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Advertising' rates made known on applica-
tion to tin* office.
Local advertising rates, r «'iit> p« r line t« i
each insert ion. '£> per cent discount lor twentj
lines or over.
We are desirous <>t' securing a correspondent
from every sciiooldistrict iniiarlleld and (Jrant
counties, 'i < py paper and stamped envelope
will be lurnislied on application. Copy should
never We written only upon one side of paper
Address alt communications to
Till. I KIIU NF. IW.Mtx K VT,
Enid, Oklahoma.
Train No. t 10:49 p. in
Train No. 3 8:*J0a. m.
Train No. a 5:29 a. in.
Train No. 4 8:47 p. in.
local kukioht8.
Going south 11:26 il. in
doing north -!'•111
The President'3 Third.
Just before 5 o'clock in the after-
noon nf the Ttli inst., n««s reached
Buzzard's Bay that a ojrl had been
born at Gray Gables. Tlie report
was soot, verified by l)r. Bryant,
who announced that the happy event
occurred at 4:30 ami that both
mother and little one were doing as
■veil as could be expected.
This is the third child to be born
nto the President's family, and all
ire i/irls. Ruth is 4 years old and
Ester 2. Only a passing glance
■ould be obtained of the President
his afternoon, but that was sullicient
0 note an expression of satisfaction
>n the face of the chief executive,
iltliough it was an open secret that
1 boy baby would not have been
Mrs. Cleveland's mother is ex
pected to arrive from Buffalo, N. ^ .,
next week.
The 'bus lines report travel very
light at present.
George Stein of North Enid \vn>
in the city Tuesday.
Hon. Win. Wykes of Caldwell, Kan-
sas, was In town Friday.
McKee & Purmoitt are paying
from 50 to 55 cents for wheat.
Register Anderson, the new register
is expected in the city today or Sun
Mies Minnie Doty left Thursdaj
fot a short visit with her parents m
H. M. Spaulding, the grizzly bear,
of North Enid, was telling "windies"
in town Monday.
Judge J. B. Roark came up from
his claim Thursday night to look
after his legal work.
Mrs. .lames Bretinan, Misu Emma
Messer and Miss Kiltie Brennan of
Kremlin, were in the city Monday.
Fresh Bread, and all kinds of
Bakery goods of ihe very best qual
ity, always on hand at the I'irst
Enid Bakery. 38-tf.
The poplistic editor of the Coming
Events looks like the K.. C. monkey,
but he has'nt half the gray matter in
his cranium that the monkey lias.
MeKee & Purinoitt, the grain
dealers, have leased the old Mueller
furniture building at the comer of
South Second street and C and will
use it as a grannery.
Miss Leha Bosserman of Sigeur,
. T., tcacllei in the Indian school,
is visiting with Mrs. B. 1). leinple
of this city, who is an old school
mate of Miss Bosserman.
Robert M. Harrison of Jefferson,
came down Tuesday on a short
business trip. Mr. Harrison reports
everything looking prosperous in
his section, and says Grant counU
can no longer be called droughty.
Capt. Ilassler came very near hav-
ing his fine residence destroyed
Monday, by fire. The gasolinestove
got very gassy and caused a small
size blaze which blackened the room
and badly charred the wood facings
of the room.
Acting Mayor Barr has issued his
proclamation for the election of a
mayor to fill Mayor Wood's unexpir-
ed term, and to vote on the proposi-
tion to tund the city indebtedness up
to the four per cent limit. The
election to be held Wednesday,
July 31, 1895.
l)r. James Raizon, one of Ei.til's
first settlers left for Trinidad, Col
orado, last week. Dr. liaison has
few equals as a physician and surgeon
and has made many warm friends
dnring his stay, in Enid, who regret
to see the doctor leave, but wish
him success in his new lield
Mrs. F. E. Rickey and child of El
Reno, came up Wednesday night, to
make F. E. a visit and see how Enid
hail grown within the lust twelve
months. Mrs. Rickey is a highly
accomplished and charming lady, and
it is to be hoped she will prolong
her stay indefinitely.
