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f;F1SST u "MP.
V S -
ElriiLL riO-N
Pointed Questions. Great Guthrie's Greec!
- v. Marie Jean Paul Itoch Yve- Our wise * domocratic gt verm r
Gilbert Mortler Marquis de Lafayette has made another appointment
Merritt, did y< u or did y. u not run a a,i,|s mother name to Guthrie's list
republican m vrs|mper at Bluff City. I of • ea|tTS j coonty
Kai.-as? I'd vi u ur did you uot ... ,
t;.e repul c n candidate P r
ei.ant and agree with <•< rtain officer- 1
of tin Post and of the Darlington i„-; gress m re than 2000 majority and
<iian Agency t< vote tbt* democratic has been rewarded by ihe deniocTat.c
ticki-tif they would recommend you ; administration by receiving the fol-
Gr< w r 1 ev. land a* a lit candidal■ | |ow,,.g appointments:
intment as ,-Mm ster at Terri orial treasurer, M. S Turner,
Bluff City, y Did von < r did ,
. *. , , (lUthne.
• . 1 not write to the H< • nrat ,«• < < umv
:■ of t 'anadian county Ln.ted States marshal, Ed Nix.
a1-ut three weeks' telling them Guthrie.
that you would turn your political
jacket and chan^" the jiolities of the
Daily Herald tc a democratic paper if
1 hey would throw you a few crumh- of
patronage 'f
('< me now. l.afe. and tell the truth,
id it not a fact that you never thought
of claiming to Ik* a democrat until the
ritfht honorable pusher and shover
of dein< « racy. A1 Jennings, told you
l t■ w - ii chai • • f«>i you to
beat Hen&ley out of the county print-
ng by turning \* ur political coat and
making Ham Sawyer's Herald a dem-
ocratic pa] erV
NO. W NYCL Vce Pros
CH A NEWdAN.A: t. C.rh
Tin Slid Mm M,
< A PITA I.. $50,000.
a General Banking Bu^ncdd.
T. I Lowe,
Kd itors.
Elditoricil Notes
Oklahoma ha the
climate in the world.
The police force of Kl Reno «
could be improved upon.
Th • Ilera.d thr<-atens to inflict Die
public with a '1 edith* t . The pub-
lic hav- b on at before b\ such
M'luv.ies anil know how • a^v it to
palm' 0 a 20 editioa for 2O.00O. It
t ike- m iney to got out a iio.oou • d: • ion
o* a paper even of a- tn -ash-y type as
Ham Sawyer"> republican Herald.
Irenberg, the long haired. <vould-be
funny Sheency. of the Enid Wav
1 round once ujK n a time was a resident of
Meno City, and dropped his little wad
ther • when the city of Kl Reno was e -
rtninl v ! tablished on the south *• ide of the
i river. Hence his antipathy to Kl Iteno
and the Kock Island railrc ad.
Okalioma has a population at present
of more than lioO.lHX) souls and by the
time all of the indian reservations that
now form a part of Oklahom are opon-
ed to fott icim nt * he territory's j>opu-
lati, 11 will be not- less than .>00,000. A
larger population than several state-
now in the union. The pooph of Okla-
homa iiave no voic- ii. eithe ' house of
congress nor in the • lection of the Pre—
idont of the United States, yet they
contribute their share of the taxes to
the support of the government , iax-
ation without representation. 1 hey
have no voice in the selection of the
territorial officers. In fact a territory
i> dimply a piovii.f-. a >rapy that is
considered ti..-legitimate political spoil
of the party that happens to be in pow-
er. Vet a leading democratic paper of
this territory has proclaimed itself in
favor of "single statehood" or a terri-
tory until the crack of doom. A news-
paper should not let its partisanship
exceed its patriotism.
Why not elect Parks president of
Frank Swaggarl's dancing club?
