The Press-Democrat. (Hennessey, Okla. Terr.), Vol. 3, No. 19, Ed. 1 Friday, February 1, 1895 Page: 5 of 8

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G. H.
T^c leadiog lumber merchant.
H«f? Finii-dicd layi'lS Sit
tl\c iavecjsfc, most complete line or
^ " V . .. r\ rf*j IJ1" „
7-I1# W~>" v'i *
OAVTEHiU inA Mtxiecire like
. . | the boys who wanted to fight,
Tim bottom has fell out of the |-OneV afraid and the other dare
he' market 'not-
Kingfisher is to have • swell
Sash doors, blinds <■
west J/tti street-
J. II'. DIXt
me ijimiDer.
Get mv prices on bills before buying.
Hennessey, Oklahom a •
Meat Market.
■—Amos' old stand. — —
City Assizor Kunz will
lifting property next week.
Miss Ida Bowman commenced lier
school 111 the strip Tuesday.
The tirst half of the Hennessey
school term clones this week.
200 bushels of good seed com lor
sale, lJ miles southwest of town.
J. 11. ('AMl'HKl.!..
specialty at the
Place your loans
e in stock
times choice
We ha\
:* Mstea^,
>>* ...,v
In fact everythiu
Kept in
lJutcher Shoj
Call and see us.
"• ••
J. W. DIX, Pro] 1.
posts, porl\
Sausage and
all K.inds.
Farm Loans :i
Hennessey Hank.
with them.
IT you owe anything 011 subscrip-
tion, "call and settle it at your earli-
est convenience.
Have you been in Csrrsou's lunch
room foiir doors north of the post
office? If not, it wtll pay you'to cali
and sec him.
Do not forget to see R. H. I>ren-
nan, of the Hennessey Bank, it m
iM'ed of a far-m loan, he uan lit you
out 011 short notice.
j. 1). G. Cuddy, of Glasgow,
Oklahoma should feel proud of
her chief officials. Taken as a
whole, Oklahoma'i chitf officials
are all that the people of the Terri-
tory could ask for. The affairs of
the Territory and the weltare <>t hei
citizens have been so careful
guarded since the democrats assum-
ed control, that it is the subject of
remark everywhere. In Governor j
Renfrow the people have a safe,
conservative business man in whom |
all. have the utmost confidence, while 1
in Secretary Lowe, Hon. C. A. Gal-
breath, Ed Nix, M. L. Turner and
others no fault can be found. '1 hey
are all men who 'hiow their duty
and do it. The contrast has cer-
tainly been very marked am5, notice-
able between our present Territori-
al officials and "Boss Seay" and his
*H*' Oil.
wonderful liniment for-
sprains, bruises, rheumatism and
all deep seated dWas where a
powerful liniment is required. Ask
for and be sure you <:"t Begys
Tropical Oil. Every bottle warrant
ed. Sold b\ the Campbell Dru.'O'
is as good a
A Dollar Earned.
A0d ten)emb«r you ™>^by
$ roves, Tinware. C°^crH' 60I'S ar^
^mrnaoition. ,5
Viere&ever & Co
fiTI LI 1 " Remember the place, the old
# -2 doors north
<9AcL&ll<S* KVJILPI^.
vV "gang." The feature of intimi-
m Zbrother of N. J. C'nddv of dating whist voters at the pol k that
this'p'lace, writes to have the Pbush- j characterized the Seay adoinustra-
Dkmockat sent to his address. tim, was nowhere complained <>t at
If wheat would.come up to a fair the last election. Democrats cag<>. >>' <■
..rice and stay there for a couple of ne U) 8t;,.K t0 their principle ot ; lermi„i has it?- I'ooi
seasons, the Territory would not be , ,uul f;lir L.ounl, while j important points does it
large enough to hold the land buyers. UeHevt, aml a,t to the ' x' "
Shiioh's Cure is sold on a guaran- tr _ Democratic priiic i U'8
tee. Itcures Incipient t 01.sinnpti n. , in0st wlUdesoine, anf '■ will,
cent a^ose.St Sc£,\ ihereforc.ivc and triumph the coun-
For sale by F. A. Dinkier. iM8 u.y wvol..__Tnbiine-Deniocrat.
Rev. Biirhans is holding a weeks ~
protracts t meeting at the Congrega- h issn'O-
1 " " '-f'"' Kv R"v- An exchange savs, "lliat the
tional church, assisted by R^v. ^
Calnon, of Kingfisher. 1 hev aie ;Jrirls. the (irlde ol the wor...,
delivering some splendid illustrated ; jr>). c]n,ginsr and beautilul waj,
I sermons. 1 absorbes it all with a \i.iinuiy,
lieved to be incurable and accepted , Huy givls, with their teeth liue pearls,
as life legacies have yields! to ! ],ave a kiss Ukc an elecric induction.
