-
en o'clock on Christmas eve 1913 ami
later iwrmltted a Mr. Clraham to bring
a p'.aa of milk to her la not suffl-
Heut reason to award a divorce to
Charles M. Price an art critic
cording to an opinion handed down by
Justice tireenbaum. Mrs. Price who
cIoinmI with her husband when ah was
set elite n is now living with bar
mother M Na 176 fcerflotd place
Mr. Price testified recently that hla
wife ernittted Qrabam to bo ahaie
with her In her apartment after aba
had donned Bight attire Mrs. Price
explained that Graham had aaked per-
mission to await tlie return of a kilts
May Wood wbo waa living with Mr.
and Mr. Price. The wife accuse Mis
Wood of being In a conspiracy to place
her In a compromising attuaUoB. All
she did says Mr. Price waa to aft
rept a glass of milk from Graham
who consented to bring It after aha
had gone to bed.
"The situation In which the defend
ant waa discovered by the plaintiff
and ana bli witnesses when they en
tered tlie apartment was iinqnestlonu
bly compromising" say Jostle
Oreenbaara. "It la by 00 meana bow-
ever established the fact that aba had
committed the act which would Justify
a decree of divorce.
"The most that can be aald against
the wife la that ah was not aa offl
dent housekeeper. Onnalderlng hot
extreme youth and the condition un
der which the parties married. It 1
not rurprisuig that she waa not a well
! Philadelphia Jan. 7. Three Indict.
! menta charging the Philadelphia and
Reading railway coraDanv with
ibreecbee of the Interstate Commerce
1 law In the traaaportatloa of aethra-
I cint ana bttumlnoua en I have
returned here by a federal erand lanr.
There were total of 130 count to the
three indictments and If convtcttssie
ara obtained fine arvragattug $1000'
000 could be Imposed
equipped housewife. Thb complaint
moat be dismissed.
jff -0-
To Cure a Cold la One Day.
Tablet. Imgtta k-efnud money If
It fall to care. E. W. GROVES '8 ig-
nature la on each box. 26c
Farmers Adopt Caucus Rules to Con-
sider Measure to Their Interest as
a Body.
The farmers In tbaScglalntnro will
aland together aa a unit ou all legis-
lation It rules adopted by the farmer
caucus are followed. Twenty-all mem-
bt ra of the legislature are member of
the caucua.
Rulee adopted by the organisation
provide that auy hill of Interest to
the farmers may he taken up aud dis-
cussed by the court a and all members
must Tot on final asage of the
meaanr In accordant with tlie' de-
claloo of the caucus.
A regulation haa also been adopted
that the membership ot the body aba 1 1
be confined to member 0 either the
houa or senate who are farmers or
whose principal bnslneaa la farming
and other only can be admitted by a
tw o thlrda rote of those present at any
000 00000000 60 000
0 . 0
0 . .. ; . . o
0 0
O Are jeu aware of the tact O
0 O
O a 111 oe Want Ad in The Ttasea O
O for six Inaertlon wtO coat yaej O
0 O
O only tO reata. 0
0 O
0 raoNi r. b. x 11 -'a 0
0 0
0 0
If you have ccrrcthisj to
TRADE S2LL cr wtnt
to BUY sc&j try a
aauaA IFiUtl kUm
3 Li::a 6 tbes 20 cenb

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