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‘ M
’’ 4^ IIUUI 1*1
iy his life for what he thought was the shav5aK brush Bob’* Barber shop

PHONE No. 06
January 12, 1922.—2t)
readv for ... niram a. Mam, deceased,
day of February X? at Xe h ' <• I v" °f S*,tIen,ent of Final A«*“nt! * Setlement of Final
1:30 o’clock P Vl" at tin xm t 1 ^Otico is hereby Pven that Sophie: Notice is herbey given thi
room ZVS ASSS Elam, the daly
place for the settlement of said ac-
prohibitory law , all laws must be obey " lak<’ optimism to oven hope that *
♦Vl '.f tlTA O«*a __ 1 _ _ t • •• 1 IVA lw»f Ikon. i___•
z .j > . — * ***,,u <UIU ‘iniA.efi rr.e aoai
•.rv T llth day Of Janu* Of said court’ this 10th day of J®nu-
ary, A. D„ 1922.

Warrants _



County, State of Ok-
four months of the
the same will be for-
has filed herein her final account and
report of her administration as such
executrix, and her petiton for distri-
bution of said estate, and discharge si:
such executrix, said estate being ready
filed herein her final Jfcount and re-
port of her administration as such ad-
ministratrix, and her petition for <
tribution of said estate, and dischan
as such administratrix, said estate bo-
to said account and contest the same.
In testimony whereof, I have here-
unto set my hand and affixed the seal
contest the same.
In testimony whereof, I have here-
unto set my hand and affixed the goal
ary, A. D , 1922.
Cash And Carry Store
•_ rr -v *• uic uu.y appointee,
and acting administratrix of the estate qualified, and acting executrix of the
of Ernest H. Hoecker, deceased, has estate of Hiram A. Elam, deceased,
Nhi. H
Karo Syrup, dark 46c
Karo Syrup, light 55c
Ptnnick Syrup, <laj-k 45c
Pennick Syrup, light _.55c
Peaches ' 66c
Blue Ribbon Peaches _.25c
the aboxe statement is correct:
’ ■ . •.
I 3 miles.
From comer to sections 25, 26, 35
and 36 1. 27 N., R. 4 east, thence east
2.5 miles a total of 23 miles.
L. A. CANN, Chairman.
J. H. FOX, • *.
Dated at Newkirk, Oklahoma, Jan-
uary 3, 1922.
Attest—ED IL STALNAKER, County
Clerk, Kay county, Oklahoma.
(I irst published in The Times-Record,
January 19, 1921.—3t)
Notice to Creditors to Present Claims

Loans and
Bonds and
Stock in Federal Reserve
Banking House
Furniture and Fixtures
Cash and Sight Exchange 119,975.45
Carnation Milk, large can „12c
Hebe Milk, large can 9c

( Blackwell High School basketball
ympathy wasted on the bootlegged team will 8° to Oklahoma City for a
game with the Cardinals, Friday night
of this week. It will be our second
Conference game and Oklahoma Citv’s
Oklahoma City recently made a road
trip playing some six games with
Apricots 60c
31b Golden Wed’ng Coffee 11.10
Matches, per box Sc
; necessity of much needed rest and
| went to California in search of recup
eration and health. He improved for
a time but it was the false hope so
often held out and recently he gave
up California and started for Musko-
gee; he was so sick that they removed
. him from the train at Kansas City to
a hospital, and his death was no sur-
prise to tiic family or attendants. He
was one of the best known newspa -
per men in the South-west and has had
no little to do in making Oklahoma i
good place in which to live. Hr paid
for his zeal and energy with his life,
bue he was of the disposition
that would assert that he was content
foi he had lived and wrought as long
as he was permitted to live.


\S'', • *.*.....
' of the
At Close of Business December 31.1921
Discounts —$504,953.20

W. H. BI RKS, President r hawk r l.*
OI-A GOODSON, Viee-Pr^ident E. BOND. aXum
Statement of the Condition of the
At the close of business. Dec. 31. 1921
Il t
•J- Fitzgerald, Asst. C.