Enid supports two dance hall" and
three gambling house" running wide
The people of Kl Reno have heard of
lx>gu 20,000 newspaper editions before
We will have a few chapters on city
government to offer the people of Kl
Reno in a few week
Sato Small's paj < r improves with
sigc. It will be a hummer when every-
thing gets to running smooth. ,
Is our police self sustainingy some-
body asks. It ought to be?, it i" run
strictly on bushi< ss principles.
Taxes in this city has reached a
point where it means bankrupt^ to
bring property into the incorporation
to 1m* taxed. Something must be done
and soon at that, or capital will not
only refuse to come here, but what we
have will take wings and fly away
from the tax collector.
Lufe Merriy, the senior -tool pigeon
of the Herald pair, turned half way
owr politically at the la>t election. If
he is properly handled he may possi-
j bly roll clear into the democratic ranks
by next election. Perseverance and a
little grease will work wonders with
the average republican, and Lafe has
shown himself to be susceptible
vei \ moderate influent -s.
Frank Jennings owns a dane-
Knid. Would it not he well to
whether Frank Swaggart ha.*
lent partners or not.
The notorious Frank Jenmng was
up toil \\ before the courts on the
Inli it : d's^rac.eful charge of kecpinj a baw
We ne *1 not • p.*i
prop r city gt>vernm«-a: when the peo-
ple have no conlUlenc • in or respect
the police.
dy house. The case was not con-
1 '' * ti :iled > we - • to pr >■ No man
an,N ' j can descend lower in the ci's of
degredation than the m iti who will
gmid order and engage m despicable call ng
i as this.—Knid Democrat.
I tank is a brother of our nlv Al.
Governor Renfrow, what is
matter with Joe M< Neal, president
of the First National bank of Guth-
rie? He has no office \et.
The city election is approaching, is
it not about time for a tax ridden peo-
ple to begin to look around for proper
officers to run the city for the ensuing
two years?
If it will not too >t riously cramp the
maiiciousmvs of some parties nearby,
we would like the privilege of saying
that neither Sain Small nor the Okla-
homa!! have other than the highest
confidence in the Keeley cure and all
the claims made for it by Dr. Keeley
himself. Hut some folks are bound to
stagger If not from liquor, then from
loose screws in the leg." of their verac-
it\. Sam Small.
The nomination of Ilornblower to
the office of associate justice of the
supreme court, was rejected by the
senate by a majority of six.
Governor Renfrow is doubtless
considering the appointment of Prof.
Buxton, of Guthrie, to the ofhee of"
superintendent of public instruction.
The time is coming even in Kl Reno,
wh a men who take no better care of
their social characters than. Parks, of
the Herald, will not be chosen as lead-
ers of society.
passage of the
i to the settlers
bill giving free
living in all of
The two society roosters of the Daily
Herald, have a fjreat deal of trouble
with their polities. Park* never
claimed to be anything else but a K;m-
republican until about eix weeks
ago and Merritt always voted the re-
publican ticket straight until he came
to the territory, and would never have
voted anything else had it nol been fm a
well known democrat of thi> town. Tie
always voted and worked with the rc
publicans until he came to the te ri-
tory. and since lit* came to Kl Eieno the
r« cord shows that he has voted for
more republicans tluyt democrats. It U
authoratively -tatcd that at the l--t
election the only democrats he voted
for wi \ r Jennings and Moore riml thai
the balance of his ticket straight
through wh1* republican. It i> ;i well
known fact to everybody in Kl Ileno
that he has at all times ably (?) as-
sisted Ham Sawyer u> abuse the demo-
cratic party from Grover 1 leveland
You can always tell a man by the
company he keeps. Merritt has r,.n-
sorted with republicans only, worked I
only on republican newspapers, and |
| abu-od only democrat* since his ad-
| vent into the territory .

