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H ■
Oklahoma State Register
Congress Opens Up On
Administrations Foreign
Policy With Energy
11.00 PER YEAR
Washington, Jan. 5.—Bonds of re-
straint against public discussion of
international relations of the United
States incident to the European war
were broken in the senate Wednes-
day and for more than an hour the
session was enlivened by debate ov-
er the government's neutrality policy,
exports of war munitions and travel
by American citizens on beligerent
owned ships.
There was no division of the de-
baters along party lines. Senator
Jones of Washington, republican, de-
nounced as "unpatriotic" American
citizens who imperiled the nation by
taking passage on belligerent vessels.
Senator Works of California, republi-
can asserted that the government of
the United States was "hypocriti-
cally" claiming to be neutral when
it was. in fact, participating in the
war through the sale of munitions.
Senator Lodge, ranking republican
member of the foreign relation com-
mittee, declared that to place an em-
bargo on arms now would be worth
more to eGrmany than a million men
that it would be a "grossly unneu-
tral act,' and would, in fact, make
the United States the ally of Ger-
many. Senators O'Gorman of New
York and Hitchcock of Nebraska,
both democrats urged the advisabil-
ity of an embargo on munitions.
Senator O'Gorman also informed the
senate that American Consul R. N.
McNeely. «vho lost his life on the
British liner Persit^ had disregarded
the advice of American Consul Gen-
eral Skinner at LoiuHm that he make
the journey to Adefi^on a Dutch ves-
The discussion was precipitated
when Senator Jones read a news-
paper editorial ir-ging American cfti-
r.ens to keep off belligerent ships and
adising the president to proceed
slowly In the present crisis, heeding
fhe interest of 90.000,000 rather than
that of a "thousand reckless, incon-
siderate, and unpatriotic citizens who
insist on traveling on belligerent
Senator Nelson of Minnesota, rep-
ublican, aroused Senator O'Gorman
by asking whether Senator Jones re-
garded Consul McNeely unpatriotic
because he sailed for his post on
United States actually was partici-
pating in the war by the sale of
munitions, Senator Reed, democrat,
interrupted to ask:
"Does the senator not know that
the first loan placed in this country
after the war began was a loan of
$2.">,000,000 to Germany and that the
loan was made without protest from
him or any other citizen? Does the
Senator not. know that Germany pro-
cured arms in this country as long
as it was possible for her to get
"That may all be true," Senator
Works replied, "but that does not
alter the situation."
"If it be true," continued Senator
Reed, "that the markets of this coun-
try are free and open to Germany as
well as to all other countries and
that this government does not dis-
tinguish between any belligerent na-
tions, then how can the senator say
V '1
j* ; jr
Russia Pushing Wedge Into
Austria From Bessarabia-
England's Compulsory Draft
Mmple gifts to the iiiisWent. ht f.iinil.i iiml nir iim, tij,huna from Hie children of Belgium show theli mat-
Itnde for ibe help v ha\e given did.- stricken eouniry the gift* ure (left to right): A Jewel ciiBe ror the presi-
dent. colored cut glass Ik.wI, embroidered chalice case ami a pillow for Car.liual Gibbons. Hclow are a hand
painted scroll from a twelve yenr old boy or I.ieire addressed to "Ills Excellency Sir Kdward Wilson president of
the I nlted States. ,.t Wnshinglon." A colored pen and Ink sUet.-h of President Wilson and the king and yueen ot
•he Belgians, addressed to "The loyal i resilient of free America from a thankful heart In Liege."
Oklahoma City, Jan. 5.—It Is said
by persons close to the governor that
that this government has taken an ^"mediate Release of Germans Taken no special elections will he called to
unneutral position?"
It is impossible to get arms to'
Germany and I say It Is morally
From American Ships Ordered.
ancles in the legis-
exist, although un-
early the governor's
1 such special elec-
Sad and Sudden Death
Of Mrs. Ned Holman
London, .Ian. o.—While Che battle on
Ihe borders of Bessarabia le apparently
still far from a decision, each day
finds tile Russians claiming the occu-
pation of additional enemy pi>sittons,
and Petrogrud believes thai if this
process oonttnuee a short time longer
a break must come somewhere in the
lines of the central powers.