County, Oklahoma, has been duly ap-
pointed by the Court as the time and
place for the settlement of said ac-
count, and for hearing said petition;
and th' t at said time and place any
person interested in said estate may
appear and file exception in writing
to <aid account and contest the same.
In testimony whereof, I have here-
unto set niy hand and affixed the seal
of said court, this 18th dav of Jan-
uary, A. D., 1922.
fl. S. Bl RKE, Judge of the
County Court
Capital Stock $
Surplus Fund
Undivided Profits
171b Granulated Sugar „$1.00
Seek $5.50
5 cans Tomatoes 55c
Tomatoes, per dozen -$1.30
5 cans (kirn 55c
Corn, per dozen $1.30
5 bars Crystal White Soap 25c
7 bars Swift’s White Soap __25c
can Crisco __55c
■ . ■. ■' ■
------ -•
Notice is hereby given that Mona
Glover, the duly appointed, qualified,
and acting administratrix of the estate
of W. M. Glover, deceased, has filed
herein her final account and report of
her administration as such adminis-
------ ■■ wo ovair IAUU4I;
petty robberies recently occurring in: o-w-it—mils a and b of section 36, mil
that city.
Wilson and his partner came to
Blackwell Monday and loitered
around Bob’s Barber shop a part of
the day. Foilwing the robbery they
were suspected of being implicated.
Police found they had registered at i
local rooming house and that they
were away from the place for several
hours Monday night.
Wilson was picked up lost night as
he loiterer along Main street. The
was found in one of his pockets and
there was little for him to do except
make a confession.
It is probable Wilson will be taken
to Newkirk tomorrow in order that
sentence may be passed. In case his
partner is captured in Wichita today
and makes a confession both will be
taken before the judge tomorrow.
Police are to be complimented on
Sabflcription Rates
Fhree months .26
Six months .50
One year —........ — $1.00
Payable in Advance
Advertising Kates
Business cards 50 cents per month.
Display ads $1.40 an inch double
♦ Munin per month.
All advertising continued till order-
'd out and paid for. Statemeftts will
be presented at close of each month.
Reading local.: cents per line
for each insertion.
hibitory law must be enforced or re iteams in Kansas and Mis-
pealed the Judiciary is making an ap- sOur’ an(l wc believe won a majority of
peal to all classc- to obey the law; the those «®mM- TheY ar« in our opin-
press in generally urging that the.'wn *n Conference and it.

The Woodrow Wilson Foundation for
which subscriptions were solicited all
Over the United States this week had
its inception in the minds of first just
a few strong admirers of ex-President
Wilaon, and their ideas soon spread
until it was proposed to make a Na-
tional affair of it. Woodrow Wilson
is one of the outstanding characters
of this Nation and although there is a
wide range of opinion regarding his
greatness, there can be no question of
tola prominence in the affairs of this
Nation and the World, because he was!
III Mftn
(*ublishcd Every Thursday, at 3'^ck-
well, Oklahoma, By
t. h. w. McDowell
Editor and Proprietor
Phone 56 *
a corix>rat’oti. .
The said property having been levied
on as the property of the said Okla-
homa & Arizona Development Co., and
taken on an execution in favor of the
Security State Bank of Blackwell, Ok-1
Dated this 14th day of January, 1922.
home of Mr. Jones’ lister, Mrs. Undine
on East Blackwell'avenue. Mr. Jones
is athletic director for Sapulpa High
Sclionl an<j %;a4 hfs teani |a .}
week in this county. They lost three
straight games to Ponca Nowki’k and
Jay Wilson, one of the robbers who: not warrant the expenditure of the
entered Kennedy’s Grocery, Bob’s
uarber shop and the Brunswick Bill-
ard P irlors Monday night, was cap-
tured by the jwlici last night and lat-
er made a confession. Wilson ad-
mitted they were members of a gang
making its headquarters in Wichita,
which has to its credit many of the

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Jone were
guest? the first of the week at the!
Judge of the County Court. I (SEAL) Judge of the County Court

E. DOW IS, Csshier

>upit4il Stock —SIDOIIAAAA
Undivided Profits $ 5-2
DEPOSITS ---------- 259.12
rvMlh-------------------- 645.134.84
DAN A. BAIN, Sheriff.
By PAUL M. MEAD, Undersheriff.