It is understood that the strained
relations between Ham and Merritt,
concerning the politics of the Herald,
is due to till' fact that Merritt, like ail
new converts, wanted to get right up
in "'meetin" and shout "glory hallelu
jah" the next day after they agreed to
change the politics of the concern, but
Ilatn, who has had more experience
of this kind than Merritt, wanted to
work up to the "sticking point" by de-
grees. leaving the way to |;t!l back
open in case the democrats did not
come down with the boodle when re-
quested. The danger Hum foresav
has actually come upon them.
Secretary of territory
Chief justice. Frank Dale, Guthrie
Associate justice, A. G. C. Bitrer,
Territorial librarian. Edgar Jones,
Clerk of district court, I.ou Pitts,
Clerk supreme ct tirt, Edgar Jones,
Register United States land office,
Judge Lindsay, Guthrie.
Territorial printer, Hoy Hoffman,
Superintendent of schools*
* The name "ill be supplied as
soon as our governor can find a
Guthrie nun compi tent to fill the
Ignore Political Ambitions
Let the people of Oklahoma territo-
ry have a word in regard to their own
busine-s. The territorial democratic
committee has met and resolved that
it will not l>e wise or expedient to ad-
mit Oklahoma territory proper with-
out including the live tribes. Doubt lost
in a short time the territorial republi-
can committee will meet and resolv
that it is not wise or expedient to in-
clude the five tribes in the territory-
applying for admission. Then igno-
ramuses will claim that party lines are
drawn and that a fierce partisan con-
flict has been precipitated on the line
of these two diverse proposition:
The Republic is willing to guarantee
that there is but little more difference
among the people of Oklahoma on the
question of admission than there is on
any other question the main object
of which the people are practically
united. It is free to assert that they
are opposed to any consideration uf un
ion with the five tribes if consideration
ti.i^: -us to delay the consideration of
their own claims to statehood. They
do not, it is safe to say. believe that
their claim can be involved with a set
tlement of Indian tribal relations to-
ward the government without
pi Spoiling its final determination for
many \< ars. They are accordingly in
favor of pressing at once and with uni-
; action for the admission of Okla-
homa as it stands.
The sentiment of the people is the
true arbitrator in a situation which the
politicians and self-seekers threaten
to complicate to their own advantage
and to the defeat of the best
of the territory. Republic-.
S. 11. HORN Eli,
nilUOt 1 O K s :
Notice is hereby given that b\
virtue of ar execution issued by the
District Court of Canadian County
Territory of Oklahoma, in favor ol.
J U Turner and against John 11
Hosteiter. and to me directed a-
Sheriff of said County, I will, at i
o'clock I' Nl, on the ioth day of Feb
ruary, 1894, at the front door of the
Court House in El Re#o precinct, in
the County of Canadian. Territorv
of Oklahoma, offeT for sile at public
auction the following real estate and
the appurtenances thereunto belong-
ing, to wit: Lots 23-24 -25 -2te-«7
2S- 29 -30 -31 and 32 in Block No, 2
in the Township of Yukon, valued
at 5150.00.
Terms cash in hand. Taken on
said Execution as the property of
John II Hosietter.
Dated 4th day of J
T. R.Jackson
Tub Natu v u. Tkib v >- • ow entering upon ttl
1,try has had such
I7th year « t" i 1
JfO OtlHT fit!
arr -will. ;« '
hu- ■ -
: •
as a highly inten-sii >
. i 11•< 1 stales, and
. l'oSt<llllC«*.
on its merita
for tlpe Year 1894
It will made 1 ' ?m-I mor«* attrm-nve than
mvmr Willi- ; : | OpUlaT fcftfr
zr&sr its
Sheriff's Sale fersonal Property-
who actually served aud
Travel, Experience
H'fir tHntovy.