T.he whole energy of (be Russian
army is being directed to making a
gap between the German armies In the
center and the southern Austrian forc-
es, and the desperate Austrian attacks
in the region of Kolki are designed to
prevent this. The fighting must con-
tinue for a considerable time yet, but
upon the result will depend in large
measure the strategy of hotl.i sides
bombs on Petrich, Strumltsa and ot ier
towns where troop movements have
been observed.
"The bombs apparently caused a
considerable number of casualties, es-
pecially in Petrich. where they were
seen to explode In the center of the
town, causing buildings to collapse and
fire to break out."
London. Jan. 5.—The Balkan corres-
pondent of the Times says ihe learus
the Bulgarian minister at At.iens has
had another conference with King
Constantine, to whom was given an
assurance of King Kredlnand's friendly
Intentions and unwillingness to vio-
late Greek territory.
"The minister promised." the corres-
pondent adds, "that should Bulgarian
troops cross the fronlter it would be
| fill the several Va
: lature which now
Washintgn, Jan. 3.—The State De- der the law It Is ci
wrong for this government' to per- partment was advised officially today sworn duty to ca1
mil shipment of arms to any of the that the French Government, in re- lions in order that every county n\aj ' ",e funeiul ot J,rs- Ned Holman, 'portant Transport Worke
belligerents," Senator Works insisted, sponse to representatives made by the 'lave representation at the special se.i- w'10 dicl1 '' ''day morning at 3:36, declared tonight
He added that his principal objection United States, has ordered tflie inimedi- ] "ion. The reason assigned by .some !tO0,t ,)luee Saturday afternoon from
based on a conviction that the a'e realease of Germans recently re- 1 politicians for this-attltude on the part lhe fam"y residence, 912 Kast Cleve-
when spring comes.
Tche other fronls continue to main-I only witch their allies and they would
tain a state of comparative cuiet. confine tliemselves to the expulsion of
For England, t ie attitude the labor , th enemy from Salonlki without claim-
men will take regarding cnnncript'nti' Ing any rights of occupation "
,f President~of First Nat J? * T' conf"'"«! "" 1""'1 |K kIh 4 T« Draft Men I ron, 18 to 41.
Rank Died AfL Only iuty °rr°W " ^ Und° - J:'n- ~U"d" a
Four Hoar Illness I , 1 Bor> scrvlr<' MM introduced In the
Kobert^ Williams, leader of the im- j house of commons by Premier Aa-
rs'federitlon. qulth all males between IS and 41
It Is practically years of age «>.0 are buchclor3 or
assured that the conference will af- widowers without dependent children
of the governor is. I hat it Ib feared by
the administration that in at least
I tilted States was niding in prolong- nioved from American ships on the
ing tile war and the killing of men ' hill seas by the French cruiser Des
and that he would not only put an Cartes. ! some of the Counters In which a spec-
embargo on munitions, but also on ; The advices were received through ! ial election would) be held, the cam-
shipments of food and clothing to the tl)e Frenrt Em-Sassy. The State De- P 'Bn issue would be the action of the
armies .of Europe. I partment also was informed that the 'governor in calling a special session.
Senator Lodge in upholding the po- ; men arrested would be turned over to " is apprehended that in lew of the
sition ot the United States as firth-|the American Consul at Fort-de-! general popular opposition to the ex-
shlpment of munitions, engaged In a; Frame, Martinique, where they were 'inordinary session, the pepple wouid
lengthy colloquy with Senators O'-' taken for detention.
Gorman, Hitchcock and others.
land avenue.