(First published in The Times-Record,
January 19. 1921.—2t)
i State of Oklahoma, County of Kay
1 SS:
In the County Court of Kay County,
State of Oklahoma.
In the matter of the estate of W. M.
Glover, deceased.
Notice of Settlement of Final Account
Notice is hereby given that all per-
sons having claims against Theresa
Handel, deceased, are required to pre-
sent the same with necessary vouchers
to the undersigned Administratrix, at
the law office of L. A. Shaw,
South Main street, in the City of
Blackwell, Kay
lahema, within
date hereof, or
ever barred.
Dated this 19th day of Januarv, A.
D., 1922.
L. A. SHAW, Administratrix.
Attorney for Administratrix.
pointed by the Court as the time and the Court ag fh*e time and place for
place tor the settlement of saia ac- the settlement of said account, and for
count and for hearing said petition; j hearing said petition, and that at said
and that at said time and place any time and place any person interested
person interested in said estate may in said estate may appear and file ex-
? • appear and file exceptions in writing ■ ceptions in writing to said account and
(First published in The Times-Record,; (First published in The Times-Record
January 12, 1922.—2t)
State of Oklahoma, County of Kay, State of Oklahoma, County of Kay,
’ SS:
trot^ a„., her petition tor .iist*. i St^
Xh'aUmtotmW^'^eTh?T a:: *" ll>' «' <*• In the matter of’ the estate of
.• . .. . tat® be!nBl Ernest H- Hoecker, deceased. Hiram A. Elam, deceased.
I Account
Notice is- herbey given that Pale*
the duly appointed,
Loans and Discounts ------------$450,60(1.24
Overdrafts-----, . r[ , 128 87
Bonds and W’arrants ~ 63.381.72
Stock in Federal Reserve Bank 3.000 00
Banking House, Furniture and
Other Real Estate Owned
Cash and Sight Exchange
can Crisoo $1.10
Milk, large can
------. —------------ .~.u ivauy
ing ready for distribution; that the 3rd I (or distribution; that the 31st day of
day of February, 1922, at the hour of! January, 1922, at the hour of 1:30
1:30 o’clock p.m., at the county court
room in the city of Newkirk. Kay
County, Oklahoma, has been dulv
the World War President of the Unit-
e<l States. It is a splendid thing to
do, and we are glad that his staunch
admirers are establishing this founds-
tion while he is still alive and availably
for counsel and advice. The friend-
of Mr. Wilson assseit that he is fa.-t
regaining his physical strength, a fact
that ig also welcomed by the whole
world for right or wrong, he unqeug-
tionably gave his health and very near
best interests of this country;.
The deliberate violation of the Na-
tional Prohibition law by men and
vomen who claim not only to be good
Htizeng but ladies and gentlemen, is,
at present the most serious menace to
..<• Unitefl States government, ac-
< to Attorney GenCT.?’ Daugh-
'■rty and other well known officials.* -
The known .attitml, nf .<$ nti7en3 to!lheir nuick disposal of the case. Good
have the<'v own v iy rorm’-dle? of the* work> this, on the part, of the
'in ;»<: to amount of booze they are to i has a tendency to keep rob-
have in store, and their violation a"'* other crimes pt a minimum.’
law in doing as they please in the man Daily Tribune.
ufacture and distribution of “Home
Brew and “Hootch,” has become an
actual blight upon governmental af-
fairs. There is no great amount of j
who ig apprehended for handling moon
hine, etc., but it is an awful thing
to offend the high ups. who put their
appetite for stimulants above their cit
izenship. The U. S. government of-
ficals are serving notice that the pro-
tense fellows who worked when he | STATU ROukM IN KAY COUNTY
worked, and refused to play at all. His: --
pliysieiana for several years had warn-1 At a recent meeting of the Board
ed him of the inevitable result of such I °( County Commissioners action was
work, and last fall he a<tmitted the Ilie,d relative to certain roads, some
-------L . being discontinued and others recom-
men«led as follows*
Ponca City, Okla., 1-22-’22.
To the Hon. Board of County Commis-
sioners, Kay County, Oklahoma.
There are 1874 miles* of section linos
in Kav county, and the law passed by
congress makes all section lines to be
public roads. It ig true that some
of these lines are not used as roads
on account of numerous crossings of
water courses and abrupt hills, it may; sell to the highest and best bidder fir
open on half mile section lines and
around hills and water course mean-
dering* to offset this, it will be seen
that the county is entitled to 281.1
miles to be designated as State Roads.
Respecfully Submitted,
A. M. STALNAKER, County Esgineer
It appearing that the limited use of
1 ea a, b, c and d of section 51, miles a,
i b and c of section 52, mile of section
61. Also be it resolved that in order
to sene the best interest of the pub-
lic that the Commissioner of Highways
and the State Engineer be requested
to approve the following addition to
the State Road System of Kay coun-
ty. Oklahoma.
From corner of sections 6, 7, 8 and!
9, T. 28 N., R. 1 w, to the corner of
sections 3, 4, 9 and 10, T. 28 N.. R. 2
west—1 miles.
From the center of section 24, T.
26 N., R. 2 east, south to the county
line—6.5 miles.
From comer to sections 29, 30, 31
and 32 T. 26 N., R. 2 west, south to
•he county line—7 miles.
From comer to sections 25, 30, 31
..nd 36, T. 27 N., R. s and 4 east, south
ed, if we are to remain a law abiding: we them but here’s hoping.