fb'ie 1! m ti • -tr
N/,o. t sI., i -
/ il 11 m 1" ' - Of th|
bent, and the prom ition of 11 «♦* ban tntiCVSti of the
On the 22nd day of January 1894,
at 1 o'clock P. M., at C. E. 1'iakt-
fieJd's, in Mustang township, iti Can-
adian County, Territory of Oklaho-
ma, I will sell at public sale, the fol-
lowing described 1'ersonal Property,
to wit: 4 Stacks of Wheat, estimated
at 80 bushels to the stack (about 320
bushels) valued at S75.20. -Vlso 3
Stacks of Oats, estimated at about
350 bushels and valued at S35.00. unity nd exalted loyally
the property of C. E. lirakefield. a y _
taken 011 Execution in favor of; J
if ti*h i -' 7' trm. 1 ;!• counts of whftt to
taking p 1 th< seat ol Government; owerol ^
ports of aii . In:." m In - 11M.I the
kzacutlvf I' " '' i,llt''''* M®n.
Hu>tmehold Department. EdlU b) S Ujrol
National r. putatioii
| 11 m 1: I and 0. "/ mors
flails " ' nS'KRS
Agriewlttiral KtepartiHent, careftillj edltM
by practical in *n.
4..metal h
Thi Nai onal 1 i n.' st Is sirtcUy non-ptrtliM.
and thoo'ii^'iiU Am-ri.- .n It t--ii-v,-.- in thegreatMt
- " 1,1:
hU^hest development ..f -mr msU uMons-ln National
Joseph Ferguson.
Sheriff's ofhee. Canadian County,
O. T.
(J 4, '94.) T. R. Jackson, Sheriff,
Summons by Publicaiion.
Territory of Oklahoma,! ss
County of Canadian. )
M. E. Elterman will take notice
that he has been sued in the Terri-
torial District Court, within and for
sSid County and Territory, by Mack
Crenshaw, and that he must answer
demur or otherwise plead to the pe-
tetition filed therein on or before,
February 23, A, 1). 1894, or the alle-
gations therein contained will be
taKen as true on proper proof, and
"payable W MAutt
Even- line that ; pears In It to written [brlt,andhai
appeared In no other paper It u «*« no •jntllrnte
or boller-plAle in lter. Addresn
Sheriff's Sale.
Notice is hereby given that under
and by virtue of an execution issued
by 11. F. Fisher, a Justice of the
Peace of El Reno, C). T„ on the 15th
day of January 1894, and directed
to me on a judgment against E I
Siler for 565 and S8 costs, :n favor
of T. J. Rutherford, I will, on
JANUARY 29, 1894,
judgement will be rendered against ' u a ,n a( ,he farm of Andrew
him for the recover) of the sum ol
Ingram, in School Ilistrict 21, Frisco
town-hip, Canadian count\. O. T.,
tdltothe highest bidder tor cash,
2 two-year-old heifers. 2 yearling
stetrr-, 2 calves, 1 cow and two vear-
, ling colts, subject to an execution
the property of M. E. Elterman, and i||gt gajd siler in favo, of c ,,
$480.00 with interest at the rate of
10 per cent per annum irom Decern
bcr 18. A. I). 1S93. and costs of suit
and the proceeds of the sale of 39
head of horses an ! colts, attached as
Gov. Renfrow will appoint u super-
intendent of public instruction as soon
as lie can lind a competent Guthrie
man to accept the place. No vvrst Mile
man need apply.
The Herald has failed m> far to in-
form the public whether its big (?)
edition in Intended to commemorate
the turning of its coal six weeks ago or
to mark the first anniversary of Mer-
ritt's conversion to democracy.
It is said that whatever Midas
touched was turned into gold, in these
days touch a man with gold and he will
turn into anything. For instance,
Parks and Merritt, touched with the
hope of a little legal printing, turned
their political jacket, wrong side out.
the r.-.-rvalions recently o|>ened to | a,.mocratie party refuses to take in thel
settlement would bo worth more to I o{ renegade republicans. Parks,
this territory than immediate state-j ..tlam" ami Merritt, and while they
hood, for it will cost more to pay for, W(,1.0 fining around the crib trying
these lands than the entile assessed j)() g,,| tileir voracious snouts in at a
valui of the territory at present. It lci.aciii (he Canadian county Republican
would mean a saving to Canadian j ^pped in and filled the place they
county alone of near $.160,(KX). If one-1 lllft vacant by the Herald while for-
half the effort was made to secure the : ft,,j„,r an,,m.l the ib mocratic camp
; t.-.-ing Miaut to ; jiunnng fcr an occasional refuse bone
ptisS the statehood bill, it could Ik- ae- lU|.own to them by two or three demo-
i ratic malcontents.