Capt. Hassler, the Receiver, re-
quests all attorneys, who have con
test cases set between July 1st, and
the time when Register Anderson
arrives, to pay especial attention to
them, and bring the matter up im-
mediately upon Ins arrival so new
dates can lie made and the proper
notices given to litigants.
Chairman Mafiitt of the Missouri
State Central Detnocratie Committee
telegraphed Secretary Zevely Wed
nesday to notify the members of the
committee that a meeting had been
called for Monday next at St. Louis.
The purpose of the meeting is to vote
for a second time on the proposition
to call a convention to adopt, a plat-
form on the financial question.
Floor Walker (to salesman at
hosiery counter)—"You didn't sell
that lady"?
Salesman—"No, I showed her
some stockings that 1 told her would
fit her like a glove. She asked me
if they were all wool, and 1 said:
'Yes; all wosl and a yard wide.'
And she flounced off as though
something had displeased her.
For the life of me I can't guess
what it was."
News dull, but
John Tom paoli looks pretty.
Ivan Conkling thinks he's pretty.
Ret Milliard knows bo's pretty,
George Laing only drinks two
bottles of beer per diem.
L. N. Houston reformed and gone
to attending church.
Vernon Whiting looks sick. His
best girl didn't like his photos.
Kelley's got snakes—that is, stuff
ed rattle snakes.
J. B. Ferguson looks well rolling
i nice, new perambulate r.
The Webbs ar? the champion
base ball nine of Oklahoma.
Sunday was a great day fir
cyclones. El Reno, Chickasha.
Guthrie and Perry having suffered
from strong wind.
Mrs. Lee has moved her millinery
store two doors south of her old
stand and now has one of the largest
and most conveniently arranged
millinery stocks as well as the nicest
rooms in the city.
Police fudge Weeks was
all day Monday collecting
from the detni monde.
Ned Sisson can drive
only one hand.
Brer Switzer couldn't tell
the land office flag was up side dow n.
Willis Johnston may have been
thinking of his girl Tuesday morning
vlien lie put the flag up l.'ni n down.
Miisc Anderson wants a divorce;
,i divorce from Sweeting.
II. li. Ulanding spent Sunday,
Monday and Tuesday in Kingfisher.
— We have thousands of old
papers for sale.
—Old papers by the car load for
only 10 cents a hundred.
The "culled foks" are to have a
picnic at Col. James' grove Sunday.
Enid is still on top. She's got a
patent medicine company. What
—Call at this office if you want
newspapers to put upon shelves, or
under carpets.
S. 11. King is spending a few days
it Kingfisher, having departed for
that city Sunday.
Four inc lies of hail fell at McCook
Nebraska, on Tuesday damaging
all crops severely.
Joe E. Johnson, Receiver's clerk
at the land office, took a run over to
Oklahoma City Tuesday.
Win. 11. Coyle has opened a meat
market in the building formerly or
oupied by the Globe Grocery.
W. S. Whittiughill and W. O.
Cromwell are to deliver the orations
at the "culled foks" picnic Sunday.
According to reports there has
been during the prst week very de
struetive wind and rain storms
throughout the west and south. It
appears that Kansas, Oklahoma, In-
dian Territory, Northern Texas, Mis
sissippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Ala-
bama, Georgia, Northern Illinois,
Southern Wisconsin and Indiana,
have suffered in a greater or less de
gree. Many lives are known to
have been lost, and the destruction
of property is beyond all estimable
The cross walk on Second and D
street has a broken plank which
should be replace with a new one.
It would lie policy for our street
commissioner to look after this matter
for soniii one may accidentally break
a leg, and then I lie city would have
a big damage suit on her hands.
Some of the chicken coops have
been removed from tie* side walks,
but there are others which still re-
Plow work and liorse-s hoeing a specialty.
Wood Work in connection. All work war-
ranted, and as cheap as the cheapest.
(Jive us a call, ltemember the place, one
half block South of the Houth-east corner
of Square. South Second St., ENID, O. T
wm h edmondso i
Now is your time to purchase . main. The marshal should see that
ltd newspapers. We have car loads
of them, and sell 'em at 10 cents a
Lewis W. Wilkins, known as
they are relegated to the rear.
r always" the' latest 1
■ ** UP TO DATE.