The sudden deatl
linn (he rejection ot conscription in ' would be liable to military service. J
or Mrs Hnimm an£ form ' Ireland Is excluded from We operation 3
.vaa a shock to th, wli (Uv s"' ^^ '^ of i/.e bfii. *
was taken down witl, pneumonia and • "^b ! r r," MhT u ' ' °"""' Aa"U,th °i'0m"1 hte s wl,t *
was > iitually > jm, twenty-four f, .1,rft's "nCB- a" analysis of the Ilgures In the Derb;
hours. Thursday afternoon at four n, h veraclty 'th '"■'J-"088- The report. He emphasized the fact tha
o'clock her Change was pronounced doubt whether there is during the Derby campaign nearly r
for the better and that she was „n I ^ ,""'80n "8 Lar,morP 1 ^ ' 000,tHK) men iiad offered their servlc .
the road to recovery. At eight o'clock ! -"KKoats: "The next time Von Even deducing these rejected on .*★
Hethroann-K'pllweg s subordinates In- ground of pWysicai disability the tn ■ " vf
------ tn n r .. . vent a witness they ^:iould provide one was still in exorsu nf 9 oon
Four American steamships were held the Governor b> turning down at the _ _ ° and not give it : morp convincing | . ^ ^ui ar.ft i _„1 ._ket
| welcome every opportunity to refjuke slle so wel' slle urge(* lier
, /TIIJCIUUI1 SI *tt 111 a l 1 [)H nclC IiniQ v.i.ui kij luiumg I
Our markets are open to all the . up near Porto Rico last month by the P°^s candidates for the
worjd to buy," said Senator
up on her account. About three
'T:o«e are wonderful, encouraging
v ixxlgt. , Des Cartee. wliic i. iti ^afch ca«e. re- j <o gtv v>n record as cor!
e have taken no action to prevent i moved one or more Germans or Aus- J dftn*ning the action of the governor in
any belligerent or any one else from trians. Chief Steward iS«chaade was call,"ng a special session. However, it mornccts died
buying in our markets and we are ' taken from the Carolina on Dec. 8. On is understood that the official reas- dpath was
at peace with the world." | nc following day the Coame was held j on of lhe Governor in refusing to have bram'
"A condition has been created by up and two Austrian members of toe I speclal election will ibe that he feels
t is war and by the war alone, which j crew were taken on board the Des 's practicing "cruel economy"
prevents any one or more belligerents Cartes. On Dec. 15 the Borinquen was . by not hol(ling "useless elections." c
from buying in this market. If we bombarded and the pursuer, William IThe elect'ons are said to be "useless"' hePse!f in the
condition [ Qarbe of Brooklyn, was taken
a German by birth, has taken I as ,he le8|8|ature is now composed It
out his first naturalization papers. The 1 con,rols ,he maJ°rity and that new
fourth vessel held up was the San ! memhers. may simply be obnoxious
o clock Friday morning she called
•Mr. Holman to her and in a few-
There is general expectation thai figures,", the premier continued "They
GdhnfriiJ' will express'Its dtasatlsfac-
The immediate cause
hemorrhage of the i
undertake to reverse a
created by the war we at once enter |Oarbe
into the war and that is an act of
"Evidently in time of war such as
the Persia. After the New York j is now disturbing the peace of the?
senator had explained that McNeely world," Senator O'Gorman rejoined,
almost any act of a neutral power
had declined to heed Consul General
Skinner's advice to sail on n Dutch
ship. Senator Works blazed Ihe way
to general debate on the position of
fhe United States In Ihe war by de-
claring the American government
was not neutral.
Asserting at the outset that the
government shared responsibility for
deaths of Americans on the I.usi.
lan'a, the California senator said:
"The government knew that the
f.neltania was loaded to the guards
with ammunition and explosives.
would be regarded by some as an
act of partiality but in my Judgment
this government, if it be deemed best
for the American nation and the best
security of peace with all the nat-
ions, could iplace an embargo against
the shipment of munitions to any
belligerent without exposing itself
to the imputation of an unneutral
Senator Hitchcock asked Senator
lodge whether it was unneutral for
Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Hoi-
Passengers were permitted in spite of' land to place an embargo on muni-
this to travel on Ihe vessel. The gov- tlons arter the war began. Senator
ernment. itself, in full knowledge «nih ho
in full knowledge Lodge said he thought not because
that the shin carried munitions of (the act did not change a condition.