An Enemy of the Wilson Bill.
•Mr. James H. Maury has contributed
to the Nfew York World a startling
array of figures to disclose the inward-
ness of the Sugar Trust, which dicta-
ted tin- McKinJey sugar tariff. The
trust controls refined s«gar. It gets
all the benefit of the Mc-Kinley
duty i>n refined sugai; and ge'- it • nm-
terial free.
This tciijt hu^ an actual cajiital of
$17,740,000 and has unloaded stock on
the market to the amount of $75,000.-
omi. As the bonds covered more than
the value of the plant, the stock is all
The government bounty of about
$10,000,000 a year goes chiefly to the
trust. Consequently the McKinley
tarlff and bounty have made the indi-
viduals who dictated them and organ-
ized the trust so enormously rich that
they can spend a million or two to beat
the Wilson bill.
The Sugar Trust is a formidable pre-
cursor of the possibilities which may
grow u]> under the domination of a
Mc-Kinley party in this country,
com pi i shed.
name has been added to
Guthrie's long list of ap|>ointees. Gov.
Renfrow has appointed M .L. Turner of
Guthrie Territorial Treasurer to suc-
ceed Hon. Sam Murphy who handed in
his resignation to take effect next Sat-
urday. Mr. Turner is cashier of the
Guthrie National Hank and is a good
business man having handled a large
amount of territorial and county sccur
It did not speaU well for the demo-
cratic party to allow a man of the
character, standing and reputation of
Al Jennings to go befon tie central
committee on a proxy and make a
light against such a man a> Hon. Jo-
seph Smelzer of Matthew-on township,
armed with the proper credentials.
The Jennings' have woll nigh got the
He is an enterprising progress- democratic party stranded in this
ivo citizen and will no doubt make a
good ofiieer. Hut considering the fact
that Logan county cast nearly 2,000
majority for Flynn the republican can-
didate for congress and that two thirds
of both the federal and lerritoaial ap-
pointments have been made from Gut-
hrie the DEMOCRAT can not help but
county, and the sooner the leaders rel-
egate such cattle to the rear, the bet
ter it will be for the party of the ter-
ritory. Smelzer is a man of character,
influonee and brains, a credit to his
party and a useful member of society,
while the thing who tried to oppose
him before the committee, is wanting
to be sold under a special ortler of
the Court, will be applied to the sat-
isfaction of such judgement.
Mack Hensh.wv, Plaintiff,
lly W S Gngsby ai d Frank C.
White, his Attorneys.
Attest; Benj. 1 Hegler. Cl'k District
(First Pub, Jan, 4, 1894-)
Notice is hereby given that under
and by virtue of an execution issued
by Ii. F. Fisher, a Justice of the
Peace of El Reno, O. on the 15th
day of January, 1S94, on a judgment
of said court in lavor of C. H.
Carswell against E. L. Siler for S15.
and $8.75 costs, and to nie directed.
I will, on
JANUARY 29, 1894,
at it o'clork. a. m., at the farm of
Andrew Ingrain in School District
21, Frisco township, Canadian coun-
ty. sell to the highest bidder for rash
in hand, 2 2-year old heifers 2 year-
ling steers, 2 calves, 1 cow and two
yearling colts, or as much thereof as
it will take to sa'isfy said judgment
anil accrued cost-
. j First pu 1 Jan 18] Sheriff.
Carswell, or so much of said prop-
erty as it will take to satisfy said
judgment and accrued costs.
First pub Jan 18] Sheriff.