people. The indiscriminated regard ------x--
for all laws must inevitably follow the The Republican administration both
isregard for any one law.. executive and congressional branches
Ta_ n> . ~ are committed to a soldier bonus, and
Phn. *U ' X PiU ’ ishpr of *he Daily ( it is announced from Washington that
.it usk°Kee, died m a hos-1 such a measure will undoubtedly be
MUn^\ ty’ TuPsday of one of the early measures upon which
*eek. Mr. Bixby was one of those in I the party leaders will agree
RillM In The
•January 19, 1922—St)
Notce ef SherifFg Sale
By virtue of an execution to me dir- •
ected and delivered issued out of
the District Court of Kay County. I
State of Oklahoma in an action in said ,
Court wherein the Security State Bank •
of Blackwell u plaintiff and the Ok-1
lahoma <k Arizona Development Co. Is *
defondant, I will on the 25th day of j I
Fehrhary, 1922. between the hours of;
1:00 p. m., and 2:00 p. m., of the said
day at the East front door of the Court
House City of Nerwkiry, Kay county,
Oklahoma, offer at Public Sale and ’
Noll fA iVtO * 1 1_ — a. • • • a I
... ’ •'i ■■ — — «nu uiuaer lor I
be x*sumed there are enough roads j cash in hand the following described
ooen on half property, to-wit* I
An undivided one-thirty-second of 11
thirty-seven eightieths interest in a [I
certain Oil and Gas Lea«e executed by 11
S. Long and Anna Long, his wife,les-||
sors to B. E. LaDow, covering the 11
North-west quarter of Section 29, I
Township 28 North, Range 1 East, I. I
M., State of Oklahoma, except one I
acre in the northwest cm nor of said 11
quarter Section. |
' e V ---<*1 j TJ1C above described interest in -aid ■ I
CommisMoners of Kay County, Okla- and belongs to the Oklahoma A Ari- I
horna, now m regular session this the and belonging to th Oklahoma & Ari- I
3rd day of January, 1922. that thef’nna Development Co..
Commissioners of Highways and the
State Engineer be requested to cancel
the following ten miles as State Roads
I certain State Roads by the public, does
nublie funds for their maintenance:
Be it resolved by the Board of County
o clock p. m., at the county couit room
in the city of Newkirk, Kay county,
Oklahoma, has been duly appointed by
toe settlement of said account, and for

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