1 *,
Prof. D. L. Morrow of Champaign,
Illinois, his been appointed pre si _
Giuut Kalab, returned Sunday eve- j Jaut of the Oklahoma College in
ning from a visit with his brother, | ,ncB of |,;,imurd Murdaugh, de-
who lives near Kingfisher. i
i posed.
The populistie editor of the Com-1
ming damnation can't even tell the
half of 75, for proof of this see his
tirade against the Eagle.
The Smoky river at Salina Kansas
was a foot higher this week than ever
kuownlbefore, and over 1200 people
had to leave iheir residences.
fine s
eli with
There are enough dogs in the city
to pay the city indebtedness if a tax
of a dollar a peice was collected.
Ten cents will be charged to see
the the ball gains Sunday between
the Webbs and the Perry team,every
one turn out so as to help the boys
Kelley, the tonsorial artist, has
repapereil, repainted and completely
renovated his shop, and now has
light, clean ami comfortable quarters.
E. M. Bond, wife and child drove
out into the country one d ly this week
to spend a short time visiting with
Mr. Bond's cousin, who resides near
Cleo Springs.
Miss Ida and Grace M ller of .
Chattanooga Tennessee, daughter j
and neice of W. II. G. M'ller are j
visiting in the city and will remain'
about a month.
The man who took the TitmUNU-
Demociiat axe has had il about long
Ohio is shipping steel to England
under the new tariff law. That's bad
for the Me Kin lev boom.
Water Works Brown is supposed
to be drowned in the Enid stand
pipe, or in Chicago.
i EC A.«( ) N ABE.
All Work GimnmteHil and Prices Lttuluced
MRS. K. II. STACY, Prop., MliS. LEE, Mgr.
1 )l~. \\ .
A. HKW 1 X( t
OHice: Hast (if Land Oilier,
Enid, O. T.
Sam Roberts, the ice man, claims
that in the early spring he made a
contract with the I'abst people,
whereby he was to sell his ice that
he had at Caldwell at such a price as
would drive the North Enid Ice
Company out, of business, and that
as soon as they got their plant run-
ning at Kingfisher they would sell
him ice at prices which would com-
pensate him for his loss in killing the
north town opposition, and that now
he lias caused the North Enid Ice
Company to stop, and lie is already
for the I'abst Company to fulfill
their part of the contract, but instead
of thein doing so, they have made
arrangements to supply .1. C.
Talmage, who has been dealing in
the north U wn ice. But Sam says,
contract or no contract, he is going
to sell all the ice.
hkfork tub twJSTBKS ok townsitk
UoAiil) No. !).
Enid. 0.|T.
Contest Docket No. 21.
Marvion P. McCoy "I
Julius A. Doss and ' Claimants.
Dick II. Rich J
Lot No. 21, Block No. S, Townslte
Enid, O. T.
To Marvion P. McCoy. Julius A. Doss
and Dick H. Klcli.
You and each of you are hereby no-
titled that the nhove-^nt Itled came,
involving the applications of the par-
lies therein mentioned fur deed to lot
21, In block 8. in the Town of Enid,
County of Garfield and Territory of
Oklahoma, by order of Hoard No. il of 1
, Townslte Trustees, is set lor hearing
enough to return the same, as he is j j() Hoard at it« ollice. located
known, it would be well tor liiiu to ! at Enid, O. on the 2oth (lav of July
hrui.' it back at once. 1895, at 9 o'clock a. in., of said day,
r r. i, i t and of all continuances anil postpone-
11. E. ^ ebb bought of (.. E. flank- nient:^ you and each of vou will take
ins, one ol Garfield county farmer's, i (|,lt. notice without further service
a load of watermelons aud squashes thereof.
In witness whereof we. the numbers
of said Board, have hereunto suliacrib-
ed our names this 27th day of June.
crawf'tlll) Cl.ut,
('has O Wood,
William 1., Cundifp,
Hoard No. 9, Townslte Trustees.
Norn—Each claimant w ill lie requir-
ed to deposit $27 wi'h the iliHbnrsing
agent to defray expenses of the trial
for one day.
