Beaver County Republican. (Gray, Okla.), Vol. 12, No. 1, Ed. 1 Friday, January 19, 1917 Page: 4 of 4

iioaver County Repul
harvey n\. hill.
Editor and ifjprfrtor.
i i J J- -
I* •! J,. .™
'•ft Ilk*
:lk* -u<
8uba nation II ">er Year.
Bnternd a- "Mnd-duss mail
mfttfr b>b. *23, 1912. at the p st-
office at Grav, Oxiu.. under t!
A o t f '
We ha\e two ijo^d fnm
near Gray and one a m
and a half *out of Boyd frr
sale at a bargain.
Gray Rr, ! ."ti*•> Co.
t*eof le ti vine today are luctiaed >•
ffimw theusalv** to soiae <kg.>e«; ui>
tbe fact that colleetlveljr we ni* «1"
ing thiols at n much * («ter r."> <
JKI our forefn : n Wl'b !• •* i d ««i
ftleclrUii) j;.i; i <« nuil st.nui We
Xiv.' aniuuiUicd diauuet and nimoai
aUi(ui i. tl tuna. Coit.iuuuiiMUuo b«>
\weca IihHvMuhU la dow a mutter of
ffcroads, w Uea li need to require
or weeks or montli*. says Ouiata !>*•« .
Great boildiug eot^riirise- are hurried
through at n ru e -hut makes tlie ho-
fcoltl<-r uw>nre) at the si>eeU. even to
thin era of rush ordoi*. lurliiMrtsI tin-
4erUtkines imriiik* of the prueral iuh-
a la lor si*;e«l. uit«l l-i* Jots aiv driven
Ihrou.ti as fuM u i <a« hioery can win..
through Its >per;:fi r!«. nn<l everything
M |i - h1sc.nI <«n |..ih . -on la. but
the tiMMUm r**i ui ; For wiiat go<*ll
Man Ih still • :! i< t to h; en\ ; mmm.
tie hat ot yet Ihti «hle to muster Uie
rvai sccr.t < 1 < xist. ncv. With all his
hurry i id bluster he retimins *ut Je«t
W the I!,. ;i. . ns that hare curbed Ins
asptratlo fro.n th** iH^inuhig of
Lhl&gv H r ■senrelies, ri s. ..u ri •
and lovenuoL- nave Vt .-...: ti is
days lit smb alight ili-gre* as to leave
that fuel or nvglitflile. i> sater sim!
tMseaiw await h;tu uloii£ lit* p:vh, «•,
JmiIi claims. Just aa Mi • n
Wo live hotter. Iih\-- > . "ur
|*alna and should *.. «•< unually .u
creasing eat ^faction • f lite l<ut
do we not iuis so.i « thing been iM
we are so busy trying lo get tt aU?
U u<>i yet un esuililMwd fuel.
Xlght flying tiiv* the nerves of the
atootvOt airmen. bui th<-tr ehlef ei 0-
tfrn 1* fludiug a ^nfe place tu land
8*>u • i>n«" ha?« said that «>f nil people
In the world the Anie:1c*us hu.e the
worst uianners iu puMle. Whether
this is •• exaK::eri>iioQ or not, our bad
manners are amply in evidence In
mo«t public places, e-5^ ...wh.*r:
there are crowds. It ts nstoii - i
how eveu people of Ureedu._ n Lo in
private luierewur«e are p«>ht.? an■: con-
aide:ate. lose all regard fur otb -
*hen tile relations e«>.e to be p,
sonal. In short* with a east aumher
of poo pie oourlrt-y d«x^ n««t H*ein u>
be h nal«>'al i>ut souiethim;
merely Inipi'^.'d l j, and they
lapse from It n« «K n as their re',,
lion* to their fe'loor® eenv to he di-
rect and peraonal. Even lo the u**
ft ^li" tel. plioae this lapse Is notieo-
able, suya Indintui Fsrnier. People
vhoao \<>lce> nud inantr rs ur* nffal u-
In face !• ce c«'tt\er-:iTi.> very ofion
an.s<xer heir phe* < alls with a ciirf
ness that w>.uld be positively reaelited-
by an. "tie v. lm was i;„f, :ly addi. -*••<!
in such tone.