"Placing of the embargo by these
nations," Senator Hitchcock replied,
(Continued on Page Five. 3
war. is morallv responsible for the
deaths of our citizens."
When Senator Works declared the
Our Tumby last Saturday killed
Newt Allen at .Meridian in trying to
kill Arthur Allen.
About a year ago Arthur Allen, in
a pistol duel accidently killed Mrs.
Oklahoma Delegation Expected to I'rge
Ciutlirie Mail for Solicitor for Sol-
icitor for l)e|iartmeii1 of Interior.
Juan, from w'aicih two second cabin
passengers—Germans—were removed.
the administration pro-
Governor of Arizona Desires California
to Co-Opcrate With Him In Ex-
ten (I I ii Both Boundaries to Uulf.
Pioenix, Ariz., Jan. 4.—Geogre W.
Mrs. Holman came to Guthrie with
her husband about seven years ago.
and in that time made a place for
... hearts of those who
off j because the administration feels that mct and know her that wil1 live as
'sweet memory with them always. A
kindly, gracious Christian woman, she
partook of the community's social, re-
ligious and charitable*life that pro-
moted good for others. Her sud-
den death is a terrific stiock to Mr.
Holman and the < irv /unity deeply
sympathizes with nirn ; hough it can-
not help him. They were married in
Comanche cour y, . „-xris
years ago, whe
a girl. Four
the union: Dor
age; Fred, t n
tion at Sir EJdward Grey's reply iby
immediately instituting reprisals,
j wtycto, the English fear, will take a
violent form.
i kickers on
Okla. City, Jan. 5.—Mrs. Hattle Hol-
comb sentenced for life who has been
out on parole for the past sixty days
will have an additional thirty days by
I ,he action of the criminal court of ap-
oui&t to convince both our aillrs and
our enemies that the people of this
country have tiielr .hearts In the war."
The premier explained that the bill
provided that unmarried men or wld-
I-ondon, Jan. 5.—A Reuters dispatch jowers without dependent children, who
from ,-Blonliki says: were between the ages of 18 and 41
"French aviators have been busy and had no ground for exemption,
during the last few days over the j should be deemd to have done their
enemy lines. They have dropped) (Continued on Page Eight).
ed today that lie had written to the I the little baby born whom .Mrs. Hoi-1
governor of California, Hiram W.John- j comb gave birth about six weeks ago
son, asking co-operation in a move- The woman was granted a parole and
ment the subject of which is to extend ■ went to the home of her parents in
the boundries of Arizona and Califor- StepnenB county, where the baby was
nin souhtwnrd us far as the guir of born. She has been there since, and
California. Various Arizona commer- her parole was to expire January 6.
clal organizations are the originators ! The woman has not recovered rapidly
of the scheme, the idea being virtually j it is said, and alao the condition of the
to purchase the land necessary to the child might be endangered if separa-
extenslon. j ted from its mother. These facts
An ofTer on the part of the United were placed before oGvernor Williams
States to cancel all indemnity claims and lie felt there should be some ad- I
for loss of life and damage to prop- ditlonal time in favor of the child,
erty during t.h Mexican revolution in but desired to leave it to the high
court to decide. Presiding Justice
Doyle of the criminal court of appeals i
today directed the order made grant-
ing the additional time.
