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JOAN WAITE LAWSON, Society Editor • Phone SOI
Grace Carson
Circle To Meet
Member, of th# Grace Cannn
C\rr\r WMU, of the First Bap-
tt»> rhurrh. will moot Monday In
tho homo of Mm fvoda Stroud
1112 Kim McKinley
Dorcas Bible
■ass Meets
D'Anne Lee Honored > Xou^ Center
On Eighth Birthday i Has Show
t n al — ---« _ .
wool! at tho Veteran* of
War» building a floor
»how wit glvon for tha mom bon
routina. Modana Hodge*,
baton twirling: and laat w a «
eat Gallagher in a magic art
Plant nr«■ halng mado by tho
executive hoard for a rarnival
lhl« month Details havo not
boon romplotod a* yot but thoy
will ho announrod latar
,rf th^i.*** bottom, to Mr« * »mv or C loo 221 North I
t. rsJrsis sr.*®
. * tJ,h V","n« ho,, *' h,'r Tu*‘x'1*y afternoon "f now youth rantor
' leTf&ri M. y* ,r"m 1 un,,l * or'"fl' '•nlobrat-, Included on tho program
« NHhowIntoA and^Mr. ^:';, 1 ^ *
* * *Kllii iftpnuxifi i num* j dines
( , f f f,‘ r "f u»rnm% were enjoy t V 1
a tod attrartlvaly LitjTGl rail <i'r f',r*"n fradrlka Favor and
■ rangomonti of white deJSlI ,° "" p,lIM "Bd r-
and rinatai ‘omatla frothmonta wora aarwod to tha
Mr, "owing guoatt Joanna Ann Et-
• bf * a mo root !1 of Ionian. Patricia. Fredrika and
n hCMU. W.,dT,’*'a Ik,n’,M F"v"f
Mr, 7 A ir^wn X Ka> D*«**harty, Borman
During tro a t ,r Plbhott Butrh and Mlko Payton.
• ;xr« tr.-2.r2: rzsr",*~ **■
:j, r^,rr. r ■>•■ r.:"n.x ire
h,o‘m Z aaM7 Kngla. Owa, C.Mon,
I- Tom ZZh tm d Pr” ','r Itomptov UMor Eddie John.on
'-n. : MTf ^lllu Vtr' rr**' B»"V Frank and l^allo F.yo
■»tan Ly?.U **t' T..ithria ofTulta. <k» Hoatattor.
t*Uty. Mr. Jaaalo June. Xllc, Ann Moor„ th# konorM.(
tlalart. (Honda Sua and Jimnita
Maria Jr. hor hrothar. Omvar
C l*aa III. and tha honoraa
M'rthara protant
Harry Moora. F.d Johnson, W I
Guthrie of Tulta. and tha hot
Guests Left
Here Friday
Mr» Waiter Hahn and non.
Jimmy, who hava boon guaata In
tha homo of tho formers par*
•nta. Mr and Mr* A R Kaiaar.
loft Friday for tholr homo Ini
Morrt, Plaint. N J
F.nrouta homo thay will vtalt !
for «*\«ral daya in tha homo of
Mr, Halin', aittor and family Mr
and Mra Jonkina. formor ga
pulpana. of Hobart, tnd
Returned From • ’ Planning
Fishing Tnp Fishing Trip
Mr and Mra Bay Gallagher ra- 1 Daaa lllff and hit two aom.