1'h" in
<Mii' n i < f
v..d I. ,
t: j , • ,
lull ti.. V I ;\V „ot yrt dlsti
Ct stlcss ti a ud.
A list r..• i . . i'i-r us a ' ul« - i
t^ilo for cot t \ t here It won. i
Im> Hie i|.er ti. « .
The coot ..i ii\in_ may Its iiijrh. bu'
ti put* n u-t. • e\tra\ii uce uan
Uio eujo.v 'iivi t of life.
It lu-.«- li««o said Uni
in life s cormuuo thing
of pro„te>s." an.I v .. .
un ay of us may u t > e
to (bis state i. it. exp id re-
flection b I testify to itn truth. We
are. as a rule, too aiuldtioaM to uu iln
gretu i ■ at one Jump to in- will-
ing to devote oiueh attvution lo the
simpler adventure* of life. We pass
by tb« coiboj'.u. uniotervating thlags
3'hlrli sotuehow seem to dog our fixit-
su-ps aud siund on tiptoe la our en-
dSiivors to grasp the tuuttaiiiabie.
We du not f«^*i i unt it ta^iry to
fUltl'l our anihitioos hy dfgi'eeK. but
tru t to fori uno to tind a wtiy by
wli ib we aUati le:ip Into fatue at a
■In.i" b' und. The huiudruio things
which are so vital to our w'elfure <"on-
ce ru us omy a> tbey affect our coin j The supply of ..'old tn the I'nlted
fort, sua we do not attempt in the | Htutea ha* doubled Kince llhU. but Unit
,,-ti enrly ambition* lo u*e them as i other p v«H«h . mlio ral. e *l. la hunter
u -t jt iu i- th* future, aay* .and luuder to ohtsin.
• ii i stun .News and t'ourier With _
•he (oui.i-'atli.ns ..I *utve*> uiol r oa. T1"* P" " "Pf' 'is' |«-eilh«t who
• t ry feet uith the t.>.u ali - .dy in 'P'"" • tlie msmilty list* of ihe opp-.s-
p«tcP^ /rrfr "HC W R.
It woold l e wi :-.r A£aericvri«i h>
u r«*il: ■*.' thi.: the set. ;i.t«*eal oT e t.*y
l.u. Mb govornoient duai .n's thu?
—— ti • • pri-<Hi be kepi • !' # '"n4 It
, iiil - .i... me, t«• rlo-: *fter the clo^r f the « r. A.
ess of tl,e pi« in-er iii iluit line, the preseM inouieni tin -■ governmAt
ore the greatest of ali purchas j-s. Me!
naturally. wl«di to buy as clieui.:. n-
po*s||. ; nut as s< . as tb svjr is
over their interest will awluh to the
opposite sdde. Every Europt*au c«iu:i
try has be< n forced to shoulder a ter
rilile iot.d of debt. This debt W e*
We b. lieve if anyinaly were to be
' t.l > ntint tun lurk. It would go up
n iviits a pound iu less tliou two preyed iu terms of money, hut II if
i Nature's ooly error consisted In not
I. miik the I ickwheut crop and the
maple sirup yield cotue in the suioe
j livery
ot^r hiiinJs with uUich to curve out
careers, with the material heii| -.i
uhoot us from which to *lia|ie u*efui
lives, we ttiru to the faraway li
u ive. allurtug 'M'Um1 of hhvwh whleh
xeein so close al haiiti. so e. sy to I „ v-, jf,,
^n:s|> so wonderful In th ir promise. I
Phta Is only Int-uutte we ure huiumi
and rt^Ulre the knowleiige whnii hanl
exiHTieuci aud ern nesi effort hrttm lie
fnre we are in a p -.non lo di&Teuu-
nte hetweeu the real and the uureal
the true au«i the fulao.
1 • . jh..... is Ms rv ii.-'HS's that no oue is
• left for tin- I'nlted S::;te* to itKlit.
\ nple of male t n<tm'*«
to d- vel..p It* <sirres|H>ii<liiu
.-le ot oitisili h li.l -Illy "Kuti
itniwla by him Rfter Mrre*t."