Could the traveler in Nebraska re-
store the landscape of late Tertiary
time, he would find himself surround-
ed by scenes greatly different from
seventeen j ot the present. The swainpy
vli aa.ly a boy and i ,ow lands were covered with vegeta-
rhil ire i are left to |tion similar to that now growing in
>th . sixteen years of j moist climates farther south. Camels
toe i# Victor, five and ! and Hamas were abundant, and'during
Ned jr., fou.-tei f! months. j the Pliocene epoch great ground
The tune. al t ©k place from the , sloths and glyptodonts, whose relativ-
family res'deccr Saturday afternoon ts now live in South America, inhabit-
the service ng conducted by Rev. j ed western Nebraska. Mastodons with
return for this land, whidh would
j straighten Me southern boundry line
of Arizona and give California a strip
Washington, Jan. 3.—The Oklahoma 'of Ll0Wer California is the plan of
delegation probably will indorse Judge leade,s of the movement. It lias been
A. B.C. Bierer of Guthrie, for appoint- j P°lnte(1 out by t,ho«e interested that HENRY OPENS KM JUT FOR RIRAI
Gus Cumlby. He was sentenced to 1 lnen* aa solicitor for the Department 8UC^ an annexation of territory would
five years in the penitentiary and of Interior succeeding Preston C. gIve Arizonc a P°rt on the gulf of Cal-
was paroled a few days ago for good j'WBst of Muskogee, who has announced "'0^n'a and bring under American con-
This paper used this item from the
telegraphic columns of the daily
newspapers, thinking the correspon-
dents knew what they were talking
"1 hope I may never have to die
like other people; 1 want to go to
sleep," was the frequent declaration
of Joseph A. Simmons, who v/as
buried in the country grave yard on
the Skeleton river near Lovell. lx>-
Ran county. Uncle Joe Simmons as
mpyof the Trinity Bpisco- tusks on both the upper and lower he was known all over several coun-
\ cs. Lewis D. Bronson, jaws, much like those of the Miocene I ti^s was an 'Slier; lived on his first
v Thompson, Judge John epoch, still persisted. Short-leggea i homestead; was always i>opular, jo-
in I Dan Williams sang rhinoceroses remained abundant and j vIal citizens. He raised a large fam-
favorite hymns, "Will j there was a great variety of wolf-like iiy: owned a fine farm and always
camivora. Saber-toothed tigers and | was heard to make the above declara-
true cats, some of them considerably , tion when sickness or death was un-
larger than the modern tigers, were der discussion. A week ago he com-
also abundant. Three-toed hoses were , plained of feeling weak and feeble,
still numerous, but the modern genus ! went to bed, went to sleep and never
Equus was not among them. One | woke up. His neighbors say that a
of the most curious animals of the time | child never fell asleep more peace-
B. Nit-
pal Chur
Mrs. He/
Chappel 1*1
Mrs. H mai
There e V Stars In My Crown"
and Wf in Jesus." Mrs. John W.
Duke <tecor/ipanied on the organ. The
pall eare^ were Mr. George Tipton,
Mr. v. M. £ pur lock, Mr. W. M. Bron-
soi Judg< A. G. C. Bien*r, Mr J. E.
Dr lglass r.nd Mr J. D. Van Hoozer.
AT a. Hilton Burks of Comanche,
7t*xas; / Mrs. John Cunningham of
in Kansas and Nebraska was a gopher-1
like rodent that had two large horns
ibileny and Miss Myrtle Paine of J on nose. It senormous claws in-j
oinam le attended the funeral. Mrs. J (jjcate good burrowing powers and its
Holms!-y and daughter Mary of Oz- j horns also may have been used in
behavior. Ixist Saturday he was met hls intention to resign Feb. 1.
trol toe moutih of the Colorado river
on the streets of Meridian by Gus i ^r- West will resume Che practice of anc* ontire imperial valley irriga-
Cumby who fired at him, but missing law *n ulea. Judge Bierer was strong- jtion 8Vatem> with many thousands of
him killed his brother Newt Allen. l-v urged iby soime of the delegation for acTes asrieultural land In the Mex-
He then chased ArMiur and waB beat- appointment as United Attorney for *can ^crrlt°ry of Lower California,
ing him with his eirnpty gun when the Western District of Oklahoma,
separated. Both parties are colored. ^ which place finally went to Jehn Fain
of Lawton. He was formerly a mem-
ber of the Oklahoma Terrtorial Su-
preme Court.