turnod Wednesday from
tag trip on Grand I ako
Youth Center
Board Meets
flah- D*an Mark and Jimmy ara plan-
ing a flatting trip to tha llltnol,
rtvar whara thay will >pand tho
labor Day wookond
' J
Democrat News Thursday. September 2 1948 SF.C. I ^
xaiatm hit:: : i :nxn:^
New Fall
•notary. Mr, l,,n MrKen-
’ “ 'tonturor Mn C C Carton,
aaaotgnt traaturor. Mr* Char-
an. toarhar Mr, Matilda
Wei hie. attlatant toarhar Mr,
T J Reynold,. raportar
IjgJit rafraahmanti wara tan ad
to IK mam bar, and four guest*
Luncheon Forr
Office Personnel
Mr* Ray W Giarharl war hot
tat, at a tmall lunrhann In bar
• W»dn$«d»i COO pLmentlng
[ -'r* H..b,*rt *f I , a ion
Tha guo.t Hit : , lAd om
| tar* of tho Damnrrat Mow, nffiro
partonnol Mia. Audra, Doling
M-t paarl r0||ln«. Mr,
| Murphy and M„ Jana H. gan
Tha tabla wn ranlarad with a
I tawaly floral arrangamant . f
IbUa morning gtaryi and aummor
lowar, Indltidual favor, waro
I .irnod out -r tha pi- , an ! h ,o
["‘lor rhrmo
A loraly gift wai pratantad to
Mr, aw ton from tho
I workort
Camera Club
Met Tuesday
Tho flrtt mooting of tho yo.r of
Iho Sapulpa high achool rgma,. I
luh war hold Tuotday ovoning
Slldo, on th# fundamontal, of
Photography wora ihown by Ri-
chard Rarhaa and Marvin Mur
Phv During a buainnat maat-
waro Mmat 'n* *"r' mad<! ,or •*>va,al
w 7 T'V"; -om-
Ing %rhool year
Robert Morris
Lawn Party
Mam bar. of tha Haomt rhap-
tar. OKs. mat Tuatday awning for
a lawn party for tha annual Ho-
bart Morn, Day ralabration at
tha homa of Mr and Mra. Gaorga
V Pirkaring. 3I« S Watar
Grant Brura atanciato patron,
of rho Naomi chaptor. wat pra-
aantod a gift from tho worthy
matron and patron. Mr and Mr,
ctwan Hill
Doltcloua rofrothmanti wora
tarvad to Uti mam hart and thalr
Tha flrtt fall maatlng of tha
rhaptar will ho hold on Thurs-
day Ropt 9 at tho Matonic
hall at R pm.
Gulf Adsum
Club Meeting
BP7/ Members
To Meet
Visited Friends
In Dallas
I Mom bar, 0f .ho Butmo,,
“"T-tir szzrs .rC'ii^Sv*
tho homo Of Mr. R P Sohday — °f Mf* Mildr''d "nyruth
with Mr, Jim Lu<a. and Mn
Clydo Colvin a. ataiatant
In ahaenro of tho proaidant,
Mrt Halan Rovd. tha buainatal
maating wa» rallad to ordar and!
rondurtad by Mra Hanry Sutton
Tha door priaa wat awardadl
to Mrt J R l/>ar In gamat of 1
contatt prtga, want to Mr*
Anna thjrk, Mrt. O M Gray and
Mrt Cliff Dunbar
Tha tarvtng tabla laid with a I
lara rloth wat rantorod with a j
boauttful arrangamant of rlama-
tit and rinntaa I/yvalv rafrath-
manta woro torvad to 20 mam-
bar, and th»w guatt,. Mrt Truby Mrt Curt DuRoia and
Mrt Porinr Individual favor,
woro mtniaturo Gulf torvtrn ata-
tion attondant, tianding by a
gatollno pump filled with randy
Mr and Mra O E. Vant.andlng-
ham and daughter. Ronnie, tpent
Iho wookond In Dallgt vlaiting
In tha homo of Mr and Mra C F
Htrmirtt it Urtalrct
When utod at a weed killer 2 11*
! a not novla.iia#. -a Pea l.owalitrU
An otenjtlvo rommlttoo meet-
tag of tho now youth renter wat
hold Tuotday evening at the Vet-
ertn, of Foreign Wart building
Flan, wore romplotod for th*
amateur >ontett to bo held at
no,t work't danre at the VFW
Guests Here
From Arkansas
Mr and Mrt. A O Tye bad at
m tholr homo latt week
tk- latter, titter. Mn Melvin
Sn>dor and family The guoatt ro.