I Soclnl cel.if hllwlneas .
' inability to a for .',
in a last sea hod's .
reolly paid In esoiuodities. in '•
sharu ot the aatlonal incoi ie i
con be set aside for such a purp ' '
Obviously, the more expensive «. ..
moditlts b«'ot>ie the easier it ia I
carry the burden. The vvar <b*bt ol
France, let us suppose. re iu!r. « thi
output of a million vlneynrde to pro
vide for interest aud sinkiug funds
If wine doubles in price, the "aervtct
of the debt" will tie eared for by thi
output of MM limn vineyard*, leovioi.
the Income from the rest for other pur
po *«i. nays t'hicuiro Journal. In prac
tlce. of couroe. the mailer is not s«
Klniple. tint that Is the way it works
Just how much ot'iclul Knr ipe ea'
do to hold up prices is onwtuln, an<
the prolilem Is complicated hy the fac. the creditor classes, which have
freiit influem-e in every capital sbr ad
are ititeresteil iu making couuuodiUei
The trnfllc of the London nvid is re
sunnug sotuetbiag of the ap|H-arnn<e
lt wore just u fi"w yi jrs when
home-drawn vehicles «ere stni -i!'i-
io hold a pta<v against the allH-on
<iuering ne>tt>mirs. The "b
man • I' /n. *o g -i Ju*t >■ little
of all be I. st hack again. Sh irtnge
of lubor and rubh r and petr >l hji^
dealt a henvy If tetupori!rj W" a
• he ear. un.l l«". i. is report Mi ia
dally luereasing measure. t« the h<>r«c
.irswn c:irri;tge. seys I. nd • Ifci
Mail. Iii tii-- Wi-si KikI streets vl<
• >nas. gl . ii show in iii:iii> lustaiie«*s
egos of having t>eeo laid aside in ar.
dUOoopMrv sutas.'iilstle to v:ir«ii<..
tife rumal": «lo;nj tti si-
if sure, work of h !> tig ladles to t i
the air. Kv«n snn rt ttstors are on
more doing rh. lr rounds in on it .i
-mart hnoiphnn- and In 4h - p.r.
Ant. mobile mnl < r* tin to ti-
enrv that will go i|tiy li.Te. hnt m-e
of them has gone to li .iveu yel
l.i Jiinmiu It l« s;iiit never strikes in tii.- ,md neither
do - i«* o v y'* uiarksim n.
iukh-aeiioiie<l hor-«
rlliges puss frequ
old eoarbmen.
m drive. ii* k verj
newer cl:iss oi I.
the keen, alei-i
hauffeurs uf the n
and lulili. ni on
illy S.i|;|e .it I •
i handsome ti r-
ondly now at tb>
I m v hleie driver
H aiiX'ous lo >Kii.
«vy curs aud omiu
It Is only recently that health com
missions have studied all the condi
tlons that have to l e considered it
mechanically counteractinir dr« wsincs.-
and the sore throats we get from being
shut up nil day In our offices, factories
or schools. Alrendy m::uy important
ami luieresting facts Iihv it. eu brought
to liglit. >: ys Poioiiur Science Uonth
ly. One of the discoveries which will
change tiio beliefs <>f many of us h
' that th*' carbon ih- \ • .-xhaled In our
" ; ,f ; br^a, is practically hardest; h to
r io i« g.MM oofcit.^ when It snmuuts to quaalitiee
•igh to ten times the quantity found
In the tn-st fair that we begin to be un
comfortable. Important work ban bee*
accomplished hy the Chicago Com
mission of Ventilation in deterniiniui:
the exact effe.-ts of the huuii.llty or
nioisture, of the air n|mn comfort
Sol ie - r ill. tnn?o I I list eo. others
say it i.! .i t All if iii< li d«H'* not
Inter*-' l: II Wt;h ; V.oodetl leg
nonld he worth o l< ■
A |unr <•( blue sitk pMiamas fl/Tired
ti tit sews story l*"r*on who
:-e: ■:> s«itn the hemlllnin In m news- 1 Th^y hove found that a cold room can
he made aa agreeable u£ one that 1*
mpet r. ol Mils article from beginning
to end
Ne\ Kmrland i'iHeo*t erry hushes are
t„. .l.-i i< ved l«e«Hl|Ke they c«>utrib-
ue io th- ih* iru«-tlon of i|h> whits
'>in ho ever tutird of a white
pin pie?