I Ml V!
Day or Nightf
a t* City or Country.
Office on K St. Upstairs In the Callihau & Wogan Building.
t'riday. The shuashes weighted 15
and the melons 28 pounds.
K. G. Brown, returned Sunday
from a three weeks trip in ihe C & A
country. Mr. Brown says he was in
15 miles of the gold fields, and that
every man in that country was carry-
ing a sack of dirt or a pocket full of
rocks, and all were full flidged"gold
buj/s" Mr. Brown says he believes
that gold in paying quantities will
be found in that counrty.
A farmer living near Concord,
who does not care much for punctu-
ation, writes to a local merchant as
follows: "Send me ten pounds of
sugar five of pork 1 can't come for
tnem to-day as my wile had a child
last night also a monkey wrench and
a coil of barbed wire.
1). S. Sanford, chief clerk of the
land oliice, who accompanied Mrs.
Patterson to Georgia with the re-
mains of Register Patterson, ret urned
Sunday after making a short visit to
his old home. The trip benefited
Mr. Sanford evidently as ho is look-
ing extra well.
Govenor Culberson of Texas came
out ill a letter this week and announc-
ed himself in favor of the free, un-
limited coinage of silver at the ratio
of 10 to 1, and in consequence the
silveiites of Texas are jubilant.
All contest cases that were set foi
July 1, aud up to the time the new
register qualifies are posponed for
the present, and new dates will be
given after the Register arrives with
proper notices to all parties.
\V. E. Pratt cut between 00 and
j 70 ai-res of wheat last week, whom
experts say will average 15 bushels
per acre. This does pretty well for
a so called drouth stricken country.
The K. C. Saloon monkey looks
like a populist.
Contost Decisions Rendered.
77—Burwell vs. Rogers for lie
35 24 3; favor of plaintiff. J. M. liur-
w'el 1 and Robberls it Brownlee at-
torneys for plaintiff, S. II. Bradley
attorney for defendant.
78—Simpson vs. Cat well for nw
31-20 7; favor of plaintiff. V. \V.
Whitng attorney for plaintiff, Camp-
bell & Hill attorneys for defendant.
70— Heath vs. Kretchiiuir f ir sw
10 21 ti; favor of defendant. Conk-
ling & Steen attorneys lor plaintiff,
J. \V. Huff attorney for defendant.
80—Nelson vs. Carr for lie 11-24-
,t m Ml Island Route
ltoark attorney for defendant.
81—Grims vs. Spencer for
18 28 5; favor of plaintiff.
Attorney at Law,
Okfiok— in Wood lll"ck. Enid.O. T.
Practises in All Courts.
( 1^.
Ex-Register U. S. Land Office.
Enid, • - O. T.
J. 11. I'akks, JUSTICE 0£F THE
c!ty of en5d.
Court room, east of postofllce, E street, Enlrt.
82—Williams vs. Hycke for sw
18-22 3; favor of defendant. I.amier !
&Myatt attorneys for plaintiff, J. \V.
Huff attorney for defendant.
83—Sipes vs. Spurlock for 27-
20-7; favor of defendant. Robberls
^.{Outing Excursions.^
Fiitsr. For the National Educa-
tional Meeting at Denver, opening
] July 5th, the rate will be one fare
& Brownlee attorneys for plaintiff, i jMS ^.OO for round trip. Tickets
O. 1). Hubbell attorney for defend- j irQ0Ci t() return any tune up to and
ant. ! including Sept. 1st.
84 —Weisner vs. Clem for se 23-| Shconk. The regular Tourist Car
22 3; favor of defendant. .1. W. j to California via. Kansas City runs
Iluff attorney lor plaintiff, Switzer & ()|,Ce a week, anil leaves Chicago
Cleviuger attorneys for defendant.
85—Renter vs. Smith for sw 6-24-
1; favor of defendant. .1. 15. I1 er-
.rusoii attorney for plaintiff, V. W.
Whiting attorney for defendant.
80—Mann vs. Farris for sw 19 28-
5; division of laud. J. W. Huff at-
torney for plaintiff, II. R. Blanding
attorney for defendant.