turnod Saturday to tkoir homo
In Waldo, Ark
Where FtntUh Food
M '* ptnilih food within a foot or
•o ‘<f th-e bottom of ttrtam »r pool
Bo t that ■ hold two nigh >n tha
water will not attract bitri
Froto. flag farm T ‘W tort
Tho engine of tha farm tra> tor or ..
truck will latt longer If dirt la kop> *J
out by rlean filter* and woll-Dttod ..
You can g*t rtd of thot* *tom !!
arh agoni*t rauted hy acid-in M
dtg*atl»n by tlmpi) taking a *
,poonful of*t in a gla» ..
of wai*r It it deliotout laatlng •*
and bring, relief m thr*» minute, J*
Buy a Jar of VI do**t today for
V«r at th* Retail Drug Stor* M
O I. Hum*, Drug Store*. 1 adv . ..
Houa* Rantala
leal Rabat*
Herbert P. Johnson
j • luKl
kti _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ k"'. ».
Nu Phi Mu ' **
Sorority Initiation
Monday evening at ? clock
.n tt* horn* of Mr and Mrt Jer
j O Sporl*d*r urto new member
Mit* Car. lyn Coil. w%« lr Hated
| .ntn Nu Pbl Mu aorority
ADet tho Inltiatliw tho mem-
I ter, held a huain*** meeting at
A hioh t::• ie thoy d,."it#ed thotr
' little red wagon project to he
held Saturday The maRm (,|an mom* annual un -
to contribute tmall article, which n,r nl ,hr 'baptor f'RR
will be told la a gr»b bag for *"* h',,, Tuotday evening a:
a renla Th* gtr'.i trill bo dree* 8 •1n o'clock at tho rtty park
*d a* unutuaily at poaaiblo and During tho evening a program
Will be on Jhe ttreet in down memorating
town Sapulpa all day Saturday 'D*
telling article*
red wagon
Radiant Chapter
Picnic Tuesday
The Robert Morrt* annual pic-
to the FAIR!
SEPTEMBER 8 - 9 - 10-11
W# rneitd all you folk* front
mile* around lo corn# and be
with ug for thi« fine eeent which
we know will be a grand sue-
Potter Milling Co.
15 EL Hobson
the founding of
... — 7 • trdor of tho Katforn Star
from their "little *•*
The Drat butineta meeting of
iwmni ,h* chapter fur the fall I'lton
coming will he held on Tuetday. Sept 7
at I o'clock
Phone 1080 i^ 2000
to the FAIR!
Thut yeur a .how u> going to
be one of the biggest and beat in
history, so. folks, be sure and be on
hand at Euchee Mission on Wednes-
day. Thursday. Friday and Saturday,
September 8th. 9th. 10th and 11th.
Don I miss the Sapulpa Fair!
We re mighty proud that we ve
been able to serve so many of the
farm families in the Sapulpa area
and we want our rural neighbors I©
know that we genuinely appreciate
their patronage and friendship1
Owen ■ Landrith
Funeral Home
New Toll woolen*
•ultable lor skirt,
end dr**«#«
h end other winter
tmbie. It tn
plats, and plaid, in
yay tall cole,*.
i $2.98
. ::
I < ii
The Nu Ftu Mu* are planning
several affair. In the
month, including a large party
and dance for member* and their
guest* Member, pretent at the
Monday merttng were Mr, Sl>»r-
teder. aponour. Carolyn Coil. Ma-
rion Gaylord Mary Jeone Mc-
Clellan. Paula Stiver,. Carolyn
Whiteside Pat Gallagher
McClellan and Betty Clark
Left Todav For
Kansas City
Birthday Party
Honors Son
Mr* Carl Cole left today for ]
Julie K*n»a« City, Mo where the will |
visit In the home of her sister
and brother-in-law. Mr and Mr, i
Harry Gallatin, for two week.