warm, simply by Inervufeiug its bu
The first stetimsh p tb-if ito*s«I h
Atlantic wi«a wii* ihe Saufmn h
vhlch left ibe iburdii p-n fr >.n
vhich she took her name und m.nle the
voyaKe to l<ivei°|<.u>l tu I. 1H iv.elve
years after Fulton had demntantfed
the iiossihility of steotn n vig..ti.ui on
'h> Hudson river. t here Is talk of
'uarltluie expi«fcit.. n tn Savi.tuiah Id
IP1P to cclel.r tc (lie event. To Amer
lean* of tiwlay It s ,-ins remarkable
•llMI II ep.H - voyage ol tli
■list transotl i.tic ste<Mii*-hip shou'd
nave started from Snvunuab lusteutl
of froiu New fork, tuit ihe prepor.
deraiice of the Hothaiu n>etni|iolis
was not us i:r<.at at that time a<i ii is
||,.ii>. ',i e.- ; ' In that they And
qa ernnomy in mahiiis hotue-mada
nroad lause > hi'e " >nn make
; clua|w*i Tli. ti ill > 'iiy It. It Ic
| so mueh herter thai li family eats
tw ee as uiu< : >f It.
It- getting ruiiier eommnn oow to
tvail r. mances which began by the
jrotnv man or tbe young woman, as
• he • ise i i y l>e._ seeing her or him
•for the hrst time on th movie
Able-bo.ll.'d Haifers ou^ht to get
down tin ill four* and rap their fore-
tiei >1- on the cement walk eiepy tltne
they see a cripple wtth ambition limp-
ing by.
That silent treatment would benefl
u *ny mm. of th«- ills of ihe wotld
tin u mere tuberculonia.
The flret >ii .'tir* were n. in -
snd some (4 the «li.niffeurs ol to«J..>
sie ol the . io kidney.
New t .Te ,i it is estimated.
uill y fM (Mki.iHNMinu francs, bsve beeu
d> cldeii . '>\ •' French Approprln-
t .nil r ■ he rhamber of Dep-
uties after many weeks of considera-
tion. Anion.' tbe measures will lie an
Increase of the Income tax from V to
h per cent, the taxes on the yield from
securities from 4 to Ti per cent and on
sugar from 'JA to -to fruuca a metric
hundredweight. There will nlso tn- In-
creiis - m the taxes on tobueco, wino,
heef. letter postage, coffee tea und also
upon horses, biiliui ds and dogs.
A dcrk suspicion begins to develop
ibni the notorlnas pin which can be
heurd to ilrop is a bowling ptu.
It Is suggested that laurel root wny
be used u* a substitute for French
hrierwood In the muuufaciure of pljH's
for tobacco smokers. The stork of
Fnstifh hrlerwood lias been exhausted
imi account of the war. It Is -hrewdly
snpposeil thai a good many make.^s of
pipes have been n-ing wood of the g< od
•Id apple tree in Its stead, and say-
ing nothing to nobody.'*
Picketing must b. . popular iwsilin.
in San i r .mls.-o If 11 \ m«ed a char
g?r anM-ntltueiii i<j j ;. .I it it.
Women aiv weipii : tn i. und cost
Utr ciothiug, .. '. riling to a depurt
ineut report : .i >. i.t oue time.
A woman aviator i said l .. i* man-
sger to lie unerly fe-irless. l.ui whm
«ould yon eriKs'i h> niager to say i
AuUwioMl. ,s h.iss . ,i ... I, u «i,w
SIImdU lor • .'•• i11..t u .
have beQMPa the aiulosrucy of th<
The mother of a Columbia univer-
sity professor has left ten thousand
dollars to each of her granddaughters
who learns how to cook a meal. One
of the granddaughter* demonstrated
her ahllliy and received her money
before the will wus drawn up. Olrls
without wealthy gramtmoihera should-
leuru cooking for Its own sake. It la
worth more than ten thousand dollars
to sny woman to be an accomplished
Id the Philippine* hasehnlt Is held;
to be the great stabilizer of civilisation.