Chamberlain's Pain Balm, much to e ,m.rttest of ease they kiss
the surprise and gratification of the-1« -
/-v.. .....,r.(..«ii, n will rtv
The Rocli Island is "oremost in adopV
inn any advantage calculated .to uu
prove speed and give that luxury, safety
and comfort that popular patronage de-
mands. Its equipment 1a thoroughly
I complete with vestiimled trains, nia.-
nitlcent dining cars, sleepers and clian
coaches,'all the most elegant, and ot
recentlv immoved natterus.
The importance <>t" this line can
be better understood if a short les-
son 111 geography b.- now ree.t.d:
\\ imt is the great eastern teiimn
of the Rock Island Route?- ( hr
,..,„o NV i'at other sub 1-.astern
To what
run trains
to the Northwest? St. Paul and
Minneapolis, Minnesota an,I \\ aU-r
town and Sioux 1-alls. Dak.Ua.
To what important Iowa and >e
braska points?—Dtrf Monies. Dav
enport Iowa; Omaha and Lincoln,
1 Nebruska.
Fast Time. Excellent Equipment
Best Dining Car Service in the
World Good Connections
whom they please,
kin ,«of.'a suction.
with the riL
-„ 'V AT ■:
sufferers. One application w
lieve the pain and suffering and its
continued use insures an effectual
cure. For sale by Clipper Drug Co.
M akkiko—On the 25th .lay of
January, at the resi.lence ot l Jdei
B. Matbis. L. IV. Wheeler to Miss
^ F llahn, both ot lvinghsbei
county. Mr. Wheeler is well Known,
| refined and good habits, while the
bride s mil so we1.1 Known, having
been in Oidahoniabut a short time,
but from all appearances she wilt
stand with the best. We wish the
couple a long, -Happy and prosper
ous life. • Mathis.
Nearly all the papers in the coun-
try contained a sensational story
from Hennessey last Saturday in
which was described a bloody battle , .. ■■■ . ■ m
For full particulars as to tickets,
mapi*, rates, apply to any wnpoirf
ticket office in the United Mates
Canada or Mexico, or addrea
Jao Sebastin,
Gen'l. Tkt. & Past-. Agt -
Chl(SA£(0, I 11 Hr.
jr. St. John, (icii'li M'gr;
Chicago, 111''.
You can make ymr notice .or
publication to mai«> final proot
upon your lands, before Geo. w
B.-ar," saving rail road fare, and
other expenses.
K ill's Clover Root, the great
Blood purifier give; freshness am
clearness to the Complcxioii ®
oures constipetion, *6 «ts. ■ (
j I J, )| s'lU' I) \* ^ • i\ • i/|lihll I • , /. .rnii'iMiiiIl!: r 1'
Karl's Clover ttootf will
C-AX I « MT?1nAhoOT;^o,T.-r^.?
Mr-.W .niirof uicdm""
ivai-l - . -
your Id 1, clear your complex,n,
re'.'iilale v„ur bowels and make you. ^ m ^
head clear as a 1-11. 25e ,Ue «g-gg g
1 1 -<,,1,1 l,v F. A. Dlllklel. mnld ni.^ I. Will1™1'•tains
aml :U N,ia •' s h.
lT S A Slltl 1 houses, with plans, Aflc1ri' «
Captain Sweeny. 1 -J'fco-'mSw" oua. a«l Buoalwat.
1 in
1 haye
me an\
Pi 'ce 50c.
dd by F
The Largest Stock, in the t e.. ■ -
«50 f^^cl-poon) pSti"''
| four of the outlaws, including Dooh j goal."
were Killed, and that one deputy ; Jin*k>.
marshal was shot down. 1 he re-. There is good reason 101 the 1 1
T.ort was absolutely without founda-1 ularity 0f Chamberlain s Cough
lion as no such battle has occurred. R^dy. Oavis & Bnezavd, 0
(''milal 1 West M'onterey, Clarion w.,
Taken up- Or. Jinny three lee, sa. Z
''Sts ' Vgrtsifirss
t*iSl'fkd«kri!,rr SU .l tliey now H
of us." a5 and ."i0 cent hot
Baby carriages at all ]
At cost, must sell. SeNvi,1L, Machine? We know it. would pleost
Did you see our away clown.
have the largest and best stock of
. Fun
Come ami see u.-
1 back:
1 piece of rope around neck when /• " ™ ot
taken up. The abov animal was
taKun up on Tuesday Jan. l->th,
1*05, bv August Markcs, ..t the
Markcs farm miles east and 1
miles south of Hennessey, Kinghsher
county, Oklahoma. Owner can rc-
cover'property by paying charges
of keening and cost oi advertising.