-'Formerly of A I.AltAM A
Rooms 3 and 4 .leiivn Block.
Advertised Letters
The following is a list of unclaimed
li tters remaining in the postotliee at
Kl Heno. () T. for thi week ending
January. I. 2s,.i4 If net called for he-
regard the appointment as u great po- in all these elements and a running
lltical mistake. sore on society.
The "Afro-Americans" of Cincinnati
have just held a convention in which
they diseu-sed the status of their race
in this country. The most striking
feature of the proceedings was a report
from the committee on emmigration.
It was urged that a demand be made
011 the government to appropriate $2,-
000,000.000 to establish a line of free
steamers to promote emmigration. In
case of refusal stops would be taken to
import 30,000,000 Africans, so that the
colored imputation might be increased
to formidable proportions so they could
enforce their rights. The report com-
mented on the many drawbacks to the
negro and urged him to perpetuate his
identity. The colored people are nd-
rised to turn attention to the civiliza-
tion «>f Africa as the only hope of the
race and where they can carve out a
grand destiny. Great excitement fol-
lowed this report.and finally became
so grent that it was referred back to
the committee.—Kx.
Notice fur Publication
Laxb Office at f
January Id, IH'. 4. *
Notice is hereby given that the fol-
lowing named settler ha- filed notice
of his intention to make linal proof in
support of his claim, ami that said
proof will hi.- made before Register and
Hcceiver at Oklahoma City. < >. T.. on
March 2. 1804. viz: John II. Ivelly. for
the southwest quarter of section 1>,
township 13 north, range 5 w. Indian
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon
and eultiration of said land, viz: Wil-
liam Fletcher Manner Evans. George
Max field, of Miiier. O. T. Hallio Ross,
of Yukon, O. T.
Any person who desires to protest
against tile allowance of such proof, or
who knows of any substantial reason.
fore Feb. 1804,
dead letter office
Allen C
Allison < loo
Barnes \V
Brown A
Brown Peter
Brown C c
Brewer J M
Brewer \V I-1
Burdoine N
< 'offee \V
Cleveland Bet 1 i
Diordorff A F
Dickey G \V
Douglas- N M
Kliison I) I,
Esberson H T
Goff Samuel
Grave < Jeo -
Hawkins A H
Hart T W
Haekitt Mary
llolaway N !'
Howe Nlav
Hulas Ella
Hopkins l> M
aones ('ecilia
Parties callin:
will be
Johns Yahn
Keefe N (
LangstafT Melis
Myers Mary A
Mcijuibbin Ida
McDonald J \V
Mitchell M < 1
< (in 111 Hed
I 'ooley Thomas
I 'ortor Lea
I 'enroll N M
lijggsC F
Row J s
Shrivel- Allie J
Schmitt John
Smith Ernest
sonith Hob
strain II G
Taylor M I)
Turner J
Townsend Earl
Thomas May-
Wood Eva
Wood S V
Yarvis I! E
Younty John
for the above
say "advertised" giving date.
1!. R. Hlt'Kox. P
Administration Notice
In I'robate court of Canadian county,
(Iklahumn Territory.
In the matter of the estate of Joseph
« ross. deceased.
The Territory of Oklahoma. to whom
it may concern:
You are hereby notified that Alexan-
under the law and the regulations of del-Cross, did, on the 9th day of Janu-
tho Interim- Department, why -ueli ary IHI14. apply to this court for letters
proof should not be allowed, will be | of administration on the estate of the
given an opportunity at the above i said Joseph ( i-oss. deceased, and that
mentioned time and place to cross-ex said application will be heard by said
amine the witnesses of said claimant, court 011 the UTth day of January 181)4,
and to offer evidence in rebuttal of j of the January 1SH4 term of said coui-:.
that submitted by claimant. 1 JNO. H. l'lTZKH,
B. M. DlLLEY, Register. Judge of the Probate Court.
(First pub. Jan. 18) Done this 9th day of January. 1804.

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