When those little head hunters arc in-
itiated into the umplre-u4*a-Minuting
degree of the national pasitroe ih'<y
will have to invent some new words
to let their joy have action.
Setting (Mis-i-ssion of mountain
mwws in F !-■ v I., t.i I t. „J, ,( ,-
as gee ,• --ession of rnllroad
s tu ti.t.v o.uatry.
The aunoi nt that the stick-
ing |>art of a postage stamp is tapioca
may offer a suggestion to economical
people aim dtspau-h iiianv letters i ,>il
desire to reduce tlie high coot of bv
in?. Tlie majority, however, even U
they like tap .a, wlU prefer to eut U
out of a di.-h.
Wealth always excites the envy of
poverty, and It may become ao that
the owner of a grain of whe t. a cot-
ton seed nnd an e^g ma) iiecAiue tlia
most despised citiaeo of the commu-
An nttemlani at au in-. asylum
in Pennsylvania has l^*yt arreted for
rough treatment of thf inn.'tes; this,
doubtless Is what is mcuut oy
Ing the queer."
The Constantinople correspondent of
the Hungarian paper "At" refuirtt
that the Turkish government is mak
ing preparation* for the creation of a
great university which la to be modeled,
entirely after the Herman Institutions
of learning and will be under tbe direc-
tion of Herman and Austr.un educators.
Professors from Berlin. Munich aad
Vienna have been called to the Turk-
ish capital ami are now working out
the plans. The university Is to be n
national Turkish Institution, bnt at
least during the tirst tive or ten yeurs
most of the profeasors und instructors
will he Uennnns. Austrtuas and Hun-
garians. Part of the 'edtire* will he
given in Turkish and pert In German.
America + ia long been known among
other nations as the most wastafu)
nation Id the world. Our waste, it i;
said, would support some of tbe small
er nationa. The war is changing this
condition, however. One can scarcely
pick up ati industrial publication no*,
without rending of some waste prod
uct that is being utiMzed to msnufao
ture something that we are unable to
The Place to do Bueirers
V\ f nr^ nnw r« ct-ivirp rriar'
i ruiries h<.ut !nrd #Ti n! prot
D(cfivp buvt> 8, po if you
to cp| your lard you tatter jfi
it u ith us. We are alfo pfnt.«
for the Renfrew ft.vestment Co.
«re of the best eorrpHnies o^irn.
hu8'rpf p in Oklah oma. Coir ir
pnd karn el, atout our pro' ca-
tion before ycu negotiat* a !ia.
Grav Real E fate C o.
California «. n rocord-breaki'i>:
avl'' ; "xcuK-s !
k^ejilu. ip ie. i. t.
«Hj. ball .v tin.. . tin • iiisu
1^ lar't entlr. !\ tlie excriiciotiug
-•gooy of riii :.U'i •••- . K. I.
,)tie .' ;| M
to tines' rvp i tluu for ... i it >
It's a pnliifUl thing" ibis reading
about the inlUlons of doiiura being
handb^l uN>tit in a U*nI case, uad>
then tuive to go mto ihe store and
leave the fnni'l; photlogmptl as pari
tmyiu. nt on a do^en cg..-s and a pound
of butter.
Sometime* It serins to u •'ud 'he
demand for shorter h'<nrs ctM never
dlsiipp«4ar until s way is found to es-
tablish the 15-mlnuic (tour.
When they revi*.* the ten .t*ir nsnd
ments we supjiow they'll substitute
automobile for ox n the '>iterdiciu>n
of coveting.
When wooden sli >ee come. If they
ever do. ue *.in rmkc the (idI itci
Inil i ling litem Ha> oil a tip
Powdbly the t^n- ■. i
hod some way to . .*
tr^.'P. r p. < in , ! n
Co!. F. 0. Stevens,
PuVT;c Farm Sales
I will rail your iiales and guarantee
?i tscfioo P • ii prices and quick
-sles is my n.ctto Sc ven yesrs ex-
p. rierif in ih-' ta'e huslnefs. Fcr
: ics st J t*r.tefr call en cr ph>>r. me at
! it leaver, Okla. 11 3 3irp
J. F. Lundstrom,
^Ifent fot #
jCci^irertal In?urcricc
c . Capital $10,000,000.00
Farm Inrurbnce a Specialty.