Visited Home
Over Weekend
Mr and Mr, John Blngman. Ok-
mulgee. were guests over the
weekend In the home of the lat-
ter’, parents. Mr and Mr, Earl
Guests in
DeLong Home
Mr* James R Cook. 1217 but
Mci.eod. entertained a group of
children la«t week in honor of
her aunt. Rondal Ray. birthday
The room, were decorated With
arrangements of lovely summer i
flower* The serving table was . *erryhill
tovered with a lac* cloth and
centered with the three-tiered
birthday cake with the honor** ,
name’ written on it In pink add
Individual favors uf little bin!'
and gingerbread men Mere pre-
»enty to each gueat Ouup pk . w . ,,
lure, were taken uf the gruup of ln ,hr hom* of Mr
children I»e|giag tor aeveral day.
The hoetesa wra, aaai,ted In
serving by Mr,. J D Cockrell and
Mra Leon Shgdowens A lovely
refreshment course of ice cream,
cake and punch was served lo
these guest* Mrs. Owen Gray
and daughter. Wanda Faye, Mr,
Cockrell and ton John Michael
Mr and Mr, William Ewing
and Mr and Mrs Ruu Llel-ong
of Lima Ohio, were hou,eguest*
in the home of Mr and Mrs. A M
Oklahoma ha* sin flah hatch-
eries The one in Durant is one
of the largest m the nation
Mr*. Lee and grandson. Kenneth
Davenport. Mr, Shadowens and
son. Jackie Ray Wanda Faye
Mrs Mariey Ewing and daugh- Brent*. Jame* Everett Cook. Mr,
ter. Jackie Marlene. Mr* Ralph E D Sear,, the honoree and the
Davis and
son. Larry Eugene.: hostess
Welcomes Friends
SEPTEMBER 8 - 9 - 10-11
/ Wh'rs mighty happy to loin other tnandly
Sapulpans in ©xtanding svsryon# in our city's
wids trad* larritory a most cordial invitation
to com* and bo with us for th* 1941 Sapulpa
Fair. Yoo. and wo aincarsly hop# this yoar’s
7 ovoof will bo tho moot successful svsr stag ad!
Hoaombor — all roads load to tnandly Sa-
pulpa an Soptombor I. f, 10. 11. So com*,
ovary body! Woll bo oxpocting you!
Formers' Hardware
fkJ*lcomm to the
Sept. 8-11
lust arrived!
Lovely coats for fall.
100'. all wrool covert
cloth. Choice o f
brown, win* and
gray. Detachable
- i
4 I
It's a doop and downright plea-
sure. farm friends, for us to extend you our
greetings on the occasion of your 1948 Fair
• . - yea. and to extand you a warm and
sincere welcome to Sapulpa. Creek County's
friendly trading center!
We want you to know loo. that
the latch-string is out here at MULEF S . . .
and we cordially invite you to drop around
and visit us while you re in our city attending
the fair. We know you'll enjoy browsing
around our store — and we ll certainly enjoy
having you.
So — friends, make it a date:
the Sapulpa Fair at Euchee Mieeion on Sep-
tember I, 9. 10 and 11. And—remember—
we re anxioue to meet and serve all of you!
S19.75 to
Leisure Coats L'^-
’ V V
Leisure coot, for Ft
Two ton# combination
hi uo or brown Idoal lo
worn with slock.
Smaller tis#9 lav
young bey*. \lu>
* wo
tone combination* Perfect
tor school wear
—ii* u
Boys' Jeans
For school ot play, boys will need plenty of
blue jeans. Fully sanionrsd. Sizes 4 to 14. A new
pair FREE if they shrink:
Regularrly $1.89 — Special only
TITSgmrrrrr r rrryr,.
VvA « f «
• ,e *

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