Ch ami: oil a in' c Ilyo n« Olntme^
\ • uneoiialled for K./.emP., lettc , . a >•
Hands, Itahlng PIfts, Burns. Frost t'
Ch^ScSore 1 yes and Grannjatad
Fur: ale by dru.ajisls .it -> cfctito pel Lox.
For putting a horse ill a line healthy cm- ■
dit'on 'nT IK < 'r.ilv'f <'..ndsiioa t'ov/de: .
Tii. v time i . the .yt,tem, rod /b;!. .!ton,•en."
iMtofappetite, relUte constipation,< rr^
[n disorders and destroy tromi
new lifo to an old or ov?r-\yorked Itoree.
| centa pc-r package. For sale by druggists.
Carlton Cornwell, ioremanol tlie
Gazette, Middletown, N • 1"j-
I'u'ves that. Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy should he in every home
He used it for a cold and it effected
U, speedy cure. He says: "It is in-
I deed a grand remedy, 1 can recom-
mend to all. 1 have also seen it
T11 the Territory,
buying, our prices will convince you.
c and see us ui
I A ^
U s
H,Ji ' "it!
r ^
!• or toe ar-st «-.rty <•
l\\J 'a ki >
vrs 01: - our fair in;
Hope Organ
^ er ) complete,Wit i
. ,, ...tor' '• ,1-(. j, -w'rti,. > .U'1C ,..
...1,. Tb'. o ga> IV s
... romia..'' 1 T.i-t.ii'i itp :«I-U R
. '•.' ••-;7f ,n; ,1 1. ,..t • el k.
- .1 f- " ' ''\mi \n iMl'i to *- S
. 1 I'lanof. ud I«a> • ! ... rs i. 1
'liie 1. 1: v.-.-1 1:1
nllilictuicrtf ti'3 5V'0)'l'
. .1^; New Jerxy.
llU'lltl W t*i . .
used for whooping cough, with tlic
cone tided to try an oh I remedy in, ^ow 18 tlie time to get a peitei.t
a „ew way, 'and accordingly took ' o) xvc l,avc a line ()p-
•1 tablespoon fill (four times the ; t|0-|ail's tost ease, and are preparet
usual dose) of Chamberlain's Outgo t > t (,Rl eye ,,(.rfcftly in near sight.
lv just before going to bed. far si„i1t, cross eyed, astiauiatisni.
The next morning she found that ' \v,, test, the eye free ol clur ;e
her cold had almost entirely disap- ^ ^ guarantee satisfaction.^ e
,.eared. During the day she took a ;dso,||c tIie finest line ot \\ atcli-
low doses of the remedy (one tea- ^ Clocks, ' Diamonds, Silverwar
spoonful at a tisie) ami at night ^ >u.we)vy of all kinds in the city,
again took a teaspoonlul betoi e j w|l-irjng a Specialty.
iroiiig to bed, atwl 011 the tollowing i d. F. Stk.ti.ku, Op iciau.
morning awoKe free from all syn.p
louis of the cold. Since then she , /V\oneV to LOcin.
has, on several occasions used this U(ilinwwv BaIlk is ],repa.xMl
remedy in liive manner, witn " ' loans'on farms, having
same 'good result % and is m|u 1 arrangements for plenty ot
ov,.r 1,«r«, «y •><' ;>• -t01.
i a \\ %\ of caring & coin. 1 . , .t —. „.„ « a \
i hy Clipper Diu« Stove.
W. L. Douglas
Vf* fi-?. K a ?+ 13 THC BEST.
AU<1 Other srcClaltlo* fr>r
Centleroon, £adle .
ouil Misses are the
Best in the World.
Soo descriptive advnrtlse
meat whlcH p.ppeaxB In tuts
Toko no Sutistltnte.
Insist on having W. t..
with name and prlc« •
stamped on bottom. Sold bj
MZVHKK :(-ie-5tu
Call and
inonvy «■ 1 -1 . ■
; sec them it you want a farm loan.
5Caveats, ind TradeJ>If,rks obtained and alt I'at-J
J'-nt b«Hn. «« condu' ^ 1 (_r Ct\
cl"n ic,i tuao IU4U «&m|
' ft o*?amo in'the U. ti. uud £or 9n country.,
f sent fttc. Address, „ ^ \'„
h J

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