^ ill make tbe (Irev territorv every
twe, weeks. Write me.
WW jHt'- tSiimillfWIW^-priHtrtiatiii. JH 'ie
Or. v;. ti. P1 o :i. P. [\ Prickle v. H. C. jc-rc^.
Pr sident, Ca:iv-
j The First State ank \
Deposits Guaianteed.
^ . - TTX ||
| This Bank stands r eady to serve
| its Patrons in every way. Come
| in and ta!k with us about your |
1 sales and farm loans. t
Interest Paid c:i " ime Deposits. x-
" •I'limt' -niiriniiriiimHiiiMtmi^ '«,c2imawifiiai!lRliiiiaui ii!WiiiifJiHiwuii'!
U. S. Commissioner.
Tave Your Abstracting Done !• *
Braidwood & Son.
Beaver - - - Okla.
wuiHaiiuiiiiHiinim«iiiiii t|
Is a Very Simple Matter.
ft |
To open an Afcoun1 .«er. T * r> r tame and address
5 «'ith yojtv first deposit The moi cy may be sent by reg-
^ istered mni), robtoffiee nonoy order, d: ' or bv oheek on
any bank. As aaop. as >our first deposi: ia reifived tho
| bank will send you a receipt an<3 ch< 'r be*, ft wiii aiso
| send you a signature card which . M' a arid return.
* You enn withdraw youi money by n ail jast as easily as
= though >ou visited the bank. All thtt is nece?x ry is to
| forward the bank a check and the money can b . ' t \
5 by registered mail or we will send y. j & bar.K rrnft.
i Citizens State Bank, a
= c
| Capital , Surplus ard T'r ' .d PrrMb: S^.OPO.OO,
" 3MMIMIIK 3imMIH!iit3!lllHlllllir. .lilt. Hiiri(lt. I.iiJi ° m
■uttwnw—«u—Jfc. -+Jr to** f IM i
•tlsmMKUTM Of
A== And Our Pap^r Alk Ciiv k c:av *v ^ ^
i\TEpjUy ;-ri.
wi I
" '-^T) I
s«i«j vi yout order rlfht away, e fi.e it to our teprt.watativs, or c*h v) '#
t whea ia town. If you h*ve new tuSKiibed to our pai'ci beforevdo it ; sn a.i<1
get thctc four nagasinet. If you art a rtfula,- •ubscriixr *o our e«', we jr^e f ••
to tend ia your yatwal at aacs, alJ get theta lour If you :rt a i
•criber to any of the*e mafwise*, tend your rcsawai ardt. to ui sad we tri(* *t " I
your euWriptioa for one yesr.
Think fit It cm *t\ four for * C
■ 'IIIIIV UI Hy If yoa SsUrribe tc oar pspcr for ooe je*r.
Ws hart ample coplte of theee nu^asisee oa d!«(Uy *t our r^l •« v
see them. They ire priated en book papier wWi illuitratc >v*r , aid arc fi! •
clean, interettiac ttoriee and inrtnictite artkbs on Hiitor- ienct, Art, Mnui
Pathioa. Fancy Neodlswori, Gene. j! raraimg, Live Stock anj 1 ultry.
*1.18 Send Your Ordsr Before Yen Foroei If if
t Tin Migszlnv V stcf V • i Ti-,? i- >1
Will Reynolds, W. H. Rhodes. M. IJ
« -nt-
SKattvck. Qkl-\| oro«,
Gray. Okie.
• x o ri ***
* 1 / •. V st
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Hill, Harvey W. Beaver County Republican. (Gray, Okla.), Vol. 12, No. 1, Ed. 1 Friday, January 19, 1917, newspaper, January 19, 1917; ( accessed December 11, 2018), The Gateway to Oklahoma History,; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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