87—Foster vs. Dillon for se 20-
20 8: favor of defendant. H. .1.
Sturgis attorney for plaintiff, .1. \\ .
Clevinger attorney for defendant.
SS Carson vs.Caoamer for nw
20 21 7; favor of defendant. 1 . J.
Sanford attorney f ir plaintiff, Conk-
ing &Steen attorneys foj defendant.
gy Ten ill qs. Virus for ne 7 25-
4; favor of defendant. Caldwell &
Whittiughill attorneys for plaintiff,
T. .1. Siinlurd attorney for defen hint.
90—Cole vs. Campbell for se 12-
20 8; lavorof plaintiff. M. M. Dun.
can attorney lor plaintiff
91 AI ford vs. Swent/.ill for nw
14 29 3, favor of plaintiff. i\
].imon attorney for plaintiff.
It. II. (ilA.MFI.I N, (H50. W. tilt A I! AM,
President. Cashier.
F. it. Kvrititi i n, Assistant Cashier.
Prompt, anil careful attention
piven collections
i t i,iv11rv I N. E. Corner Public Square.
improve speed and that luxury, o T.
safety mid comfort that popular pat-1 ! ——.
rotiage demaitdts. Its equipment is KOBBEHT8 & BHOVVNIihiB.
The Rock Island is foremost in
adopting any advantage calculated to
thoroughly complete with vestil)uled
trains, magnificent dining cars, sleep
era and chair coaches, all the most
, , l . | •(. t IVIIMl I !*• Iltl'l n
elegant, and recently improved pat- office. Kingfisher. Ok. W. It.
spec! althes:
Fast Timo Excellent Uquip
mont Best Dining1 Car 3or
vice in tho "World
Good Connections.
knid and KINOFIPHKK.
J. C. RnBKitT*. late register of U. S.
Hhowm.i'K, formerly register U. S
band Office, burned, lun.
EnM Oltlci; iiusl Laud Oltlce npotulr-.
t. surge, M d
For full particulars as to tickets,
maps, rates, apply to any coupon
ticket . Mich in the I i ited States,
Canada or Mexico, or address,
Gen'l Tkt. & Pass. Agt., j
Chicago, 111.
Office Second door South of P. O.
Fills his own Prescriptions. 18
Police Judge City ot Tnlrt
every Thursday at 0:00 p. m., Kan-
sas City at 10:50 a. in. every Friday
Tickets based on second class rate
and car ru s on the fastest trains, and
known as the Philips-Rock Island
Tourist Excursions. Car arrives at
Colorado Springs, Saturday?; 35 a.m.
Fourth. For Mexico City the
Rock Island runs a Through Sleeper
from KansasCity daily at 8:411 p. in.
! via Topeka, McFarland, Wichita,
' and Fort Worth and Austin to San
! Antonio. Two Routes from there | Fresh line of Cigars, Domestic and
' are International K.R. to Laredo,ami
Mexioan National to the City of j
i Mexico; Souhern Pacific and Mex-
ican International via Spofford and i
Eagle pass to City of Mexico.
Connections are also made at Fort j
Worth via the Texas Pacific to El Good, Cold and Fresh. On tap day
gfiBMKOf® gRMiON,
.S. E. Cor. Square.
Imported always on hand.
Passo, and over the Mexican Central
to City of Mexico.
Fifth. Send to address below
for a Souvenir called "The Tourist
Teacher," that gives much infor-
mation to tourists. Sent free.
and night.
'I'llit Kingfisher Free Press says a
young h.dy In Kansas stuck a pin in
n preacher's leg and thnt he Is not ex-
p cte.l to live. Wander what the
pr. aoher was doing?
Upstairs, opposite Land Office. Enid,
j w htkbn JOHN W, TOHPAOX,
Office: Kooiu 4,^ liloek, K
street, east of square.
ENID, - ' - Q« T
\V. \V. MY ATT,
Practice in all courts of the Ter-
ritory, also the Interior Department.
Office 220 E St., Enid, O. T.
j JD. 13. TEMFIvE,
Notary Public.
Practices in all Courts of Territory.
Ollice in Elliott Building.

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