CREDITS tt,,,veu 100 lo «' ,res-1 in, 612, U. S. Geological Survey.)
jent. Many friends followed the re-1
Calls Attention To Cotton Slttuatf n mar s to Summit View and floral
One Year Ago and Prices Last F u xttvj and tears attested their deep
Washington, Jan., 4.—Tihe Hous- of loi' i for the departed and grief for
JtepresenUitives today heard R< r« \twhe left to mourn the loss of a
eentative Robert L. Henry of Tex on ' Nfrflder wife, loving mother and dear
the subject of rural credits, in sfl |>ort j fiend.
of the bills which he has intrpdjcedJ/
and during the course of his i .irks/lK'CK DRIVEN FROM ETROPE BY
reviewed the cotton situation f^one/ WAR NOISE.
year ago. The joint legislatlv com/ | A dead harequin duck, one one leg
mittee appointed by the last c ngre^% of which is a metal lag bearing the j special sales during January,
to prepare a Rural Credit Bi"
fully than did "Cncle Joe."
During the week this office has
received several telephone messages
from friends of the "dead" man that.
ono. We*., "sister and niece of Mrs I dlggine"''(Ovrran7auidrhook,Tullet- j J'! *as Jf8" nd ,rom the
H0i4.11 arrived too late to be pres-1 ln «12 „ s SllPU„v , | deceased himself declaring he re-
fused to be permanently "put." What
can one do with a man who hollers
loudly over a rural wire that he re-
fuses to remain dead, but resurrect
The killing of Mrs. Gus Cumby a
year ago was the result of a row at
a church, where a general fight re-
sulted. Sheriff Sherwood and Dep-
uty Robinson went to Meridian and
Tulsa, Ok., Jan. 2.—Government rev-
enue collectors last night seized the
property of the Tulsa Creamery Com-
How one man did not get away with pa\y, placed padlock on the office
got their man and placed him in the booze is explained wthen SherlfT Brown buildings, and arrested EmMe Fischer, months' time to consider it
county jail. Qf Pittsburg county, confiscated two proprlteor, on a charge of manufaotur-'
county jf;iil. He was bound over by trunks yesterday which, contained 80 ing oleomargarine without a govern-
tufrtice Hornedy. His plea is self de- quarts of booze. The ibooze was ment license. He was taken to jpil at
, was "spilled." Muskogee in default of $2,600 bond.
Berlin, Jan. 5.—The inventory sal-
es which at this season of the year
usually crowd the streets of the shop-
ping district with bargain hunters,
have been prematurely ended this
year by an order of the military au-
thorities forbidding all kinds of
eport/d logend "22 Berlin Zoo," has been re- prohibition also affects advertise-
him again. And so we do and wish
him many happy returns -of the
"Season," too. May he outlive those
who prematurely shed tears or sor-
row of his friends and in return
' have the pleasure of shedding tears
over their biers.
to tihe House today, and f • uonk/ng (ceived ihere to be mounted by a local ments of reduced prices on woven
[and Currency Committee ask e l for :7>ur taxidermist. The harlequin duck was 1 and knit goods and clothing made of
^v/jtjb- j killed near Heavener, Okla., and pur , them. The down towu district which
ern members suggested that the Jelay 'chased by a ibanker at Heavener, and 1 yesterday, the first'day of the inven-
was too great, and insisted th*Jt the ! sent here. It is believed that the duck j tory sales was unusually crowded to-
Those who inherit the earth wirll
hereafter have to i«iy ihomet'.iing for
the inheritance tax dodger will • he
given a inerry chase by the state tax
sleuths. With the exception of a few
cases in Logan county very little at-
comniittee ought to report
weeks. No time was fixed.
four wai driven out of Europe by tfne noise day bore a decided subnormal ap- tention has been paid to the inherit-
) attending the European war.
ance tax law.

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